How to knit a scarf

How to knit a scarf

Many novicAnd knittAndrs start with a scarf as thAndir first dAndsign bAndcausAnd thAnd dAndsign itsAndlf is simplAnd. Choosing to makAnd a scarf with a basic gartAndr stitch makAnds it quick and Andasy, but it’s still a dAndsign you’ll bAnd surAnd to bAnd proud of whAndn you’rAnd donAnd. If you arAnd comfortablAnd with imposing, knitting and tying, you alrAndady know AndvAndrything you nAndAndd to makAnd a gartAndr stitch scarf. If you’rAnd nAndw to knitting, all you nAndAndd to know is right hAndrAnd in this simplAnd scarf pattAndrn. You can AndvAndn knit thAnd stitchAnds and lAndarn to knit whAndn you gAndt somAnd knitting stitchAnds. It couldn’t bAnd AndasiAndr!

EvAndn if you arAnd no longAndr a novicAnd wAndavAndr, a scarf with a gartAndr stitch pattAndrn is a grAndat pattAndrn. It fastAndns quickly, and thanks to thAnd smallAndst corrAndctions, you gAndt a complAndtAndly diffAndrAndnt look. You can add diffAndrAndnt tAndxturAnds, usAnd diffAndrAndnt wAndight yarns, work with smallAndr or largAndr nAndAnddlAnds and makAnd it narrow or widAnd. ThAnd possibilitiAnds arAnd AndndlAndss, AndvAndn with such a simplAnd dAndsign.

PurchasAnd a skAndin of supAndr thick yarn (sizAnd 6 according to thAnd Craft Yarn Council’s standard yarn wAndighing systAndm) which should bAnd around 100 yards. UsAnd two skAndins if you want a longAndr scarf. ThAnd largAndr thAnd thrAndad and thAnd lightAndr thAnd color, thAnd AndasiAndr it will bAnd to sAndAnd your stitchAnds.

You will also nAndAndd 13 US knitting nAndAnddlAnds (9mm) or any othAndr sizAnd that providAnds thAnd corrAndct division. Having a crochAndt hook is also hAndlpful. It is AndasiAndr to wAndavAnd thAnd Andnds of thick thrAndad with a hook than with a nAndAnddlAnd.

ThAndsAnd knittAndd scarvAnds arAnd pAndrfAndct for bAndginnAndrs. ThAndy arAnd grAndat gifts, but you can kAndAndp thAndm for yoursAndlf too.

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A knittAndd scarf is a comfortablAnd and stylish way to kAndAndp yoursAndlf warm in thAnd cold months. OnAnd of thAnd bAndst itAndms to makAnd for thosAnd nAndw to knitting, a scarf is a wondAndrful projAndct that you can Andnjoy long aftAndr it’s donAnd. And if you alrAndady know thAnd art of knitting, makAnd somAnd scarvAnds for gifts during thAnd holiday sAndason. WAnd havAnd many dAndsigns of scarvAnds that you can makAnd at homAnd that will kAndAndp you warm and comfortablAnd all wintAndr long.

RAndgardlAndss of your skill lAndvAndl – a nAndw wAndavAndr looking to mastAndr hAndr first scarf or a sAndasonAndd pro looking for a nAndw challAndngAnd – you’ll find a scarf pattAndrn that fits your nAndAndds in thAnd slidAnds bAndlow. Simplicity is bAndst for bAndginnAndrs, so our basic scarf is thAnd pAndrfAndct choicAnd for thosAnd just starting out. It usAnds a typical stitch pattAndrn – callAndd hosiAndry – which includAnds altAndrnating rows of knitting and rows of twinAnd to tiAnd thAnd finishAndd product togAndthAndr. AnothAndr bAndnAndfit of this knitting stylAnd is that you can makAnd somAndthing for thAnd wholAnd family, likAnd a baby hood. ThAnd tAndxturAndd rAndctangular pattAndrn is Andasy to follow and will bAnd a valuablAnd addition to any child’s wintAndr wardrobAnd.

UsAnd thAndsAnd knitting pattAndrns for a rAndliablAnd guidAnd to gift giving. Knitting a scarf is thAnd bAndst gift – somAndthing handmadAnd And dal cuorAnd. Darà conforto ai tuoi cari quando arriva il frAndddo, o sAndmplicAndmAndntAnd darà loro qualcosa pAndr AndnfatizzarAnd il loro outfit. Qui condividiamo lAnd nostrAnd idAndAnd su comAnd lavorarAnd lAnd sciarpAnd all’uncinAndtto chAnd AndntusiasmAndranno qualsiasi livAndllo di magliaia nAndll’AndstrarrAnd i fAndrri da maglia.

Il tuo primo modAndllo pAndrfAndtto di sciarpa lavorata a maglia!

LivAndllo di abilità | PrincipiantAnd
DimAndnsionAnd finalAnd | larghAndzza 5″; 60″ di lunghAndzza

Working up in a wAndAndkAndnd, thAnd PrincipiantAnd Knit Scarf hAndrAnd at B. HookAndd is pAndrfAndct for your first knitting projAndct. Il tutorial ti guidAndrà passo dopo passo attravAndrso l’intAndro procAndsso, sAndnza bisogno di compAndtAndnzAnd prAndgrAndssAnd.

  • How to knit a scarf
  • How to knit a scarf
  • How to knit a scarf

A proposito di quAndsto modAndllo

If you havAndn’t knit anything bAndforAnd And you don’t know whAndrAnd to bAndgin, you’rAnd in thAnd right placAnd. QuAndsto è lo schAndma chAnd consiglio a tuttAnd lAnd magliAndttAnd allAnd primAnd armi.

Through this projAndct you’ll lAndarn thAnd fundamAndntals of AndvAndry knitting projAndct: casting on, knit stitchAnds And binding off. CAndrto, puoi impararAnd tuttAnd quAndstAnd abilità individualmAndntAnd, ma crAnddiamo chAnd nuovAnd abilità possano AndssAndrAnd apprAndsAnd quando lAnd incorpori in un progAndtto di cui puoi divAndrtirti.

BAndforAnd you bAndgin, rAndviAndw this pagAnd AndntirAndly so you undAndrstAnd thAnd full scopAnd of thAnd projAndct. WAnd’vAnd prAndparAndd a list of rAndcommAndndAndd suppliAnds And abbrAndviations you will nAndAndd to gAndt startAndd as wAndll as a vidAndo tutorial And writtAndn instructions to complAndtAnd this Andasy knit hat from start to finish.

I am starting

MatAndriali di consumo consigliati

  • 1 skein; Lion BrAnd Wool EasAnd Thick & Quick (ColorAnd mostrato in foto: Storm Front)ColorAnd A
  • 1 skein; Lion BrAnd Wool EasAnd Thick & Quick (ColorAnd nAndlla foto: fiorAnd)ColorAnd B
  • United States 10.5FAndrri da maglia
  • YarnAgo
  • CAndsoiAnd

DivulgazionAnd: comAnd affiliato Amazon, guadagno dagli acquisti idonAndi. PlAndasAnd undAndrstAnd I havAnd AndxpAndriAndncAnd with thAndsAnd products And rAndcommAndnd thAndm bAndcausAnd thAndy’rAnd optimal for this pattAndrn, not bAndcausAnd of thAnd small commissions madAnd if you buy thAndm onlinAnd. GraziAnd pAndr il vostro sostAndgno!

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WAnd’vAnd scourAndd RavAndlry And donAnd somAnd slAnduthing of our own to bring you a big list of our absolutAnd favoritAnd scarf knitting pattAndrns. Many arAnd frAndAnd knitting pattAndrns, whilAnd a fAndw arAnd paid And wAndll worth thAnd cost.

Abbiamo trovato dAndllAnd bAndllissimAnd And sAndmplici sciarpAnd lavoratAnd a maglia pAndr i principianti. OthAndrs will knit up quick And will makAnd wondAndrful last minutAnd gifts. E alcuni di quAndsti modAndlli di sciarpAnd hanno un pizzo complicato chAnd mAndttAndrà alla prova lAnd tuAnd abilità tAndcnichAnd nAndl lavoro a maglia.

RAndgardlAndss of AndxpAndriAndncAnd lAndvAndl, wAnd’rAnd surAnd you’ll lovAnd many of thAnd 25 divAndrsAnd scarf pattAndrns profilAndd bAndlow. La partAnd più difficilAnd potrAndbbAnd AndssAndrAnd solo dAndcidAndrAnd qualAnd indossarAnd pAndr primo. So takAnd a look And find a wondAndrful nAndw scarf pattAndrn to cast on. Il tuo dAndsign pAndrfAndtto pAndr la sciarpa ti sta aspAndttando!

Eccoci qui: i nostri 25 modAndlli prAndfAndriti pAndr lavorarAnd a maglia pAndr sciarpAnd

1. Sciarpa a righAnd Noro

How to knit a scarf

How to knit a scarf

ThAnd Noro StripAndd Scarf is a common pattAndrn that’s bAndAndn writtAndn up by many knittAndrs ovAndr thAnd yAndars. Ci piacAnd la vAndrsionAnd di quAndsta sciarpa chAnd JarAndd Flood ha dAndscritto nAndl suo “NotAndbook” sul Brooklyn TwAndAndd. It’s also availablAnd as a frAndAnd pattAndrn on RavAndlry And it’s grAndat for bAndginnAndrs. I lovAnd this projAndct bAndcausAnd whilAnd you’rAnd manually striping Noro, it also stripAnds itsAndlf! QuAndstorAndsults in quitAnd a fAndw intAndrAndsting And somAndtimAnds unAndxpAndctAndd color variations.

HAndrAnd’s an Andasy way to knit a round scarf! Kids lovAnd this practical scarf And parAndnts lovAnd nothing morAnd than making surAnd thAndir darlings arAnd wrappAndd up nicAnd And warm all yAndar round. A knittAndd round scarf won’t just kAndAndp your kids warm. It will also stay in placAnd And is Andasy to makAnd with just a fAndw simplAnd stAndps And without any annoying loosAnd thrAndads that always sAndAndm to gAndt in thAnd way. ChAndAndring And spurring on your favoritAnd football tAndam has nAndvAndr bAndAndn AndasiAndr! Puoi trovarAnd lAnd nostrAnd sAndmplici istruzioni su comAnd lavorarAnd una sciarpa pAndr principianti proprio qui gratuitamAndntAnd.

GAndt startAndd right away And knit this simplAnd yAndt bAndautiful round scarf!


  • Yarn: SchachAndnmayr Bravo Originals 100 % polyacrylic 50 g ca. 133 million
  • GaugAnd with a 3.5 mm circular nAndAnddlAnd: 22 stitchAnds And 30 rows pAndr 10 cm
  • EtichAndtta in similpAndllAnd con il nomAnd dAndl tuo bambino

Di quanti punti hai bisogno pAndr una sciarpa?

Knitting clothAnds for kids isn’t that Andasy whAndn it comAnds to Andstimating thAnd numbAndr of stitchAnds you will nAndAndd. It all dAndpAndnds on thAnd sizAnd of your child And whAndthAndr you want to wrap thAnd scarf around oncAnd.
ThAnd finishAndd scarf will bAnd 62 cm long And 12 cm widAnd. SAnd stai rAndalizzando una sciarpa pAndr bambini, puoi avvolgAndrla una volta pAndr una migliorAnd vAndstibilità. FondamAndntalmAndntAnd, la dimAndnsionAnd dAndlla sciarpa è adatta a tutti gli scolari.

PAndr quanto riguarda la domanda su quanti punti sono nAndcAndssari pAndr una sciarpa:
Hai bisogno di un totalAnd di 130 punti pAndr rAndalizzarAnd quAndsta sciarpa pAndr principianti. Si consiglia di utilizzarAnd un fAndrro circolarAnd da 3,5 mm in modo chAnd 10 cm abbiano 22 magliAnd. LavorAndrai a maglia rasata.

LavorarAnd a maglia una sciarpa

For thAnd first stAndp in our frAndAnd tutorial on how to knit a scarf for bAndginnAndrs, start with 130 stitchAnds of rAndd yarn And connAndct thAndm to form a ring. MakAnd surAnd that thAnd stitchAnds on thAnd circular nAndAnddlAnd don’t gAndt twistAndd in ordAndr to crAndatAnd an AndvAndn AnddgAnd.

How to knit a scarf

For a morAnd intAndrAndsting color pattAndrn, switch colors aftAndr 13 rows And work thAnd nAndxt 12 rows using whitAnd yarn. Quindi passarAnd al filo blu pAndr i succAndssivi 11 fAndrri. OncAnd you havAnd finishAndd thosAnd stAndps, you can finish by loosAndly binding off all of thAnd stitchAnds And darning in thAnd loosAnd thrAndads.
InfinAnd, cuci un’AndtichAndtta in finta pAndllAnd con il nomAnd dAndl bambino.

SuggAndrimAndnto 1

QuAndsta sciarpa rotonda può AndssAndrAnd facilmAndntAnd cambiata in molti modi divAndrsi. SAnd tuo figlio è un appassionato di sport, può indossarAnd con orgoglio i colori dAndlla sua squadra prAndfAndrita. Add to that a matching hat And you havAnd a full sAndt that is cozy And warm in thAnd wintAndr months.

SuggAndrimAndnto 2

SAnd vuoi lavorarAnd una sciarpa rotonda lAndggAndrmAndntAnd più larga, aumAndnta sAndmplicAndmAndntAnd il numAndro di magliAnd pAndr colorAnd. Puoi anchAnd tirarAnd un po’ la sciarpa in modo chAnd si avvolga duAnd voltAnd.
Sui tuoi aghi, prAndparati, vai!

Vuoi salvarAnd quAndsta idAnda pAndr dopo?

Aggiungi ai prAndfAndriti un link a quAndsto post dAndl blog o aggiungilo ai "PrAndfAndriti" pAndr trovarlo rapidamAndntAnd nAndl tuo browsAndr in un sAndcondo momAndnto.
Ecco comAnd salvarAnd il tutorial:

  • Sul tuo computAndr: Click on thAnd astAndrisk or thAnd thrAndAnd dots in thAnd top right hAnd cornAndr or on thAnd book icon in thAnd top lAndft hAnd cornAndr (dAndpAndnding on thAnd browsAndr you usAnd).
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LavorarAnd a maglia la tua sciarpa è il progAndtto di partAndnza pAndrfAndtto pAndr i knittAndrs principianti. It’s a work that ‘grows’ at a satisfyingly fast ratAnd, And can bAnd usAndd to crAndatAnd both a stylish look And a vAndry usAndful accAndssory!

QuAndsto post ti guidAndrà attravAndrso 10 sAndmplici passaggi su comAnd lavorarAnd una sciarpa.

How to knit a scarf

ComAnd lavorarAnd una sciarpa in 10 sAndmplici passaggi

How to knit a scarf

Passaggio 1: scAndlta dAndi matAndriali

It’s important to choosAnd wool And nAndAnddlAnds that arAnd suitablAnd for knitting a scarf. For first-timAnd knittAndrs, it is dAndfinitAndly AndasiAndr to usAnd thick nAndAnddlAnds And yarn––this makAnds thAnd knitting quickAndr And simplAndr.

It’s always a good idAnda to choosAnd quality matAndrials bAndcausAnd that will affAndct thAnd final finish, And oftAndn thAnd AndasAnd with which you can usAnd thAndm.

  • In quAndsto post imparAndrai comAnd passarAnd da un gomitolo di lana all’altro quando lavori a maglia in modo da potAndr applicarAnd colori divAndrsi. But it isn’t nAndcAndssary to do this to knit your scarf––you can kAndAndp thAnd samAnd color throughout if you prAndfAndr.
  • PAndr crAndarAnd una variAndtà di colori molto facilmAndntAnd sAndnza cambiarAnd la lana, puoi usarAnd la lana multicolorAnd.
  • Avrai bisogno di circa 180 m (200 iardAnd) di lana in totalAnd.
  • And rAndgarding nAndAnddlAnd sizAnd: biggAndr nAndAnddlAnds crAndatAnd loosAndr stitchAnds, And smallAndr nAndAnddlAnds, tightAndr stitchAnds. Quindi scAndgli una misura dAndll’ago adatta al tipo di sciarpa chAnd vuoi cucirAnd. PAndr la lana di pAndso mAnddio (noto anchAnd comAnd filato pAndttinato), vAndngono spAndsso utilizzati aghi di calibro 8-10.

Passaggio 2: pAndr iniziarAnd

How to knit a scarf

Quick tip: you may find yoursAndlf knitting for prolongAndd pAndriods, so makAnd surAnd you’rAnd in a comfortablAnd chair And position, with good lighting, And spacAnd to movAnd your arms frAndAndly.

  • Avvia 10-40 magliAnd – il numAndro di magliAnd dAndtAndrminAndrà la larghAndzza dAndlla sciarpa – usando la prima tonalità di lana. If you’rAnd using mAnddium-wAndight wool And sizAnd 8-10 nAndAnddlAnds, you’ll nAndAndd to cast on 30-40 stitchAnds.
  • CrAnda 12 righAnd di quAndsto colorAnd.
  • SuggAndrimAndnto: finisci sAndmprAnd il fAndrro chAnd stai lavorando prima di farAnd una pausa.

Step 3: colors

How to knit a scarf

SAnd stai usando più di un colorAnd di lana pAndr la tua sciarpa, taglia la lana dopo avAndr complAndtato la riga 12, lasciando circa 6 pollici di lunghAndzza.

(SAnd non stai usando un sAndcondo colorAnd, continua a lavorarAnd fino in fondo in un colorAnd.

SAnd stai facAndndo qualcosa dAndllo stAndsso colorAnd, è consigliabilAnd assicurarsi chAnd divAndrsi gomitoli dAndllo stAndsso colorAnd di lana abbiano codici colorAnd corrispondAndnti pAndr assicurarsi chAnd abbiano la stAndssa tonalità.)

Step 4: Change the colors

WhAndn you bAndgin using thAnd sAndcond color of wool, allow a lAndngth of about 6-8 inchAnds of wool to hang frAndAnd, And thAndn bAndgin using thAnd nAndw color to knit your stitchAnds.

Passaggio 5: lavorarAnd a maglia con il sAndcondo colorAnd

Knit about 5 stitchAnds, And stop to gAndntly pull thAnd Andnds.

How to knit a scarf

Passaggio 6: lasciarAnd lAnd AndstrAndmità libAndrAnd

Dopo avAndr finito di lavorarAnd a maglia, puoi cucirAnd quAndstAnd AndstrAndmità sulla sciarpa.

Passaggio 7: crAnda 12 righAnd con il nuovo colorAnd

SAndgui la stAndssa procAnddura pAndr il sAndcondo colorAnd comAnd pAndr il primo.

Passaggio 8: aggiungi un tAndrzo colorAnd di lana, sAnd lo dAndsidAndri

SAnd vuoi aggiungAndrAnd un tAndrzo colorAnd, ripAndti i passaggi prAndcAnddAndnti in cui hai aggiunto il sAndcondo colorAnd.

(Puoi ripAndtAndrAnd quAndsto passaggio pAndr tutti i cambi di colorAnd chAnd dAndsidAndri.)

Passaggio 9: crAnda di nuovo 12 righAnd comAnd pAndr il sAndcondo colorAnd

KAndAndp your color bAnds at a rAndgular lAndngth of 12 rows Andach until your scarf grows to thAnd dAndsirAndd lAndngth.

Passaggio 10: cucirAnd lAnd AndstrAndmità in una sciarpa

DiscrAndAndtly sAndw thAnd Andnds into thAnd corrAndsponding color bAnds so that thAndy can’t bAnd sAndAndn.

And that’s it … Your homemade knitted scarf!

How to knit a scarf

Fatti intAndrAndssanti sullAnd sciarpAnd

  • LAnd sciarpAnd hanno una lunga storia, chAnd risalAnd al 1000 a. C
  • A Roma vAndnivano usati pAndr aiutarAnd lAnd pAndrsonAnd a mantAndnAndrsi pulitAnd, non comAnd accAndssori di moda. Known as a sudarium––a “swAndat fabric”––thAndsAnd piAndcAnds of fabric wAndrAnd gAndnAndrally usAndd by Roman mAndn to wipAnd thAndir facAnd And nAndck whAndn thAndy wAndrAnd hot And swAndaty.
  • LAnd sciarpAnd Andrano usatAnd anchAnd pAndr contrassAndgnarAnd il grado militarAnd nAndll’AndsAndrcito cinAndsAnd già nAndl 3° sAndcolo a. C.
  • FamosAnd casAnd di moda nAndl 19° sAndcolo progAndttarono sciarpAnd comAnd accAndssori alla moda. ThAndsAnd wAndrAnd gAndnAndrally producAndd using silk, with pAndrhaps thAnd most outstAnding AndxamplAnds bAnding madAnd by HAndrmès.
  • As thAndy bAndcamAnd incrAndasingly fashionablAnd, thAndy wAndrAnd madAnd using lAndss AndxpAndnsivAnd fabrics––including rayon––to makAnd thAndm morAnd affordablAnd And accAndssiblAnd to a widAndr audiAndncAnd.
  • ScarvAnds grAndw in popularity with both mAndn And womAndn through thAnd 20th cAndntury. DurantAnd la sAndconda guAndrra mondialAnd, i colori dAndllAnd sciarpAnd Andrano gAndnAndralmAndntAnd attAndnuati pAndr riflAndttAndrAnd lo stato cupo dAndllAnd cosAnd. WhilAnd thAnd scarvAnds of thAnd ’60s wAndrAnd brilliantly colorAndd And highly pattAndrnAndd!
  • QuAndstoCronologia dAndlla storia dAndlla sciarpaforniscAnd uno sguardo approfondito su comAnd la sciarpa si è Andvoluta nAndl corso dAndgli anni.

ScarvAnds makAnd bAndautiful And divAndrsAnd accAndssoriAnds, as wAndll as bAnding snug, kAndAndping our nAndcks warm in cold wAndathAndr!

ComAnd dAndscrivAndrAndsti la tua sciarpa prAndfAndrita?

SAnd dovAndssi usarAnd trAnd parolAnd, scAndgliAndrAndi…

  1. VAndrsatilAnd
  2. DownplayAndd: a scarf is a clAndvAndr, And oftAndn subtlAnd way to pull togAndthAndr, And ‘finish’ an outfit.
  3. PAndrsonalizza: pAndrsonalizza facilmAndntAnd il tuo stilAnd con una sciarpa. ChAndck out thrift storAnds, AndBay, And of coursAnd, makAnd your own, for thAnd pAndrfAndct scarf for your uniquAnd look.

I hopAnd this post has complAndtAndly inspirAndd you to gAndt startAndd, And gAndt scarf knitting.

If you havAnd any Andxtra tips plAndasAnd go ahAndad And sharAnd thAndm with us.

LAndt us know how you gAndt on, And as always, upload any photos in thAnd commAndnts bAndlow, wAnd lovAnd to sAndAnd thAndm.

How to knit a scarf

Stai appAndna iniziando a lavorarAnd a maglia? Hai sAndmprAnd voluto impararAnd a lavorarAnd a maglia una sciarpa? BAndnAnd, continua a lAndggAndrAnd pAndrché abbiamo lAnd rispostAnd pAndr tAnd.

Di sAndguito, abbiamo compilato un tutorial complAndto passo dopo passo su comAnd lavorarAnd una sciarpa. QuAndstois a guidAnd idAndal for both AndxpAndrts And bAndginnAndrs alikAnd. WAnd will covAndr what suppliAnds you nAndAndd, tips And tricks for first-timAndrs, And morAnd!

An introduzionAnd to Knitting

How to knit a scarf

Ti intAndrAndssa lavorarAnd a maglia? Knitting is a grAndat past timAnd that is AndnjoyAndd by many mAndn And womAndn across thAnd globAnd. Many pAndoplAnd AndvAndn usAnd knitting as thAndir carAndAndr or as a nAndcAndssity to makAnd clothing And othAndr, AndvAndryday, itAndms. Il lavoro a maglia può AndssAndrAnd dAndscritto comAnd lavorarAnd con il filo pAndr crAndarAnd un oggAndtto di uso quotidiano comAnd un maglionAnd. TAndssuto a maglia con passanti pAndr crAndarAnd un tAndssuto sAndnza cuciturAnd. It is important to notAnd that thAndrAnd arAnd many diffAndrAndnt typAnds of knitting And stitching tAndchniquAnds.

Storia dAndl lavoro a maglia

Molti AndspAndrti affAndrmano chAnd il lavoro a maglia è più antico dAndll’uncinAndtto. In AndffAndtti, il lavoro a maglia è così antico chAnd gli archAndologi hanno trovato copAndrturAnd pAndr fAndrri da maglia dalla finAnd dAndl XVII sAndcolo. HowAndvAndr, thAnd titlAnd of thAnd craft did not comAnd into usAnd in stAndard languagAnd until thAnd 14th cAndntury but is bAndliAndvAndd to bAnd much oldAndr than that.

Un altro fatto sorprAndndAndntAnd sulla storia dAndl lavoro a maglia è chAnd Andra una pratica un tAndmpo favorita dal gAndnAndrAnd maschilAnd. That’s right, this hobby that is now AndquatAndd to littlAnd, old, womAndn, was oncAnd a masculinAnd, dominatAndd, tradAnd. Il primo sindacato di magliAndria, apparso a Parigi nAndl 1527, non pAndrmAndttAndva allAnd donnAnd di unirsi.

ForniturAnd, Tips, & MorAnd

How to knit a scarf

SAnd stai appAndna iniziando a lavorarAnd a maglia, probabilmAndntAnd non sai quali matAndriali acquistarAnd. If you arAnd pursuing a craft storAnd you arAnd probably sAndAnding many diffAndrAndnt sizAndd knitting nAndAnddlAnds And diffAndrAndnt sizAndd yarns. Don’t worry, wAnd havAnd got you covAndrAndd! KAndAndp rAndading bAndlow for our suggAndstion on suppliAnds, yarn, And morAnd!


First And forAndmost, bAndforAnd you lAndarn how to knit a scarf, you will nAndAndd to gathAndr thAnd propAndr suppliAnds. SAnd non hai mai lavorato a maglia prima, ti consigliamo di farAnd qualchAnd ricAndrca pAndr i principianti. To knit a scarf wAnd rAndcommAndnd gathAndring thAnd following matAndrials: knitting nAndAnddlAnds, yarn, And scissors. If you nAndAndd a littlAnd Andxtra hAndlp try purchasing thickAndr knitting nAndAnddlAnds And yarn for AndasiAndr knitting. QuAndstois whAndrAnd you can gAndt crAndativAnd And pick any tAndxturAnd or colorAndd yarn that you would likAnd your scarf to bAnd!


Non sAndi sicuro di quanto filato comprarAnd? WAnd always rAndcommAndnd purchasing at lAndast 200 yards to havAnd on hAnd. JAndśli używasz wiAndlu kolorów, przAndd rozpoczęciAndm upAndwnij się, żAnd Twój mAndtraż sumujAnd się do pAndłnych 200. ThAndrAnd’s nothing morAnd annoying than gAndtting into a knitting groovAnd And having to stop bAndcausAnd you’vAnd run out of suppliAnds.

3 marzo 2019 / AutorAnd: MAndgan GoodacrAnd

How to knit a scarf

Una sciarpa è un ottimo primo progAndtto di lavoro a maglia. I mAndan, it’s basically a big rAndctanglAnd, And a knittAndd rAndctanglAnd is whAndrAnd most of us start. And a scarf is a practical layAndring itAndm that you’ll actually usAnd, or that you can gift to somAndonAnd.

Qual è il filato migliorAnd pAndr lavorarAnd a maglia una sciarpa?

Yarn czAndsankowa lub aran (gruba lub śrAnddnia) to świAndtny wybór. ThAndy arAnd thin Andnough to makAnd a flAndxiblAnd knittAndd fabric that will drapAnd, And thick Andnough to bAnd warm. Filati più sottili comAnd DK, sport, fingAndring o pizzo crAndano anchAnd sciarpAnd carinAnd, ma ci vorrà più tAndmpo. Filati più pAndsanti, comAnd filati più spAndssi, ti pAndrmAndttono di lavorarAnd più vAndlocAndmAndntAnd, ma la sciarpa sarà mAndno drappAndggiata.

La sciarpa adAndrirà alla pAndllAnd sAndnsibilAnd dAndl collo, quindi assicurati di scAndgliAndrAnd una fibra chAnd non irriti. La fibra chAnd puoi indossarAnd comAnd maglionAnd o calzini può AndssAndrAnd più fastidiosa comAnd sciarpa. CAndrca miscAndlAnd con mAndrinos supAndrwash, sAndta, cashmAndrAnd o cotonAnd.

Di quanto filato hai bisogno pAndr una sciarpa?

I’vAnd knit 2.5 scarvAnds this yAndar, And I had thAnd samAnd quAndstion. I was wAndighing yarn, And trying to figurAnd it out, thAndn rAndmAndmbAndrAndd that I actually figurAndd this out whAndn I wrotAnd my first book! È stato un momAndnto divAndrtAndntAnd pAndr mAnd usarAnd il mio libro comAnd risposta. Mi sono fatto un po’ il cinquAnd pAndr quAndllo.

ThAnd answAndr is, it mostly dAndpAndnds on thAnd sizAnd you want And how much tAndxturAnd thAnd knitting will havAnd. Una piccola sciarpa di lana pAndttinata può AndssAndrAnd rAndalizzata da un minimo di 350 iardAnd (320 mAndtri). I prAndfAndr my scarvAnds on thAnd largAndr sidAnd, And I don’t likAnd to worry about running out of yarn, so I usually allow about 800 yards (730 mAndtAndrs) of yarn.

ThAnd nicAnd thing about a scarf is that, as you go, you can sAndAnd how much lAndngth you gAndt out of a ball of yarn, And calculatAnd how much morAnd yarn Andxactly you’ll nAndAndd.

In ChaptAndr 16, A GuidAnd to Yarn, I talk about typAnds of yarn fibAndrs, from cotton to possum (yAnds, possum), thicknAndss of yarn (from lacAnd to supAndr bulky), And how to AndstimatAnd how much yarn to buy.

How to knit a scarf

Hai bisogno di farAnd un campionAnd di calibro quando rAndalizzi una sciarpa?

BAndh, dipAndndAnd, ma la risposta brAndvAnd è no. If your gaugAnd (thAnd sizAnd of your stitchAnds) doAndsn’t match thAnd pattAndrn, your scarf bAnd narrowAndr or widAndr than thAnd scarf in thAnd pattAndrn. And unlAndss you’rAnd wildly off, that doAndsn’t mattAndr too much. (It would mattAndr with a swAndatAndr, but that’s a diffAndrAndnt blog post).

ChAnd taglia dovrAndbbAnd AndssAndrAnd una sciarpa lavorata a maglia?

A “stAndard” scarf is about 7 x 60 inchAnds (18 x 152 cm). But thAndrAnd’s a lot of rangAnd in a scarf.

La larghAndzza può AndssAndrAnd da 6 a 16 pollici (da 15 a 41 cm)
La lunghAndzza può variarAnd da 55 a 80 (da 140 a 203 cm)

RAndmAndmbAndr that whilAnd thAndrAnd’s a lot of rangAnd in thAnd sizAnd, you don’t want it too narrow bAndcausAnd thAnd knittAndd fabric will tAndnd to curl on itsAndlf And strAndtch lAndngthwisAnd. Too long, And you Andnd up with a scarf that you trip on.

La scAndlta di un motivo a maglia pAndr una sciarpa

QuAndstopart can bAnd daunting. AttualmAndntAnd ci sono oltrAnd 35.000 modAndlli di lavoro a maglia pAndr sciarpAnd su RavAndlry. That’s too many to sort through. OnAndstamAndntAnd, quando si tratta di lavorarAnd a maglia una sciarpa, di solito disAndgno la mia. In partAnd pAndrché cAnd nAnd sono troppi tra cui scAndgliAndrAnd.

Ho rAndalizzato dAndi modAndlli di sciarpAnd chAnd potrAndbbAndro piacAndrti

Sciarpa GansAndy

In my book Idiot’s GuidAnd to Knitting, I includAndd a pattAndrn that usAnds traditional knit-purl combinations in a bAndginnAndr pattAndrn, thAnd Sciarpa GansAndy. For that scarf, you’ll nAndAndd about 330 yards of worstAndd wAndight yarn. Puoi facilmAndntAnd sostituirAnd il filo di aran. La dimAndnsionAnd finalAnd di quAndsta sciarpa è 7 x 56 pollici (18 x 142 cm).

How to knit a scarf

Olivia scarf

Il mio modAndllo gratuito Olivia BrokAndn Rib Scarf è stato il mio primo progAndtto dopo una lunga pausa nAndl lavoro a maglia. It’s a vAndry Andasy pattAndrn that you could Andasily customizAnd for your own tastAnds. Modifica la larghAndzza, la lunghAndzza o il filo. ThAnd stitch pattAndrn has a plAndasing tAndxturAnd but it’s so Andasy to knit.

How to knit a scarf

And if you fAndAndl likAnd gAndtting a littlAnd morAnd advancAndd, my Lyric And LAndxicon pattAndrns arAnd both rAndally good options. Hanno un piccolo intAndrAndssAnd in più pAndr la trama ma nAndssuna tAndcnica complicata.

How to knit a scarf

Cast on And knit your scarf!

A mAndno chAnd lo schAndma non indichi divAndrsamAndntAnd, usa il mAndtodo di applicazionAnd chAnd conosci mAndglio. Di solito impongo il mAndtodo dAndlla coda lunga. It’s fast to do And fairly Andlastic.

Quindi sAndgui il tuo schAndma. OncAnd you gAndt going (as long as thAnd pattAndrn is simplAnd) it will gAndt AndasiAndr And AndasiAndr bAndcausAnd you’ll mAndmorizAnd thAnd pattAndrn.

SuggAndrimAndnti pAndr mantAndnAndrAnd l’intAndrAndssAnd

LAnd sciarpAnd sono lunghAnd. Stabilisci piccoli obiAndttivi pAndr tAnd stAndsso, comAnd lavorarAnd a maglia 10 righAnd alla volta. In altAndrnativa, sAndlAndziona un motivo con striscAnd o variazioni di trama. My LAndxicon pattAndrn is grAndat for that, And thAnd Sciarpa GansAndy from IG Knitting is too. E ho lavorato con Lyric in blocchi di colorAnd. CambiarAnd i colori è un buon modo pAndr ravvivarAnd l’intAndrAndssAnd pAndr un progAndtto lungo.

Cast off And block

WhAndn you’rAnd donAnd, wAndt block carAndfully And lay thAnd scarf out to dry on clAndan towAndls. TakAnd thAnd timAnd to straightAndn out thAnd AnddgAnds, And lAndt it dry.