How to make a harry potter scarf

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How to make a harry potter scarf

It feels like Harry Potter week here on the blog! If you’ve been following along, you know I’ve been sharing lots of fun ideas from my son’s recent Harry Potter Birthday Party! Today I’m sharing a fun and easy no sew project! I love crafting party favors for our guests, so when our friends over at Kunin Group generously sent me enough felt to create Hogwarts House Scarves for all our Hogwarts students, I was ecstatic!

Although I often work with paper, my first love is fabric. I grew up watching my grandmother sew, which ignited my passion for sewing. But since I was in a time crunch, I decided to create quick and easy no sew scarves using my Sizzix Big Shot. They were perfect for party favors and the kids loved them. I’m excited to share how you can make them too!

Let’s get started!

Easy No Sew Harry Potter House Scarves

Check out my quick video tutorial!

  • Sizzix Big Shot
  • 25″ Extended Cutting Pads
  • 1/2″ Strip 25″ Die
  • Kunin Eco-FiPlus Felt in House colors – Gryffindor (Red & Yellow), Slytherin (Green & Grey), Hufflepuff (Yellow & Black) and Ravenclaw (Blue & Grey)
  • Scissors
  • Hot Glue Gun

Two 36″ x 36″ pieces of felt will yield 3 complete scarves.

Step 1:

Gather your supplies and cut two 6″ x 36″ strips of felt.

Step 2:

Connect the ends of the two strips to make one long scarf by gluing the ends together with hot glue.

Step 3:

Cut one 6″ x 36″ strip of felt in the second House color.

Step 4:

Fold the strip in half and create a Sizzix Sandwich. The Sandwich for this die is – Cutting Pad, Die, Fabric and second Cutting Pad. Pass the sandwich through the Big Shot. You will now have several strips of felt for the stripes of the scarf.

Step 5:

Trim 14 strips of felt to fit around the scarf. The length should be about 13 inches.

Step 6:

To add fringe to the end of the scarf; fold the scarf in half and make a Sizzix Sandwich with the ends of the scarf facing towards the Big Shot. Turn the handle of the Big Shot until 4-5 inches of the scarf are cut, then turn the handle the opposite way.

Step 7:

Attach the strips of felt to the front of scarf with Hot Glue. Flip the scarf over and glue the ends to the back of the scarf.

How to make a harry potter scarf

And that’s it! Super Easy No Sew Harry Potter House Scarves for your Hogwarts students!

How to make a harry potter scarf

Add to the party fun by having the Sorting Hat select the House for each student!

How to make a harry potter scarf

Looking for more ideas? Check out all the fun details from our Harry Potter Birthday Party!

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How to make a harry potter scarf

Note: The scarves made for our party were for my personal use only. They are not licensed products and are not for sale.

By Laurel Regnier (Road Trip Mom)

How to make a harry potter scarf

Step by step instructions for how to Costume your whole family with a Hogwarts fleece scarf!

Free instructions and Pattern to make a Harry Potter fleece scarf that you can wear to Hogwarts!

The movies may be completed, but costume parties never end. Or if you are planning a visit to the Wizarding World of Harry Potter at Universal Studios, you might need to get your Hogwarts school spirit on! For each scarf, you will need 1 foot of 60″ fleece fabric in each of two colors. This will actually make more than one scarf depending on how long you want them. We chose Griffendor (dark red and yellow), and Slytherin (emerald green and silver).

How to make a harry potter scarf

Here’s What You Need:

You’ll need a sewing machine, scissors and thread in either of the colors of your scarf. Fleece is very easy to sew into fun projects because it hides mistakes easily and doesn’t need the edges finished!

We started with three feet of each color of fabric which eventually became 5 scarves (could be 6 if you don’t want them very long).

Here’s How to do Sew It:

How to make a harry potter scarf

First, cut your fabric into 4 inch strips (see photo). Cut the alternate color into 4 inch strips.

Next, pair up alternate colors of fabric and sew a long strip. Then do that again until you have at least 6 rows of fabric sewn together. Be sure to place the “pretty” sides together before sewing each seam. Then cut them perpendicularly into 1 foot long striped sections.

Sew the big sections together until you have it long enough for a scarf. A scarf is typically 5 feet long. You can adjust the length as you need it or until you use all of your strips.

How to make a harry potter scarf

Then, fold the long scarf in half lengthwise so that the “pretty” side is on the inside. Sew all the way down the length of the scarf — except for the two end colors. Now, take a scissor and cut each end stripe into thin strips for fringe (about half an inch wide).Finally turn the scarf right-side out and trim off any threads.

How to make a harry potter scarf

You may want to press it with an iron to make it flat. Now, pair that with a long black wrap dress from a thrift store that you can cut up the front to make a perfect robe! You are ready for wizard school!

How to make a harry potter scarfOur family and friends at the Movies on opening night. Good times! How to make a harry potter scarf

Next, Make sure you have an authentic Wizard/Witch’s wand! Read my article on how to Make your Own Magic Wand!

Harry Potter Costumes And Resources For All Things Harry Potter

How to Make A Harry Potter Scarf

A scarf is easy enough to make as long as you have the endurance to do so. This is especially true when you’re making a Harry Potter scarf. You have to style it according to the movies if you really do want to present an authentic appearance on Halloween night (or some other costume party). So if you want to know how to make this sort of scarf, read on.

What You’ll Need

First of all, you’re going to need two house colored yarns. Any plain old yarn will do as long as it doesn’t easily break apart. Second, you’re going to need some duct tape, at least 6 or 8 straws, and then scissors. After that, you need to set aside some time in order to make the scarf as well as the endurance to tolerate how wearisome this task can get especially if you’re not particularly partial to making clothes or knitting. Although technically this doesn’t really require any knitting skills of any sort, you’ll still need to endure it much like knitters do.

So now it’s time to make the Harry Potter scarf. Follow this basic procedure listed below.

1. Make sure your 8 straws (or six) are cut the same length. If they have those bending parts, cut them off with your scissors so it’ll be easier for you.

2. Wrap a piece of yarn around your waist in order to measure the scarf (or about how long you prefer the scarf to be). When you’ve done this, add four more inches to it and cut there. Do this with eight more pieces of yarn. You can save time by lining up eight pieces and cutting them according to the length of the first piece of yarn. Of course, you can add more pieces depending on how thick you want your scarf to be.

3. Now, take all the 8 pieces of yarn and string it right through the straws. When you’ve done stringing them through, apply some duct tape to the ends of the string to act as a stopper.

4. It’s now time to start weaving your Harry Potter scarf. It helps if you have a basic knowledge of weaving. But if you don’t, just remember this: Under Over, Under Over, and then Back. To be precise, weave one piece of uncut yarn under one straw, then over the next one, then under, then over, until you reach the end straw. Tie the uncut yarn to this last straw.

5. When you’ve reached about five inches of the uncut yarn and it’s starting to look more like a scarf, cut it off. Take out another piece of yarn with a different color and do the same as in step number 4 until you reach 5 inches thickness. Keep repeating and alternating yarns until you’ve had around 5 overlapping colors. After that, you’re done.

So that’s how to basically make your very own Harry Potter scarf. As a conclusion, try to match which particular House you’re going for. The House of Gryffindor basically has 2 colors; maroon and gold, while Slytherin has green and light grey (more green, though). As long as you know which color goes with which house, you’re going to have fun making scarves.

Holidays » Father’s Day » Harry Potter Scarf Knitting Pattern in Hogwarts House Colors

How to make a harry potter scarf

You are going to love my free Harry Potter Scarf knitting pattern customizable in Hogwarts House colors.

This Gryffindor scarf pattern is a great year-round and winter scarf. It is thick, long, and instantly recognizable with its wide colorful stripes.

Knitting in the round, this scarf has a double thickness in the smooth Stockinette stitch. You can easily make it into any other colors that you may have been sorted into at Hogwarts.

How to make a harry potter scarf


For our materials, we’re using worsted weighted yarn, mine is wool. You’ll want to use a size 8 US circular knitting needle with a length of 16 inches, along with scissors and a tapestry needle. An optional tool is a crochet hook for our fringe. For a special little embellishment, add a Hogwarts crest. You can also select to add a Hufflepuff, Ravenclaw, Gryffindor, or Slytherin patch to your Harry Potter scarf.

KNITTING TECHNIQUES for the Harry Potter Scarf

Need to brush up or learn a new technique? Check out my entire library of Knitting Techniques to help you along as you knit up this project. If you’re new to knitting, you’ll love my Absolute Beginners Knitting Series!


These standard scarf lengths are merely recommendations. Knit it up whatever size you’d like.

  • Men’s Scarves typically measure between 60 – 70 inches (152 – 178 centimeters)
  • Women’s Scarves measure between 54 – 60 inches (137 – 152 centimeters)
  • Children’s Scarves measure 36 inches (91 centimeters)

How to make a harry potter scarf


Each house is named after the four founders of Hogwarts. Knit up your Harry Potter scarf according to the House you’ve been sorted into! You’ll see that my sample was knitted for my Gryffindor friend.

  • Named for Godric Gryffindor, the Gryffindor House colors are Scarlet and Gold with the Lion as its mascot. Gryffindor values courage, bravery, nerve, and chivalry.
  • Named for Rowena Ravenclaw, the Ravenclaw House colors are Blue and Bronze with the Eagle as its mascot. Ravenclaw values intelligence, creativity, learning, and wit.
  • Named for Salazar Slytherin, the Slytherin House colors are Green and Silver with the Serpent as its mascot. Slytherin values ambition, cunning, leadership, and resourcefulness.
  • Named for Helga Hufflepuff, the Hufflepuff House colors are Yellow and Black with the Badger as its mascot. Hufflepuff values hard work, patience, justice, and loyalty.

Harry Potter Scarf


SCARF SIZE: My Scarf measures 6″ wide by 54″ long (62″ long including fringe)


Step One: Cast On Stitches

How to make a harry potter scarf

Let’s begin by making our beloved slip knot. We’re going to begin casting on the long tail method onto our circular needle. If you’d like a little help on your circular needle, I have a great tutorial on Knitting in the Round.

  • Cast On 51 Stitches of your Color A Yarn (mine is red) onto your 8 US 16″ circular needle.
  • Make sure not to twist your stitches before knitting in the round.

I am casting on 51 stitches because we’re going to slip from the right needle to the left one stitch. This is going to help join our stitches in the round. Add a little stitch marker.

  • Slip one stitch from the left to right needle;
    Place your stitch marker;
    Knit 2 Together (This is my little way to help join our stitches best. See “How to Knit on Circular Needles in 5 Easy Steps” for more)

Step Two: Begin Knitting the Stockinette Stitch in the Round


Step Three: Bind Off and Weave In Yarn Ends


Step Four: Add Fringe


Step Five: Attach a Patch

How to make a harry potter scarf

For an added embellishment, place a 4 Houses of Hogwarts Crest Patch to one end of your scarf! This is an iron-on transfer. Ironing it onto the yarn doesn’t adhere as well as it would to a t-shirt and the edges tend to curl up, so I’m just going to tack the crest patch down a little bit more securely with a needle and thread. There are more Hogwarts House patches to chose among in my Amazon Shop, too!


Step Six: Block Your Scarf (optional)

You may wish to lightly steam your scarf with a warm iron to relax or wet block your scarf… don’t forget the fringe! This will make it extra cozy and perfect.


I hope you are inspired to knit up this Harry Potter Scarf. I have so many fun Halloween Knits to try out next! If you’d like even more, please make sure you join my mailing list. Subscribing to my YouTube channel Studio Knit is another easy way for us to stay connected and help support my work for free.

Deborah is a craft enthusiast. She particularly enjoys creating crafts with a special theme.

How to make a harry potter scarf

Sometimes the House colors are changed. For crafts, bright red is commonly used for Gryffindor. Silver is used for the highlight color for Ravenclaw, since the films used silver instead of bronze. Grey can be used in crafts for Ravenclaw.

Welcome to the World of Harry Potter

It’s a fun time to be a Harry Potter fan. Here are three simple DIYs that require few materials and allow you to dabble in the magical world of witches and wizards!

Students are placed in houses within Hogwarts, the magical school from the Harry Potter series, which possess colors that signify each house. Hogwarts bears four houses: Gryffindor, Slytherin, Ravenclaw, and Hufflepuff. The colors are immediately spotted on students by the scarfs they wear and symbolize the house they belong to.

Here are the colors for each house:

  • Gryffindor: Scarlet and Gold
  • Slytherin: Green and Silver
  • Ravenclaw: Blue and Bronze
  • Hufflepuff: Yellow and Black

How to make a harry potter scarf

1. Hogwarts House Scarf

If you are a Harry Potter fan, the Hogwarts house scarf is one of the most significant items to own. This scarf can be kept as a souvenir or used as a costume accessory. Most DIY projects I found required knitting, but here is a simple method using felt sheets.

How to make a harry potter scarf

The houses at Hogwarts have a couple of different patterns of scarves, one with alternating chunks of color, and another with small bars of accent color. It’s a good thing they’re both easy to make.

ch = chain sc = single crochet

We suggest using Super Value Ranch Red and Gold. Mostly because they cost just a few bucks.

Scarf #1

The younger witches and wizards wear scarves with large chunks of color.

  1. Start with red. ch 40 for a nice, thick scarf.
  2. sc 12 rows of red
  3. Change color to gold yarn
  4. sc 12 rows of gold
  5. Change color back to red yarn
  6. Repeat 2-5 until you’ve made your scarf as long as you like it. End the scarf with a 12-row sc of red so that the ends look the same.

Scarf #2

The Gryffindor scarf for older kids has a pattern of two small gold lines on a field of red.

Start with the red yarn.

  1. ch 40 for a nice, thick scarf.
  2. sc 12 rows of red
  3. Change color to gold yarn and sc 2 rows
  4. sc two rows of red
  5. sc two rows of gold again
  6. Repeat 2-5 until you’ve made your scarf as long as you like it. End the scarf with a 12-row sc of red so that the ends look the same.

Use a single crochet stitch so that the scarf has fewer gaps in it. You can also knit and felt a house scarf.

Introduction: Sew a Gryffindor Scarf!

How to make a harry potter scarf

How to make a harry potter scarf

How to make a harry potter scarf

For all of you that can’t knit or crochet and really want a Hogwarts scarf of you own! This is a really simple sewing project – you can have a handmade scarf in a couple hours. 🙂

I made two different styles – so you can choose which you like. It’s also amazingly easy to switch out the colors to support your favorite Hogwarts house. 😀

Step 1: What You’ll Need:

  • red fleece (or a darker maroon) – 1/2 yard
  • gold fleece – 1/2 yard
  • thread to match both of the colors
  • needle + thread and/or sewing machine
  • rotary cutting mat & cutter OR scissors
  • ruler

If you have a sewing machine this will go amazingly quick. You can easily finish each scarf in a couple hours.

Also, you can make both scarves with 1/2 yard of fleece and have a tiny bit left over. 🙂

Step 2: The Two Scarf Types.

I’ll walk you through how to make each scarf – but you can use this step to decide which one to make.

The scarf on the left is flat and very light – the pieces are zigzagged together. It’s much longer and has a nice drape. 🙂

The scarf on the right is much bulkier – sewn together wrong side out and then turned so you see no raw edges. It’s shorter and much warmer – perfect for winter!

Step 3: Cut Out Your Pieces!

Each scarf is made of the same size pieces of fleece.

For the flat scarf, you will need:

  • 6 pieces 6×8 inches of gold fleece
  • 6 pieces 6×8 inches of red fleece

For the doubled over scarf, you will need:

  • 12 pieces 6×8 inches of gold fleece
  • 12 pieces 6×8 inches of red fleece

It is easier to cut these out with a rotary cutter, but if you don’t have one, I suggest making a cardstock or cardboard template that you can trace around and then cut out with scissors. It goes so much easier that way. 🙂

Also, keep in mind that fleece has a right side and a wrong side – the right side will be more fuzzy, the wrong side will be smoother. If you check out the last photo, you should be able to see it. I’ll be referring to the right and wrong side throughout this tutorial!

Step 4: Making the Flat Scarf, Part One.

The first step to this whole process is threading your machine. You’ll be using two thread colors – yellow in your bobbin and red from the spool.

So fill a bobbin and thread your machine! 🙂

When sewing, you’ll always have the yellow piece of fleece on the bottom and the red piece on top, so your colors will match.

Step 5: Making the Flat Scarf, Part Two.

Set your machine to a zigzag stitch and get six pieces of each color ready.

Overlap your two pieces about 1/4 inch, making sure that the yellow is on the bottom and the fabric is lined up properly. You’ll be sewing the short ends together and the pieces will be right side up. Don’t worry about pinning – the fleece will stick together. Then slide the fabric under the presser foot and sew sew sew.

Keep lifting the top fabric to make sure everything is staying lined up as you go, and hold the pieces together with your finger at the very end. Sew from edge to edge and then cut the ends. The finished product will look like the last photo.

Keep sewing your pieces together, keeping the long part of the scarf to the left of the machine, so you only have one little piece to fold over and sit in the machine.

FLEECE TIP: If your machine wants to eat the fabric, try starting slightly in from the edge. If you try to start sewing right at the edge of the fleece, it’ll sometimes get sucked into the feed dogs.

Step 6: Making the Flat Scarf, Part Three!

You’ll now trim off any uneven edges or overlap that occurs.

To make the edges of the scarf even, the easiest thing to do is lay a ruler over it and use a rotary cutter to even the edges. Normally your red fabric will be stretched a bit since it was on top. 🙂

To trim the overlap, simply angle a pair of scissors next to the stitching and cut carefully.

The last photo shows a nicely trimmed and finished scarf.

Step 7: Flat Scarf Finished!

Above are photos of the finished scarf!

Step 8: Making the Doubled Scarf, Part One.

You will need 12 pieces of each color, and you can use either color thread in your bobbin and spool. It won’t be seen, so you don’t have to worry about matching the colors like in the flat scarf.

You’ll be sewing the pieces right sides together at the long ends using a straight stitch. make the seam allowance as tiny as possible – 1/8 to 1/4 inches. (See picture 3.)

You’ll need to sew two separate lengths of scarf – each 12 pieces long – six reds and six golds.

Keep adding pieces, sewing them right sides together, until you’ve used six of each color, and then repeat.

And don’t worry about pinning. 🙂

Step 9: Making the Doubled Scarf, Part Two.

Now you’ll have two halves of the scarf, each 12 pieces long. If you notice any crazy uneven edges, trim those to make them even.

Place these two halves together, right sides facing and pin sparsely around three edges. You’ll want to leave one of the short edges open so that you can turn the scarf to the right side.

Sew all around the three edges that you pinned, using a half inch seam allowance.

Step 10: Making the Doubled Scarf, Part Three.

So now you’ll have a scarf that’s sewn together on three sides. Take your scissors and trim close to the stitching (as close as you feel comfortable with – I normally leave 1/8 inch.) on these sides. Snip off the corners as well. 🙂

Now you’ll turn it right side out. The fourth picture show the easiest way to do it. I like to put it over my arm, pulling and turning until it’s done. Once it’s right side out, make sure to slip it back up your arm to push the corners out fully.

Now we just need to sew the end closed!

Step 11: Making the Doubled Scarf, Part Four.

Grab a length of thread to match the end you’re sewing closed and thread a needle with it. I like to double the thread here.

Fold in the ends of the fabric so you can’t see any raw edges, and slipstitch the opening closed, knotting well at the end.

Not sure how to slipstitch? Check out my tutorial!

And now you’re done! 😀

Step 12: Doubled Scarf Finished!

Above are photos of the finished scarf! 😀

Hope you enjoyed the tutorial!

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