How to make a fairy tiara

Last updated on January 11, 2017

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Kids can make this adorable flowered tiara craft in minutes with a low-heat glue gun and a handful of artificial flowers. It’s a great craft for kids who love fairies and princesses and dress-up, and it would be an easy, inexpensive homemade headpiece for a costume as well!

I’m so excited to show you the fairy-princess tiaras we made yesterday! They’re so easy to make, and they look AMAZING!

You know how sometimes the best craft ideas just hit you right out of the blue?

That was the case with this flowered tiara.

We were sorting through our bin of artificial flowers, thinking of what we could make when the idea hit me.

See, I’ve been thinking about teaching the kids how to make daisy chain head-pieces. I love old-fashioned, classic crafts and the hooligans love flowery, princess and fairy crafts, so daisy chains would be a win-win.

The trouble is, spring is “springing” super-late this year, and our garden is only just starting to come to life. It’s going to be a while before we see any daisies.

So… when we were sifting through the fake flowers yesterday, and a couple of artificial daisies tumbled into my hand, I thought: A-ha! We can make a tiara with our artificial flowers!

A couple of years ago, we made these flowered tiaras with paper bags and artificial flowers, but the tiara I came up with yesterday is even quicker and easier to make. I’m pretty sure this new tiara will last indefinitely too, which I’m not sure could be said about the paper bag version.

Before I show you how we made them, I need to tell you how much of a hit our tiara was.

First of all, it was quick and easy to make. It seriously took us less than 10 minutes from start to finish.

We learned a new skill; it was the first time that this particular hooligan had used a low-heat glue gun. (You can read about my love of low-heat glue guns for preschoolers here.)

And the best part… She ADORED her tiara. With the exception of lunch and quiet time, she wore it all day long, and truly felt like a princess.

Ok. Are you ready to make one?

To make our flowered tiara craft, we used:

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  • one length of white elastic (ours was 3/4 inches wide)
  • artificial flowers
  • scissors
  • low-heat glue gun

The elastic portion of the tiara:

To start, I got a piece of white elastic from my sewing basket. To get the size right, I measured it around my little friend’s head, and just held it in place with my fingers where the ends met. I walked it over to the sewing machine, and using a zig-zag stitch, I ran it back and forth under the needle enough times that the stitching would be secure. From start to finish, that whole process took about a minute.

Then, we plugged in the glue gun, and while it warmed up, we selected the flowers for the tiara.

Young children and glue guns:

We placed everything on the kitchen counter, and I delivered my “glue-gun pep talk”

Even though our daycare glue guns are the low-heat kind, I always make sure I tell the kids that the glue is hot (well, it’s actually just VERY warm), and I warn them not to touch the glue or the nozzle of the glue-gun where the glue comes out.

I also place a bowl of ice water beside our work station JUST in case anyone gets glue on their finger, and needs to cool it off. The bowl is more for peace of mind than anything. We’ve never had any mishaps. It IS a great trick to remember when you’re gluing with your HOT glue gun though. Man, I’ve had plenty of personal mishaps with mine, and that bowl of water is magic when your finger is on fire!

Ok, back to our tiaras…

Assembling our tiara:

With our glue gun warmed up, and supplies and materials spread out on a tray (it’s actually one of those foil-covered boards that a grocery store birthday cake comes on), we began gluing.

We lined the flowers up on the tray, and worked with them one at a time. We squeezed glue onto the back of the flower, and then pressed the flower to the elastic, holding it in place for a few seconds. Each new flower got tucked up nice and close to the one before it so the elastic would be completely hidden by the flowers.

We could have held our flowers, to apply the glue to the backs of them, but young children will likely need two hands to manipulate the glue gun, so it was easier to have the flowers sitting upside down on the tray, and to squeeze the glue onto them that way.

We continued gluing the flowers all the way around the elastic until it was completely covered.

And then…. so exciting…. She slipped her enchanting, flowered tiara on, and was instantly transformed into a fairy princess.

She LOVED it, and she wore it all day long.

Don’t YOU just love it a kids craft as simple as this? So easy! So fast!

And so beautiful!

If you enjoyed this tiara craft, you need to check out:

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Last updated on June 17, 2019

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This paper bag tiara is one of my favourite flower crafts ever. If you have a little girl who loves to craft and adores fairy crafts, she’ll love this simple paper bag craft.

I got the idea for a paper bag tiara after making our paper bag nests the other day. The hooligans were clowning around, wearing their nests as hats, and that got me thinking that a paper bag would actually make a very good hat or head-piece. I did some brainstorming, and came up with several paper bag headwear ideas, and the first one we tested out was this paper bag tiara.

The hooligans will be using their tiaras for dress-up and pretend play here in my daycare, but I think you could totally use a paper bag tiara as an inexpensive accessory for a fairy/princess halloween costume.

Making these tiaras was especially fun for the hooligans because they got to use our low heat glue guns. They love the glue guns, (more about that below) and they’re a must for this project because white glue wouldn’t be strong enough to really hold the flowers to the paper bag.

This was one of those crafts that you have a vision for, but you’re not entirely sure what it will really look like until it’s done.

Actually, that’s the way it is with most of the stuff we make here. HA!

When the hooligans finished their tiaras today, we were so excited. They turned out gorgeous!

Let’s get started…

To make your Paper Bag Tiara, you’ll need:


  • paper grocery bag
  • artificial flowers (pick these up at a second hand shop – they’re dirt cheap there!)
  • low heat glue gun
  • Raffia

I always pick up artificial flowers when I’m second-hand shopping. The thrift stores that I visit always have loads of them whenever I’m there, and they’re always super-cheap!

How to make a paper bag tiara:

To start, cut off the bottom of the paper bag.

Next, roll the edges of the paper bag outward. By rolling it outward, any branding that’s on the outside of the bag will end up being concealed.

Gently continue rolling the paper bag, taking care not to rip it as you roll.

When you get to the end of the bag, you can use your glue gun to tack down any loose edges.

Lookin’ good already, isn’t it?

Now, hand everything over to your child.

Kids and Glue Guns:

Ok, let’s talk about those glue guns for a minute.

Low temperature glue guns are ideal when you’re crafting with preschoolers, and you need something stronger than white glue.

My 3 and 4 year-olds have been using our glue guns for a couple of years now, and they love them. Have a look at the cardboard structures they made the first time they tried them out.

Decorating your Tiara with Flowers

Have your child glue flowers all the way around the tiara.

Finish by winding some strands of green raffia around the flowers.

More Paper Bag Crafts for Kids:

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Jackie is a mom, wife, home daycare provider, and the creative spirit behind Happy Hooligans. She specializes in kids’ crafts and activities, easy recipes, and parenting. She began blogging in 2011, and today, Happy Hooligans inspires more than 2 million parents, caregivers and Early Years Professionals all over the globe.

October 30, 2013 By Angela England

How to make a fairy tiara

We got a “water fairy” costume at Wal-Mart for our daughter but it only came with wings and the dress. I couldn’t find an inexpensive ocean-themed crown or anything else, so I made my own by adapting her Cinderella Crown. Here’s what I did to make it.

What I Need to Make the Ocean Fairy Crown:

  • Tiara (any princess crown would probably work)
  • LED Wire (I picked this up at Lowe’s for $7. WOW! It’s awesome.)
  • Ocean colored ribbon (we had baby blue sheer and aquatic blue glitter ribbon)
  • Large pendant charm in ocean theme

How to make a fairy tiara

How to Build a Water Fairy Tiara:

1. First I wrapped the wide, wired ribbon around the bottom edge of the tiara because it was the wrong color for the outfit she had. By using wired ribbon the wrapping action was enough to keep the ribbon secure without the need to glue it. (That way, I can return Cinderella to her crowned glory when Halloween is over.)

2. Next, I wrapped the LED wire from Lowe’s around so that the entire crown was covered with sprinkles of lights. I love how the silver wire was easily bent and wrapped around even the smallest beads to hide it. It also helped secure the ribbon around the bottom of the crown.

3. I finished the ocean tiara with loops of blue sheer ribbon. Very swirly and loose loops to mimic ocean waves.

The overall effect is perfect for the fantasy look of the fairy outfit. The gauzy ribbon matches the gown and the tiara pulls out the aqua accents in the gown.

How to make a fairy tiara

The light-up crown will be an added fantasy piece to the outfit AND serve as a safety feature. When paired with the ocean jewelry I made and the Halloween dress we picked up, this costume will be unique and eye-catching.

About Angela England

Angela England has written 562 posts in this blog.

How to make a fairy tiara How to make a fairy tiara How to make a fairy tiara


Re-use those flimsy hangers by creating a beautiful tiara for yourself!
Hopefully the instructions make sense, it was difficult to describe what I did. If anyone has questions, feel free to ask, I will answer them to the best of my abilities.
P.S. In step four, the red in the picture means it is behind the wire and the blue means it’s in front. I hope that helps!

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You Will Need

How to make a fairy tiara

The very first step is to take your (bendy) hanger and untwist the top. Once you have done that, take the hanger and put it centered on your leg. Bend the hanger around it, then put it around your head. Continue bending it until it fits nicely. (the only part that needs to fit is the bottom wire)

How to make a fairy tiara

Now that it fits your head, press down on the end of the hanger to make it a bit smaller. The more you press it together, the smaller it will be. If the size suits you, then move to the next step. Now you will take the top wires and bend it so that it is almost as rounded as the bottom. Then press it together in the center front to create a triangle. Cut off the hanger tops.

How to make a fairy tiara

To connect the two ends you just created, take a bead and slip both ends in it. This will keep it together. Now the basic form is ready!

How to make a fairy tiara

Decorate and embellish your tiara however you want.
This is what I did; I took a more bendable piece of wire and created a heart. Start by have the wire in front, once it’s at the top bend it behind the top wire, create the dip, go back up in front and then behind the top wire and back to the front bottom. Twist the ends around.

How to make a fairy tiara

I twisted some additional wire around it and then, Voila!
A beautiful tiara!

How to make a fairy tiara How to make a fairy tiara How to make a fairy tiara How to make a fairy tiara


How to make crowns out of piper cleaners
If you are looking for a quick and simple way to dress up that childrens princess dress/fairy dress, this is perfect. You could also do triangles to make a tiara crown.

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You Will Need

How to make a fairy tiara

You will need around 8 pipecleaners.

How to make a fairy tiara

Take two pipe cleaners and twist the ends together to make a circle that fits your head.

How to make a fairy tiara

Take another pipe cleaner and shape into a heart making sure you leave enough at the ends to be able to twist and attach the heart onto the crown base.

How to make a fairy tiara

Twist the heart into place onto the crown base.

How to make a fairy tiara

You can then make the rest of the hearts and carry on attaching them until you have hearts all the way around the crown base. I made 6 hearts to go on this crown.

You can also do this as triangles by bending a pipe cleaner in the middle and twisting the ends around the base to make a tiara crown

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Introduction: Easy Fantasy Tiara

How to make a fairy tiara

How to make a fairy tiara

How to make a fairy tiara

Hello, my fellow Fae, fairies, fair folk, mermaids, nyads, dryads, hamadryads, and general fantasy enthusiasts! Today, I will be showing you how to create a simple fantasy tiara without fancy tools, jewelry wire, or wire wrapping skills. This project takes hardly any time (I did this one in under an hour) and is a perfect finishing touch to a LARP or cosplay. Now, let’s get to our materials!


Florist wire (mine came in long straight pieces 18 inches long)

Glass or plastic beads (little ones, not big like pony beads, and also you will want to avoid cube shaped ones and ones with facets)

A rhinestone, plastic gem, larger bead, marble, or rock about the size of a finger tip (for the middle of your crown)

Bias tape or ribbon in a color matched either your beads, your gem, or your hair.

Pliers, if you want to be really careful

Scissors, in case you need to cut your wire.

Step 1: Shaping the Crown

To start this crown, you need to get a piece of wire around 18 inches long, as straight as possible. Mine was already this length. If you are a younger princess making this, or perhaps a slightly smaller fairy or halfling, then you can adjust the length of the wire. It just needs to be able to go from slightly behind one ear to slightly behind the other. Add an inch or two on, just to make sure.

Find the middle of your wire and bend it in half, and then cross the ends of the wire, making a little loop a bit smaller than your gem you are using for the middle of the crown. Florist wire is easily reshaped, so don’t worry if it doesn’t do what you want the first time.

Next, gently bend the big ends of the wires into big curves. They should look like the second picture. This gives the front of the crown that arched shape.

To finish this step, fit the crown to your head. Hold the middle loop in the middle of your forehead and bend the ends around your head. Don’t worry if it gets misshapen. Florist wire is very forgiving.

Step 2: The Gem

To make your crown look fancy, you need to have a big shiny thing in the middle. This is where that big rhinestone or plastic gem comes in. Get out your hot glue gun, and apply glue to the back of your stone. Then carefully stick the loop in the middle of your crown onto it. Make sure you glue it to the correct side! I almost glued mine to the inside of the crown, meaning all you would be able to see was a mess of hot glue on the back. Be careful with this part. Hot glue can burn you, and fairy fingers are very delicate.

Step 3: Beading the Crown

To make the rest of the crown fancy, you get to do some good old fashioned beading. Take your little beads and string them onto the wire. This is easier to do it you put the gem on the table face down, and put something heavy on top of it. This makes the wire ends stand up in the air, so the beads don’t fall off. Bead to the point where the crown would meet the top of your ear. You can check this against your head, but make sure you hold on right behind the beads so they don’t go sliding off. It is important to use round beads, because this will be pressing against your forehead, and square or faceted beads would hurt after a while. It is a burden to rule Elf-land, but your crown should at least be comfortable.

Step 4: Attaching the Ties

Now to complete the crown! Get your hot glue gun and put a dab of glue behind the beads, so they won’t slide off. Now you can be a little more careless with it. Take your bias tape or ribbon and glue an end right behind the beads. Then continue to wrap the bias tape around the wire until you get close to the end. Bend the very ends into a loop before wrapping, so no poky bits bother your elven ears. Leave a lot of extra ribbon. Then fit the crown to your head again, and tie the ends of the ribbon behind your head, under your hair. Have a friend cut off the extra ribbon, leaving enough for you to tie and untie the crown easily.

Step 5: The End

Your tiara is finished! Go rule the forest, the flowerbed, the bottom of the sea, the Renaissance fair, or the backyard. This tiara is very durable, and is easy to bend back into shape if it gets squished in play or storage. Enjoy your symbol of leadership, and may you live happily ever after!

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