How to make a shower caddy garden

How to make a shower caddy garden

Photo: T. Marie Life via YouTube

If you are experiencing problems living with a shower that doesn’t have adequate space for your soaps and shampoos, there is something you can do to alleviate this problem quite easily. When I found this great DIY video tutorial from T. Marie Life on YouTube, I had to try this idea for my own small pre-made fiberglass shower tub. You only need a few materials for this handy project, which you can find at any of your local stores.

DIY Shower Caddy Project Materials:

  • A pack of hooks for a shower curtain
  • The shower is stretched over the shower curtain
  • Stackable baskets A2


In this great DIY video tutorial by T. Marie Life for YouTube, you will learn how to make this easy and useful project in just a few simple steps. You will start by opening the tension bar.

How to make a shower caddy gardenPhoto: T. Marie Life via YouTube

You will then attach the hooks to the shower curtains and then attach the baskets.

This project is so simple and I can’t wait to finish mine.

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How to make a shower caddy garden

The shower gardens have the look – and smell! – much better than decorating with shampoo and soap bottles.

Photo: Photo courtesy of Cool Springs Press

Photo courtesy of Cool Springs Press

Anyone can give flowers in a vase. And everyone can create a shower corner in the garden. What kind of Valentine’s Day gift giver are you?

"Immagina: la persona amata sopporta il gelido clima invernale dopo una giornata stressante di lavoro e va direttamente in bagno per un bagno caldo", afferma Steve Asbell, autore del libro.Plant by number: 50 potted plant combinations that will decorate your space(Cool Springs Press), will be released on March 1st. “They find that their average bathroom has been transformed into a tropical spa, complete with a hanging garden of fragrant and exotic flowers. Kwiaty cięte pozostają świeże tylko kilka dni, ale twój żywy bukiet będzie kwitł przez miesiące i będzie żył przez lata."

Here’s what you need:

  • 1-wire shower enclosure
  • Orchid bark (or sphagnum moss)
  • 1 plastic loofah
  • 1 orchid

Optional: air plants, bromeliads, etc.

According to Asbell, the orchid adds a romantic vibe and fragrance. “My favourite is Oncidio"Sharry Baby" which has an aroma that some compare to chocolate and others to lemon meringue, "he says." The reason it works is because every plant is epiphytic, which are plants that naturally grow on the bark of trees. they need for the soil is orchid bark or sphagnum moss. ‘

Garden shower enclosure – guides

How to make a shower caddy garden

How to make a shower caddy garden

How to make a shower caddy garden

Get this look

Here’s what you do:

First step: Using sharp scissors, cut the plastic barrel where it joins and untie the net. You will use this to line your shower caddy and wrap the orchid’s roots.

Step two: Now it’s time to knock the orchid out of its pot, but first you should water the orchid to help the roots loosen their grip. If the orchid is in a plastic pot, squeeze it from different angles while you gently twist and tug at the orchid’s base.

Phase three:Once the orchid comes out of the pot, wrap a layer of loofah net around the sides of the orchid roots and another layer around the base.

Fourth step: Line the caddy with a loofah net so the bark doesn’t fall through the gaps. If you are having trouble holding it in place, use twisted ties or wire for the moment and remove them when done.

Step Five: Place a stuffed orchid in a stuffed container. To keep it from toppling over, use a thin piece of the loofah or a twist tie to loosely tie the orchid’s stem to the caddy. Don’t tie it too tightly, since it could damage the plant.

Phase six: Now you can add more plants to the caddy. Hold the plant in place and start filling the area around the roots with orchid bark. Air plants (tillandsia) require the roots to be exposed to fresh air and can be attached to the caddy itself or placed on the surface of the orchid’s bark.

Step seven:Water the plants in the caddy, wet the suckers, and attach them to the wall.

Cool off with a garden shower that you can take on the weekend

Do-it-yourself outdoor shower

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This weekend’s project consists of three basic parts: two wing walls and a central column with attached plumbing. All materials are available at the Home Depot.

Time: one weekend (4 working hours plus sealant drying time)

Difficulty: 3 (on a scale of 1 to 10; requires modest carpentry skills)

Outdoor shower: frame and sides

Each wing wall has a 6 meter long corrugated roof panel that is bolted to a 2 by 4 lumber frame.

Each frame requires two 90 ” side members and four 26 ” cross members.

We used redwood to make the frames, which was bonded with a water-based sealant before fixing the panels. A cheaper option is pressure impregnated lumber.

Panel options include clear, opaque or tinted fiberglass covers, aluminum sheet, or oil or acrylic tinted fabric.

Outdoor shower: top view

The wing walls are attached to a single 8-foot pressure-treated log equipped with 1/2 inch galvanized metal hose, faucet and shower head.

These showers only use cold water pipes from a garden hose and are not designed for long showers, so we only built a simple drain.

The water will flow into the gravel and soil beneath your feet, watering the plants and cooling them at the same time.

Outdoor shower: plumbing

Arrange and assemble the galvanized pipes (see material list) with hydraulic nylon tape at each joint. Do not add a hose fitting to the end of the 8-inch down tube yet.

Center and drill a 3/4 inch diameter hole through the 78 inch post from the top.

Slide the short leg of the hose through the hole, then center the hose and faucet on the rod and secure it with the C-shaped hooks.

Add a hose fitting and then connect it to a garden hose. Pressure test for leaks.

Outdoor shower: positioning

Find a place for a shower. We placed it on a gravel cushion for easier drainage and also added concrete paving stones that you can stand on.

Dig a 12-inch deep hole for the center shower rail. Position it so that the faucet handle protrudes outward at a 45 ° angle between the sides of the wings.

Place the wing walls perpendicular to each other and secure them to the pole (with three 12-inch screws each) so that their legs extend just 6 inches into the ground.

Check the verticality with a level before compacting and compacting the ground.

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How to make a shower caddy garden


Nautilus with Clarke’s spiral chambers

Unlike the bathtub, which is usually only used for the occasional bath, the shower is practiced daily. So both designers and consumers want to intensify the daily shower experience with innovations like steam showers, color therapy and multiple shower heads that can massage you like a light summer rain or a Swedish masseuse on steroids. Here are a number of innovations that will ensure you never want to get out of the shower.

The first thing to consider is how you carry it inside. Frameless glass doors are a new option where glass appears to float without support. 3/8 or 1/2 inch thick tempered safety glass gives the impression of spaciousness and open space, perfect for a small shower. For more space, you can completely omit the door. Place a curved tile wall or L-shaped glass space that won’t fence you in but will contain water. The Iridess Clarke shower has a curved acrylic wall in four bright colors: pearl, sea, light blue and orchid, with 16 colors to choose from for the floor. Another new material for the shower enclosure is metal: Frigo Design makes it in exclusive anti-fingerprint stainless steel or copper with anti-fog coating. Tell them your shower system and size and they will manufacture it to your specifications.

How to make a shower caddy garden


Kohler’s water tile can point in any direction

Kohler’s water tile can point in any direction

The heart of the shower is the shower head, with enough options to turn your own shower head, from custom shower systems to a regular shower head with not-so-regular functions. Many manufacturers, such as Kohler or Grohe, allow you to design your own shower system. That means choosing a set of shower heads and body jets – wall-mounted jets that point under your shoulders – and possibly a handheld sprayer. The heads can be mounted on a wall plate or on a metal tower for acrylic surfaces. You can have nearly as many sprinklers as there are walls, but for some, just two are enough. Aquatic hedonic children can grow up to 14 years. Kohler’s WaterTile tiles can be custom designed. These square sprayers can be wall or ceiling mounted. You can choose between 22 or 54 nozzle body sprinklers and a 54 nozzle shower head, which, despite its square shape, can be oriented anywhere.

With so much water everywhere, you need to make sure your plumbing is fit for the job. A standard shower head uses around 2.5 gallons per minute (GPM), a shower system can use anywhere from 12 to 15 GPM. Make sure you have a water heater that you don’t leave in the cold shower. And check that your water pipes are wide enough; half an inch is standard, but you may need three quarters of an inch or even an inch to handle the water in a custom shower system.

If you’re a more minimalist shower, a single hand shower can still have the power – with massage jets or other pampering perks. Many of them have a self-cleaning mechanism, which means you never have to worry about calcium deposits ruining the spray arc or potency. One of these is Hansgrohe’s Downpour Royale shower, available in 7, 10 and 14 inch sizes. It injects air into the water jet, which, especially if you’re under a 14-inch model with 225 sprinklers, lets you sing in the rain while showering. And “Tiny Bubbles” isn’t just a Don Ho song.

Neither of these ideas come with shampoo, conditioner, or soap.

How to make a shower caddy garden

How to make a shower caddy garden

Neither of these ideas come with shampoo, conditioner, or soap.

How to make a shower caddy garden

Salt and pepper are probably the most used ingredients in your kitchen. Hang the container to the side of the cabinets so that (and some utensils you choose) don’t clutter the countertop, but make them easy to find.

How to make a shower caddy garden

These two containers hang at eye level for your kids, which means kids can put away their hats and gloves when they walk in and (better yet) can even find them immediately when they go out.

How to make a shower caddy garden

If you reside in a green-thumbed apartment and don’t have a garden, create a mini shower stall that can be hung in any room in the house. If you feel trulyimagine you could even line wire baskets with moss.

How to make a shower caddy garden

The ends of the decorative ribbon protrude between the threads on the bottom shelf of this shower trolley, and gift wrapping accessories such as name tags and badges are located on the top shelf. The only thing missing is the paper!

How to make a shower caddy garden

Not ready to face those bills yet? Throw them in this cute letter holder until you’re there, along with some plants that will make your organizer more of an accessory than a necessity.

See more in the book Pretty & Organized$ 17, amazon. com.

How to make a shower caddy garden

Hang a shower enclosure next to an unused cabinet to keep fresh fruit and vegetables ready. Keeping food in sight will help you remember which food to eat before it goes bad.

How to make a shower caddy garden

Instead of keeping a pen holder on your desk (and taking up valuable workspace), you can put four on the top shelf of this caddy. The scissors hang from the hooks so you don’t have to hunt all over the house to open the backpack next time.

How to make a shower caddy garden

Bottles of laundry detergent, bleach and dryer sheets match perfectly in this shower stretcher. Plus, it hangs comfortably on the dryer (honestly, it’s almost too easy).

How to make a shower caddy garden

Keep the products you use daily (like hairspray) on a shower container attached to the back of the bathroom sink door – this way they are always close at hand and you won’t have to hunt for bottles when you’re late. in the morning.

Take a clean shower that sparkles. Here’s how to clean the shower quickly and easily.

Your shower keeps it clean, but what cleans your shower? We’ve found tons of tips and tricks you can do on your cleaning day to make your routine faster, smarter, and better. From a simple tool selector to brilliant cleaning tricks, you’ll have a sparkling shower in no time. Check out our shower cleaning tips, then learn how to clean your shower stall.

Step 1: Brush better

If you have a hard time scrubbing dirt and grime in the shower, the problem is probably not with you. It’s your cleaning tool! Replace the existing scrubber with a diamond-shaped brush head. The shape reaches corners more easily than a flathead brush. Also, the brush is better than the sponge for removing soap and water deposits.

Step 2: deep cleansing

The best time to thoroughly clean the shower is right after use. The surface is already wet after the shower and the hot temperature has dissolved the dirt, facilitating processing. Clean the walls with your favorite bathroom cleaner or mix equal parts vinegar and spray liquid and get to work. Also, don’t forget the equipment! Soap noises build up on the taps and are easy to forget.

Step 3: Cleaning the Stitches

Create a mixture of water and a few grams of dishwasher detergent without staining. Spray on walls, shower doors and curtains. The shower squeegee dries the walls quickly, preventing the accumulation of water stains and soap scum. Some surfaces require special care. Make sure you use cleaning and abrasive solutions that do not damage the shower tray material.

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There are basically 2 types of shower bars. Tension rods are easy to install and don’t require any tools or hardware. These rods can be rotated into position and easily adjusted. Mounting rods rely on glue or screws to mount the brackets to hold the rod in place. Although mounting bars look slightly better than tension bars, you may need to pre-drill the tile to install them, which can be moderately difficult. Take a rod that fits your needs and hang it 180–190cm above the ground so that the curtain does not touch the floor, but below the edge of the tub.

How to make a shower caddy garden

Advice: The standard tub length is 60 inches (150cm) and most tie rods range from 48-75 inches (120-190cm). You shouldn’t have a problem installing a tension rod unless your shower is abnormally large or small.

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The shower is the part of the house that tends to attract clutter and chaos as if it were acting by gravity.

Popular reviews

How about all those half-used shampoo and conditioner bottles that you own but can’t part with? Or loofah, soaps, razors and facial cleansers? The list goes on, and odds are they’re falling off the edge of your bathroom tub right now.

As for the rooms, the shower feels particularly cramped – my dorm was so thin you had to go in from the side – making it particularly unsuitable for so many things. A cramped, messy shower makes it difficult to relax, and no one wants to shave in tight spaces. At a basic level, it’s not exactly safe to hobble over five giant TRESemmé bottles whilst slippery and wet.

If you’re interested in turning awkward corners of the shower into useful storage space, or want to clear the ground off your bottles once and for all, you might want to consider grabbing one of the 10 tools below.

Here are 10 functional tools to help you organize your shower:

Corner shower shelves

It can be difficult to find a way to use shower corners, but this discreet storage space will increase your storage without getting in the way too much. It also looks beautiful.

mDesign freestanding corner shelves for shower storage, $ 29.99

Shelf for shampoo and conditioner

This Etsy wooden shelf is a nice way to free up floor space with bottles and essential bathroom accessories you often need; it will also place them at eye level so you don’t have to bend over as often.