How to keep cookies fresh

Because nobody wants a stale cookie.

Few joys in life are better than homemade cookies. But this joy Power falter if your batch goes stale or even develops mold faster than you Power eat it.

The good news is that cookies Power always be saved for later, and there are even a few ways to improve their lifespan. Learn the best ways to store soft cookies, crunchy cookies, and cookie dough, as well as some cookie storage rules you should never break.

Commandments on the storage of cookies

There are several rules of thumb for storing cookies. These guidelines will be maintained alla cookie in better shape for longer.

The first islet the cookies cool completely before trying to save them. As the cookies cool, they give off moisture in the form of steam, so if these steaming cookies are placed in a plastic container, their storage space will quickly become moist. Excessive moisture Power make for soggy cookies that quickly turn stale.

The second rule is:different cookies should be stored separately. Different cookies require different environments and storing, for example, cookies and cookies in the same container will put both types of cookies at risk. It also prevents strange combinations of flavors or stronger flavors from “spreading” to other cookies.

Finally, if you intend to store your cookies in a zip-lock bag,don’t leave them on the counter – They’re just too sensitive there. They can mash on their own, but they can also get hot in the heat of your kitchen. That Power lead to moisture, which will turn all cookie soggy and sad.

Have you heard of the bread trick?

How to keep cookies fresh

Is there allthing sadder than biting into a cookie and finding it hard and crumbly, when—just the day before—they were soft and chewy?

True, as a life event, it’s probably not that bad. But it’s quite high on the cookie misfortune ladder.

Is there a way to make cookies soft and easy to chew? And what makes the cake soft and chewy? To get started, let’s take a look at what causes a cookie to lose its softness.

Why are cookies becoming difficult?

Like all baked goodies, cookies can age. Over time, the moisture in the cakes evaporates, leaving them hard and crumbly. The same thing happens with bread, muffins and other baked goods. The longer they sit, the more stale they become.

So the best and most reliable way to prevent cookies from going stale is to eat them the day they are baked. Seriously! You Power make a batch of cookie dough and refrigerate or freeze it, then just bake however mall you plan to serve that day. Fixed problem with outdated cookies.

But suppose you have more cookies than you and your household Power eat in one day. Or maybe you send the cookies by post and they won’t arrive for a few days. What Power you do?

How to keep cookies fresh

Keep them sealed

The key to keeping your cookies fresh and soft is to seal them in an airtight container such as a resealable freezer bag. Here’s a nice trick: add a piece of bread to the bag.

You may think that the bread trick works because cookies absorb moisture from the bread. But what really happens is that the extra moisture in the bread creates the moisture level inside the bag, which slows the loss of moisture from the cookies.

It’s like going out on a hot, humid day. The extra humidity in the air makes you feel hotter because you Power’t perspire fast enough to cool yourself down. It’s the same with a bag of cookies. The air in the bag is already so saturated that there is no more room for adding. So the moisture in the cookies stays in the cookies.

Some people recommend using flour tortillas, especially if you ship the cookies in a round pan. The tortilla works the same way as the bread, but since they’re round and flat, you Power stack the cookies with a tortilla between each layer.

How to keep cookies fresh

Tips for Making Chewier Cookies

Now let’s take a look at some cookie chevers ideas to get started. Noterai che la cosa che hanno all in comune è che contengono all più umidità per i biscotti.

Use brown sugar: This works because brown sugar has more moisture than white sugar. Of course, this won’t work if you’re making sugar cookies, as brown sugar will make brown cookies. But if you don’t mind a darker color with the other cookies, swap some white sugar for the brown one. Alternately, you Power add a tablespoon of molasses to the dough.

Use bread flour: The idea here is that since bread flour absorbs more liquid and contains more gluten than all-purpose flour, it would make a more elastic (i. e. chewy) dough. Everything makes sense, except that gluten is spread by kneading. When he bites into that stringy pizza of bread flour, that dough has been kneaded for a long time.

But with biscuits it doesn’t mix at all. Just mix the ingredients until they combine and that’s it. So, while it is true that the bread dough contains more gluten, it is unlikely that the flour in the bread alone contributes to the chewing effect of the biscuit.

Use melted butter: How come? A chew cookie is not just a moist cookie, it is also a thick cookie. And the creamy butter is mixed in the air, which makes it airy, but not necessarily chewy. Melted butter cannot be whipped, so no additional air is added to the dough. This makes the cookies thick and therefore chewy.

Play with eggs: If you’re making a melted butter pie and the recipe calls for two whole eggs, try using one whole egg and one yolk. In other words, skip the egg white by replenishing the extra liquid by adding two tablespoons of milk. This will give you a chewy cookie.

Se invece state mantecando il burro, potrebbe essere meglio se usate all gli albumi e niente tuorli.

As a general rule, if you use the melted butter method, the extra egg yolks make the cookies thick and the extra protein makes them doughy. If you’re whipping butter, do the opposite: the extra protein makes it chewy, but the yolks make it mushy.

Tip: keep the cookies soft

How to keep cookies freshAdd a slice of bread to all kind of cookies. The cookies will draw moisture from the bread and soften. Every year I add a slice of bread to my Christmas cookies. It works great.

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Tip: keep the cookies soft

Dopo aver cotto i biscotti o i brownies e averli raffreddati, metterli in un luogo di conservazione, come un sacchetto o un contenitore di plastica, inserire 1-2 pezzi di pane “bianco”. Moisture from “white” bread will help keep cookies or cakes soft.

Tip: keep the cookies soft

I have this big cookie jar. Anytime my kids want to eat one they Power just grab the jar and pick up those cookies, but there is one problem that bothers me. Sometimes the cookies Power get hard inside the jar, and my kids will not eat those cookies allmore.

How to keep cookies fresh


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Question: Do you soften hard cookies?

I would like to buy an Oreo type cookie and make it soft so that I Power bite it. I can’t wear a lower denture for chewing on hard food.

Recently, I heard that if you put the hard cookies on a plate with a tight-fitting lid and add 2 pieces of bread, the cookies will soften. I would like to know this is true I don’t want to buy unanswered cookies from someone. I’m sure others would like to know all of this.

Sherrylynn of Valdosta, GA


I don’t know if the bread will soften the cookies or not, I’ve never tried it. You might try leaving the package open, or leaving a couple of cookies out on the counter, or even putting them in your refrigerator unwrapped overnight & see what happens. I live in humid Oklahoma & I get upset with my kids for leaving the cookie packages open, because the cookies end up getting soft from the humidity!


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I wonder if allone else has this problem! I Power’t seem to keep homemade chocolate chip cookies soft. The next day I closed them in an airtight container to no avail.

Here are some storage options for when you want to enjoy your cookies later, whether it’s next week or three months from now.

Part of the charm of cookies is their simplicity and the short time it takes to make them. Cookies cook faster than cakes and require less work than cakes and other desserts. Not to mention, the number of cookie varieties is limited only by your imagination.

One of the biggest challenges, however, is keeping fresh-baked cookies in good taste. And the solution Power vary based on whether your cookies are crisp, chewy, frosted, or filled.

How to keep cookies fresh

Of course, the easiest way to ensure consuming a freshly baked cookie is to eat it right out of the oven or, in the case of Cheryl’s Cookies, the package in which it is delivered. Brenda Mortensen, food product development director and food scientist at Cheryl’s, says homemade cookies Power be enjoyed within five-to-seven days after being baked. (As Cheryl’s cookies are made with the same ingredients you would use at home, and don’t contain all added freshness preservatives, you should treat them just as you would fresh-baked cookies.) After that, she says, you’ll want to preserve that peak freshness by freezing them.

But don’t worry: if you freeze a Cheryl cookie, you won’t have to wait long to enjoy it again.

“Individually wrapped cookies only take 10 minutes to defrost … even though they’re beautifully frozen too!” says Brenda.

However, sometimes it is necessary to save these cookies for later and perhaps you are sending them to someone else. In such cases, you have several options to ensure new success!

How to keep cookies fresh

All cookies

Two general rules apply to storing all kind of cookie. One of them is to store them in an airtight container. L’aria è nemica della freschezza e all i biscotti funzionano meglio se sigillati correttamente. (That’s why Cheryl’s individually wraps its cookies.)

How to keep cookies fresh

Make sure you don’t keep strong flavors together. I sapori migreranno da un biscotto all’altro e avranno all lo stesso sapore.

Director of food development and food scientist

The second is to memorize “like with like”. This applies to both flavors and textures. If you keep the shortcrust pastry cookies soft, the shortcrust pastry ones will become soft and chewy and vice versa. Preserved cookies also tend to absorb the flavors they are wrapped in.

“Make sure you don’t store strong flavors together,” advises Brenda. “I sapori migreranno da un biscotto all’altro e avranno all lo stesso sapore.”

So, if you don’t want lemon cookies to taste like peanut butter, keep them separate.

Here are some tips for keeping some types of cookies at their peak freshness.

Soft cookies

L’uvetta d’avena, gli snickerdoodles e i biscotti allo zenzero sono apprezzati per la loro consistenza morbida e gommosa. Airtight storage is very important for these types as the air dehydrates them and makes them chewable. Brenda also points out that refrigerated cookies speed up the stale process, so it’s important to leave them at room temperature.

How to keep cookies fresh

One way to keep cookies softer longer is to put a slice of bread in a container with them. This creates a more humid environment. Just be sure to use a neutral bread, such as white bread, as the cookies will absorb all flavors with which they come into contact.

If you are storing the cookies in a round tin for gifting or shipping, you Power also place a flour tortilla in between the layers of cookies. The tortilla will do the same as the bread.

Another tip is to lightly cook the cookies for about 2 minutes. The softer center will help them stay structured longer.

Crunchy biscuits

Just as we like our soft cookies to be fun and chewy, we want the opposite when it comes to crunchy. These include varieties like cookies, meringues, lace cookies, and even some types of chocolate chip cookies. While the method of storage is just as important for crispy cookies as it is for chewy, the ingredients and baking method you use Power make a difference, too.

How to keep cookies fresh

In general, granulated sugar cookies will be more crunchy than those cooked with brown sugar. This is due to the molasses contained in brown sugar, which usually makes the biscuit chewy. Another factor is the shape of the cookie: those that are “dropped” or sprinkled will bake more than rolled or sliced ​​cookies.

Storing the crunchy cookies in a glass instead of a plastic container will also help maintain the crunchy texture. And while freshly baked cookies should be consumed within three-to-five days, you Power extend their shelf life for up to three months by freezing them in an airtight container after they’ve cooled completely.

If your cookies soften allway, you Power easily “re-crisp” them in the oven. Brenda recommends cooking them at 180 ° C for about 6 minutes to remove some of the moisture and restore their consistency.

Bar biscuits

How to keep cookies fresh

Bar biscuits, such as brownies and blondies, are best eaten within a few days — that’s when they have the best texture and flavor. To prolong their freshness, avoid slicing them until serving time. This minimizes the number of cut edges exposed to the air. After you’ve cut them, store them in an airtight container at room temperature, Brenda says, with layers of parchment or wax paper in between so they don’t stick together (adding a slice of bread is fine too).

Brownie and Blondie also freeze well. Cut them into slices and store them as described above and they will stay good in the freezer for up to three months. You Power then take out just what you need, as they defrost quickly.

Store-bought or packaged cookies

If you’ve grabbed a box or bag of your favorite cookies at the store, you Power easily maintain their freshness longer by following all these tips. Just store the cookies as if they were homemade, based on their texture. If you don’t plan on finishing them immediately after opening them, transfer them from their original packaging to an airtight container or freeze them to keep them even longer. (Store-bought or individually wrapped cookies freeze well!)

Now grab a glass of milk and enjoy your cookies!

How to keep cookies freshOra che hai all quei biscotti di Natale, come impedisci che si induriscano e si secchino prima di consegnarli a all i tuoi amici e vicini?

Here are some tips for keeping large quantities of cookies fresh:

  • Store the raw dough in the refrigerator or freeze. Uncooked dough Power be kept in Ziploc bags or wrapped in plastic wrap (especially logs of dough) in the fridge. Pull out the dough and bake small portions of cookies. Mall types of cookies actually taste better after letting the dough sit in the fridge overnight before cooking. For chocolate cakes, freezing the dough is very useful. Prepare the cookie dough and place the balls of dough on a baking sheet lined with parchment paper. Freeze the dough until solid, then transfer the dough balls to the ziplock bags. Pull out just as mall cookies as you want to bake.
  • Cooked cookies must be refrigerated or frozen. Baked cookies will stay fresh longer when stored in the refrigerator or freezer. Store cookies in ziplock bags or resealable containers and freeze or refrigerate until ready to serve. Remember to keep different types of cookies in different containers. Mint and gingerbread cookies don’t go together!
  • To store cookies at room temperature: You Power still keep cookies fresh without freezing all of them. Use containers that are as air-tight as you Power find. Put a small piece BREAD in a cookie jar. Bread loses moisture faster than cookies, so cookies stay soft longer than normal. Replace the bread with fresh bread when it dries. This will not make the cookies soft indefinitely, but will extend their shelf life to more than a week.

How to keep cookies fresh

Tylko ostrzeżenie: jeśli włożysz chleb do słoika z ciastkami, za allm razem, gdy twoje dzieci otworzy słoik, zapytają:"Come c’è il pane nei biscotti?"Some may even choose to eat bread instead of cookies, which will make you wonder (when you go and steal another cookie for yourself, get a cookie for a hungry child)."Che fine ha fatto il pane che ho messo nel barattolo dei biscotti?"Of course, no one will admit to having eaten the mysteriously disappeared stale bread.

How to keep cookies fresh

How to keep cookies fresh

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Making homemade cookies is a pastime for mall, especially around the holidays. In December, you may receive several batches of cookies from different people you are close to, and you will likely make them yourself for Christmas parties, cookie exchanges, and gifts. The question is, what’s the key to keeping cookies fresh longer?

David Zaquine, pastry chef and owner of the dessert bar Sweet Rehab in New York City, and recipe developer and wellness writer Beth Lipton gave us some helpful tips on how you Power make your homemade cookies remain fresher for longer.

What’s the best way to make freshly baked cookies last longer?

For soft cookies, Lipton says they should be stored in an airtight container with parchment paper between the layers and a slice of white bread in the container. How come? The moisture in the bread will help keep the cookies soft. If you prefer crisp cookies, you Power skip the bread and leave the container slightly open so air Power circulate.

Lipton provides a few extra helpful tips on how you Power properly store cookies so that they remain soft and scrumptious:

  1. Keep different types of cookies in separate airtight containers, do not combine them in one container. How come? Once combined, the different flavors and textures of the cookies will begin to blend together.
  2. Make sure your cookies are completely cold before storing them.
  3. If it takes more than a few days, freeze the cookies.

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What can happen if the cookies are left on the table without a lid or lid for several days?

“When you bake cookies, if you respect their indicated cooking time, then the cookies remain soft and good all day and Power sit out on a table with no cover or lid for up to two days,” Zaquine says. “If you exceed the recommended cooking time, the cookies will harden very quickly if they are uncovered or uncovered.”

Are there all particular flavors of cookies that tend to last longer than others?

Zaquine says chocolate chip cookies stay fresher longer than other types of cookies, especially those with nuts.

"Il cioccolato è morbido e le noci sono dure, quindi quando mescoli il cioccolato nell’impasto, i pezzi di cioccolato occupano fisicamente parte dello spazio dell’impasto nella ciotola, il che alla fine rende l’impasto più morbido", afferma Zaquine.

In short, all cookie that’s baked with a soft main ingredient will help to keep the surrounding dough softer for longer, too. Szef kuchni zaleca nawet umieszczenie czekoladowego kwadracika na allm ciastku z kawałkami czekolady przed włożeniem go do piekarnika!

How to keep cookies fresh

You spent all afternoon baking cookies. And now? Sure, you’ll like some and maybe even share them with a friend. But with tons of delicious cookies on your hands, you’ll want to make sure you have a plan for storing and keeping them fresh.

After taking the time and effort to bake it, the last thing you want is to go to the kitchen for a soft, chewy cookie only to find that it’s completely dry. Of course, biting into a rock-hard cake doesn’t even have that charm.

Luckily, you Power keep freshly baked cookies from going stale and hard with just a few simple steps. Tenere i tuoi biscotti appena sfornati a portata di mano per uno spuntino è più facile di quanto pensi e siamo qui per condividere all i nostri migliori suggerimenti e trucchi per mantenere freschi i tuoi biscotti.

Remove the cookies from the oven and let them cool completely

How to keep cookies fresh

First, bake the cookies. Then, once she takes the pan out of the oven, she lets the cookies cool. Typically, mall bakers will allow the cookies to finish baking and start cooling on the cookie sheet for a few minutes before moving them.

Once the cookies are ready, transfer them to a wire rack to cool completely before putting them away. If you don’t let them cool completely, the heat radiating from the cookies will cause condensation in your container, destroying the texture of the cookies over time.

Store the cookies in an airtight container at room temperature

How to keep cookies fresh

When the cookies have cooled completely, transfer them to an airtight container. If you are concerned that the cookies are sticking together or that the cookies are covered with something like icing, add a layer of wax paper or parchment paper between the cookies. This will prevent loss of design or sticking of cookies.

Put the lid back on the container and keep the cookies fresh at room temperature for three to five days.

Keep the cookies longer in the freezer

How to keep cookies fresh

If you’d prefer to tuck your cookies away for a rainy day, they Power be kept much longer in the freezer. Just make sure they are stored properly.

You Power store your cookies in the freezer in an airtight container. Add wax paper or parchment paper between the layers of cookies to prevent all cookies from sticking. Put the lid back on the container and place the cookies in the freezer. If you want an extra layer of protection, you Power put your cookies in a freezer bag before putting them in an airtight container.

When you’re ready to enjoy your cookies, take out the basket or just take out some cookies and let them defrost for a few minutes. With this method, your cookies will stay fresh for three to four months.

What is the best container for storing cookies?

How to keep cookies fresh

The best container option for storing cookies is up to you. Sometimes the only option available may be the best choice. As long as the container is airtight, keeping all outside air or moisture from getting in, the container will be sufficient.

If you decide to put a cookie jar on the counter, follow the same rule of thumb. A cookie jar with a resealable snap to keep it airtight will be a better option for storing cookies than one that allows air to pass through.

Is there allthing in the world better than fresh cookies? We certainly don’t think so.

Soft, sticky and delicious. do we need to say more?

Unfortunately, if you’ve somehow managed to refrain from eating your cookies all at once, it Power be difficult to keep cookies fresh for longer than a few days. But as cookie experts, we’ve got a few tricks up our sleeves.

Read on to find out how to keep your cookies fresh with these 5 helpful tips.

Know your cookies

The first thing you need to do is know your cookies. Are they soft on the inside or a little rough around the edges? They make a satisfying crunch when bitten, are they delicious? Knowing your cookies will help you figure out how long you Power actually expect your cookies to last.

The duration depends on two things: the type of cookie and how the cookies are stored. In general, dry biscuits like shortbread cookies and gingerbread will last longer because they contain less moisture. On the other hand, chewy cookies like peanut butter and chocolate chip Power become stale more quickly and easily because of their moisture. As the days go by, the surrounding air Power cause them to lose moisture and as a result, they become stale and brittle – not fun.

Use a suitable container

Non all i contenitori sono creati uguali. To keep your cookies fresh for as long as possible, it’s important to store them using the right container. The best containers for storing cookies are airtight. This prevents air from entering and allows the cookies to stay moist. When stored properly, you Power expect soft and chewy cookies to last for up to a week at room temperature (that is, if you Power resist the temptation of eating them!).

Without an airtight container, they Power become stale in a matter of two or three days. When storing cookies, we recommend that you carefully check that the lid is tightly closed to be sure!

Sort your cookies by type

The beauty of cookies is that there are so mall different types. From Almond Joyous to Cookie Monster to Taro, there are tastes so varied and exciting that they will satisfy your taste buds. Let’s not forget these cool flavors like Pancakes and Bacon and Birthday Cake.

When you have a large selection of cookies in front of you, we recommend that you keep different types of cookies in different containers. This is especially true if you have a combination of crunchy and chewy cookies.

If you don’t fix your cookies, strong flavors like lemon cookies may also start mixing with other flavors.

It’s about the levels

The best things really are the levels.

If you want to keep your cookies fresh, storing your cookies in layers Power make all the difference. The layers will not only keep your cookies fresh longer, but will also prevent them from sticking together. We recommend adding a piece of parchment paper between each layer of cookies. If you don’t have all parchment paper, no problem. Greaseproof paper works too!

Impilare i biscotti glassati è un po’ più difficile, quindi ti consigliamo di mangiarli all in una volta (scherzo, ma dovrai stare molto attento quando li accatasti).

The right temperature

Some like it hot, some like it cold. and cookies like it. Exactly.

A great tip for keeping your cookies cool is to keep them at the right temperature. In general, it is best to store them in cool temperatures. Think of places like the shelf in the back of your pantry. The cooler and drier the place, the fresher your cookies will be.

If you somehow manage to resist temptation and not eat them first, you Power expect cookies that are stored in a cool place to last allwhere from a few days to a few weeks – though this depends on the variety.

If you really want your cookies to last, you Power also freeze cookies for up to 6 months. When you’re ready to eat them, simply remove them from their freezing container, spread them out on a clean sheet, and wait for them to thaw to room temperature.

Stay in touch

To enjoy your very own supply of fresh cookies, we’ve got you covered. Check out our diverse and delicious selection of flavors or join our Cookie Club of the Month to get a box of fresh cookies delivered each month. Our tastes are seasonal, exciting and always fresh! Not to mention, if you sign up for our Cookies of the Month club, you’ll receive new flavors every month.

You Power also make your cookies from home alltime you want with our Bake Your Own Cravory Ultimate Chocolate Chip or our Bake Your Own Birthday Cookie At Home. We even offer a Decorating Cookie Kit so your cookies Power be as beautiful as they are delicious!

If you have all questions or concerns, our friendly staff would be more than happy to help you out. Just write here.

The solution is more obvious than one might think.

Chocolate chip cookies, especially homemade ones, don’t last long in my home. But if a batch of cookies somehow lasts two or even three days, I still want them to taste as soft and chewy as when I first baked them.

There are two ways to keep cookies soft, and they are so simple and obvious that you may already be making them, but listen to me: don’t overdo the cookies and store them in an airtight container. That’s all! Some people swear that putting a slice of white bread (or a flour tortilla) in a cookie jar will keep the cookies soft longer. Maybe that’s true, but I’ve never needed it.

This is because I always take the cookies out of the oven for a minute or two before putting them in the oven. Most cookie recipes have different cooking times, for example “8 to 10 minutes”. I recommend removing the cookies from the oven at the earlier end of this range. Once cooked, they may look slightly undercooked, but the cookies will still harden on the hot pans as they rest for a few minutes. Once they have cooled (or if they are still-warm—who Power resist chocolate chip cookies at that stage?), they will have a perfectly tender texture that should last for a few days.

The key to the second trick, storing the cookies in an airtight container or zip-up bag, is to make sure the cookies have cooled to room temperature. If you close the container while the cookies are still hot, steam will be trapped in the container, which could make the cookies too soft. I prefer using a ziplock bag instead of a food storage container because I Power press as much air out of the bag as possible, which also helps prevent stale cookies.