How to join a marching band

How to join a marching band

This is it. This is the NUMBER ONE absolute best marching band recruitment method.

I’ve tried them all in my 10 years as a band director. And here’s the method that works best.

If you’re in band, you already know: band is awesome. You also know that band is a whole lot more fun the more people that are involved.

But how do you convince new people to join band? It took me 10 years, but I found the BEST marching band recruitment tool.

In 10 years as a band director, I’ve tried just about everything under the sun to get people to join band.

  • Special concerts
  • Going to middle school rehearsals
  • Meeting with counselors and parents

Even hiring video producers to make drum corps-style hype videos.

Through all that, the #1 most successful recruitment method I’ve found is:

One kid saying, “hey you should join the band.”

  • Costs nothing
  • Takes almost no time at all
  • It’s so simple.

The members of the band are the NUMBER ONE recruitment tool.

So get to work.

How to join a marching bandIf you’re a drum major, or section leader… or if you’re the 7th-chair trombone player— You hold the power.

Get out there and bring more people into the community that you’re so proud of.

Here’s our challenge to you—

Get the band leadership team together, and start a letter-writing campaign—yes, letters. Handwritten ones.

Not a text. Not a snap. Not anything with emojis… a hand-written letter.

Everybody writes 3 or 4. Write to somebody that you think would be a great candidate for band.

Tell them what an awesome time you’re having. Tell them what they have to look forward to this year.

And tell them why you think they would be a great member of the band.

Go old school.

How to join a marching band

And THEN—get this… put a stamp on it.

Go old school. Put it in the mail. That’ll definitely get their attention.

Don’t have any stamps? Pick up the phone.

Remember telephones? Call somebody that you think would be a great member of the band.

If every section leader called two or three prospective members of the band, I guarantee that’s gonna make a huge difference in recruiting for your marching band.

You hold the power.

You know that band is a life-changing experience. So get your friends to be a part of the marching band community.

Get out there. Take action. And change somebody’s life, the same way that your life has been changed.

How to join a marching band

Joining Marching Band is easy! All you have to do is:

Email Dr. Boyd and let him know you want to join the band ([email protected])

Turn in the 4 required forms (given below)

Be at Band Camp

That’s it! Marching band is for everyone. We have a place for you!

We must have all of these forms completed before band camp.

You can also scan and email these forms to [email protected]

Summer Rehearsals: See band calendar

July 4 Parade in Newnan

July 3 (9am-11am) Parade practice at East Coweta High School

July 4 parade (3:30pm to 5:30pm) *actual parade starts at 4:00.


School Year Rehearsals and Performances. We following this basic rehearsal schedule. Please keep up with the band calendar which can be found on the band website.

Tuesday: 4:30 to 8pm

Thursday: 4:30 to 8pm

Performances: We will perform at all Friday night football games as well as some Saturday marching band competitions or rehearsals. Since all performances are required, it is suggested that you set aside weekends.

Fair Share Fees. We strive to have the lowest band fees. Here are the band fees for the 2021 school year along with due dates. PAY ONLINE HERE.

May 2021 (due before school is out to reserve your spot) – $75.00

This money is used to pay for music, drill, and costuming

2 June – $75.00 (due on 1st day of band camp)

This money is used to pay for band camp staff and supplies needed to operate camp.

3. July $75 (due on the first day of band camp)

This money will pay for drill, visual staff, sticks, flags

4. August $65 (due on first rehearsal in August)

This money is used for flags, percussion equipment, electronic needs, and items needed for the band to travel.

( Color Guard ONLY March – $75.00 for uniform deposit)

How to join a marching band

Marching bands have been a staple of high school and university life for generations. If you or your child have been considering joining one, there are plenty of reasons to do so – and here are just five of them.

  1. A Sense of Belonging

The complex tunes and formations marching bands pull off take a lot of time to perfect. Band members eat, practice, and travel together, creating a ready-made family you can join. If you’ve never felt quite at home elsewhere, a marching band can offer you a place to feel like you really belong.

  1. School Spirit

Maybe you love the USC marching band’s famous performances of the school fight song at football and basketball games. Maybe you hate them (especially if you’re from a rival school). But you can’t deny their performances are “school spirit” in action. Marching bands are an integral part of high school and collegiate athletics, so if you can’t or don’t want to join them on the field, why not do so in the band?

  1. Creativity and Structure

From the rum-tum-tum of drums to trumpet blasts and beyond, music is one of the most universal forms of creativity. Another impulse we all share is the urge to order our lives according to something. Creativity without structure is a mess, and structure without creativity is lifeless. Put them together, and you get the aesthetic frame filled by marching band formations and tunes the world over.

  1. A Chance to Travel

True, this incentive’s been made a bit more complicated by the COVID pandemic, but whenever that passes, it will surely resurge as one of the biggest impetuses for joining marching bands. As a teenager, travel can be difficult and costly. As a member of a marching band, however, you can travel across the country and embrace a sense of adventure, all while enjoying the ride with your bandmates and teachers.

  1. The Thrill of Competition

What do those marching bands that travel everywhere do? Compete, of course. Sometimes marching bands serve as inspiration for the athletes on the field, but other times they’re competitors themselves. These competitions take the idea of a “Battle of the Bands” to a whole new level.

So strike up the trumpets and go marching on toward a future in a marching band today!

The Ohio State University Marching Band earned its name as The Best Damn Band in the Land by developing many famous marching band innovations, including floating and animated formations, script writing, and the fast cadence with a high knee lift. The band’s Script Ohio is considered by many to be the most memorable tradition in college band history.

Carrying on the tradition of excellence that dates back to the late 1800s, the 228-piece “Pride of the Buckeyes” is one of the few college all-brass-and-percussion bands in the U.S. and is acknowledged as the largest of its type in the world. An ensemble that includes student members from all over the country, the OSUMB strives to continue a legacy of hard work, determination and Buckeye pride while performing at Ohio State football games and other events during the fall semester.

How to join a marching band

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I join the Marching Band?

The Ohio State University Marching Band is open to all students eligible to enroll at Ohio State or a membership institution of the Higher Education Council of Columbus (HECC). In order to join the Marching Band, you must go through the tryout process. Learn more about tryouts and the tryout process.

You will also need to register for the marching band course (Music 2205.01). Incoming freshmen who intend to try out for the band are advised to register for the class during their orientation and then drop the class if necessary.

What happens after I make the band?

The hard work doesn’t end after tryouts! Band members typically spend 10 hours a week at rehearsal, plus time outside of rehearsal to practice and memorize music. If performing at a football game, band members are expected to arrive six hours before kickoff.

Each week, alternates have the opportunity to challenge a regular member on the same insturment and part for a spot in the performing squad. Each member of the band can potentially be challenged by one of the two alternates of their same instrument and part. Challenges, which occur on a weekly basis, are a condensed version of tryouts. The successful student will march in the upcoming performance.

How can I stay involved with Ohio State bands if I don’t make the OSUMB?

The School of Music, of which the Marching and Athletic Bands program is a part, has a variety of bands open to students of all skill levels.

Our Athletic Band is open to woodwind, brass and percussion players and offers students the opportunity to play at a variety of athletics events, including men’s and women’s basketball, men’s ice hockey, men’s volleyball and football’s annual Spring Game. The Athletic Band also travels around the country for postseason tournaments. No audition is required.

What is the cost to be in the band?

Band members are responsible only for the purchase of a white dress shirt, black shoes, blazer and black dress pants. Thanks to the support of both the university and our generous supporters, all other costs are covered. For more information, please contact the band office at 614-292-2598 or [email protected]

Do I need to use my own instrument for marching band?

Band members are supplied with both a practice and a game instrument for use during the marching season.

How to join a marching band

The Michigan Marching Band is open to all UM students including Dearborn and Flint. If you are a transfer student, current UM student, or incoming freshman you are welcome to audition for the Band.

For over 100 years, the Michigan Marching Band has thrilled thousands of fans with exciting performances that have made this one of the greatest college bands in the country. That tradition of excellence thrives today as the MMB continues its pursuit of the highest levels of visual and musical performance as it “takes the field” at the Big House in Ann Arbor.

At a school the size of the University of Michigan, it is important for new students to find their place within the college community. As a member of the Michigan Marching Band, you will be surrounded by friends before classes even begin. This “family” will provide a valuable support system throughout your college career, helping you adjust to college life and create life-long friendships. You will have instant study partners, as members of the Michigan Marching Band represent almost every academic unit at the University.

The Elbel Club is dedicated to the ongoing improvement and strengthening of the Michigan Marching & Athletic Bands. Its members are friends, alumni and advocates of the University who recognize the value of the Marching Band experience and are essential to the program’s success.

The impact of Marching Band by Jessica – December 2013 Scholarship Essay

I participated in marching band for all four years of high school. For those who do not fully understand what marching band is, it is a time intensive sport. Yes, a sport; try jazz running with a Tuba. Luckily I only played Trumpet, but still my arms would ache after holding it up, my lips would feel dead, just useless flaps of skin, and I would just feel drained all over after drilling basics and roll-stepping for hours on end. Playing an instrument, roll stepping to keep tone, hitting your dot, and keeping the formation at the same time, is a lot of hard work. Marching band has impacted my life in so many ways.

Marching band really becomes your life. You get up at five in the morning so you can be ready and on the field at six o’clock ready to practice. Whether it rained, snowed, or was blazing hot; we marched until school started, but we had band for first period anyways so we stayed out on the field. I remember wearing ski bibs, boots, a thick coat, and gloves, marching in the early morning with six inches of snow and more coming. We would keep our mouthpieces warm inside our pockets and occasionally warm our hands on the warm skin inside our coats, so our fingers would still function enough to press the keys on our instruments. Marching band was hard, and if all it included was just marching, no one would ever join, we stayed for the people and the good times.

Special bonds are formed under the wan moonlight at six in the morning, empathizing with each other’s complaints and glaring covertly at the band director for telling the famous lie “One more time.” We even had “penguin huddles” where we would all huddle together when it was freezing outside and take turns being in the middle. To tell the truth most mornings were miserable but band trips were always a blast.

Band competitions where the best, the first month after school started, there seemed to be one every week. Sometimes the competitions were during school, which made for a fun day away from classes where we would spend time crammed onto a bus playing games and eating food. The actual competition was always nerve-wracking, but as soon as it was over we all breathed a sigh of relief, unless you REALLY messed up. Band trips were always the greatest, where the funniest things happened, and you got to spend at least five hours hanging out with friends.

All my friends were pretty much in band. If I had stopped taking band, I do not know where I would have hung out before school, or after school, or when I would even see my friends. My section also became my pals. I loved my underclassmen as they were so fun, and I must say we were an awesome trumpet section. I have learned so much from being around band people/ my band family. After spending hours on end with the same people, the band becomes your family, quite literally some times because you may see the people in band more than your real family.

As you can see, band was important to me. Band was full of friends, and fun people. I loved playing my trumpet with everyone else and getting the chills when the music meshed together to create something marvelous. Because of the people I met, the experiences I had, the confidence I gained, and the laughs I had, I am the person I am today. I still have a great love for music and keep those great friends and I have learned much about music and the terminologies used by band geeks. I learned some stuff maybe I would have been better without; but for the most part band was very rewarding although being quite a challenge at times, and I am so glad I stuck through with it to the very end. Band has impacted my life as much as a meteor would to Earth; it becomes a big part of your life, in fact it becomes your life.

The Marching Captains are a high-energy, corps-style marching band that perform at all Christopher Newport home football games, events throughout Hampton Roads, Virginia and around the world. Notable performances include the Philadelphia Thanksgiving Day Parade, the New Years Day Parade in London, a performance of the national anthem at a Washington Nationals baseball game and the St. Patrick’s Day Parade in Dublin, Ireland.

At over 200 members, the Marching Captains are one of the largest NCAA Division III marching bands in the country. The band is composed of students from all disciplines around campus, and all CNU students are welcome to join. Auditions for the Marching Captains occur on the first day of band camp, which is held one week before classes begin in the fall semester. Information regarding band camp is distributed during the Setting Sail freshman orientation sessions held in the summer.

As a Marching Captain, you will earn college credit for each semester that you participate by registering for MUSC 112 Marching Band. Successful completion of three semesters as a Marching Captain meets the creative expressions liberal learning requirement for graduation.

History chevron down

Date Event
November 2019 Chicago Thanksgiving Day Parade, Chicago, IL
March 2016 St. Patrick’s Day Parade, Dublin, Ireland
August 2015 Marching Captains surpass the 200 member mark
August 2013 Performed the National Anthem for a Washington Nationals baseball game
January 2012 London New Year’s Day Parade, London, England
December 2010 Virginia Beach Christmas Parade, Virginia Beach, VA
September 2010 Denbigh Day Parade (Denbigh is a community within Newport News)
November 2008 ABC/IKEA Philadelphia Thanksgiving Day Parade, Philadelphia, PA
December 2007 Richmond Christmas Parade
September 2007 Denbigh Day Parade
April 2007 Atlantic Indoor Association Championships 1st Place/Gold Medal Drumline and Atlantic Indoor Association Championships 3rd Place/Bronze Medal Winter Guard – Collegiate Champions
December 2006 First parade performance at the Richmond Christmas Parade, Richmond, VA
October 2006 Marching Captains perform at their first away game at Shenandoah University, Winchester, VA
October 2006 Marching Captains’ first exhibition outside Hampton Roads in Stafford, VA
April 2006 Atlantic Indoor Association Championships 3rd Place / Bronze Medal Discovery Winter Guard – Collegiate Champions
January 2006 CNU Winter Drumline is organized and competes in the Atlantic Indoor Association
October 2005 Marching Captains perform in exhibition at their first high school marching band contest at Todd Stadium in Newport News, VA
August 2005 Marching Captains enrollment goes over the 100-member mark
January 2005 Discover Winter Guard is organized and competes in the Atlantic Indoor Association
October 2004 The Marching Captains give their first performance off campus at the Oyster Bowl in Hampton, VA
September 2004 The Marching Captains debut at the CNU football season opener with 71 members
August 2004 The first Marching Captains Band Camp

Fight Song and Alma Mater chevron down

Fight for CNU our Captains,
Fight for the University!
Our pride and loyalty are with you,
Lead us onto victory!

With passion for our Alma Mater,
We fight for the silver and the blue.
So lead us onto greater glories,
Fight, fight, fight for CNU!

Knowledge, truth, eternal wisdom,
Alma Mater we adore.
Your sons and daughters walk the pathway
Trod by those who came before.

With passion, loyalty, and courage,
We wave the silver and the blue.
Our Alma Mater shining brightly,
Hail, all hail, to CNU.

Marching Knights is a performing ensemble (class) in the School of Performing Arts open to students enrolled at UCF and cooperating community/state colleges (Valencia College, Seminole State College). Students will sign up for the two-credit course MUN 3113 (Marching Band) when registering for classes for Fall 2021. Specific requirements apply to certain groups within the Marching Knights:

Woodwinds & Brass

No entrance audition is required. An informal placement audition will take place after arriving at band camp.

Color Guard & Majorettes

Auditions are held in Spring/Summer for the Fall season. An Intent to March must be submitted before your audition.

Auditions for the color guard and majorettes have completed for the 2021 season. We hope you will join us in 2022.


Auditions are held in Spring/Summer for the Fall season. An Intent to March must be submitted before your audition.

Auditions: Drumline auditions for the 2021 season are completed. We hope you will join us in 2022.

Summer Clinics: There are no clinics scheduled for Summer 2021.