How to kill crawmerax the invincible on borderlands

How to kill crawmerax the invincible on borderlands

“In Soviet Russia, Crab catches you!”




Crawmerax the Invincible is a boss in The Secret Armory of General Knoxx, considered to be the first raid boss of the Borderlands series.



Crawmerax appears in the mission You. Will. Die. after finishing the main story included with the Secret Armory of General Knoxx.


Crawmerax the Invincible is a fully grown Crab Worm with a heavily armored and spiked shell. He looks like a titanic version of a Larva Crab Worm with glowing purple critical-hit spots on his body. The Larva Crab Worms seen in the Lost Cave and the Trash Coast are pathetic in comparison.

He is one of the most difficult bosses, if not the most time consuming in all of Borderlands. Even a four player party will have a decent challenge defeating him. However, if everyone in the party is equipped properly, of high level, and have chosen their skills and tactics wisely, they will have an easier time with it.

As stated in the loading screens, Crawmerax has a chance of dropping the rarest gear seen on Pandora (Pearlescent items).

Level Scaling

Regardless of playthrough,

  • Crawmerax will scale to 4 levels above the host, but has a minimum of 64 and a maximum of 72.
  • The Craw Maggots are scaled 1 level above the host, but have a minimum of 60 and a maximum of 69.
  • The Green Craw Worms are scaled 2 levels above the host, but have a minimum of 60 and a maximum of 69.
  • The Armored Craw Worms are scaled 3 levels above the host, but have a minimum of 60 and a maximum of 70.


Attacks and Behaviors

Crawmerax the Invincible is a daunting opponent, but the basis of his attacks narrows down to four main behaviors:

How to kill crawmerax the invincible on borderlands

If you beat Borderlands 2 Playthrough 1 and Playthrough 2 / 2.5 and are tired of wandering around in Vault Hunter mode, then you may be looking for a challenge and a way to farm good loot (especially if preparing for future DLC battles).

Fighting the Borderlands 2 boss – Terramorphous the Invincible – is a great way to go!

This Thresher boss is located in Thousand Cuts. It costs 4 Eridium to fight this boss. He’s harder than Crawmerax from Borderlands 1 – The Secret Armory of General Knoxx – and a bit weaker than the more secretive and elusive Vermivorous The Invincible.

You can solo him, duo / co-op him, or fight him in a bigger party of three or four. His difficulty will scale up with more party members in your group though.

When killing him, he drops awesome rare, epic, and legendary loot. So load up on class mods, grenade mods, guns, shields,

and artifacts / relics.

There is no class that cannot kill this beast of a thresher.

Axton the Commando / Commander / Soldier can do it — and his turrets are a great distraction against the boss (plus provides a shield for you and your allies)
Zer0 / Zero the Assassin — with his powerful sniping and his stealth capabilities, he is powerful during this battle
Salvador the Gunzerker — With two guns, he can shower Terramorphous the Invincible with bullets for high DPS / damage per second
Gaige the Mechromancer — Similar to Axton, her robot Death Trap will be a good distraction & support during this battle
Maya the Siren — By far the MVP for this particular scenario, Maya can heal her allies AND resurrect them with Phaselock while also attacking with elemental weapons

1) Dodge the rocks he throws (they cause area damage though so be careful)
2) Distract him when possible with skills and friends
3) When he uses Beam Tentacles, hide behind the nearby rocks
4) Use a fire resistant shield to protect against his fire / pyro form
5) Hide behind rocks when he tries sucking everyone up as a black hole thresher
6) Optional, but again you may want to have a Siren help you

It is recommended that you use the Best Borderlands 2 Shield — The Bee — and join that with the Best Borderlands 2 Gun — Conference Call. You’ll do MASSIVE amp damage and kill that boss more easily with an extremely high rate of DPS / damage per second.

Once you get lots of good loot, you can actually farm Terramorphous the Invincible easily. That’s when you’ll want to encounter the even harder boss. Vermivorous The Invincible! FYI you’ll also get the Blood of Terramorphous.

You can actually use a glitch to fight the boss very easily. It works so well that you can even solo the monster without needing any help or people to distract the master boss. When on the platform, move to the right and try to get by a tiny ledge that’s by a rock.

When hiding here, you can hit Terramorphous, but he is unable to hit you with all his tentacle attacks EXCEPT for rock hurling. When he does this attack, be careful, as you can get hit and fly off the map.

How to kill crawmerax the invincible on borderlands

“Defeat Son of Crawmerax” is an objective in the mission Fun, Sun, and Guns in Sir Hammerlock vs. The Son of Crawmerax.

Walkthrough [ edit ]

The last fight of the main mission has begun. The Son of Crawmerax the Invincible begins his assault immediately. Keep on the move and assault the weak points on its pincers.

The Son of Crawmerax the Invincible is no push over. Expect this fight to last at least a short while. This crab-son will burrow and jump its way around the massive arena. It will spawn a good number of Craboids. These should be killed sparingly as they can give you that vital second wind during the boss fight.

In addition to all its leaping, the Son will also rear itself up and swipe with its pincers at you occasionally.

The Son, at half health, will retreat to below the sands. At this point, it will summon a large number of Craboid and Giant Craboids. It will not reappear until virtually all of them have been defeated.

Once the Craboids and Giant Craboids are defeated, The Son will reemerge and stay that way (mostly). Just keep on the move and aim for its weak points on its front pincers.

Weaknesses [ edit ]

Son of Crawmerax the Invincible has 2 Weak Points. There are 2 purple spots on its front pincers near its body. If you can hit these, you will score a critical:

How to kill crawmerax the invincible on borderlands

If these spots are hit enough times, the pincers they are connected it will be severed.

What level were you when you first took down Crawmerax, and how many people did you have in your party? I don't want any strategies because I want to figure it out for myself, I just want to know it can be done.

The first time I barely managed to take down Cramerax (solo) was with some top-notch equipment as a level 61. It was very difficult.

At level 69, I now have some of the best equipment in the game, and taking him down is a cake-walk.

Here's the best advice I can give you: get the best guns you can find, and then find better guns than those. Get. Good. Guns.

I finally killed him today with a friend. I only died once because I was able to Phasewalk out of trouble or get second winds, but my friend (hunter) must have died at least six or seven times. Brutal.

I used the double anarchy I had before, but as per your advice, I found much better guns for my other three slots. Especially a +25 SMG ammo regen that came in handy.

Thanks for the advice.

Here's the best advice I can give you: get the best guns you can find, and then find better guns than those. Get. Good. Guns.

Time to do so more armory glitch runs.

First time I faced Crawmerax, I was like level 55 with a level 26 Anarchy. Got completely spanked, so I went back when I was level 65 with a much better Anarchy. Still got spanked. Time to find a better gun.

Really need a shield too, I've been using the same one for at least 20 levels.

So true. Craw can be hard as hell without the right gear. The trouble is finding the right gear without being able to farm Craw. If someone is against using the floor glitch in the armory, then running Lockdown Palace can be a good place to find some weapons. There are 13 or 14 red chests and 2 lance chests.

The gift shop at the end of DLC4 is an option as well.

patience, young one. patience. i've farmed that bitch almost a hundred times. but, at the same time, he's killed me at least 1.5x as many as i've killed him.

I know this question is purely retarded. but I am a n00b and do not understand how to "farm" areas.

Once you beat a mission how can you play it again (besides PT2). I have the GOTY edition for XBox 360 and was curious to know how I can play the General Knoxx Armory again and get the loot.

I know there are plenty of other good places to "farm" as well. I guess I just do not understand how. I have yet to find a Pearlescent!

Pro Tip: Don't go after Craw in PT2. Load up PT1 and kill him. Much lower health, same item drops.

Can someone confirm this? I've read a few craw guides and didn't see this mentioned. Maybe it's obvious to most.

What level are you?

I just got this DLC a few days ago, and am extremely frustrated because I can't even play it. I'm level 49, and all the enemies are either 51 or 52, at which level a pair of the flying R2-D2s can effortlessly eliminate my truck and then myself. And of course, if I go back to the main game, I'm not far enough along to gain any experience from any of the opposition – Scagzilla was the last boss I fought and he was worth about 150 xp. So I'm too high for the old and too low for the new. Arg.

Those flying drones still take my car out quickly, I just avoid fighting anything in my car except for Cheetah Paws.

If you're on Playthrough 2.5, I think everything is scaled to your level. The enemies I'm fighting are level 65-67. I didn't start playing the General Knoxx DLC until I finished Playthrough 2.

Yeah I would finish Playthrough 2 first at any rate, and don't fight in your car unless it's against other vehicles or you're just running over a mob to get somewhere else.

Also, if I remember correctly those flying bots can be taken out with the seeking missiles at range pretty easily and they have a vulnerability to corrosive guns.

I would rush through the play throughs until you beat it the 2nd time. Then do the side quests since the enemies level up with you.

I killed him at 69 on playthrough 2.5 with a siren for the first time the other day. It took a lot of practice, but it can be done.

First time was a level 61 Hunter with a friend. Once you learn the strategies and AI patterns and get some practice, it gets to be quite easy to do solo.

I've now done it hundreds of times solo and multiplayer, with a Soldier, Siren, and Hunter. Still leveling up a Brick, but I keep getting sidetracked.

Siren is by far the easiest, because you can just phasewalk when you get in trouble.

I you want any tips or want to co-op to learn strategies, just ask.

I find it easiest with a hunter, then 2nd with a siren. I've done it with a soldier, and the turret can be great as a distraction to get to his back.

Siren can get a great boost by phasewalking past him, then when he spawns you can get some quick back shots.

Here is how to kill Crawmerax:

He only takes damage when you hit (100% crit) his purple glowing parts(There's one on his back, have fun with that one) and will die after EACH of the purple spots have been popped.

His minions are weak against certain element types. Crawmerax is weak against shock but does not take the damage over time effect of shock procs.

Green minions are weak against fire.

Purple worm minions are weak against shock.

Armored mini purple craw minions are weak against Corrosive but can be kited easily.

Use his minions to get 2nd winds.

Destorying Crawmerax's eye will disorient him a bit, though he can still find you.

Good weapons to kill Crawmerax with in my experience are Orions, Penetrators, and Double Anarchies. Without use of the bug spot(youtube it if you must), the easiest class to kill Craw with is the Siren.

31 окт. 2014 в 16:58

I even respecced my Axton and farmed a bunch of explosive weapons, and I still can’t beat this thing. My turret stays up for all of two seconds, and then I can’t even kill the varkids that show up because this thing is beating on me. I watch videos of people soloing him, and he just sits there for him. When I fight him, he crawls around on the ground and chases me. Oh, and he one-shot kills me too.

I have a Slagga, Double Penetrating Unkempt Harold, Ravager, Badaboom, KerBlaster, Grenadier purple class mod, and The Bee.

31 окт. 2014 в 17:05
31 окт. 2014 в 17:13
31 окт. 2014 в 18:36

Are you doing the mission, or fighting him again after the mission? He seems to be much tougher after the mission (his "raid boss" form).

What mode are you playing in and what level are you? If you’re not playing in UVHM, one option might be to level up and get higher level gear.

If you have the Mag-Lock skill, you can put the turret on the side of the cliff (the Longbow skill will help with that). Putting it off the ground can protect it from melee attacks from normal enemies, but I don’t know if it will help with SoC. The Longbow skill also doubles the turret’s health, and Phalanx gives it a shield, so it can survive longer. And Double Up gives you 2 turrets, for twice the distraction.

Between SoC and the minions, a Bee may not be the best shield choice, since it may be down a lot of the time.

31 окт. 2014 в 23:50

With zero I got him with roid boosted melee spam with a bladed grog and a rapier. It was tougher to beehawk it with maya. For zero all the spawn helps, it gives him other things to melee to restore health. But for maya its the death of a thousand cuts, the bee is down down down all the time. I never played axton to higher levels or thru that dlc.

Here are some notes i have about maya’s fight with SoC.

*** Craw
resists all on his outer shell
use fire, shock, or explosive
resists corrosive and slag on belly
crit spot are purple orbs

Maybe you could use explosive weapons (harold and ogre) along with grenade+explosive damage buffs that axton gets via class mods and skills?

A friend of mine and myself have been playing BL1 together for the past few weeks, and we've beaten just about everything except for Crawmerax. We're on playthrough 2 (never did the crimson lance bits in playthrough 1. is it worth it to get to Knoxx's armory there?) and we just absolutely cannot get anywhere on Crawmerax. We're both max level, he's a Roland, I'm Mordecai.

Does anyone have any tips or strategies? We just seem to constantly get overwhelmed by the craw-minion things, and don't even have time to land a hit on Crawmerax before dying.

I'm not so sure about how you two should synergize, but it is very doable. The biggest thing that some people don't want to admit: you basically need specialized gear here. While Crawmerax can be killed with modest gear, it's extremely hard. Essentially, you need a tip top: shield, class mod, shock, corrosive, and fire weapon.

The green worms are weak to fire, the armored purple crabs are weak to corrosive, and the maggots are weak to shock. This is really the only (good) way to kill them. I prefer a Defiler, a Hellfire, and an Orion, but that may be different for you (high level thunder storm, volcano, plague/crux will also work. Good Maliwan revolvers will do in a bind [remember that elemental revolvers will always proc at least x1 so they're great when you can't find, say, an Orion.])

Read this, watch more videos, and keep trying. That fight is a bitch.

  • Crawmerax will scale to 4 levels above the host, but has a minimum of 64 and a maximum of 72.

The Craw Maggots are scaled 1 level above the host, but have a minimum of 60 and a maximum of 69.

The Green Craw Worms are scaled 2 levels above the host, but have a minimum of 60 and a maximum of 69.

The Armored Craw Worms are scaled 3 levels above the host, but have a minimum of 60 and a maximum of 70.

  • The Craw Maggots are scaled 1 level above the host, but have a minimum of 60 and a maximum of 69.

  • The Green Craw Worms are scaled 2 levels above the host, but have a minimum of 60 and a maximum of 69.

  • The Armored Craw Worms are scaled 3 levels above the host, but have a minimum of 60 and a maximum of 70. Interesting: The Invincible Son of Crawmerax the ^Invincible | Crawmerax's ^Lair | Sir Hammerlock vs. the Son of ^Crawmerax | Crawmerax General Tactics & ^Strategies

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Me and a friend having trouble beating him, is there any useful tips on beating him. He was resisting Electric damage.

Get the Trespasser sniper rifle and as soon as the Chief spawns kill him first. Then he will not transfer his shield on to Voracidous. After you kill the Chief take Voracidous put with a Redundent Fibber or a Sand hawk. I suggest also keeping a Norfleet or two in your inventory to pic yourself up when you go down. Stick to fire or slag variations for the guns in this fight.

This video shows what you just described, and it's what showed me how to do it solo on my Siren:

EDIT: I'd say it's not worth it for farming, but it's worth it if you're like me and want to solo kill each raid boss at least once.

EDIT#2: You really need to land 1-2 headshots with the Trespasser on the chief immediately after you first damage Voracidous.

Use a gun, and if that don work; use more gun.

How to Beat Borderlands: By Japzack

The Chief temporarily gives him his powerful shield when Vora has taken significant damage. He flips out (and starts being far more dangerous) when the Chief dies. Without a shield, he is flame-susceptible. This yields two strategies:

Trespass the chief, then gank Vora before he kills you.

Hurt Vora, protect the chief, rinse/repeat. I used the trespass/norfleet strategy.

Oh so I have to go get Legendaries?

Because of minmaxers and people exploiting gameplay mechanics, they made the "raid bosses" OP and gave them really cheap attacks to make all but the most "prepared" players regret taking them on.

It's fucking stupid.

Basically, with cheese/exploits.

They made raid bosses fucking ridiculously OP with very cheap mechanics.

I have well-spec'd characters with legendary gear (the shit people keep saying is supposed to turn bosses into minced meat) and I still get raped.

Given how good I am at FPS in general, I refuse to believe it's something I'm doing wrong. The people spending their time on the gearbox forum discussing exploits (like that shotgun dealie, for example) and minmaxing basically ruined those bosses for the rest of us.

Forget about soloing them. I know they can be done in certain very rare/specific instances, so don't mention those. (Bahroo is a fucking exception.)

Crawmerax will scale to 4 levels above the host, but has a minimum of 64 and a maximum of 72. The Craw Maggots are scaled 1 level above the host, but have a minimum of 60 and a maximum of 69. The Green Craw Worms are scaled 2 levels above the host, but have a minimum of 60 and a maximum of 69.

What does the son of Crawmerax drop?

The small vents on the ground will shoot out ammo and health from time to time, but only do so when the Vault Hunter gets close to them. Once defeated, the Son of Crawmerax drops a bunch of loot, including skins, heads, Eridium, and possibly legendaries.

How do you unlock Crawmerax the invincible?

Killing Crawmerax will also unlock the Vincible trophy/achievement. This mission is not available until The Secret Armory of General Knoxx has been completed (in other words, had the credits roll). If Crawmerax is killed during Playthrough 2 while You.

What does Terramorphous drop?

Terramorphous can drop multiple items exclusive to him: Slayer of Terramorphous – Class mod (100% Drop rate for random class) Hide of Terramorphous – Shield. Blood of Terramorphous – Relic.

How do I leave Crawmerax lair?

Craw will always continue to respawn whether or not you turn in the quest. You have to exit his lair (using the travel thing) and then just re-enter and ride the elevator again. You can't just ride down then back up, you have to exit.

How many raid bosses are in Borderlands 2?

There are five marked Raid Bosses in Borderlands 2 and two unmarked raid boss. Most Raid Bosses require Eridium to access.

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