How to make a wine bag

Today I thought I’d bring home another super easy yet fun to make tutorial I did as part of the Riley Blake Project Design Team! Today I’m going to teach you how to make fabulous ones Wine bagand it only takes 10 minutes… 10 MINUTES. So fast that you can do a lot in under an hour and have a whole host of hostess favors to bring to all of your holiday parties.How to make a wine bag
How to make a wine bag How to make a wine bagFor this tutorial, I will be using Riley Blake’s beautiful Cottage Garden fabrics, they are so beautiful, right?

To make a bag you just need:

10 Minute Wine bag Tutorial

a piece of fabric measuring 12 x 16 inches;

a 12 ” x 16 ” piece of coordinating fabric

12-15 inch piece of lace, trims, ribbon, jute or cord

How to make a wine bag First, fold each piece of fabric right sides together along long paths so that each piece measures 6 x 16 inches. Then sew the longest raw edge and raw edge (creating an L shape) using a 1/2 inch seam allowance.How to make a wine bagNext, squeeze the two corners you just made (one at a time) and fold them over the seam on the bottom of the bag (as in the image above right). Measure 1.5 inches from the tip of the corner and sew horizontally across the corner. Do this on both corners.
How to make a wine bagThe underside of both pieces of fabric should look like the upper left image. Take the scissors and cut both corners, being careful not to cut the previously sewn seam.
How to make a wine bag Now turn the fabric that will be the outside of the wine bag so that it is right outwards. Leave the inner fabric still on the wrong side.How to make a wine bag Place the inner fabric pouch into the outer fabric pouch making sure the seams match (as in the image above left). Then fold each raw edge inward about 1/2 inch and pin it together. I did this by starting with the seam to know they would fit when I locked the circle. How to make a wine bagThen stitch the raw edges together using 1/4 seam allowance.

Ta-Da. You now have a beloved little wine bag! Just put a bottle of sparkling wine, champagne or apple juice inside and tie the top with a piece of lace, border, ribbon or string and you’re ready to attend all of this season’s festive events!
How to make a wine bagHope you can have some for the holidays. There is nothing better than giving something nice as a gift.

Introduction: Wine bags

How to make a wine bag

How to make a wine bag

How to make a wine bag

Make a gift wine bag or make a blind wine tasting set.

I made the set presented here as a gift for my husband. He likes to organize blind tastings to test people’s knowledge of wine and let people define their preferences without affecting the price or the label. We used to use paper bags that came with the wine, but this is a much more elegant and reusable solution.

This manual has many steps, but only because I have tried to explain. If you have a sewing machine that you use, you will be fine.

Good sewing (and drunk)

Step 1: Collect supplies

You will need:
Materials needed for the bag
2 pieces of fabric at least 13 x 14 inches by 8 x 14 inches plus cutouts
12 inches of twine or twine
1 button (optional)
a small piece of hot melt adhesive tape about 4 square inches (Wonder Under to brand) available at fabric stores and found with an interface
coordinated thread
nice bottle of wine gift (optional)
another bottle of wine to drink while you sew for inspiration (optional)

sewing machine
the rotary knife and ruler are nice but not necessary

Step 2: Cut out the squares from the fabric

From the base fabric (yellow in this example), cut a 14 ” x 13 ” rectangle. From the accent fabric (turquoise in this case), cut an 8×14 inch rectangle.

A note about fabrics: I used quilted cotton fabric as the main fabric and silky polyester as the accent (from a discarded pair of pajama bottoms). You can use recycled clothing or fabric scraps, but the main fabric should have some body (be a little stiff). Do not choose something too heavy (e. g. corduroy) as the bottom of the wine bag can become uneven and cause the bottle to tip over.

A note about cutting: I love using a rotary cutter, but you can mark the lines with a ruler and use scissors

Step 3: Sew rectangles

With the right sides of the fabric facing each other, sew the two rectangles together along the 14 ” long edge. I used the 1/4-inch seam but you don’t have to be too picky.

Step 4: Sew on the tube

Fold the rectangle in half as shown and sew along the bottom (end of the main fabric) and along the long edge. Leave the top open (accent tip).

Step 5: Note on the seam corners

You may already know this, but a neat trick when sewing a corner (as in step 4) is to insert the needle into the fabric, raise the presser foot and turn the fabric. Do this when you are within a seam allowance from the edge. Hope it makes sense with the photo.

Step 6: Open the bottom of the bag and mark the seam

To make the bottom of the bag, unfold and fold it as shown. When they are flat, mark the lines of the point with a marker.

The stitch lines should be perpendicular to the stitch line across the bottom of the bag and should be where it will be 3.25 inches long. See how the ruler shows 3.25 inches? Mark, pin and stitch along the mark.

Step 7: Trim the excess from the bottom

Cut the corners of the bottom of the bag

Step 8: Bottom finished

Flip the bag over and this is what the bottom of the bag should look like. Basically a square.

Step 9: Fold and attach the accent

Now that the bag is facing out, fold the accent inward, leaving 2.5 inches on the outside and about 5 inches folded on the inside. Then pin sew the seam where the accent and the base meet. This will hold the accent fabric in place.

Step 10: Attach the rope

This can be done in two ways. In this example, I had a drawstring for my pajama pants, so I cut it to about 12 inches and attached it to the back of the bag (the sewn side) where the main and main fabrics meet.

Alternatively, in the kit I made as a gift, I sewed a large button to the front of the bag and tied a 12-inch piece of waxed hemp cord to the button.

You can tie the ribbon in a bow or, in the case of hemp, wrap it a few times around the bottle and then a couple of times around the button to secure it.

Step 11: Use the hot melt adhesive tape

If you’re making a single gift bag (instead of a numbered set), that’s it. Keep it up. Although you might consider doing this step, but add the recipient’s initials or some other image instead of the numbers.

In any case, numbers are needed for the tasting kit so that participants can take notes on the wine without knowing its identity. I made six bags but I guess it depends on how many friends you have!

Your hot melt tape has a paper side and a rough side. Attach the square of the ribbon (rough side facing down) to the back of the accent fabric. Follow the instructions on the package for details.

Step 12: Cut out the numbers

I printed the numbers on the computer. (font = impact size = 250 points)

Pin the number patterns onto the melted fabric and cut out.

After cutting them, remove the paper backing from the fusible tape.

Step 13: Include your numbers

Use the ironto press your number onto the front of your bag a few inches down from the accent fabric.

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How to make a wine bagA few weeks ago I made some good onespersonalized wine gift bagsfor Thanksgiving and Christmas. I said I bought bags of wine from Michaels but they have since been discontinued. Today I’m going to share the simplest tutorial with you for how to make your very own diy wine bags. Literally, if you can sew a straight line, you can make these bags.

How to make a wine bag

I started with my favorite handcrafted fabric, teardrop fabric. I have a huge piece that I’ve been slowly whittling away at for a while. It’s what I made my Pillow from the movie Home alone with a quotez i kilku innych projektów. To make a wine bag, I cut two pieces of fabric that are 6 1/2 inches wide by 16 inches long. I cut the pieces so that the finished edge of the fabric was on both pieces. This will be the top of the wine bag. Save some work for already having finished the border.

How to make a wine bag

I folded the right sides of the fabric and sewed a 1/4 ″ seam around three edges, leaving the top open. I turned it well and got my plain bag. I didn’t take pictures of the previous steps, because it literally took me 2 minutes to put the whole thing together and I thought it sort of spoke for itself:)

How to make a wine bag

I had some bodyred thermally conductive material left over and I used that to ironon this pretty deer silhouette. I added some leftover sprigs of artificial pine and some sprigs and tied them to the bag with a jute thread. It makes it a little more festive and I love it!

How to make a wine bag

I’m planning to make several more of these bags as hostess gifts for upcoming Christmas parties. I also have to make another Thanksgiving bag, thanks to our sweet and obedient (insert sarcasm) four-legged child who one day last week decided to bring a bag and a bottle of wine with bar cabinet, thus breaking the bottle and destroying the bag. She’s lucky she’s cute.

There’s still time if you want to make one for your Thanksgiving dinner hosts too! These are great and simple gift ideas for people and the bags are so simple to make. You can probably break some bags in minutes. Then customize them with any vinyl design!

DISCLAIMER: This post contains affiliate links. If you buy something from one of these links, I will receive a small commission at no additional cost.

Gewürztraminer, Riesling, Sauvignon blanc, Pinot Noir, Chardonnay, Sangiovese, homemade wine – which wine are you gifting this time? This is of great importance to wine connoisseurs. But it doesn’t matter when it comes to making a gift bag for gifting a wine bottle.

Although there are some inconsistencies in the size of wine bottles, most of all wine bottles are round about 3.5 inches and 12-12.5 inches high. So let’s move on to the thing that matters: making a wine bag that size and nothing else. Let the happy recipient worry about the contents of the wine bottle.

How to make a wine bag – from fabric and a minimum of sewing

Get a piece of cloth. It should be a tightly woven fabric. You also need bag handles and super glue.

I stiffened the fabric with a laundry stabilizer and then glued a thin fleece to the back to keep the fabric stiff.

Read more about using a fabric gusset in this post: 9 Easy-to-Make Fabric Gussets for Washing at Home.

Cut the fabric 18 inches by 13 1/2 inches.

How to make a wine bag

Stiffen the fabric. Put the fleece on the back.

How to make a wine bag

Fold the top edge of the fabric inward.

Fold the fabric with the center right sides inward and join the short edges (page 13 1/2 inches) – the red line is the seam line.

How to make a wine bag

Tighten the seam allowance. You may also want to glue the seam allowance to the fabric so that it doesn’t jut out.

Pull out the right side and hold it in front of you – seam on the back – photo below.

How to make a wine bag

Mark 4 1/2 inches from the center and fold the sides inward – if you know origami you would call itfold of the water bomb– when you fold it like this, the front and back of the base will be 4 1/2 inches – the rest is folded inward.

How to make a wine bag

Press to hold the fold.

Now take the bottom – mark 2 inches up from the bottom edge.

Fold the bottom edge like in the image below

How to make a wine bag

Also fold the other edge in the same way so that it meets in the middle. Make sure it is slight overlap. Use super glue to fix the overlap position.

How to make a wine bag

You will have triangular projections on both sides.

How to make a wine bag

Fold it over the top of the glued part and use super glue to secure it. Try applying glue – the bottle should be safe inside.

How to make a wine bag

You can add a 4-inch square piece of cardboard as a base to support the wine bottle.

How to make a wine bag

Put the cardboard

How to make a wine bag

Now you need to attach the handles. You can sew the ribbon on the top edge like with any bag, orr like me, just insert lace or twine. Cut 2 of those 11-14 inches long.

How to make a wine bag

How to make a wine bag

I made two (very small) holes in the top (where the top edge folded). I put the lace through these holes (I used a needle with a very large eyelet for this – you don’t want the buttonhole to be large)

How to make a wine bag

Tie the ends inside to prevent the handles from slipping out. This is.

How to make a wine bag

Disclaimer – This gift bag may not support the weight of your wine if you carry it with a full bottle inside for a long time, depending on the adhesion of the glue you used to secure the bottom. With super glue all over the seam, this may not be a problem.

If you’re using a shorter piece of fabric, you can use the same tutorial to make small gift bags for other gifts as well.

Check out the post on fabric gift bags for more tutorials on making fabric bags that you can use to carry gifts. You can use a fully stitched gift bag to carry your wine.


I don’t know how you do the bottom of the bag, please explain more

Hello Adepeju
I bordi del fondo sono piegati verso l’interno e i lati sporgenti sono piegati verso il basso e incollati. You can try with paper – so that it can be folded. It is actually based on a paper bag.

Make your wine stand out from other bottles with your handmade bag. Any color scheme of the felt will work – ours has been kept neutral with some color at the base, so it can be used for wine packaging all year round.

This felt wine bag doubles up on your hostess gift, from a dinner drink to a reusable wine bottle bag. No special skills are required for this craft, all you need are our free templates and some time. We used industrial felt from moodfabrics. com to make that gaudy wine door.

What you need

  • Patterns of circles
  • Cardboard
  • Medium weight chipboard
  • Craft felt
  • Fabric adhesive
  • Hot glue gun and glue sticks
  • Industrial felt (we have ours at moodfabrics. com)
  • Scotch tape
  • A simple, medium length upholstery needle
  • Embroidery threads
  • Large cutting mat
  • Rotary cutting tool

Step by step instructions

Pull out your shearsand glue gun and follow our simple how-to instructions to make this gift. Aby rozpocząć, pobierz nasze bezpłatne szablony kręgów, dostępneziej.

Step 1: print and trace

We recommend that you print our free templates on cardboard and then cut it out. Draw a smaller circle on medium-thick chipboard and cut it out. Draw a larger circle on the colored felt and cut it out, then use fabric glue to attach the particle board to the center of the felt circle. Cut triangles around the fabric circle to remove the bulk and use a hot glue gun to attach the folded felt to the chipboard.

Step 2: Work with felt

Cut an 11 x 12 inch piece of high-density felt and roll it into a tube. Secure the shape of the tube with masking tape as you hand stitch the seam with the upholstery needle and embroidery thread. Use the downloaded template, cutting mat, and rotary cutting tool to cut the strip and support the bottom.

Step 3: Fold the bag

Assemble the three parts (above) by hot gluing the back of the colored felt circle onto the round part of the strip. Insert a wine bottle into the tube for the holder and hold it while it dries. Spread a drop of hot glue along the strip where it will stick to the tube and around the round bottom; attach to the felt tube, orrienting the strip so that it covers the vertical seam. Glue the ends of the strip together at the top to form a handle.

Optional: Sew a large X in a contrasting thread color to the handle, where the ends of the strap overlap.

Some occasions call for a simple gift like a bottle of wine, but who just wants to show off and give away that bottle to unwrap, not me! That’s why I love this easy to make wine bottle bag.

How to make a wine bag

A simple gift bag with wine is the perfect packaging for any occasion. Think housewarming gifts, wedding gifts, and even a party.

How to make a wine bag

Today, I’m teaming up with my friends at Nancy’s Notions to give my wine bottle bag that extra special touch. They have the best sewing accessories and products in their shop and have sent me some of their laser cut hot melt applications to try them out. I love how quickly they can personalize my gift and give it a professional look.

DIY Wine Bottle Bag

  • 1 major quarter of fat
  • 10 inch square contrast fabric
  • 1/4 yard lining
  • thermofusible batteries
  • 20 ″ 3/4 ″ – 1 ″ wide tape
  • 20 ″ contrast binding
  • Words to life through apps
  • basic sewing tools

Instructions for cutting:

  • 1 rectangle 7 1/2 ″ x 8 ″
  • 1 rectangle 7 1/2 ″ x 15 1/2 ″
  • 1 rectangle 7 1/2 ″ x 8 1/2 ″
  • 1 rectangle 7 1/2 ″ x 31 ″ each

Sewing instructions:

Sewing a wine bottle bag is easy. With the right side, sew together a 7 1/2 “x 8” rectangle of main fabric and a 7 1/2 “x 8 1/2” rectangle of contrast fabric. Tighten the seam allowance in the direction of the contrast.

How to make a wine bag

On the opposite side of the contrast, join the 7 1/2 ″ x 15 1/2 ″ rectangle of the main fabric with the right sides together. Tighten the seam allowance in the direction of the contrast. This will create the 7 1/2 ″ x 31 ″ drive. Tighten the seam allowance in the direction of the contrast.

How to make a wine bag

Put the fabric straight down and, following the manufacturer’s instructions, put the fleece back in the right place. Lay out a layer with a lining to create a sandwich, add quilting / quilting as desired. I kept the seams straight and ran them freely from one short end to the other. I have smoothed out gentle curves and even put in stitches.

How to make a wine bag

Then I set up and linked the app designs according to the instructions on the package. * Note: You can see mine was at an angle and the “e” part was hanging on the side. Per evitare che la colla finisse sul iron, ho usato un panno da stiro.

Truly, this ironing cloth saves a life when it comes to working with applications. If you do happen to get adhesive on your irondon’t fret! Instead, see how easily it can be removed in this article here.

How to make a wine bag

To pack the bottle neatly and neatly, I folded the ribbon in half and basted it 4 1/2 ″ below the top of the long side of the rectangle. I suggest you pin the ribbon in the center to prevent it from snagging in the side seam.

Aligning the right sides together, fold the length of the rectangle and sew with the 1/2 ”seam allowance. Be careful not to trap the ribbon in the opposite seam.

How to make a wine bag

To give the bag a square shape, I cut out some corners at the bottom. To create: I peeled off each corner and aligned the side seam with the bottom seam. Using a ruler and fabric marking tool, draw a perpendicular line 1 1/2 inch from the corner. Straight point on the drawn line. Cut the corner material.

Clean the top hole with the tie and turn the right side out. Then you are ready to take your favorite bottle of champagne and slide it inside. Let’s take a look at how mine turned out.

Feel free to drop by Nancy’s Notions, grab all your supplies, and print a copy of the bag design for a bottle of wine here.

Wine bottle bag with photographic finish

How to make a wine bag

Whatever the occasion, there is nothing sweeter than making a handmade gift.

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How to make a wine bag


I love all your bottle bags, thanks for sharing them! Thanks heather.

Hey Heather it looks like the link to Nancy’s Notions for the pattern is no longer working? Do you have another link or maybe a pdf of this wine bag?
Thank you!

Hi Daniela,
Thanks for the information. Unfortunately, when the company was sold, the site was rebuilt and it looks like this project missed the cut. I work with a team to see if I can release the schematic directly.

Here’s a simple design by Pat Delaney from Crabtree Lane Quilts that can be made for the holidays or anytime you need a quick wine or champagne gift box.

I like to give more special gifts whenever I can. But as with everyone, this time of year is getting extremely busy and I want a quick and easy project. A stash of homemade wine gift bags are ready to go at a moment’s notice. (I can also admit I take an hour before I need it.) I make them for all seasons, holidays, and special occasions. The best part is that as well as being a quick project, I can use trimmings, ribbons and fabric clippings at hand.

Materials to make a gift bag with a bottle of wine

  • Different fabrics, each about a quarter or half meter thick
  • Finishes ric-rac or home dec
  • Coordination wire
  • Rotating knife, cutting mat and ruler
  • Sewing machine (I use BERNINA 790)
  • # 97D patchwork footer
  • Iron and pressure surface

For this project I use my BERNINA 790 with 97D tripod, without screw-on suction cup and single-hole needle plate. A new needle is always a good idea and I use a Microtex number 80.

My favorite part is the choice of materials for the bag and the lining. Cut a rectangle 12 ½ “wide and 14” high for the bag. Pay attention to any directional material. Liner is 12 ½ ″ wide and 8 ″ high.

First, I hemmed the liner on one side of 12 ½ ″ with a hem of approximately 3/8 ″.

Since it will be inside, I save time by not turning it over twice. Join the lining and the right side of the bag together – on the 12 ½ ″ side, which will be the top of the bag.

Lower the liner and press again so that approximately 1 ″ is visible above the top of the bag.

Open flat again and sew the straight sides together using a quarter-inch allowance.

Start with the lining and sew to the bottom of the bag, being careful to match the seams.

Cut the corner.

Turn right.

A flat bag with the lining hidden inside.

Thread the free arm of the machine and attach the ribbon to the side seam with a few stitches about 4 inches from the top of the bag.

To complete the bag, I wear a silk flower, floral berries or a small ornament.

How to make a wine bag

Photo on The Sewing Room channel via YouTube

This independent wine bottle gift bag from The Sewing Room Channel on YouTube is a great idea for a more personalized gift rather than buying a paper wine bottle bag. It’s a great holiday gift-giving bag, and you can use their favorite pattern or a cute festive fabric. It is an inexpensive project and if you have basic sewing skills it will be quick and easy to make. The instructions in this tutorial are easy to follow as it explains each step in detail. This video inspires me to make my own wine bottle gift bag and get creative with this custom design. Also, this wine bottle gift bag would be easy to recycle when you give someone a gift, such as gift the bag to a person and so on.


  • 12 ″ x 20 ″ fabric
  • 22 ″ long ribbon

Bag with border:

  • top (1) 8 1/4 ″ x 12 ″
  • dół (1) 12 "x 12 1/4"
  • 22 ″ long ribbon


First, to make a bag with the edges up, take two pieces of fabric and fold the front sides together. Sew the 1/4 ″ seam and press the back seam. Continue to watch The Sewing Room Channel’s YouTube tutorial for full instructions and details.

How to make a wine bagPhoto on The Sewing Room channel via YouTube

Quindi, dopo aver cucito tutto il tessuto insieme, ortterrai un tessuto a forma di scatola che è un lungo rettangolo.

How to make a wine bagPhoto on The Sewing Room channel via YouTube

Overall, I love this wine bottle gift bag that can work for any occasion depending on the fabric pattern used. Also, I appreciate a fabric wine bottle gift bag because it’s not a waste, and you can reuse this over and over again. It would be easy to make a few and prepare them just in time for the holidays.