How to kiss your partner’s neck

Find the best way to kiss a girl’s neck passionately and turn her on. These kissing tips will help you properly turn her on and provide great pleasure to the girl in bed.

How to kiss your partner's neck

Giving kisses on the neck is one of the most pleasurable experiences that exist, both for the guys and the girls. However, for this to be true, one must know how to kiss in the right way. If you do not have much experience or want to improve your technique, here we present a complete manual to kiss your partner’s neck passionately. This will make your partner discover the pleasure unknown so far.

Start by caressing with your fingertips

Passing your fingertips through some areas of your neck is the ideal way to begin your maneuver before planting a kiss on a girl’s neck. It would help if you did it with the inverted hand so that your nail’s surface rubs to the skin. This will generate a slight tingling that will anticipate the torrent of sensations you propose to make your partner feel. This soft touch will indicate your intentions which will form the beginning increase the arousal. It is a subtle and delicate way of asking permission, “I’m going to give you pleasure. Will you let me? “. This step is to make your partner’s mind ready for the fun it is going to receive.

Moisten your lips and give a first kiss with the mouth closed

The first contact with the neck should be soft and slightly moist. Keep in mind that you have to follow an upward stimulus pattern to get the maximum excitement from your partner. In this, you must go from more minor to more in the intensity of your caresses and kisses. That is why these first steps have to be almost timid, do not jump at first to lick their neck because that breaks all the magic. The first kiss with a closed mouth and wet lips is like a good snack that leaves your partner wanting more.

Head to a sensitive part of the neck with small kisses

Once you have landed a few kisses on your girl’s neck, you must advance towards a susceptible area. The best way is to mark a path with small kisses similar to the first one you have given. Kisses should be slightly moist; mouth closed, and very soft and continuous. As you get closer to that area, the excitement will increase. For passionate kissing a girl’s neck and turn her on, you mustn’t rush so that she feels the pleasure.

Kiss with your mouth open and the inside of your lips

Now that you are in a sensitive area, you have to pull out the heavy artillery. Open your mouth and let the moist interior of your lips make contact with the girl’s skin. At that moment, she will begin to feel a pleasant tingling due to the humidity of your lips and the heat that these kisses have accumulated while you kept them glued. Remember, the stimulation is only with the inside of the lips. So go slow and make it a bit of teasing.

The tongue should remain in place

Separate your lips from your skin and blow over the area that you have moistened. Once you have applied a little saliva with the inside of your lips over a susceptible area, it’s now time to move forward. Separate slightly and stop making contact with your mouth. Look at the place you’ve been working on, which should be somewhat wet, and blow gently on it. Believe it or not, you send a jolt of pleasure to her nervous system as the air applied to the damp skin generates a discharge that will be transmitted throughout your body.

It is time to attack another strategic area, the back of the neck, which has many nerve endings and is therefore susceptible. Start from the base and continue to the top doing the whole tour with only the tip of the tongue without depositing saliva. Just stroke your language from bottom to top and repeat the operation a few times, preferably varying the path in several parallel lines.

Kiss the vicinity of your ear

The secret to kissing a girl’s neck, as you can see, lies is in the variety. Different stimuli applied in different zones provide the best results in terms of excitation. You just licked the back of his neck; now, it is then necessary to change the area of action and the type of contact. Go to the ear and begin to kiss gently beneath it with short kisses and a closed mouth. The feeling will be different from what you provided a few moments ago, which will keep alive the desire to continue exploring your partner’s skin.

Suck your partner’s neck gently

Change zone again. Lift your jaw gently and head to her neck at the front. Begin to walk it with your wet tongue. You must use the right amount of saliva to notice the moisture, but without going over. Unless you know that your girl likes it, it’s better to be conservative in this because some people find saliva to be too unpleasant.

Give little bites

In addition to sucking his neck, it works very well to give small soft nibbles. You can alternate them with kisses or licks so that it does not become repetitive. This will allow you to stay longer by stimulating the front neck area and making your excitement reach the maximum degree. Just make sure that your bite is not too strong, or it will destroy the pleasure. The intensity of the bite should be small so that your neck kissing mood is not eliminated.

Kiss the line of jaw and lips

You’ve already made pleasure take over them. The best transition to your mouth is to go up from the neck to the jawline. Now you can travel with small kisses that will allow you to assault your partner’s lips passionately.

At this point, you can put your hand in the fire because your partner is committed. An extended session of kissing the neck does not leave anyone indifferent and allows raising the temperature to ends you cannot imagine.

How to kiss your partner's neck

His neck is one of his most sensitive areas (that’s easily accessible).

Done right, a kiss on his neck can immediately disarm him. Even if he’s in a bad mood he can’t help but feel butterflies when your lips touch his neck.

Follow these neck kissing tips to leave an impression he won’t soon forget.

Step 1: Make sure you have an opening

Be careful with neck kissing! It’s not always easy access.

For one thing, he could move his head at the last second and accidentally hit you.

The best way to avoid that is to move in slowly. Plus you don’t want to freak him out by making a sudden lunge at his neck like a vampire.

Obviously if his head is tilted to one side, go for the other.

If you’re standing behind him with your arms around him that’s a perfect time to kiss the back of his neck. Otherwise stick with the side.

What if his shoulders are blocking his neck?

You have two options here:

  1. Don’t kiss his neck 🙁
  2. Gently put your hand on his shoulder and press down so he exposes his neck to you

Note: A kiss is really a conversation without words. If you’re interested in learning some advanced methods for stimulation, skip ahead to the: >>Stroke of Genius Method<<

Step 2: Lightly brush his skin with your lips

You don’t need to press too hard at the beginning. Just enough to let him feel your lips on his neck, barely.

Make it even hotter by breathing softly on his neck. Breathing on his neck tells him you want him and it will turn him on big time.

You can do this for just a few seconds if you wish, but feel free to go a bit longer. It will tease him and make him anticipate what’s to come.

Step 3: Start Kissing Above His Collarbone

This is one of the most sensitive areas of his neck. If you want to arouse him quickly this is one of the best areas to focus on.

At this point your kisses can be more firm. If you followed step 2 then he’s already been eagerly anticipating your kiss. Now it’s time to let him have it.

But still be sure not to go overboard. If you press too firmly with you lips you might cause discomfort, especially if he’s extra sensitive in that area.

Word of caution: If your man isn’t too used to this type of thing, or if the two of you are just beginning your relationship, this might be as far as you want to go. Just these three steps will cause him plenty of stimulation.

Step 4: Mix It Up a Bit

If you want to keep going, try mixing things up.

For example, if you’ve been focusing on the area between his collarbone and shoulder, try kissing up toward his jaw.

You can also try using your tongue! Again, do it lightly, but if you want to gently lick the side of his neck – go for it. If he’s already turned on then this will take things to another level.

How to kiss your partner's neck

[Optional] Step 5: Whisper Something In His Ear

Since you’re already in the area, you might want to add to the experience by whispering something in his ear.

At this point it hardly matters what you say. Don’t overthink it. Just tell him how much you want him, or that you’ve been thinking about this all day.

Of course, use your judgement here. If the two of you are still getting to know each other you might not know what types of things he likes to hear. In that case either keep it simple, or don’t say anything at all.

Don’t force it. If you repeat some line you found on the internet, it could come out sounding forced and awkward, and hurt the mood.

[Optional] Step 6: Escalate Further

Just kissing his neck will be plenty intimate. You can stop here and he’ll be plenty aroused.

But neck kissing is also a great starting point if you want to go further. You can transition from kissing his neck to kissing his chest (if his shirt’s off). Or this could also be a good time to start taking off his shirt if you feel up for it. Or, let him start kissing your neck. 😉

Point is, there’s a million different ways you can go further from here.

How Long Should I Kiss His Neck?

There’s no right answer here. But usually, less is more.

Think about it: would you rather he was left wanting more? Or get bored and lose interest because you’ve been kissing the same spot for too long.

What If He Has A Beard?

If you like the way his facial hair feels on your face and lips, then don’t let his beard stop you!

You can look for exposed skin to kiss. If his beard is really thick and most of his front is covered in hair, try focusing more on the back half of his neck.

Keep in mind that facial hair is more coarse than other hairs, so it can cause redness if you brush your face against it too much.

What About Hickeys?

Hickeys aren’t very popular these days, and for good reason. They leave a big red mark that’s an unmistakable sign that somebody was necking you.

Your partner probably has a job or school to go to and he doesn’t want everybody knowing the details of his personal life based on a mark on his neck.

It’s best to avoid giving him a hickey. Do this simply by not kissing/sucking/biting in one area for too long.

If you do accidentally cause a hickey, no worries! Apply ice to the area for a few minutes after and he should be all clear. (Of course, you might end up killing the mood…)

Keep in mind, A kiss is really a conversation without words. If you’re interested in learning some advanced stimulation methods, try out the:

Girl’s body requires a lifetime discovery. If you are deeply in love with your partner then keep exploring the points to give her utmost pleasure. According to the research, 90% men fail to please a woman as a sexual relationship is concerned. The reason is that men only do the intercourse skipping the foreplay.

On the flip, girls love when boys play with their bodies. Among all the delicate parts of a girl, the neck is the most sensitive one. You can go on kissing a girl’s neck and feel the goosebumps on her arms but only if done correctly. In the event you manage to kiss a girl’s neck correctly, she will lose all her control at once.

How to Kiss a Girl’s Neck

How to kiss your partner's neck

Wondering how to kiss a girl’s neck? Most men are unaware of the right way of doing neck kissing and thus they fail to approach the ultimate stage of intensity.
The neck area of a girl is like a red erogenous zone. It is your chance to deal with it properly and she is going to have the best experience with you.

So if you are thinking of an intense episode, start with attempting to get a girl hot by going easy on her neck. There are many ways of approaching it, but you should take a mild start and build it up. Let’s see a guide to how to kiss a girl’s neck?


  1. It happens quite many times that a girl moves her lips away and the guy ends up kissing her cheeks. This is not a smart approach to follow. This happens when a guy does not know or knows very little about how to kiss a girl’s neck. As she turns away and brushes her hair, showing her neck, this is your chance to get her on. Take a look at her into her eyes, look at her neck and then again look into her eyes.
  2. You do not need to get started with the kissing part immediately. Take a while, come closer to her neck and just breathe softly. This will not let her move, she is going to love what you are intending to do next. Start with nibbling, moving on softly.
  3. Now you need to find the most exciting area of her neck. Mostly girls love being kissed at the area near the collarbone. This may also differ from girl to girl. You will find yourself the erogenous area on her neck from her reaction. Once you happen to find the right area of her sensitivity, you need to focus on it and leave the rest.


  • From the outset till the very end, you need to show your passion and enthusiasm. Kisses without passion are useless. Once you have spotted out the most sensitive part of your girl’s neck, now you need to kiss it and kill it!
  • If you are thinking to go on a girl’s neck with closed wet kisses, it is truly an extraordinary idea. Believe it or not, this is going to make your girl crazy. You might think of it as a silly idea at the very first time but you will witness how much she likes it. She would prefer kisses with open mouth but without tongue.
  • The correct way is that open up your mouth while kissing, separating your lips softly caresses her neck. It is not at all advisable to concentrate on one part of the neck; you should bring some variety by kissing up and down on her neck.
  • Breathing some air while kissing your partner’s neck is undoubtedly a brilliant idea. If you have been doing it right then jump on the next step that is licking your girl’s neck right from the top till the bottom. Make sure that you are using only the tip of your tongue and not the whole tongue. Do it gently by feeling the sensation of your girl. You will witness her enjoying and asking for more.


  • By now you have shown her how great you are when it comes to neck kissing. Continue with the wet kisses all around her neck and make sure that you control your saliva while kissing all over. If you happen to let out much of your saliva on her neck, this is going to out her off and the results may become opposite. Keep it gently yet enthusiastic.
  • While you are kissing her neck, show her some masculinity by holding her with your hands firmly. The combination of stroking with your hands and passionate kisses is going to get her out of this world.
  • After you have been kissing and licking all over your girl’s neck, it is the time to give her love bites. You need to be a little careful, take her skin in between your lips first and then go on with taking it between your teeth. Biting part will make her crave for you more.
  • Pull away from her neck with your hands and let her see how much passion and thirst you have in your eyes.


  • If you have learned the art of how to kiss a girl’s neck, all her boundaries can easily be broken. Mastering this art is a gateway to all the treasures she holds. The practice of neck kissing is going to make her want you more.
  • Neck kissing if done correctly, increases the lust between the partners. It takes the process of lovemaking to another level. A lot of guys do not know the correct procedure of neck kissing. They kiss their girlfriends on their neck yet fail to produce the desired responses. This is the reason why you need to learn it and then practice it so that your girl finds you the best among the rest.

We suggest you, if you want to enter into a girl’s world of fantasies, you must master the art of how to kiss a girl’s neck. There is nothing else which is going to please her more.

These moves will take your sex life from zero to. er, 69.

How to kiss your partner's neck

You know what a big deal neck play can be during the opening act—yet lately, you’ve been feeling like your moves should be accompanied by a sad trombone. (A kiss here, a random bite there? Big whoop.) It’s almost like your partner knows exactly what’s coming. which could explain his “little engine that could” determination to skip right to the grand finale.

But we’ve got your back. Here’s how to get in the foreplay game again, stat, with these fancy new moves–starring your partner’s neck (and maybe yours, too).

Take a walk on the wild side. When he least expects it, gently grab his neck from the front and kiss him behind the ear, says Rachel Needle, licensed psychologist at the Center for Marital and Sexual Health of South Florida. As he turns to pounce, hook your arm around the back of his neck and pull him in tight for an animalistic make-out sesh. Biting optional.

Slide over. Instead of lifting your lips after each kiss, slide your lips across his neck as you move up to his ear—or down to his chest. Alternate between soft and aggressive kisses to heat things up.

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Show your softer side. Give off the flirty vibe dudes love by taking small breaks from kissing his neck to flutter your eyelashes against his skin. The barely-there sensation combined with the smooches will drive him cray with a side of rawr!

To the left, to the left. “For women with long hair, gently moving it—while brushing it across her neck—can send erotic shivers up and down her spine,” says board-certified clinical sexologist Debra Laino. While you’re at it, throw in a gentle nibble from the hairline to her collarbone to seal the deal.

Pin her down. Turn her over and pin her to the bed. Alternate between licking, nibbling, and biting the nape of her neck. Let her reactions guide your next move.

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Press her buttons. Two super-sensitive areas worth hitting are just behind the earlobe and where the neck connects to the collarbone, says Needle. Tag team them by flicking your tongue behind her earlobe on one side, while lightly gliding your fingers along her collarbone on the other.

Take a breath. “Even a faint breath excites the nerve endings on the neck and can be very arousing for both men and women,” says Laino. Start as gently as you can with a short exhale, then graze the skin with your lips. Move on to a few light kisses before bringing your tongue into the mix.

Be aggressive, b-e aggressive. If your partner likes it a little rough, grab his hair while you suck on his neck. Be careful not to leave a mark—unless he prefers being branded, obvi.

Get wet. The added sensations that happen during shower sexcan make neck play even hotter. Slowly kiss your S.O.’s neck from behind while your hands caress his arms, says Needle. Then, blow on his neck for sensation overload.

Take his temperature. Eat something cold—an ice cube, a popsicle, or frozen grapes—before drawing your tongue up and down his neck. Add a few hot breaths into the mix and he won’t know what hit him, says Laino.

How to kiss your partner's neck

Having a guy kiss your neck can be one of the hottest things ever. But you can end up turning down the heat if you don’t know what you’re doing. Or if you know what to do, you can use it as an opportunity to turn him on even more.

Chances are if he’s kissing your neck, he’s already highly attracted to you. Maybe he’s returning the favor from the amazing neck kiss you just gave him. In any case, if he is kissing your neck then he is FEELING it for you.

The truth is there is no “right” thing to do when a guy is kissing your neck. You can try any (or all) of the suggestions below. There are so many good options! Just don’t do nothing and make things awkward 🙂

Run Your Fingers Through His Hair

You already love running your fingers through his hair, right? Well this is a great time to do it.

You’ll be sending him a message that you like what he’s doing, and he’ll know he should continue. In fact, you can actually control the way he kisses you by gently guiding his head where you want him to kiss. Or if you like what he’s doing already you can hold him a little more firmly.

Note: A kiss is really a conversation without words. If you’re interested in learning some advanced methods for stimulation, skip ahead to the: >>Stroke of Genius Method<<

Wrap Your Arms Around His Body

If the two of you are standing up you can put your arms around his shoulders. Or if you’re sitting or laying down next to each other, his torso might be more convenient.

The point here is to squeeze him closer to you. Doing this will create a deeper feeling of intimacy between the two of you.

Tilt Your Head To Give Him More Space To Kiss

One of the easiest ways to show him that you like what he’s doing is to move your head so more of your neck is exposed. Try tilting your chin upward to give him more real estate to kiss.

If he’s kissing your neck from behind this will be a little tricky. But in that case what you can do is brush your hair to the side so the back of your neck is exposed. That will encourage him to kiss the back of your neck, which is one of those secretly sensitive spots on your body!

Tease Him

Nothing will get him turned on more than arousing him with touch while he’s kissing your neck. You can build up his anticipation by gently touching different areas of his body. If you’re comfortable with it, you can tease him by almost touching him down there and then backing off at the last second. Or you can start to motion like you’re taking off his shirt or belt, but then stopping short of actually doing it.

Just a word of warning: this will drive him wild.

Use Your Words

It’s not just about what you do physically when he’s giving you neck kisses. You can and should use sound to enhance the mood.

An easy way to do that: talk to him. It doesn’t have to be anything too special or fancy. Just say something simple like: “that feels nice” or, “I’m loving this!”

You don’t even have to use words, really. If you’re truly enjoying being kissed on your neck, feel free to let off a sigh or a moan. That might say a lot more than any words 🙂

Keep in mind, A kiss is really a conversation without words. If you’re interested in learning some advanced stimulation methods, try out the:

How to kiss your partner's neck

Kissing is one of the easiest ways to show someone love and affection. It’s also a good way to test sexual chemistry with a partner you just started dating. It’s such a common act that it’s just something we automatically assume all couples do. But that’s not necessarily the case — in fact, some people don’t like kissing.

Hearing your partner say, “I don’t like kissing” for the first time may shock you — especially if you love to make out. It may even make you wonder whether it’s just their way of saying they’re not attracted to you. After all, a 2020 study published the journal Sexual and Relationship Therapy, found that kissing frequency is a strong indicator of relationship connectivity. The more you kiss, the happier you tend to be in your relationship. You’re also much more likely to develop a stronger bond with your partner, and have a better sex life.

But even if kissing seems like the one of the most natural things a couple can do, some cultures don’t recognize it. In fact, a 2015 study published by the American Anthropological Association found that 45% of North American cultures don’t kiss, not even in a romantic or sexual way. And due to the COVID-19 pandemic, some people may be a little more hesitant to kiss.

Gigi Engle, certified sex coach, tells Bustle that the reason someone might not like kissing can vary. “For some people, they just find it ‘gross’ or weird. For others, it just doesn’t have the same ‘pair bonding’ or nurturing effect that is has for most people.”

But as long as you and your partner communicate about it, there are plenty of kissing alternatives you can explore.

How to kiss your partner's neck

Remember the days of first base? Those late nights sitting on the couch with your crush after your parents went to bed, hoping he’d lean over in the middle of She’s All That and just plant one on you?

As you get older, the rush of being kissed often falls to the shadows, as the spotlight turns to, well, getting laid. But kissing is still an important part of the sexual repertoire.

How to kiss your partner's neck

“First of all, kissing is sex. It is one of the many ways we express ourselves sexually,” says Suzanne Rapley, Ph.D., AASECT-certified sex therapist.

Not to mention, the lips and mouth are “loaded with nerve endings,” says Emily deAyala, AASECT-certified sex therapist, “which makes the sensation of kissing so pleasurable.”

She adds that: “Many people are guilty of jumping into intercourse too quickly, but spending more time making out can do wonders to stimulate sexual pleasure and improve intimacy in the relationship.”

If you’re ready to take your kissing game to a whole new level, there are some hot, expert-recommended kissing positions you need to try.

1. The Side-By-Side Kiss

How it works: Sit next to each other on the couch, a bench, or bed. Tilt your neck and head to face each other and slowly lean in. Your partner can take one hand and cup the side of your face, or vice versa.

Why it’s great: This is the makeout position that probably started it all back in your teenaged days. It’s innocent enough, but with not-so-subtle undertones of further exploration. It’s the perfect position to throw a little fuel on the fire.

2. The Chest-To-Chest Kiss

How to do it: This is one of the most basic, but passionate stances for a solid makeout sesh. Stand facing each other, with your arms around your partner’s neck and their hands around your waist.

Why it’s great: With your chests touching, you will not only become exceptionally close physically, but the connection will be crazy-intimate.

3. The Gentle Hickey

How to do it: Going full hickey might not be the most age appropriate (or fun, tbh). That said, a gentle sucking and nibbling of the neck from below the ear to the clavicle is a hot compromise.

Why it’s great: This makeout position stimulate the erogenous zones in the neck, along with the nerve endings in the lips, sending sexy chills down both of your spines and setting the mood for what comes next.

4. The Woman-On-Top Kiss

How to do it: Have your partner lie flat on their back while you straddle their waist with your legs. Lean your weight into your partner’s chest and kiss from above.

Why it’s great: You’re already in a highly sexual position, which will send both your brain (and genitals) into overdrive. The fact that you’re leaving it at kissing is incredibly erotic—and makes for excellent foreplay.

5. The Tongues-Only Kiss

How it works: Simple enough. Touch tongues with each other and see how long you can leave the lips out of it.

Why it’s great: This is one of the most intimate kissing positions. It might take some getting used to, but it’s a fun and sexy way to play with your partner as you test your comfort zones together.

6. The ‘Gotta Have You’ Kiss

How it works: This is a passionate throwdown—whether it’s up against a wall, sweeping items off the desk, or falling into bed together. It’s fast, bold, and full of fire.

Why it’s great: So much of romance is about spontaneity and seizing the moment. This makeout position is full of energy and surprises, leaving the hands open to wander freely.

7. The Facing-Spoon Kiss

How it works: Both of you lie on your sides facing each other, with your arms wrapped around each other and your pelvises touching. It’s similar to chest to chest, only horizontal.

Why it’s great: This a great kissing position for the end of the evening, or first thing in the morning. It is a comfortable, relaxed position, but intimate enough where all the right parts are touching, without it necessarily leading to sex (although, hey, no one’s stopping you).

8. The ‘Spider Man’ Kiss

How it works: Similar to woman on top, except you’re facing the opposite way, with your chin aligned to your partner’s nose, upside down. Travel your way down to their neck and chest, if the mood strikes.

Why it’s great: This is a great kissing position to give you a feeling of control while you smooch. Plus, it places your breasts strategically for your partner to do some exploring of their own.

9. The ‘Anywhere But The Mouth’ Kiss

How it works: The face and neck have so many erogenous zones, and it’s fun to tease a little leading up to a full-on mouth kiss. Start with the neck, earlobes, clavicle, corners of the lips, ear lobes. get creative.

Why it’s great: It’s the ultimate buildup to the ultimate buildup. If you thought kissing was amazing foreplay, you’ll love the foreplay to kissing.

10. The Single-Lip Kiss

How it works: Use your two lips to focus on your partner’s lower lip. Lick it softly with your tongue, gently nibble it, or suck softly on it using your lips.

Why it’s great: It is incredibly erotic, and such a tease. You’ll leave your partner begging for the full effect.

Kiss day is just a couple of days away! A good enough reason to have a passionate and sensual kiss with your partner? If your answer is no, let us enlighten you with some reasons why you should kiss your partner. Apart from bringing you two closer, kissing can also help burn calories. Yes! You read that right. Certain studies have shown that kissing can burn 2 – 6 calories per minute and about 120 calories per hour.

Speaking of kisses, there are several kissing styles you can add to your makeout repertoire and neck kissing is definitely the most popular and sensual one. So, here are some tips that you can follow to become a great neck kisser.

Check Your Breath

How to kiss your partner's neck

Nobody wants to know what you ate before kissing. There cannot be a bigger turnoff than that. So, carry mint or chewing gums with you every time especially when you know that there are chances you might get lucky!

Start Slowly

How to kiss your partner's neck

Do not jump on your partner like you have been deprived of kisses since forever, let the excitement build and then plant a soft kiss on your partner’s neck. And don’t hesitate to use your tongue!

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Don’t Forget To Kiss The Nape

For many people, the nape of the neck is the most sensitive spot. According to an expert, Jane Greer, a slight touch on the neck can drive your partner wild. “The nape and back of your neck have so many nerve endings that a light touch is all that’s needed to drive you—and your partner—wild, ” Jane was quoted as saying by Glamour magazine.


How to kiss your partner's neck

Honestly, I always thought hickeys were a teenage badge of honour. But if you and your partner are fine with getting a hickey, passionately planting kiss on the nape of the neck. Also, I would suggest you go for the spots that can be easily covered under clothes unless you want to flaunt it!

Pay Attention To Your Partner

How to kiss your partner's neck

This isn’t just about following your partner’s lead but being cognizant of how they react to the kisses and bites. If your partner is really enjoying something, he will give you some signs and signals, so pay special attention to that.

A Kiss On His Ears!

Kissing his ears will stimulate his pleasure and begin to excite him. You can also use your tongue and gently bite his ears!

If You Like Rough!

If you want to get rough, try using teeth. But start off gently and ask your partner whether they are into it or not. And if they like it, gently bite them- don’t behave like a vampire!