How to kiss your girlfriend in public

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If you are worried about how to turn your girlfriend on or are looking for new ideas, there are many things you can try! Although if foreplay bothers you, don’t worry! As long as you have a base of mutual attraction, all you need to turn your girl on is set the mood, slow down, and try a few moves that are sure to drive her crazy.

How to kiss your girlfriend in public

Advice: Look into your girlfriend’s eyes when you talk to her. This will show her that you are confident.

After writing how to get a girl ?, How to check if a girl likes you ?, How to give a hickey? and how to invite a girl on a date? now let’s write how to romantically kiss your girlfriend for the first time. Kissing is an incredibly passionate act, and you can always remember a great minute if kissing is okay. ANDveryone wants a kiss that will always be remembered. Knowing the kissing tactic, you can please any woman. When it comes to kissing your sweetheart, you find yourself in a great situation, well, it’s great to be perfect at kissing. You know that if you kiss well, you can have a girl with you forever. The wrong kiss can scare girls, and a good kiss will undoubtedly keep your relationship going forever. When it comes to kissing your partner, try not to be afraid, but remember a few things. You will have to adopt some strategies and remember some things, and you will give her a kiss that she will always remember. To learn how to kiss your girlfriend, try the steps given below.

Steps to kiss your girlfriend

1.) Take care of some basic things

Try to take care of your lips before you start kissing. Having swollen and soft lips makes the kiss more dazzling. Drinking about 8 glasses of water each day will help you stay hydrated. Apply petroleum jelly on the lips. Balms can be used to keep lips tender and soft. No one can oppose a kiss from a soft, fuller lip. If you need a kiss every time, you better focus on improving the condition of your lips.

Breathing is also a necessary part when you are about to kiss someone. Nobody should kiss a man with a terrible breath. Focus on the purity of your breath and mouth. Use any peppermint chewing gum to keep your mouth fresh. Brush your teeth before going to kiss your partner. Also, use a mouth freshener to freshen your breath. You can keep mint gums with you as it may come convenient as you don’t know when you may get an opportunity to kiss her.

2.) Be sure of a few things

Choose the right place: The right place is important when you kiss your girlfriend in a romantic way. Kissing becomes sweeter when the place around you is better. Get close to your girlfriend that you need to kiss. Bend over her and sit next to her in a pleasant or romantic setting, she herself will be delighted by the romantic setting and may start wanting to kiss you.

You look great: When you approach her to kiss your girlfriend, make sure you look good. Notice how great, reliable, she will support you. Make the most of every great fragrance or cologne and take note of the perfect one for your event. When you will notice great she will feel pulled in to you and may get nearer to you without anyone else’s input. Pay attention and take the opportunity.

Be careful: Safety is important when it comes to kissing your girlfriend when you are about to kiss your sweetheart and unsure of your kissing tactics, so it would be best if you were careful. AND safe place will help her to open up as well and she won’t bother much. Go to a place where she feels comfortable kissing your girlfriend.

Ask her permission: If he agrees, he will appreciate it more and more and you will appreciate it too. Check if it’s compatible or not, ask if it’s ok for you here or not. On the other hand, if you feel he is unhappy, go somewhere else or stay close forever. A bad place will ruin a kiss.

How to kiss your girlfriend in public

3.) Steps to kiss your girlfriend

Flirting around: Flirting is great when you do it right. He plays with her a bit, it will improve her mood and cheer her up. Be a funny person and make her laugh to keep her relaxed. If she is relaxed, you can both enjoy your kissing session better. Możesz też jej komplementować, przeszkadzać jej i w ten sposób zbliżyć się do niej.

Approach her: Come up to her and see how she reacts. How she reacts when you try to get close. Are her actions good for you? The answer is yes, so keep going. She tries not to rush this progress, do everything gradually and observe her responses. She checks if she doesn’t like her, then quit. Thanks to her actions of hers, you will know better what she is thinking about.

Attention to signals: Look at the signs she gives when you get close to her, is that right? Is it true that she smiles and blushes when you get close? On the other hand, would she say that she keeps a strategic distance from you and comes back? In case you feel that she is not intrigued or unpleasant when you approach you, then stop now and sit down for the time she is ready to approach you.

Lean on her: Bend over when you kiss her. Lean into her and look into her eyes, causing a slight smile. She tries not to give your gaze a chance to occupy it, she looks into her eyes and then her lips for a while. This will give her a sign that you are thinking of kissing her.

Hold his face: Just before kissing her, hold her face tenderly. do it when you are closest to it and lean towards it. You can also touch her cheeks with your fingers and move your thumb to the side of her lip. In case he turns red and examines your eyes with a warm or sneaky smile, he is sure to sit tight to kiss him.

Now kiss: Now, after these measurements, a minute has come to place a kiss on her lips. You can also start by kissing her gently on her cheek. Come close to her and kiss her lips tenderly. Start with a little kiss before diving into a deep kiss.

Take a short break: After the kiss, separate and look at her face with a gentle, comforting smile. She examines her blush and hugs her. at this point, soon to kiss her again. She tries not to stress that she thinks it’s not the best in light of the fact that she will continue to move forward over time.

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How to kiss your girlfriend in publicWe don’t talk much about kissing a girl here, usually because we’re more focused on helping you get the girls to bed – why spend a lot of time on a side dish when you can go straight to the main event?

But even if you’re trying to turn yourself into an irresistible man, even a woman can’t say no, it’s worth taking the time to discuss the kissing technique. How come? Because it’s one of those little edges that come together to create the big picture that you are and the impression you make on girls.

In other words, being a gifted kiss makes you able to get the results you really want with women – hot, hot romance with beautiful girls that you really like.

Although if you quickly seduce a woman and then give her a stunning kiss, it still helps:

It helps you remove any last minute resistance you may encounter against intimacy.

It helps her to turn off her logical mind and be there right now

And it helps her understand that yes, you are exactly the charming, seductive and sexy man she has always dreamed of meeting.

So, in these notes, I want to address a Slovenian reader who commented on the following article on how to get a phone number:

“I have read about 95% of your articles and let’s say I trained at an intermediate level. or more than a pure beginner.
Thanks again 😉

I still have problems when it comes to physical escalation. but no problem with sex. I have serious problems from talking to kissing. When the kisses start, I have very little trouble with bed magic.

In fact, I’ve never read any insights that would explain how to get closer and closer, when / how to put your arm around her or something, hug her, kiss her cheek or I don’t know. My question would be this:

HOW to get to the kiss part, if you do everything right?

I have serious problems with this transition. And I was even angrier because I know I would have fucked so many times if only I had mastered this part. And sooner or later. “

And he is right. It’s a difficult transition from talking to kissing and being together, and for many guys this can be one of the hardest things to learn. Overall, the transitions are quite difficult and you will find that most of the obstacles you encounter as you progress with women arise when you have a hard time moving from one interaction phase to the next.

So let me give you an article on How to Kiss a Girl that will help you navigate this corridor much more smoothly. much more of course. and as a bonus, she’ll teach you exactly how to put one on her that she’ll remember for a long, long time.

Kissing your girlfriend may seem like something fun, but there is a real science you need to follow. You need to know how to kiss her properly so that they both get the same pressure. This guide will help you learn kiss for the first time step by step.

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How to kiss your girlfriend in public

Make a good mood

Start by creating a great mood whenever you wantkiss the girl well. Maintain a positive mood by doing it in a pleasant, relaxed environment where you and she feel relaxed. Thanks to this, the kiss is natural. You must read the post on kissing to make love

ANDven the neighborhood should be something worth kissing. Kiss somewhere, such as near sunrise or sunset, or in a quiet place where there is hardly anyone around. This gives enough time between you and her for a kiss to be ready. Most importantly, the scenery can create an intimate feeling that you and she will surely love. You can also do this in the comfort of your home if the mood is right and everything in the area is appropriate and comfortable.

How to kiss your girlfriend in public

Keep her hands tight

Keep a nice hold on your girlfriend’s hands when you get ready to kiss her. Just hold one hand. It is a symbol that you are ready for intimacy and you may even want to kiss your girlfriend sexually.

How to kiss your girlfriend in public

talk to her

Release the tension or pressure by talking to your girlfriend. Put it in the center of the conversation. You can praise her for anything of value. But you should let her dictate everything and bring the situation to a romantic ending so that everything is treated with enough attention. You don’t want to push her in any way by trying to make the conversation go a little faster than she wants.

How to kiss your girlfriend in public

See his answer

Look at the response your girlfriend gives you when you hold her hand. You can tell that she is happy with you when she is not trying to run away from you. Or, she can put a hand behind her neck to show you that she really cares about you.

How to kiss your girlfriend in public

Look into his eyes

ANDssential partkiss my girlfriend in a romantic way the plan is to look her straight in the eye. Show that you really want to get close to her and that you really care about her. The look you and she give to each other should be genuine and carefully planned so that everyone in this situation feels great about what’s going to happen here.

How to kiss your girlfriend in public

Try a smaller kiss

While your main focus is:kiss the girl, it’s best to be calm at first and kiss her hand or somewhere else before reaching your mouth. This shows that you are ready to break that initial barrier that may prevent you from acting too fast. It is one thing to show interest in her and quite another to run.

How to kiss your girlfriend in public

Slow down

The best way tokiss the girl w usta is to refrain from running. Get close to her head and let her dictate your movements. Make sure she is ready for a kiss.

How to kiss your girlfriend in public

Keep it soft

just like you dokiss your girlfriend on the lips, stiffness must be avoided. Keep your lips soft and relaxed without applying too much pressure. Chances are she might be interested in something more than your mouth.

How to kiss your girlfriend in public

Keep your hands in the correct position

The last tip is to make sure your hands are kept in a good position while you kiss. You can keep your hands on his back or shoulders. You can also put your hands on the sides of her face as long as you are gentle and relaxed with her.

These steps will help youkiss your girlfriend for the first time in school or any other place of value to you. Use these points to help you tune in to your woman and use them correctly and responsibly without being too harsh or harsh on her. The idea is to create an intimate feeling that you will surely love.


Harrison: So a lot of you guys in high school, you know, are getting a little hot and disruptive. Where will you take him? You know, so what place did you go to when you were in high school to grope?

Maya: Well, assuming she had physical interactions when I was in high school, I’d probably like to be discreet. I’ve heard wardrobes are fine for this.

Maya: It’s a word on the street, action of a little janitor in the closet.

Harrison: You know what?

Harrison: Take pictures because there is a dark room.

Maya: There is a dark room.

Harrison: Also the darkroom.

Maya: And this is spicy and less scary than the keeper’s wardrobe.

Harrison: ANDxactly. You can even get a script by Vicki / Christina Barcelona, ​​you know with Scarlett Johansson and Penelope Cruz.

Maya: They can come out of nowhere.

Harrison: They can appear out of nowhere and start kissing.

Maya: Where there is a dark room, there are these two.

Harrison: ANDxactly. Outside the darkroom, a little more, the logical place would be for you to know, like under the stairs. It would be easy. It’s fast. There are usually a lot of them. Maybe a pile library.

Maya: Oh yeah, it’s a sultry movement surrounded by literature. No, it’s really good. Because it is quiet. There are many small corridors and small spaces.

Maya: It’s easy to get upset when someone comes.

Harrison: Right.

Maya: Maybe the gym sometimes because it’s not used.

Harrison: ANDxactly, but not in a basketball game.

Maia: Yes. Well yes. It would be a less than subtle but slightly whitening effect. It is a very spicy approach.

Harrison: So I’d say go to the local high school unless you’re in high school and you know it.

Maya: Or I mean, if only to make sense of something.

Harrison: Well, you can become a sex offender. But I guess you go to the local high school and when you are in class try them out if you have a girlfriend or someone you like to kiss. So you can experience what we will experience right now.

Maya: Let’s say we are under the stands.

Harrison: It’s okay.

Maya: Ra, Ra, Ra. Little sister, boom, yeah.

Harrison: Oh yeah, I’m going to get some popcorn.

Maya: I feel so rude.

Harrison: I know, right? I can’t believe I’m kissing a cheerleader.

Jan Faull, MD, advises parents on how to approach their children’s public painting sessions.

Q. My 16-year-old daughter and her boyfriend are too attached to my husband and I and I am concerned that their public displays of affection will hurt others as well. They touch each other all the time – they hug, kiss and often kiss in front of us. They’ve been dating for 6 months so expect some level of affection, but it’s way too much. How can I talk to my daughter about mitigating this aspect in front of others?

AND In all the years you have raised your daughter, you have most likely given her advice, insights and information on how to behave in different situations. If she rubbed her nose, you handed her a handkerchief telling her that the nose she teased with others was wrong. If she talked about her with her mouth full of her, she no doubt reminded her over and over to wait until she finished chewing and swallowing the food.

As children develop over the years, they gain new experiences; they need parental guidance, guidance, judgment and wisdom in all situations. Not only do they automatically know how to behave in new circumstances.

So here’s your daughter kissing her boyfriend in front of you and your husband. It’s not fair and they both need to know. Holding a hand, a quick kiss, or a tender hug might be fine. Sexual and passionate kisses are not. It is rude and inappropriate; you are not provincial or old-fashioned. It is only disheartening when couples caress each other in front of others. Such intimacies between two people are for each other when they are alone.

You wonder where else they show their feelings in public. Zapewne wszędzie tam, gdzie pójdą: w szkole, w centrum handlowym, na imprezach sportowych i w domach przyjaciół.

When you bring this up to your daughter and her boyfriend, realize that they will be angry, embarrassed, worried or ignored by your information. Prepare for their initial response, stay calm as you speak and hold your position. They won’t say, “Thanks for letting us know. We really appreciate your message. Zmienimy nasze zachowanie. “However, they will accept and respond, most likely respecting your wishes.

You also have to worry about what happens sexually between them when no one is around. If they are so free in their feelings and exercise so little restraint in front of their parents, you must feel that they have even less sexual self-control when they are alone. Are you worried about being sexually active? If so, there is a risk of pregnancy and sexually transmitted diseases. ANDle stosunek seksualny jest również wyzwaniem emocjonalnym dla nastolatków; it is also worn for the more mature teenager.

Time to talk seriously with your daughter. If you’re reluctant, take her to Planned Parenthood to talk to a professional about her sexuality, especially regarding her boyfriend.

How can you start a kiss with someone without scaring them?

How to kiss your girlfriend in public

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10 ways to start a kiss on a date

We all like to kiss people we like, whether it’s on a date, at the movies, just to relax or in any other situation you are in together. This doesn’t mean it’s easier to kiss and taking the first step isn’t scary at all. I know we’ve all been there: you feel it’s time to kiss you, you want it, you know they want it too, but you don’t know how. Butterflies and nerves can definitely catch you, my friend.

Why do you want to be the best at initiating a kiss? Cóż, ponieważ to zdanie jest w rzeczywistości bardzo ważne, jeśli chcesz, aby ktoś cię zaakceptował i z przyjemnością odwzajemnił pocałunek. Believe me, the refusal to kiss is terrible!

In fact, there is no reason to worry about this problem you may have; we have these 10 ways to start a kiss depending on the situation you are in. Stay up to date!

How to kiss your girlfriend in public

How to initiate a kiss while cuddling

Hugging is one of the best and funniest things you can do with your partner. That is, who doesn’t like being cozy and close to that person, being on a comfortable bed or chair and just relaxing. It is also one of the best ways to express your affection and concern for your partner. If you want things to be more intimate when you cuddle, there’s no better movement than reaching out for a kiss. As?

Check out the ways here:

1. Kisses on the neck

How to kiss your girlfriend in public

When we hug each other, our whole body is basically intertwined with others. It’s so intimate and it can mean so much. The best way tostart a kiss in this position is to start by kissing their neck and chest whilst you are cuddling them. Then begin to gradually rise until you reach their mouths and go there. They will love the wait and the kiss will be magical.

2. Caresses

How to kiss your girlfriend in public

If you hug yourself, caress and caress is the best way to show affection and lust at the same time. If you want to bring even more love right now, the kiss will be perfect. How to do it? Use stroking to your advantage: touch their face, run your fingers over their neck and chest, touch their lips, and finally, gently grab their hair and bend over to kiss them. They will also have goosebumps.

How to start a kiss on a first date

How to kiss your girlfriend in public

Often, we may not know when the best time to kiss is on a date, and less if it’s the first. It can be a time that both parties want and expect, but it’s hard to know when the time is right and how to do it so that the other person doesn’t get offended or reject you because they’re not ready.

Whether you are a man or a woman, we will show you how to start a kiss on your first date. Put aside the stress that this moment can cause and make this first experience enjoyable, fun and unforgettable. We give you all the tips so that your inaugural kiss will lead to many others. Attention!

3. Pay attention

How to kiss your girlfriend in public

Pay attention to whether the other person is open to you or not. Before you step out and kiss that person on your first date, check out the signs that make it possible and show that they too have a genuine interest in you. If you get close, they constantly look you in the eye or mouth, show interest in your life, chances are they will appreciate your kiss. If you can see these signs, no doubt go kiss yourself!

4. Choose a place and time

How to kiss your girlfriend in public

Pick the right and perfect time for a kiss. Remember, after all, this is the first date you will always remember as something special and unique. Therefore, we recommend that you do this in an intimate moment when you have approached and felt good. Don’t even think about your first kiss in the middle of a meal or in a crowded place.

On the contrary, the ideal way is to wait for an intimate, quiet and romantic moment. It will be much more comfortable and better for both of you.

While no one wants to think of themselves as a bad kiss, it can be surprisingly difficult for some to master.

Insiders spoke to relationship experts and sex educators to identify some signs that you are kissing badly and what you can do about it. Much depends on your partner and her pleasure – or missing her.

ANDcco alcuni segni che al tuo partner potrebbe non piacere baciarti.

People often kiss you

Getting lost in a big kiss can be heavenly, so if you find that your partner seems to be looking forward to leaving, you can take that as a clue.

“Kissing is a great way to get romantically involved, and if you’ve ever kissed someone who is good at it, you just want to go on forever. Jeśli ludzie całują cię krótko lub wydają się unikać całowania, prawdopodobnie nie jesteś bardzo dobrze całuje “- powiedział Insiderowi certyfikowany doradca i ekspert ds. Relacji David Bennet.

Evasive maneuvers, such as pointing a kiss on the cheek or neck, can also indicate that kissing is not fun. If you notice this pattern, it may be time to talk to your partner about any concerns you have.

You notice your partner rubs his face after kissing

A sign of bad kissing could be if you catch your partner wiping their face after they are done kissing.

„Wiele ruchów języka i mokrych ust prowadzi do mokrej twarzy i jeśli twój partner nie uzna, że ​​to podnieca, prawdopodobnie przesadzasz" – powiedziała Insiderowi Kayla Lords, pisarka i eksuill ds.

Everyone is different, and some partners may really love messy wet kisses. However, unless this technique has received an explicit thumbs-up from your date, you might want to keep things a little tidier (i. e. drier) the next time you lock lips.

Your partner always winces after the kiss

You want your kisses to leave your date breathless, but not literally. If you find that your partner is always out of breath after kissing, your style may be so aggressive that he is unable to breathe properly when he kisses.

Short breaks during a makeup session can create expectations and give participants a chance to take oxygen.

Your partner gently pulls away as you touch the back of his head

Mayla Green, a permanent sex instructor at an adult toy store, told Insider that one way to measure your partner’s pleasure while kissing is to gently place a hand on the back of your head.

“If the kiss is unpleasant, they will naturally try to withdraw and you will feel pressure on your hand when they try to push your head away. Z drugiej strony, jeśli docenią twoją technikę pochełunku, pozostaną w pozycji pionowej obok twojej twarzy i nie poczujesz, jak głowa naciska na twoją rękę “- wyjaśnił Green.

Green warned that the goal is not to trap your partner in a kiss, but to read their body language. ANDvita di mettere entrambe le mani dietro la testa del tuo partner perché potrebbe sembrare troppo aggressivo o controllante.

You’ve never asked anyone their opinion of your kisses

Overall, people don’t like to make their romantic partners feel inadequate or ashamed. This means that if you don’t ask for feedback on your kissing style, you may never get it.

„Kiedy masz wątpliwości, nie zaszkodzi zapytać partnera, czy dobrze całujesz” – radzi ANDugust McLaughlin, autor „Girl Boner: The Good Girl’s Guide to Sexual ANDmpowerment”. “You might say something like,” It’s a little awkward for me, but sometimes I feel a little self-valued and I want to make sure you enjoy our kisses as much as I do. We can talk about it? “”

If you’d rather avoid having a full conversation about your kissing technique, you can also ask your partner to show you how he loves being kissed.

You are not playing alone with this

It may seem counterintuitive, but if you’re not enjoying kissing someone, it could mean you need to hone your skills.

“A lot of what makes a good kisser is not just taking care of the other person’s pleasure, but prioritizing your own. Im bardziej lubisz się całować, tym większe prawdopodobieństwo, że zadowolisz każdego, kogo Pocołujesz “- powiedział McLaughlin Insiderowi.

After all, the purpose of a good kiss is not just to please the other person, but to promote interconnectedness and joy. Before worrying about anything else, consider what makes your knees weak.

They told you you kiss badly

Even if you think you’re a great kisser, listening to what the other person has to say about your style can help you learn about their particular preferences and correct anything that might discourage you about your kiss.