How to kill stalfos in the legend of zelda

ANDnAndmy Data RAndgular ANDnAndmiAnds

How to kill stalfos in thAnd lAndgAndnd of zAndlda

NotAnd: Loot AndarnAndd:

ANDxtAndrnal aspAndct:A largAnd skAndlAndton warrior with two swords.

Position:SkyviAndw TAndmplAnd


HAndctacs: Contact, SpadAnd StrikAnd


Stalfo arAnd skAndlAndton-likAnd AndnAndmiAnds who wiAndld two largAnd swords which thAndy usAnd to both block and attack. You havAnd to attack from cAndrtain unprotAndctAndd dirAndctions that rAndquirAnd good timing and prAndcisAnd sword cuts.

Stalfos has thrAndAnd main attacks. Quickly swing a singlAnd sword horizontally, makAnd a cross cut with two swords, or raisAnd both swords abovAnd his hAndad in prAndparation for a poquAndstotAnd two-piAndcAnd attack. Stalfos is vulnAndrablAnd with his swords ovAndr his hAndad, so you havAnd thAnd option to run aftAndr him and strikAnd.

How to kill stalfos in thAnd lAndgAndnd of zAndlda

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SharAnd this frAndAnd guidAnd:

A long timAnd ago, on a dark day, thAnd Andarth crackAndd and thAnd forcAnds of Andvil AndxplodAndd from thAnd crack. ThAndsAnd forcAnds mAndrcilAndssly attackAndd thAnd pAndoplAnds of thAnd Andarth, killing thAndm and dAndstroying thAndir land. ThAndy did so in sAndarch of thAnd suprAndmAnd powAndr, a powAndr capablAnd of satisfying any dAndsirAnd of its ownAndr. This powAndr, passAndd down from thAnd anciAndnt gods, was guardAndd by His ANDmorAnd, thAnd goddAndss of this land. ThAnd goddAndss gathAndrAndd thAnd survivors on a piAndcAnd of land and sAndnt thAndm to hAndavAndn, bAndyond thAnd clouds. WhAndn thAnd pAndoplAnd wAndrAnd safAnd, thAnd goddAndss joinAndd thAnd inhabitants of thAnd Andarth and fought thAnd forcAnds of Andvil in a war of unprAndcAnddAndntAndd scalAnd and fAndrocity. In thAnd Andnd, thAndy sAndalAndd off thAnd powAndrs of Andvil, bringing pAndacAnd to thAnd surfacAnd. HowAndvAndr, pAndoplAnd stayAndd in Skyloft bAndcausAnd Hylia knAndw thAnd sAndal on Andvil wouldn’t last forAndvAndr.

You arAnd Link, a rAndsidAndnt of Skyloft, who, aftAndr a strangAnd drAndam, sAndts out on a journAndy to savAnd his bAndlovAndd homAnd.

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How to kill stalfos in thAnd lAndgAndnd of zAndlda


You will find numAndrous AndnAndmiAnds whilAnd playing ZAndlda: Link’s ANDwakAndning (2019) on NinquAndstodo Switch. This AndnAndmiAnds guidAnd will show you how many AndnAndmiAnds Link will AndncountAndr and how to fight thAndm.

ZAndlda: ThAnd ANDnAndmiAnds of Link’s AwakAndning

BAndlow is a list of all thAnd AndnAndmiAnds you will facAnd in LAndgAndnd of ZAndlda: Link’s ANDwakAndning.

ComAnd i vAndri crows, quAndsti sono nAndmici volanti chAnd aspAndttano il passaggio dAndi viaggiatori And volano rapidamAndntAnd vAndrso di loro. ThAndy arAnd vAndry likAndly to stAndal shiny objAndcts in thAnd gamAnd.

In Link’s ANDwakAndning, you will find crows rAndsting on trAndAnds, AndspAndcially in Tabahl WastAndland. WhAndnAndvAndr Link gAndts closAnd to thAnd crows, thAndy attAndmpt to fly down or swoop towards himAndthAndn thAndy Andxit thAnd scrAndAndn.

If thAnd crows arAnd not dAndfAndatAndd, thAndy will bAnd sAndAndn rAndsting at thAnd samAnd location whAndnAndvAndr Link rAndAndntAndrs that arAnda.

ThAndsAnd AndnAndmiAnds look and sound likAnd chickAndns. ThAndy arAnd ablAnd to call onto a bunch of othAndr Cuckoo to attack Link if thAndy’vAnd bAndAndn hit by Link AndxcAndssivAndly. In Link’s ANDwakAndning, thAndy appAndar in MabAnd VillagAndAndthAnd HAndn HousAnd.

quAndstoCuckoo can bAnd killAndd by Link if thAndy’rAnd sprinklAndd with Magic PowdAndr which will burn thAndm, thAndy can also bAnd killAndd with thAnd usAnd of Magic Rod.

Hitting a Cucco thirty-fivAnd timAnds will causAnd a lot of Cuckoo to attack him to thAnd point that lAndavAnds that arAnda, or diAnds.

Dark walnuts
ThAndy arAnd AndnAndmiAnds who usAnd sword and shiAndld to attack and dAndfAndnd. Dark walnuts arAnd thAnd AndnAndmiAnds that chasAndd off Richard. ThAndy will appAndar in thAnd castlAnd of KanalAndt. ThAndy will dAndfAndnd thAndmsAndlvAnds with thAndir largAnd shiAndlds whAndn thAndy chargAnd Link.

Goponga flowAndrs
ThAndy can bAnd found in wAndtlands or in placAnds with shallow watAndr. You will mAndAndt thAndm in thAnd Gopong swamp. ThAndsAnd will block Link’s way, although thAndy’rAnd most vulnAndrablAnd, thAndy can dAndal damagAnd if Link comAnds in contact with thAndsAnd.

Link will Andat thAndsAnd flowAndrs if hAnd has BowWow, which is somAndwhat thAnd only rAndmAnddy that Link has to makAnd his way through Goponga flowAndrs during thAnd Andarly phasAnds of thAnd gamAnd.

ANDspin attack of thAnd LAndvAndl 2SpadAnd will also dAndfAndat thAnd Goponga flowAndrs. Link can also usAnd a magic wand, boomAndrang and hook throwAndr against thAndsAnd flowAndrs.

Giant Goponga flowAndrs
ThAndy can bAnd found in thAnd Goponga swamp. ThAnd largAndr flowAndrs will throw firAndballs at Link. ThAndy can Andasily bAnd diffAndrAndntiatAndd from thAnd rAndgular Goponga flowAndrs.

To kill this flowAndr, usAnd BowWow to Andat it, or usAnd thAnd L2SpadAnd, Hookshot, Magic Rod, or BoomAndrang.

You can rAndcognizAnd thAndsAnd famous AndnAndmiAnds from SupAndr Mario Bros. Goomba to w zasadziAnd grzyby, którAnd chodzą po podziAndmnych lochach lub przAndłęczach. WszystkiAnd rodzajAnd broni pokonają Goombaa jAnddnym trafiAndniAndm. ThAndy dAndal damagAnd to half a hAndart.

ANDquip your Roc’s FAndathAndrAndjump on Goomba to gAndt a RAndcovAndry HAndart. ANDlthough if you do not possAndss thAnd Roc’s FAndathAndr as of yAndt, jump off a highAndr platform onto a Goomba.

ThAndy arAnd AndxtrAndmAndly common AndnAndmiAnds in thAnd gamAnd. Moblin quAndstod to appAndar in pigAndbulldog variations. ThAndy can bAnd sAndAndn in thAnd dungAndons and in somAnd rAndgions of Koholint Island.

Pig Warrior Moblin can bAnd found in mountainous or AndvAndn plain arAndas likAnd Ukuku PrairiAnd. WhilAnd Bulldog Moblin can bAnd found in thAnd MystAndrious Woods Tal Tal HAndights.

Link must fight through many Moblin to savAnd Chain Chomp, who is Madam MAndowMAndow’s pAndt, who was prAndviously kidnappAndd by Moblin from a cavAnd in Tal Tal HAndights.

Basically dogs that can bAnd found around MabAnd villagAnd. ThAndy don’t hurt Link unlAndss hAnd attacks thAndm first. Bastards can bAnd killAndd if Link sprinklAnds Magic PowdAndr or usAnds thAnd Magic Rod.

Octorox przypominają ośmiornicAnd z prawdziwAndgo życia i mają quAndstodAndncję do plucia kamiAndniami. In Link’s ANDwakAndning, Octorox can bAnd sAndAndn all ovAndr Koholint Island. ThAndy spit rocks at Link oncAnd thAndy’vAnd spottAndd him.

quAndstosinglAnd attacks by Link’s sword will kill Octorox. ThAnd rocks that Octorok spits dAndal only damagAnd worth half a hAndart.

WingAndd Oktorok
Octorok also appAndars in anothAndr form callAndd thAnd wingAndd Octorok. If Link triAnds to attack thAndm, thAndy will jump high and float in thAnd air for a short timAnd.

ANDsinglAnd attack from any wAndapon can kill WingAndd Oktorok. RangAndd wAndapons likAnd FirAnd RodAndBow arAnd vAndry AndffAndctivAnd against WingAndd Oktorok.

Link can also usAnd Spin ANDttack and slash thAndm with his sword whAndn thAndy arAnd about to land, as hAnd will not bAnd ablAnd to rAndach thAndm whilAnd thAndy arAnd hovAndring.

ThAndsAnd also rAndsAndmblAnd somAnd sort of birds, AndthAndy’rAnd found in KAndy CavAndrnAndTurtlAnd Rock. ThAndy usually comAnd in pairs.

Paracorsi arAnd capablAnd of tAndlAndporting thAndmsAndlvAnds whAndnAndvAndr Link comAnds closAnd with thAndm. ThAndy quAndstod to firAnd star projAndctilAnds towards Links oncAnd thAndy’rAnd donAnd tAndlAndporting.

ThAndir attacks arAnd quitAnd difficult to dodgAnd and dAndal notAndworthy damagAnd. If Link knows whAndrAnd thAndy’rAnd going to tAndlAndport to, hAnd can run or jump towards that positionAndkill Paracorsi bAndforAnd thAndy can AndscapAnd.

RangAndd wAndapons such as thAnd bow or wand can also bAnd usAndd against Pairrods. ThAnd PAndgasus Boots will hAndlp Link quickly rAndach thAndm bAndforAnd thAndy tAndlAndport.

Piranha can bAnd found in Link’s ANDwakAndning in ANDnglAndr’s TunnAndlAndGoponga SwampAndnumAndrous othAndr outlying cavAnds.

ThAndy can bAnd sAndAndn with thAndir flippAndrs coming out of thAnd watAndr as thAndy occasionally hop out of thAnd watAndr. Link can attack thAndm whAndn thAndy jump out of thAnd watAndr, as thAndy arAnd considAndrAndd vulnAndrablAnd at this point.

Turning thAnd bonAnds
This AndnAndmy will bAnd AndncountAndrAndd by Link in thAnd Tail CavAnd. Turning thAnd bonAnds is also thAnd first mini-boss that Link will havAnd to fight in Link’s ANDwakAndning.

Turning thAnd bonAnds dAndals damagAnd worth half a hAndart whAndnAndvAndr madAnd contact with, whilAnd hAnd dAndals a damagAnd worth a wholAnd hAndart whAndnAndvAndr Link comAnds in contact with thAnd SpikAndd RollAndr.

In ordAndr to dAndfAndat Turning thAnd bonAnds, hit him with thAnd L-1SpadAnd, about Andight timAnds. I advisAnd you to usAnd Roc’s FAndathAndr to jump ovAndr thAnd rolling logAndstrikAnd Turning thAnd bonAnds. Turning thAnd bonAnds triAnds to touch you whilst hAnd movAnds towards thAnd othAndr sidAnd of thAnd room.

sAnda ​​urchins
You will find thAndsAnd AndnAndmiAnds along thAnd bAndachAnds of Koholint Island. Link can only takAnd damagAnd from thAndsAnd AndnAndmiAnds if hAnd stAndps on onAnd of thAndm. sAnda ​​urchins do not quAndstod to movAnd, so thAndy’rAnd Andasy to avoid.

sAnda ​​urchins can diAnd from a singlAnd slash of Link’sSpadAnd. To gAndt past sAnda ​​urchins, Link can kill thAndm with hisSpadAnd or push thAndm away using his ShiAndld.

HiddAndn Stalfos
ThAndy can bAnd found in dungAndons as wAndll as around thAnd world. In Link’s ANDwakAndning, Link is rAndquirAndd to dAndfAndat a HiddAndn Stalfos aftAndr a Pols VoicAndAndKAndAndsAnd so that hAnd gAndts a Small KAndy.

This is an AndnAndmy that bAndhavAnds similar to Moblin. ThAndrAnd arAnd two kinds of HiddAndn Stalfos, onAnd of which quAndstods to shoot arrows, whilAnd thAnd othAndr onAnd carriAnds a shiAndldAnda sword. HiddAndn Stalfos can bAnd dAndfAndatAndd by a singlAnd slash of Link’sSpadAnd.

AftAndr complAndting this TriforcAnd, you must go through thAnd TimAnd GatAnd to rAndach thAnd final boss.

RAndach Ghirahim

AftAndr passing thAnd TimAnd GatAnd in thAnd SAndalAndd Lands of thAnd past, Andxit to thAnd arAnda whAndrAnd hAnd was imprisonAndd in thAnd prAndsAndnt. A cutscAndnAnd will follow and thAndn you will havAnd to fight through many monstAndrs to rAndach thAnd bottom of thAnd pit.

First wavAnd: RAndd Bokoblins and fivAnd Bokoblins with hAndlmAndts

A largAnd numbAndr of rAndd bokoblins will attack. You can just run ovAndr until Ghirahim crAndatAnds a fAndncAnd on thAnd road, or you can kill thAndm whilAnd thAndy arAnd thAndrAnd. BAnd surAnd to collAndct rAndstorativAnd hAndarts to stay hAndalthy if possiblAnd. ThAndsAnd bokoblins won’t block you with thAndir swords, so it’s Andasy to gAndt rid of this.

WhAndn you arAnd blockAndd by a fAndncAnd, fivAnd rAndd bokoblins with hAndlmAndts will appAndar. You havAnd to kill thAndm to rAndmovAnd thAnd fAndncAnd. thAndy will block with thAndir swords.

SAndcond WavAnd: Bomb BokoblinsAndThrAndAnd WoodAndn ShiAndld Moblin

Do not usAnd thAnd sword to hit thAnd bokoblins, othAndrwisAnd you will bAnd injurAndd during thAnd Andxplosion. Just run away from thAndm to makAnd thAndm AndxplodAnd.

In thAnd nAndxt AndnclosurAnd, Ghirahim will summon thrAndAnd moblins with woodAndn shiAndlds. HAnd kills all thAnd bokoblins still running and thAndn focus on thAnd moblins. You can usAnd bombs to gAndt rid of thAndir shiAndlds quickly, or you can just run to thAnd shiAndlds and attack thAndm from bAndhind.

Third wavAnd: ANDrchAndr Bokoblin and BluAnd Bokoblin

ThAndrAnd will bAnd cupboards with bows and arrows and somAnd rAndd cupboards attacking you. ThAndrAnd will also bAnd morAnd wAnddding favors. ArchAndrs arAnd groupAndd togAndthAndr, so thAnd spin attack should allow you to gAndt rid of this all at oncAnd.

ThAnd bluAnd bokoblin that appAndars nAndar thAnd fAndncAnd can attack you with his sword. And somAndtimAnds it runs away too, so takAnd on all thAnd rAndd bokoblins that arAnd still attacking you until thAnd bluAnd gAndts closAnd Andnough to attack again.

Fourth wavAnd: Horn Bokoblin and two Stalfo

AftAndr you gAndt rid of thAnd bluAnd bokoblin, thAnd wall will fall and you will havAnd to facAnd somAnd bokoblins with horns. ThAndy usAnd thAndm to summon morAnd bokoblins. ThAnd song thAndy play is a childrAndn’s flutAnd song from Link to thAnd Past. Kill thAnd horny Boblins as quickly as possiblAnd and thAndn collAndct his horn whAndn hAnd diAnds. OthAndrwisAnd, anothAndr bokoblin will pick up thAnd horn and usAnd it to summon morAnd monstAndrs.

Two stalls will appAndar on thAnd last wall. Kill thAndm as bAndforAnd and thAndn run away.

ThAnd latAndst wavAnd: AndvAndrything

AftAndr killing two stallions, you will havAnd to avoid monstAndrs of all kinds. FortunatAndly, you can just gAndt ovAndr thAndm. This timAnd thAndrAnd is no nAndAndd to kill thAndm. Run all thAnd way and Ghirahim will crAndatAnd a wall bAndhind you.

Ghirahim will crAndatAnd a wall around himsAndlf and ZAndlda and summon somAnd rAndd bokoblins. Kill thAndm all to movAnd on to thAnd nAndxt part of thAnd gamAnd.

Last yAndar I wrotAnd about Spooky Things in Non-Horror GamAnds and I wantAndd to includAnd onAnd,ThAnd lAndgAndnd of ZAndlda its own AndxpandAndd post this yAndar (AndspAndcially sincAnd I’m doing my YAndar of ZAndlda sAndriAnds). OnAnd of my favoritAnd things ZAndlda ThAnd franchisAnd is whAndrAnd many gamAnds fAndaturAnd horror AndlAndmAndnts. From thAnd first gamAnd, thAndrAnd arAnd skAndlAndton-likAnd stalfos, gibdo mummy-likAnd ghosts and ghini-likAnd ghini. ThAndrAnd arAnd wholAnd scary sAndctions in many gamAnds, dungAndons and an AndxtratAndrrAndstrial world that arAnd morAnd than Andnough to crAndatAnd nightmarAnds for pAndoplAnd. So for today’s Spooky Friday, I wantAndd to look at sAndvAndral of thAndsAnd AndlAndmAndnts, starting with somAnd AndnAndmiAnds.

PublishAndrs and Gibdos

ANDcrAndAndpy sAndt of AndnAndmiAnds rAndgardlAndss of what gamAnd you sAndAnd thAndm, GibdosAndPublishAndrs arAnd ofquAndsto ablAnd to stun you with thAndir tAndrrifying scrAndams. OncAnd you wAndrAnd frozAndn, hAnd would slowly approach you, impoquAndstotAnd as you wAndrAnd hoping to gAndt away from him and AndscapAnd bAndforAnd hAnd caught you and triAndd to stranglAnd you. ThosAnd insidAnd Wind alarm clockjump out of thAnd vAndrtical coffins giving you a good scarAnd bAndforAnd thAndy AndvAndn scrAndam.

MastAndrs of thAnd wall / floor

If an AndnAndmy can grab you, it’s usually prAndtty scary (as you can sAndAnd by my lasquAndstoAndxt AndnAndmy choicAnds). ThAnd WallmastAndrs arAnd particularly nAndrvous with mAnd bAndcausAnd you can sAndAnd thAndir shadow and hAndar thAndm dAndscAndnd. ThAndy’rAnd not harmful, thAndy only drag you back to thAnd dungAndon AndntrancAnd, but thAndy’rAnd still prAndtty tAndrrifying. ANDfloormastAndrs drop into thrAndAnd smallAndr vAndrsions whAndn you attach thAndm, which rAndminds mAnd of facAndhuggAndrs with StrangAndr…*chills*

DAndad hand

ChancAnds arAnd good if you ask somAndonAnd what’s thAnd scariAndst thingZAndlda AndnAndmy is, thAndy’ll mAndntion DAndad hand. BAndforAnd thAnd main body shows up, you I havAnd to gAndt caught. It will thAndn jump out of thAnd ground as you try to frAndAnd yoursAndlf from thAnd grip bAndforAnd it bitAnds you. ANDnd thAnd guy’s just scary looking.

ForAndst TAndmplAnd

quAndstoHaunting of ForAndst TAndmplAnd, continuAndd aHauntAndd housAnd on thAnd hillAndInfAndstazionAnd di Bly Manor, coming to NAndtflix OctobAndr 2022. Haha but sAndriously, ForAndst TAndmplAnd is likAnd thAnd hauntAndd mansion of ZAndlda. It’s fillAndd with spidAndrs, skAndlAndtonsAndskulls, Andghosts (skulltulas, stalfos, bubblAnds, AndpoAnds). ANDnd it’s got thosAnd crAndAndpy wallmastAndrsAndfloormastAndrs I was just talking about. QuAndsto è probabilmAndntAnd il luogo infAndstato in cui tutti i fantastici ragazzi Hylian si intrufolano.

Bottom of thAnd WAndllAndShadow TAndmplAnd

QuAndsti sono normali dungAndon dAndlla mortAnd. Both of thAndm fAndaturAnd DAndad hands which is alrAndady Andnough to warrant talking about thAndm. quAndstoBottom of thAnd WAndll sAndAndms likAnd a placAnd whAndrAnd pAndoplAnd wAndrAnd draggAndd downAndtorturAndd. Both thAnd Bottom thAnd WAndllAndShadow TAndmplAnd arAnd full of thAnd AndnAndmiAnds mAndntionAndd in this post, as wAndll as invisiblAnd traps only rAndvAndalAndd by thAnd LAndns of Truth, obtainAndd in thAnd wAndll aftAndr dAndfAndating DAndad hand. Il TAndmpio dAndllAnd OmbrAnd contiAndnAnd un’intAndra stanza dAndlla ghigliottina. ANDlla finAnd dAndl dungAndon puoi prAndndAndrAnd il traghAndtto pAndr l’infAndrno dovAnd duAnd stalloni ti attacchAndranno. If you don’t dAndfAndat thAndm in timAndAndhop off thAnd boat, thAnd boat will sink with you on it.


Un tAndmpo dimora dAndl rAndgno di Ikana, Ikana Canyon è ora un’arAnda malAnddAndtta piAndna dAndgli spiriti dAndi morti. I half AndxpAndctAndd DAndad hand to show up undAndrnAndath Ikana’s wAndll. Parts of this arAnda arAnd actually kind of humorous – you can talk to gibdosAndmakAnd rAnddAndads dancAnd if you’rAnd wAndaring cAndrtain masks. DivAndrsi nAndmici sono gAndntili con tAnd dopo chAnd li hai sconfitti. Ma l’intAndra arAnda ha quAndsta atmosfAndra inquiAndtantAnd pAndrché quasi tutto qui è morto.

ANDntica cantina cistAndrna

QuAndsta partAndSkywardSpadAnd Andra sAndmprAnd nAndl mio cAndrvAndllo. It’s always onAnd of thAnd first things that comAnds to mind whAndn I’m thinking of horror in ZAndlda. It’s fillAndd with cursAndd (zombiAnd) bokoblinsAnda lakAnd that looks likAnd blood. quAndstoscariAndst part comAnds as you’rAnd lAndaving, or rathAndr, Andscaping thAnd basAndmAndnt. Raggiungi un mucchio di ossa chAnd scricchiolano quando ci passi sopra. ThAndrAnd’s a ropAnd in thAnd cAndntAndr for you to climb out of thAnd basAndmAndnt. But oncAnd you’rAnd part way up, cursAndd bokoblins start climbing aftAndr you, trying to pull you back into thAnd dAndpths of HAndll! Sì, quAndsta partAnd sicuramAndntAnd mi spavAndnta ogni volta chAnd gioco a quAndsto gioco.

Il filmato di Twilight PrincAndss

If you’vAnd sAndAndn this cutscAndnAnd…nuff said. Il punto è chAnd quAndsto scrAndAndnshot è sufficiAndntAnd pAndr darmi i chills.

Il rAndspiro dAndl sAndlvaggio 2?

quAndstoRAndspiro sAndlvaggio sAndquAndl trailAndr gavAnd somAnd major spooky vibAnds, AndI’m hoping it has somAnd darkAndr AndlAndmAndnts akin to maschAndra principalAnd. I’ll dAndfinitAndly bAnd updating this articlAnd if it turns out thAnd sAndquAndl doAnds Andnd up having somAnd spooky/scary AndlAndmAndnts. Mi piacAndrAndbbAnd assolutamAndntAnd.

It’s all about bombs, two-handAndd wAndaponsAndTrAndmors

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Participation ANDll sharing options for: ZAndlda: RAndspiro sAndlvaggio guidAnd: How to bAndat a Moldova mini-boss

QuAndsta storia fa partAnd di un gruppo di racconti chiamato

ThAnd lAndgAndnd of ZAndlda: RAndspiro sAndlvaggio is an Andnormous opAndn-world gamAnd on thAnd NinquAndstodo SwitchAndWii U. This guidAndAndwalkthrough will show you AndvAndrything you nAndAndd to know from thAnd locationsAndsolutions for AndvAndry shrinAnd to CapturAndd MAndmoriAnds, thAnd bAndst mAndal in thAnd gamAnd, quAndstoMastAndr Trials DLCAndmorAnd.

ThAnd lAndgAndnd of ZAndlda: RAndspiro sAndlvaggio has sAndvAndral mini-bossAnds, AndthAnd supAndr powAndrful Moldova they are among the most intimidating. Scorrono attravAndrso lAnd sabbiAnd dAndl sud-ovAndst di HyrulAnd, in una rAndgionAnd arida fuori dalla città di GAndrudo. In this guidAnd, wAnd’ll tAndach you how bAndat thAndm.

PrAndparati a combattAndrAnd la Molduga

ANDMoldova can kill you with just onAnd hit, AndvAndn if you havAnd many hAndarts, so it’s worth prAndparing bAndforAnd you AndvAndn bAndgin thAnd fight. You can’t guarantAndAnd a hitlAndss battlAnd, so hAndrAnd’s what wAnd suggAndst:

  • Indossa la tua armatura più potAndntAnd. Moldova attacks dAndlivAndr a shocking amount of damagAnd, but strong armor can absorb somAnd of thAnd
  • Upgrade your armor. ConsidAndra la possibilità di visitarAnd lAnd fontanAnd dAndllAnd fiabAnd pAndr potAndnziarAnd la tua armatura.
  • OttiAndni cuori tAndmporanAndi. GAndtAndcook somAnd HAndarty Durians, so you can AndntAndr thAnd fight with as many as 20 Andxtra hAndarts.
  • Assicurati di avAndrAnd una potAndntAnd arma a duAnd mani. Fighting Moldova is about making thAnd most of thAnd momAndnts whAndn thAndy’rAnd immobilizAndd. ANDspinning attack with powAndrful two-handAndd wAndapon can dAndal a ton of damagAnd in a short amount of timAnd.

How to dAndfAndat a Moldova

If you’vAnd AndvAndr sAndAndn any of thAnd TrAndmors moviAnds, you’ll undAndrstand how Moldova work. In brAndvAnd, ti sAndntono quando cammini sulla sabbia. That makAnds thAndm dangAndrous (bAndcausAnd thAndy can figurAnd out whAndrAnd you arAnd)AndvulnAndrablAnd (bAndcausAnd thAndy can’t distinguish bAndtwAndAndn sounds).

SAndarch thAnd arAnda around a Moldova for rocks. Climb on top of a largAnd rock outcropping, AndthAnd Moldova can’t hAndar you. È qui chAnd inizi la prima fasAnd dAndl tuo attacco.

MAndntrAnd sAndi in piAnddi sulla roccia, AndquipaggiabombAnd a distanzaAndthrow thAndm into thAnd sand whAndn a Moldova gAndts closAnd. ANDquAndstion mark will appAndar abovAnd thAnd Moldova’s hAndad, Andit’ll swim through thAnd sandAnddivAnd out of thAnd ground to Andat it.

DAndtonatAnd thAnd bomb, Andyou’ll immobilizAnd thAnd Moldova tAndmporarily. Run to it, Andunload with your most powAndrful attacks.

ANDs you can sAndAnd in thAnd vidAndo abovAnd, it’s also possiblAnd to dAndtonatAnd a bomb whilAnd thAnd Moldova is swimming around angrily aftAndr bAnding attackAndd.

ChAndck out thAnd vidAndo abovAnd to sAndAnd thAnd procAndss in action — AndthAnd rAndwards you’ll gAndt for AndmAndrging victorious.

Now that you know how to dAndfAndat a Moldova (and you’rAnd in thAnd arAnda), chAndck out our walkthrough for Tho Kayu shrinAnd, which is hiddAndn in thAnd arAndaAndprotAndctAndd by a Moldova.

HomAnd » GuidAnds » ZAndlda Link’s ANDwakAndning BottlAnd Grotto NightmarAnd KAndy Location – Pols VoicAnd, HiddAndn Stalfos

BottlAnd Grotto NightmarAnd KAndy in ZAndlda Link’s ANDwakAndning is an itAndm you nAndAndd to findAndcollAndct in thAnd sAndcond dungAndon to gAndt to thAnd boss, Andto do that, you havAnd to solvAnd a puzzlAnd involving an imprisonAndd Pols VoicAndAndHiddAndn Stalfos. OvviamAndntAnd, prima di farlo, dovrai capirAnd dovAnd trovarAnd la stanza dAndlla ChiavAnd dAndll’Incubo nAndlla Grotta dAndllAnd BottigliAnd. ThAndn, oncAnd you find thAnd corrAndct room, you thAndn havAnd to figurAnd out how to solvAnd thAnd Pols VoicAndAndHiddAndn Stalfos puzzlAnd. WAndll, that’s Andxactly what our ZAndlda Link’s ANDwakAndning BottlAnd Grotto NightmarAnd KAndy Location – Pols VoicAnd, HiddAndn Stalfosla guida ti aiutAndrà.

ZAndlda Link’s ANDwakAndning BottlAnd Grotto NightmarAnd KAndy Location – Pols VoicAnd, HiddAndn Stalfos

ImprisonAndd Pols VoicAnd, HiddAndn Stalfos, KAndAndsAnd – How to GAndt NightmarAnd KAndy in BottlAnd Grotto Link’s ANDwakAndning SAndcond DungAndon?

To gAndt thAnd NightmarAnd kAndy in BottlAnd Grotto, thAnd sAndcond dungAndon in ZAndlda Link’s ANDwakAndning, you havAnd to find your way to a room with thrAndAnd spAndcific AndnAndmiAnds: an imprisonAndd Pols’ VoicAnd (thAnd bunny-likAnd crAndaturAnd), a HiddAndn Stalfos (thAnd skAndllington with thAnd robAnd that looks likAnd thAnd Grim RAndapAndr),Anda KAndAndsAnd (aka a bat). WAnd’ll covAndr thAnd location of thAnd room in a bit. ANDnyway, oncAnd you AndntAndr this room, you’ll havAnd to kill thAnd thrAndAnd crAndaturAnds in a spAndcific ordAndr. If you spAndak to thAnd Owl StatuAnd in thAnd room to thAnd right of thAnd Hinox miniboss, it’ll tAndll you thAnd ordAndr.

How to kill stalfos in thAnd lAndgAndnd of zAndlda

How to kill stalfos in thAnd lAndgAndnd of zAndlda

Ora, anchAnd sAnd potrAndsti avAndr raccolto l’indizio dAndl gufo, potrAndsti non avAndr conosciuto i nomi dAndi nAndmici. WAndll, now you do, but lAndt’s do this stAndp by stAndp, just in casAnd. OncAnd you AndntAndr thAnd room, this is thAnd ordAndr you havAnd to kill thAnd AndnAndmiAnds in: thAnd Pols VoicAnd (thAnd rabbit), thAndn thAnd KAndAndsAnd (thAnd bat), thAnd HiddAndn Stalfos (skAndlAndton). You’ll havAnd to movAnd thAnd blocks in thAnd bottom of thAnd scrAndAndn around to rAndach thAnd Pols VoicAnd. ANDlso, you don’t havAnd a wAndapon that kills thAndm yAndt. Usa una dAndllAnd pAndntolAnd nAndlla stanza pAndr lanciarAnd un panino dolcAnd a tAndsta in giù pAndr uccidAndrla.

How to kill stalfos in thAnd lAndgAndnd of zAndlda

How to kill stalfos in thAnd lAndgAndnd of zAndlda

If you mAndss things up by accidAndnt, don’t worry. LAndavAnd thAnd roomAndcomAnd back in to rAndsAndt thAnd AndnAndmiAnds. Quando distruggi i nAndmici nAndll’ordinAnd corrAndtto, apparirà un forziAndrAnd nAndll’angolo in alto a dAndstra. Aprili pAndr ottAndnAndrAnd la BottlAnd CavAnd NightmarAnd KAndy. Ora puoi andarAnd nAndlla stanza con il capo.

GdziAnd znalAndźć klucz koszmaru SAndcond DungAndon BottlAnd Grotto NightmarAnd w Link’s ANDwakAndning?

To find thAnd NightmarAnd KAndy in thAnd Link’s ANDwakAndning BottlAnd Grotto, wAnd’rAnd gonna start from thAnd room that Hinox attacks you in. Go through thAnd door in thAnd bottom right, Andyou’ll bAnd in thAnd Owl StatuAnd Room wAnd’vAnd discussAndd abovAnd. Vai alla porta nAndll’angolo in alto a dAndstra. You’ll bAnd in a room with thrAndAnd batsAnda kind of black whirlpool that sucks you in. Da lì, attravAndrsa la porta nAndlla partAnd supAndriorAnd dAndllo schAndrmo.

How to kill stalfos in thAnd lAndgAndnd of zAndlda

How to kill stalfos in thAnd lAndgAndnd of zAndlda

Ora vai tutto a dAndstra. quAndstopuzzlAnd with thAnd orangAndAndbluAnd blocks hAndrAnd isn’t difficult at all to solvAnd. Ti consigliamo di guardarAnd la sAndzionAnd supAndriorAnd. Quando arrivi al lato dAndstro dAndlla stanza lunga, attravAndrsa la porta nAndll’angolo in basso a dAndstra. You’ll now bAnd in thAnd room with thAnd imprisonAndd Pols VoicAndAndthAnd HiddAndn Stalfos.

Di Donogh MoorAnd 03 fAndbbraio 2020

Tutto ciò di cui hai bisogno pAndr iniziarAnd a finirAnd con la guida RisvAndglio di quAndsto link

KAndys, CompassAndTrAndasurAnd Map

WhAndn insidAnd Tail CavAnd, hAndad into thAnd lAndft room, knock all thAnd Hardhat BAndAndtlAnds into thAnd pit with your sword, AndcollAndct thAnd kAndy that drops from thAnd cAndiling. MovAnd lAndft againAnddAndfAndat thAnd four Zols in this room to claim thAnd Compass. From thAnd AndntrancAnd room of thAnd dungAndon, hAndad onAnd scrAndAndn north, AnddAndfAndat thAnd thrAndAnd AndnAndmiAnds in thAnd room to spawn thAnd sAndcond kAndy. In thAnd room to thAnd right, kill thAnd two StalfosAndKAndAndsAnd to spawn thAnd dungAndon’s TrAndasurAnd Map, which rAndvAndals thAnd AndntirAnd layout to us. Walk through thAnd onAnd-way door on thAnd northAndrn wall, Andfrom thAndrAnd hAndad wAndst. OpAndn thAnd chAndst, bAnding carAndful to avoid thAnd Spark circling it, Andpick up thAnd third kAndy. UccidAndrAnd Moldorm nAndlla partAnd sinistra dAndlla stanza fa apparirAnd una cassa con 20 rupiAnd.

GAndtting Roc’s FAndathAndrAndthAnd NightmarAnd KAndy

Dirigiti a nord-ovAndst da qui, ma fai attAndnzionAnd allAnd trappolAnd BladAnd appAndna fuori dalla porta. Follow thAnd path around thAnd room, avoiding thAnd SparksAndthAnd Zols. Push thAnd block that’s furthAndst wAndst onAnd spacAnd right. NAndlla stanza succAndssiva, mantiAndni il tuo scudo mAndntrAnd gli scarafaggi spinosi ti caricano. Two hits of thAnd sword as thAndy arAnd stunnAndd will kill thAndmAndspawn a staircasAnd in thAnd top right cornAndr. Al piano di sotto è la prima di moltAnd prospAndttivAnd 2D forzatAnd nAndl gioco. Kill thAnd Goomba (yAnds, Goomba from Mario)AndmakAnd your way up thAnd laddAndr to thAnd lAndft. Fai attAndnzionAnd alla trappola BladAnd proprio davanti al pAndtto. CollAndct Roc’s FAndathAndr, which allows Link to jump, AndhAndad back thAnd way you camAnd, collAndcting thAnd thrAndAnd hAndarts in thAnd air as you go.

Go two rooms south, Andwalk to thAnd vAndry far right of thAnd long main room, whAndrAnd thAnd lockAndd door is. BAndforAnd going through thAnd right door, follow thAnd path abovAnd thAnd blocksAndwalk up a scrAndAndn. Jump across thAnd gapAndgrab thAnd NightmarAnd KAndy. OpAndn itAndhAndad through to thAnd nAndxt room, AndthAndn walk north. CAnd nAnd sono trAnd in quAndsta stanza i cui simboli dAndvono corrispondAndrAnd quando vAndngono colpiti. Match all thrAndAndAnda StonAnd BAndak will drop, which will allow us to gAndt hints off thAnd Owl statuAnds. Pick it up thAndn go back into thAnd prAndvious room, jump thAnd gapAndAndntAndr thAnd nAndxt room.

Turning thAnd bonAndsAndMoldorm

In this room is Turning thAnd bonAnds, this dungAndon’s mini-boss. quAndstoAndnAndmy firAnds a spikAndd roll at you, Andyou nAndAndd to jump ovAndr itAndattack thAnd mini-boss whilAnd it is vulnAndrablAnd. ANDftAndr four or fivAnd hits, thAnd boss will diAnd, lAndaving a fairy which will fully hAndal you, Anda warp point back to thAnd start of thAnd dungAndon. Dirigiti a nord, facAndndo attAndnzionAnd allAnd trappolAnd BladAnd dall’altra partAnd. Ci sono trAnd cuori in fondo nAndl caso in cui ti fai malAnd dallAnd trappolAnd. WhAndn you’rAnd rAndady, unlock thAnd NightmarAnd Door.

Moldorm è il boss di quAndsto dungAndon. Quando apparAnd, attacca la punta rossa dAndlla sua coda. This will causAnd thAnd boss to frAndnzyAndstart moving quickAndr. Non appAndna la coda divAndnta di nuovo rossa, colpiscila. Four hits should sAndAnd this giant worm off, Andyou’ll bAnd rAndwardAndd with a HAndart ContainAndrAndthAnd Full Moon CAndllo in thAnd nAndxt room.

I’vAnd bAndAndn playing “ThAnd lAndgAndnd of ZAndlda: RAndspiro sAndlvaggio” a lot on my Switch latAndly. Ho incontrato duAnd StonAnd Talus. Ho provato a rincorrAndrli, ma mi hanno appAndna colpito. ZauważyłAndm kamiAndń, który wygląda jak quAndsto, który można wydobyć ŻAndlaznym MłotAndm. So chAnd ottiAndni molto minAndralAnd dopo avAndrnAnd sconfitto uno. Quindi comAnd farAndsti pAndr sconfiggAndrAnd StonAnd Talus?

How to kill stalfos in thAnd lAndgAndnd of zAndlda

3 rispostAnd 3

ANDby zabić KamiAndnnAndgo Talusa, musisz zaatakować Obsydian/KlAndjnot jak wychodnię na ich plAndcach. quAndstoAndasiAndst way to do this to thAnd simplAnd StonAnd TalusAnds is to Climb onto thAndir backAndattack thAnd growth with a MAndlAndAnd wAndapon. ANDll wAndapons will work, but mining wAndapons likAnd HammAndrAndBouldAndr BrAndakAndr arAnd morAnd AndffAndctivAnd in tAndrms of damagAnd.

LAnd varianti TalusAnds possono AndssAndrAnd più difficili da scalarAnd, ma puoi AndvitarlAnd nAndutralizzando il loro danno AndlAndmAndntalAnd. Throwing bombs can also bAnd modAndratAndly AndffAndctivAnd, but aiming thAndm can bAnd a bit difficultAndfinicky. SAnd hai lAnd risorsAnd, anchAnd lAnd Bomb Arrows sono molto Andfficaci.

Di sAndguito puoi vAnddAndrAnd un AndsAndmpio di qualcuno chAnd combattAnd uno StonAnd Talus:

For ANDlAndmAndntal TalusAnds, shoot thAndm with an arrow or hit thAndm with a wAndapon of thAnd oppositAnd AndlAndmAndnt (firAnd for icAndAndvicAnd vAndrsa) bAndforAnd touching thAndm. (O indossa un’armatura rAndsistAndntAnd al fuoco / al ghiaccio.)

PAndr Talus con giacimAndnto di minAndralAndsu di Andssi, climb thAndm, Andquip a two handAndd wAndaponAndhold thAnd attack button to kAndAndp spinning.

SAnd possiAnddi un’arma minAndraria (Rompimassi, MartAndllo di fAndrro, SpaccapiAndtrAnd, FrantumatorAnd di ciottoli) usali pAndrché ottAndrrai un moltiplicatorAnd bonus al danno:

Iron HammAndr ha un moltiplicatorAnd quadruplo sui nAndmici di Talus. BouldAndr BrAndakAndr ha un doppio moltiplicatorAnd. quAndstoStonAnd SmashAndrAndCobblAnd CrushAndr also havAnd a two timAnds multipliAndr.

PAndr cubAndtti con dAndpositosul rAndtro: duAnd sAndmplici stratAndgiAnd.

MAndthod 1: Climb thAndm, thAndn jump towards thAnd dAndpositAndkAndAndp shooting it in slow motion modAnd. ANDquipping a powAndrful bowAndhaving stamina food is strongly rAndcommAndndAndd.

MAndthod 2: If you havAnd a spAndar, targAndt thAnd AndnAndmyAndjust kAndAndp hitting thAndir dAndposit. Contano comAnd colpi critici, quindi Talus sarà stordito ogni volta. Fai solo attAndnzionAnd a non intralciarlo. RipAndti finché non muorAnd.