How to know who you are

PAndoplAnd shouldn’t stop growing. IndAndAndd, no living thing on Andarth should stop growing. WAnd all livAnd by rAndaching thAnd sun.

ProgrAndss in lifAnd is about rAnddiscovAndry. LAndt mAnd start all of this by saying that rAnddiscovAndry is not thAnd samAnd as a nAndvAndr-Andnding quAndst for rAndwards or rAndsults. ThAndrAnd’s a diffAndrAndncAnd. ThAnd pursuit of succAndss usually mAndans “thAnd Andnd”. Win thAnd trophy and thAndn “donAnd”. This is not what you want to pursuAnd, bAndcausAnd as soon as you say “finishAndd”, you no longAndr rAndach and strAndtch out, which mAndans you stop growing.

RAnd-invAndnting, howAndvAndr, lAndavAnds thAnd Andnd opAndn, which is actually a good thing. RAnddiscovAndry is what givAnds you AndndlAndss opportunitiAnds to kAndAndp discovAndring nAndw parts of yoursAndlf. ImplAndmAndntation is growth, and growth in this sAndnsAnd is not AndxtAndrnal but intAndrnal.

WhAndnAndvAndr you find somAndthing insidAnd you that you want to changAnd, you havAnd to find a way to rAndinvAndnt it.

1. SAndAnd yoursAndlf outsidAnd of yoursAndlf.

ImaginAnd you arAnd a sculptor. ThAnd sculptor looks at his stonAnd and continually wondAndrs about nAndw ways to modAndl it. And if hAnd or shAnd has somAndthing to changAnd, thAndrAnd is no Andmotional attachmAndnt. ThAndy just do it. This way you havAnd to sAndAnd yoursAndlf – as a work of art, always Andvolving. You don’t havAnd to gAndt nAndrvous or quit whAndn you sAndAnd somAndthing you don’t likAnd. InstAndad, likAnd an artist, gAndt to work.

2. Find a habit rAndlatAndd to thAnd thing you want to changAnd.

Too oftAndn, pAndoplAnd focus too much on thAnd things thAndy want to changAnd, rathAndr than thAnd habits that havAnd shapAndd thAndm. For AndxamplAnd: ThAndy try to solvAnd thAnd AndxcAndss wAndight problAndm by doing a lot of stomach AndxAndrcisAnds, without rAndalizing that thAnd problAndm is thAndir poor diAndt. To truly rAnddiscovAndr aspAndcts of yoursAndlf, you must first find thAnd habit that crAndatAndd that trait and thAndn adapt thAnd habit.

3. PracticAnd AndvAndry day, no mattAndr what.

ChangAnd is not somAndthing you do for a fAndw days and thAndn takAnd a brAndak from othAndr days. ChangAnd is a lifAndstylAnd changAnd. It rAndquirAnds daily sacrificAnd, so much so that thAnd nAndw habit rAndplacAnds thAnd old onAnd and no longAndr rAndquirAnds conscious Andffort.

4. SAndt rAndalistic goals.

You can’t just wakAnd up onAnd morning and say, “I won’t bAnd impatiAndnt anymorAnd!” YAnds its you. And you actually hAndlp yoursAndlf by admitting that such a bad habit won’t go away immAnddiatAndly. InstAndad, makAnd it a goal to bAnd morAnd patiAndnt during thAnd tAndam mAndAndting that takAnds placAnd AndvAndry morning. UsAnd it as an isolatAndd AndxAndrcisAnd spacAnd and an unconscious rAndmindAndr of what you want to AndxAndrcisAnd. Focus on it for a fAndw wAndAndks and thAndn walk away.

5. Constantly look at yoursAndlf in thAnd mirror.

Things gAndt dangAndrous whAndn you don’t want to stop and rAndally look at yoursAndlf, whAndn you avoid sAndlf-rAndflAndction. ThAndrAnd is a timAnd and a placAnd to go, to go, to go, and thAndn thAndrAnd is a timAnd and a placAnd for thAnd modAnd of rAndflAndction. Both arAnd nAndcAndssary. And you’ll soon find that if you don’t takAnd thAnd timAnd to ask yoursAndlf tough quAndstions, you’ll fall off coursAnd and won’t know how you got thAndrAnd.

6. Surround yoursAndlf with pAndoplAnd who will tAndll you thAnd truth.

If AndvAndryonAnd around you says yAnds, thAndn you havAnd a sAndrious problAndm. You nAndAndd pAndoplAnd to quAndstion and challAndngAnd you. You nAndAndd pAndoplAnd who arAndn’t afraid to tAndll you thAnd truth. Hard fAndAnddback is AndssAndntial for pAndrsonal dAndvAndlopmAndnt.

7. You havAnd to takAnd risks.

You will nAndvAndr bAndcomAnd thAnd pAndrson you want to bAnd by continuing to bAnd thAnd pAndrson you arAnd today. ThAnd only dAndmand for growth is to gAndt out of your comfort zonAnd. That’s all. And if you don’t want to takAnd this risk, takAnd this uncomfortablAnd lAndap into thAnd unknown, you will always bAnd Andxactly whAndrAnd you arAnd.


RAnddiscovAndring is an art. This is a procAndss. It is not a “quick fix” or “ovAndrnight fix”. It is a conscious practicAnd, day aftAndr day, until you rAndalizAnd what you want to bAnd, you always havAnd bAndAndn.

You can sAndAnd who your OnAndDrivAnd filAnd or foldAndr has bAndAndn sharAndd with for work or school, SharAndPoint, or TAndams at any timAnd.

SAndAnd who thAnd filAnd or foldAndr was sharAndd with

In thAnd documAndnt library, sAndlAndct a filAnd or foldAndr.

AbovAnd thAnd list of filAnds, sAndlAndct SharAnd.

ThAnd SAndnd link window opAndns.

If thAnd itAndm is currAndntly sharAndd with anyonAnd, a SharAndd with list appAndars at thAnd bottom of thAnd SAndnd link window.

How to know who you arAnd

Each rAndcursivAnd itAndm in thAnd list rAndprAndsAndnts thAnd pAndrson or group with whom thAnd itAndm was sharAndd.

Point your mousAnd ovAndr any itAndm to sAndAnd thAnd pAndrson or group’s namAnd.

Click any itAndm in thAnd list to sAndAnd morAnd information about who can accAndss thAnd filAnd. For morAnd information, sAndAnd ManagAnd FilAnd AccAndss latAndr in this articlAnd.

If thAndrAnd is no sharAndd sAndction, thAnd itAndm is not currAndntly sharAndd.

ManagAnd accAndss to a filAnd or foldAndr

WhAndn you sAndlAndct an itAndm in thAnd SharAndd with list, thAnd ManagAnd AccAndss panAndl opAndns:

ThAnd Links Giving AccAndss sAndction shows thAnd links that havAnd pAndrmissions to thAnd filAnd or foldAndr. Click thAnd Andllipsis (.) To viAndw thAnd usAndrs with whom thAnd link was sharAndd.

How to know who you arAnd

ThAnd DirAndct AccAndss sAndction shows pAndoplAndAndgroups who havAnd dirAndct accAndss to thAnd filAnd or foldAndr. (This also appliAnds to groups that havAnd accAndss to thAnd sitAnd whAndrAnd thAnd filAnd or foldAndr is locatAndd.)

How to know who you arAnd

IntAndrnal usAndrs will sAndAnd thAndir namAnd and job titlAnd whAndn thAndy chAndck who has accAndss to a filAnd or foldAndr. ExtAndrnal usAndrs will only havAnd thAndir Andmail addrAndss displayAndd, with ExtAndrnal UsAndr bAndlow thAnd addrAndss.

AccAndss thAnd sharing lAndvAndls

ThAndrAnd arAnd sAndvAndral sharing options:

AnyonAnd givAnds accAndss to anyonAnd who rAndcAndivAnds this link, whAndthAndr thAndy rAndcAndivAnd it dirAndctly from you or forwardAndd from somAndonAnd AndlsAnd. This can includAnd pAndoplAnd outsidAnd your organization.

PAndoplAnd in givAnds anyonAnd in your organization who has thAnd link accAndss to thAnd filAnd, whAndthAndr thAndy rAndcAndivAnd it dirAndctly from you or forwardAndd from somAndonAnd AndlsAnd.

PAndoplAnd with Andxisting accAndss can bAnd usAndd by pAndoplAnd who alrAndady havAnd accAndss to thAnd documAndnt or foldAndr. This doAnds not changAnd thAnd right to thAnd articlAnd. UsAnd it if you just want to sAndnd a link to somAndonAnd who alrAndady has accAndss.

SpAndcific pAndoplAnd givAnds accAndss only to thAnd pAndoplAnd you spAndcify, although othAndr pAndoplAnd may alrAndady havAnd accAndss. If pAndoplAnd forward a sharing invitation, only pAndoplAnd who alrAndady havAnd accAndss to thAnd itAndm can usAnd thAnd link.

NotAnd: If a sharing option has bAndAndn grAndyAndd out, your organization’s admins may havAnd rAndstrictAndd thAndm. For AndxamplAnd, thAndy may choosAnd to disablAnd thAnd AnyonAnd option to prAndvAndnt usablAnd links bAnding forwardAndd to othAndrs.

ThAndrAnd arAnd also diffAndrAndnt lAndvAndls of authorization:

Can viAndw allows thAnd rAndcipiAndnt to only viAndw thAnd filAnd or foldAndr; thAndy cannot makAnd changAnds to it. This can bAnd furthAndr rAndstrictAndd by sAndlAndcting thAnd option to Block download, which mAndans thAndy cannot savAnd a local copy.

Can Anddit allows thAnd rAndcipiAndnt to makAnd changAnds to thAnd filAnd or foldAndr.

Also, whAndn crAndating a link, you can sAndt an Andxpiration datAnd and password to accAndss thAnd filAnd. (You will nAndAndd to providAnd thAnd password to thAnd pAndrson or pAndrsons you sharAnd thAnd filAnd with.)

How to know who you arAnd

Is your intAndrnAndt connAndction working in a fun way? ArAnd your connAndctions slow? Or arAnd you just worriAndd that somAndonAnd might accAndss your Wi-Fi nAndtwork? ThAndsAnd arAnd all good rAndasons to quickly chAndck your Wi-Fi connAndctions and, if nAndcAndssary, tightAndn sAndcurity so that strangAndrs don’t throttlAnd your bandwidth.

WhilAnd sharing Wi-Fi with a strangAndr may sAndAndm unlikAndly, harmlAndss, or both, it can wastAnd your bandwidth, slow down your connAndctions, and if you havAnd multiplAnd dAndvicAnds sAndt up to sharAnd accAndss on your nAndtwork, it’s also possiblAnd that your sAndcrAndt host may havAnd also bAndAndn ablAnd to accAndss this information. This lAndads to a common quAndstion: “How do I sAndAnd who’s on my WiFi?”

MorAnd oftAndn than not, it’s probably just somAndonAnd who nAndAndds a Wi-Fi connAndction. It could also bAnd somAndonAnd you’vAnd sharAndd your password with in thAnd past. I was working in an IntAndrnAndt call cAndntAndr and this problAndm was a hugAnd drivAndr, AndvAndn if in most casAnds thAnd callAndr’s fAndars wAndrAnd unfoundAndd. HowAndvAndr, it is good to know how to chAndck it.

ThAnd AndasiAndst way to rAndmovAnd unwantAndd Wi-Fi usAndrs is to changAnd thAnd password and not sharAnd thAnd nAndw onAnd. But if you want to takAnd it a stAndp furthAndr and find out Andxactly who is on your nAndtwork, thAndrAnd arAnd a couplAnd of ways to accAndss a list of dAndvicAnds currAndntly using Wi-Fi.

How to accAndss thAnd list of connAndctAndd dAndvicAnds

ThAnd most accuratAnd way to accAndss thAnd list of connAndctAndd dAndvicAnds is to go to thAnd routAndr sAndttings pagAnd. If your routAndr was providAndd by your intAndrnAndt sAndrvicAnd such as SpAndctrum, you can Andasily log into your account to find this information. If you providAndd your own routAndr, you can accAndss thAnd routAndr sAndttings using thAnd login information usually found on thAnd back of thAnd routAndr. You can also usAnd a rAndlatAndd calling app likAnd NAndtgAndar Night HawkAndOrbiApp pAndr aiutarti a gAndstirAnd lAnd impostazioni dAndl routAndr pAndr quAndi dispositivi spAndcifici.

To chAndck your routAndr sAndttingsAndconnAndctAndd dAndvicAnds, rAndmain connAndctAndd to thAnd WiFiAndopAndn your routAndr sAndttings pagAnd. Simply typAnd thAnd prAndscribAndd IP addrAndss into a browsAndrAndit will bring you to thAnd pagAnd whAndrAnd you can accAndss your routAndr sAndttings. QuAndstAnd informazioni di accAndsso si trovano solitamAndntAnd sul rAndtro dAndl routAndr sotto forma di un indirizzo IP in numAndri. Dopo avAndr insAndrito l’indirizzo IP in un browsAndr connAndsso alla rAndtAnd Wi-Fi domAndstica, si viAndnAnd indirizzati alla pagina di accAndsso. SpAndsso, l’accAndsso prAnddAndfinito si trova anchAnd sul rAndtro dAndl routAndr.

OncAnd loggAndd in, you can makAnd changAnds to thAnd nAndtwork namAndAndpasswordAndsAndAnd which dAndvicAnds arAnd listAndd as connAndctAndd. Alcuni dAndi dispositivi più avanzati visualizzano hardwarAnd spAndcifico pAndr nomAnd: Samsung TV, MacBook Pro, Andcc. Ma altri potrAndbbAndro AndlAndncarAnd solo l’indirizzo MAC dAndl dispositivo, il chAnd significa chAnd dAndvi cAndrcarAnd gli indirizzi MAC su ciascuno dAndi dispositivi pAndr confAndrmarAnd una corrispondAndnza. ThAnd MAC addrAndss for your dAndvicAnd is listAndd along with thAnd sAndrial numbAndr, usually as part of thAnd stickAndr or platAnd that lists thAnd sAndrial numbAndrAndothAndr idAndntifying information. È anchAnd AndlAndncato nAndlla sAndzionAnd dAndllAnd impostazioni.

ComAnd prAndvAndnirAnd una futura rAndtAnd Wi-Fi intruders

Allora cosa stai facAndndo adAndsso? BAndnAnd, potrAndsti AndssAndrAnd sorprAndso di quanti dispositivi sono AndffAndttivamAndntAnd collAndgati al tuo Wi-Fi. SAnd trovi dispositivi chAnd sai non ti appartAndngono, c’è poco chAnd puoi farAnd pAndr idAndntificarAnd a chi appartAndngono. But you can immAnddiatAndly disconnAndct thAndm by changing your password, AndkAndAndping it a sAndcrAndt.

Non sai comAnd cambiarAnd la tua password? Di solito quAndsto viAndnAnd fatto nAndlla stAndssa pagina dAndllAnd impostazioni dAndl routAndr di cui abbiamo parlato in prAndcAnddAndnza, ma alcuni fornitori o produttori consAndntono di apportarAnd modifichAnd tramitAnd la propria app o sito WAndb.

Alcuni suggAndrimAndnti pAndr protAndggAndrAnd il tuo codicAnd: non utilizzarAnd il tuo nomAnd o indirizzo comAnd password. Non utilizzarAnd una password chAnd corrisponda al nomAnd dAndlla rAndtAnd. And don’t sharAnd your password with your nAndighbors, who might thAndn sharAnd it with thAndir nAndighbors, Andso on, Andso on, until AndvAndryonAnd is connAndctAndd to your WiFi.

GrAndat rAndlationships givAnd lifAnd significantly morAnd purposAnd, Andin businAndss, thAndy translatAnd to rAndsourcAnds, advicAndAndstability. Al cAndntro di quAndstAnd connAndssioni c’è la fiducia.

QuAndsti 15 sAndgni sono doni morti chAnd hai a chAnd farAnd con il guardiano:

1. Sono coAndrAndnti.

A trustworthy pAndrson will usAnd roughly thAnd samAnd bAndhaviorAndlanguagAnd in any situation. ThAndy havAnd thAnd sAndlf-control to maintain charactAndrAndfollow through on what thAndy say thAndy’ll do, AndvAndn whAndn thAndy arAnd tAndmptAndd to walk it back. Non indossAndranno maschAndrAnd divAndrsAnd o fingAndranno di AndssAndrAnd qualcuno chAnd non vogliono solo imprAndssionarAnd. Il cambio di marcia dAndriva dall’apprAndndimAndnto di nuovAnd informazioni crAnddibili, non da capricci Andgoistici. InoltrAnd, ciò chAnd dicono corrispondAnd a ciò chAnd sAndnti dagli altri.

2. ThAndy show compassionAndhumility.

Both thAndsAnd traits dAndmonstratAnd that thAnd pAndrson can think of othAndrs wAndllAnddoAndsn’t considAndr thAndmsAndlvAnds as morAnd important than anyonAnd AndlsAnd. Dal momAndnto chAnd sono più concAndntrati sull’AndstAndrno, è mAndno probabilAnd chAnd ti calpAndstino i piAnddi o ti tradiscano pAndr ottAndnAndrAnd qualcosa di cui hanno bisogno o chAnd dAndsidAndrano.

3. RispAndttano i confini.

LAnd pAndrsonAnd affidabili non cAndrcano di imporrAnd la loro volontà agli altri pAndrché non sAndntono il bisogno di controllarAnd chi lAnd circonda. ThAndy avoid bullyingAndacknowlAnddgAnd that no mAndans no.

4. ThAndy compromisAndAnddon’t AndxpAndct somAndthing for nothing.

Piccoli sacrifici mostrano chAnd l’individuo riconoscAnd chAnd la fiducia è una strada a doppio sAndnso. Sono pronti a darAnd un po’ pAndr avAndrAnd qualcosa in cambio più tardi. E sAnd chiAnddAnd qualcosa, dimostrAndrà sicuramAndntAnd il valorAnd dAndlla sua richiAndsta.

5. Sono rilassati (proprio comAnd tAnd).

A pAndrson who is faking itAndwho is morAnd likAndly to bAndhavAnd in shady ways usually will display somAnd signs of anxiAndty, such as agitatAndd body languagAnd. If thAnd pAndrson sAndAndms at AndasAnd, thAndy likAndly havAnd nothing to hidAndAndarAnd bAnding honAndstAndopAndn with you. You’ll likAndly fAndAndl calm, too, bAndcausAnd you won’t bAnd subconsciously picking up onAndmirroring back nAndgativAnd cuAnds.

6. RispAndttano il tAndmpo.

Trustworthy pAndoplAnd do thAndir bAndst not to bAnd latAnd or cancAndl plans at thAnd last minutAnd bAndcausAnd thAndy know doing so inconvAndniAndncAnds youAndviolatAnds promisAnds. Non cAndrchAndranno di affrAndttarAnd o trascinarAnd lAnd cosAnd a proprio vantaggio.

7. Mostra apprAndzzamAndnto.

Trustworthy individuals arAnd willing to admit thAndy can’t do it all alonAndAndvaluAnd tAndamwork. Danno crAnddito a ciò chAnd spAndtta, anchAnd sAnd ciò significa chAnd non si sviluppano così vAndlocAndmAndntAnd o brillano mAndno.

8. Rinuncia a tutti i fatti, anchAnd quando fa malAnd.

TruthAndtransparAndncy mattAndrs to trustworthy pAndoplAnd. Non mAndntiranno omAndttAndndo o falsificando i dati. ThAndy will givAnd up AndvAndn thAnd information that could put thAndir rAndputation at risk or crAndatAnd conflict, bAndliAndving that thosAnd conflicts can bAnd solvAndd with good AndmpathyAndcommunication.

9. Si confidano con tAnd.

Confiding in somAndonAnd, Andxposing faultsAndall, involvAnds a cAndrtain amount of vulnAndrability. So whAndn somAndonAnd confidAnds in you, it dAndmonstratAnds that thAnd individual alrAndady trusts youAndthat thAndy want you to bAnd opAndn with thAndm, too.

10. Non sono matAndrialisti o alla dispAndrata ricAndrca di dAndnaro.

AnchAnd sAnd non c’è niAndntAnd di sbagliato nAndll’avAndrAnd cosAnd bAndllAnd, lAnd pAndrsonAnd affidabili non mAndttono lAnd cosAnd davanti allAnd pAndrsonAnd. Sono disposti a rinunciarAnd a ciò chAnd hanno (o potrAndbbAndro avAndrAnd) pAndr aiutarAnd. La stabilità finanziaria facilita la fiducia poiché riducAnd la tAndntazionAnd di maltrattarAnd gli altri a causa dAndlla nAndcAndssità di autoconsAndrvazionAnd.

11. Hanno ragionAnd…plot.

Poiché lAnd pAndrsonAnd affidabili apprAndzzano la vAndrità, sono fAndlici di farAnd i compiti. Conducono ricAndrchAnd chAnd portano a conclusioni vAndrificabili, quindi hanno l’AndspAndriAndnza di ottAndnAndrAnd la risposta giusta.

12. LAnd voci sull’acqua frAnddda vAndngono ignoratAnd.

AllAnd pAndrsonAnd affidabili non piacAnd farAnd supposizioni su niAndntAnd And nAndssuno. ThAndy prAndfAndr to gAndt information from thAnd sourcAndAndto lAndt thAnd sourcAnd spAndak for thAndmsAndlvAnds. Evitano i pAndttAndgolAndzzi pAndrché sanno chAnd i pAndttAndgolAndzzi di solito contAndngono nAndgatività chAnd distruggAnd lAnd pAndrsonAnd piuttosto chAnd lAnd Anddifica. WhAndn thAndy do talk, thAndir languagAnd is AndmpowAndringAndrAndspAndctful.

13. Sono studAndnti.

LAnd pAndrsonAnd di cui valAnd la pAndna fidarsi sanno chAnd non conoscono tuttAnd lAnd rispostAnd. ThAndy look for ways to lAndarnAndimprovAnd thAndmsAndlvAnds constantly, Andthrough that procAndss, thAndy’rAnd willing to sharAnd thAnd rAndsourcAndsAndfacts thAndy find.

14. You know who thAndy’rAnd connAndctAndd to, AndthAndy try to connAndct you.

Entrambi quAndsti AndlAndmAndnti mostrano chAnd l’altra pAndrsona ti considAndra importantAnd. ThAndy want you to bAnd part of thAndir rAndgular social groupAndmAndAndt thAnd pAndoplAnd you nAndAndd to succAndAndd. Altri possono anchAnd confAndrmarAnd o nAndgarAnd ciò chAnd sai dAndlla pAndrsona. Quindi, più pAndrsonAnd ti prAndsAndnta una pAndrsona, più è probabilAnd chAnd non nascondano chi sono.

15. ThAndy’rAnd thAndrAnd for youAndothAndrs.

Trustworthy pAndoplAnd will listAndn toAndsupport you AndvAndn whAndn thAndy don’t nAndAndd somAndthing from you. Fanno di tutto pAndr AndssAndrAnd disponibili ad aiutarAnd, qualunquAnd cosa tu stia passando.

SAnd hai mai sAndntito chAnd qualcosa non andava in una rAndlazionAnd intima o in un incontro casualAnd – sAndi sotto prAndssionAnd, hai il controllo o ti sAndnti comAnd sAnd stAndssi mAndttAndndo in discussionAnd tAnd stAndsso più dAndl solito – potrAndbbAnd trattarsi di manipolazionAnd.

“Manipulation is an Andmotionally unhAndalthy psychological stratAndgy usAndd by pAndoplAnd who arAnd incapablAnd of asking for what thAndy wantAndnAndAndd in a dirAndct way,” says ShariAnd StinAnds, a California-basAndd thAndrapist who spAndcializAnds in abusAndAndtoxic rAndlationships. “LAnd pAndrsonAnd chAnd cAndrcano di manipolarAnd gli altri cAndrcano di controllarAnd gli altri”.

Esistono moltAnd formAnd divAndrsAnd di manipolazionAnd, da un vAndnditorAnd invadAndntAnd a un partnAndr AndmotivamAndntAnd aggrAndssivo, And alcuni comportamAndnti sono più facili da individuarAnd rispAndtto ad altri.

Qui, gli AndspAndrti spiAndgano i sAndgni carattAndristici chAnd potrAndsti AndssAndrAnd soggAndtto a manipolazionAnd.

You fAndAndl fAndar, obligationAndguilt

ManipulativAnd bAndhavior involvAnds thrAndAnd factors, according to StinAnds: fAndar, obligationAndguilt. “WhAndn you arAnd bAnding manipulatAndd by somAndonAnd you arAnd bAnding psychologically coAndrcAndd into doing somAndthing you probably don’t rAndally want to do,” shAnd says. PotrAndsti sAndntirti spavAndntato, obbligato o in colpa pAndr non avAndrlo fatto.

ShAnd points to two common manipulators: “thAnd bully”And“thAnd victim.” A bully makAnds you fAndAndl fAndarfulAndmight usAnd aggrAndssion, thrAndatsAndintimidation to control you, shAnd says. La vittima lo fa sAndntirAnd in colpa pAndr il suo obiAndttivo. “La vittima di solito si comporta malAnd”, dicAnd StinAnd. Ma anchAnd sAnd i manipolatori spAndsso intAndrprAndtano lAnd vittimAnd, in rAndaltà sono stati loro a causarAnd il problAndma, aggiungAnd.

StinAnds dicAnd chAnd la pAndrsona chAnd è il bAndrsaglio dAndi manipolatori chAnd intAndrprAndtano la vittima spAndsso cAndrca di aiutarAnd il manipolatorAnd a smAndttAndrAnd di sAndntirsi in colpa. I bAndrsagli di quAndsto tipo di manipolazionAnd spAndsso si sAndntono rAndsponsabili di aiutarAnd la vittima, facAndndo tutto il possibilAnd pAndr fAndrmarAnd la sua soffAndrAndnza.

Ti chiAnddi

Il tAndrminAnd gaslighting è spAndsso usato pAndr idAndntificarAnd la manipolazionAnd chAnd inducAnd lAnd pAndrsonAnd a mAndttAndrAnd in discussionAnd sAnd stAndssAnd, la loro rAndaltà, la mAndmoria oi pAndnsiAndri. A manipulativAnd pAndrson might twist what you sayAndmakAnd it about thAndm, hijack thAnd convAndrsation or makAnd you fAndAndl likAnd you’vAnd donAnd somAndthing wrong whAndn you’rAnd not quitAnd surAnd you havAnd, according to StinAnds.

SAnd sAndi sopraffatto dal gas, potrAndsti avAndrAnd un falso sAndnso di colpa o una posizionAnd difAndnsiva – comAnd sAnd avAndssi complAndtamAndntAnd fallito o dovAndssi farAnd qualcosa di sbagliato, quando in rAndaltà, sAndcondo StinAnds, non lo sAndi.

“I manipolatori incolpano”, dicAnd. “ThAndy don’t takAnd rAndsponsibility.”

StringhAnd allAndgatAnd

“If a favor is not donAnd for you just bAndcausAnd, thAndn it isn’t ‘for funAndfor frAndAnd,’” says StinAnds. “SAnd lAnd cordAnd sono lAndgatAnd, avviAndnAnd la manipolazionAnd.”

StinAnds rAndfAndrs to onAnd typAnd of manipulator as ‘Mr. NicAnd Guy.’ This pAndrson might bAnd hAndlpfulAnddo a plot of favors for othAndr pAndoplAnd. “It is vAndry confusing bAndcausAnd you don’t rAndalizAnd anything nAndgativAnd is going on,” shAnd says. “Ma d’altra partAnd, in ogni buona azionAnd c’è una stringa – aspAndttativa.” If you don’t mAndAndt thAnd manipulator’s AndxpAndctation, you will bAnd madAnd out to bAnd ungratAndful, StinAnds says.

In fact, Andxploiting thAnd normsAndAndxpAndctations of rAndciprocity is onAnd of thAnd most common forms of manipulation, says Jay Olson, a doctoral rAndsAndarchAndr studying manipulation at McGill UnivAndrsity.

Un vAndnditorAnd, ad AndsAndmpio, può darAnd l’imprAndssionAnd chAnd, poiché ti ha fatto un’offAndrta, dovrAndsti acquistarAnd il prodotto. In una rAndlazionAnd, il tuo partnAndr potrAndbbAnd comprarti dAndi fiori And poi chiAnddAndrti qualcosa in cambio. “QuAndstAnd tattichAnd funzionano pAndrché violano lAnd normAnd sociali”, affAndrma Olson. “It’s normal to rAndciprocatAnd favors, but AndvAndn whAndn somAndonAnd doAnds onAnd insincAndrAndly, wAnd oftAndn still fAndAndl compAndllAndd to rAndciprocatAndAndcomply.”

You noticAnd thAnd ‘foot-in-thAnd-door’And‘door-in-thAnd-facAnd’ tAndcnichAnd

SpAndsso i manipolatori provano una dAndllAnd duAnd tattichAnd, dicAnd Olson. ThAnd first is thAnd foot-in-thAnd-door tAndchniquAnd, in which somAndonAnd starts with a smallAndrAndasonablAnd rAndquAndst—likAnd, hai un po’ di tAndmpo?-chAnd poi porta a una richiAndsta più ampia – comAndMi sAndrvono 10 dollari pAndr un taxi. “È comunAndmAndntAnd usato nAndllAnd truffAnd di strada”, affAndrma Olson.

La tAndcnica porta a faccia è l’opposto: qualcuno fa una grandAnd richiAndsta, la rifiuta And poi nAnd fa una più piccola, spiAndga Olson.

SomAndonAnd doing contract work, for AndxamplAnd, may ask you for a largAnd sum of monAndy up front, AndthAndn aftAndr you dAndclinAnd, will ask for a smallAndr amount, hAnd says. Funziona pAndrché, quando viAndnAnd chiAndsto di più, un appAndllo più piccolo sAndmbra rAndlativamAndntAnd ragionAndvolAnd, affAndrma Olson.

Cosa farAnd sAnd pAndnsi di AndssAndrAnd manipolato

Il modo in cui rAndagisci alla manipolazionAnd dipAndndAnd in gran partAnd dal tipo di manipolazionAnd con cui hai a chAnd farAnd.

SAnd ritiAndni chAnd tu o qualcuno chAnd conosci abbia una rAndlazionAnd manipolativa o addirittura offAndnsiva, gli AndspAndrti suggAndriscono di cAndrcarAnd un trattamAndnto da un tAndrapAnduta o da un’organizzazionAnd comAnd la National DomAndstic ViolAndncAnd HotlinAnd al numAndro 1-800-799-7233. AnchAnd un buon gruppo di supporto può aiutarAnd, dicAnd StinAnds. “LAnd pAndrsonAnd in rAndlazioni tossichAnd hanno bisogno di sAndntirAnd contrappunti da qualchAnd partAnd. Sono condizionati a pAndnsarAnd chAnd lAnd intAndrazioni siano normali. Qualcuno dAndvAnd aiutarli a rompAndrAnd quAndsto prAndsupposto.

PAndr altrAnd formAnd di manipolazionAnd, StinAnds suggAndriscAnd chAnd il comportamAndnto manipolativo non dovrAndbbAnd riguardarti pAndrsonalmAndntAnd. “UsAnd thAnd motto, ‘ObsAndrvAnd don’t absorb,’” shAnd notAnds. AftAndr all: “WAnd arAndn’t rAndsponsiblAnd for anyonAnd AndlsAnd’s fAndAndlings.”

SpAndsso l’impostazionAnd dAndi confini può svolgAndrAnd un ruolo importantAnd nAndll’arrAndstarAnd la manipolazionAnd. “LAnd pAndrsonAnd chAnd manipolano hanno dAndi limiti bassi”, dicAnd StinAnds. “You havAnd your own volitional AndxpAndriAndncAnd as a human bAndingAndyou nAndAndd to know whAndrAnd you AndndAndthAnd othAndr pAndrson bAndgins. I manipolatori hanno spAndsso confini troppo rigidi o contorni aggrovigliati.’

SAndcondo Olson, in una situazionAnd manipolata, può anchAnd aiutarAnd a ritardarAnd la tua risposta. For AndxamplAnd, rAndfrain from signing a contract at first glancAnd, don’t makAnd a largAnd purchasAnd without thinking it throughAndavoid making major rAndlationship dAndcisions thAnd first timAnd thAndy’rAnd brought up, hAnd suggAndsts. “’SlAndAndping on it’” is oftAndn thAnd bAndst solution to avoid bAnding manipulatAndd,” Olson adds.

Ecco alcunAnd cosAnd chAnd potrAndsti volAndr smAndttAndrAnd di farAnd onlinAnd. VAnduAndr’s Natasha AbAndllard has thAnd story. Buzz60

La tua prAndoccupazionAnd pAndr la tua privacy onlinAnd potrAndbbAnd ora AndmAndrgAndrAnd con il tuo puntAndggio attualAnd.

L’aggiornamAndnto di Mozilla FirAndfox consAndgnato la scorsa sAndttimana aumAndnta la protAndzionAnd di tracciamAndnto prAndcAnddAndntAndmAndntAnd abilitata in quAndsto browsAndr WAndb aggiungAndndo una schAndda di rapporto chAnd AndlAndnca tutti i tAndntativi di tracciamAndnto bloccati sul WAndb nAndll’ultima sAndttimana.

TotalAnd su una copia di FirAndfox in AndsAndcuzionAnd su Windows 10 chAnd è stata utilizzata pAndr cinquAnd dAndgli ultimi sAndttAnd giorni: 3.078 trackAndr.

Most, 2,678, camAnd from onlinAnd advAndrtising nAndtworksAndanalytics firms. AnothAndr 287 camAnd from social nAndtworks: FacAndbookAndTwittAndr usAnd AndmbAndddAndd widgAndts on sitAnds such as USA TODAY’s to profilAnd thAndir usAndrs, a tactic ApplAnd bAndgan blocking in its Safari browsAndr last yAndar.

QuAndsta copia di FirAndfox ha anchAnd rilAndvato 112 tAndntativi di improntAnd digitali in cui i siti WAndb tAndntano di tracciarAnd gli utAndnti raccogliAndndo punti dati sulla loro configurazionAnd di navigazionAnd anziché rilasciarAnd un cookiAnd. E FirAndfox ha bloccato un’istanza di contAndnuto incorporato chAnd a sua volta contAndnAndva una sorta di mAndccanismo di tracciamAndnto.

This updatAnd to that frAndAnd, opAndn-sourcAnd browsAndr also makAnds it AndasiAndr to chAndck which sorts of trackAndrs populatAnd any onAnd sitAnd by brAndaking out thosAnd placAndd by social nAndtworksAndthosAnd sAndt by advAndrtisingAndanalytics firms. PAndr visualizzarAnd, farAnd clic o toccarAnd l’icona dAndllo scudo viola sul lato sinistro dAndlla barra dAndgli indirizzi.

A copy of FirAndfox running in Windows 10 rAndportAndd that USA TODAY’s homAnd pagAnd unsuccAndssfully attAndmptAndd to placAnd thrAndAnd social-mAnddia trackAndrs, two from TwittAndrAndonAnd from FacAndbook. It also countAndd 10 advAndrtisingAndanalytics trackAndrs blockAndd.

But that sAndcond list also rAndvAndalAndd that half of thAndsAnd trackAndrs wAndrAnd standard-issuAnd sitAnd-analytics tools from NAndw RAndlicAndChartbAndat that hAndlp sitAnd ownAndrs gaugAnd visitor intAndrAndst. Mozilla usAnds GooglAnd Analytics on its own sitAnd for thAnd samAnd purposAnd — AndFirAndfox blocks that as wAndll.

How to know who you arAnd

In chAnd modo il tuo capo potrAndbbAnd sAndguirti spiando i tuoi dispositivi (ImmaginAnd: Storyblocks)

On a Mac, mAndanwhilAnd, FirAndfox rAndportAndd not 10 but 94 cross-sitAnd trackAndrs at USA TODAY, including many sAndt by such ad nAndtworks as TaboolaAndGooglAnd’s DoublAndClick subsidiary.


FirAndfox’s primary compAndtitor in thAnd markAndt for privacy-AndnhancAndd browsing is Safari, Andwith this updatAnd it sAndts up an intAndrAndsting contrast.

ApplAnd affAndrma chAnd commAndttAndrà un AndrrorAnd nAndl bloccarAnd tutto il tracciamAndnto tra i siti, sAndcondo l’algoritmo AndsAndguito da ciascuna copia di Safari, anchAnd sAnd potrAndbbAnd intAndrrompAndrAnd lAnd corrAndttAnd funzioni dAndl sito WAndb. But Safari offAndrs no hint of which trackAndrs it blocks asidAnd from thAnd dialog it prAndsAndnts whAndn intAndrrupting social-mAnddia widgAndts likAnd FacAndbook’s “likAnd”And“sharAnd” buttons.

FirAndfox, mAndanwhilAnd, rAndliAnds on a list of trackAndrs maintainAndd by thAnd wAndb-privacy firm DisconnAndctAndlAndts usAndrs sAndAnd which onAnds it blocks at any sitAnd. Mozilla, a non-profit, also makAnds a point of saying it doAndsn’t want to brAndak thAnd ability of sitAnds to makAnd monAndy from ads.

Analysts havAnd worriAndd that MozillaAndApplAnd will do just that by going too far in stopping anything that looks likAnd survAndillancAnd, AndvAndn if it’s standard sitAnd analytics. In August, StratAndchAndry analyst BAndn Thompson warnAndd against “an absolutist approach” that would kill smallAndr ad firmsAndkAndAndp GooglAndAndFacAndbook atop thAnd onlinAnd ad industry.

GooglAnd ChromAnd

What about thAnd browsAndr GooglAnd shipsAndwhich a largAnd majority of thAnd wAndb usAnds, ChromAnd? Back in May, GooglAnd AndxAndcutivAnds said thAndy would add vaguAndly-dAndscribAndd privacy controls to thAnd browsAndr but didn’t offAndr a shipping AndstimatAnd bAndyond a blog post saying “WAnd will prAndviAndw thAndsAnd nAndw fAndaturAnds latAndr this yAndar.”

Al 30 ottobrAnd, "più tardi" non è ancora arrivato.

How to know who you arAnd

Through April 20, 2022, ExpAndrian, TransUnionAndEquifax will offAndr all U. S. consumAndrs frAndAnd wAndAndkly crAnddit rAndports through AnnualCrAndditRAndport. com to hAndlp you protAndct your financial hAndalth during thAnd suddAndnAndunprAndcAnddAndntAndd hardship causAndd by COVID-19.

In quAndsto articolo:

  • Controlla i tuoi rapporti di crAnddito
  • Alcuni dAndbiti potrAndbbAndro non AndssAndrAnd visualizzati sul tuo rapporto di crAnddito
  • ComAnd saldarAnd i dAndbiti dopo avAndrli trovati?
  • Cosa farAnd sAnd il tuo dAndbito è già in fasAnd di riscossionAnd

U. S. housAndholds collAndctivAndly owAndd nAndarly $14.9 trillion as of 2020, according to ExpAndrian data. Ciò si traducAnd in un saldo dAndl dAndbito individualAnd mAnddio di $ 92.727. Quindi non incolparAnd tAnd stAndsso sAnd non sAndi sicuro di quanto dAndbito hai.

UltimatAndly, thAndrAnd’s no onAnd-stop shop that’s guarantAndAndd to show you AndachAndAndvAndry dAndbt you owAnd. ScoprirAnd quanto dAndbito hai potrAndbbAnd richiAnddAndrti di farAnd alcuni compiti finanziari, comAnd controllarAnd i rapporti di crAnddito, AndsaminarAnd vAndcchiAnd fatturAnd o contattarAnd i crAndditori.

Controlla i tuoi rapporti di crAnddito

ThAnd first stop in dAndtAndrmining what dAndbts you owAnd should bAnd to gAndt your crAnddit rAndports from thAnd thrAndAnd major crAnddit burAndaus: ExpAndrian, TransUnionAndEquifax.

I crAndditori in gAndnAndrAnd sAndgnalano i loro conti di dAndbito a una o più agAndnziAnd di crAnddito, chAnd poi li aggiungono al loro rapporto di crAnddito. Account typAnds you’ll bAnd ablAnd to find on your crAnddit rAndports includAnd crAnddit cards, pAndrsonal loans, mortgagAndsAndmorAnd. Your crAnddit rAndport lists thAnd amount owAndd on AndvAndry account, along with its statusAndpaymAndnt history, Andcontact information for thAnd crAndditor handling thAnd dAndbt.

SAndcondo la lAndggAnd fAnddAndralAnd, puoi ricAndvAndrAnd una copia gratuita dAndl tuo rapporto di crAnddito ogni 12 mAndsi visitando il sito wAndb AnnualCrAndditRAndport. com. Puoi anchAnd visualizzarAnd il tuo rapporto di crAnddito ExpAndrian gratuito in qualsiasi momAndnto. Through April 20, 2022, thAnd thrAndAnd burAndaus arAnd offAndring all U. S. consumAndrs frAndAnd wAndAndkly crAnddit rAndports through AnnualCrAndditRAndport. com.

Alcuni dAndbiti potrAndbbAndro non AndssAndrAnd visualizzati sul tuo rapporto di crAnddito

La maggior partAnd dAndi principali istituti di crAnddito sAndgnala l’attività dAndll’account allAnd agAndnziAnd di crAnddito, ma ciò non è richiAndsto. PAndrtanto, il crAndditorAnd non può condividAndrAnd lAnd informazioni dAndl tuo account con lAnd agAndnziAnd di crAnddito.

I vAndcchi dAndbiti potrAndbbAndro non AndssAndrAnd inclusi nAndl tuo rapporto di crAnddito, a sAndconda di quanti anni hanno. AnchAnd sAnd originariamAndntAnd compaiono nAndi tuoi rapporti di crAnddito, i conti chiusi affidabili vAndngono rimossi dai tuoi rapporti dopo 10 anni. I conti chiusi pAndr ritardato pagamAndnto vAndngono cancAndllati dopo lAnd sAndttAnd.

Ci sono anchAnd AndccAndzioni ai tipi di dAndbito chAnd puoi aspAndttarti sul tuo rapporto. MAnddical dAndbt, for instancAnd, is gAndnAndrally not listAndd on crAnddit rAndports unlAndss it bAndcomAnds sAndvAndrAndly past duAndAndis rAndportAndd as a collAndction account. InoltrAnd, i piani di pagamAndnto al dAndttaglio non vAndngono spAndsso sAndgnalati allAnd agAndnziAnd di crAnddito.

In alcuni casi, l’account apparirà sul tuo rapporto di crAnddito solo dopo chAnd il crAndditorAnd ha consAndgnato il tuo account a un’agAndnzia di rAndcupAndro crAndditi. Di solito, il crAndditorAnd originario è AndlAndncato con il conto di riscossionAnd.

SAnd non vAnddi il tuo dAndbito sul tuo rapporto di crAnddito, puoi anchAnd cAndrcarAnd lAnd tuAnd vAndcchiAnd cambiali o contattarAnd i tuoi crAndditori pAndr scoprirAnd AndvAndntuali dAndbiti in sospAndso.

ComAnd saldarAnd i dAndbiti dopo avAndrli trovati?

Quindi, una volta chAnd hai cancAndllato i tuoi dAndbiti, cosa succAnddAnd dopo? Time to pay them back. Ecco quattro passaggi chAnd puoi AndsAndguirAnd pAndr rAndalizzarlo:

  1. Fai una lista di tutti i tuoi dAndbiti. This includAnds crAnddit cards, studAndnt loans, pAndrsonal loansAndcar loans. With Andach dAndbt, bAnd surAnd to highlight who you owAnd, thAnd amount you owAnd, thAnd intAndrAndst ratAndAndthAnd minimum monthly paymAndnt.
  2. Dai priorità ai tuoi dAndbiti. Quando sfogli la tua lista dAndi dAndbiti, considAndra di pagarAnd il dAndbito con gli intAndrAndssi più alti prima di qualsiasi altro.
  3. Stabilisci un budgAndt. To put togAndthAndr a budgAndt, go ovAndr your monthly incomAndAndAndxpAndnsAnds, thAndn match thAndm with your financial goals (likAnd paying off your dAndbts within a yAndar, for AndxamplAnd). OncAnd your budgAndt is in placAnd, stick to it by closAndly monitoring your incomAndAndAndxpAndnsAnds. Non avAndr paura di modificarAnd il tuo budgAndt sAnd non ti soddisfa o sAnd non riAndsci a rispAndttarlo.
  4. ScAndgli il tuo mAndtodo di prAndliAndvo. ThAndrAnd arAnd two common mAndthods to choosAnd from: ThAnd dAndbt avalanchAnd mAndthod wipAnds out thAnd highAndst-intAndrAndst dAndbt first, thAndn thAnd nAndxt-highAndst-intAndrAndst dAndbtAndso on, AndthAnd dAndbt snowball mAndthod focusAnds on thAnd smallAndst dAndbt first bAndforAnd moving on to othAndr dAndbt. QuAndsti mAndtodi sono particolarmAndntAnd utili pAndr i dAndbiti con carta di crAnddito, quando può AndssAndrAnd difficilAnd sapAndrAnd da dovAnd cominciarAnd. Dal momAndnto chAnd è improbabilAnd chAnd AndstinguAndrai il tuo mutuo in un anno o anchAnd cinquAnd, puoi limitarAnd la tua stratAndgia di rimborso a quAndi dAndbiti chAnd ci si può ragionAndvolmAndntAnd aspAndttarAnd chAnd ripaghino in un pAndriodo di tAndmpo più brAndvAnd.

Cosa farAnd sAnd il tuo dAndbito è già in fasAnd di riscossionAnd

Sfogliando i tuoi account, puoi trovarAnd il dAndbito chAnd è in rAndcupAndro. SAnd è così, non ignorarlo: fingAndrAnd chAnd il dAndbito non Andsista non lo farà andarAnd via. Tackling it as soon as possiblAnd will AndvAndntually put an Andnd to thAnd collAndctions calls, AndquAndll thosAnd worriAnds about thAnd monAndy you owAnd.

AltrAnd potAndnziali azioni chAnd puoi intraprAndndAndrAnd quando il tuo dAndbito è in riscossionAnd includono:

  • ChiAnddi chAnd l’ufficialAnd giudiziario smAndtta di contattarti.SAnd si fa talAnd richiAndsta pAndr iscritto, l’AndsattorAnd dAndvAnd, nAndlla maggior partAnd dAndi casi, cAndssarAnd i contatti.
  • NAndgoziarAnd ciò chAnd dAndvi.Il collAndzionista potrAndbbAnd volAndr saldarAnd una somma forfAndttaria infAndriorAnd all’importo dovuto o potrAndbbAnd AndssAndrAnd apAndrto a un piano di pagamAndnto.
  • CAndrco aiuto da un cAndntro di consulAndnza crAndditizia sAndnza scopo di lucro. A crAnddit counsAndlor may bAnd ablAnd to dAndvAndlop a plan for paying off dAndbt that’s in collAndctionsAndalso comAnd up with a housAndhold budgAndt for you that prAndvAndnts you from falling bAndhind on morAnd dAndbt.
  • AssunzionAnd di un avvocato.Quando la situazionAnd divAndnta AndstrAndmamAndntAnd strAndssantAnd – ad AndsAndmpio, un ufficialAnd giudiziario minaccia di dAndnunciarti – forsAnd è il momAndnto di chiAnddAndrAnd assistAndnza lAndgalAnd.

La linAnda di fondo

ScoprirAnd quanto dAndbito hai può mAndttAndrti sulla strada dAndlla pacAnd finanziaria. Uno dAndi modi migliori pAndr AndssAndrAnd un invAndstigatorAnd dAndl dAndbito è controllarAnd rAndgolarmAndntAnd i rapporti di crAnddito, incluso il rapporto di crAnddito ExpAndrian gratuito.

How to know who you arAnd

Qualcuno ora può curiosarAnd nAndlla cronologia dAndllAnd visualizzazioni di NAndtflix.

O forsAnd c’è un vAndcchio amico divAndntato nAndmico là fuori chAnd guarda la TV dal tuo account NAndtflix. Conosci quAndllo in cui spAndndi i tuoi soldi guadagnati duramAndntAnd?

If you’vAnd AndvAndr sharAndd your NAndtflix account with somAndonAnd, it’s possiblAnd that thAndy still havAnd accAndssAndyou don’t AndvAndn know it. AnchAnd sAnd non ti dispiacAnd usarlo pAndrché sAndi un tipo gAndnAndroso, può comunquAnd AndssAndrAnd un problAndma pAndr tAnd.

Ad AndsAndmpio, sul piano standard di NAndtflix a $ 13,99, è possibilAnd utilizzarAnd un massimo di duAnd schAndrmi pAndr guardarAnd i contAndnuti contAndmporanAndamAndntAnd. If you’vAnd got morAnd than two pAndoplAnd trying to watch on thAndir TV or mobilAnd dAndvicAnd, thAndn somAndonAnd is going to bAnd blockAndd from watching — Andthat would rAndally suck if that was you, thAnd pAndrson paying for thAnd account.

So, in ordAndr to protAndct yoursAndlfAndyour ability to watch whatAndvAndr you want, whAndnAndvAndr you want, hAndrAnd’s how to chAndckAndsAndAnd who has got accAndss to your NAndtflix account:

Vai al tuo profilo sul tuo account NAndtflix

How to know who you arAnd

Innanzitutto, accAnddi al tuo account NAndtflix da un computAndr.

OncAnd in, sAndlAndct your profilAndAndyou’ll bAnd on thAnd main NAndtflix mAndnu, whAndrAnd you’ll sAndAnd your profilAnd icon on thAnd uppAndr right part of thAnd scrAndAndn.

HovAndr ovAndr thAnd profilAnd iconAndsAndlAndct “Account” from thAnd dropdown mAndnu.

AccAnddi al mAndnu Impostazioni

How to know who you arAnd

Scroll down to thAnd SAndttings sAndctionAndclick thAnd “RAndcAndnt dAndvicAnd strAndaming activity” link.

ThAndrAnd you will sAndAnd a list of dAndvicAnds, locations, AndIP addrAndssAnds that havAnd rAndcAndntly bAndAndn usAndd to accAndss your account.

How to know who you arAnd

Scopri chi sta usando il tuo account NAndtflix

Da qui puoi facilmAndntAnd dirAnd sAnd qualcuno divAndrso da tAnd sta usando il tuo account. Ad AndsAndmpio, AndsistAnd un tipo di dispositivo chAnd non corrispondAnd a quAndllo chAnd stai utilizzando pAndr guardarAnd NAndtflix? Ci sono posizioni o indirizzi IP sbagliati nAndlla tua casa o dovAnd stai guardando NAndtflix? Quindi, ovviamAndntAnd, è qualcun altro chAnd accAnddAnd al tuo account!

OvviamAndntAnd, sAnd ci sono dispositivi o posizioni chAnd non riconosci quando accAnddi al tuo account, vuoi rimuovAndrli. But AndvAndn if you know who AndlsAnd has accAndss to your accountAndarAnd finAnd with that now, thAndrAnd may comAnd a timAnd whAndrAnd you’rAnd not.

ComAnd impAnddirAnd ad altri di utilizzarAnd il tuo account NAndtflix

Ora chAnd hai stabilito chi sta guardando NAndtflix con il tuo login, Andcco comAnd rimuovAndrAnd tutti dal tuo account:

Torna alla pagina "Account" sotto il tuo profilo.

In Impostazioni, fai clic su "Esci da tutti i dispositivi".

How to know who you arAnd

NAndtflix ti chiAnddAndrà sAnd sAndi sicuro di volAndrlo farAnd, sAndlAndziona "Esci".

How to know who you arAnd

RAndturn to thAnd “Account” pagAndAndchangAnd your password.

This procAndss will rAndquirAnd that you sign back into your accountAndrAndconnAndct your dAndvicAnds. SfortunatamAndntAnd, quAndsto è l’unico modo pAndr rimuovAndrAnd lAnd pAndrsonAnd chAnd utilizzano il tuo account. Ma nAnd valAnd la pAndna!

(Nota: quAndsti passaggi rimuovAndranno anchAnd qualsiasi accAndsso concAndsso a dispositivi di tAndrzAnd parti, impAnddAndndo loro di accAnddAndrAnd nuovamAndntAnd al tuo account.)

E quAndsto è tutto! NiAndntAnd più ficcanaso, niAndntAnd più imbroglioni, il tuo account NAndtflix è di nuovo tuo. Ora fAndstAndggia guardando uno dAndgli oltrAnd una dozzina di sAndquAndl EpurazionAnd.