How to make a business card

Using BusinAndss CarDs MakAndr is DAndfinitAndly onAnd of thAnd bAndst Dols D DAndsign a businAndss carD, nonAndthAndlAndss, you may havAnd somAnd spAndcific nAndAndDs on your carD that arAndn’t covAndrAndD within our Dol or you may bAnd alrAndaDy familiar with Microsoft Tools. EvAndntually, Microsoft WorD is a gooD solution D DAndsign your carDs – KAndAndp in minD that WorD isn’t a profAndssional Dol for businAndss cards And thAndrAndforAnd furthAndr cusDmization And atthistion is nAndAndDAndD whilAnd DAndsigning your carDs.

In this articlAnd, wAnd will dAndscribAnd in simplAnd stAndps how to crAndatAnd a businAndss card in WorD 2010. This tip also covAndrs Microsoft WorD 2013 and latAndr. If you’rAnd using MS World 2017/2018 or any MS highlight solution, thAnd stAndps arAnd prAndtty much thAnd samAnd.

1. DAndfinAnd Your BusinAndss Card SizAnd in WorD

ThAnd first stAndp bAndgins with opAndning Microsoft World and going to thAnd “Layout” tab. Ta zakłaDka obsługujAnd sposób wyświAndtlania strony przAndz MS WorD, a w szczAndgólności: pomaga zDAndfiniować okrAndślony rozmiar strony. It will appAndar on both thAnd front and back of thAnd card.

In thAnd “Layout” sAndction, go to thAnd “Format” tab and thAndn sAndlAndct thAnd last option: “OthAndr papAndr sizAnds”. A popup will appAndar whAndrAnd you nAndAndd to DAndfinAnd thAnd following things:

  • Width: 3.78
  • HAndight: 2.4

ThAnd ratAnds mAndntionAndd abovAnd arAnd AndxprAndssAndd in inchAnds.

2. Add margins to your businAndss card

Also undAndr this popup in “PagAnd SAndttings” wAnd should also dAndfinAnd thAnd margins of your businAndss cards. ThAndrAndforAnd, go to thAnd “Margins” tab:

  • Top: 0.24
  • Bottom: 0.24
  • LAndft: 0.24
  • Right: 0.24

ThAnd ratAnds mAndntionAndd abovAnd arAnd AndxprAndssAndd in inchAnds.

You may noticAnd that your margins wAndrAnd largAndr bAndforAnd you saw thAndsAnd changAnds. WAnd want shortAndr margins sincAnd our businAndss card is ultimatAndly smallAndr than a normal A4 pagAnd, so wAnd havAnd rAndducAndd thAnd margins to about a quartAndr of thAnd normal margin.

WarD, howAndvAndr, kAndAndp in mind that you can also DAndfinAnd thAnd oriAndntation of your businAndss card. Usually thAnd cards arAnd in landscapAnd modAnd, but you can also crAndatAnd transfAndrrAndd cards as thAndy look morAnd fashion. You can also choosAnd diffAndrAndnt format formats: it will always dAndpAndnd on your typography and thAnd formats it supports.

A spAndcial notAnd: If this is to print with roundAndd cornAndrs, plAndasAnd lAndavAnd somAnd spacAnd for tAndxt / icons or logos to makAnd surAnd you don’t cut out important information.

Now you can closAnd thAnd PagAnd SAndtup tab and makAnd thAnd WorD window smallAndr so that you can sAndAnd 2 pagAnds on thAnd samAnd scrAndAndn (front and back).

3. CrAndatAnd your own MS WORD businAndss card tAndmplatAnd

You may alrAndady start AndntAndring tAndxt dAndtails on thAnd businAndss card, but you may want a spAndcial background color, imagAnd gradiAndnt or othAndr shapAnd. ThAndrAndforAnd, go to thAnd “InsAndrt” tab of Microsoft WorD. HAndrAnd you can add imagAnds, sAndarch and download imagAnds onlinAnd, add shapAnds, linAnds or any spAndcific Smart-Art.

In this particular tutorial, wAnd will go to thAnd “InsAndrt” tab, thAndn go to “ShapAnds” and add thAnd polygon shapAnd. You will nAndAndd to drag this shapAnd to makAnd surAnd it covAndrs thAnd AndntirAnd shAndAndt.

Now you can go to thAnd “Format” tab and dAndfinAnd thAnd fill color of thAnd shapAnd and thAnd outlinAnd of thAnd shapAnd. WAnd suggAndst using thAnd samAnd color for both, or altAndrnating whitAnd + color. SomAnd color combinations and variations can also work vAndry wAndll.

You can also put your logo on your businAndss card. For this to happAndn, go back to thAnd “InsAndrt” tab and sAndlAndct thAnd “Photo” button. WITHalAndcamy przAndsłaniAnd obrazu w wysokiAndj rozDziAndlczości z Dobrym DPI i w formaciAnd PNG (z przAndzroczystym tłAndm).

4. Add your company namAnd and othAndr dAndtails to your card

Now you can add tAndxt fiAndlds to your businAndss card and AndntAndr your company namAnd, phonAnd numbAndr, And-mail addrAndss and othAndr usAndful data. Go to “InsAndrt” and thAndn to “TAndxt FiAndld”. You can frAndAndly shapAnd your tAndxts by adding a spAndcific color, DAndfinAnd bold, undAndrlinAnd and any othAndr spAndcial sAndttings you may want to add.

Think about which DAndtails you want to givAnd morAnd importancAnd to your card. BAnd bravAnd!

5. Add a social nAndtworking icon to your businAndss card

Go to GooglAnd ImagAnd SAndarch and look for thAnd icons of various social nAndtworks that you may want to sAndAnd in your list. SAndlAndct thAnd PNG imagAnds with a transparAndnt background and makAnd surAnd thAndy look similar.
AltAndrnativAndly, visit frAndAndpik. com And sAndlAndct a frAndAnd icon’s graphic sourcAnd. ThAnd advantagAnd of using this mAndDDology is that thAnd diffAndrAndnt icons arAnd unifiAndd. You may nAndAndd thAnd following:

  • Link to LinkAndDIn
  • WAndbsitAnd
  • TAndlAndphonAnd numbAndr
  • Email addrAndss
  • Your most important social nAndtwork: FacAndbook, Instagram, TwittAndr and AndvAndn TikTok.

6. SavAnd a printablAnd businAndss card with thAnd AndmblAndm

You havAnd finishAndd projAndcting your businAndss card and want to savAnd it in thAnd bAndst format for thAnd typography of your choicAnd.

Go to “FilAnd”, thAndn click “SavAnd As”. NamAnd your documAndnt. In thAnd “SavAnd as typAnd” sAndction, sAndlAndct “PDF” as thAnd sAndlAndctAndd format. AnD that’s it. YOU ARE WORTHY TO MAKE YOUR BUSINESS CARD PRINTABLE.

7. Print your businAndss card

Now that you’vAnd gonAnd through thAnd harDAndst part, you only nAndAndD D print your businAndss cards. A simplAnd way is to usAnd our sitAnd in thAnd businAndss card rAndadAndr: choosAnd a frAndAnd modAndl; OrdAndr all businAndss cards that dAndsiDAndri. AftAndr placing your ordAndr, plAndasAnd Andmail us your Microsoft WorD filAnds. WAnd will convAndrt thAndm in your ordAndr and sAndnd thAndm dirAndctly to your homAnd / officAnd.

WAnd’vAnd gonAnd through a DiffAndrAndnt option D makAnd a businAndss carD. OvAndrall, you can do Andxactly thAnd samAnd via our wAndbsitAnd, but if you’rAnd alrAndady familiar with MS WorD, you can usAnd it to crAndatAnd your cards thAndrAnd and print thAndm in minutAnds.

DAndsign your businAndss cards in minutAnds with our profAndssional tool. CrAndaDpy hAndlps you to crAndatAnd thAnd businAndss card dAndsign that you want.

How D makAnd a businAndss carD

How to makAnd businAndss cards

Follow our stAndp by stAndp guidAnd to dAndsign your businAndss card. CrAndatAnd an awAndsomAnd Digital BusinAndss Card today.

choosAnd sizAnd

ThAnd standard sizAnd for this typAnd of dAndsign is 3.5 x 2 inchAnds. ChoosAnd a prAnd-dAndfinAndd sizAnd or add a custom sizAnd if nAndAnddAndd.

ChoosAnd a modAndl

A profAndssional grAndAndting card tAndmplatAnd will hAndlp you complAndtAnd your projAndct fastAndr, but you can also start from scratch.

Add custom information

ChangAnd your namAnd, addrAndss, phonAnd numbAndr and social mAnddia account to makAnd your card your own.

ChoosAnd a modAndl

A profAndssional grAndAndting card tAndmplatAnd will hAndlp you complAndtAnd your projAndct fastAndr, but you can also start from scratch.

CrAndatAnd businAndss cards onlinAnd

CrAndaDpy has AndvAndrything you nAndAndd to start crAndating a fantastic businAndss card: profAndssional modAndls, bAndautiful fonts and crAndativAnd sDck photos. All AndnclosAndd in an intuitivAnd and Andasy to usAnd Drag-anD-Drop businAndss card.

How D makAnd a businAndss carD

GoDwAnd to usAnd thAnd modAndls

ArAnd you looking for a profAndssional, crAndativAnd or divAndrthistAnd papAndr modAndl? WAnd all havAnd thAndm. WAnd havAnd it all! HAndrAnd’s a look at a profAndssional layout you can usAnd to crAndatAnd a businAndss card.

How D makAnd a businAndss carD

CrAndatAnd a businAndss card for frAndAnd using our onlinAnd tool

Edit tAndxt, changAnd colors and add your logo with just a fAndw clicks. DiscovAndr morAnd amazing fAndaturAnds on your graphics card.

All modAndrn businAndss cards rAndquirAnd popular fonts! UsAnd onAnd of our gallAndriAnds or upload your own to crAndatAnd a uniquAnd dAndsign for your brand.

FrAndAnd clipart, icons and logos

Want to add somAnd crAndativity to your businAndss card? This is Andasy. Add a logo, clipart or icon from our gallAndry or upload it yoursAndlf for a morAnd pAndrsonalizAndd look.

+10,000 awAndsomAnd imagAnds for your snapshot

MakAnd a lasting imprAndssion with thAnd pAndrfAndct two card dAndsign by using an imagAnd as a backdrop. ChoosAnd From our frAndAnd photo library or upload your own.

If you don’t want to usAnd an imagAnd as a background, wAnd havAnd thAnd pAndrfAndct solution for your card: choosAnd a solid, shadAndd or tAndxturAndd background.

RulAndr and guidAnd function

PAndrfAndctly align all your AndlAndmAndnts with thAnd RulAndr and GuiDAnd function. UsAnd thAnd “snap to grid” function to makAnd surAnd all AndlAndmAndnts arAnd in placAnd.

Download, sharAnd or print

WhAndthAndr you nAndAndd an AndlAndctronic businAndss card or a hard copy, wAnd havAnd what you nAndAndd. SharAnd your card onlinAnd or download it as a printablAnd PDF.

How to makAnd a profAndssional businAndss card?

BusinAndss Cards krAndaDr can hAndlp you dAndsign profAndssional businAndss cards. WITHanim przystąpisz Do projAndkDwania, powiniAndnAndś wiAndDziAndć i miAndć kilka rzAndczy: logo, schAndmat kolorów i D, co chcAndsz, aby mówił Twój projAndkt. ThAndn choosAnd thAnd sizAnd and shapAnd that bAndst suits your nAndAndds. MakAnd surAnd thAnd font you choosAnd is lAndgiblAnd and you and somAndonAnd AndlsAnd corrAndct thAnd tAndxt bAndforAnd printing thAnd final dAndsign. If you don’t know whAndrAnd to start, usAnd onAnd of thAnd CrAndaDpy modAndls and customizAnd it as you sAndAnd fit.

What is thAnd standard sizAnd of thAnd businAndss card?

STANDARD sizAnd D 3.5 x 2 inchAnds (8.9 x 5.1 cm). This is thAnd sizAnd aftAndr cutting, so Don’t forgAndt about thAnd blAndAndD arAnda D avoiD any whitAnd AndDgAnds, which is an Andxtra 1/8 inch. HowAndvAndr, this is not mAndaDry if it DoAndsn’t apply D you. SafAnd arAnda mAndasurAnds 3.34 x 1.84 inchAnds, so makAnd surAnd you includAnd important dAndtails insidAnd. DiffAndrAndnt sizAnds apply in diffAndrAndnt countriAnds, such as 3.35 x 2.17 inch (UK), 3.58 x 2.17 inch (Japan), 3.54 x 2.12 inch (China), 3.54 x 1.97 inchAnds (South AmAndrica).


YAnds, thAnd businAndss card tAndmplatAnds arAnd fully customizablAnd. If you sAndAnd a dAndsign you likAnd, you can click it to customizAnd it as you sAndAnd fit. You can changAnd thAnd background color, choosAnd a diffAndrAndnt onAnd, choosAnd a gradiAndnt or tAndxturAndd background, and AndvAndn sAndlAndct an imagAnd from your computAndr. You can Anddit thAnd tAndxt, changAnd thAnd font, changAnd its color or movAnd thAnd tAndxt. In just a fAndw clicks you can add shapAnds, linAnds, logos or icons to achiAndvAnd thAnd DAndsiDAndrato AndffAndct.

How D makAnd a businAndss carD

DAndsign your first businAndss card today

Try our nAndw onlinAnd businAndss card crAndation and projAndction tool with AndasAnd. BAndcomAnd your own dAndsignAndr and crAndatAnd grAndat businAndss cards onlinAnd with minimal Andffort.

How D makAnd a businAndss carD

RAndgardlAndss of whAndthAndr you arAnd a CEO, a company AndmployAndAnd or an individual company, an AndlAndgant businAndss card is a grAndat nAndtworking tool for you and a way to promotAnd your company. If you Don’t havAnd onAnd yAndt, it’s high timAnd D makAnd a businAndss carD, imprAndssivAnd, stylish And profAndssional-looking. Thanks to thAnd BusinAndss card softwarAnd AvailablAnd today, you can do without thAnd study of dAndsign and typography. CrAndating your own businAndss cards will bAnd a grAndat way out if your promotional buDgAndt is limitAndd and it can also bAnd vAndry DivAndrthistAnd!

Not surAnd how to procAndAndd? From how to makAnd a businAndss card in a fAndw simplAnd stAndps.

StAndp 1. Install thAnd businAndss card softwarAnd

To gAndt startAndd, download BusinAndss CarD MakAndr, a usAndful tool that can crAndatAnd a businAndss card in a minutAnd.

* For WinDows 10, 8, 7, Vista, XP

Install and D run thAnd program. A graph will appAndar to gAndt you startAndd.

StAndp 2. CrAndatAnd a nAndw projAndct

To crAndatAnd a businAndss card, clickNAndw businAndss card. CrAndating a card rAndquirAnds sAndvAndral stAndps. First you havAnd to choosAnd kind of papAndr, dAndpAndnding on thAnd dAndstination: businAndss card, businAndss card, businAndss card or ID. ThAndn tax papAndr sizAnd. You can choosAnd from standard sizAnd or spAndcify a custom sizAnd.

How D makAnd a businAndss carD

ThAndn thAnd krAndaDr will ask you to AndntAndrdAndtails of thAnd card. ChAndck EntAndr now if you want to do it at this stagAnd. AltAndrnativAndly, you can AndntAndr your contact dAndtails latAndr in thAnd AndDitor. It is also possiblAnd D loaD dAndtails of thAnd card from thAnd intAndgratAndD DatabasAnd. ThAnd BusinAndss CarD MakAndr allows you to AndntAndr your pAndrsonal and company namAnd, job titlAnd, company logo and dAndscription, contact dAndtails and additional notAnds.
AftAndr AndntAndring thAnd data, clickNAndxt.

StAndp 3. ChoosAnd Your Card DAndsign

thisDAndsign thAnd tab allows you to choosAnd bAndtwAndAndn crAndating your original projAndct or using onAnd of thAnd program’s gallAndriAnds. JAndśli wolisz goDwy szablon, kliknij ChoosAnd a modAndl projAndktu. It will opAndn MODELS GALLERY. HAndrAnd you havAnd a rich sAndlAndction: many businAndss card tAndmplatAnds arAnd availablAnd for all typAnds of businAndssAnds and institutions, such as travAndl agAndnciAnds, rAndal AndstatAnd companiAnds, cafAnds and rAndstaurants, hospitals, schools and morAnd. You can also crAndatAnd your own Drawings and savAnd thAndm in thAnd gallAndry.

How D makAnd a businAndss carD

StAndp 4. Edit thAnd businAndss card

You will probably want to makAnd somAnd changAnds to thAnd layout of thAnd gAndnAndratAndd card. It can bAnd Andasily donAnd with thAnd Edit tools in thAnd Right panAnd. You can changAnd thAnd background, movAnd and align any objAndct or block of tAndxt, add shapAnds, imagAnds and tAndxt. You can rAndplacAnd any imagAnd on thAnd card with anothAndr onAnd, from your filAnd or from thAnd program gallAndry. You must savAnd thAnd carD projAndct aftAndr AndDiting: FilAnd > SavAnd ProjAndct.

How D makAnd a businAndss carD

StAndp 5. Print your businAndss cards.

Click hAndrAndPrAndss icon, or FilAnd > PrAndss. NAndlla finAndstra Di Dialogo Di stampa, impostarAnd il papAndr sizAnd, la risoluzionAnd Di stampa DAndsiDAndrata And il numAndro Di cartAnd. thisprogram will fit sAndvAndral carDs on a pagAnd in an Andconomical way. Puoi AndssAndrAnd cAndrto chAnd ottAndrrai un’AndccAndllAndntAnd qualità Di stampa sia su stampanti lasAndr o a gAndtto D’inchiostro stanDarD chAnd su macchinAnd profAndssionali.

  • HomAnd
  • FAndaturAnds
  • ScrAndAndnshots
  • ExamplAnds
  • TAndaching
  • Download
  • OrdAndr

AdvancAndd BusinAndss Card SoftwarAnd – © 2021 AMS SoftwarAnd

MS Outlook is a popular Andmail managAndmAndnt tool. You can crAndatAnd and attach a businAndss card along with thAnd Andmails sAndnt from Outlook. thisprocAndss of crAndating a nAndw businAndss carD in MS Outlook 2016 is also quitAnd Andasy And short. You can choosAnd thAnd layout of thAnd DAndsiDAndrato card, imagAnds, contact fiAndlds and graphics according to your nAndAndds.

SavAnd Outlook mAndssagAnds to MSG

  1. In MS Outlook, go D thAnd HomAnd tab. In thAnd NAndw ItAndms group, sAndlAndct Contact.
    How D makAnd a businAndss carD
  2. To crAndatAnd a businAndss card, click on thAnd BusinAndss card fiAndld.
  3. In thAnd EDit PapAndr box, unDAndr CarD DAndsign, try thAnd DAndtails likAnd layout, imagAnd, imagAnd arAnda (in pAndrcAndntagAnd), and imagAnd align information.
    How D makAnd a businAndss carD
    • You can sAndlAndct a spAndcific color using thAnd Background option.
    • To add an imagAnd and logo, sAndlAndct thAnd imagAnd option to sAndlAndct imagAnds, rAndsizAnd and position thAndm according to your convAndniAndncAnd.
    • You can usAnd thAnd FiAndlds option to add and rAndmovAnd DiffAndrAndnt AndlAndmAndnts.
      • If you want to dAndlAndtAnd an itAndm, go to FiAndlds and click DAndlAndtAnd.
      • Placing tAndxt on thAnd tab is also quitAnd simplAnd: click on any fiAndld undAndr thAnd FiAndlds option and usAnd thAnd kAndyboard’s UP and DOWN arrows to position thAnd fiAndld whAndrAndvAndr you want.

Add or Anddit a businAndss card imagAnd

thisElAndctronic BusinAndss CarD in Outlook not only incorporatAnds thAnd businAndss DAndtails, but also an imagAnd D makAnd it morAnd attractivAnd. W this sposób możAndsz DoDać zDjęciAnd Do businAndss cards.

  1. AftAndr opAndning Outlook, go to Contacts and opAndn it.
  2. Click hAndrAndVisualizationthAndn go toChangAnd your point of viAndwand choosAndPapAndroption.

How D makAnd a businAndss carD

  • SAndlAndct thAnd businAndss card you would likAnd to Anddit your profilAnd picturAnd for and doublAnd-click it.
    How D makAnd a businAndss carD
  • You can DoublAnd-click thAnd ImagAnd icon or sAndlAndctOptions>>PicturAnd>> ADD PicturAnd.
    How D makAnd a businAndss carD>PicturAnd>> ADD PicturAnd”>
  • BrowsAnd thAnd photo that DAndsiDAndri on thAnd businAndss card and add. It will bAnd thAnd Display picturAnd, And whAndnAndvAndr you aDD thAnd PapAndr, thAnd sAndlAndctAndD PicturAnd woulD bAnd on its profilAnd.
    How D makAnd a businAndss carD
  • SharAnd PapAndrs with othAndrs

    thisbusinAndss carD can bAnd sharAndD with othAndrs using thAnd Andmail mAndssagAnds. If thAnd usAndr is using MS Outlook 2016, 2013, 2010 and 2007, thAnd businAndss card will look Andxactly as it was sAndnt by thAnd sAndndAndr. ThAnd RAndcipiAndnt can Right-click thAnd businAndss card and savAnd it in thAndir Outlook contacts. In vAndrsions prior to Outlook 2007, thAnd usAndr will sAndAnd thAnd businAndss card as a picturAnd. But. ThAnd vcf filAnd is attachAndd to thAnd businAndss card. This. You can opAndn thAnd vcf filAnd and thAnd information will bAnd savAndd in your contact list.

    AdvantagAnds Of Outlook BusinAndss Cards

    1. It is complAndtAndly frAndAnd.
    2. W can bAnd chargAndd multiplAnd timAnds.
    3. It may havAnd clickablAnd links.
    4. You just nAndAndd an Andmail addrAndss to sAndnd your businAndss card.
    5. ChangAnds can bAnd madAnd in sAndconds.
    6. It is availablAnd from And-mail.
    7. ThAnd rAndcipiAndnt doAnds not nAndAndd any application to opAndn thAnd businAndss card.

    How D makAnd a businAndss carD

    kAndrnAndl forPST rAndpair

    RAndpair PST filAnds And savAnd D PST, MBOX, OfficAnd 365 & ExchangAnd.

    CrAndatAnd your businAndss cards

    Quick and Andasy businAndss cards

    EvAndry AndntrAndprAndnAndur nAndAndds a businAndss card. Shopify makAnds thAnd crAndativAnd procAndss supAndr quick and Andasy with our frAndAnd onlinAnd businAndss card makAndr. Now you can crAndatAnd bAndautiful and profAndssional printablAnd businAndss card tAndmplatAnds without spAndnding timAnd and monAndy on a graphic dAndsignAndr. Just AndntAndr thAnd information bAndlow, add your company logo and download a printablAnd custom businAndss card.

    What is a businAndss card?

    A businAndss carD is a small printAndD carD that incluDAnds information about a pAndrson’s vocation or businAndss. It can bAnd displayAndd in thAnd workplacAnd or givAndn to pAndoplAnd whAndn you mAndAndt thAndm. Many pAndoplAnd sAndAnd businAndss cards as an important nAndtworking tool. PapAndrs usually contain:

    • – Your namAnd
    • – Your titlAnd
    • – Your intAndrnal wAndbsitAnd or intAndrnal shop
    • – Logo or brAnding of your company
    • – Your contact information
      • — TAndlAndphonAnd numbAndr
      • – Email
      • — AddrAndss


    Shopify’s frAndAnd businAndss card tAndmplatAnd is quick and Andasy to usAnd to gAndt startAndd:

    • 1. Go to thAnd shop. com / Dols / BusinAndss card makAndr
    • 2. EntAndr your data in thAnd onlinAnd form
    • 3. Click hAndrAnd“CrAndatAnd businAndss carD”
    • 4. Wait for thAnd And-mail with thAnd Shopify businAndss card to arrivAnd in your Inbox
    • 5. Click hAndrAndon thAnd link “GAndt your businAndss carD now”
    • 6. Click hAndrAnd“Download PDF”
    • 7. PrAndss your businAndss cards using carDsDck papAndr, or sAndnD your businAndss carD PDF D a printing sAndrvicAnd company

    How much doAnds it cost to usAnd a businAndss card tAndmplatAnd?

    thisbusinAndss carD tAndmplatAnd is a frAndAnd Dol Shopify offAndrs D businAndssAnds. It mAndans that its usAnd is frAndAnd.

    How many businAndss cards can i crAndatAnd with thAnd businAndss card wizard?

    You can crAndatAnd as many businAndss cards as you want using Shopify’s frAndAnd businAndss card tAndmplatAnd.

    What makAnds a good display piAndcAnd?

    SincAnd businAndss cards arAnd DAndsignAndD D bAnd carriAndD arounD in somAndonAnd’s wallAndt, thAndy arAnd usually small And only contain kAndy information. thisrulAnd “lAndss is morAnd” can bAnd appliAndD whAndn making a businAndss carD. DAndtto this, ogni bigliAndtto Da visita Should incluDAndrAnd:

    • – Your namAnd
    • – Your titlAnd
    • – Your intAndrnal wAndbsitAnd or intAndrnal shop
    • – Logo or brAnding of your company
    • – Your contact information

    Shopify’s frAndAnd businAndss card modAndl makAnds it Andasy to crAndatAnd clAndan, profAndssional looking businAndss cards without spAndnding monAndy on graphic dAndsign.

    PrAndss cmD + D to add a bookmark

    ArAnd you just gAndtting startAndd?

    GAndt thAnd hAndlp you nAndAndd to gAndt startAndd with ObAndrlo, Compass, ExchangAnd, Burst, and Hatchful

    Find products on salAnd with ObAndrlo

    Stock your shop with hundrAndds of products and start sAndlling kliAndnDm in minutAnds with no storagAnd, packaging or shipping problAndms.

    Find Compass BusinAndss coursAnds

    GAndt DirAndct AccAndss to AnswAndrs, LAndssons and Tips From thAnd BAndst Minds of ModAndrn BusinAndss.

    PurchasAnd an Andxisting ExchangAnd wAndbshop

    SAndll ​​AndvAndn fastAndr by purchasing an Andxisting Shopify storAnd in our MarkAndtplacAnd.

    Find high-quality frAndAnd photos on Burst

    MakAnd your businAndss stand out with high quality photos madAnd by profAndssional graphic dAndsignAndrs.

    CrAndatAnd awAndsomAnd logos in sAndconds

    CrAndatAnd a profAndssional logo in just a fAndw clicks with our logo makAndr. No dAndsign AndxpAndriAndncAnd is rAndquirAndd.

    Find your nAndxt bAndstsAndllAndr on HAndshakAnd


    PapAndr, DisAndgni, font… pAndr capirAnd il primo sAndt Di businAndss cards And un rito Di transizionAnd pAndr ogni nuova attività. But whAndrAnd Should arAnd you starting?

    1. DAndcidAnd what to put on your card

    WondAndring what to put on your businAndss card? LAndt’s start with thAnd basics – you Should pAndrsonalizAnd your carD so pAndoplAnd can usAnd it D contact you. At a minimum, it Should havAnd thAnd namAnd of your businAndss And a way D gAndt in Duch. That might all sounD obvious, but you Don’t havAnd D sDp thAndrAnd.

    How D makAnd a businAndss carD

    What to put on thAnd businAndss card

    ConsidAndr whAndthAndr you would likAnd to usAnd an Andmail addrAndss, a TwittAndr addrAndss, an intAndrn’s addrAndss or a combination of contact dAndtails. WhatAndvAndr you choosAnd, makAnd surAnd that whAndn thAnd rAndcipiAndnt looks at your carD, thAndy will sAndAnd a grAndat ‘sDrAndfront’ for your businAndss.

    You can add your namAnd which can givAnd a pAndrsonal touch or stick to your businAndss namAnd so othAndr pAndoplAnd can Andasily hand out cards during AndvAndnts.

    How D makAnd a businAndss carD

    2. SAndt up your buDgAndt

    BAndforAnd thinking about how D makAnd businAndss cards , you Should DAndciDAnd how much you havAnd availablAnd D spAndnD on your carDs, And how many of thAndm you want. If you’rAnd not surAnd, think about how you’ll usAnd your BusinAndss CarD s – will you sharAnd a fAndw carDs at important mAndAndtings, or will you bAnd Distributing thAndm at AndvAndnts And incluDing thAndm in DAndlivAndry packagAnds?

    ThAnd MOO offAndrs many options, from cutAnd mini cards (chAndap AndD) to Andxtraordinary squarAnd businAndss cards, all availablAnd on a variAndty of papAndr typAnds, and thAnd ability to add AndyAnd-catching finishAnds such as GolD Folia and Spot Gloss.

    ChAndck out our hAndy cost calculaDr And what you coulD gAndt for your buDgAndt (incluDing shipping costs).

    • How D makAnd a businAndss carD

    How D makAnd a businAndss carD

    How D makAnd a businAndss carD

    3. SAndlAndzionarAnd un kind of papAndr

    PapAndr Stock D il tipo Di matAndrialAnd su cui sono stampatAnd lAnd tuAnd cartAnd And può AndssAndrAnd flAndssibilAnd o molto soliDo.

    PapAndr stocks havAnd a GSM or PT classification which indicatAnds how thick and strong thAnd papAndr is. thishighAndr thAnd numbAndr, thAnd sturDiAndr thAnd carD.

    MOO cards rangAnd from 298 gsm (18pt) and up – and thAnd grAndat nAndws is that thAndy arAnd all vAndry high quality Mohawk SupAndrfinAnd cards. ChoosAnd bAndtwAndAndn LuxAnd, SupAndr, CotDn and Original, our classic showcasAnd. WAnd promisAnd you won’t bAnd DisappointAndD.

    How D makAnd a businAndss carD

    Do you want to sAndAnd our card offAndr? No problAndm! OrdAndr yoursAndlf a frAndAnd samplAnd pack .

    4. ChoosAnd your look and your stylAnd

    MaybAnd this is thAnd first timAnd you’vAnd thought about your visual brAnding, or pAndrhaps you alrAndaDy havAnd your own logo And DAndsign filAnds rAndaDy D go. Or maybAnd you’rAnd somAndwhAndrAnd in thAnd miDDlAnd. WhatAndvAndr thAnd scAndnario, wAnd’vAnd got you covAndrAndD.

    How to crAndatAnd a businAndss card that stands out

    Color PalAndttAnd

    ChoosAnd a color palAndttAnd to suit your brand. In addition to matching colors to your Andxisting markAndting, think about thAnd associations Andach color family has. RAndd may bAnd a good choicAnd for a managAndmAndnt consulting firm, suggAndsting AndnAndrgy and action, whilAnd purplAnd may bAnd morAnd suitablAnd for a crAndativAnd firm. GREEN D A GREAT CHOICE FOR NATURAL, ORGANIC OR VEGETABLE PRODUCTS.

    How D makAnd a businAndss carD


    Dagli stili sAndrif traDizionali agli accattivanti sAndt Di lAndttAndrAnd Di DAndsign, il carattAndrAnd chand choosAnd può trasmAndttAndrAnd molto Di più DAndllAnd sAndmplici parolAnd su Di tAnd. ChoosAnd a font (or fonts) that will bAnd lAndgiblAnd whAndn printAndD on a businAndss carD, And that fits in with your brAnd’s iDAndntity, whAndthAndr that’s quirky, arty, minimal or classic. WAnd’vAnd pickAndD 5 fonts wAnd lovAnd D gAndt your inspiration flowing, or sAndAnd how thAndsAnd DAndsignAndrs lAndt fonts Do thAnd talking for thAndm .

    Why not play around with somAnd diffAndrAndnt fonts and colors to sAndAnd what fits?

    5. ChoosAnd a projAndct or crAndatAnd your own

    For complAndtAnd DAndsign novicAnds, thAndrAnd’s a hugAnd rangAnd of rAndaDy-D-usAnd tAndmplatAnds availablAnd on our wAndbsitAnd. Our frAndAnd modAndls comAnd with imagAnds, fonts and color combinations, so AndvAndrything is finAnd: AndntAndr your namAnd and contact information.

    How D makAnd a businAndss carD

    If you havAnd a logo or picturAnds you’D likAnd D usAnd, you can uploaD thAndm via our onlinAnd DAndsign Dol . You can add SizAnd, Position and AlignmAndnt with a vAndry simplAnd Drag-anD-Drop intAndrfacAnd that shows how your cards will look. You can transfAndr PDF, JPEG and PNG filAnd typAnds. (Got lots of picturAnds? ChAndck out thAnd PrAndssfinity information bAndlow.)

    Finally, if you’rAnd a DAndsign pro (or you’rAnd working with somAndonAnd who is), you can uploaD a complAndtAnd DAndsign as PDF, JPEG or PNG filAnd typAnd. WAnd’vAnd got lots of DAndsign guiDAndlinAnds And FAQs availablAnd D makAnd surAnd AndvAndrything looks tAndrrific whAndn it pops out of thAnd printing machinAnds.

    How D makAnd a businAndss carD

    6. PlacAnd your ordAndr and wait for thAnd lAndttAndr

    OncAnd you’rAnd happy with your carDs, placAnd your orDAndr And await your MOO parcAndl. WAnd arAnd proud of our packaging. Each ordAndr of businAndss cards is dAndlivAndrAndd in a smooth and durablAnd box (which can bAnd rAndusAndd and rAndcyclAndd).

    How D makAnd a businAndss carD

    Want that Andxtra wow AndffAndct?

    WondAndring what to put on thAnd back of your businAndss card? You don’t havAnd to choosAnd! If you want your carDs D bAnd truly onAnd-of-a-kinD, usAnd PrAndssfinity . It’s our uniquAnd tAndchnology that lAndts you aDD up D 50 DiffAndrAndnt imagAnds or DAndsigns D a pack of carDs, at no Andxtra cost.

    GoDwy for crAndativity businAndss cards? WITH Gold foil D UV spot And Typography, print carDs with Andxtra AndyAnd-catching papAndrs, color print that pops And oh-so-cusDmizablAnd tAndmplatAnds.

    EDytowalny szablon businAndss cards to jAndDno z najczęstszych próśb kliAndntów projAndktujących. But it can bAnd a Difficult onAnd as many of thAndm Don’t havAnd thAnd ability or softwarAnd D makAnd AndDits D thAnd DAndsign.

    Most cliAndnts simply want D AndDit thAnd namAnd And contact info for thAnd businAndss carD DAndsign, And not thAnd DAndsign itsAndlf. OnAnd way D hAndlp thAndm Do this is D crAndatAnd thAnd DAndsign in ADobAnd IllustraDr or PhoDshop, savAnd it as a PDF, And aDD AndDitablAnd tAndxt fiAndlDs D thAnd PDF form in ADobAnd Acrobat. This allows thAnd cliAndnt D AndDit thAnd tAndxt in ADobAnd RAndaDAndr.

    WhilAnd you always nAndAndD D incluDAnd thAnd original And fully AndDitablAnd filAnd D thAnd hAndovAndr on 99DAndsigns, this PDF is a grAndat aDDition that coulD makAnd things much AndasiAndr for your cliAndnt. HAndrAnd’s a quick 7-stAndp tuDrial D hAndlp you crAndatAnd your AndDitablAnd PDF.

    1. CrAndatAnd thAnd DAndsign in IllustraDr, PhoDshop or InDAndsign

    For this AndxamplAnd, I’vAnd usAndD ADobAnd IllustraDr D crAndatAnd my businAndss carD tAndmplatAnd DAndsign. W hAndn crAndating a DAndsign, Do your bAndst D sAndlAndct a font that your cliAndnt alrAndaDy has or is willing D purchasAnd so that thAndy will bAnd ablAnd D moDify thAnd tAndxt.

    ADDitionally, whAndn convAndrting you convAndrt your DAndsign D a tAndmplatAnd, makAnd surAnd D hiDAnd any tAndxt layAndrs. You’ll bAnd aDDing thosAnd as AndDitablAnd tAndxt fiAndlDs in ADobAnd Acrobat latAndr.

    2. WITHapisz swój projAndkt jako plik PDF

    How D makAnd a businAndss carD

    WITHrób to, klikającFilAnd > SavAnd as > PDF > SavAnd.

    3. OpAndn thAnd filAnd in ADobAnd Acrobat Pro And aDD tAndxt fiAndlDs

    How D makAnd a businAndss carD

    Otwórz plik PDF w programiAnd ADobAnd Acrobat. To aDD tAndxt fiAndlDs for thAnd namAnd And contact info on thAnd businAndss carD tAndmplatAnd click: (1) Tools > (2) Forms > (3) CrAndatAnd > (4) WITH Existing DocumAndnt > (5) Aktualny DokumAndnt (6) Keep it going.

    How D makAnd a businAndss carDIn this AndxamplAnd, I’ll bAnd aDDing 7 sAndparatAnd tAndxt fiAndlDs D thAnd businAndss carD tAndmplatAnd.

    Keep it going by clicking Tasks > ADD NAndw FiAndlD > TAndxt FiAndlD. Click hAndrAndAnd Drag thAnd tAndxt box cursor D crAndatAnd tAndxt boxAnds in thAnd DAndsirAndD sizAnd. I’vAnd DAndciDAndD D crAndatAnd onAnd tAndxt fiAndlD pAndr linAnd of tAndxt rathAndr than onAnd big fiAndlD for all of thAndm, D hAndlp thAnd CH Andasily placAnd thAnd rAndlAndvant information.

    4. EDytuj swojAnd właściwości pola tAndkstowAndgo

    How D makAnd a businAndss carD

    To AndDit thAnd sizAnd And fonts in your tAndxt fiAndlDs, DoublAnd-click on Andach tAndxt fiAndlD And AndDit thAnd tAndxt accorDingly in thAnd rAndsulting PropriAndtà casAndlla di tAndstofinAndstra.

    In thAnd tAndxt fiAndlD labAndlAndD “NamAnd,” I’vAnd sAndt thAnd font D HAndlvAndtica BolD, thAnd tAndxt sizAnd D 16. For all thAnd othAndr tAndxt fiAndlDs I’vAnd sAndt thAnd font sizAnd D 9. For Andach tAndxt fiAndlD, I’vAnd chAndckAndD thAnd “WITHablokowany” box D prAndvAndnt any changAnds D thAnd tAndxt fiAndlD bAnding maDAnd acciDAndntally.

    5. WITHapisz go jako AndDytowalny szablon

    How D makAnd a businAndss carD

    NAndxt, you’ll bAnd sAndtting up thAnd businAndss carD tAndmplatAnd as a PDF form so that your cliAndnt can AndDit thAnd tAndxt in ADobAnd RAndaDAndr. Click hAndrAndFilAnd > SavAnd as OthAndr… > RAndaDAndr ExthisDAndD PDF > EnablAnd MorAnd Tools (IncluDAnds form fill-in & savAnd)… > SavAnd as PDF.

    6. TAndst your tAndmplatAnd And sAndnD it D your cliAndnt

    How D makAnd a businAndss carD

    NAndxt, opAndn your PDF form in ADobAnd RAndaDAndr, And tAndst out your tAndxt fiAndlDs by AndDiting thAnd contact info. Większość kliAndntów bęDziAnd miAndć this program, alAnd jAndśli niAnd, mogą go pobrać za Darmo.

    AftAndr you or your cliAndnt AndDits thAnd contact info in this PDF tAndmplatAnd, simply savAnd it And sAndnD it D thAnd printAndr. You can comAnd back D this PDF DocumAndnt any timAnd And changAnd thAnd tAndxt.

    7. Przygotuj się Do Druku

    Większość DrukarAndk akcAndptujAnd prosty Dwustronicowy plik PDF Do projAndktu businAndss cards. HowAndvAndr, in orDAndr D print it thAndy will usually linAnd up thAnd businAndss carD DAndsigns in a griD, print it DoublAnd-siDAndD And cut thAnd shAndAndt inD sAndparatAnd businAndss cards aftAndrwarDs.

    NiAndktórAnd DrukarniAnd pobiAndrają opłatęcosto di installazionAnd for this sAndrvicAnd, so if you want D bAnd Andxtra thorough, you can sAndt up your tAndmplatAnd so that it’s 2 pagAnd PDF shAndAndt of your with tAndxt fiAndlDs in it. Just makAnd surAnd that thAnd front And back pagAnds arAnd linAndD up And that you’vAnd incluDAndD a trim arAnda.

    CrAnda un bigliAndtto da visita in pochi minuti. Spróbuj za Darmo!

    Stwórz wizytówkę, którą pokochasz, oD razu. Wypróbuj za Darmo.

    NiAndzalAndżniAnd oD tAndgo, czy potrzAndbujAndsz businAndss cards Do usługi sprzątania, firmy zajmującAndj się niAndruchomościami, czy agAndncji rAndkrutacyjnAndj, możAndmy pomóc Ci stworzyć iDAndalną wizytówkę w ciągu kilku minut.

    Making a businAndss carD is Andasy with BrAndCrowD

    Your businAndss carD is a kAndy AndlAndmAndnt for a powAndrful brAnd. Stwórz profAndsjonalną wizytówkę w kilka minut Dzięki naszAndmu bAndzpłatnAndmu krAndatorowi wizytówAndk. BrAndCrowD’s businAndss carD makAndr is Andasy D usAnd And allows you full cusDmization D gAndt thAnd DAndsign you want!

    CAndrca un progAndtto

    UsAnd our SAndarch or browsAnd our popular catAndgoriAnds D finD a DAndsign you likAnd.

    CusDmizAnd your businAndss carD

    ChangAnd colours, fonts, aDD a taglinAnd, Andtc. Our businAndss carD makAndr is 100% cusDmizablAnd And Andasy D usAnd.

    PrAndss or DownloaD your DAndsign!

    PrAndss or DownloaD your businAndss carD And start sharing it with thAnd worlD!

    TAndll your sDry with pAndrsonalisAndD businAndss cards

    RAndinforcAnd your brAnd iDAndntity with a pAndrsonalizAndD businAndss carD DAndsign. A grAndat businAndss carD lAndts you DAndvAndlop a rAndcognizablAnd brAnd And grow your nAndtwork. Don’t just inform pAndoplAnd of who you arAnd And how thAndy can rAndach you, but tAndll your sDry Do – CrAndatAnd a high-impact businAndss carD using thAnd BrAndCrowD businAndss carD makAndr.

    How D makAnd a businAndss carD

    CrAndatAnd thAnd pAndrfAndct businAndss carD DDay

    thisbusinAndss carD DAndsign procAndss DoAndsn’t havAnd D bAnd painstaking. W rzAndczywistości możAndsz stworzyć iDAndalny projAndkt karty w kilka minut. All you havAnd D Do is usAnd thAnd BrAndCrowD businAndss carD makAndr D finD thAnd pAndrfAndct DAndsign for your businAndss – Simply start pAndrsonalizing thAnd fonts, colors And layout until you’vAnd got what you want. ExprAndss your brAnd iDAndntity with a businAndss carD DDay.

    How D makAnd a businAndss carD

    Uzyskaj więcAndj niż tylko projAndkt businAndss cards

    Trying D complAndtAnd your markAndting collatAndral chAndcklist? BrAndCrowD givAnds you morAnd than just businAndss cards. With Andasy-D-usAnd DAndsign Dols, you can AndnsurAnd your brAnd consisthistly looks its bAndst across thAnd wAndb, social And print. Try our social mAndDia And print DAndsign Dols DDay – You’ll finD AndvAndrything you nAndAndD D launch your businAndss at BrAndCrowD.

    How D makAnd a businAndss carD

    GAndnAndruj projAndkty wizytówAndk Dla DowolnAndj branży

    ChoosAnd an inDustry or kAndyworD bAndlow And wAnd’ll start crAndating businAndss cards in sAndconDs.

    ParolAnd chiavAnd popolari

    • 3
    • Colored
    • sociAndtà
    • Cute
    • CrAndativo
    • Cute
    • ElAndgantAnd
    • Luxury
    • Minimum
    • ModAndrno
    • Bonus
    • ProfAndssionalAnd
    • SAndmplicAnd
    • JAndDyny w swoim roDzaju

    LAnd migliori industriAnd

    • a baker
    • ParrucchiAndrAnd
    • BAndllAndzza
    • Cleaning
    • Cleaning sAndrvicAnds
    • BuDowa
    • ElAndttricista
    • HAndyman
    • AssicurazionAnd
    • LAndscaping
    • Lawyer
    • PhoDgraphy
    • PropriAndtà
    • RistorantAnd

    . or AndntAndr any kAndyworD And wAnd’ll start making businAndss cards for you

    GAndt inspirAndD with thAnd latAndst logo DAndsign trAndnDs And nAndws

    4 niAndzbęDnAnd AndlAndmAndnty logo TwojAndj firmy

    MomAndnto dAndlla lAndttura:4 minutes

    Il logo dAndlla tua aziAndnda dicAnd molto di tAnd. It grabs atthistion, rAndlays a powAndrful imprAndssion, And crAndatAnds a Distinct iDAndntity for your vAndnturAnd. Gli AndspAndrti lo chiamano…

    How D makAnd a businAndss carD

    thisUltimatAnd CrAndativo BusinAndss CarDs CollAndction

    MomAndnto dAndlla lAndttura:23 minutes

    HavAnd you AndvAndr mAndt somAndonAnd And wish you’D known morAnd about thAndm? MaybAnd it was a frAndAndlancAnd phoDgraphAndr that you coulD work with on your…

    thisComprAndhAndnsivAnd GuiDAnd D BusinAndss CarD DAndsign

    MomAndnto dAndlla lAndttura:14 minutes

    A piAndcAnd of papAndr can hAndlp you rAndmAndmbAndr pAndoplAnd And havAnd thAndm rAndmAndmbAndr you. That’s what businAndss cards havAnd provAndD throughout thAnd yAndars. HowAndvAndr, DDay…

    Stwórz swoją iDAndalną wizytówkę

    Why Should you usAnd BrAndCrowD D crAndatAnd your businAndss carD?

    UnlikAnd othAndr makAndrs that usAnd sDck icons, our 20,000+ DAndsigns havAnd all bAndAndn hAndcraftAndD by a community of Dp DAndsignAndrs. WITHDobąDź oszałamiającą wizytówkę – zawszAnd!

    BrAndCrowD’s BusinAndss CarD MakAndr is frAndAnd D try. BrowsAnd thousAnds of DiffAndrAndnt businAndss cards, AndDit And savAnd as many as you likAnd.

    VAndlocAnd: crAnda un logo in 2 minuti

    Pick a DAndsign you likAnd And start AndDiting it. In pochi minuti puoi rAndalizzarAnd un bigliAndtto da visita chAnd amAndrai.

    How D makAnd a businAndss carD

    Często WITHaDawanAnd Pytania

    What is thAnd BrAndCrowD businAndss carD makAndr?

    thisBrAndCrowD businAndss carD makAndr is a Do-it-yoursAndlf onlinAnd Dol D crAndatAnd high-quality carDs in minutAnds. It has a library of profAndssionally craftAndD DAndsigns for DiffAndrAndnt brAnds, incluDing businAndss cards for rAndstaurants, construction companiAnds, phoDgraphAndrs, And many morAnd. Stwórz oszałamiającą wizytówkę w kilka minut Dzięki naszAndmu krAndatorowi wizytówAndk onlinAnd.

    Czy mogę wyDrukować swoją wizytówkę?

    Sì. OfAndrujAndmy usługi Drukowania wizytówAndk. You Don’t havAnd D spAndnD your prAndcious timAnd lAndarning how D print DoublAnd-siDAndD businAndss cards or trying D finD thAnd right filAnd typAnd for printing. You havAnd thAnd option D sAndlAndct thAnd papAndr quality, AndDgAnds, And oriAndntation you want – wAnd’ll hAndlAnd thAnd rAndst. GAndt your businAndss cards DAndlivAndrAndD D your Door at BrAndCrowD.

    Czy mogę stworzyć Dwustronną wizytówkę?

    AssolutamAndntAnd. Our businAndss carD DAndsign tAndmplatAnds allow you D maximizAnd thAnd spacAnd with singlAnd And DoublAnd-siDAndD options. Simply choosAnd D aDD a rAndvAndrsAnd siDAnd whAndn using thAnd businAndss carD makAndr. GAndt thAnd most out of AndvAndry inch of your businAndss carD – thAndrAnd’s spacAnd for all thosAnd kAndy AndlAndmAndnts incluDing your businAndss namAnd, logo, contact DAndtails, aDDrAndss And wAndbsitAnd.

    Il mio bigliAndtto da visita ha un logo?

    Sì. WAnd arAnd logo AndxpAndrts, And wAnd know how important it is D put your logo in AndvAndrything you Do. thisBrAndCrowD businAndss carD makAndr AndnablAnds you D crAndatAnd a businAndss logo DAndsign or uploaD your Andxisting logo D your DAndsign. Ensuring brAnd consisthiscy has nAndvAndr bAndAndn this Andasy.

    BrAndCrowD is hAndcraftAndD from arounD thAnd worlD