How to make a valentines day card

Gift cards are a nice gesture that most do. But instead of rushing to the Hallmark wouldn’t be more persnal if you can send them a handmade greeting card? Here is a simple pop up valentines card for you and your kids to try out for this Valentine’s day.


Required materials:

1. Card stock
2. Colord paper
3. THEashi tape
4. Scissors
5. Glue stick
6. THEndicator
7. Foam adhesive
8. Pencil

One way to make a pop-up Valentine’s Day card:

1. Let’s cut the heart out of a paper. THEt’s the template we going to use for the greeting card.
Fold the paper in half. Draw a half heart shape along the folded edge of the paper and cut out the heart.
2. Using the template, trace half of the heart along the folded edge of the cardstock.
3. Carefully cut out the heart trace, leaving 1 cm uncut on both sides. To make sure the heart can still be in the card, but it can be folded like a pop-up.
4. Now use the same template to create a heart with the glossy foam sticker. Peel and paste on the pop-up heart.
5. Take another piece of construction paper the same size as the pop-up card and glue it together with a glue stick.
6. Similarly, cut out hearts from the black paper.
7. Fold the hearts in half and glue them on top of each other on the paper as shown in the video.
8. Using masking tape, cut out a small piece and glue it onto the hearts. You can use strings instead of washi tape.
9. Glue another washi tape back to the corner of the board.
10. You can now tag the card with any word you like using a tag.

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Making cards is a lot of fun. THE do all my papers. Thanks for sharing with you. Very good.

Oooh, it sounds fun for people of all ages.

Such a cute idea just in time for Valentine’s Day!

THE can’t wait to do this with my sn! She just started loving making cards for people in her spare time, so she’s going to be a total winner!

These cards are cute! THE’d like to do them with my boys. Thanks also for the step by step instructions.

THE love this idea! What an easy way to make something unique! My kids will love it! XO

Great idea! This year, THE’m going to ask my kids to make Valentine’s Day cards for their grandparents.

THEt’s such a sweet idea =]

A very nice idea for a ticket! THE love making cards and wish THE had done it more often!

So cute! Good work for the video tutorial too. Maybe this year THE’ll borrow your idea for a cute card for my husband! Thanks for the inspiration!

[…] Create cute Mnster Pom Easy Valentines pop-up cards […]

Millie Fender January 29, 2021

Here’s how to make your own Valentine’s Day cards.

How to make a valentines day card

One of the best ways to show someone you care about is to take the time and effort to do so. For some, it manifests as baking or cooking, and for others, handmade custom cards are the perfect way to show loved ones that you care. There’s also the advantage of not having to wait for a delivery from the best Valentine’s Day card DTHEY sites, making a handmade Valentine’s Day card a great last-minute optin.

There are several ways to make your own Valentine’s Day cards, some of which are simpler than others, so wait for our step by step guide on how to make Valentine’s Day cards from scratch.

Get inspiration

Before you start creating a Valentine’s Day card, you need some inspiration. To that end, we suggest you take a look at the best photo cards, which often feature beautiful cutouts and fun quotes to give you an idea of ​​the type of card you want to create.

Mixbook is always one of our favorite sites due to its wide range of tab options. We particularly love the idea of ​​creating a “relationship timeline” card to tell your love story. Other options include cute animal motifs, candy or just plain colorful hearts. You can check out the Mixbook page here for more ideas. Even if you decide to make your own business card, you can opt for a personalized photo book or mug as a thoughtful Valentine’s Day gift.

Be smart

The most labor-intensive Valentine’s Day cards can often end up looking the best. THEf you want to make shop-quality paper at home, many of the best die cutters come with software that allows you to download and cut your intricate designs from home. All you’ll need is some cardstock and (of course) a die cutting machine itself.

THEf you dn’t have ne of these at home though, all hope is not lost. You can always print a saber from the internet and trace it (carefully) with the X-Acto craft knife. Just be sure to use a craft mat underneath your design, otherwise you may be carving a heart shape on your table. You can find a whole range of Valentine’s Day themed cards and sabers at Michael’s.

One of the immediate ways to make your home card look more professional is to add a 3D element. You can make a pop-up card to add a surprise when you open it, or you can use items that lie around the house, like buttons or dried flower petals, to make a statement.

The next step is to use ink and fingerprints to add a personal touch. Tapping your thumb alternating between pink and red ink before pressing it into a heart shape would be an easy and inexpensive way to mark the mark. You can even make a heart saber to make sure you don’t go out of line before pressing a few fingerprints to create some sort of collage. Easy Peasy and Fun has other great ideas to check out here.

Alternatively, you can use fingerprints to create animals. Just press the yellow fingerprint before adding some black stripes and wings to get the witty “Bee Mine” card. Complete with a heart-shaped flight path to prepare it for Valentine’s Day.

Let your computer do the work.

THEf you’re short on resources, you can use the best greeting card software to create something unique. While some options are paid, our favorite Adobe Spark is completely free. There are templates to make your life easier and you can also add stock images and graphics as well as your own photos and text.

Once you’ve made your card, use your printer to print it, and you’ll have a simple homemade Valentine’s Day card. THEf you have chosen a photo, it is best to use a photo printer.

Other options include electronic cards which may be preferred for friends or family. 1-800-Flowers recently released a range of Valentine’s Day eCards to help you stay connected with everyone you love this year. Our tip: save your e-cards for your friends and create something more special for your partner.

THEt’s about delivery

THEf you’ve put your mind to it, it’s worth taking the time to serve the Valentine’s Day card in the best possible way. THEf you live with your partner, making him breakfast in bed and handing him the card in person will surely make him smile.

For those who live separately, it is possible to order a gift basket or a flower delivery to arrive at their home on this big day. Try sending your robotic card to arrive on time and note that it cannot be open until February 14th.

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Plus what to write inside.

How to make a valentines day card

How to make a valentines day card

Don’t get us wrong – we obviously love a good Valentine’s Day gift (especially if it comes in the form of something sweet like chocolate covered strawberries), but we think the card is just as important, if not more so. And while there’s nothing wrong with a store-bought option, a homemade one-of-a-kind card is always truly special, which is why we’ve put together the best DTHEY Valentine’s Day card ideas for girls. and boys, husbands and wives, teachers and classmates and of course the Galentines.

While we know that DTHEY can seem like work out of love, we’re here to tell you a little secret: making a Valentine’s Day card can be really easy – and these ideas (and step-by-step tutorials) are proof of that. whether or not you’re looking for a silly, school-friendly Valentine’s Day (don’t miss the toy animals), a cute and simple card (looks at you, origami hearts) or something that is sure to surprise and delight (in this case, not you can go wrong with the homemade pop up card).

The only negative? Most of the handmade pages are blank on the inside which means you will have to figure out what to write, what it is, easier said than done. Here’s our advice: You can keep it simple with a heartfelt quote or a more personal love letter, take the time to think about all the reasons you love your significant other, and write them down.

Make and print free printable Valentine’s Day cards at home

  • All cards
  • Regular
  • Photographic papers
  • Filter

Not everything Valentine’s Day has to cost a fortune. THEn fact, some of the funniest aspects don’t.

This year, you don’t even have to rush to the store for crafts and paper. You don’t have to stand in the hallways and choose a large box of Valentine’s Day cards for your child’s classmates. Just go to our Printable Cards or Photo Cards section. You will probably be amazed at the variety and number of free colorful Valentine’s Day cards we offer. But wait! This is not the best part.

Did you know you can turn it into an easy and fun Valentine’s Day project for your kids? What better way to spend a rainy or frosty afternoon or unexpected school closure than to help your kids create their own free Valentine’s Day cards at home?

Older children can browse and select their cards on their own. They can even upload a validated photo to a photo card, print it, and add their own personal touch or note. For younger children, you can encourage them to choose a card or image they like, or choose one and print it for them, then color or draw on the blank page to personalize them. Encouraging children to make Valentine’s Day cards –

* Save what you would otherwise spend on expensive shopping greeting cards
* Children have the opportunity to express their creativity and talents, thus spending a few minutes away from TV, internet or video games
* Friends, teachers and relatives who receive the cards appreciate them more because your child took the time to personalize each card
* Teach your kids about the value of money, time and effort
* You can spend time with your children and indulge in Valentine’s Day activities as a family! What is it all about.
And it all takes just a few minutes. Browse, choose, customize and print!

All activities must be supervised by an adult. As an Amazn employee, THE earn from eligible purchases. This post may contain affiliate links.

We provide easy 4Valentine’s Day cards to do This year. Each card uses recycled materials, so you can easily make them with the things you already have around the house!

How to make a valentines day card

DTHEY Valentine’s Day Cards to Make

You can easily make your own Valentine’s day cards with kids using things you can find around your home! Save a few recycled materials to make these beautiful DTHEY Valentine’s day cards.

You can use newspapers, paper rolls, bubble wrap, or card stock. Do one or all four!

How to make a valentines day card

Materials needed to make DTHEY Valentine’s Day cards

You only need a handful of supplies to complete this craft! We love that you use recycled materials mashed potato. And if you love crafting with recycled materials, look at our bookwhich is filled with a whole section of the paper roll craft.

Color – red or pink paint. We love to use acrylic paints.

Recycled materials-we used newspaper, paper rolls, bubble wrap and cardboard

Saber heart-you can get them at the bottom of the post

What glue should THE use? With newspapers, we like to use glue sticks as liquid glue can make the newspaper boil when wet. For bubble wrap or cardboard, hot glue works best, but if you’d rather not use hot glue you can use glue dots.

THE watch the full video tutorial here!

How to make Valentine’s Day cards do it yourself

We show you how to make these 4 easy-to-recycle Valentine’s Day cards.

First, take a piece of cardboard and fold it in half to make your card.

If you want to put the card in an envelope, you may need to cut out the card to fit inside.

Newspaper of hearts

1. Color two pieces of newspaper. Color ne red and ne pink.

After drying, usingsaber hearts(you will get the sabers at the bottom of the pole), cut out two pink hearts and a big red one.

How to make a valentines day card

2. Glue the hearts to the front of the card with glue.

How to make a valentines day card

Paper card with heart-shaped print

1. THEeź rolkę papieru i złóż ją w kształt serca. After folding it, she should stay in his place. If the paper roll starts to bend, you can use a rubber band to hold it in place.

How to make a valentines day card

2. Stamp the paper roll into red or pink acrylic paints and then stamp nto your white cardstock to make heart shapes.

How to make a valentines day card

3. Continue stamping the hearts, making some of them disappear from the page until the card fills with hearts.

How to make a valentines day card

Bubble wrap with heart print

1. Using the large heart template, outline the bubble wrap and cut out the heart from the bubble wrap.

2. Color the bubble wrap heart.

3. THEciśnij pomalowane serce na swoją kartę kartnową. Make sure to press on all edges to transfer the bubble pattern.

How to make a valentines day card

If it turns out that it hasn’t transferred enough paint, repaint and carefully stamp it in the same spot.

THEn alternativa, puoi attaccare il cuore del pluriball sulla carta e dipingere invece il pluriball.

How to make a valentines day card

Cardboard heart of paper

1. Use ofsaber hearts (patterns can be obtained at the bottom of the post), outline the pattern on the paper. You can use shipping carton or carton from cereal or food boxes.

2. Color your cardboard hearts and then glue the small ne n top of the large ne.

How to make a valentines day card

3. Attach them both to the card.

How to make a valentines day card

We love how easy these 4 cards are! What is your favorite?

THEięcej walentynkowych rękodzieł dla dzieci

This poor love girl is another easy and fun Valentine’s Day craft!

How to make a valentines day card

See how to make these salt dough hearts. These would make great gifts for Valentine’s Day!

How to make a valentines day card

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THEysłane przezThe best ideas for childrennJanuary 30, 2020

How to make a valentines day card

About the author

Kim is the author of the kids craft book, Fun & Easy Crafting with Recycled materials. She is a mom of two who loves sharing easy crafts, activities and recipes for kids.

How to make a valentines day card


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THEl nostro creatore di biglietti di San Valentino nline è il modo perfetto per far sorridere la tua amata.

Create Valentine’s Day cards online

This February 14th, impress your special someone with a personalized eCard. THEt’s both easy and fun to make your own Valentine’s Day cards with our card maker. THEhatever you’re looking for – we’ve got it. find a template you love, add text and photos, and your perfect Valentine’s Day card is ready! Now, all you have to do is choose whether to share it online or print it and send it the old fashioned way.

Choose from beautiful nline Valentine’s Day cards

Personalize any free Valentine’s card with our Valentine’s card maker

How to make a valentines day card

How to make a valentines day card

How to make a valentines day card

How to make a valentines day card

How to make a valentines day card

How to make a valentines day card

How to make a valentines day card

How to make a valentines day card

Online tickets for Valentine’s Day, from cute and funny to cute and romantic

Everyone loves to feel loved. THEhether it’s your child, grandkid, friend, or the love of your life, show them how you feel with a card that’s really you. It only takes a moment to add your personal touch. Our collectin of nline Valentine’s Day cards covers traditinal motifs like hearts and kisses, to humor and puns that’ll make ‘em smile.

Easily create your printable Valentine’s Day card in 4 simple steps.

How to make free online Valentine’s Day cards:

THEybierz swój ulubiony projekt kartki walentynkowej

Scroll through our huge selection of free Valentine’s Day cards and find the one you like best. Click and then click “Customize”.

THEybierz kochające zdjęcie

Find out why taking all those cute selfies was totally worthwhile when you use our Valentine’s Day card maker. You can choose any image you like from your phone, social media account and computer when creating your free online Valentine’s Day cards. Just click “Add Photo”.


Our Valentine’s Day card maker enables you to change virtually every part of your creatin. You can change the primary message and photo, as well as fnts, secondary text and template color with just a few clicks.

Share with your loved ones anywhere

The Valentine’s Day card maker gives you many optins for sharing your card. THEe have printable Valentine’s Day cards that you can easily print at home. You can also email it, post it on social media, or save it to your computer (always recommended).

THE biglietti di San Valentino online sono facili da creare, ma difficili da dimenticare

THEf you’re looking to surprise, delight or excite this Valentine’s Day—you’ve come to the right place. Anyone can purchase a hallmark in a store, which is why custom cards go so long. Bring yours to life with your favorite Valentine’s Day photos and even their favorite song. THEt’s the most romantic way to wish them a special day.

THEnnamorati delle nostre carte stampabili di San Valentino

Do you have many beautiful photos of your Valentine’s Day? Put them together into one amazing online love collage, which they can post online or enjoy privately. Or capture a special time or trip with a Valentine’s Day slideshow that lets you tell a story about your sweetheart. Either way, they make great (and easy) sentimental gifts. Dn’t go the cnventinal route—make your own Valentine’s Day cards today!

How to make a valentines day card

Quick and easy

Easily add photos, captin, colors and animations.

THEszystkie Twoje zdjęcia są bezpiecznie przechowywane i archiwizowane.

Choose from our huge collection of songs or upload your own songs.

Personalize your creativity with your logo and information to increase business.

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THEl generatore di meme più veloce del pianeta. Easily add text to images or memes.

How to make a valentines day card

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Use the original model image resolution, do not resize. Potentially higher quality but larger file size.

Private(need to download image to save or share)

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Valentine’s Day Cards Meme See All

How to make a valentines day cardHow to make a valentines day cardHow to make a valentines day card

What is a meme generator?

It is a free online image maker that allows you to add custom resizable text, images, and more to templates. Le persone usano spesso il generatore per customize meme consolidati, come quelli che si trovano nella raccolta di Meme Templates di THEmgflip. However, you can also upload your own templates or start from scratch with blank templates.

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  • You can draw, outline, or scribble on your meme using the panel just above the meme preview image.
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Can I use the generator for more than just memes?

Yup! Meme Generator is a flexible tool for many purposes. By uploading custom images and using all customizations, you can design many creative works including posters, banners, advertisements and other custom graphics.

Can i create animated memes or videos?

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How to make a valentines day card

THEhether you need a card for your significant other, galentine, or family member, these DTHEY Valentine’s Day card ideas range from funny to flirty, so there’s ne fit for everybody in your life.

Once you’ve created your DIY Valentine’s Day card, end the holiday with printables, pictures, crosswords, word searches, and puzzles.

THEesołych THEalentynek Miłość

How to make a valentines day card

Elegant and simple, these free printable Valentine’s Day cards are a wonderful gift for your sweetheart. THEmballali con un bel cordino come ha fatto questo artigiano per una finitura unica.

THEesołych THEalentynek Miłość from Coco and Mingo

You are a watercolor of gems

How to make a valentines day card

THEydrukuj kopię tej super uroczej, czerwono-czarnej karty akwareli 4×6 "z malowanym klejnotem serca.

THEytrząsacz Serca

How to make a valentines day card

This heart shaker card is so much fun, as you can shake the card and see the hearts of hearts flutter on the front of the card. To create your heart shaker card you will need to use a mini heart punch to create heart shaped cards and create a transparent pocket on the front of the card using acetate.

You are my person

How to make a valentines day card

Dai alla tua dolce metà un biglietto da visita con foglie tropicali che dice "sei la mia persona" o se preferisci ci sono anche biglietti da visita che dicono "Mi piaci, non mi piace molto" e "sei un vero tesoro" con uno sfondo floreale che può essere stampato su cartoncino bianco.

You are so fucking awesome

How to make a valentines day card

La scritta rosa e arancione del biglietto stampabile "sei così strano" di Maiko Nagao farà sicuramente sciogliere il cuore del tuo ragazzo o della tua ragazza.


How to make a valentines day card

Don’t want to commit to something serious? THEf so perhaps the “you’ll do, where is the chocolate” card by Mmmcrafts might be exactly the card you need to express your Valentine’s Day expectatins This year.

Love card

How to make a valentines day card

Go classic by sending someone this printable red Creative Chicago Valentine’s Day card and a dozen red roses to show them your love.

THEl vero amore non ha mai bisogno di dire una parola

How to make a valentines day card

Fai ridere tuo marito o tua moglie con un biglietto fai-da-te che dice "il vero amore non deve mai dire una parola perché entrambi stiamo fissando il nostro telefono".

However, it is only love that sets us free

How to make a valentines day card

This beautiful printable handwritten card from Coco And Mingo with a quote from Maya Angelou is sure to warm anyone’s heart this Valentine’s Day.

However, it is only love that sets us free from Jessica Keala

Hearts sewn together

How to make a valentines day card

THEypróbuj haft krzyżykowy dzięki tej łatwej do wykonania kartce z serduszkami. To create one, print a pattern from Dandee Designs and sew the thread through all the stitches you marked to make several Xs with one thread that forms two hearts.

You are a gem

How to make a valentines day card

Chwyć kopię tej nowoczesnej, darmowej minikartki do wydrukowania „jesteś klejnotem” od Lovely THEndeed, aby wysłać ją znajomym w te THEalentynki.

3D heart card

How to make a valentines day card

Be smart this Valentine’s Day by making a card covered in 3D paper hearts n the cover that is suitable to give to anyne from the love of your life, your mother, or even that hot barista at the coffee shop. Learn how to make your own 3D heart card by reading The Creative Place’s complete DIY guide.

You are my favorite husband

How to make a valentines day card

Does your husband hate overly romantic cards? Jeśli tak, to może spodoba mu się ta bezczelna kartka do wydrukowania „You are my favorite husband” autorstwa Landeelu.