How to make a no sew ballet tutu

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Are you looking for a tutu to complete the perfect costume, dress up for fun or give it to a friend? For smart guys who prefer to skip or avoid sewing altogether, a seamless skirt is the perfect solution. They are quick and easy to make, and once you learn the basic procedure, you can experiment with a variety of fun and interesting projects!

How to make a no sew ballet tutu

How to make a no sew ballet tutu

Why do you need to tie knots a few meters from the ends of the ribbon?

Sydney tutu courses

I am very grateful to my dear friend Danielle Legge who gave me generous permission to use my formulas to teach others how to perform ballet. Dani has been my tutu mentor for many years and now I would like to share the benefits of what I have learned with others, just as Dani did with me.

How to make a no sew ballet tutu

Dani’s pattern is extremely versatile and designed for stretch fabrics such as lycra and stretch velvet. The great thing about tutu stretch is that the tutu will grow with the dancer for several seasons. Additionally, the stretch tutu has tremendous resale value as it fits a wide variety of body types and still looks custom made.

How to make a no sew ballet tutu

I will be teaching from my studio in Sydney. They will be one on one for 2 days. The scheduling of the classes is flexible and I will endeavour to fit classes to suit students’ own busy lives. You may buy your own materials or I’m happy to make up a kit for you. It is important to purchase materials suitable for the purpose, so please consult me ​​first. However, you will need to purchase a model from Dani. She can be contacted through her FB Tutus By Dani page.

How to make a no sew ballet tutu

You must have intermediate sewing skills to take the course. Stretching sewing skills is helpful but not essential as you will learn the basics. However, it is important that your sewing machine has a good straight stretch stitch. Unfortunately, this is not a beginner’s course.

How to make a no sew ballet tutu

You will be supervised as you cut the fabrics, build the garments, show you quick and easy ways to cut and shape the net, learn how to effortlessly collect 45 linear meters of ballet net, and most importantly, how to sew a tutu in a classic shape from a puffball emerging from your machine. After 2 days of focused work and personal instruction you’ll have a lined, 6-8 layer classical ballet tutu, tacked and ready for decoration.

How to make a no sew ballet tutu

If you’d like more instructions on how to complete a tutu, there will also be additional half-day tutu decorating and tiara courses available.

How to make a no sew ballet tutuAurora in ivory and copper

The Embellishment Course will teach the basics of good design and ballet aesthetic, explore the materials that can (and can’t) be used, plate design and how to attach it to the tutu, creative ways with lace, beading and rhinestones, and how to make arm puffs, frills or drapes. Information on the acquisition of trims will also be discussed.

How to make a no sew ballet tutu

How to make a no sew ballet tutu

How to make a no sew ballet tutucurtains on the shoulders

The tiara course will teach you how to make a framed (Basic) tiara or a more advanced beaded tiara. Both techniques use the winding of metal wires, blanks of jewelry and crystal beads. In addition I will show you 2 effective techniques to attach the tiara to the dancer’s hair without having to pin over bulky frames.

How to make a no sew ballet tutu

How to make a no sew ballet tutu

As the instructions are individual, the schedule is very flexible. Please contact me for more information.

$ 500 Basic 2-Day Tutu Course (No Materials)

1/2 day decoration course USD 175 (includes baseplate and bra trim)

1/2 day tiara-making course $ 135 (materials included)

Do you have a little girl who loves to dress well? Sure, and we have a huge box of costumes, mostly made by me! It’s so much cheaper (and more fun!) to make your own stuff! My little girl loves it because she can choose exactly what she wants when it comes to colors and fabrics! This No sewing Tutu it took me about an hour and there is no sewing, so anyone can do it! This is also a great Halloween project!

Here is what you will need to make a No sewing Tutu:

  • 1 meter of tulle in all colors!
  • shears
  • elastic band! (make sure it fits snugly but fits snugly around your baby’s waist)

Here is how to make a No sewing Tutu:

Step 1: Roll your tulle yard lengthwise and cut it into 1-inch sections. Do it for each color.

Step 2:Divide the entire tulle into strips.

Step 3: This step you will do over and over all the way around the headband. You will start with 1 strip of tulle and join the ends together, place the open end of the loop under the band and thread the other side through the loop. Make sure you pull hard so it doesn’t come loose.

Step 4: Using the method above, wrap the tulle around the entire headband. I used 3 different colors and for each color I used 2 threads of tulle. If you are using only 1 color, you don’t have to worry about this step. If you are using 2 or more colors, I recommend using at least 2 garments of each color or more, depending on how many color blocks you want.

Step 5: Once you are done wrapping all the pieces of tulle, hang the tutu and use your fingers to “comb” the tutu and make sure there are no knots. You can then check if some areas are longer than others and crop them accordingly.

This è tutto! 5 simple steps to make it super cute No sewing Tutu that your baby will love! This No sewing Tutu It took me about an hour to do it, but it was relaxing and fun, I just made the TV while creating, haha. Ever since I finished it, my little girl has been dancing around in it, and I bet it’s going to take some bribery to get her to take it off at bed time!

Oto skończona Tutu na moim modelu (aka: moja niesamowita córka):

She thinks her little faces she makes are just plain cute (and I guess they are … lol) Hope you enjoyed learningHow to make a No sewing Tutu!I know I enjoyed doing it!

Looking for other DIY ideas? Check out these:

How to make a no sew ballet tutu

Finished romantic ballroom skirt

There are quite a few ballet tutu tutorials out there (say 6 times, fast) but many teach you how NOT to sew a tutu. So let’s move on to sewing!


To make sure you have enough tulle, measure your waist and multiply this number by 3 to account for ruffles. Usually a standard width tulle (about 2.5 or 3 m) that you buy in stores is enough. Then measure your desired length and times this by 8 for the number of layers we’re going to be making.

So, for a waist circumference of 82cm x 3 = 246cm (enough to fit the standard width of the fabric) and a skirt length of 85cm x 8 = 6.8m of tulle

How to make a no sew ballet tutu

Cut 8 pieces of tulle measuring 246cm x 85cm, with a little seam allowance. About 2 cm per side is sufficient. With the right side inwards, join the edges of the tulle together and pin it in place.

How to make a no sew ballet tutu

Sew the sides together, leaving 30 cm from the top edge. This will allow you to step in and out of the tutu, once the waistband is in place.

How to make a no sew ballet tutu

Once you’ve sewn all 8 pieces, nest them neatly inside each other, lining up the seams and making sure the top edges sit on top of each other. This is a really tricky beast as tulle can tend to slide quite a bit, and pins don’t stay in the fabric easily. Use safety pins to make the process a little smoother.

How to make a no sew ballet tutu

When all the pieces are securely fastened, secure the longest seam along the top of the skirt, about 1cm from the top edge. Do not quilt or tie the ends. Repeat making another basting stitch 1.5 cm below the first. Use good quality cotton.

How to make a no sew ballet tutu

Using the loose ends of the two basting stitches, gently pull to create a flounce in the skirt. Do it very gently and patiently, because you don’t want to break the threads and you have to tear! Continue lifting the skirt until you reach the desired waist length.

How to make a no sew ballet tutu

Now for the strip! Cut a strip of fabric according to the diagram. Remember to leave some seam allowance. This waistband will be sewn onto the right side of the garment, and folded over to the inside to be finished by hand. My size has a 5cm waist (10cm folded in half), so here you can adjust to your desired belt depth.

Turn the tutu to the right. Pin the tutu and the strap together, the right side inwards. Leave approximately 3 cm (plus seam allowance) on one side and 7 cm (plus seam allowance on the other side) at the waist. This will be for overlap when you close the garment. Make sure that when you sew the tutu and waistband together, you run your stitch just below the lowest basting stitch — you don’t want this to show on the finished garment!

How to make a no sew ballet tutu

To finish the fold, fold the right sides together and sew. Turn clockwise and fold the strip in half, on the tutu, in the center of the garment. Sew by hand, stepping back on the raw edge as you walk. Sew on the snaps and here is a beautifully crafted tutu!

This pretty DIY skirt looks adorable as a flower girl dress, a Halloween costume, for ballerinas-in-training or just for the fun of it. Creating this classic tulle tutu requires almost no sewing, making it a great project for budding crafters.

How to make a no sew ballet tutu

Birthday theme for a girl

Connected with:

Required materials

  • basic supplies for sewing
  • sewing machine (optional)
  • (3-8) 6-inch rolls of tulle (3-4 rolls will give a short tutu and 7-8 rolls will give an ankle-length skirt)
  • Gumka 1/2" (długość zależy od rozmiaru)
  • satin ribbon for finishing (optional)

Create an elastic waistband

Cut the flexible to your child’s measurement. Fold the elastic so that the ends touch and overlap. Snap into place. Use a needle and thread or a sewing machine to attach the snap ring. To determine the length of the flexible, measure your child’s waist. Subtract 4 inches then cut to that size. (For example, my baby’s waist is 21 inches, minus 4 equals a 17-inch piece of elastic.)

Advice for professionals: For an optimal fit, always measure your baby. But just in case you do not have that option, here is a list of the average waist size for a child’s age:

Fioletowa Księżniczka Fairy Tutuis a simple seamless tutu with wand, crown and boa!

Fairy TutuCorset is a flexible velvet sewn in a tubular style. If you don’t have a sewing machine, you can still make this bra with a simple needle and thread in 15 minutes!

Fairy TutuCrownit is made of foam from a craft store and decorated with jewelry.

Fairy wandit is made of reinforcement bar, ribbon, tulle and tutu net without sewing.

FairyNie szyć TutuIt is made of mesh and tulle and attached to an elastic.

Fairy Tutu New Sew /Nie szyć Tutu

The amount of fabric needed depends on whether:

  • Tulle, mesh or a combination of tulle and mesh will be used
  • The length of the tutu will change the amount of fabric
  • The fullness of the tutu will affect the amount of fabric

– Lee Ann Torrans Fairy Tutu

  • Here becauseFairy TutuLavandar and Purple Net purchased for 1 1/2 yards each
  • Lavendar and Purple Tulle were purchased for every 1 yard
  • Pink tulle is not used. (We changed our mind … we loved the real purple look)
  • 2 meters of 1/4-inch lavender tape was used
  • 30 inch 1/4 inch black rubber band
  • 36 inch band ribbon

Fairy Tutu

The net and tulle are 54 inches wide

  • The easiest way is to cut the tulle and the 54 inch wide mesh.
  • The length of the strip will be twice the length of the tutu.
  • 54/4 = 13.5
  • A 13 inch length will be the simplest and works for most tutus

Individual tulle strips are wrapped in a net around the gum with a lark knot (which is a macrame knot)

– Lee Ann Torrans Fairy TutuWiązane Tutu

  • 27 inches long and five inches wide
  • Tulle and mesh interspersed with various shades of lavender and purple
  • Total number of tied lengths: 40

Fairy TutuHow long to make a gum?

  • Long enough not to tie a square and leave a little more to attach the headband if you want a headband.
  • Wrap a rubber band around the fairy’s waist.
  • A 1/4 inch rubber was used.

Fairy TutuUkończona Tutu z Szarfą

Wykończona Tutu z Shihtzu i Wstążkami zawiązanymi w kwadratowy węzeł wokół gumki.

This was totally his idea!

Fairy TutuBuoy!$ 5.00 from a craft store.

Wprowadzenie: Jak zrobić Tutu bez szycia

How to make a tutu without sewing

12 meters of tulle
wooden board with o-ring (optional)

Step 1:

To build a no-sew tutu you need to start by cutting the tulle fabric into strips twice as long as you want your tutu to be. Width is less important, but about 10 inches is fine. Also, keep in mind that you will need about 12 meters of fabric to make a suitably fluffy adult tutu.

Step 2:

Cut a piece of tapeto the size of your waist plus plenty extra on each side to tie it closed. I recommend affixing to a long wooden board with o-rings so that the tapestays taut. You can tie the knots in a loop to make it easier to untie when you’re done

Step 3:

Il passo successivo è piegare due o tre strisce di tulle pretagliato e piegare il ciuffo a metà appoggiando il dito indice sul tape. It is important to wrap all the pieces in the same direction so that the knots point in the same direction in the row.

Step 4:

Using two fingers, fold the loop of the fabric over the back of the tapeand pull the two pieces through from the front. This is the basic of this technique and every person will find their own best way to do it depending on hand dominance and preference. Just remember to do the same for everyone.

Step 5:

Tighten the knot (this is where a well-secured surface comes in handy), then move the piece so that it touches it in front so that all the knots are facing up. In addition to the benefits of not sewing, this method allows you to use as many colors as you want and also allows you to get any fluffy tutu! The more you squeeze the rings together, the softer it will be. Wesołego Wtorku Tutu!

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December 17, 2011, Anna Ranson

How to make a no sew ballet tutu

  • flexible
  • tulle / mesh in the selected color;

How to make a no sew ballet tutu

I originally bought this pink netting on a roll for C’s fairy party to decorate the garden with. The rolls were 25 yards each. I was thinking about finally using it again to make a tutu and the width and length turned out to be just right which was a blessing! I bought this on eBay and was very sane.

How to make a no sew ballet tutu

First of all, measure around the wasit using the flexible, making sure it’s quite snug as otherwise the tutu will fall down when dancing! Tie it in a circle.

How to make a no sew ballet tutu

Then cut the tulle into a stack of approximately equal lengths. Mine were about the length of my forearm, but that’s hardly exact! You can be more specific if you want. I wanted it quickly and easily

How to make a no sew ballet tutu

Take a piece and fold it in half. Lay it over the top of the flexible. Tuck the two ends behind the flexible and through the little gap in the middle, pulling it snugly to form a simple knot.

How to make a no sew ballet tutu

Don’t make it too tight as it will be difficult to move the straps later if you need to adjust them.
How to make a no sew ballet tutu
Keep adding pieces like this, tying them together as closely as possible for a truly complete look.

How to make a no sew ballet tutu

At this stage, you can be as imaginative or simple as you like. I only used a shade of pink for a tutu. For the second I mainly used pale pink, but I also added some darker ones. You can also add ribbons using the same method to attach them.

How to make a no sew ballet tutu

Continue tying the pieces on until the flexible is completely covered. This will cover the knot too.

How to make a no sew ballet tutu

That’s it!! Find volunteers willing to test them and have fun!

How to make a no sew ballet tutu

C. la chiama "gonna vorticosa" e penso che sia una descrizione perfetta!

How to make a no sew ballet tutu

It’s not all perfect in terms of matching lengths, but I secretly admit to quite liking that effect! Not very flawless, but still plenty of frothy girlish goodness to dress up, pretend to be faithful, and dance!

How to make a no sew ballet tutu

And for being so damn nice to your sister!