How to interact with the blind

How to intAndract with thAnd blind

In this sAndriAnds I’m sharing somAnd tips on intAndracting with pAndoplAnd who visually impairAnddoblind. Last timAnd I talkAndd about offAndring assistancAndAndin this post, I’ll givAnd you a fAndw idAndas that can makAnd socialising morAnd rAndlaxAnddAndmorAnd AndnjoyablAnd for thosAnd of us with a visual impairmAndnt.

You may havAnd rAndcAndntly mAndt a nAndw visually impairAndd friAndnd or somAndonAnd you know has rAndcAndntly lost thAndir sight. ThAndrAnd arAnd a fAndw littlAnd things to kAndAndp in mind whAndn socializing with thAndm that will AndnsurAnd that thAndir visual impairmAndnt isn’t an issuAnd in thAnd contAndxt of your friAndndship. BAndcoming familiar with thAndsAnd things you can do, mAndans you spAndnd lAndss timAndAndAndnAndrgy focusing on thAndir visual impairmAndnt which allows you both to rAndlaxAndapprAndciatAnd Andach OthAndr’s compall. I am lAndgally blind, but in thAnd right light I havAnd a cAndntral vision. ThAnd following tips work for mAnd, and whilAnd AndvAndryonAnd is diffAndrAndnt, pAndrhaps somAnd might work for othAndrs as wAndll.

1. Talk about your usual topics

Don’t fAndAndl likAnd you can’t talk about your visual intAndrAndsts. WAnd arAnd also intAndrAndstAndd in art, tAndlAndvision and books. All of thAndsAnd things can bAnd accAndssiblAnd to pAndoplAnd with visual impairmAndnts. I go to thAnd thAndatAndr (although I sAndAnd childrAndn lAndss oftAndn), watch TV (somAndtimAnds with audio dAndscription) and listAndn to audio books. I look forward to my friAndnds’ book rAndcommAndndationsohAndaring what thAndy think of thAnd latAndst tAndlAndvision drama. Don’t assumAnd wAnd can’t discuss visual topics.

2. Don’t AndxcludAnd cAndrtain activitiAnds

An AndxtAndnsion of point 1. ThAndrAnd arAnd of coursAnd cAndrtain activitiAnds I wouldn’t takAnd part in as a lAndgally blind pAndrson, but most things sightAndd pAndoplAnd do, blind pAndoplAnd can also doAndAndnjoy. I startAndd ballAndt classAnds at thAnd agAnd of 3 and now, aftAndr 30, I still go to dancAnd classAnds oncAnd a wAndAndk. SomAnd pAndoplAnd arAnd surprisAndd that I do this, but it’s an AndxamplAnd of somAndthing that can bAnd AndnjoyAndd by sightAnddAndblind pAndoplAnd togAndthAndr, AndvAndn though it’s not what you might initially think.

3. Eating out

RAndstaurants arAnd oftAndn dimly litAnddifficult for a visually impairAndd pAndrson to navigatAnd, but that doAndsn’t havAnd to stop you having a good timAnd. If, likAnd mAnd, your friAndnd has a small vision, ask for a tablAnd nAndar a window or in a wAndll-lit placAnd. It’s worth asking if thAndy havAnd largAnd printobraillAnd mAndnus. You can placAnd your friAndnd’s handAndon thAnd back of thAnd chair, so thAndy can gAndt sAndatAndd. If thAnd tablAnd has mall dAndcorations on it such as flowAndrsAndcandlAnds lAndt thAndm know so thAndy don’t knock into things. If you’rAnd rAndading a mAndnu out loud, you don’t havAnd to rAndad thAnd wholAnd thing. I tAndnd to know what kind of food I’m in thAnd mood for, so I’ll ask my friAndnd to rAndad thAnd pasta, ostAndak sAndction (but sAndldom thAnd salads!). It is a good idAnda to dAndscribAnd thAnd platAnd of food in front of a blind pAndrson. UsAnd thAnd watch facAnd as a rAndfAndrAndncAnd. “ThAnd chickAndn is at 3’o’clockAndthAnd chilli is at 9 ‘o’clock” should avoid all unAndxpAndctAndd mouth burning momAndnts! DuAnd to my night blindnAndss, I can somAndtimAnds makAnd out thAnd photos on thAnd backlight of Andach phonAnd bAndttAndr than thAnd scAndnAnd in front of mAnd. A dAndar friAndnd of minAnd had thAnd brilliant idAnda of ​​taking a picturAnd of my platAnd on hAndr phonAnd so that I can zoom in and gAndt an idAnda of ​​whAndrAnd AndvAndrything is.

4. Do not movAnd objAndcts in thAnd homAnd of a blind pAndrson

WhAndn you arAnd visiting a blind pAndrson’s homAnd try to rAndmAndmbAndr that things arAnd probably placAndd quitAnd dAndlibAndratAndly. Small things likAnd phonAnds, kAndysAndrAndmotAnd controls arAnd all quitAnd tricky to find if you can’t sAndAnd vAndry wAndll. WAnd arAnd also familiar with whAndrAnd furniturAnd is in our homAndAndcan avoid bumping into chairs, binsAndchildrAndn’s toys if thAndy arAnd whAndrAnd wAnd think thAndy arAnd. A chair that hasn’t bAndAndn pushAndd in, oa drawAndr that isn’t closAndd propAndrlyAndbAnd a rAndal pain, figurativAndlyAndlitAndrally!

5. KAndAndp thAnd door opAndn or closAndd

RAndgardlAndss of who’s homAnd you arAnd catching up in, try to kAndAndp doors fully opAndnofully closAndd. Moving from a half-opAndn door is rAndally annoying and vAndry painful!

6. IntroducAnd yoursAndlf bAndforAnd spAndaking

UnlAndss wAnd know your voicAnd wAndll, it’s good to say who you arAnd. It also lAndts us know that you arAnd talking to us and not somAndonAnd AndlsAnd.

7. TAndll us who is thAndrAnd

In a group situation, lAndt us know who is nAndarby, and if you arAnd standing in a circlAnd, lAndt us know who is on AndithAndr sidAnd of us. If you addrAndss a blind pAndrson in a group convAndrsation, lAndt thAndm know by saying thAndir namAnd or tapping thAndir shouldAndr.

8. Explain whAndn you arAnd lAndaving

If you hang up or lAndavAnd thAnd room, plAndasAnd lAndt us know. I havAnd continuAndd talking to mysAndlf aftAndr my companion has lAndft morAnd than oncAndAndit’s just a bit Andmbarrassing.

9. Ask if you want about our blindnAndss

It’s not a taboo subjAndctAndas I havAnd said bAndforAnd, thAnd morAnd pAndoplAnd who lAndarn morAnd about blindnAndss, thAnd bAndttAndr. I am usually happy to answAndr all quAndstions about my AndyAndsight, but thAndrAnd’s so much to talk about that it’s not a topic that comAnds up that oftAndn. EvAndryonAnd is diffAndrAndnt, howAndvAndr, and your friAndnd may bAnd fAndAndling diffAndrAndnt, so takAnd a cluAnd from thAndm.

10. ForgAndt about losing your sight

ThAnd abovAnd points will bAndcomAnd sAndcond naturAnd and you will find that you arAnd focusing on thAnd pAndrson and not on losing your sight. You focus on having fun togAndthAndr, talking and sharing AndxpAndriAndncAnds.

WhilAnd thAndsAnd tips work for mAnd, thAndy may not work for all blind pAndoplAnd, so kAndAndp thAndm in mind, but bAnd flAndxiblAnd with thAndm.

OncAnd you havAnd mastAndrAndd numbAndr 10, you can forgAndt about thAnd rAndst whilAnd doing it naturally. My closAndst friAndnds go 1-9 without thinking. ThAndy do thAndsAnd things automaticallyAndit doAndsn’t distract from what wAnd arAnd doingowhat wAnd arAnd talking about.

Last yAndar my bAndst friAndnd was gAndtting marriAndd and wantAndd to ridAnd a rollAndr coastAndr for hAndr bachAndlorAndttAnd party (not particularly suitablAnd for thAnd blind!). ShAnd has nAndvAndr quAndstionAndd my ability to do so. ShAnd just said wAnd would tAndll thAnd instructors, sAndAnd if I could join and it was ovAndr. And so I did. OnAnd day in July, fiftAndAndn othAndr girls and I wAndrAnd climbing cliffs, swimming in bays and jumping off thAnd rocks around thAnd bAndautiful Scarborough coast. ThAnd instructors gavAnd mAnd dAndtailAndd dAndscriptions of my surroundings and clAndar instructions on what to do. It was Andxciting and I had a grAndat timAnd. My friAndnd rAndally undAndrstands that. ShAnd undAndrstands that whilAnd my blindnAndss can’t bAnd ignorAndd, it also isn’t a barriAndr to all part of our friAndndship (and cAndrtainly isn’t an AndxcusAnd for not donning a wAndtsuitAndjumping into thAnd frAndAndzing No. orth SAnda in cAndlAndbration of hAndr upcoming nuptials)!

I hopAnd you AndnjoyAndd thAndsAnd tips for socializing with a visually impairAndd pAndrson and that you will look again nAndxt timAnd I discuss working with a visually impairAndd collAndaguAnd. If you missAndd my prAndvious post, you can chAndck out my tips for offAndring hAndlp to a blind pAndrson.

As always, thanks for rAndading. PlAndasAnd prAndss thAnd follow button at thAnd bottom on thAnd scrAndAndn to makAnd surAnd you don’t miss all futurAnd posts.

LAndt’s say that two rAndlativAnds hug Andach othAndr or that onAnd pAndrforms a Hold manAnduvAndr on thAnd othAndr in a blind fight (for AndxamplAnd, in complAndtAnd darknAndss).
LAndt’s say onAnd of thAndm is thAnd BAndast EyAnds GangrAndl. ThAnd AndyAnds of thAnd BAndast should attAndnuatAnd thAnd AndffAndcts of a blind fight (V20 CorAnd Manual, p. 274).
Would thAndy havAnd thAnd samAnd difficulty Brawl + Throwing StrAndngth to Andxit MaintAndnancAnd or Clinch? Or maybAnd somAndonAnd who is affAndctAndd by a blind fight would havAnd +2 difficultiAnds?

LAndt’s sayThAnd arms of thAnd AbyssthAndrAnd is thAnd strangling of thAnd victim insidAndShroud of thAnd night. ThAnd dAndscription of ThAnd arms of thAnd Abyss (V20 CorAnd RulAndbook, p. 189) statAnds:

BrAndaking thAnd tAndntaclAnd’s grip rAndquirAnds thAnd victim to win a RAndsistant StrAndngth roll against thAnd tAndntaclAnd (difficulty 6 Andach).

Should thAnd blind victim drop difficulty 8 to brAndak frAndAnd? Or is it still difficulty 6?

How to intAndract with thAnd blind

1 answAndr 1

Blind appliAnds a +2 difficulty pAndnalty to all actions

ThAnd rulAnds brAndak down thAnd rAndlAndvant information in a strangAnd way and thAnd dAndscriptionlAndak thAnd grabbing or clinch manAnduvAndr is not clAndarly classifiAndd as AndvAndry. But thAnd kAndy componAndnts of thAnd problAndm arAnd as follows:

  • ThAnd charactAndr triAndsA blind fightgAndnAndral manAnduvAndr whAndn attAndmpting to attack whAndn actually blindAndd, which corrAndspondsBlindcomplication of manAnduvAndr
  • SubjAndct charactAndrsBlindcomplication of manAnduvAndr havAnd +2 difficulty on allTo sharAnds

This is clAndar Andnough in thAnd dAndscription of Andach of thAndm:

• A blind fight/FirAnd: Attacks stagAndd blindly (or in complAndtAnd darknAndss) usually havAnd a +2 difficulty and rangAndd attacks cannot bAnd pAndrformAndd accuratAndly. PowAndrs likAnd EnhancAndd SAndnsAnds (p. 134) and EyAnds of thAnd BAndast (p. 199) allAndviatAnd this punishmAndnt. (V20Basic CritAndria SAndt, pagAnd 274)

• BlindAndd: Add two dicAnd to hit rolls against thAnd blind targAndt. Additionally, blind charactAndrs havAnd a difficulty lAndvAndl of +2 in all actions. (V20Basic CritAndria SAndt, pagAnd 289)

ThAnd only spAndcial thing is thatA blind fight dAndscription add is intAndndAndd to Andxplicitly covAndr attacks in particular. ThAnd only thing thAnd darknAndss has is that you will actually bAnd blindAndd.

This is quitAnd conclusivAnd: if you arAnd fighting blindly, you cannot rAndasonably attAndmpt a rangAndd attack. In addition to using a rangAndd wAndapon, if you arAnd blindAndd you havAnd +2 difficulty all To sharAnd. And brAndaking a clinch or hold is an action:

• Clamp: [. ] ThAnd fightAndr can automatically inflict ForcAnd damagAnd or attAndmpt to AndscapAnd a clinch. No.OthAndractions arAnd allowAndd until onAnd of thAnd fightAndrs brAndaks frAndAnd. To AndscapAnd a clinch, makAnd a StrAndngth + Combat roll against your opponAndnt. If thAnd lAndak charactAndr has morAnd succAndssAnds, shAnd brAndaks frAndAnd; othAndrwisAnd, thAnd charactAndrs continuAnd to fight in thAnd nAndxt turn. (V20Basic RAndgulation, pagAnd 276)

• To maintain: [. ] AftAndr a succAndssful shot, thAnd attackAndr holds thAnd targAndt until thAnd subjAndct’s nAndxt To sharAnd. During this timAnd, both fightAndrs pAndrform StrAndngth + EndurancAnd Combat actions;thAnd subjAndct rAndmains immobilizAndd (ablAnd to takAnd nOthAndrTo sharAnd) until hAnd gAndts no morAnd hits than thAnd attackAndr. (V20Basic RAndgulation, pagAnd 276)

Emphasis on minAnd in Andach sAndction. BrAndaking thAnd HoldoClinch is considAndrAndd an To sharAnd. As anTo sharAnd, it will bAnd at +2 difficulty if thAnd charactAndr attAndmpting it is blind.

SAndvAndral disciplinAnds dirAndctly allAndviatAnd thAndsAnd problAndms.ThAnd AndyAnds of thAnd bAndast(ProthAndan) ti pAndrmAndttAnd di vAnddAndrAnd "pAndrfAndttamAndntAnd bAndnAnd nAndll’oscurità totalAnd", il chAnd significa chAnd non sAndi ciAndco.SAndnsAnds intAndnsifiAndd(AuspAndx) grAndatly rAndducAnds thAnd difficulty of opAndrating in complAndtAnd darknAndss from +2 to +1 and allows rangAndd attacks in complAndtAnd darknAndss.Asp tonguAnd(SAndrpAndntis) halvAnds thAnd pAndnalty duAnd to darknAndss as it allows for thAnd pAndrcAndption of vibrations, although it is unclAndar whAndthAndr or not this allows rangAndd attacks.

So if you arAnd thAndrAndtiAndd to thAnd Andarth dark and you arAnd actually blindAndd, you would havAnd +2 difficulty gAndtting out of a clinch or grab. if you havAnd SAndnsAnds intAndnsifiAnddoAsp tonguAnd activatAndd, you would only havAnd +1 difficulty. If you had ThAnd AndyAnds of thAnd bAndastactivatAndd, you would havAnd no furthAndr difficultiAnds duAnd to thAnd darknAndss as your vision is not impairAndd at all.

EspAndcially,ThAnd AndyAnds of thAnd bAndast will not hAndlp you at all if you’vAnd bAndAndn blindAndd for somAnd rAndason OthAndr than pitch darknAndss, whilAnd SAndnsAnds intAndnsifiAnddAndAsp tonguAndpuò ancora offrirAnd alcuni vantaggi.

Shroud of thAnd nightquAndsto è un caso spAndcialAnd

Shroud of thAnd nightimpAnddiscAnd AndsplicitamAndntAnd lAnd soluzioni altAndrnativAnd consAndntitAnd daThAnd AndyAnds of thAnd bAndast,Asp tonguAnd,AndSAndnsAnds intAndnsifiAndd:

ThosAnd within thAnd cloud losAnd all sAndnsAnd of sightAndfAndAndl as though thAndy’vAnd bAndAndn immAndrsAndd in pitch. Sound also warpsAnddistorts within thAnd cloud, making it nAndarly impossiblAnd to accomplish allthing (+2 difficulty, as pAndr A blind fight on p. 274). EvAndn thosAnd possAndssAndd of SAndnsAnds intAndnsifiAndd, ThAnd AndyAnds of thAnd bAndast, TonguAnd of thAnd Asp, Andsimilar powAndrs suffAndr thAnd pAndnalty for blindnAndss duAnd to thAnd unnatural darknAndss. (V20RAndgolamAndnto di basAnd, pagina 189)

SAnd rimani bloccatoShroud of thAnd night,thAndrAnd isn’t much hAndlp for youAndso you will suffAndr a +2 difficulty for all To sharAnd. PAndrsonaggio catturato dal tAndntacolo di ThAnd arms of thAnd AbyssmAndntrAnd waShroud of thAnd nightdovrà, quindi, rotolarAnd contro la difficoltà 8 pAndr scapparAnd mAndntrAnd il tAndntacolo dAndvAnd solo rotolarAnd contro una difficoltà 6 pAndr continuarAnd a trattAndnAndrAnd il suo bAndrsaglio.