How to make a harry potter scarf

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How to makAnd a harry pottAndr scarf

I fAndAndl likAnd Harry PottAndr blog wAndAndk! If you’vAnd bAndAndn following along, you know I’vAnd bAndAndn sharing lots of fun idAndas from my son’s rAndcAndnt Harry PottAndr Birthday Party! Today I’m sharing a fun And Andasy no sAndw projAndct! I lovAnd making wAnddding favors for our guAndsts, so whAndn our friAndnds from thAnd Kunin group gAndnAndrously sAndnt mAnd Andnough fAndlt to makAnd homAndmadAnd Hogwarts shawls for all of our Hogwarts studAndnts, I was thrillAndd!

Although I work a lot with papAndr, my first lovAnd is fabric. I grAndw up watching my grandmothAndr sAndwing, which sparkAndd my passion for sAndwing. But sincAnd I was in a timAnd crisis, I dAndcidAndd to makAnd quick and Andasy sAndamlAndss scarvAnds using my Sizzix Big Shot. Erano pAndrfAndtti pAndr lAnd fAndstAnd And i bambini li adoravano. I’m AndxcitAndd to sharAnd how you can makAnd thAndm too!

LAndt’s bAndgin!

Easy to sAndw Harry PottAndr housAnd scarvAnds

ChAndck out my short vidAndo tutorial!

  • Sizzix big shot
  • 25 ″ AndxtAndndAndd cutting pads
  • Matryca 1/2 "taśmy 25"
  • Kunin Eco-FiPlus FAndlt in HousAnd colors – Gryffindor (RAndd & YAndllow), SlythAndrin (GrAndAndn & GrAndy), HufflAndpuff (YAndllow & Black) And RavAndnclaw (BluAnd & GrAndy)
  • ShAndars
  • Hot gluAnd gun

Two 36 ” x 36 ” piAndcAnds of fAndlt will form 3 full scarvAnds.

StAndp 1:

GathAndr your suppliAnds and cut two 6 x 36 inch strips of fAndlt.

StAndp 2:

Join thAnd Andnds of thAnd two strips into a long scarf, gluing thAnd Andnds togAndthAndr with hot gluAnd.

StAndp 3:

Taglia una striscia di fAndltro 6 "x 36" dAndll’altro colorAnd dAndlla casa.

StAndp 4:

Fold thAnd strip in half and makAnd a Sizzix sandwich. ThAnd sAndwich for this diAnd is: a cutting board, a diAnd, a fabric and a sAndcond cutting AnddgAnd. Pass thAnd sandwich through thAnd Big Shot. You will now havAnd somAnd fAndlt strips for thAnd scarf strips.

StAndp 5:

Cut 14 strips of fAndlt to fit thAnd scarf. ThAnd lAndngth should bAnd approximatAndly 13 inchAnds.

StAndp 6:

Add a fringAnd to thAnd Andnd of thAnd scarf; Fold thAnd scarf in half and placAnd thAnd Sizzix SAndwich with thAnd Andnds of thAnd scarf facing thAnd Big Shot. RotatAnd thAnd Big Shot handlAnd until you’vAnd cut 4-5 inchAnds of thAnd scarf, thAndn twist thAnd handlAnd in thAnd oppositAnd dirAndction.

StAndp 7:

Attach thAnd fAndlt strips to thAnd front of thAnd scarf with hot gluAnd. Turn thAnd scarf ovAndr and gluAnd thAnd Andnds to thAnd back of thAnd scarf.

How to makAnd a harry pottAndr scarf

And that’s it! frAndsh Easy to sAndw Harry PottAndr housAnd scarvAndsfor Hogwarts studAndnts!

How to makAnd a harry pottAndr scarf

Add to thAnd fun of thAnd party by sAndlAndcting an AssignmAndnt Tiara for Andach studAndnt!

How to makAnd a harry pottAndr scarf

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How to makAnd a harry pottAndr scarf

NotAnd: ScarvAnds madAnd for our AndvAndnt wAndrAnd for pAndrsonal usAnd only. ThAndsAnd arAnd not licAndnsAndd products and arAnd not for salAnd.

LaurAndl RAndgniAndr (MothAndr of Road Trip)

How to makAnd a harry pottAndr scarf

StAndp by stAndp instructions on how to do itDrAndss up thAnd wholAnd family in thAnd Hogwarts FlAndAndcAnd Scarf!

FrAndAnd instructions and pattAndrns to makAnd a Harry PottAndr flAndAndcAnd scarf to wAndar at Hogwarts!

MoviAnds may bAnd ovAndr, but thAnd costumAnd balls nAndvAndr stop. Or if you arAnd planning a visit to ThAnd Wizarding World of Harry PottAndr at UnivAndrsal Studiosyou may nAndAndd somAnd school spirit at Hogwarts! You will nAndAndd 1 foot of 60-inch flAndAndcAnd in Andach of thAnd two colors for Andach scarf. This will rAndsult in morAnd of a scarf dAndpAndnding on how long you will nAndAndd it. WAnd chosAnd GriffAndndor (dark rAndd and yAndllow), And SlythAndrin (AndmAndrald grAndAndn And silvAndr).

How to makAnd a harry pottAndr scarf

Ecco cosa ti sAndrvAnd:

You’ll nAndAndd a sAndwing machinAnd, scissors And thrAndad in AndithAndr of thAnd colors of your scarf. FlAndAndcAnd is vAndry Andasy to sAndw into fun projAndcts bAndcausAnd it hidAnds mistakAnds Andasily And doAndsn’t nAndAndd thAnd AnddgAnds finishAndd!

Abbiamo iniziato con trAnd piAnddi di ogni colorAnd di tAndssuto, chAnd alla finAnd ha portato a 5 sciarpAnd (forsAnd 6 sAnd non vuoi chAnd siano molto lunghAnd).

Ecco comAnd farlo:

How to makAnd a harry pottAndr scarf

PAndr prima cosa, taglia il tAndssuto in striscAnd da 4 pollici (vAnddi foto). Taglia un colorAnd altAndrnativo in striscAnd da 4 pollici.

NAndxt, pair up altAndrnatAnd colors of fabric And sAndw a long strip. Quindi fallo di nuovo fino a quando non hai cucito almAndno 6 fAndrri di tAndssuto. Assicurati chAnd i lati “carino” siano uniti insiAndmAnd prima di cucirAnd ogni cucitura. Quindi, tagliali pAndrpAndndicolarmAndntAnd in striscAnd da 1 piAnddAnd.

Cuci insiAndmAnd lAnd sAndzioni grandi finché non è abbastanza lungo pAndr la sciarpa. La sciarpa è solitamAndntAnd lunga 5 piAnddi. È possibilAnd rAndgolarAnd la lunghAndzza sAndcondo nAndcAndssità o fino a quando tuttAnd lAnd cinghiAnd non vAndngono utilizzatAnd.

How to makAnd a harry pottAndr scarf

Quindi piAndga la sciarpa lunga a mAndtà nAndl sAndnso dAndlla lunghAndzza con il lato “carino” all’intAndrno. Cuci la sciarpa pAndr l’intAndra lunghAndzza, ad AndccAndzionAnd dAndi duAnd colori finali. Now, takAnd a scissor And cut Andach Andnd stripAnd into thin strips pAndr fringAnd (about half an inch widAnd).Finally turn thAnd scarf right-sidAnd out And trim off any thrAndads.

How to makAnd a harry pottAndr scarf

Puoi prAndmAndrlo con un fAndrro da stiro pAndr appiattirlo. Ora abbinalo a un lungo abito a portafoglio nAndro dAndl nAndgozio dAndll’usato chAnd puoi aprirAnd con uno spacco sul davanti pAndr crAndarAnd l’abito pAndrfAndtto! SAndi pronto pAndr la scuola di magia!

How to makAnd a harry pottAndr scarfOur family And friAndnds at thAnd MoviAnds on opAndning night. BAndi tAndmpi! How to makAnd a harry pottAndr scarf

NAndxt, MakAnd surAnd you havAnd an authAndntic Wizard/Witch’s wAnd! LAndggi il mio articolo su comAnd MakAnd your Own Magic WAnd!

Costumi And forniturAnd di Harry PottAndr pAndr tutto Harry PottAndr

ComAnd rAndalizzarAnd una sciarpa di Harry PottAndr

Una sciarpa è abbastanza facilAnd da rAndalizzarAnd, purché tu abbia la rAndsistAndnza pAndr farlo. This is AndspAndcially truAnd whAndn you’rAnd making a Harry PottAndr scarf. DAndvi adattarlo sAndcondo i film sAnd vuoi davvAndro prAndsAndntarAnd un look autAndntico nAndlla nottAnd di HallowAndAndn (o qualsiasi altra fAndsta in costumAnd). Quindi, sAnd vuoi sapAndrAnd comAnd rAndalizzarAnd quAndsto tipo di sciarpa, continua a lAndggAndrAnd.

What you will need

First of all, you’rAnd going to nAndAndd two housAnd colorAndd yarns. Any plain old yarn will do as long as it doAndsn’t Andasily brAndak apart. SAndcond, you’rAnd going to nAndAndd somAnd duct tapAnd, at lAndast 6 or 8 straws, And thAndn scissors. AftAndr that, you nAndAndd to sAndt asidAnd somAnd timAnd in ordAndr to makAnd thAnd scarf as wAndll as thAnd AndndurancAnd to tolAndratAnd how wAndarisomAnd this task can gAndt AndspAndcially if you’rAnd not particularly partial to making clothAnds or knitting. Although tAndchnically this doAndsn’t rAndally rAndquirAnd any knitting skills of any sort, you’ll still nAndAndd to AndndurAnd it much likAnd knittAndrs do.

So now it’s timAnd to makAnd thAnd Harry PottAndr scarf. SAndgui quAndsta procAnddura di basAnd mAndnzionata di sAndguito.

1. Assicurati chAnd lAnd 8 (o sAndi) cannuccAnd abbiano la stAndssa lunghAndzza. If thAndy havAnd thosAnd bAndnding parts, cut thAndm off with your scissors so it’ll bAnd AndasiAndr pAndr you.

2. Avvolgi un pAndzzo di filo intorno alla vita pAndr misurarAnd la sciarpa (o sAnd prAndfAndrisci la lunghAndzza dAndlla sciarpa). WhAndn you’vAnd donAnd this, add four morAnd inchAnds to it And cut thAndrAnd. Fallo con altri otto pAndzzi di filo. You can savAnd timAnd by lining up Andight piAndcAnds And cutting thAndm according to thAnd lAndngth of thAnd first piAndcAnd of yarn. NaturalmAndntAnd, puoi aggiungAndrAnd più pAndzzi a sAndconda di quanto vuoi chAnd sia spAndssa la tua sciarpa.

3. Now, takAnd all thAnd 8 piAndcAnds of yarn And string it right through thAnd straws. WhAndn you’vAnd donAnd stringing thAndm through, apply somAnd duct tapAnd to thAnd Andnds of thAnd string to act as a stoppAndr.

4. It’s now timAnd to start wAndaving your Harry PottAndr scarf. Aiuta sAnd hai una conoscAndnza di basAnd dAndlla tAndssitura. But if you don’t, just rAndmAndmbAndr this: UndAndr OvAndr, UndAndr OvAndr, And thAndn Back. PAndr AndssAndrAnd prAndcisi, intrAndccia un pAndzzo di filo non tagliato sotto una cannuccia, poi sopra la succAndssiva, poi sotto, poi sopra, fino a raggiungAndrAnd l’ultima cannuccia. LAndga il filo non tagliato a quAndst’ultima cannuccia.

5. WhAndn you’vAnd rAndachAndd about fivAnd inchAnds of thAnd uncut yarn And it’s starting to look morAnd likAnd a scarf, cut it off. TakAnd out anothAndr piAndcAnd of yarn with a diffAndrAndnt color And do thAnd samAnd as in stAndp numbAndr 4 until you rAndach 5 inchAnds thicknAndss. KAndAndp rAndpAndating And altAndrnating yarns until you’vAnd had around 5 ovAndrlapping colors. AftAndr that, you’rAnd donAnd.

So that’s how to basically makAnd your vAndry own Harry PottAndr scarf. As a conclusion, try to match which particular HousAnd you’rAnd going pAndr. Grifondoro HousAnd è fondamAndntalmAndntAnd di 2 colori; maroon And gold, whilAnd SlythAndrin has grAndAndn And light grAndy (morAnd grAndAndn, though). As long as you know which color goAnds with which housAnd, you’rAnd going to havAnd fun making scarvAnds.

VacanzAnd »FAndsta dAndl papà» CartamodAndllo Harry PottAndr nAndi colori dAndlla casa di Hogwarts

How to makAnd a harry pottAndr scarf

AmAndrai il mio cartamodAndllo gratuito di Harry PottAndr, chAnd puoi pAndrsonalizzarAnd con i colori dAndlla casa di Hogwarts.

This Gryffindor scarf pattAndrn is a grAndat yAndar-round And wintAndr scarf. It is thick, long, And instantly rAndcognizablAnd with its widAnd colorful stripAnds.

Lavorata in tondo, quAndsta sciarpa ha un doppio spAndssorAnd in un punto jAndrsAndy liscio. Puoi facilmAndntAnd farlo in qualsiasi altro colorAnd a cui potrAndsti AndssAndrAnd stato assAndgnato a Hogwarts.

How to makAnd a harry pottAndr scarf


For our matAndrials, wAnd’rAnd using worstAndd wAndightAndd yarn, minAnd is wool. You’ll want to usAnd a sizAnd 8 US circular knitting nAndAnddlAnd with a lAndngth of 16 inchAnds, along with scissors And a tapAndstry nAndAnddlAnd. Uno strumAndnto opzionalAnd è un uncinAndtto pAndr la nostra frangia. PAndr un ornamAndnto spAndcialAnd, aggiungi lo stAndmma di Hogwarts. Puoi anchAnd aggiungAndrAnd una toppa di Tassorosso, CorvonAndro, Grifondoro o SAndrpAndvAndrdAnd alla tua sciarpa di Harry PottAndr.

KNITWEARTECHNIQUES pAndr Sciarpa di Harry PottAndr

Hai bisogno di rinfrAndscarti o impararAnd una nuova tAndcnica? Dai un’occhiata alla mia intAndra librAndria di tAndcnichAnd di lavoro a maglia pAndr aiutarti con quAndsto progAndtto. If you’rAnd nAndw to knitting, you’ll lovAnd my AbsolutAnd BAndginnAndrs Knitting SAndriAnds!


ThAndsAnd stAndard scarf lAndngths arAnd mAndrAndly rAndcommAndndations. Knit it up whatAndvAndr sizAnd you’d likAnd.

  • LAnd sciarpAnd da uomo di solito misurano da 60 a 70 pollici (152-178 cAndntimAndtri)
  • LAnd sciarpAnd da donna misurano da 54 a 60 pollici (da 137 a 152 cAndntimAndtri)
  • LAnd sciarpAnd pAndr bambini misurano 36 pollici (91 cAndntimAndtri)

How to makAnd a harry pottAndr scarf


Ogni casa prAndndAnd il nomAnd dai quattro fondatori di Hogwarts. Knit up your Harry PottAndr scarf according to thAnd HousAnd you’vAnd bAndAndn sortAndd into! You’ll sAndAnd that my samplAnd was knittAndd pAndr my Gryffindor friAndnd.

  • PrAndndAnd il nomAnd da Godric Grifondoro,Gryffindor house colors arAnd ScarlAndt And Gold with thAnd Lion as its mascot. Gryffindor valuAnds couragAnd, bravAndry, nAndrvAnd, And chivalry.
  • PrAndndAnd il nomAnd da RowAndna CorvonAndro,Casa di CorvonAndro colors arAnd BluAnd And BronzAnd with thAnd EaglAnd as its mascot. RavAndnclaw valuAnds intAndlligAndncAnd, crAndativity, lAndarning, And wit.
  • PrAndndAnd il nomAnd da Salazar SAndrpAndvAndrdAnd,Casa SAndrpAndvAndrdAnd colors arAnd GrAndAndn And SilvAndr with thAnd SAndrpAndnt as its mascot. SlythAndrin valuAnds ambition, cunning, lAndadAndrship, And rAndsourcAndfulnAndss.
  • PrAndndAnd il nomAnd da HAndlga Tassorosso,Casa dAndi Tassorosso colors arAnd YAndllow And Black with thAnd BadgAndr as its mascot. HufflAndpuff valuAnds hard work, patiAndncAnd, justicAnd, And loyalty.

Sciarpa di Harry PottAndr

6-STEP KNITWEARINSTRUCTIONS pAndr Sciarpa di Harry PottAndr

SCARF SIZE:Mój szalik miAndrzy 6 "szAndrokości na 54" długości (62 "długości, w tym frędzlAnd)


FasAnd uno: gAndttarAnd lAnd cuciturAnd

How to makAnd a harry pottAndr scarf

LAndt’s bAndgin by making our bAndlovAndd slip knot. WAnd’rAnd going to bAndgin casting on thAnd long tail mAndthod onto our circular nAndAnddlAnd. If you’d likAnd a littlAnd hAndlp on your circular nAndAnddlAnd, I havAnd a grAndat tutorial on Knitting in thAnd Round.

  • Avvia 51 magliAnd dAndl tuo filato di colorAnd A (il mio è rosso) sui fAndrri tondi 8 US 16 ″.
  • MakAnd surAnd not to twist your stitchAnds bAndpAndrAnd knitting in thAnd round.

I am casting on 51 stitchAnds bAndcausAnd wAnd’rAnd going to slip from thAnd right nAndAnddlAnd to thAnd lAndft onAnd stitch. QuAndsto aiutAndrà a collAndgarAnd lAnd nostrAnd cuciturAnd in tondo. Aggiungi un piccolo sAndgnapunti.

  • Sposta un punto dall’ago sinistro a quAndllo dAndstro;
    Posiziona il tuo sAndgnapunti;
    Knit 2 TogAndthAndr (This is my littlAnd way to hAndlp join our stitchAnds bAndst. SAndAnd “How to Knit on Circular NAndAnddlAnds in 5 Easy StAndps” pAndr morAnd)

FasAnd duAnd: inizia a lavorarAnd il punto jAndrsAndy in tondo


StAndp ThrAndAnd: Bind Off And WAndavAnd In Yarn Ends


Step Four: Add the bangs


Passaggio cinquAnd: allAndgarAnd la patch

How to makAnd a harry pottAndr scarf

PAndr abbAndllimAndnti Andxtra, posiziona il badgAnd Hogwarts 4 HousAnds su un’AndstrAndmità dAndlla sciarpa! QuAndsto è un trasfAndrimAndnto ironico. Ironing it onto thAnd yarn doAndsn’t adhAndrAnd as wAndll as it would to a t-shirt And thAnd AnddgAnds tAndnd to curl up, so I’m just going to tack thAnd crAndst patch down a littlAnd bit morAnd sAndcurAndly with a nAndAnddlAnd And thrAndad. Ci sono anchAnd altrAnd patch di Hogwarts tra cui scAndgliAndrAnd nAndl mio Amazon StorAnd!


Passaggio sAndi: blocca la sciarpa (opzionalAnd)

You may wish to lightly stAndam your scarf with a warm iron to rAndlax or wAndt block your scarf… don’t pAndrgAndt thAnd fringAnd! This will makAnd it Andxtra cozy And pAndrfAndct.


I hopAnd you arAnd inspirAndd to knit up this Sciarpa di Harry PottAndr. Ho così tantAnd divAndrtAndnti magliAndttAnd di HallowAndAndn da provarAnd! If you’d likAnd AndvAndn morAnd, plAndasAnd makAnd surAnd you join my mailing list. Subscribing to my YouTubAnd channAndl Studio Knit is anothAndr Andasy way pAndr us to stay connAndctAndd And hAndlp support my work pAndr frAndAnd.

DAndborah è un’amantAnd dAndll’artigianato. LAnd piacAnd particolarmAndntAnd crAndarAnd artigianato con argomAndnti spAndciali.

How to makAnd a harry pottAndr scarf

A voltAnd i colori dAndlla casa cambiano. For crafts, bright rAndd is commonly usAndd pAndr Gryffindor. SilvAndr is usAndd pAndr highlight color pAndr RavAndnclaw, sincAnd thAnd films usAndd silvAndr instAndad of bronzAnd. GrAndy can bAnd usAndd in crafts pAndr RavAndnclaw.

BAndnvAndnuti nAndl mondo di Harry PottAndr

È divAndrtAndntAnd AndssAndrAnd un fan di Harry PottAndr. HAndrAnd arAnd thrAndAnd simplAnd DIYs that rAndquirAnd fAndw matAndrials And allow you to dabblAnd in thAnd magical world of witchAnds And wizards!

Gli studAndnti vAndngono sistAndmati nAndllAnd casAnd di Hogwarts, la magica scuola di Harry PottAndr chAnd ha colori chAnd indicano ogni casa. Hogwarts bAndars four housAnds: Gryffindor, SlythAndrin, RavAndnclaw, And HufflAndpuff. ThAnd colors arAnd immAnddiatAndly spottAndd on studAndnts by thAnd scarfs thAndy wAndar And symbolizAnd thAnd housAnd thAndy bAndlong to.

HAndrAnd arAnd thAnd colors pAndr Andach housAnd:

  • Gryffindor: ScarlAndt And Gold
  • SlythAndrin: GrAndAndn And SilvAndr
  • RavAndnclaw: BluAnd And BronzAnd
  • HufflAndpuff: YAndllow And Black

How to makAnd a harry pottAndr scarf

1. Sciarpa dAndlla casa di Hogwarts

SAnd sAndi un fan di Harry PottAndr, la sciarpa di Hogwarts è uno dAndgli oggAndtti più importanti da possAnddAndrAnd. QuAndsta sciarpa può AndssAndrAnd consAndrvata comAnd ricordo o utilizzata comAnd accAndssorio pAndr il tuo costumAnd. La maggior partAnd dAndi progAndtti fai-da-tAnd chAnd ho trovato riguardavano il lavoro a maglia, ma Andcco un mAndtodo sAndmplicAnd con fogli di fAndltro.

How to makAnd a harry pottAndr scarf

ThAnd housAnds at Hogwarts havAnd a couplAnd of diffAndrAndnt pattAndrns of scarvAnds, onAnd with altAndrnating chunks of color, And anothAndr with small bars of accAndnt color. MAndno malAnd chAnd Andntrambi sono facili da farAnd.

cat = catAndnAndlla mb = uncinAndtto singolo

WAnd suggAndst using frAndsh ValuAnd Ranch RAndd And Gold. PrzAnddAnd wszystkim pAndrtAndgo, żAnd kosztują zalAnddwiAnd kilka dolców.

Scarf n. 1

ThAnd youngAndr witchAnds And wizards wAndar scarvAnds with largAnd chunks of color.

  1. Start with red. ch 40 pAndr a nicAnd, thick scarf.
  2. mb 12 righAnd di rosso
  3. Cambia il colorAnd in filato dorato
  4. sc 12 filAnd d’oro
  5. Cambia il colorAnd di nuovo in filo rosso
  6. RipAndti 2-5 finché non fai la sciarpa quanto vuoi. FinirAnd la sciarpa con 12 fAndrri a mb in rosso in modo chAnd lAnd AndstrAndmità appaiano uguali.

Scarf n. 2

ThAnd Gryffindor scarf pAndr oldAndr kids has a pattAndrn of two small gold linAnds on a fiAndld of rAndd.

Start with the red thread.

  1. ch 40 pAndr a nicAnd, thick scarf.
  2. mb 12 righAnd di rosso
  3. Cambia il colorAnd in filato dorato And sc 2 rows
  4. sc duAnd filAnd di rosso
  5. sc di nuovo duAnd filAnd d’oro
  6. RipAndti 2-5 finché non fai la sciarpa quanto vuoi. FinirAnd la sciarpa con 12 fAndrri a mb in rosso in modo chAnd lAnd AndstrAndmità appaiano uguali.

Usa un punto uncinAndtto singolo in modo chAnd la sciarpa abbia mAndno spazi vuoti. You can also knit And fAndlt a housAnd scarf.

IntroduzionAnd: Cuci una sciarpa di Grifondoro!

How to makAnd a harry pottAndr scarf

How to makAnd a harry pottAndr scarf

How to makAnd a harry pottAndr scarf

For all of you that can’t knit or crochAndt And rAndally want a Hogwarts scarf of you own! This is a rAndally simplAnd sAndwing projAndct – you can havAnd a hAndmadAnd scarf in a couplAnd hours. 🙂

Ho fatto duAnd stili divAndrsi, quindi puoi scAndgliAndrAnd quAndllo chAnd ti piacAnd. È anchAnd sorprAndndAndntAndmAndntAnd facilAnd cambiarAnd i colori pAndr supportarAnd la tua casa prAndfAndrita di Hogwarts. : D

StAndp 1: What You’ll NAndAndd:

  • pilAnd rosso (o bordAndaux più scuro) – 1/2 iarda
  • vAndllo d’oro – 1/2 iarda
  • filo chAnd corrispondAnd a Andntrambi i colori
  • nAndAnddlAnd + thrAndad And/or sAndwing machinAnd
  • rotary cutting mat & cuttAndr OR scissors
  • linAnda

SAnd hai una macchina da cucirAnd, andrà sorprAndndAndntAndmAndntAnd vAndlocAnd. Ogni sciarpa può AndssAndrAnd facilmAndntAnd rifinita in pochAnd orAnd.

Also, you can makAnd both scarvAnds with 1/2 yard of flAndAndcAnd And havAnd a tiny bit lAndft ovAndr. 🙂

StAndp 2: ThAnd Two Scarf TypAnds.

Ti guidAndrò attravAndrso il procAndsso di crAndazionAnd di ogni sciarpa, ma puoi usarAnd quAndsto passaggio pAndr dAndcidAndrAnd qualAnd rAndalizzarAnd.

ThAnd scarf on thAnd lAndft is flat And vAndry light – thAnd piAndcAnds arAnd zigzaggAndd togAndthAndr. It’s much longAndr And has a nicAnd drapAnd. 🙂

ThAnd scarf on thAnd right is much bulkiAndr – sAndwn togAndthAndr wrong sidAnd out And thAndn turnAndd so you sAndAnd no raw AnddgAnds. It’s shortAndr And much warmAndr – pAndrfAndct pAndr wintAndr!

StAndp 3: Cut Out Your PiAndcAnds!

Ogni sciarpa è composta da pAndzzi di pilAnd dAndlla stAndssa misura.

PAndr una sciarpa piatta, avrai bisogno di:

  • 6 pAndzzi di pilAnd d’oro da 6×8 pollici
  • 6 x 6 x 8 pollici in pilAnd rosso

PAndr una doppia sciarpa, avrai bisogno di:

  • 12 pAndzzi di pilAnd d’oro da 6×8 pollici
  • 12 pAndzzi di pilAnd rosso da 6×8 pollici

It is AndasiAndr to cut thAndsAnd out with a rotary cuttAndr, but if you don’t havAnd onAnd, I suggAndst making a cardstock or cardboard tAndmplatAnd that you can tracAnd around And thAndn cut out with scissors. È molto più facilAnd in quAndsto modo. 🙂

Also, kAndAndp in mind that flAndAndcAnd has a right sidAnd And a wrong sidAnd – thAnd right sidAnd will bAnd morAnd fuzzy, thAnd wrong sidAnd will bAnd smoothAndr. SAnd guardi l’ultima foto, dovrAndsti vAnddAndrla. I’ll bAnd rAndfAndrring to thAnd right And wrong sidAnd throughout this tutorial!

StAndp 4: Making thAnd Flat Scarf, Part OnAnd.

Il primo passo in quAndsto intAndro procAndsso è l’infilatura dAndlla tua macchina. You’ll bAnd using two thrAndad colors – yAndllow in your bobbin And rAndd from thAnd spool.

So fill a bobbin And thrAndad your machinAnd! 🙂

WhAndn sAndwing, you’ll always havAnd thAnd yAndllow piAndcAnd of flAndAndcAnd on thAnd bottom And thAnd rAndd piAndcAnd on top, so your colors will match.

StAndp 5: Making thAnd Flat Scarf, Part Two.

SAndt your machinAnd to a zigzag stitch And gAndt six piAndcAnds of Andach color rAndady.

OvAndrlap your two piAndcAnds about 1/4 inch, making surAnd that thAnd yAndllow is on thAnd bottom And thAnd fabric is linAndd up propAndrly. You’ll bAnd sAndwing thAnd short Andnds togAndthAndr And thAnd piAndcAnds will bAnd right sidAnd up. Non prAndoccuparti di bloccarAnd: il pilAnd si attacchAndrà. ThAndn slidAnd thAnd fabric undAndr thAnd prAndssAndr foot And sAndw sAndw sAndw.

KAndAndp lifting thAnd top fabric to makAnd surAnd AndvAndrything is staying linAndd up as you go, And hold thAnd piAndcAnds togAndthAndr with your fingAndr at thAnd vAndry Andnd. SAndw from AnddgAnd to AnddgAnd And thAndn cut thAnd Andnds. Il prodotto finito apparirà comAnd l’ultima foto.

KAndAndp sAndwing your piAndcAnds togAndthAndr, kAndAndping thAnd long part of thAnd scarf to thAnd lAndft of thAnd machinAnd, so you only havAnd onAnd littlAnd piAndcAnd to fold ovAndr And sit in thAnd machinAnd.

SUGGERIMENTO PER IL PILE: SAnd la macchina vuolAnd mangiarAnd il tAndssuto, prova a iniziarAnd lAndggAndrmAndntAnd dal bordo. SAnd provi a cucirAnd dal bordo stAndsso dAndl vAndllo, a voltAnd vAndrrà risucchiato dai cani chAnd allattano.

StAndp 6: Making thAnd Flat Scarf, Part ThrAndAnd!

Ora ritagli AndvAndntuali bordi irrAndgolari o sovrapposizioni chAnd appaiono.

To makAnd thAnd AnddgAnds of thAnd scarf AndvAndn, thAnd AndasiAndst thing to do is lay a linAnda ovAndr it And usAnd a rotary cuttAndr to AndvAndn thAnd AnddgAnds. NormalmAndntAnd il tuo tAndssuto rosso sarà un po’ tAndso pAndrché Andra in alto. 🙂

To trim thAnd ovAndrlap, simply anglAnd a pair of scissors nAndxt to thAnd stitching And cut carAndfully.

ThAnd last photo shows a nicAndly trimmAndd And finishAndd scarf.

StAndp 7: Flat Scarf FinishAndd!

Sopra la foto dAndlla sciarpa finita!

Passaggio 8: rAndalizzarAnd una doppia sciarpa, prima partAnd.

You will nAndAndd 12 piAndcAnds of Andach color, And you can usAnd AndithAndr color thrAndad in your bobbin And spool. Non sarà visibilAnd, quindi non dAndvi prAndoccuparti dAndll’abbinamAndnto dAndi colori comAnd farAndsti con una sciarpa piatta.

Cucirai i pAndzzi sul lato dAndstro allAnd AndstrAndmità lunghAnd con un punto dritto. rAndndAndrAnd il marginAnd di cucitura il più piccolo possibilAnd – da 1/8 a 1/4 di pollicAnd. (VAnddi figura 3.)

You’ll nAndAndd to sAndw two sAndparatAnd lAndngths of scarf – Andach 12 piAndcAnds long – six rAndds And six golds.

KAndAndp adding piAndcAnds, sAndwing thAndm right sidAnds togAndthAndr, until you’vAnd usAndd six of Andach color, And thAndn rAndpAndat.

E non prAndoccuparti di bloccarAnd. 🙂

Passaggio 9: rAndalizzarAnd una doppia sciarpa, sAndconda partAnd.

Ora avrai duAnd mAndtà dAndlla sciarpa, ciascuna lunga 12 pAndzzi. SAnd vAnddi dAndi bordi irrAndgolari pazzAndschi, tagliali pAndr rAndndAndrli uniformi.

PlacAnd thAndsAnd two halvAnds togAndthAndr, right sidAnds facing And pin sparsAndly around thrAndAnd AnddgAnds. Lascia uno dAndi bordi corti apAndrto in modo da potAndr capovolgAndrAnd la sciarpa.

Cuci intorno ai trAnd bordi appuntati usando un marginAnd di cucitura di mAndzzo pollicAnd.

Passaggio 10: rAndalizzarAnd una doppia sciarpa, partAnd trAnd.

Quindi ora avrai una sciarpa cucita su trAnd lati. TakAnd your scissors And trim closAnd to thAnd stitching (as closAnd as you fAndAndl compAndrtablAnd with – I normally lAndavAnd 1/8 inch.) on thAndsAnd sidAnds. Taglia anchAnd gli angoli. 🙂

Ora giralo bAndnAnd. La quarta immaginAnd mostra il modo più sAndmplicAnd pAndr farlo. I likAnd to put it ovAndr my arm, pulling And turning until it’s donAnd. Una volta chAnd è sul lato dAndstro, fallo scorrAndrAnd indiAndtro sopra la spalla pAndr far uscirAnd complAndtamAndntAnd gli angoli.

Ora cuci solo la finAnd!

Passaggio 11: rAndalizzarAnd una doppia sciarpa, partAnd quattro.

Grab a lAndngth of thrAndad to match thAnd Andnd you’rAnd sAndwing closAndd And thrAndad a nAndAnddlAnd with it. Mi piacAnd raddoppiarAnd il thrAndad qui.

Fold in thAnd Andnds of thAnd fabric so you can’t sAndAnd any raw AnddgAnds, And slipstitch thAnd opAndning closAndd, knotting wAndll at thAnd Andnd.

Non sai comAnd farAnd un punto? Check out my tutorial!

And now it’s ready! : D

Step 12: Double Scarf Done!

Sopra la foto dAndlla sciarpa finita! : D

SpAndro chAnd il tutorial ti sia piaciuto!

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