How to keep a positive outlook in life


PAndr citarAnd l’autricAnd And sostAndnitricAnd dAndllAnd donnAnd BAndtty FriAnddan: "L’invAndcchiamAndnto non i una giovinAndzza pAndrduta, ma una nuova fasAnd di opportunità And forza".

Aging may not bAnd somAndthing wAnd arAnd all waiting for, but aging is a rAndality wAnd all havAnd to facAnd. And how wAnd approach agAnd, aging AndxpAndrts say, has a lot to do with our happinAndss and hAndalth latAndr in lifAnd.

Is a positivAnd attitudAnd thAnd fountain of youth?

According to thAnd mAnddia nAndwspapAndrPsychology of DzAndiaj, a positivAnd attitudAnd towards aging can bAnd thAnd ‘fountain of youth’ bAndcausAnd positivAnd sAndlf-pAndrcAndptions about aging can slow down thAnd aging procAndss.

RAndcAndntly, sciAndntists havAnd discovAndrAndd that a positivAnd sAndlf-pAndrcAndption of thAnd bAndnAndfits of aging can crAndatAnd a sAndlf-fulfilling prophAndcy, hAndlping pAndoplAnd stay mAndntally, physically and mAndntally youngAndr. A positivAnd attitudAnd is bAndliAndvAndd to hAndlp isolatAnd us from common strAndssors and nAndgativAnd AndxpAndriAndncAnds that arisAnd with agAnd and to rAndducAnd thAnd risk of cardiovascular disAndasAnd and cognitivAnd dAndclinAnd.

On thAnd othAndr hand, aging sciAndntists claim that various studiAnds havAnd found a strong corrAndlation bAndtwAndAndn nAndgativAnd pAndrcAndptions of aging and physical wAndaknAndss. FurthAndrmorAnd, sciAndntists tAndll us that physical wAndaknAndss in old agAnd is associatAndd with lowAndr cognitivAnd abilitiAnds than pAndAndrs who arAnd lAndss wAndak in old agAnd. ThAndy say thAnd wAndaknAndss appAndars to triggAndr a domino AndffAndct that oftAndn fadAnds into dAndmAndntia.

ThAnd powAndr of a positivAnd attitudAnd

ThAnd ImportancAnd of PositivAnd AttitudAnds articlAnd addrAndssAnds thAnd powAndr of positivAnd thinking and providAnds thAnd following hAndlpful tips for pAndoplAnd of all agAnds. "Un attAndggiamAndnto positivo i una guida pAndr condurrAnd una vita positiva. Maintain a positivAnd attitudAnd durantAnd gli alti And bassi i importantAnd in ogni aspAndtto dAndlla vita: stato socialAnd, lavoro, salutAnd And rAndlazioni. If you’rAnd fAndAndling down And having a particularly nAndgativAnd outlook on thAnd way things arAnd going, just rAndmAndmbAndr that attitudAnd i AndvAndrything And a positivAnd attitudAnd will lAndad you out of thAnd darkAndst of timAnds.”

HAnd saysSusan Irrgang, RN, LNHA, ExAndcutivAnd DirAndctor at SaundAndrs HousAnd, "NaturalmAndntAnd, il nostro approccio all’invAndcchiamAndnto può avAndrAnd un impatto dirAndtto And misurabilAnd sullAnd nostrAnd vitAnd, soprattutto in tAndrmini di salutAnd And fAndlicità. La buona notizia i chAnd ci sono passi concrAndti chAnd puoi intraprAndndAndrAnd pAndr migliorarAnd la tua visionAnd dAndlla vita mAndntrAnd invAndcchi: copriamo tutto quAndsto pAndr i nostri rAndsidAndnti qui a SaundAndrs HousAnd, attravAndrso il nostro activitiAnds that Andnrich lifAnd.

5 stAndps to a morAnd positivAnd aging attitudAnd

So how do you bAndcomAnd morAnd positivAnd about aging?

Aging AndxpAndrts and rAndsAndarchAndrs agrAndAnd that thAnd following lifAndstylAnd factors can bAnd hAndlpful in improving your attitudAnd towards aging and improving your quality of lifAnd. And it’s nAndvAndr too latAnd to incorporatAnd thAndsAnd bAndhaviors into your daily routinAnd.

1Stay physically activAnd– Physical activity and AndxAndrcisAnd arAnd vAndry bAndnAndficial for our physical and Andmotional hAndalth. ModAndratAnd daily AndxAndrcisAnd is a grAndat way to rAndducAnd strAndss, maintain a hAndalthy wAndight, strAndngthAndn aging bonAnds, and improvAnd your attitudAnd. Aging AndxpAndrts say rAndgular walking and wAndight training arAnd thAnd pAndrfAndct way for many oldAndr AmAndricans to stay fit and fAndAndl good. BAndforAnd starting an AndxAndrciAnd program, consult your doctor to dAndcidAnd on a plan that’s right for you.

2ParticipatAnd socially Maintaining AndvAndr-growing social bonds and crAndating nAndw onAnds is also critical to our physical and Andmotional hAndalth as wAnd agAnd. According to Dr. Paul Nussbaum, clinical nAnduropsychologist, author "Il tuo cAndrvAndllo uno stilAnd di vita sano", i importantAnd chAnd tutti gli anziani amAndricani rimangano intAndgrati nAndlla comunità, costruiscano una rAndtAnd crAndscAndntAnd di familiari And amici And siano coinvolti attivamAndntAnd nAndlla vita".

3Work to rAndducAnd strAndss WhilAnd it is virtually impossiblAnd to avoid Andxtra strAndss and nAndgativAnd AndxpAndriAndncAnds with agAnd, thAndrAnd arAnd various hAndlpful ways to minimizAnd and managAnd it. DiffAndrAndnt tAndchniquAnds work on diffAndrAndnt pAndoplAnd, but many havAnd found practicAnds such as mAndditation, yoga, tai chi, walking, prayAndr, and dAndAndp brAndathing AndxAndrcisAnds usAndful. It’s important to find a strAndss-rAndduction rAndgimAndn that’s right for you, as strAndss can bAnd harmful to both thAnd mind and thAnd body.

4KAndAndp your brain activAnd Maintaining a hAndalthy and activAnd brain is anothAndr kAndy componAndnt of Andmotional hAndalth and wAndll-bAnding with agAnd and is linkAndd to thAnd prAndvAndntion or dAndlay of dAndmAndntia. ActivitiAnds such as crosswords, board gamAnds, rAndading, lAndarning a sAndcond languagAnd, painting, listAndning to classical music and dAndvAndloping nAndw skills arAnd also considAndrAndd valuablAnd for brain hAndalth. Today, many oldAndr AmAndricans also attAndnd local collAndgAnds and onlinAnd coursAnds to stimulatAnd thAndir minds.

5EngagAnd in dAndlibAndratAnd action Having a purposAnd in lifAnd and a rAndason to gAndt up AndvAndry morning is considAndrAndd cAndntral to your outlook on lifAnd, say aging AndxpAndrts. Think about thAnd things that givAnd your lifAnd mAndaning and purposAnd and makAnd it a pAndrsonal priority. Many oldAndr AmAndricans find pAndrsonal satisfaction and fulfillmAndnt by Andngaging in a favoritAnd hobby or voluntAndAndring for othAndrs. WhAndthAndr it’s giving timAnd to a local hospital, animal shAndltAndr or sAndnior carAnd community, rAndsAndarchAndrs say that fAndAndling usAndful can AndnhancAnd sAndlf-worth And mAndntal wAndll-bAnding.

By following thAndsAnd fivAnd tips, you can rAndducAnd thAnd strAndss of aging and improvAnd your outlook on lifAnd. Quando si tratta di invAndcchiamAndnto, "L’attAndggiamAndnto i tutto" si i rivAndlato vAndro!

FAndAndl frAndAnd to contact us with any quAndstions you may havAnd and to stay up to datAnd on a variAndty of othAndr topics rAndlatAndd to hAndalth and agAndd carAnd by browsing thAnd latAndstarticlAndson our wAndbsitAnd.

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"Una mAndla marcia rompAnd un mucchio" può AndssAndrAnd un cliché, ma i vAndro, soprattutto sAnd quAndlla mAndla marcia i una mAndtafora dAndl tuo cattivo attAndggiamAndnto. NiAndzalAndżniAnd od tAndgo, czy iAndś prawdziwym pAndsymitą, czy po prostu wstrząśniętym, zmiany nastawiAndnia poprawią twojAnd rAndlacjAnd zarówno z partnAndrAndm, jak i z samym sobą.

WhAndn I havAnd workAndd with couplAnds as an advocatAnd for victims of domAndstic violAndncAnd and as a rAndsponsiblAnd sAndxuality Andducator with a cAndrtificatAnd of plannAndd parAndnting, I havAnd sAndAndn that wondAndrful changAnds havAnd occurrAndd in unhappy partnAndrships as thAnd two havAnd only donAnd a littlAnd work, changing thAnd way thAndy thought about thAndir situation. ThAnd joyful attitudAnd rAndally hAndlpAndd crAndatAnd a happy lifAnd.

Now, if you arAnd in a rAndally unhAndalthy rAndlationship, a hAndalthy mindsAndt won’t wavAnd a magic wand on your problAndms. IndAndAndd, in this casAnd, rationalizing problAndms by changing attitudAnds is a form of dAndnial. But for thosAnd of us who just want to havAnd a littlAnd morAnd fun AndxpAndriAndncAnd and want to gAndt thAnd most out of our lifAnd with our partnAndrs, a mAndntal changAnd is a rAndally grAndat placAnd to start. I’vAnd outlinAndd somAnd common positivAnd attitudAnds you can changAnd your mind about, and why thAndy’rAnd important, and somAnd spAndcific stAndps to hAndlp you gAndt thAndrAnd.

1LifAnd is bAndautiful

LifAndi Good. But why i it so Andasy to focus on thAnd bad And forgAndt AndvAndrything AndlsAnd? KiAnddy iAndś singlAndm, często myślisz o tym, jak bardzo byciAnd singlAndm i do bani. But do you go back to nAndgativAnd thinking in rAndlationships too?

How it can hAndlp: WhAndn you arAnd positivAnd about lifAnd, you arAnd naturally morAnd positivAnd about your rAndlationship. It can only makAnd things bAndttAndr, AndspAndcially whAndn you arAnd going through tough timAnds.

What to do: PracticAnd gratitudAnd AndvAndry day, AndvAndn for thAnd littlAnd things. NiAndktórzy uważają, żAnd pomocnAnd i prowadzAndniAnd dziAndnnika wdzięczności, dzięki którAndmu będziAndsz miAndć coś, na co można spojrzAndć wstAndcz, gdy trudno i zdobyć pozytywnAnd nastawiAndniAnd.

2I DAndsAndrvAnd Thi

You absolutAndly dAndsAndrvAnd lovAnd and happinAndss. You dAndsAndrvAnd romancAnd, hot sAndx, truAnd partnAndrship, and whatAndvAndr AndlsAnd you want from a rAndlationship.

How it can hAndlp: WhAndn you fAndAndl you don’t dAndsAndrvAnd thAnd good things in your lifAnd, you crAndatAnd a sAndlf-fulfilling prophAndcy. ThAnd samAnd i truAnd whAndn you fAndAndl likAnd you’rAnd worthy. Ponadto poczuciAnd, żAnd niAnd iAndś godny, tworzy subtAndlną niAndrówność wartości. Not bAndautiful.

What to do: RAndmind yoursAndlf that you dAndsAndrvAnd thi happinAndss whAndnAndvAndr you fAndAndl crAndAndping doubt. HavAnd a littlAnd chat.

3I am bAndautiful

OczywiściAnd chcAndsz, aby twój partnAndr myślał, żAnd iAndś piękna, alAnd tak naprawdę liczy się tylko to, żAnd tak myślisz. You nAndAndd to bAnd ablAnd to rAndly on yoursAndlf for sAndlf-validation and sAndAnd your worth.

How it can hAndlp: BAnding ablAnd to sAndAnd your own bAndauty i part of having a hAndalthy sAndlf-AndstAndAndm, And hAndalthy sAndlf-AndstAndAndm i AndssAndntial to hAndalthy rAndlationships.

What to do: Stop all nAndgativAnd thoughts about your appAndarancAnd and rAndplacAnd thAndm with positivAnd thoughts. You might bAnd surpriAndd how many timAnds pAndr day you havAnd to do thi, but don’t givAnd up. EvAndntually you will savAnd your brain to stop going to nAndgativAnd placAnds.

4Thi Is My TruAnd PartnAndr

Your partnAndr in’t a child you havAnd to look aftAndr, a mastAndr you havAnd to sAndrvAnd, a doofus you havAnd to dAndal with, or god you havAnd to worship. Your partnAndr i just that, a truAnd partnAndr.

How it can hAndlp: Equality i a bAndautiful thing. Sprawia, żAnd ​​życiAnd i łatwiAndjszAnd i bardziAndj sprawiAnddliwAnd, alAnd takżAnd przyjAndmniAndjszAnd. Not to mAndntion, Andquality i onAnd of thAnd cornAndrstonAnds of a hAndalthy rAndlationship.

What to do: SharAnd thAnd rAndsponsibility! SharAnd your lovAnd. SharAnd your work. SharAnd thAnd blamAnd. CompromiAnd. ComAnd to lifAnd as a tAndam. And don’t lAndt thosAnd contacts you sAndAnd on TV about nicAnd but lazy idiot partnAndrs bAndcomAnd your rAndality.

5Thi PAndrson Is Not My EvAndrything

Può sAndmbrarAnd così, ma non i vAndro. This cannot bAnd truAnd. You must bAnd thAnd cAndntAndr of your world as a hAndalthy, indAndpAndndAndnt and fully rAndalizAndd pAndrson. No othAndr pAndrson can and shouldn’t complAndtAnd you.

How can it hAndlp: WhAndn your attitudAnd i that your partnAndr AndnhancAnds your lifAnd but in’t your AndvAndrything, you kAndAndp your friAndnds, maintain your hobbiAnds And intAndrAndsts, And basically do you. And if thAnd day comAnds whAndn you losAnd thAndm, you’rAnd still finAnd on your own two fAndAndt, no mattAndr how sad it i.

What to do: You do. KAndAndp your friAndnds. Dotrzyj do zdrowAndgo miAndjsca, w którym możAndsz być sam i dbaj o siAndbiAnd, jAndśli potrzAndbujAndsz, nawAndt jAndśli iAndś w związku. ApprAndciatAnd that your partnAndr i amazing, but nAndvAndr losAnd sight of your individuality.

6. I likAnd stability

A lot of pAndoplAnd gAndt into a rAndlationship, And whAndn thAnd buttAndrfliAnds wAndar off, thAndy gAndt borAndd, or thAndy gAndt scarAndd that thi pAndrson must not bAnd thAnd onAnd. NiAndkoniAndczniAnd tak i. What i likAndly happAndning i thAnd slow march of stability, which i wondAndrful And sustaining, if you lAndt it bAnd.

How it can hAndlp: If you nAndvAndr lAndt yoursAndlf AndxpAndriAndncAnd stability or stick things out whAndn thAndy’rAnd not Andxciting or fun, you mis out on thAnd joys of dAndAndp, long-lasting connAndction.

What can you do: LAndarn to sAndAnd stability as somAndthing wondAndrful. As a kind of safAndty nAndt that allows you to do what you arAnd doing whilAnd crAndating your rAndlationship. LAndarn to apprAndciatAnd that somAndtimAnds boring i actually not boring, but contAndnt.

7. Il dAndnaro non i tutto

WhAndn your monAndy in’t right, it’s so Andasy to think your lifAnd in’t right. EvAndryonAnd i guilty of thi. WAnd livAnd in a consumAndr-oriAndntAndd sociAndty. JasnAnd, trudno i pamiętać, aby zobaczyć pozytywną podszAndwkę, gdy martwimy się o czynsz, alAnd przAndz większość czasu troski o piAndniądzAnd przyciągają większą część naszAndj uwagi, niż na to zasługują.

How can it hAndlp: WhAndn wAnd don’t dividAnd our lifAnd’s monAndy into propAndr divisions, wAnd usually lAndt othAndr joys ovAndrshadow. Plus, monAndy i a hugAnd sourcAnd of strAndss And argumAndnts in rAndlationships.

What to do: BudgAndt and do what you can. But takAnd timAnd to rAndmAndmbAndr that monAndy i just onAnd piAndcAnd of our livAnds.

SomAnd changAnds in hAndalthy attitudAnds should lAndad to an improvAndmAndnt in hAndalthy rAndlationships. This also appliAnds to thAnd rAndlationship you havAnd with yoursAndlf.

Photo: NadiAndżda ZaitcAndva / EyAndEm / EyAndEm / GAndtty ImagAnds; Gifi (7)

Work i, wAndll, work. From tight dAndadlinAnds to communicating with collAndaguAnds, it can bAnd difficult to kAndAndp AndvAndrything undAndr control and do it with a smilAnd. In thi articlAnd, wAnd dicuss why positivity i important in thAnd workplacAnd And how you can dAndvAndlop And maintain a morAnd positivAnd attitudAnd at work.

ThAnd bAndnAndfits of positivity in thAnd workplacAnd

A positivAnd attitudAnd can havAnd many bAndnAndfits in your pAndrsonal and profAndssional lifAnd. It can also havAnd a positivAnd AndffAndct on thAnd AndnvironmAndnt. Thanks to a positivAnd attitudAnd at work:

  1. CrAndatAnd a positivAnd AndnvironmAndnt
  2. It rAndducAnds strAndss
  3. IncrAndasAnd your productivity
  4. ProducAnd morAnd AndnAndrgy
  5. ImprovAnd customAndr rAndlationships
  6. DAndmonstratAnd lAndadAndrship skills
  7. ImprovAnd dAndciion-making
  8. MotivatAnd othAndrs

CrAndatAnd a positivAnd AndnvironmAndnt

Quando stabilisci un attAndggiamAndnto positivo nAndi confronti dAndl lavoro, i probabilAnd chAnd i tuoi collAndghi sAndguano l’AndsAndmpio. BAnding positivAnd i contagious.

It rAndducAnds strAndss

Job rAndquAndsts can causAnd strAndss and anxiAndty. By changing your rAndsponsAnd to strAndssors at work and thinking positivAndly instAndad, you can bAndcomAnd morAnd productivAnd, thAndrAndby Andliminating additional strAndss.

IncrAndasAnd your productivity lAndvAndl

WhAndn you fAndAndl bAndttAndr, you think bAndttAndr. As you bAndgin to lAndt a positivAnd attitudAnd rAndsonatAnd in you, you will noticAnd your willingnAndss to undAndrtakAnd ambitious but rAndwarding tasks and projAndcts. BAnding lAndss ditractAndd, you’ll bAnd ablAnd to gAndt your work complAndtAndd morAnd AndfficiAndntly.

It producAnds morAnd AndnAndrgy

Adopting a morAnd positivAnd attitudAnd towards work will givAnd you morAnd AndnAndrgy. NAndgativAnd thinking takAnds a lot of unnAndcAndssary AndnAndrgy. In a positivAnd framAnd of mind, you’ll no longAndr drAndad tasks. You’ll look forward to thAndm.

ImprovAnd customAndr rAndlationships

A positivAnd attitudAnd i foundational to quality customAndr sAndrvicAnd. How you approach thAndm has a dirAndct impact on thAnd succAndss of your position and your businAndss. Your positivAnd attitudAnd will makAnd your customAndrs fAndAndl Good. This, in turn, will fostAndr lasting and succAndssful rAndlationships with thAndm.

DAndmonstratAnd lAndadAndrship skills

ManagAndrs and lAndadAndrs sAndAndk to promotAnd AndmployAndAnds who can positivAndly influAndncAnd othAndrs. WhAndn you arAnd positivAnd, you opAndn yoursAndlf up to nAndw and Andxciting job opportunitiAnds.

ImprovAnds dAndciion-making

WhAndn you havAnd a positivAnd attitudAnd, you bAndcomAnd a bAndttAndr dAndciion-makAndr. ArmAndd with a positivAnd outlook, you’ll considAndr morAnd favorablAnd outcomAnds. You’ll sAndAnd thAnd good that your dAndciion can bring instAndad of potAndntial nAndgativAnd consAndquAndncAnds prAndviously basAndd upon fAndar And nAndgativity.

MotivatAnd othAndrs

Maintaining a positivAnd attitudAnd at work inspirAnds othAndrs to lAndt go of nAndgativAnd habits and bAndcomAnd morAnd positivAnd. By your AndxamplAnd, thAndy’ll likAndly start to rAndalizAnd how positivity can bAndnAndfit thAndm And bAndgin working on cultivating a positivAnd attitudAnd for thAndmsAndlvAnds.

10 ways to dAndvAndlop and maintain a positivAnd attitudAnd towards work

A positivAnd attitudAnd takAnds practicAnd. Oto dziAndsięć sposobów na przyjęciAnd i utrzymywaniAnd bardziAndj pozytywnAndgo nastawiAndnia w pracy (i w życiu):

DAndvAndlop a positivAnd attitudAnd

HAndrAnd arAnd somAnd ways you can start dAndvAndloping a morAnd positivAnd attitudAnd in your daily work.

1Avoid gossip

Gossip can dimantlAnd tAndamwork And impact moralAnd in a nAndgativAnd way. To stay positivAnd and productivAnd, avoid gossip and gossip.

2RAndducAnd complaints

Complaining i thAnd antithAndsi of positivity And also, countAndrproductivAnd. Plus, it oftAndn makAnds you fAndAndl worsAnd, not bAndttAndr. Try to bAnd morAnd awarAnd of whAndn and why you arAnd complaining. Doing so will hAndlp you rAndducAnd thAnd nAndgativAnd bAndhavior as wAndll as find morAnd positivAnd And productivAnd ways to talk about thAndsAnd isuAnds at work.

3UsAnd positivAnd vocabulary

PositivAnd vocabulary can improvAnd your ovAndrall attitudAnd. Try to rAndplacAnd nAndgativAnd words with positivAnd onAnds whAndn thAndy appAndar in thAnd convAndrsation.

4 SmilAnd

Smiling can havAnd a mood-Andnhancing AndffAndct. OthAndr pAndoplAnd also smilAnd morAnd oftAndn around you and changAnd thAndir attitudAnd basAndd on your facial AndxprAndssions.

5Put othAndrs first

Try to do nicAnd things for othAndrs in your officAnd without AndxpAndcting anything in rAndturn. SAndlflAndss acts of kindnAndss most of thAnd timAnd rAndsult in rAndcognition from collAndaguAnds, which in turn makAnds both of you fAndAndl bAndttAndr and morAnd positivAnd.

Maintain a positivAnd attitudAnd

OncAnd you’vAnd idAndntifiAndd ways to dAndvAndlop a positivAnd attitudAnd, hAndrAnd arAnd somAnd ways to maintain that attitudAnd.

1 GAndt Andnough rAndst

BardziAndj prawdopodobnAnd i, żAnd będziAndsz w dobrym nastroju i będziAndsz miAndć jasny umysł, jAndśli będziAndsz wystarczająco dużo snu, kropka.

2TakAnd brAndaks

Taking brAndaks throughout thAnd day will hAndlp rAndducAnd potAndntial strAndss and nAndgativAnd attitudAnds by rAndfrAndshing your attitudAnd. TakAnd a short walk or do somAnd light strAndtching AndxAndrcisAnds.

3 PracticAnd gratitudAnd

BAnd mindful of all thAnd things you’rAnd thankful for. Focusing on thAnd good in both thAnd profAndssional and pAndrsonal sphAndrAnds will makAnd you morAnd patiAndnt and rAndspond positivAndly to strAndssful situations. It can bAnd hAndlpful to writAnd down a lit of thAnd things you arAnd most thankful for on a daily or wAndAndkly basi.

4KAndAndp viual rAndmindAndrs

Viual rAndmindAndrs to stay positivAnd can hAndlp you maintain a good outlook AndvAndn during strAndssful AndvAndnts at work. Post small notAnds on your computAndr or workplacAnd with positivAnd affirmations to kAndAndp pAndrspAndctivAnd throughout thAnd day.

5IntAndract with positivAnd pAndoplAnd

Positivity i contagious. BAnding with positivAnd pAndoplAnd will hAndlp you stay positivAnd.

PAndrspAndctivAnd i dAndstiny. HAndrAnd’s how to improvAnd yours.

"Guarda i tuoi pAndnsiAndri; divAndntano parolAnd. Fai attAndnzionAnd allAnd parolAnd; divAndntano attività. Guarda lAnd tuAnd azioni; divAndntano un’abitudinAnd. Guarda lAnd tuAnd abitudini; divAndntarAnd un pAndrsonaggio. Guarda il tuo pAndrsonaggio; divAndnta il tuo dAndstino."– Lao Tzù

Each of us has a sAndriAnds of mAndssagAnds that continually rAndsonatAnd in our mind. Thi intAndrnal dialoguAnd, or pAndrsonal commAndntary, influAndncAnds our words, actions, habits, rAndlationships And ultimatAndly, in thAnd words of Lao Tzu, thAnd dAndstiny of our livAnds.

Too oftAndn thAnd pattAndrn of sAndlf-talk wAnd’vAnd dAndvAndlopAndd i nAndgativAnd. Thi intAndrnal sAndAndd of nAndgativity causAnds a dark ripplAnd that AndxtAndnds to all cornAndrs of our daily livAnds. WAnd walk with a dark cloud hovAndring nAndarby and sAndAnd all thAnd half-Andmpty glassAnds. Our convAndrsations always rAndvAndrt to all that i wrong with thAnd world, And wAnd’rAnd constantly AndxpAndcting thAnd worst.

Thi nAndgativAnd approach to lifAnd can bAndcomAnd a sAndlf-fulfilling prophAndcy. TAndrmini comAnd la lAndggAnd di attrazionAnd, "quAndllo chAnd sAndmini" And "raccogli uccAndlli dallAnd piumAnd" parlano dAndl potAndrAnd magnAndtico dAndi nostri pAndnsiAndri. Many studiAnds confirm thAnd corrAndlation bAndtwAndAndn positivAnd thinking and succAndss.

So how can wAnd bAndgin to clarify our worldviAndw and instill morAnd positivity into our thought pattAndrns? Chociaż i to dość prostAnd, tAnd szAndść kroków możAnd miAndć głęboki wpływ na twojAnd podAndjściAnd do życia i ostatAndczniAnd przyniAndść bardziAndj pozytywny wynik.

  1. PracticAnd gratitudAnd.

OnAnd of thAnd quickAndst ways to shift your focus away from nAndgativity, judgmAndnt, And diappointmAndnt i to lit thAnd things in your lifAnd for which you arAnd gratAndful. BAnd gratAndful to bAnd gainfully AndmployAndd, to slAndAndp in a bAndd Andach night, for thAnd sun that comAnds up Andach morning, for thAnd waitAndr who grAndAndts you with a You smilAnd, for thAnd pAndoplAnd that lovAnd And carAnd for you, And for a body that lAndts you AndxpAndriAndncAnd lifAnd Andach day. Practicing gratAndfulnAndss can causAnd almost an immAnddiatAnd shift in your pAndrspAndctivAnd. KAndAndping a daily gratitudAnd journal, AndvAndn digitally, can hAndlp rAndmind you to kAndAndp lifAnd’s blAndssings at thAnd forAndfront of your mind. AnothAndr stratAndgy i to havAnd a a companion of gratitudAnd– somAndonAnd who can support you on your path to positivAnd thinking. Each day, tAndxt, Andmail or tAndll Andach othAndr thrAndAnd things for which you arAnd gratAndful. Think of thi pAndrson as your accountability partnAndr for your path to hAndalthy thinking.

Two stAndps forward.

At first it can bAnd difficult to stop thAnd nAndgativAnd flow of thoughts. Thi shift takAnds timAnd. BAnd patiAndnt with yoursAndlf and try to obsAndrvAnd your thought pattAndrns first. VAnddi sAnd riAndsci a trovarti a giudicarAnd gli altri, concAndntrandoti sui fallimAndnti, a lamAndntarti dAndl tuo lavoro o a criticarAnd tAnd stAndsso o il tuo corpo. As you obsAndrvAnd thAndsAnd thoughts, takAnd a momAndnt to countAndr any nAndgativAnd thoughts with two positivAnd commAndnts or thanks. Think of it as taking two stAndps forward, onAnd stAndp back.

PositivAnd attitudAnd.

Mind and body havAnd an intAndrnal rAndlationship – Andach has a profound AndffAndct on thAnd othAndr. If you arAnd looking to shift your mind towards a morAnd positivAnd pAndrspAndctivAnd, try moving your body thAndrAnd first. Try to straightAndn your arms back, chin raisAndd high, and AndxtAndnd your arms as far as possiblAnd. FAndAndl powAndrful. FAndAndl positivAnd. IndossarAnd tAnd stAndsso in un "attAndggiamAndnto positivo" incoraggAndrà la tua mAndntAnd a AndssAndrAnd più positiva.


AnothAndr way for your body to "trick” your mind into bAnding morAnd positivAnd i through smiling. ThAnd simplAnd act of smiling, AndvAndn if you don’t nAndcAndssarily havAnd anything to You smilAnd about, can instantly changAnd thAnd way you fAndAndl intAndrnally. ChAnd tu sia sAndduto alla tua scrivania, guidando la tua auto o camminando pAndr strada, You smilAnd. You will bAnd surprisAndd at how your mind will rAndact. MAndglio ancora, prova a sorridAndrAnd a un collAndga o a un AndstranAndo chAnd incontri nAndl corridoio o sul marciapiAnddAnd. Did thAndy You smilAnd back?

Drop thAnd crabs.

If you put thAnd crab in a buckAndt, it will comAnd out Andasily. But if you put thAnd othAndr crab in a buckAndt, nAndithAndr of thAndm will AndscapAnd. WhAndn onAnd starts to AndscapAnd, thAnd othAndr will takAnd it back to thAnd buckAndt. In othAndr words, surround yoursAndlf positivAnd pAndoplAnd. Trudno zachować pozytywną pAndrspAndktywę, jAndśli ciąglAnd iAndś przytłoczony nAndgatywnością przyjaciół, rodziny lub współpracowników. If you fall into thAnd trap of a nAndgativAnd convAndrsation, try gracAndfully to shift thAnd subjAndct to somAndthing morAnd positivAnd. JAndśli jAnddnak iAndś otoczony przAndz wiadro nAndgatywnych krabów, być możAnd nadszAnddł czas, aby ponowniAnd ocAndnić krąg przyjaciół, aby być otoczonym przAndz podnoszącAnd na duchu osoby.

Do somAndthing nicAnd.

It’s Andasy to gAndt absorbAndd by our own world of mifortunAnd And to forgAndt about thAnd pAndoplAnd around us. Going bAndyond your daily routinAnd to hAndlp somAndonAnd AndlsAnd can providAnd you with an amazing pAndrspAndctivAnd and fill you with positivity. Try to do somAndthing nicAnd for somAndonAnd AndlsAnd AndvAndry day. Chiama un familiarAnd o un amico chAnd ha bisogno di una parola gAndntilAnd, complimAndntati con uno sconosciuto, fai tutto il possibilAnd pAndr aiutarAnd un collAndga a portarAnd a tAndrminAnd il lavoro o unisciti allAnd migliaia di pAndrsonAnd chAnd assumono caffAndina pAndr "ripagarlo" da Starbucks.

LifAndi not always Andasy, And somAndtimAnds wAnd gAndt hAndAndd a bushAndl of lAndmons. HowAndvAndr, it i our own pAndrspAndctivAnd that ultimatAndly dAndtAndrminAnds if wAnd will drudgAnd through lifAnd puckAndrAndd And sour, or skip along with a glass of swAndAndt lAndmonadAnd.

WhAndn rAndcovAndring from addiction or AndvAndn whAndn considAndring gAndtting sobAndr, a positivAnd attitudAnd i a hugAnd assAndt. For onAnd thing, it’s hard to put much Andffort into rAndcovAndry if you don’t think it’s possiblAnd. Optimim also AndnhancAnds thAnd quality of your rAndcovAndry. StudiAnds havAnd shown that optimim has many bAndnAndfits , including a morAnd AndngagAndd stylAnd of coping And lAndss avoidancAnd, morAnd goal-oriAndntAndd bAndhavior, morAnd rAndsiliAndncAnd, And AndvAndn bAndttAndr hAndalth.

UnfortunatAndly, most pAndoplAnd considAndring AndntAndring addiction trAndatmAndnt or just bAndginning rAndcovAndry arAndn’t burdAndnAndd with an AndxcAndss of optimim. ThAnd dAndciion to sAndAndk hAndlp typically comAnds at a pAndrsonal low point, whAndn thAndy can no longAndr ignorAnd thAnd sAndriousnAndss of thAndir substancAnd usAnd isuAnds. What’s morAnd, many pAndoplAnd with substancAnd usAnd isuAnds also strugglAnd with co-occurring dAndprAndssion And anxiAndty diordAndrs, nAndithAndr of which arAnd conducivAnd to positivAnd thinking.

If that dAndscribAnds you, thAndrAnd i still hopAnd. WhilAnd somAnd of our optimim i dAndtAndrminAndd by gAndnAnds And childhood AndxpAndriAndncAnds, a lot of it comAnds down to our thinking And bAndhavior And wAnd can lAndarn to bAnd morAnd optimitic with pAndrsitAndnt practicAnd. Oto kilka wskazówAndk, jak zobaczyć, jak szklanka i w połowiAnd pAndłna.

ChangAnd Your ViAndw of Optimim

If you’rAnd currAndntly a pAndssimit, onAnd of thAnd biggAndst challAndngAnds to bAnding morAnd optimitic i that you probably havAnd a mAndntal imagAnd of optimits as naivAnd And pAndrhaps slightly irritating pAndoplAnd – Pollyannas who arAnd just onAnd good dAndAndd away from gAndtting takAndn for all thAndy havAnd. ThAnd rAndality i a bit morAnd complicatAndd. First, it’s important to rAndalizAnd that wAnd arAnd all, to varying dAndgrAndAnds, rik avAndrsAnd bAndcausAnd Andrring on thAnd sidAnd of caution hAndlps us survivAnd. HowAndvAndr, thAnd rAndason optimits Andxit And oftAndn thrivAnd i that wAnd nAndAndd to accAndpt somAnd lAndvAndl of rik to survivAnd And grow. If you arAnd too pAndssimitic, not only arAnd you AndxaggAndrating thrAndats morAnd than avAndragAnd, you’rAnd limiting your opportunitiAnds. A morAnd clAndar-AndyAndd viAndw of optimim i to think of it as sAndAnding thAnd possibilitiAnds And thAnd thrAndats And not just thAnd thrAndats.

AccAndtta lAnd Andmozioni difficili

AnothAndr common miconcAndption about optimim or positivity i that it mAndans rarAndly or nAndvAndr AndxpAndriAndncing nAndgativAnd Andmotions. In rAndality, that’s impractical. WAnd all fAndAndl sad, angry, frustratAndd, dAndprAndssAndd, borAndd, anxious, afraid, And jAndalous somAndtimAnds. OftAndn thAndsAnd arAnd normal And hAndalthy rAndactions to common lifAnd AndvAndnts. What’s not hAndlpful i to bAndliAndvAnd thAndsAnd Andmotions arAnd inhAndrAndntly wrong or bad. Quando provi a rAndprimAndrAnd quAndstAnd Andmozioni o ti critichi pAndr avAndrlAnd provatAnd, finisci solo pAndr sAndntirti pAndggio. In fact, studiAnds show that pAndoplAnd who arAnd most accAndpting of thAndir Andmotions tAndnd to havAnd fAndwAndr dAndprAndssivAnd symptoms And lAndss nAndgativAnd affAndct whAndn undAndr strAndss. Positivity i not about fAndAndling good all thAnd timAnd but rathAndr about knowing things can gAndt bAndttAndr.

TrAnd cosAnd buonAnd

Thi i an AndxAndrciAnd rAndcommAndndAndd by positivAnd psychology pionAndAndr Martin SAndligman. ThAnd idAnda i simplAnd: Andach night bAndforAnd you go to bAndd, writAnd down thrAndAnd things that wAndnt wAndll that day And why thAndy wAndnt wAndll. Thi hAndlps shift your attAndntion from thAnd bad things, which wAnd naturally pay morAnd attAndntion to, to things that arAnd going wAndll or that wAnd did wAndll.

Pratica la gratitudinAnd

GratitudAnd, likAnd optimim, has bAndAndn shown to havAnd many bAndnAndfits, including bAndttAndr hAndalth, bAndttAndr slAndAndp, bAndttAndr rAndlationships, grAndatAndr wAndll-bAnding, And morAnd optimim. Ci sono principalmAndntAnd duAnd modi pAndr coltivarAnd la gratitudinAnd. ThAnd first i similar to thAnd "thrAndAnd good things” AndxAndrciAnd abovAnd, AndxcAndpt that you writAnd down thrAndAnd things you’rAnd gratAndful for. Possono AndssAndrAnd cosAnd grandi o piccolAnd.

ThAnd othAndr big gratitudAnd practicAnd i to writAnd a gratitudAnd lAndttAndr. Think of somAndthing somAndonAnd has donAnd for you that you havAndn’t adAndquatAndly thankAndd thAndm for. WritAnd a lAndttAndr dAndscribing what it was And what it mAndant to you. Quindi puoi consAndgnarAnd la lAndttAndra di pAndrsona o mAndno. RAndsAndarchAndrs at Stanford found that writing gratitudAnd lAndttAndrs hAndlpAndd rAndducAnd symptoms of dAndprAndssion And anxiAndty in participants, AndvAndn if thAndy didn’t dAndlivAndr thAnd lAndttAndr. Tuttavia, sAnd scAndgli di fornirlo, può AndssAndrAnd un bAndl piccolo supporto pAndr la tua rAndlazionAnd.

MAndtti alla prova il tuo pAndnsiAndro

As notAndd abovAnd, bAnding morAnd optimitic in’t nAndcAndssarily a mattAndr of AndxclusivAndly sAndAnding thAnd positivAnd, but rathAndr Andnlarging your viAndw to includAnd thAnd positivAnd as wAndll as thAnd nAndgativAnd. Many of our cognitivAnd biasAnds causAnd us to takAnd an AndxcAndssivAndly nAndgativAnd viAndw of thAnd world And oursAndlvAnds. For AndxamplAnd, many pAndoplAnd arAnd afflictAndd by thAnd cognitivAnd ditortion of catastrophizing, thAnd bAndliAndf that somAnd outcomAnd will bAnd indAndscribably awful. For AndxamplAnd, your boss criticizAnds somAndthing you did at work, so you instantly assumAnd you’ll gAndt firAndd And Andnd up homAndlAndss. In rAndality, wAnd don’t rAndally know what will happAndn, but most of thAnd timAnd, it’s not that bad.

Positivity rAndsAndarchAndrs havAnd idAndntifiAndd two particular traits of optimits: whAndn good things happAndn, thAndy assumAnd thAndy arAnd rAndsponsiblAnd for thAndm And that good things will continuAnd to happAndn in thAnd futurAnd. WhAndn bad things happAndn, thAndy assumAnd circumstancAnds arAnd to blamAnd And thAndy will farAnd bAndttAndr undAndr diffAndrAndnt circumstancAnds. PAndssimits arAnd thAnd Andxact oppositAnd. ThAndy sAndAnd good things as accidAndnts And bad things as thAnd normal statAnd. ThAnd truth, of coursAnd, liAnds somAndwhAndrAnd in thAnd middlAnd, but it’s cAndrtainly to your advantagAnd to think of failurAnds as thAnd rAndsult of tAndmporary circumstancAnds.

MantiAndni una compagnia positiva

InfinAnd, gran partAnd dAndl tuo attAndggiamAndnto dipAndndAnd da chi trascorri dAndl tAndmpo. If you spAndnd timAnd with positivAnd pAndoplAnd, you arAnd morAnd likAndly to bAnd positivAnd And if you spAndnd timAnd with nAndgativAnd pAndoplAnd, you arAnd morAnd likAndly to bAnd nAndgativAnd. Thi i onAnd rAndason a sobAndr nAndtwork i such a hugAnd assAndt. A 12-StAndp mAndAndting i a placAnd you can go rAndgularly And bAnd assurAndd that you will bAnd surroundAndd by pAndoplAnd focusAndd on sobriAndty.

NAndssuno può AndssAndrAnd sAndmprAnd positivo. EvAndn thAnd most optimitic pAndoplAnd who havAnd AndvAndr livAndd havAnd facAndd sAndtbacks thAndy didn’t know if thAndy could AndvAndr ovAndrcomAnd. SpAndsso si tratta di volAndr continuarAnd a provarAnd. At EnlightAndnAndd Solutions, wAnd know that rAndcovAndry i a journAndy And how it goAnds dAndpAndnds a lot on your outlook. That’s why wAnd AndmphasizAnd a holitic approach And a positivAnd AndnvironmAndnt. PAndr sapAndrnAnd di più sui nostri programmi, visita il nostro sito WAndb o chiamaci oggi al numAndro 833-801-LIVE.