How to make a steamer (drink)

A steamer is a hot milk-based drink that’s flavored and sweetened with syrup. While it’s very popular in coffee shops, this basic steamer recipe will show you how easy it is to make at home. You can create steamers in many flavors and use nondairy milk to create soy or other vegan steamers. This recipe makes one serving, but it can easily be adjusted to make a larger quantity.

To make a steamer, you will need to steam milk. If you have an espresso machine, the frothing wand makes this a quick and easy task. However, a full machine is not required because you can also steam milk on the stovetop with a whisk or milk frother. Another low-tech option is to shake warm milk in a Mason jar for about a minute. With either of these options, you want to avoid scalding the milk, so use gentle heat and be patient. You also won’t get the superfine bubbles that a frothing wand creates, but the drink will be just as enjoyable.

By switching out the flavored syrup, your steamer can take on different characteristics. Popular steamer flavors include caramel, Irish cream, mint, chocolate, and vanilla. If you’re making a fruit-flavored steamer, add the milk gradually to avoid curdling or add vanilla syrup along with it to prevent curdling. If you want to reduce your sugar intake, use a sugar-free flavored syrup. While you can buy flavored syrup, it’s also simple to make many syrups at home, which offers even more customization options for your steamers.

Unless the syrup you use includes caffeine, the steamer is a caffeine-free drink. This makes it an excellent choice for a comforting evening beverage, and they’re a delightful alternative to coffee or tea any time of day.

Steamers are non-caffeinated, hot, milk-based drinks that can be very relaxing after a hectic day. A milk steamer is a delicious drink that is traditionally prepared by mixing frothy, steamed milk with a flavoured syrup such as vanilla, caramel, or hazelnut. This creamy beverage is popular in many coffee shops, and a coffee house will serve it even if it is not on the menu. If you find yourself craving a cup, however, you do not necessarily need to pay a visit to a coffee shop; making a super delicious milk steamer at home is also quite easy, and does not require any special ingredients.

Preparation Time: 3 min
Cooking Time: 3 min
Total Time: 6 min
Yield: 1 serving

– Milk: 2 cups
– Flavoured syrup: 3 oz (about 6 squirts from a Torani dispenser)
– Whipped cream (Optional): To taste
– Vanilla extract: 1/4 teaspoon (or to taste)

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Get a steaming pitcher and pour about two cups of whole milk into it.

Prepare the steamer arm to heat the milk, making sure the aperture is clear and the steam can escape easily from the pitcher.

While the milk is steaming, prepare your cup for the drink, by pouring the flavouring of your choice into the bottom of the cup.

Steam the milk with a very small amount of froth on the top, but do not let it boil.

As the milk reaches the point just below boiling, immediately pour it out into the cup containing the flavouring. Pour the milk into the cup in such a way that it automatically combines with the flavouring, and you do not need to stir it.

How to make a steamer (drink)

Before I jump into the recipe, I want to tell you about the giveaway I joined with Lauren’s Recipe Box and a few other bloggers. You get to choose your prize: a KitchenAid mixer (one of my favorite kitchen products of all time!) or a $300 gift card to Amazon. Scroll down below the recipe to enter!

How to make a steamer (drink)

If you’ve never heard of a steamer, let me introduce you. It’s like hot cocoa’s lesser-known, but just as delicious. A basic steamer is warmed milk flavored with vanilla. I won’t rag on your too much if you’ve never heard of it. I didn’t even know what it was until college. We had a coffee bar on campus called Intermissions (so named because it was right next to the campus theater), and they had a drink called a “white angel,” steamed milk flavored with vanilla.

How to make a steamer (drink)

Steamers might even have an advantage over hot cocoa because there are more ways to flavor a steamer that won’t get lost like they might if you added them to hot cocoa.

This steamer is flavored with homemade salted caramel sauce. Sure, you could take a shortcut and use store-bought, but it’s hard to find good-quality caramel (not sundae topping) in most regular grocery stores. And it’s so easy to make at home, and you can control the amount of salty flavor in your caramel much better by going home-made.

How to make a steamer (drink)

I think I have one of the few children in the world who don’t prefer chocolate. Don’t ask, I have no clue where he gets that from. I’ve learned to embrace the positive side, which means more chocolate for me. But after an afternoon playing in the snow one day, I asked if he wanted some hot cocoa to warm up. He said no, and asked for milk. I offered to warm it up, and made him a steamer — he loved it!

So whether you have a strange, chocolate-hating child like me, ran out of cocoa mix, or just want something different on a cold day, try a salted caramel steamer. The salted caramel can made in advance and stored in an airtight container in the refrigerator. Just be sure to re-warm before adding the scalded milk. It will incorporate with the milk better that way. The caramel recipe below will make more than enough for 2 drinks, so pour the rest over ice cream, blondies, pie, or, heck, just eat it with a spoon!

Quick and easy tutorial on how to make Homemade Cherry Juice with a steam juicer. We love this healthy cherry juice recipe, made from real cherries, and use it all winter long. Plus, it’s a great way to use up the excess harvest!

I love cherries and they are great in a variety of dishes. Check these out: Homemade Cherry Crumble Recipe, Healthy Cherry Energy Balls (Homemade Cherry Pie Larabars) and Sweet Cherry WafflesHow to make a steamer (drink)

What is a Steam Juicer?

As I mentioned before we had a bumper crop of cherries this year. I dried some, made preserves and jelly with others, but still had gallons and gallons left. An easy way to use all the cherries was to juice them. There is very little work involved with steam juicing; you don’t even have to remove the pit! The juicer is totally worth the monetary investment if you own a cherry tree or grape vines. We love making homemade cherry juice and homemade grape juice with out steam juicer each year.

I first used a steam juicer a few years ago when I borrowed one from a friend to make grape juice. I’ve used hers for years and now that we’ve moved hours from her, it was time to buy one of my own.

If you’ve never seen or used one, then I’ll enlighten you. They are amazing things that are easy to use, clean, and a great way to use lots of fruit.>We bought a Victoria steam juicer for around $70 from Ace Hardware (I know IFA and other places that sell canning supplies have them). You can also buy them on Amazon. The stainless steel juicers have really come down in price and you can buy a stainless steel version for not much more. I’d get the stainless steel if you can, it’s supposed to last a lot longer and there’s some interesting reading on how the use of aluminum in cooking might affect your health. That’s my two cents, but I have used both aluminum and stainless steel and they both work great.

Here is what it looks like:

And this explains how it works. Boiling water on the bottom comes up through a hole and then goes through lots of little holes in the basket the fruit sits in. The steam releases the juice that collects (where #3 is pointed) and it runs out a tube.

How to make a steamer (drink)Grandma’s Bing (red) and Queen Anne (pink) cherries ready to juice.

Fresh hot cherry juice collecting in a pot.

Check these posts out for more recipes to use those cherries up:

  • Sweet Cherry Waffles
  • Homemade Cherry Crumble Recipe
  • Healthy Cherry Energy Balls (Homemade Cherry Pie Larabars)
  • 20 Very Cherry Recipes
  • Easy Cherry Berry Smoothie
  • Sour Cherry and Pomegranate Detox Smoothie
  • Cherry Chip Cupcakes
  • Double Chocolate Cherry Cordial M&M Cookies

See! It’s not hard to make Homemade Cherry Juice in your own kitchen. With a load of cherries, the right supplies, and a little time, you’ll have more than enough cherry juice to last all winter long. Nothing tastes better than opening a bottle of summer in the cold of winter!

The recipe was originally published in July 2012. It was updated, rewritten, and republished for your enjoyment in July 2017.

How to make a steamer (drink)

This Honey Cinnamon Steamed Milk Recipe is warmed on the stovetop and made frothy using a glass jar, with flavors of honey, cinnamon, and vanilla your children with be asking for this kids ‘latte’ again and again.

How to make a steamer (drink)

Honey Cinnamon Milk Steamer Drink

Today I am sharing with you a super fun drink I have been making for my kids for the past few years. A Honey Cinnamon Milk Steamer or as my kids like to call it, a ‘latte‘.

There is indeed zero coffee in this drink but the foamy top gives it an appearance of a latte like mommy’s so that is what they call it.

This is a warm drink that is made up of steamed milk, honey, cinnamon, and vanilla. It is essentially a Milk Steamer as the coffee shops like to call it.

I love making this drink for the kids after they play out in the snow or we are having a cozy evening as a family. Really I use it as an alternative to Hot Chocolate. Not that there is anything wrong with hot chocolate but this drink uses over half the amount of sugar and it is just as fun which makes it a win-win for me!

The other bonus of this drink its that it comes together super quick and without any fancy milk frothing equipment. You should have everything you need at home already, a small pot, whisk, glass jar with a lid, and a spoon!

So lets see how easy this Kid’s Latte is!

How to make a steamer (drink)

Steamed Milk Recipe

Add the milk, honey, cinnamon, and vanilla to a small saucepan over medium-high heat.

As the milk begins to warm whisk the ingredients together so the honey disovles. Continue to whisk as the milk gets warmer.

After a couple minutes you will see the milk begin to steam remove from the heat (do NOT let this boil). Pour half of the milk in your serving cup and half in the glass jar.

Place the lid tightly on the jar. (Carefully check temperature of the jar to make sure it is not to hot so you don’t hurt yourself.)

Now vigorously shake the jar fast for 30-60 seconds for the foam to build up. Once your are happy with the amount of foam carefully remove the lid.

How to make a steamer (drink) How to make a steamer (drink)

Using the spoon to keep the foam in the jar pour the milk remaining in the jar into the serving cup. Once all of the milk is out use the spoon to gently move the foam on top of the steamed milk. Sprinkle with a dash of cinnamon if desired and serve immediately.

How to make a steamer (drink)

Michael Timmermann

If you’re coming down with a cold, you’ll try just about anything to get rid of the sore throat, cough, sneezing and runny nose.

Whenever I start to feel under the weather, I Google things like “How long will a cold last?” and “How do I get rid of a cold fast?” as if it’s the first time I’ve been sick.

Although there is no cure for the common cold, there are plenty of treatments to help you fight it.

How to Make This Starbucks Cold-Busting Drink at Home

Earlier this year, I learned about a tea-based drink at Starbucks nicknamed the Medicine Ball or Cold Buster, which some people claim temporarily relieves their cold symptoms.

There are hundreds of pictures on Instagram from people who say the beverage is a lifesaver!

The secret menu item became such a hit with cold sufferers that the customer creation was added to the regular menu and officially named Honey Citrus Mint Tea.

Starbucks shared the recommended recipe with

  • 1 Venti cup with half hot water and half steamed lemonade
  • 1 bag of Teavana Jade Citrus Mint Tea
  • 1 bag of Teavana Peach Tranquility Tea
  • Packet of honey
  • Pump of peppermint (optional)

If you went to Starbucks and bought this drink every day for a week — which is how long the common cold typically lasts — it would cost you more than $20.

Team Clark picked up all the ingredients for $10 by substituting less expensive brands of tea:

  • Tazo Refresh Mint Tea, 20 bags: $2.49 (sale)
  • Celestial Seasonings Country Peach Passion Tea, 20 bags: $2.27
  • Simply Lemonade: $2.69
  • Pure Honey Bear: $3.09

Optional: Starbucks steams its lemonade for this drink. You can buy a handheld milk frother on Amazon for less than $10 or borrow one from someone you know!

How to make a steamer (drink)

DIY Cold Remedy Taste Test

One of my coworkers happens to be sick with a cold right now. I had him try both the Starbucks Medicine Ball and the tea that I made with the cheaper ingredients.

John isn’t convinced that either beverage relieved his symptoms, but there was a taste difference.

“I get why the Starbucks drink is called a Medicine Ball — it reminds me of something I might get on the Cold & Flu aisle at the drugstore. The homemade version, on the other hand, is something I would drink even if I felt great. Tasty!”

How to make a steamer (drink)

Have you tried the Starbucks Medicine Ball or a homemade version? Let us know if it helped you feel better by leaving a comment on Facebook, Twitter or in the comments below.

How to make a steamer (drink)1
How to make a steamer (drink)1

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The Ingredients to make scout’s favorite drink "bonk" is a combination of soda’s that taste REALLY GOOD. and gets you up and running just as scout does! here is the soda’s you will

1.) 7up / sprite (come on, theyre basically the same thing.)

2.) Coke! (NOT cocaine, COKE A COLA! many people seem to mix this up.)

3.) Cream Soda (this adds the creamy aspect of the bonk)

4.) Kinnie (A Maltese drink. If you are living in the USA Dr.Pepper works just as well)

stir these 4 drinks thouroughly until mixed really well!

(Do not be fooled by this image. it is just water with food coloring)

So you made bonk! now you can pour this in a sippy cup for hyper-active youngsters OR you can drink it like scout and follow these steps:

1.) print out some bonk wrapping paper or draw your own on a blank piece of paper.

2.) take an empty soda can and wrap the can in the paper then tape.

3.) pour the bonk into the can

4.) enjoy and DRINK

OR you can go to the valve website and buy a bonk can like i did.

(before i bought it that is how i made it!)

Bonk can serve 1-2 people and tastes great when drinking it while eating sandvich!

i hope everyone will enjoy this delicious drink and have a great tf2 meal!

by the way if any of you play clash of clans, join my clan called "Osprey Lynx" see you there! 😀

How to make a steamer (drink)

There are many milk-like substances made from nuts and other foods, each with different characteristics. One of the most versatile is coconut milk, a staple in the cuisine of most tropical countries around the world. Like true milk it separates into thinner "milk" and thicker "cream," which can be stirred together or used separately. Like true milk, it also tolerates heat and can be boiled or steamed for various purposes.

Video of the Day

Making Coconut Milk

Coconut milk is not the thin liquid found inside the nut, which is called coconut water. Rather, coconut milk is made by soaking shredded coconut flesh in boiling water for a period of up to two hours. A variety of fats, protein and other solids dissolve into the water, giving it a rich flavor and white appearance. The milk is separated from the coconut's flesh by straining it through a cloth, then wringing as much moisture as possible from the pulp. The rich, fatty "cream" will rise to the top if it's allowed to sit.

Heating Coconut Milk

Coconut milk is a rich food, containing nearly 20 percent fat by weight, according to USDA figures. Like heavy cream, it will stand up to cooking and boiling, becoming more concentrated as water evaporates from it. In the cuisines of India and Thailand, its richness is used to mellow the sharp flavors of spicy food and make it more palatable. Coconut milk doesn't "break," or curdle, when it 's heated, making it a valued sauce ingredient. The same characteristic makes it a candidate for steamer drinks.

Steamer Drinks

Steamer drinks are beverages based on steamed milk, containing anything from flavoring extracts to liqueurs, syrups or coffee and tea. Most coffee shops sell a variety of steamer drinks, both coffee based and coffee free. Given the low cost of milk and the high volume of air introduced during the steaming process, these beverages are very profitable. Soy milk is often used for non-dairy steamer drinks, but coconut milk also works very well. It has the advantage of a rich, well-liked flavor of its own, which is not generally the case with other milk substitutes.

Coconut Steamer Drinks

Coconut milk's mild flavor complements both coffee and tea, making it a valid choice for caffeinated steamer drinks. It also works well with vanilla, almond extract, rum, chocolate and a variety of other flavorings, making it suitable for non-caffeinated beverages. Coffee shops use the pressurized steam of their espresso machines to heat and aerate the coconut milk into foam, but an espresso machine isn't necessary. The coconut milk can be boiled on your stovetop, then frothed with a milk frother, hand mixer or a handheld whisk.

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