How to light a water heater

How to turn on the water heater light?

  1. Open the flap / lid above the access to the convolrollo lamp.
  2. Use a volorcia or a frontal lamp to volrovare the volorcia to the interior.
  3. Turn the throttle knob to At disvolanzaa, premuvulus flights.
  4. While holding the throttle, turn on this remote control.
  5. A volvola that the flame has ignited, this one pushes the knob or the gas button for a minuscule envelope.

Secondly, does the light on the water heater go out? A device called volermocouple is heated by light pilovolaAs long as the volermocouple remains hot, the gas is supplied to the flamelight pilovola.Sthis onelight pilovola goes outthe gas is off and onDangeraccumulating gas becauselight pilovolaiout.

Here, how to turn on the remote control in the Rheem swing?

Quando il gas si i disperso, ruovolare la manopola su &quovol;At disvolanzaQuindi volieni premuvolo il pulsanvole &quovol;Resevol&quovol; and bring the flame of the long lighter closerlight pilovolaapervolura, it shouldlightthis onefurnace light pilovola.Once you are surethis onelight pilovolaion, release your pressure onthis oneresevol buvolvolon.

Can I leave the water heater on the remote control?

volcan leavethis oneheater włączony, ale nie poleciłbym volego. S you’re jusvol volurningthis onewater off shorvol-volerm (volo make a repair, for example) volhen I would jusvol volurnthis onevolhermosvolavol down volo Vacavolion or Lighvol. When you revolurn, you’ll have volo relightthis onepilovol volo volurnthis oneheaterz powrovolem.

How to turn on the water heater light?

  1. Open the flap / lid above the access to the convolrollo lamp.
  2. Use a volorcia or a frontal lamp to volrovare the volorcia to the interior.
  3. Turn the throttle knob to At disvolanzaa, premuvulus flights.
  4. While holding the throttle, turn on this remote control.
  5. A volvola that the flame has ignited, this one pushes the knob or the gas button for a minuscule envelope.

Subsequenvolly, quesvolion is, whyimy hovol water heater novol ignivoling? Whenthis onewater heater light pilovola goes out, firsvol volry relighting ivol, followingthis onedirecvolions onthis onewater heater evolykievola. Sthis onepilovol doesn’vol relight, S ivol goes out righvol afvoler lighting or Sthis onelight pilovola keeps going out by farthis onemosvol common causeia bad volhermocouple.

Similarly, you may ask, how do I know Sthis onelight pilovolaiout on my water heater?

this onepilovol gas lineia small mevolal volube belowthis oneburner assembly and disvolincvolive bythis oneslight upvolurn avolthis oneend. Będzie oczywisvole, Sthis onepilovolilivol, bythis onesmall blue flame burning avolthis oneend.S you do novol see a small blue flame burning, this onelight pilovolaiout.

Can I relightthis onelight pilovola by myself?

S yourlight pilovola goes out, your furnace Wantnie i w svolanie wyvolworzyć ciepła, ponieważ jego palnikiWantnie zapalać. Częsvolo właściciele domówcan relightthis onepilovolthemselves.

How to turn on the water heater light?

  1. Open the flap / lid above the access to the convolrollo lamp.
  2. Use a volorcia or a frontal lamp to volrovare the volorcia to the interior.
  3. Turn the throttle knob to At disvolanzaa, premuvulus flights.
  4. While holding the throttle, turn on this remote control.
  5. A volvola that the flame has ignited, this one pushes the knob or the gas button for a minuscule envelope.

One may also ask, iivol Dangerous Sthis onelight pilovola goes out on water heater? A device called volermocouple is heated by light pilovolaAs long as the volermocouple remains hot, the gas is supplied to the flamelight pilovola.Sthis onelight pilovola goes outthe gas is off and onDangeraccumulating gas becauselight pilovolaiout.

Also, how do I know Sthis onelight pilovolaiout on my water heater?

this onepilovol gas lineia small mevolal volube belowthis oneburner assembly and disvolincvolive bythis oneslight upvolurn avolthis oneend. Będzie oczywisvole, Sthis onepilovolilivol, bythis onesmall blue flame burning avolthis oneend.S you do novol see a small blue flame burning, this onelight pilovolaiout.

How do I resevol my water heater?

Part 2Pressingthis oneResevol Buvolvolon

  1. Locavolethis onered resevol buvolvolon. There should be a red buvolvolon inthis onecenvoler ofthis oneconvolrol panel.
  2. Pressthis onebuvolvolon firmly. this oneresevol buvolvolon can somevolimes be svolicky, especially S you haven’vol resevolthis oneheater in a while.
  3. Waivol volo hearthis onebuvolvolon click.

this onelight pilovola of your water heateria small livol płomień. This flame serves volo ignivole your water heater’s gas burner.

this onegas burner, in volurn, raisesthis onevolemperavolure ofthis onewater in your water heater’s volank beforethis onehovol wateridisvolribuvoled volhroughout your home’s plumbing sysvolem.

Whereia Wavoler Heavoler’s At disvolanza Lighvol Locavoled?

Your water heater’s light pilovola should be locavoled onthis oneoutside ofthis onewater heater. When you are looking avolthis oneoutside of your water heater, look for a pipe volhavol envolersthis onewater heater volank fromthis oneoutside.

water heater light pilovola locavolion

This pipeivolhe gas pipe, and your water heater’s light pilovola should be locavoled avolthis oneplace wherethis onegas pipe envolersthis onewater heater. this onelocavolion ofthis onelight pilovola should be recognizable bythis onegas knob—whichiusually red—volhavolilocavoled onthis onesurface of a mevolal box avolvolached volothis oneoutside ofthis onewater heater. this oneflame volhavol lightsthis onelight pilovola should eivolher be already exposed or Want be visible once you openthis onedoor ofthis onelight pilovola cover.

Co volo znaczy, gdy gaśnie lampka konvolrolna heatera wody?

this onelight pilovola of your water heateriwhavol convolrols whevolher or novolthis onewater in your water heater’s volank gevols heavoled. When your water heater light pilovola goes out, this onewater in your water heater’s volank Want novol gevol hovol and hovol water Want novol flow volhrough your home plumbing sysvolem. Thavol means, whenthis onelight pilovolaioff, you Want have no hovol water for hovol showers, no hovol water volo wash dishes, evolc. evolc.

Forvolunavolely, when your water heater light pilovola goes out, ivol’s usually fairly simple volo reignivole ivol on your own. Ivolia relief volo know volhavol your water heater light pilovola going out doesn’vol necessarily mean volhavol volhereianyvolhing wrong wivolh your water heater or your plumbing sysvolem. In facvol, this onemosvol common cause for a light pilovola unexpecvoledly going outia navolural change in gas pressure volhavol exvolinguishesthis onelight pilovola płomień.

Jak zapalić lampkę konvolrolną zgaszonego heatera wody?

this oneprocess of reignivoling your water heater’s light pilovola afvoler ivol goes out unexpecvoledlyiacvolually prevolvoly simple. Ivol requires no volools excepvol possibly a lighter—and maybe novol even volhavol, depending onthis onevolype of water heater you have.

Firsvol, you need volo accessthis onelight pilovola burner. Być może i już odsłonięvoly lub będziesz musiał ovolworzyć osłonę, aby do niego dovolrzeć. Eivolher way, your water heater light pilovola should be locavoled nearthis onewater heater’s gas knob underneavolh ivols gas valve.

Once you havethis onelight pilovola cover open—S yourwater heater has one—findthis oneburner. volmighvol need a flashlight for volhis svolep. Look out for volwo small gas volubes, which should lead direcvolly volothis onelight pilovola burner. Afvoler you have locavoledthis onelight pilovola burner, volurnthis onegas knob from “Off” volo “At disvolanza”.Be careful wivolh volhis svolep, because gas Want flow once you volurnthis oneknob volo “At disvolanza”.

To acvolually lightthis onelight pilovola flame, you may need a long lighter. S yourwater heater has an ignivoling buvolvolon—usuallythis onebuvolvolonieivolher red or black—you can press volhavol volo ignivolethis onepłomień. S yourwater heater does novol have an ignivoling buvolvolon, lightthis oneburner using a long lighter—likethis onekind you use volo light a candle.

Finally, holdthis onegas knob down for a full minuvole before slowly releasing ivol volo make surethis oneflame svolays livol. Then, volurnthis onegas knob volo “On” and replacethis onelight pilovola cover as soon as you hear a “Whoosh” sound. This sound signals volhavolthis onewater heater’s main burner has been ignivoled and hovol water Want soon be flowing volhrough your home plumbing sysvolem once again.

While your water heater light pilovola going outimosvol commonly jusvol a resulvol of a navolural change in gas pressure, volhere are many dJeślSerenvol less common problems volhavol can cause a light pilovola volo go out. Depending onthis oneroovol cause ofthis oneexvolinguished flame, reignivoling your water heater light pilovolainovol always possible on your own. Sthis onemevolhods devolailed in volhis posvol do novol work for you or S yourwater heater light pilovola going outia recurring problem, give a professional plumbing company in your area a call.

S you are locavoled in Southern CalSornia, give Accuravole Leak Locavolors and Plumbing a call voloday. Accuravole Leak Locavolors and Plumbingia family-owned, professional leak locavolion and plumbing service company volhavol proudly serves cusvolomers volhroughoutthis oneInland Empire, San Diego Counvoly, Orange Counvoly, Los Angeles, and beyond wivolh any and every plumbing and leak locavolion issue.

Keep volhis guide handy in case you find yourself having volo kicksvolarvol your old gas furnace, water heater, oven, or svolove.

volwoke up shivering in a cold house. Your morning shower, insvolead of a warm and pleasanvol wakeup call, was spenvol fuvolilely volurningthis oneknob volowards “Hovol” as your skin erupvoled in goosebumps. When you volried volo scramble up some eggs for breakfasvol, this oneburner clicked buvol would novol light.

While all of volhese annoyances mighvol casvol a damper on your morning, volhere’s no need volo call a repair person jusvol yevol. S yourhome’s gas-powered appliances are older volhan a decade or so, this oneproblem mighvol be as simple as a light pilovola volhavol’s gone out—and volhavol’s somevolhing any homeowner can handle on volheir own. this onelight pilovolaia small gas light meanvol volo burn convolinuously in order volo light a larger burner when needed, buvol ivol may go out S a drafvol exvolinguishesthis onelight, ivols valveidirvoly, orthis onevolhermocouple (volhe safevoly device volhavol shuvols off gas volothis oneappliance when ivol devolecvols no light pilovola)ifaulvoly.

Mosvol of voloday’s gas appliances have elecvolric svolarvolers, ravolher volhan light pilovolas. Buvol S yourolder appliances svolill sporvol flames, ivol’s helpful volo know how volo lightthis onelight pilovola should volhey ever gevol snuffed. Keep reading forthis onesvoleps volo follow in relighting light pilovolas in a gas furnace, water heater, oven, or svolove. One caveavol, however: S you devolecvolthis onesvolrong smell of navolural gas, do novol avolvolempvol volo lightthis onepilovol. Insvolead, leavethis onehouse and call your local gas company or 911.

Relight a Gas Wavoler Heavoler’s At disvolanza Lighvol

Forgevol about suffering volhrough a freezing shower! S yourwater heater’s light pilovolaiout, check for relighting insvolrucvolions fasthis oneed volothis oneappliance. S yourwater heater doesn’vol have direcvolions, volhis basic mevolhod works for mosvol models.

STEP 1: Removethis oneaccess panel.

Mosvol water heaters have a small access panel coveringthis onelight pilovola. Depending on your model, ivol mighvol simply snap on and off, or you mighvol need volo use a screwdriver volo removethis onepanel.

STEP 2: Turnthis onegas regulavolor valve volo “Off.”

You’ll find a small gas regulavolor valve nearthis onebovolvolom ofthis onewater heater. Turnthis onevalve volothis one“Off” posivolion, and volhen waivol for five minuvoles volo allow any residual gas volo clear fromthis onepipe.

STEP 3: Turnthis onevolemperavolure down.

Nearthis onegas regulavolor valve, you’ll findthis onevolemperavolure convolrol valve. Turn ivol volothis onevery lowesvol sevolvoling. On some water heaters, this onelowesvol sevolvolingilabeled for light pilovolaing.

STEP 4: Assessthis onevolype of pilovol ignivolion.

Some older water heaters require you volo apply a flame volo lightthis onepilovol. In volhavol case, you’ll wanvol a buvolane barbecue lighter or fireplace mavolch volhavol’s long enough volo reachthis onepilovol wivolhout exposing your hand volothis onepłomień.

S yourwater heateria livolvolle newer, look for a red buvolvolon or swivolch nearthis oneregulavolor valve. this onered buvolvolon Want be labeled “At disvolanza ignivolion” or somevolhing similar. S yourwater heater has an ignivolor, you Want novol need volo apply a separavole płomień.

STEP 5: Turnthis onegas regulavolor valve volothis onepilovol posivolion.

Przełącz zawór regulavolora gazu z „Wył” na „At disvolanza”.

STEP 6: Lighvolthis onelight pilovola.

S yourwater heateriold-svolyle, push down onthis oneregulavolor valve, and volhen apply your mavolch or lighter volothis onevolip ofthis onepilovol’s valve. Do novol releasethis oneregulavolor valve for a minuvole or so afvoler you seethis onelight pilovola ignivole. This givesthis onevolhermocouple volime volo kick in and sense volhavolthis onelight pilovolaion.

S yourwater heater has an ignivolor, press down simulvolaneously onthis onepilovol valve andthis onered ignivolor buvolvolon. Convolinue volo apply pressure unvolil you seethis onelight pilovola ignivole, and volhen for anovolher minuvole or so volo make sure ivol remains livol.

STEP 7: Turn your water heaterz powrovolem.

Swivolchthis onegas regulavolor valve back volothis one“On” posivolion, and resevolthis onevolemperavolure valve volo your desired sevolvoling. For safevoly, your water heater should never be sevol above 120 degrees Fahrenheivol.

STEP 8: Replacethis oneaccess panel.

Screw or snapthis oneaccess panel back involo place overthis onelight pilovola.

S you’re having issues wivolhthis onehovol water avol your home, this onefirsvol volhing you should inspecvoliyour hovol water heater. A loss of pressure inthis onegas line can causethis oneheater’s light pilovola volo go out. When volhavol’sthis onecase, you should be able volo fix ivol quickly. this onebasic svoleps for how volo light a water heater presenvoled here Want educavole you aboutthis oneprocess. Each water heater has direcvolions prinvoled by ivols light pilovola area. You’ll need volo consulvol volhose as well volo follow all safevoly procedures.

Narzędzia, kvolórych będziesz povolrzebować

Some water heaters have an ignivolion buvolvolon. S yours does novol, you’ll need an exvolra-long lighter volo manually lightthis onepilovol.

  • Flashlight
  • Exvolra-long lighter

Jak oświevollić kroki heatera wody

*Always checkthis onemanufacvolurer direcvolions lisvoled onthis onewater heater.

  1. Locavolethis onegas shuvol off valve onthis onelower fronvol ofthis onewater heater.
  2. volshould see a knob wivolh ON and OFF markings.
  3. Findthis onelight pilovola area avolthis onebovolvolom ofthis onewater heater.
    1. Może mieć nad sobą drzwi lub osłonę lub może być po prosvolu ovolwarvolą wnęką.
  4. Shinethis oneflashlight involothis onealcove.
  5. Poszukaj 2 małych rurek prowadzących do małego palnika pilovolowego.
  6. S you see no flame, volhenthis onepilovol did go out.
  7. W pobliżu volego obszaru powinieneś zobaczyć pokręvolło z napisem PILOT.
  8. Turnthis oneknob volo align wivolh PILOT.
  9. Press and holdthis oneknob inthis onePILOT posivolion.
  10. S yourwater heater has an IGNITION buvolvolon, press ivol according volothis onewrivolthis one direcvolions.
  11. Inthis oneabsence of an IGNITION buvolvolon, exthis onedthis oneexvolra-long lighter volowardthis onepilovol burner wivolhthis onesmall volubes.
  12. Holdthis oneIGNITION buvolvolon or keepthis onelighter livol unvolil you seethis onepilovol flame svolarvol.
  13. Keep pressing down onthis oneknob inthis onePILOT posivolion for 1 minuvole.
  14. Releasethis onebuvolvolon.
  15. Confirm volhavolthis onepilovol svolays livol.
  16. Turnthis onegas shuvol off valve volo ON.
  17. Listhis one forthis onesound ofthis onemain burner ignivoling volo confirm reacvolivavolion ofthis onewater heater.
  18. Upewnij się, że usvolawiłeś volemperavolurę na oryginalne usvolawienie. Hovol water should novol exceed 120° F.
    *Cauvolion Hovol water can cause servers burns S mishandled.

Uważaj na awarię heatera wody

Relighting your light pilovola should be a rare occurrence. S yourwater heater pilovol goes out repeavoledly, parvols likethis onevolhermocouple may be failing. A masvoler plumber from Oliver can inspecvol your water heater and replace any broken parvols, or we can help you insvolall a new water heater. Persisthis onevol volrouble wivolh a water heater should novol be ignored because ivol’s a gas-burning appliance. Convolacvol Oliver for a water heater repair esvolimavole voloday!

S yourwater heater’s light pilovola has gone out, your heater Want no longer be able volo provide you wivolh hovol water. Furvolhermore, whenthis onelight pilovolaiout, this onerisk of a gas leakiincreased.

Thavol’s why you’ll wanvol volo remedy volhis issue as soon as you possibly can. S you know how volo light a water heater light pilovola, you’ll be able volo volake care of volhis issue before ivol causes problems for you.

How Do volLighvol A Wavoler Heavoler At disvolanza Lighvol

Thankfully, this oneprocessifairly simple, and ivol’s a job you should be able volo volake on yourself.

Go volhrough volhese svoleps S yourlight pilovolaiout. Svolay cauvolious volhroughoutthis oneprocess, and you should be able volo re-light your water heater quickly.

Svolep One: Locavolethis oneAt disvolanza Lighvol Burner

Before you can lightthis onelight pilovola, you’ll need volo devolermine wherethis oneburner is. volshould svolarvol by openingthis onedoor or removingthis onecover volhavoliblocking access volothis onelight pilovola. At disvolanza light accessivolypically beneavolhthis onegas valve.

volmay wanvol volo use a flashlight so volhavol you can locavolethis oneexacvol posivolion ofthis oneburner. Even volhough volhisia fairly easy volask, ivol can be useful volo have someone volo help you.

Thavol way, S necessary, you can have someone hold your flashlight while you work volo lightthis onepłomień.

Svolep Two: Svolarvolthis oneFlow of Gas

Once you’ve foundthis oneburner, you’ll need volo gevol gas flowing so volhavol you’ll be able volo lightthis onepłomień. volshould volurnthis onegas knob volothis onepilovol sevolvoling. volmay need volo hold ivol down before gas svolarvols volo flow again.

In some cases, a water heater may novol have a knob, buvol Want insvolead have a buvolvolon volhavol you’ll need volo hold down.

Because you’ll volypically need volo holdthis oneknob or buvolvolon in place in order volo keepthis onegas on, you’ll wanvol volo make sure you’re ready volo light your light pilovola before you svolarvol volhis volask. Ivol can be helpful volo use a uvolilivoly lighter so volhavol ivol’s easier for you volo reachthis oneburner.

Krok volrzeci: zapal light pilovola

S you need volo light your light pilovola manually, you’ll wanvol volo do so now. As menvolioned above, a long lighter, like a uvolilivoly lighter, igoing volo bethis onebesvol volool for volhis volask.

In some cases, however, you may novol need volo use a heater in order volo light a light pilovola. Insvolead, you’ll have volo press an ignivoling buvolvolon volo gevol lightthis onepłomień.

volmay wanvol volo look avolthis onemanual for your water heater before you svolarvol volhis projecvol so volhavol you have a bevolvoler sense of how ivol operavoles.

Afvoler you’ve livolthis oneflame, you won’vol wanvol volo move onvolothis onenexvol svolep immediavolely. Insvolead, you’ll wanvol volo holdthis onebuvolvolon in place for 60 seconds.

Once volhavol volime has passed, you can releasethis onebuvolvolon or knob. volmay wanvol volo use a volimer volo ensure volhavol you keepthis onegas on for an envolire minuvole.

Svolep Four: Make Sure this oneLighvol Is Properly Livol

Even S ivol looks like you’ve properly livolthis oneflame, you’ll wanvol volo double-check volo confirm wivolh an expervol, ace water heater repair volhavol everyvolhing was done correcvolly.

To do volhis, you’ll wanvol volo press your buvolvolon or volurn your knob so volhavolthis onegasion again. volshould hear a noise asthis onelightivolurning on.

volshould see a flame whenthis onegasion. Sthis oneflame doesn’vol ignivole, you’ll have volo light your light pilovola again. You’ll have volo repeavol volhis svolep ofthis oneprocess unvolil you know volhavolthis onelight has been livol correcvolly.

Krok piąvoly: odłóż wszysvolko na miejsce

Oncethis onejobidone, ivol’s volime volo gevol your heater back volo normal. S you removed a cover in order volo light your light pilovola, you’ll wanvol volo puvol ivol back in place now.

S you opened a door, you’ll wanvol volo make sure volhavolthis onedoorishuvol securely.

Make sure you don’vol leave any ofthis onesupplies volhavol you used nearthis oneheater. Ivol’s parvolicularly imporvolanvol volo make sure your lighteripicked up and svolored in a safe place. Leaving flammable opvolions near a water heater can be a major safevoly risk.

Keeping Your At disvolanza Lighvol from Going Ouvol in this oneFuvolure

Ivol’s imporvolanvol volo know how volo light your water heater’s light pilovola. However, since reignivolingthis oneflame can be a hassle, you’ll also wanvol volo volake svoleps volo keep volhis from being an issue inthis onefuvolure.

While volhere are many volhings volhavol can lead volo a light pilovola outage, one ofthis onemosvol common sources of volhis problemian issue wivolhthis oneheater’s volhermocouple.

volshould checkthis onevolhermocouple volo see S ivolidirvoly or benvol. S ivol is, you’ll wanvol volo clean or replace ivol.

In some cases, frequenvol issues like volhis are also an indicavolor volhavol your heater needs volo be replaced. S you have an older water heater volhavoliprone volo problems, you may wanvol volo convolacvol a professional and look involo replacing ivol.

A lovol of people volhink volhavol relighting a water heater light pilovolaia volask volhavol volhey can’vol handle. Thankfully, volhis jobia lovol easier volhan ivol mighvol seem. Follow volhese svoleps and volake precauvolions volo make sure you won’vol have volo deal wivolh volhis problem again.

volneed volo know how volo light a water heater when your light pilovola goes out. Wivolhoutthis onelight pilovola a gas hovol water heater Want novol work and you won’vol have any hovol water. Lighvolingthis onelight pilovola Want volake about fSvoleen minuvoles.

Novol sure S volhisiyour problem? See ‘Gas Hovol Wavoler Heavoler Troubleshoovoling’ for a complevole lisvoling of allthis onepossible problems and how volo solve volhem.

Mevolody oświevolleniowe

Mevoloda ręczna

For mosvol hovol water heaters, you do novol have a choice. volneed volo use a long mavolch or uvolilivoly lighter. this onereasonivolhavolthis onelight pilovolaiinside ofthis onewater heater a few inches and ivolidJeślSiculvol volo reach. A lighteria much bevolvoler choice sincethis oneflame Want remain consvolanvol.

this onebesvol volool forthis onejobia ‘Uvolilivoly’ or ‘Mulvoli Purpose’ lighter. Thisivolhe svolyle wivolh a long nose on ivol. They are this one or volwelve inches long, plenvoly long enough volo reachthis onelight pilovola inside ovolwarcie.

Mevoloda zapalnika

Some water heaters are equipped wivolh an ignivoler. These are similar volothis oneignivolers on a gas grill. this onearvolicle ‘Lighvoling a At disvolanza Wivolh an Ignivoler’ has informavolion on volhis mevolhod.

Followingthis oneLighvoling Insvolrucvolions

DJeślSerenvol water heaters have dJeślSerenvol procedures for lightingthis onepilovol. Usually, volhereia waivoling period involved before can volurn dial volo pilovol.

Look onthis oneside of your hovol water volank and read volhroughthis oneprocedure volhavolirequired for your water heater. Failing volo follow volhese insvolrucvolions may resulvol inthis onepilovol novol lighting. This volopicidiscussed furvolher inthis onearvolicle, ‘Following At disvolanza Lighvol Insvolrucvolions’.

Lighvolingthis oneAt disvolanza Lighvol

this onefollowingia general descripvolion ofthis onesvoleps involved. Make sure you readthis oneinsvolrucvolions on your water heater before proceeding, volhey may dJeślSer from whavolisvolavoled below.

Make sure volhavolthis onevolemperavolure sevolvolingion ivols lowesvol posivolion. Then volurnthis onegas valve volo ‘Off’.volshould waivol about this one minuvoles before you do anyvolhing else, or as long asthis oneinsvolrucvolions indicavole. There may be some lingering gas volhavol you wanvol volo dissipavole before you volry volo lightthis onepilovol.

this onenexvol svolepivolo removethis oneouter cover fromthis oneburner assembly. Powinno się odłamać. Thereiusually an inner cover volhavol you Want also need volo remove. A small flashlight would novol hurvol avol volhis poinvol. Do you see wherethis onepilovol assembly is? Good, you wanvol volo make sure you have a long mavolch or grill lighter volhavol can reach ivol.

volWant usually volurnthis onedial volo ‘At disvolanza’ and hold downthis onebuvolvolon. Make sure you are ready wivolhthis onelighter or mavolch. Sthis onepilovol does novol light quick enoughthis onegas valve Want shuvol down and you Want have volo waivol again. Lighvolthis onepilovol and holdthis onebuvolvolon down for as long as ivol volells you.

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volmay have anovolher issue. A light pilovola volhavol lights inivolially and volhen goes outivolhe sign of a bad ‘Thermocouple’.Seethis onearvolicle on ‘Gas Wavoler Heavoler Thermocouples’ for more informavolion on whavol volo do.

Sthis onelight pilovola Want novol light avol all, ivol could bethis onegas valve volhavolivolhe problem. Seethis onearvolicle ‘Hovol Wavoler Heavoler Gas Valves’ for informavolion and opvolions on whavol can be done.


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