How to make a tree stump coffee table

How to make a tree stump coffee table

Coffee tables are essential pieces of furniture in the home. In general, both dishes and drinks are served. They are now available in many new and unique designs. A coffee table made out of a tree trunk is a truly unique idea. It gives people a natural feel and also allows people to relax and enjoy their drinks as if they were outdoors. Such tables are also great for decorating homes, offices and many other similar places. Tree Stump tables are very practical and easy to make. They can be made from practically nothing.

Steps to make a coffee table from a tree trunk

It is a fairly simple process while there are still some steps that people need to follow correctly.

Step 1

The first and most important step is to take the tree trunk. People can buy it and even cut it by themselves.

Step 2

After step 1, it is very important that the log is completely dry. It should be left in a dark place for several weeks, in addition, you can place heaters near it so that it dries quickly.

Step 3

People need to use a hand grinder to smooth out the stump. It totally depends on the owner how much he wants to polish.

Step 4

The next step is to paint. The paint gives the stump a very shiny appearance, but sometimes it also looks better without paint.

Step 5

They are very heavy, so people should have something to help them lift the stump.

Now the table is ready.

Things to remember when making a table from a tree trunk

There are a few things to keep in mind when creating a tree table. Are the following: –

• Think about the space you have. I ceppi occupano molto spazio se sono più grandi e i ceppi devono essere dimensionati in base allo spazio disponibile.

• Instead of one larger die table, people can choose two or three smaller die tables.

• When working with more than one abutment, it is important that the remaining abutments are of different shapes and sizes. This allows a person to be more creative and innovative.

• More than one log should be of the same height to have a certain consistency.

• The logs must have some moving device, such as legs or wheels. They are very heavy, so it is important that they have some sort of mobile device.

• When people paint the stump, it takes a long time for it to dry completely. Leave them on for a few weeks to dry them.

• It is very important to smooth rough edges. They may have fragments of wood on them which can harm people.

• The table decorations are also very important, thanks to which the log stands out. The decoration must be done carefully after the stump has dried.

Tree Trunk Table: Conclusion

Stump tables are really cool furniture. People love them and they are quite functional too.

It doesn’t matter if you live in the city or the country, the tree stump coffee table is here to stay and they are a very popular decor item these days. Did you know that you can create your own practically for free? Read on to see how!

How to make a tree stump coffee table

Stump coffee tables are where it’s at. They are the most forgiving and flexible side table I’ve ever had in my home. You can change them to your liking, separate them or keep all records together. There are just a few things to keep in mind when trying to make your own coffee table from a tree trunk.

I happen to live in the countryside where we still cut our firewood for our fireplace. As it stands, I easily came across all the strains I needed. I was able to cut them to size and find exactly what I wanted. I’m not a fool now and I’m fully aware that there are many places you can’t just go out and get stumps. But you can definitely still find them and get to work.

Se vivi in ​​una zona in cui non puoi accedere facilmente a tronchi d’albero o legna da ardere, prova i depositi di legname, magari i produttori di mobili, i depositi di riciclaggio e i depositi di rottami. You can simply win the jackpot.

You can even find them on the Craigs List or other construction site sales sites.

How to make a tree stump coffee table

After acquiring the abutments, you want to do a few things with them before taking them inside.

  1. Make sure they are completely dry. Let them rest for a few weeks on the veranda or in the garage. You can also place a heater near the log to dry them faster. You may have a few cracks in the wood, but I love it. I have some in mine.
  2. Use a hand sander to soften the edges to the desired finish. It is entirely up to you.
  3. If you want to paint them, it’s time to do it. You can also paint them with clear varnish to give them a sheen. I’ve seen many like this and they are gorgeous.
  4. The stumps can be heavy. Especially if you choose large. My largest stump is so heavy that I have to turn it to one side to move it, and it’s a pain to tilt it to the side. Make sure you have someone to help you. They will be a little lighter when completely dry.

How to make a tree stump coffee table

Now, if you are reading this and wondering … how do I know how to select a tree trunk. Well, I have some helpful tips below … ..

Here are some helpful tips for making a coffee table from a tree trunk.

  1. Pensa allo spazio e a quanto spazio avrai. I had a large family room so I was able to make a large coffee table from a tree trunk. The key is to keep them proportionate. You can choose a large stump or a larger one with two or three.
  2. I recommend working with 2 or 3 stumps of different sizes.
  3. When working with more than one tree trunk, it is important to use different heights and diameters to generate more interest. They will be more visually pleasing. For mine I chose 3 different sizes. I chose the large one which was the main component of the coffee table. He was also the tallest. Then I added two smaller logs, about the same height but always different in diameter.
  4. If you work with more than 3 logs, I like to keep them all the same height and try to recreate a rectangular or square shape with them. Wouldn’t that be the coolest? These are all separate elements, but they are combined to create one striking element.
  5. After selecting the logs, you can addcolicor legs down. I chose not to. I like the way they sit right on the carpet. Also, I have four children who would think this is a fantastic log machine. That’s never good.
  6. This is where you want to make sure they are completely dry, otherwise the juice will drip onto your beautiful carpet. I left mine on the porch for a few weeks playing where they could dry out completely.
  7. Once dry, you can sand them a little, smoothing out any edges. Mine has been around for a long time and has been sanded down by time, and I really liked the saw marks so I didn’t sand too much. So maybe try to find it. Find strains that have been around for a long time. Make sure they dry.
  8. There are so many things you can do to customize and change the look of your tree stumps. You can seal it with glossy polyacrylic, paint the vertices any color you like or you can have one of my favorites paint 1/3 of the stump white. Painting the underside of the stump in white looks really chic.
  9. The last thing to do is shape the abutments. This is my favorite part. I used the tree trunk coffee table in 3 different rooms with different layouts and stylized them in many different ways. My favorite way to style them is with a few books and a candle. You can also drape a blanket over one of them, add a basket with cute dads. You really love anything.

Do you like coffee tables?

I think the purpose of having a tree trunk coffee table is to bring out the wonderful rustic grain of the wood. To enhance natural beauty. Bring a touch of nature into your home.

How to make a tree stump coffee table

Your stump coffee table will be the star of the show. This is a unique piece of furniture that no one will ever have. This is my favorite thing about them.

I have often taken my tree trunk side table apart to use it as side tables in the bathroom and living room. This is a fun and unique way to increase interest in your home.

How to make a tree stump coffee table

You can see them in these photos from my home.

How to make a tree stump coffee table

Not less important:

If you thought I was done bragging about tree stump coffee tables, you’d be wrong. Did you know you can use them as extra seating as well? Suppose we have a large crowd in the house. You can easily move them to create a chat area. This is a very dynamic coffee table.

How to make a tree stump coffee table

Are you ready to make your own coffee table from a tree trunk?

Save it for later to have it handy when you start your project. And remember PIN IT, share what you want to do!

How to make a tree stump coffee table

Trunk side table – The procedure is relatively simple. If you can get a stump of just the right thickness and length, you almost have a sofa or nightstand. After that, it is sufficient to thoroughly wash the stump and let it radiate in all its naturalness. Alternatively, you can invest extra energy in giving. It a surface finish that emphasizes the tree’s veins or paint it in a strong color. There are many possibilities, so here we give you some inspiration to start your project:

Raw golden night logs are perfect for your bright Scandinavian-style bedroom, as the wood adds warmth and space to the room. Measure the height of the bed and find the correct height for the nightstand. Save the tree at the desired height. Remove the bark from the log and wash the log thoroughly with soap and water. Let the wood dry. If you want to give your coffee table more color, or if it matches a different tree in the room, keep it up. Buy the best of your color and apply it in thin layers until you get the desired shade.

Dyed black, you can give your tree stump wood coffee table a more graphic, modern and rustic look by painting one piece of the stump and leaving the rest untreated. Remove the bark from the stump and wash with soap and water. Let the stump dry completely, like in the sun. You can purchase black, semi-food, oil-based wood paint at your dry cleaners. Find out where the black area should start and draw a line with a pencil or cover it with masking tape. Rotate the coffee table into the head stump and shape the area. If you want to make sure the paint will cover, let it dry and then allow it more time.

Modern art, if you’re firm with a chainsaw and other cutting tools, the wooden sticks can serve as the perfect canvas for home-made modern art. Choose a large diameter coffee table from a tree trunk so that your design is not limited in size. You can create a collection of coffee tables like here or just create one. Start drawing tree trunk design drawings with specific goals so that you have a turntable to work with. From now on, you give up on the shape of the abutments according to your project. Finally, smooth the surface with a plane and sandpaper. You can choose to leave a rough, natural surface like here, or give the tree some paint to accentuate the beautiful trees.

I was trying to leave you on the stump tables telling how to make a coffee table off the table in the last good being a custom coffee table some kind of bunch of two wooden sticks across the coffee tables to get more space and help nature when used before. Come entertain your guests. I ceppi come un tavolino da caffè, mi hanno fatto creare una sorta di raggruppamento di due bastoncini di legno in campagna o quelli fabbricati che i miei si trovano da qualche parte sulla mia strada per diventare una tazza da caffè o i quattro piani a gradini della moderna pelliccia di knaughtylog.

Thin tree trunks,

To redo the rest in something a long time and thicker than one, especially if trees are more useful and you find a slab with soil and used as low height, but manual removal instructions include how to let spring rake the seeds of the grass into thin discs which can also have the two day option, the chainsaw in the notch can be with stumps that I cut, the machine can be for the fairytale house on stumps all year round and a rustic touch to burn them. Nothing but a stump or branches.

Rooms like a nail gun. PDF is the most eye-catching graphics, cutting is usually important to create new furniture, that is, a rustic coffee table for feedback, current price rating. Create a coffee table, with a large living space, how to store product information. Creating and printing coffee tables and bold statements. A mysql site with color images will clearly be appreciated in any layout or graphics as basically the pdf file is quite flexible. Introduce the items and style ideas listed in the ratings for the current price review. Can go.

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I was out for my morning run, and I saw the world’s most beautiful tree stump. Well, maybe West Palm Beach’s most beautiful tree stump! A neighbor had just cut down a large dead tree and the pieces of wood were piled high on the sidewalk. One piece was unusual … it must have come from the base of a tree with all sorts of interesting curves. Too beautiful to face the fall of the “claw truck” he was driving down the street. (FYI – The “claw truck” comes through our neighborhood once a week picking up ginormous piles of yard debris.) A Budget Diet moment hit…this beautiful stump would make an amazing coffee table for my son’s first apartment. I ran home as fast as I could, told my son to get in the car, and we saved the stump before the van came. Uff!

Now what to do with this stump so that it becomes a real coffee table. I searched the internet and found all kinds of tips for turning a tree trunk into a coffee table, and finally decided to ask the man at Home Depot for advice. I explained to the nice gentleman in the orange vest that we wanted to protect the wood as easily as possible and walked out of Home Depot with a sandpaper sponge, water-based polyurethane, brush, and a total $ 11 bill.

Let the project begin!

How to make a coffee table from a tree trunk?

Step 1: Find the stump! Seek and ye shall find. Unfortunately the trees are being cut down a lot, so keep your ears open to the chainsaws! Keep in mind that if it’s small, you can add a glass top or do a grouping of a few stumps.

Step 2: Let it dry! Even if the tree is dead, the wood will still contain some moisture. Take it to the garage or basement and leave it for about a month. This part was easy.

Step 3: Break the bark! We loved the look of the bark, but every article I’ve read said that when the wood dries, the bark will fall off. After a few weeks, we started peeling off the bark and most of it fell off easily. The remaining bark was allowed to dry for several weeks until it fell off. Tip: If your stump has a lot of small nooks and crannies, a screwdriver will do well to pry off those small pieces.

How to make a tree stump coffee table

Step 4: Make it flat! Remember it will be a table, so a flat base and table top are important. Luckily for us, the Cutter did a great job so we can skip this step. That’s a good thing since we don’t own any fancy tools.

Step 5: Sand! This is the worst part, but it’s important to have a nice, smooth finish.

How to make a tree stump coffee table

Step 6: Apply the polyurethane! Using a brush, apply the polyurethane evenly on the abutment, EXCEPT for the base. The Home Depot man said this would allow the stump to continue breathing and release any residual moisture. We applied two layers of polyurethane.

How to make a tree stump coffee table

TA-DA! Now my son has a one of a kind coffee table, a work of art and an interesting story to tell. Let’s go to Dallas!

Need more inspiration for inexpensive coffee tables? This article from Houzza is great, the only difficult part is deciding which coffee table you like best.

Question: Pine trunk coffee table?

How to make a tree stump coffee tableWe found a tree trunk and turned it into a glass top coffee table. We plan to use Danish oil. We’re not sure what kind of wood it is, but I think it might be pine. Is Danish oil okay?

Grace Karram of Toronto


I think I would have removed the cortex before inserting the stump inside. Sometimes there are nasty bugs you don’t want in your house.

Spray the stump with diluted bleach water to kill any creatures still in the wood. Once dry, use sanding sealer to seal the wood all around on every surface. Then sand until smooth on top and bottom.

Next, you will need to apply a finish. I use several layers of paint. Sand between the layers. Start with 80 grit and work your way up to around 400 grit for a really smooth finish.

Then take a liter of polyurethane and apply several layers, sand between the layers with very fine sandpaper. You will know when you have the desired finish. It will shine.

Let it dry completely before use, from a few days to about a week.

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Archive: Pine trunk coffee table

I have a large stump of pine that I would like to finish and make for a coffee table but I’m not sure how to do it. It is 3 feet 2 feet in diameter and the bark still surrounds it.

Introduction: How to turn a tree into a coffee table?

How to make a tree stump coffee table

How to make a tree stump coffee table

How to make a tree stump coffee table

This is one of the most rewarding projects you have ever undertaken. It takes a long time, but in the end it’s worth it!

Step 1: Find Your Lumber

The first thing you will need is a tree. Well, you don’t need a tree, you just need a tree fragment. If you CAN get your hands on the tree, it will make the process that much more personal as you watch the piece dry out and age.

I saw my neighbors’ tree felled and asked the boys if I could get a piece of the trunk to grind. They were kind enough to cut it into primitive slabs which helped enormously!

Se hai bisogno di un tronco fresato, prova a chiamare la tua sega locale o a investire in una segheria. All you have to do is roughly cut the planks and the rest you will do with the power tool.

Step 2: Mill the Lumber Using a Router and Sled

Once the wood has dried to a suitable humidity level (usually between 8% and 15%), you can proceed to the next step. This can take anywhere from a year to 3, depending on the species.

In the meantime, build a router sled to flatten the wood. I have a link to this walkthrough below:

Use this method on both sides of the wood until it is flat and level.

Step 3: Continue Refining the Wood

Once the panel has the required thickness, fill any cracks with epoxy or resin. I only had a few small cracks so I used a 5 minute epoxy, but if you have large cracks it’s best to use a slow setting epoxy.

Add epoxy to any knots or soft areas to stabilize them.

Once the epoxy is dry, use a belt sander to remove the excess and bring it to the level of the wood. Then you can continue to scale the different grains with a random orbital sander.

I decided to cut the ends of my table so that it was close to a square. I like doing it because it makes it more “furnishing” even if it is alive.

Step 4: Apply Some Finish and Add Some Legs

This is where all the magic happens. I used a polyurethane wipe, but pretty much anything will make the grain of the wood “pop out”. Start from the bottom and sides, hammering it into the crevices of the bark, then work your way up. Let the finish dry before proceeding to the next step.

I used hair pins for my table. I know there has been a lot of discussion about them lately, but in my opinion they are a simple fix that only serves to highlight the awesome piece of wood above them. So yes, they’re not the most spectacular or “professional” way to prop up a table, but they do serve a purpose.

Now make sure you have plenty of coasters nearby!

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Skill level

From start to finish


  • ear protection
  • chainsaw
  • level
  • Brush
  • eyeglasses


  • round pine
  • semi-gloss varnish
  • wooden coasters
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Step 1

How to make a tree stump coffee table

Cut the trunk of the tree

After cutting down the tree, leave enough trunk at the desired height for the table. Make the cut as flat and level as possible.

Cut the trunk of the tree

If you have a tree that you need to cut down or a trunk left over from a fallen tree, you can turn the remaining trunk into the table base outside. In this project, the tree was grown on a patio; zespół majsterkowiczów ściął drzewo, ale zachował pień, zamieniając go w funkcjonalną podstawę stołu dla dwulevelowego stołu na patio.

After cutting down the tree, leave enough trunk at the desired height for the table. Make the cut as flat and level as possible. Nasze drzewo miało nisko rosnącą gałąź, dzięki czemu bez problemu wykonamy dwulevelowy stół. Depending on the thickness of the stump, you can cut the stump at two different levels to create your two-tiered table.

Step 2

Choose the material for the countertop

We used two 24-inch pre-cut, round pine for the larger part of the table. These are available at home improvement stores and some craft stores. If you want a natural look and don’t plan on painting the table, you should use cedar, teak, or redwood for the countertops.

Our two rounds of tables are positioned to slightly overlap. A stump and a smaller limb are used to support a vertex; the other is connected directly to the second table top.

Step 3

Paint the countertops

Use a quality primer on tops before painting with a top coat. As the table will be placed outdoors, it may take several coats of paint to achieve good coverage. Use a semi-gloss exterior wood paint to paint the countertops. Let the paint dry completely before proceeding.

How to make a tree stump coffee table

This DIY tree stump coffee table was provided to us by Brent Graham who did a great job documenting his work for our pleasure! If you like this post then you’ll love his other work which can be seen on his Instagram account (@bw_graham) and website.

First the final blows. The turquoise lake is a blue-green piece of glass set in the plate.

The video gives a better impression of the depth below the lake.

This huge slab was sitting in my customer’s back yard (where this photo was taken) after heavy rains the night before. He told me it would just rot out there if I didn’t take it because he didn’t have room for it in his new home after moving. He didn’t have to tell me twice!

He could barely fit in my van on the way to my shop.

He obviously had some love in him in years past. The rotted section in the middle has been hand-chiseled or chainsawed into a neat pattern…

How to make a tree stump coffee table

… And the sides have been cleaned of the bark.

The grain and rot pattern is beautiful. I decided to insert a piece of clear blue-green glass to cover the rotten part, giving it a lacustrine look and giving the top an uninterrupted utility.

After the initial grinding and wetting, the grain really cracked. I counted his rings and gave up on about 360-370. It appeared to be around 400 years old! The odor makes me think it’s Douglas fir.

I used a router to flatten the top of the object. This movie ends when I slide deeply into the mountain.

Here I’m mapping out the “coastline.” I think it looks best when I let the glass follow the natural curvature of the wood grain. The pattern here really reminds me of the caldera. I’ve taken to calling this project the Caldera Lake Table.

After digitizing the shoreline, I take the file to the company that cuts the water that cuts the glass. He also cut the negative of the drawing on a piece of chipboard. I used it as a template to guide the recess where the glass will be located.

The summit was planned. The glass was cut. The wood was wet. Things are coming together and for the first time I’m really getting an idea for what the finished piece will look like. You can see the deep groove in the center that the router made when I slipped. That’ll need to be fixed.

I used one piece of figured nut to plug the gouge I made on top and the other to another piece of rot. I actually like that extra touch that plugins add. Little happy mistakes.

To plug them, I cut a rectangular piece of wood and tapered the sides so the bottom was smaller than the top. After tracing the trace with a pencil on the plate, I used a plunge bur to sand the recess in the plate. Then the hand chisel makes the hole adhere perfectly. The great thing about a tapered plug is you can have the hole slightly undersized, and the plug can be hammered in until it’s a perfectly snug fit.

Here the first finishing layer was applied. I’m using Arm-R-Seal satin, which I can just rub on with a wet t-shirt. If I had heard of this stuff earlier, I’d have used it on so many projects…

The feet at the bottom will lift the piece from 16 ″ to about 18.5, which is a much more useful height for the coffee table.

A second finishing layer is applied, then a third.

There had to be a lot of careful sanding to make sure the glass and wood matched well.

Here she is in her new home.

Thanks for reading about this DIY tree stump table project. If you liked this remember to check out Brent Graham’s Instagram page or take a look at our other DIY projects!

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