How to make a fairy costume

How to make a fairy costume

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Decorate your garden by creating fun fairytale houses. Your kids will love this ingenious design! You can create a single house or an entire city. Most of the items needed to build these houses are in your garden. Follow the step-by-step instructions to create your own fairytale home!

How to make a fairytale house?

  • Age guidelines:8 years and older
  • Time Required:60 minutes(Does not include drying time)

The age and time guidelines above are approximate. This design can be modified to suit other age groups and may take more or less time depending on the circumstances.

Required materials

  • Flat bases, like a piece of tree bark.
  • craft sticks
  • Twigs, leaves or other elements on the wall
  • Small stones, gravel etc. on the sidewalks
  • Fine dried flowers (a potpourri bag works great)
  • All natural that you find outside
  • Wood glue
  • Spray paint


Start by looking for a wide, flat base in your garden. Puoi realizzare le strutture iniziali del muro con craft sticks. Glue them to the base. Choose a wall object, such as twigs or leaves, and use them to cover the outside of the walls with a stick. Use other objects you find outside to create walkways, trees, flower beds, windows, antennas, gaze balls, swings, porches, firewood piles and other fairytale garden accessories. Let your imagination run wild. Sprinkle with paint and that’s it.

Here are two more ways to play with fairies:

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How to make a fairy costume


Materials and tools:

Store bought dress for a girl
artificial flower stems
safety pins
matching scarf
denim headband
hot glue and hot glue gun
1 yard. each of the two colors of the tulle
satin ribbon
large stem of artificial flowers
glitter glue, rhinestones, glow in the dark paint


  1. Remove the individual flowers from the artificial flower stems. Usuń wszelkie plastikowe części z kwiatów i safety pins z rąbka, spódnicy i dekoltu sukienki. Attach the flowers in such a way that the safety pin stays on the outside of the garment, making it more comfortable to wear and preventing pin pricks.

Use hot glue to attach extra flowers to the center of the scarf. It will be a band around the waist. Use hot glue to attach the flowers to the center of the headband.

To make the wings: Cut the tulle into 36 “x 18” pieces (smaller fairies may need smaller wings and this size is customizable). Arrange the tulle alternately in colors. Tirare verso il basso al centro e legare con un satin ribbon. Pin the wings to the back of the dress.

Wrap the end of the large stem of artificial flowerswith leftover satin ribbonto make a flower fairy wand.

  • Decorate any element of the costume with glitter paint, rhinestones and / or multi-dimensional glow-in-the-dark paint (optional).
  • Skill level

    From start to finish


    • heavy scissors
    • hot glue gun


    • a classic tutu
    • 4 yarde 1 "nastro
    • a flower garland, 6 feet long
    • green thread
    • fairy wings (usually found in dollar stores)

    How to make a fairy costume

    Fairy Tale Princess Costume for Halloween

    Make a standard (very easy) tutu skirt long enough to serve as a dress. Add a halter ribbon, a set of wings, decorate with a floral stripe and a pretty halo. Drawing by Jess Abbott.

    Photo: Brian Patrick Flynn

    Brian Patrick Flynn

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    The fairy dress is an easy-to-make Halloween costume. Make a simple tutu (see the guide here), add a halter belt, then decorate with a belt and headband.

    Step 1

    How to make a fairy costume


    Fairy princess tutu skirt

    Photo: Brian Patrick Flynn

    Brian Patrick Flynn

    The skirt becomes a sleeveless dress

    Pull the long tutu skirt under the child’s shoulders and over his torso.

    Step 2

    How to make a fairy costume


    Bow attached to the tulle tutu skirt.

    Photo: Brian Patrick Flynn

    Brian Patrick Flynn

    Add a belt

    Cut a 2-meter piece of ribbon and wrap it around the center front of the tutu elastic.

    Step 3

    How to make a fairy costume


    Close up shot of a tulle tutu skirt with a ribbon.

    Photo: Brian Patrick Flynn

    Brian Patrick Flynn

    Tie a ribbon to create a halter top

    Tie the ribbon in a bow around the back of your child’s neck. This will give your fairytale dress a belt to hold the dress and secure it.

    Step 4

    How to make a fairy costume


    Secure the flowers on the ribbon with hot glue.

    Photo: Brian Patrick Flynn

    Brian Patrick Flynn

    Make a streak

    Cut a 2 meter long piece of ribbon. Cut 5 to 8 different flower sizes from different areas of the flower garland. Use a hot glue gun to attach the back of the flowers directly on the very middle of the ribbon. Cover about 10 inches right in the center. Let the hot glue dry / cool completely.

    Step 5

    How to make a fairy costume


    Princess fairy costume with flower belt

    Photo: Brian Patrick Flynn

    Brian Patrick Flynn

    Add a belt al vestito

    Once the hot glue is dry, tie the ribbon around your baby’s waist.

    Step 6

    How to make a fairy costume

    Brian Patrick Flynn

    How to make a fairy costume

    Brian Patrick Flynn

    How to make a fairy costume

    Brian Patrick Flynn


    Materials opasek na głowę w kwiaty.

    Photo: Brian Patrick Flynn


    Flower headband with scissors.

    Photo: Brian Patrick Flynn


    Completed the floral headband for the fairy princess costume.

    Photo: Brian Patrick Flynn

    Make a headband

    To make a floral head wreath you will need your floral garland, wire and heavy scissors. Cut the flower garland to make a 2-foot piece.

    Connect the flower garland so that the ends slightly overlap to form a circle. Use a 5-inch piece of wire to carefully wrap the ends together. Wrap the yarn very tightly and tuck the ends of the yarn back into the garland so it doesn’t stick to the baby’s head. You can also wrap green masking tape around the ends of the thread.

    Step 7

    How to make a fairy costume


    Beauty Fairy Princess Costume.

    Photo: Brian Patrick Flynn

    Brian Patrick Flynn

    Sprout Wings and you are ready

    Add wings and maybe a magic wand and some magic dust.

    How to make a fairy costume


    How to make a fairy costume

    The Blue Fairy is one of the most positive and popular fairy tale characters. She is evergreen and will never go out of style. A dress for a carnival, school or amateur theatrical performance or a masquerade party is suitable for both girls and more mature women with a romantic soul. The costumes, of course, are priced fairly. So why not do it with your own hands? Just a pinch of dexterity, a lot of imagination and creativity. You will be able to play with colors and fabrics. Make changes by adding precious details.


    • Light blue tulle fabric
    • Long white or blue skirt
    • A light blue or light blue shirt
    • Elastic bands or hair ties with stencils
    • Flexible tempera colors, glitter or tinfoil, cardboard, hot glue and vinyl glue to make the cap
    • Needle and thread
    • Perline blu, preferibilmente tipo "Swarovski".

    Make a skirt

    Per realizzare un costume da Fata Turchina, acquista il tessuto necessary e il tulle azzurro. Then proceed to styling a long skirt. Use a simple and straightforward formula. Then attach the first layer of tulle with needle and thread. Sew the fabric normally at the base of the waistband and at the bottom. Leave the tulle soft for the ‘pump’ effect typical of Blue Fairy costumes. You can sew blue beads on the tulle.

    Build the top of the costume

    Create the top of your Blue Fairy costume now. Get a fitted blue long-sleeved shirt. Put blue bead strands of the same length on it. Buy them or create them yourself. In this case, you will need to tie a fairly large knot at the end of the thread. Then thread the blue beads with a needle and close the other end with another knot. Sew the two ends of the “necklaces” onto the fabric vertically until they are completely covered. Do not put them on the “line” of buttons and on the collar.

    Add details

    It also adorns the sleeves of the Blue Fairy costume. In this case, however, we put the strings of pearls horizontally around the circumference of the sleeves. Leave your arms free to facilitate movement. Sew them a light layer of blue tulle, with normal strokes, just like a skirt. At this point, she creates a blue fairy hat. Fold the blue card into a cone shape and seal the ends with hot glue. Decorate with silver or blue glitter. She puts the blue tulle on it. To attach the cap to the head, drill two holes at the horizontal ends. Insert and tie a rubber band. The latter should be placed under the chin. In this sense, the cap will remain stationary in the head. Continue with the makeup suitable for the Blue Fairy. A tip for shades of blue and purple. Focus on the eyes using nude lip color.

    Watch the video

    How to make a fairy costume

    Never forget:

    • Combine the right makeup and the perfect hairstyle

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    The fairy costume is one of the most popular costumes for girls. And rightly so! They’re all little fairies even without a costume!

    Unlike many other costumes, the Fairy and Tinker Bell costumes leave a lot of room for your creativity. Most often, you can create it on your own with clothing that’s laying around in your closet (or pay a visit to the second-hand stores where there’s an abundance of magical fairy items).

    How to make your own fairy wings?

    A fairy can’t do without wings, so we’ve prepared some patterns and simple step-by-step instructions on how to make your own costume wings:

    1. Start by making wings out of fairy thread. Take a coiled roll of 9-gauge aluminum wire (available at hardware stores) and cut a 16-foot piece (a bit more than what you’ll be needing, but it’s always better to have a bit more just in case). Piega il filo a metà, quindi attorciglia un piccolo anello sopra la piega (usa le pinze se necessary).

    How to make a fairy costume
    Scheme 1

    2. Then, about 8 inches up from the loop, form a large wing shape from the wire and do the same with the other side (just follow the diagrams below and you’ll be fine). Close the wings by rotating them (Note: the wings can be folded into different shapes).

    How to make a fairy costume
    Scheme 2
    How to make a fairy costume
    Scheme 3

    3. Prendi un altro pezzo di filo e collega entrambe le ali per formare un triangolo (ricordati di attorcigliare e tagliare le estremità del filo dell’ala del costume in modo che non sporga dal triangolo; fissale con del nastro adesivo se necessary).

    How to make a fairy costume
    Scheme 4

    4. Create the top of the costume wings by rotating each piece so that it looks like two smaller wings (again, the diagram explains much better …).

    How to make a fairy costume
    Scheme 5

    5. Cut the legs from a pair of queen-size tights (any color you choose). Pull one leg over the bottom of the wing, secure it with a pipe cleaner and pull any excess over the top of the wing. Repeat for the top and bottom of the other page.

    6. Tie the center of a 2-meter piece of ribbon to the bottom of the triangle (where the ring is). Pull the ribbon around the triangle so that the costume wings can be worn as a backpack.

    Now your fairy can fly to Neverland …

    Have fun! And don’t forget… When you’re done creating the costume, take a look at the coolest Tinkerbell and Fairy birthday party ideas.

    How to make a fairy costume

    How to make a fairy costume for Halloween or just for fun.

    • Different colors of translucent fabric, approximately 1 / 8-1 / 4 yards of each color
    • 1/2 meter of silky / satin fabric

    How to make a fairy costume

    Fairy Costume Tutorial

    First, you will sew a simple skirt from a silky fabric. The skirt should be approximately 2.5 cm longer than the desired length and at least twice the circumference of the hips. Then measure to get your skirt size.

    Join the right sides together on a silky fabric and sew along the edge. Sew around the bottom of the skirt by turning the edge 1/4 inch, then 1/4 inch again. Set aside as you work on the next step.

    Cut the sheer fabric into 2-inch length strips of the satin skirt (length from bottom to top). Ho tagliato un punto alla fine di ogni striscia, ma non è necessary. Then zigzag around all edges of the strips.

    After you have finished all the edges, place the pieces on the satin skirt the way you want them to be arranged. I stacked mine, but you don’t have to do it again. I pinned them where I wanted and then linked them. I think I glued them all the way to the edge and about an inch. This will help keep everything flat.

    Rotate under about 1/4 inch at the top edge and then another inch. Sew close to the edge, leaving a small gap in the seam to insert the elastic. Thread the elastic with a large safety pin and sew the ends of the elastic together. Sew the hole and evenly adjust the elastic on the top. This will help curl the elastic if you sew a vertical stitch across the layers and the elastic. I normally do 4, one on each seam, then on the front and back.

    Once finished, I decorated it with flowers and a matching ribbon.

    Thanks to Cindy G for sharing the sewn Halloween costume! Submit your design here.

    Now learn how to make fairy wings to combine with a simple fairy skirt.

    Fairy costume ideas

    How to make a fairy costume

    Fairy costumes are simple to make and only require three or four simple accessories. Everything else depends on how you choose to dress it.

    For example, this spring fairy uses a brightly colored wig with fake flowers and leaves, as well as a green skirt, face paint, and wings.

    Pink Fairy of Love

    How to make a fairy costume

    Bring your fairy dreams to life with this pink love fairy costume. The dress is reminiscent of the ancient goddesses of love and the pink wings, makeup and hairstyle strongly reinforce her role as a fairy.

    Get the look with a Greek-style dress that gathers below the chest and small wings that grow just above that point. Add some pink on top of the tulle dress and put a large pink flower in your hair.

    Vampire fairy

    How to make a fairy costume

    Some fairies are more gothic in appearance and demeanor, like this vampire fairy. Sheltered from the sun, his black wings and her dress cast a somewhat disturbing light upon her.

    Use black feather wings or black bat wings in combination with a black dress for a look. Cover yourself with a long translucent veil that will cover you from head to toe to complete the look.

    Fairy of the storm elaborate

    How to make a fairy costume

    Your choice of fairies can be as complicated or as simple as you like. To get the effect of this storm fairy you will need some body makeup, as well as face paint, a white wig and a simple silver and white sheath dress.

    The key to an easy-to-make fairy costume is creativity and a little bit of fairies.

    A charming fairy

    How to make a fairy costume

    Some fairies are depicted as charming, with beautiful dresses to match their wings and wands. This fairy costume is reminiscent of a fairy going to prom, wearing a jeweled gown that matches her large wings.

    This is an easy look to achieve; start with a bodycon dress and add some jewels lined on the front to give it some charm. Add very large wings and a flower to your hair.

    Flower Fairy

    How to make a fairy costume

    Fairies are creatures of nature; take elements of nature and seasons to make your own fairy costume.

    This flower fairy uses lots of flowers and flowers as a headdress, with simpler flowers covering her dress. Use silk flowers for extra durability and sew or sew them in one or two colors onto the dress and bathing cap to create an impact.

    Fairy of the forest

    How to make a fairy costume

    Many fairies live in the forest. Get inspired by the colors, light and textures of the forest to create your own fairy costume.

    This green dress has flowing folds and the quality of the water it sits on. She uses a fitted bodice as a base for this dress and add long strokes of different materials like chiffon and tulle on the back like a skirt. She creates a silk flower garland of the same colors for your hair.

    A fairy for children

    How to make a fairy costume

    In the case of this little forest fairy, her wings are more rounded and straighter. Younger children are better at simpler choices, especially since they eliminate them more often if they are bulky or too fancy.

    colorful fairy

    How to make a fairy costume

    Bring your fairy costume to life with many colors. This lime green dress has a fitted bodice that lets you show off the skirt dramatically, while purple wings add contrast.

    • Use a bold dress in this style
    • Spray some color on the hair to match the wings
    • Use an eyeshadow of the same color as the dress to add color to your face.

    Fairy of the forest

    How to make a fairy costume

    This fairy comes straight from the woods in a green dress with ivy garlands. Use silk ivy leaves and sew or heat-glue them into long chains that you can drape over your head and shoulders for this look.

    Consider cutting each fairy costume with a masquerade mask to add some mystery.

    Autumn Fairy Costume

    Here are instructions on how to make a cute Halloween costume for your child.How to make a fairy costume


    • tutu (or fairy skirt, as my daughter calls them)
    • tulle in fall colors – I used 6 inch rolls (15 yards / roll, 4 rolls in total)
    • 1 inch color matching ribbon (waist length)
    • 2-3 coordinated colored curling ribbons
    • plastic sunflower
    • autumn thread wreath


    Measure the baby’s waist and cut the tape 3 times the size. Make a mark in the middle, it will be the center of the strip. From now on, measure half the waist circumference on each side. Making knots to mark the end of life.

    Cut the tulle strips twice to the desired length. My daughter wears a 4T and I used about 30 strips of tulle for her skirt. To attach it to her belt, she folds the tulle strip in half and forms a loop under her ribbon. She pulls the ends through the loop to form a knot. Do this up to the knots on both sides of the ribbon / strip. When you reach the desired fullness of the skirt, step back and tie the tulle strips twice.

    Tie a few strands of curls around the waist for some shine. Hot glue or sew (or pin!) a plastic sunflower to front waist. The skirt will be tied at the back at the waist.

    Tip: While tying the tulle, I tie a ribbon around the thigh. Holds the tape in place and helps measure fullness.

    For the headdress, we found an orange with fall leaves at a dollar store. Any Halloween theme will do. Use the same ribbon and tulle as the skirt. Measure the baby’s head and cut the garland to size. Tie tulle and ribbons to the wreath.

    The wings can be made by shaping the hangers of wire or thin wire and covering them with pantyhose. Or you can get lucky like me and get them for $ 1 in the dollar tree! Pair it with a dark shirt, tights and shoes!
    How to make a fairy costume

    Laura of Colombo, OH

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    I recently had the opportunity to participate in Faireworlds, which is held near my home. It is an arts and music festival of all ages where everyone is encouraged to dress up.