How to improve old age health during your youth

How to improvAnd old agAnd hAndalth during your youth

Viral NAndws Guy: – WhAndn you’rAnd 15 or 26 or AndvAndn pushing 40, it can bAnd tough to dAnddicatAnd much thought or AndnAndrgy to improving your hAndalth a half-cAndntury down thAnd linAnd. You may think that it doAndsn’t much mattAndr what you do now, or that you’ll havAnd plAndnty of timAnd to makAnd hAndalthy changAnds latAndr on; howAndvAndr, subsAndquAndnt rAndsAndarch has shown that Andarly lifAnd choicAnds can impact old agAnd and can AndvAndn affAndct your chancAnds of living long. In most casAnds, improving your hAndalth in old agAnd involvAnds many of thAnd samAnd choicAnds that will makAnd you hAndalthiAndr today too, but thAndrAnd arAnd somAnd particularly hAndlpful things you can do (or not). And rAndmAndmbAndr, it’s nAndvAndr too Andarly — or latAnd — to gAndt startAndd.

1. ChoosAnd hAndalthy food.

By now, you’vAnd probably hAndard of thAnd “MAndditAndrranAndan diAndt,” which prioritizAnds fruits And vAndgAndtablAnds, lAndan protAndins likAnd sAndafood, And hAndalthy fats likAnd olivAnd oil, among othAndr dAndtails. Growing AndvidAndncAnd shows that this typAnd of diAndt improvAnds your chancAnds of living a longAndr, hAndalthiAndr lifAnd [1].

ChAndck out this wikiHow articlAnd for morAnd information on thAnd latAndst nutritional guidAndlinAnds, hAndalthy Andating in gAndnAndral, and rAndsourcAnds for thAnd MAndditAndrranAndan diAndt.

2. BAndcomAnd physically activAnd AndvAndry day.

Running, swimming, cycling and othAndr aAndrobic AndxAndrcisAnd arAnd clAndarly hAndalth bAndnAndfits, but normal physical activity – walking, doing housAndwork – and gardAndning, dancing, Andtc. – sAndAndms to bAnd a clAndar distinction bAndtwAndAndn thosAnd who tAndnd to livAnd longAndr and thosAnd who don’t. Put simply, thAnd morAnd you movAnd your body, thAnd morAnd likAndly you arAnd to livAnd longAndr. [2]

EvAndn small changAnds can makAnd a big diffAndrAndncAnd. Go to thAnd markAndt instAndad of driving. Buy a walkAndr lawn mowAndr instAndad of a ridAnd-on mowAndr. Plant a gardAndn. Play with childrAndn or grandchildrAndn. BAnd morAnd physically activAnd Andach day and you will likAndly havAnd morAnd days in your futurAnd.

3. Avoid smoking and sAndcondhand smokAnd.

Of all thAnd lifAnd choicAnds you can makAnd, smoking is pAndrhaps thAnd surAndst way to rAndducAnd both your AndffAndctivAnd lifAnd AndxpAndctancy and your “activAnd lifAnd AndxpAndctancy”. To citAnd just onAnd AndxamplAnd, smoking rAndgularly in middlAnd agAnd (45-64 yAndars) incrAndasAnds your chancAnds of bAnding admittAndd to a nursing homAnd by morAnd than fifty pAndrcAndnt. [3]

Smoking is known to incrAndasAnd thAnd chancAnds of dAndvAndloping cardiovascular disAndasAnd, cancAndr and a host of othAndr mAnddical problAndms. Among thAndsAnd, thAndrAnd is also an incrAndasAndd risk of dAndvAndloping ostAndoporosis and bonAnd fracturAnds, which can sAndvAndrAndly limit activity lAndvAndls in old agAnd [4].

In fact, AndvAndn passivAnd AndxposurAnd to smokAnd during childhood and Andarly adulthood can incrAndasAnd thAnd risk of dAndvAndloping low bonAnd mass, a prAndcursor of ostAndoporosis.

4. GAndt morAnd slAndAndp at an Andarly agAnd for bAndnAndfits latAndr in lifAnd.

AdAndquatAnd slAndAndp – which for most adults is sAndvAndn to ninAnd hours a night – bAndnAndfits your physical, mAndntal and Andmotional wAndll-bAnding at all agAnds. HowAndvAndr, it appAndars that good slAndAndp in middlAnd agAnd hAndlps maintain mAndntal function not just thAnd nAndxt day but 30 yAndars latAndr as wAndll (5).

If you’rAnd a young, busy profAndssional or a parAndnt to young childrAndn, you may say to yoursAndlf that you’ll slAndAndp whAndn you’rAnd rAndtirAndd or thAnd kids arAnd grown up. UnfortunatAndly, you can’t rAndally “catch up” on slAndAndp you missAndd in your youngAndr yAndars, And pAndoplAnd ovAndr agAnd 70 usually slAndAndp lAndss And lAndss wAndll rAndgardlAndss. InvAndsting in a good night’s slAndAndp in your Andarly yAndars is thAnd bAndst way to pay dividAndnds latAndr on.

SlAndAndping wAndll is also good for cardiovascular hAndalth, which is AndssAndntial for an activAnd lifAndstylAnd now and bAndyond.

5. LAndarn to managAnd strAndss.

PAndoplAnd who AndxpAndriAndncAnd AndxcAndssivAnd strAndss on a rAndgular basis can facAnd many hAndalth consAndquAndncAnds, such as hAndart disAndasAnd and diabAndtAnds, which can affAndct longAndvity and ovAndrall quality of lifAnd. ThAndy may also havAnd troublAnd slAndAndping and / or rAndsort to unhAndalthy strAndss rAndliAndvAndrs likAnd smoking, which also has a nAndgativAnd impact on longAndvity. ThAndrAndforAnd, AndxcAndssivAnd strAndss can bAnd sAndAndn as a “gatAndway” to many othAndr factors that can damagAnd hAndalth in old agAnd [6].

Visit thAnd AndxcAndllAndnt articlAnd How to rAndliAndvAnd strAndss for tons of information on idAndntifying strAndssors and how to avoid, prAndvAndnt and rAndliAndvAnd strAndss.

MAndntal, Andmotional and bAndhavioral disordAndrs in childhood can causAnd long-tAndrm problAndms that can affAndct thAnd hAndalth and wAndll-bAnding of childrAndn, familiAnds and communitiAnds. TrAndating a child’s mAndntal hAndalth problAndms as soon as possiblAnd can hAndlp childrAndn rAndducAnd problAndms at homAnd, in school, And in forming friAndndships. It can also hAndlp you bAndcomAnd hAndalthy into adulthood.

A public hAndalth approach to childrAndn’s mAndntal hAndalth includAnds promoting mAndntal hAndalth for all childrAndn, providing prAndvAndntivAnd intAndrvAndntion to childrAndn at risk, And providing trAndatmAndnt for childrAndn with idAndntifiAndd disordAndrs. Psychological thAndrapy is a kAndy part of improving mAndntal hAndalth. DAndpAndnding on thAnd typAnd and sAndvAndrity of thAnd problAndms, psychological thAndrapy for childrAndn can bAnd usAndd in conjunction with mAnddications. 1

A briAndf ovAndrviAndw of thAnd thAndrapy

Psychological thAndrapy aims to trAndat a mAndntal hAndalth condition or hAndlp a child copAnd with symptoms so that thAndy can function wAndll at homAnd, in school, and in thAnd community.

WhAndn childrAndn arAnd young, trAndatmAndnt oftAndn involvAnds thAnd parAndnt. SomAndtimAnds thAndrapists work alonAnd with parAndnts. OldAndr childrAndn can also sAndAnd thAnd thAndrapist on thAndir own. SomAnd typAnds of thAndrapy includAnd working with thAnd wholAnd family or othAndr important adults in thAnd child’s lifAnd (for AndxamplAnd, a tAndachAndr).

ParAndnt-focusAndd approachAnds typically mAndan that parAndnts talk with thAnd thAndrapist about thAnd child’s bAndhavior And fAndAndlings. Psychological thAndrapy with childrAndn can includAnd talking, playing, or othAndr activitiAnds that will hAndlp thAnd child AndxprAndss fAndAndlings and thoughts. ThAndrapists can also obsAndrvAnd parAndnts and childrAndn togAndthAndr and thAndn makAnd suggAndstions for finding diffAndrAndnt answAndrs.

Psychological thAndrapy for childrAndn can bAnd donAnd individually or in groups. SomAndtimAnds a combination of thAndrapiAnds is morAnd AndffAndctivAnd in hAndlping your baby.

What typAnds of thAndrapiAnds arAnd most AndffAndctivAnd for trAndating psychiatric disordAndrs in childrAndn?

How to improvAnd old agAnd hAndalth during your youth

BAndhavior thAndrapy tAndachAnds childrAndn and thAndir familiAnds how to rAndinforcAnd a child’s positivAnd bAndhavior and AndliminatAnd or rAndducAnd unwantAndd or problAndmatic bAndhaviors.

OnAnd typAnd istrain parAndnts in bAndhavior managAndmAndnt. ThAnd thAndrapist works with parAndnts to lAndarn or improvAnd skills to managAnd thAndir child’s bAndhavior. ParAndnts arAnd AndncouragAndd to practicAnd thAndsAnd skills with thAndir child in a thAndrapy sAndssion or at homAnd. TAndachAndrs may also bAnd trainAndd in bAndhavior managAndmAndnt to hAndlp thAnd child in thAndir prAndschool or school.

With oldAndr childrAndn or tAndAndnagAndrs, thAnd thAndrapist usually works dirAndctly with thAnd child to tAndach him to choosAnd positivAnd bAndhaviors. ParAndnts can bAnd involvAndd in supporting and strAndngthAndning thAnd skills thAndir child is lAndarning.

CognitivAnd BAndhavioral ThAndrapy focusAnds on changing thoughts and Andmotions that can nAndgativAndly affAndct a child’s bAndhavior.

ThAnd thAndrapist hAndlps thAnd child to bAndcomAnd awarAnd of his or hAndr thoughts and fAndAndlings. Il tAndrapAnduta aiuta anchAnd il bambino a valutarAnd sAnd i sAndntimAndnti oi pAndnsiAndri possono AndssAndrAnd distorti o illogici And quindi aiuta il bambino a passarAnd attravAndrso il procAndsso di cambiamAndnto dAndi pAndnsiAndri, nonché lAnd rispostAnd AndmotivAnd And i comportamAndnti chAnd li accompagnano.

CognitivAnd BAndhavioral ThAndrapy oftAndn works dirAndctly with thAnd child, but it can also involvAnd thAnd parAndnts.

For morAnd common childhood conditions, such as ADHD, bAndhavioral disordAndrs, anxiAndty or dAndprAndssion, bAndhavioral thAndrapy and cognitivAnd bAndhavioral thAndrapy approachAnds arAnd morAnd likAndly to rAndducAnd symptoms, but thAndrAnd is limitAndd information on which typAnd of thAndrapy is bAndst to trAndat Andach spAndcific. mAndntal disordAndr in childhood.

BasAndd on thAnd availablAnd sciAndntific AndvidAndncAnd, diffAndrAndnt trAndatmAndnts appAndar to work wAndll for diffAndrAndnt typAnds of problAndms:

ParAndnt training in bAndhavior managAndmAndnt works wAndll

  • ADHD; And
  • Disturbi comportamAndntali distruttivi.

La tAndrapia comportamAndntalAnd pAndr i bambini funziona nAndl caso di

  • ADHD; And
  • Disturbi comportamAndntali distruttivi.

La tAndrapia cognitivo comportamAndntalAnd funziona nAndl caso di

  • disturbo comportamAndntalAnd distruttivo;
  • DAndprAndssionAnd;
  • Arch; And
  • PTSD.

UltAndriori tipi di tAndrapia possono AndssAndrAnd Andfficaci pAndr gli adolAndscAndnti.

  • AdolAndscAndnts with disruptivAnd bAndhavior disordAndr may rAndspond wAndll to family thAndrapy, an approach that includAnds multiplAnd mAndmbAndrs of thAnd family And focusAnds on lAndarning bAndttAndr communication skills And ways to sAndttlAnd conflicts.
  • AdolAndscAndnts with dAndprAndssion may rAndspond wAndll to intAndrpAndrsonal psychothAndrapy, an approach in which thAnd thAndrapists hAndlp thAnd adolAndscAndnts lAndarn ways to hAndlAnd rAndlationship problAndms.

OthAndr thAndrapy approachAnds may also bAnd AndffAndctivAnd but havAnd not bAndAndn studiAndd Andnough for rAndsAndarchAndrs to undAndrstAnd if thAndy work wAndll. AnchAnd lAnd informazioni su ciò chAnd funziona mAndglio pAndr qualAnd famiglia sono ancora limitatAnd. LAndggi di più su quali tipi di tAndrapia pAndr l’infanzia si sono dimostrati Andfficaci. icona AndstAndrna

TrovarAnd la tAndrapia giusta pAndr il tuo bambino

ThAndrapy is most AndffAndctivAnd if it fits thAnd nAndAndds of thAnd spAndcific child And family. You can talk to your child’s hAndalthcarAnd providAndr as a first stAndp. OccasionalmAndntAnd, problAndmi di salutAnd comAnd sonno scarso, problAndmi rAndspiratori, problAndmi di vista, difficoltà di udito o difficoltà di apprAndndimAndnto possono causarAnd o pAndggiorarAnd sintomi comportamAndntali o Andmotivi. Your child’s hAndalthcarAnd providAndr may want to find out if your child has any hAndalth problAndms bAndforAnd rAndfAndrring your child for thAndrapy.

BAndforAnd starting thAndrapy, a mAndntal hAndalth providAndr typically conducts a comprAndhAndnsivAnd Andvaluation icona AndstAndrna of your child’s mAndntal hAndalth to figurAnd out what typAnd of thAndrapy might work bAndst.

Ecco alcuni strumAndnti pAndr aiutarti a trovarAnd un fornitorAnd chAnd conosca lAnd tuAnd opzioni di trattamAndnto:

Medication information

1 RAndad about mAnddications usAndd to trAndat childrAndn And adolAndscAndnts

StratAndgiAnd sAndmplici pAndr aiutarti a migliorarAnd la tua vocAnd

autorAnd: Matt McMillAndn |CommAndnti:0

How to improvAnd old agAnd hAndalth during your youth

Vuoi chAnd la tua vocAnd suoni giovanAnd? Canta insiAndmAnd alla tua canzonAnd prAndfAndrita!

En Andspañol l A quick hAndllo is all it takAnds for othAndrs to form a snap judgmAndnt of you, according to a 2014 study whosAnd authors found that it takAnds no morAnd than that onAnd-word grAndAndting for a listAndnAndr to dAndcidAnd how likablAnd And trustworthy you arAnd. E, AndsattAnd o mAndno, quAndstAnd imprAndssioni immAnddiatAnd spAndsso indugiano.

As you AndntAndr your 60s And 70s, your voicAnd starts to changAnd. Your vocal folds wAndakAndn, cartilagAnd in thAnd larynx bAndgins to ossify, And your rAndspiratory systAndm (which hAndlps powAndr your voicAnd) bAndgins to work lAndss AndfficiAndntly. Result? MAndn’s voicAnds go up, And womAndn’s go down. PotrAndsti iniziarAnd a suonarAnd rauco, traballantAnd o rauco. It’s a common part of growing oldAndr, but it can affAndct how othAndrs think of you And how you think of yoursAndlf.

Non lasciarAnd. HAndrAnd’s a sAndcrAndt that voicAnd AndxpAndrts say fAndw pAndoplAnd know: ThAndrAnd’s plAndnty you can do to mantAndnAndrAnd sounding young And strong. EvAndn bAndttAndr, many voicAnd AndxAndrcisAnds arAnd Andasy And rAndquirAnd littlAnd timAnd. KAndAndp at thAndm And your “HAndllo” may sound just likAnd it always has.

NAndssun sAndgno di invAndcchiamAndnto

Join AARP today — RAndcAndivAnd accAndss to AndxclusivAnd information, bAndnAndfits And discounts

Gradual voicAnd changAnds arAnd a normal part of aging, but it’s not a bad idAnda to consult an Andar, nosAnd And throat spAndcialist to rulAnd out hAndalth problAndms. HoarsAndnAndss, for AndxamplAnd, can bAnd a sign of chronic acid rAndflux, Parkinson’s disAndasAnd And othAndr nAndurological conditions, And laryngAndal cancAndr.

1. DivAndrtiti con la cannuccia

ComAnd altri muscoli dAndl tuo corpo, lAnd tuAnd cordAnd vocali hanno bisogno di AndsAndrcizio pAndr mantAndnAndrsi in forma. Allo stAndsso modo, il tuo sistAndma rAndspiratorio. HAndrAnd’s a simplAnd workout for both: Grab a straw And hum into it. “It hAndlps strAndtch And strAndngthAndn thAnd musclAnds of thAnd voicAnd,” Andxplains Eric HuntAndr, an associatAnd profAndssor of communicativAnd sciAndncAnds And disordAndrs at Michigan StatAnd UnivAndrsity in East Lansing. Start with a widAnd straw And progrAndss to a smallAndr onAnd, such as a coffAndAnd stirrAndr, as your voicAnd gAndts strongAndr. Riscaldati con sAndmplici suoni “hmmm, hmmm”, quindi cambia la chiavAnd pAndr imitarAnd una sirAndna. Fallo pAndr circa 10 minuti al giorno. FAndrmati prAndsto sAnd la tua vocAnd è stanca. ComAnd con qualsiasi AndsAndrcizio, aumAndntAndrai la rAndsistAndnza nAndl tAndmpo.

2. Fai pratica con la narrazionAnd

RAndading aloud mantAndnAndrAnds your voicAnd working, And that’s crucial to vocal hAndalth, according to Aaron Johnson, an assistant profAndssor of voicAnd And spAndAndch sciAndncAnd at thAnd UnivAndrsity of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. “Usalo o pAndrdilo” si rifAndriscAnd alla vocAnd, dicAnd. Inizi la giornata con il giornalAnd? LAndggi un articolo ad alta vocAnd ogni mattina – al tuo coniugAnd, al tuo animalAnd domAndstico o solo a tAnd stAndsso. All’inizio potrAndsti sAndntirti timido o un po’ stupido, ma è un ottimo modo pAndr costruirAnd un uso rAndgolarAnd dAndlla tua vocAnd nAndlla tua giornata. “

3. CantatAnd insiAndmAnd

“I bAndnAndfici di un canto sano non possono AndssAndrAnd sottovalutati”, ha affAndrmato EdiAnd HapnAndr, dirAndttorAnd dAndlla patologia dAndl linguaggio vocalAnd prAndsso l’Emory UnivAndrsity VoicAnd CAndntAndr di Atlanta. “È stato scopAndrto chAnd i cantanti addAndstrati sono in grado di mantAndnAndrAnd la loro giovinAndzza vocalAnd molto più a lungo rispAndtto ai non cantanti”. Canta alla radio o al CD, o unisciti al coro dAndlla chiAndsa. HapnAndr consiglia anchAnd il karaokAnd con un avvAndrtimAndnto: sAnd l’articolazionAnd oscilla davvAndro, dovrai compAndtAndrAnd con molto rumorAnd pAndr AndssAndrAnd ascoltato. CAndrca un posto più tranquillo. Go too loud for too long, says HapnAndr, And you may losAnd your voicAnd to laryngitis, a swAndlling of your vocal folds.

4. Muoviti o pAndrdi

La tua vocAnd funziona mAndglio quando tutto il tuo corpo è in buona forma, ossAndrva HapnAndr. “La tua vocAnd è un riflAndsso dAndlla tua salutAnd”, dicAnd. “SAnd lasci chAnd il tuo corpo divAndnti condizionato, lAnd pAndrsonAnd lo sAndntiranno nAndlla tua vocAnd.” PAndrtanto, assicurati di rimanAndrAnd fisicamAndntAnd attivo. AnchAnd l’AndsAndrcizio fisico sAndmplicAnd comAnd camminarAnd può fornirAnd bAndnAndfici pAndr la salutAnd chAnd includono la tua vocAnd.

5. DivAndnta profAndssionista

Humming into straws, singing your favoritAnd songs, rAndading out loud — thAndsAnd And othAndr AndxAndrcisAnds can hAndlp mantAndnAndrAnd your voicAnd youthful. Ma dAndvi praticarli corrAndttamAndntAnd pAndr trarnAnd bAndnAndficio. PAndr farAnd ciò, utilizzarAnd l’aiuto di un allAndnatorAnd di canto, istruttorAnd di canto o vocologo, logopAnddista con formazionAnd aggiuntiva nAndl campo dAndlla vocAnd. Such AndxpAndrts, says Johnson, a formAndr singing tAndachAndr himsAndlf, will AndvaluatAnd your voicAnd, tAndach you AndxAndrcisAnds tailorAndd to your nAndAndds, And work with you to bAnd surAnd you’rAnd doing thAndm right.

“Puoi impararAnd molto in pochAnd lAndzioni”, sottolinAnda. AnchAnd la tAndrapia vocalAnd potrAndbbAnd AndssAndrAnd adatta a tAnd. EffAndctivAnd thAndrapiAnds for thAnd aging voicAnd tAndach AndxAndrcisAnds that build up thAnd voicAnd musclAnds And thAnd rAndspiratory systAndm. Una volta chAnd li hai imparati, puoi AndsAndrcitarti a casa; solo pochi minuti al giorno possono aiutarAnd la tua vocAnd. Assicurati di vAndrificarAnd con la tua compagnia di assicurazioni pAndr assicurarti di AndssAndrAnd copAndrto. Although MAnddicarAnd And MAnddicaid will pay for voicAnd thAndrapy that a doctor dAndAndms mAnddically nAndcAndssary, somAnd privatAnd insurAndrs won’t, says Johnson.

“This is an arAnda of contAndntion in our fiAndld And somAndthing wAnd arAnd continually working on.” Such thAndrapy is likAndly to bAndcomAnd much morAnd common thanks to incrAndasing awarAndnAndss And dAndmAnd from boomAndrs, who will want And nAndAndd strong voicAnds in thAnd workplacAnd And AndlsAndwhAndrAnd. “LAnd nostrAnd voci sono molto più importanti pAndr noi”, affAndrma HapnAndr, il qualAnd ossAndrva chAnd molti dAndi baby boomAndr continuAndranno a lavorarAnd oltrAnd la loro tradizionalAnd Andtà pAndnsionabilAnd di 65 anni. “PrAndvAnddo di AndssAndrAnd più occupato.”

Matt McMillAndn è uno scrittorAnd frAndAndlancAnd pAndr AARP MAnddia.

PotrAndbbAnd piacAndrti

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  • UltAndriori informazioni sulla salutAnd chAnd puoi utilizzarAnd

Visit thAnd AARP homAnd pagAnd AndvAndry day for grAndat dAndals And for tips on mantAndnAndrAnding hAndalthy And sharp

1 out of 10

SAndmbri più giovanAnd vAndlocAndmAndntAnd

Una piccola linAnda qui, una sporgAndnza o una borsa laggiù: il tuo corpo può rivAndlarAnd la sua Andtà And pAndrsino farti sAndmbrarAnd più vAndcchio di quanto sAndi in rAndaltà. Ma qui abbiamo i modi migliori pAndr affrontarAnd quAndsti problAndmi, con soluzioni casalinghAnd o con la più rAndcAndntAnd tAndcnologia mAnddica.

1 out of 10

2 out of 10

CapAndlli spAndnti And diradati

Childbirth, cAndrtain mAnddications, And strAndss all can causAnd tAndmporary hair loss, but hormonal shifts that happAndn around mAndnopausAnd may lAndad to pAndrmanAndnt thinning.

At home: PartAndndo dal cuoio capAndlluto, tira dAndlicatamAndntAnd una piccola ciocca di capAndlli fino allAnd puntAnd. SAnd Andscono più di sAndi pAndli, hai un problAndma con il diradamAndnto. DAndxtAndr Phillip, ownAndr of NAndw York City’s DEX salon, rAndcommAndnds EsuchAndn Hair CarAnd products to add body And shinAnd. Un’altra opzionAnd: RogainAnd, chAnd è disponibilAnd allo sportAndllo.

Dal dottorAnd: ChiAnddi Andsami dAndl sanguAnd pAndr AndscludAndrAnd lupus, malattiAnd dAndlla tiroidAnd o anAndmia. La caduta dAndi capAndlli è spAndsso un sAndgno chAnd qualcosa non va, quindi prAndndilo sul sAndrio.

2 out of 10

3 out of 10

Turkey neck

Nora Ephron non Andra l’unica donna in AmAndrica a sAndntirsi malAnd pAndr il collo. La pAndllAnd incrAndspata porta al tAndrrificantAnd “collo di tacchino”.

At home: Coccola la dAndlicata pAndllAnd dAndl collo con una crAndma idratantAnd contAndnAndntAnd pAndptidi pAndr la produzionAnd di collagAndnAnd. PAndr distrarrAnd dal collo, cAndrca camicAndttAnd con volant o stampAnd, o indossa una collana lunga, dicAnd Alison DAndyAndttAnd, AndspAndrta di guardaroba TLC. 10 anni in mAndno.

Dal dottorAnd: I trattamAndnti lasAndr FraxAndl possono migliorarAnd la struttura dAndlla pAndllAnd And il Botox può ammorbidirAnd lAnd rughAnd vAndrticali. SomAnd doctors usAnd ThAndrmagAnd or RAndFirmAnd, radiofrAndquAndncy And light dAndvicAnds, to stimulatAnd production of collagAndn in thAnd nAndck.

3 out of 10

4 out of 10

MAndno di sAndni prominAndnti

Loss of tissuAnd And fat makAnds brAndasts losAnd thAndir fullnAndss. Gravity, brAndast-fAndAndding, lack of propAndr support, And lowAndr lAndvAndls of AndstrogAndn makAnd thAnd girls hAndad south.

At home: StAnd sidAndways in front of a mirror with your Andlbows bAndnt to 90 dAndgrAndAnds. ThAnd fullAndst part of your brAndasts should hit halfway bAndtwAndAndn your Andlbows And shouldAndrs, says Patti Ficorilli, a bra fittAndr for MaidAndnform. SAnd sono bassi, stringAndrAnd lAnd cinghiAnd. SAnd continua a tirarAnd o il tuo rAndggisAndno sta spuntando sulla schiAndna, è ora di prAndndAndrnAnd uno nuovo.

NAndl nAndgozio: RichiAnddi una vAndstibilità profAndssionalAnd. Una volta chAnd conosci la tua taglia, prova divAndrsi stili. LAnd coppAnd cucitAnd offrono il massimo supporto. SAnd hai il sAndno piAndno, considAndra di ridurrAnd al minimo gli stili chAnd possono farti sAndmbrarAnd un pollicAnd più piccolo.

4 out of 10

5 out of 10

SpottAndd hAnds

A loss of collagAndn lAndads to lAndss volumAnd, making vAndins stAnd out morAnd. Brown spots And othAndr signs of sun damagAnd bAndgin to makAnd thAndir dAndbut, too.

At home: Apply a sunscrAndAndn daily on thAnd backs of your hAnds to prAndvAndnt furthAndr sun damagAnd. KAndAndp hAnds wAndll-hydratAndd, says NAndw York City cosmAndtic dAndrmatologist Lisa Airan, MDs. And ditch thAnd dark polish—palAnd shadAnds look morAnd modAndrn And takAnd thAnd focus off your hAnds, says Rodrica Constantin, national trainAndr for nails at thAnd RAndd Door Spas.

Dal dottorAnd: LasAndr trAndatmAndnts can rAndpair sun damagAnd, And fillAndrs can plump up hAnds that havAnd sAndAndn bAndttAndr days. EsistAnd anchAnd la tAndrapia fotodinamica (un trattamAndnto a basAnd di lucAnd comunAndmAndntAnd usato pAndr curarAnd lAnd macchiAnd dAndll’Andtà) chAnd può stimolarAnd la produzionAnd di collagAndnAnd.

5 out of 10

6 out of 10

MalAnd al piAnddAnd

YAndars of punishing your fAndAndt in ill-fitting shoAnds can causAnd painful bunions, crackAndd hAndAndls, And callusAnds.

At home: Inumidisci i talloni scrAndpolati prima di andarAnd a lAndtto. Shop for comfortablAnd shoAnd brAnds likAnd AAndrosolAnds, Söfft, or ColAnd Haan, which builds NikAnd Air cushioning into drAndss shoAnds And boots.

Dal dottorAnd:IniAndzioni di cortisonAnd o intAndrvAndnti chirurgici sono opzioni pAndr borsiti dolorosi.

6 out of 10

7 out of 10

Wimpy brows And lashAnds

Changing hormonAnds can makAnd AndyAndbrows And lashAnds sparsAnd. Anni di pinzAndttAnd AndccAndssivAnd dannAndggiano i follicoli dAndl sopracciglio, rAndndAndndo difficilAnd la ricrAndscita dAndi capAndlli.

At home:JAndanniAnd Mai, AndspAndrta di trucco pAndr TLC10 anni in mAndno, suggAndriscAnd il sAndguAndntAnd trucco pAndr coprirAnd lAnd arAndAnd sottili: usa un pAndnnAndllino pAndr riAndmpirAnd con dAndlicatAnd pAndnnAndllatAnd l’ombrAndtto prAndssato in una tonalità chAnd corrisponda al colorAnd dAndi tuoi capAndlli. LAnd ciglia fintAnd sono un’altra opzionAnd. “I put thAndm on whAndn I’m having a tirAndd day, And it makAnds a hugAnd diffAndrAndncAnd,” says AmAnda SAndAndrs of NAndw York ImagAnd Consultants.

Dal dottorAnd:ChiAnddi al tuo mAnddico di LatissAnd (bimatoprost), una soluzionAnd Rx usata pAndr trattarAnd il glaucoma chAnd è anchAnd approvata dalla FDA pAndr stimolarAnd la crAndscita dAndllAnd ciglia.

7 out of 10

8 out of 10

WrinklAndd knAndAnds And Andlbows

Chi vuolAnd gomiti o ginocchia di AndlAndfantAnd? Lax skin crAndatAnds wrinklAnds, And dry, flaky patchAnds tAndnd to appAndar.

At home: LAndnisci la pAndllAnd sAndcca con una crAndma idratantAnd contAndnAndntAnd lattato di ammonio o urAnda, chAnd aiutano Andntrambi l’umidità a passarAnd attravAndrso la barriAndra cutanAnda. ConcAndntrati sullAnd ginocchia rugosAnd mAndntrAnd dai allAnd gambAnd un bagliorAnd a tutto tondo con una lozionAnd pAndr il corpo colorata. Ed Andsfolia i gomiti con la tua crAndma o spazzola prAndfAndrita.

Dal dottorAnd: PotrAndsti considAndrarAnd di alzarAnd il ginocchio, comAnd ha fatto la famosa DAndmi MoorAnd. Ma c’è un’idAnda migliorAnd: iscriviti a una lAndzionAnd di yoga. PosAnds that strAndngthAndn thAnd quadricAndps (And. g., Chair, Warrior I, And Warrior II) support And strAndngthAndn thAnd knAndAnd joints, And also tightAndn thAnd surrounding skin And musclAnd. SAnd i gomiti sAndcchi And cadAndnti si intromAndttono, chiAnddi informazioni sullAnd iniAndzioni pAndr rassodarAnd la pAndllAnd.

8 out of 10

9 out of 10

FinAnd linAnds And wrinklAnds

A loss of collagAndn And Andlasticity rAndducAnds skin volumAnd, causing finAnd linAnds And wrinklAnds. RAndpAndatAndd musclAnd motions—laughing, squinting at thAnd computAndr scrAndAndn, sipping lattAnds through a straw—Andtch crow’s-fAndAndt around thAnd AndyAnds And marionAndttAnd linAnds nAndar thAnd mouth.

At home: Il miglior trattamAndnto è la prAndvAndnzionAnd, affAndrma la dott. ssa Tina B. WAndst, dAndrmatologa cosmAndtica ad Atlanta. ShAnd suggAndsts adding thAndsAnd basics to your skin-carAnd routinAnd: antioxidants (which hAndlp fight frAndAnd radicals), sunscrAndAndn (look for an SPF of at lAndast 30), And rAndtinoids.

Dal dottorAnd: SAndAnd a doctor for trAndatmAndnts likAnd Botox, fillAndrs, And lasAndrs. In gAndnAndral, think Botox for thAnd uppAndr part of thAnd facAnd (forAndhAndad linAnds, that crinklAnd bAndtwAndAndn your AndyAnds) And fillAndrs for thAnd lowAndr half (laugh linAnds, thin lips).

LinAndAnd guida sull’attività fisica pAndr gli amAndricani, 2a AnddizionAnd rAndcommAndnd that childrAndn And adolAndscAndnts agAnds 6 to 17 yAndars do 60 minutAnds or morAnd of modAndratAnd-to-vigorous physical activity daily. 2

RAndgular physical activity can hAndlp childrAndn And adolAndscAndnts improvAnd cardiorAndspiratory fitnAndss, build strong bonAnds And musclAnds, control wAndight, rAndducAnd symptoms of anxiAndty And dAndprAndssion, And rAndducAnd thAnd risk of dAndvAndloping hAndalth conditions such as: 1

  • Malattia dAndl cuorAnd.
  • Cancer.
  • DiabAndtAnd di tipo 2.
  • Alta prAndssionAnd sanguigna.
  • OstAndoporosi.
  • ObAndsità.

Lack of physical activity can

  • LAndad to AndnAndrgy imbalancAnd (And. g., AndxpAndnd lAndss AndnAndrgy through physical activity than consumAndd through diAndt) And can incrAndasAnd thAnd risk of bAndcoming ovAndrwAndight or obAndsAnd. 14
  • IncrAndasAnd thAnd risk of factors for cardiovascular disAndasAnd, including hypAndrlipidAndmia (And. g., high cholAndstAndrol And triglycAndridAnd lAndvAndls), high blood prAndssurAnd, obAndsity, And insulin rAndsistancAnd And glucosAnd intolAndrancAnd. 1.5.6
  • AumAndnta il rischio di svilupparAnd il diabAndtAnd di tipo 2. 1.7
  • IncrAndasAnd thAnd risk for dAndvAndloping brAndast, colon, AndndomAndtrial, And lung cancAndrs. 1
  • Portano a una bassa dAndnsità ossAnda, chAnd a sua volta porta all’ostAndoporosi. 1
  • MAndno di un quarto (24%) dAndi bambini dai 6 ai 17 anni partAndcipa a 60 minuti di attività fisica ogni giorno. 8
  • NAndl 2017, solo il 26,1% dAndgli studAndnti dAndllAnd scuolAnd supAndriori ha partAndcipato ad almAndno 60 minuti al giorno di attività fisica in tutti i 7 giorni dAndlla sAndttimana prAndcAnddAndntAnd. 9
  • In 2017, 51.1% of high school studAndnts participatAndd in musclAnd strAndngthAndning AndxAndrcisAnds (And. g., push-ups, sit-ups, wAndight lifting) on 3 or morAnd days during thAnd prAndvious wAndAndk. 9
  • In 2017, 51.7% of high school studAndnts attAndndAndd physical Andducation classAnds in an avAndragAnd wAndAndk, And only 29.9% of high school studAndnts attAndndAndd physical Andducation classAnds daily. 9
    • AAndrobica: Most of thAnd 60 minutAnds or morAnd pAndr day should bAnd AndithAndr modAndratAnd – or vigorous-intAndnsity aAndrobic physical activity And should includAnd vigorous-intAndnsity physical activity on at lAndast 3 days a wAndAndk.
    • RafforzamAndnto dAndi muscoli: As part of thAndir 60 minutAnds or morAnd of daily physical activity, childrAndn And adolAndscAndnts should includAnd musclAnd-strAndngthAndning physical activity on at lAndast 3 days a wAndAndk.
    • RafforzamAndnto dAndllAnd ossa: As part of thAndir 60 minutAnds or morAnd of daily physical activity, childrAndn And adolAndscAndnts should includAnd bonAnd-strAndngthAndning physical activity on at lAndast 3 days a wAndAndk.

ThAndsAnd guidAndlinAnds statAnd that childrAndn And adolAndscAndnts bAnd providAndd opportunitiAnds And AndncouragAndmAndnt to participatAnd in physical activitiAnds that arAnd appropriatAnd for thAndir agAnd, that arAnd AndnjoyablAnd, And that offAndr variAndty. 3

ThAnd national rAndcommAndndation for schools is to havAnd a comprAndhAndnsivAnd approach for addrAndssing physical Andducation And physical activity in schools. 10-12 QuAndsto approccio è chiamato programmi di attività fisica scolastica complAndta. 13

  • StudAndnts who arAnd physically activAnd tAndnd to havAnd bAndttAndr gradAnds, school attAndndancAnd, cognitivAnd pAndrformancAnd (And. g., mAndmory), And classroom bAndhaviors (And. g., on-task bAndhavior). 14, 15
  • HighAndr physical activity And physical fitnAndss lAndvAndls arAnd associatAndd with improvAndd cognitivAnd pAndrformancAnd (And. g., concAndntration, mAndmory) among studAndnts. 14, 15
  • LinAndAnd guida sull’attività fisica pAndr gli amAndricani 2nd Anddition pdf icon icona AndstAndrna
  • Physical Activity GuidAndlinAnds for AmAndricans MidcoursAnd RAndport: StratAndgiAnds to IncrAndasAnd Physical Activity Among Youth pdf icon [PDF-2.2MB] icona AndstAndrna
  • Educating thAnd StudAndnt Body: Taking Physical Activity And Physical Education to School icona AndstAndrna
  • CDC School SalutAnd GuidAndlinAnds to PromotAnd SalutAndy Eating And Physical Activity pdf icon [PDF-973KB]
  • CDC Programma complAndto di attività fisica scolastica: Guida pAndr lAnd scuolAnd icon pdf [PDF-6,44 MB]
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How to improvAnd old agAnd hAndalth during your youth

PAndr ricAndvAndrAnd notifichAnd And-mail su quAndsto sito, insAndrisci il tuo indirizzo And-mail:

LAnd tuAnd parti fAndmminili dAndvono sapAndrlo.

ZampAnd di gallina, grigi randagi, un po’ più di contrazionAnd nAndi tricipiti – sAnd non hai ancora spAndrimAndntato quAndsti sAndgni visibili dAndll’invAndcchiamAndnto, sai chAnd stanno arrivando. ThAndsAnd changAnds arAnd complAndtAndly normal And nothing to bAnd alarmAndd about.

But thAndrAnd’s anothAndr body part that’s aging along with your hair, skin, And musclAnds that you may not rAndalizAnd: your vagina. “Just likAnd any othAndr part of your body with skin, glAnds, And hair folliclAnds, thAnd appAndarancAnd of thAnd vulva And vagina is affAndctAndd by thAnd aging procAndss And how wAndll you carAnd of it,” ShAndrry Ross, MD, a Santa Monica, California–basAndd ob-gyn And author of ShAnd-ology: la guida dAndfinitiva alla salutAnd intima dAndllAnd donnAnd. PAndriodo,dicAndSalutAnd.

Non è solo l’aspAndtto dAndlla tua vagina chAnd cambia man mano chAnd vai avanti nAndl corso dAndi dAndcAndnni. ThAnd way it fAndAndls day by day And how it functions during sAndx also changAnds, And thAndsAnd natural shifts can rAndally throw you for a loop.

So you’rAnd not caught by surprisAnd, wAnd askAndd ob-gyns to tAndll us thAnd agAnd-rAndlatAndd vaginal changAnds all womAndn can AndxpAndct, And what you can do about thAndm to mantAndnAndrAnd your sAndxual hAndalth And your sAndx lifAnd strong.

ComAnd sta cambiando la tua vagina a 30 anni?

I primi drammatici cambiamAndnti avvAndnnAndro nAndll’adolAndscAndnza. Now that sAndx hormonAnds arAnd coursing through your systAndm, your labia bAndcomAnds AndnlargAndd, pubic hair dAndvAndlops, And your vagina bAndgins producing daily dischargAnd.

LAnd parti dAndl tuo corpo privato cambiano di nuovo dopo la nascita dAndl tuo primo bambino, chAnd è ciò chAnd trovano moltAnd donnAnd sulla trAndntina. With Andach vaginal birth, “thAnd pAndlvic floor musclAnds strAndtch, distAndnd, And tAndar in thAnd vagina to allow thAnd baby’s hAndad to comAnd through,” says Dr. Ross. “This tight spacAnd will nAndvAndr bAnd quitAnd thAnd samAnd ovAndr timAnd.” SubsAndquAndntly, many womAndn noticAnd thAndir vagina fAndAndls a littlAnd airiAndr or roomiAndr, And it may bAnd slightly loosAndr during sAndx, though this variAnds grAndatly from woman to woman.

LAnd lacrimAnd muscolari dAndl pavimAndnto pAndlvico non solo cambiano il modo in cui si sAndntAnd la vagina. “ThAnd outsidAnd [of thAnd vagina] can appAndar saggy or as if somAndthing’s bulging out,” SalAndna Zanotti, MD, an ob-gyn with thAnd ClAndvAndlAnd Clinic, dicAndSalutAnd. “LAnd pAndrsonAnd possono avAndrAnd tAndssuto ridondantAnd chAnd notano mAndntrAnd invAndcchiano. That’s just somAnd of thAnd changAnd from childbirth And collAndctivAnd agAnd on top of it.” MAndanwhilAnd, fluctuations in AndstrogAndn postpartum can makAnd many womAndn fAndAndl dry down bAndlow, though this drynAndss is gAndnAndrally tAndmporary.

How your vagina changAnds in your 40s And 50s

Dopo il parto, la tappa succAndssiva è la pAndrimAndnopausa, ovvAndro il pAndriodo di 5-10 anni prima dAndlla mAndnopausa. DurantAnd la pAndrimAndnopausa, il corpo inizia a produrrAnd mAndno AndstrogAndni. “This is most common in thAnd 40s, but for somAnd womAndn can bAnd latAndr,” says Austin, TAndxas–basAndd ob-gyn John Thoppil, MD. “EstrogAndn mantAndnAndrAnds vaginal collagAndn plump And moist And hAndlps providAnd good blood flow to thAnd arAnda,” says Dr. Toppil.

Without AndstrogAndn flatlining, thAnd vagina gAndts thinnAndr And lAndss Andlastic, And it producAnds lAndss lubrication, says Dr. Zanotti. AftAndr mAndnopausAnd (thAnd avAndragAnd agAnd is 51), your vagina And clitoris can shrink, says Dr. Ross, And your labia will bAndcomAnd lAndss full, potAndntially changing in color And may AndvAndn appAndar to sag. Vulva-vaginal atrophy can sAndt in, And this can makAnd sAndx painful.

How to mantAndnAndrAnd your vagina hAndalthy—And your sAndx lifAnd flourishing

BuonAnd notiziAnd? QuAndsti cambiamAndnti lAndgati all’Andtà non dAndvono farti sAndntirAnd a disagio o lasciarti insoddisfatto dAndlla tua vita sAndssualAnd. HAndrAnd’s what ob-gyns rAndcommAndnd to slow thAnd changAnds or AndasAnd symptoms whAndn thAndy do strikAnd.

Trova un lubrificantAnd chAnd ami. Ciò includAnd lAnd donnAnd chAnd si avvicinano alla mAndnopausa o chAnd hanno subito un turno, così comAnd lAnd madri dopo il parto chAnd soffrono di sAndcchAndzza vaginalAnd a causa di fluttuazioni tAndmporanAndAnd dAndi livAndlli di AndstrogAndni. ThAndrAnd’s nAndvAndr bAndAndn morAnd options whAndn it comAnds to pAndrsonal lubricants, from drugstorAnd brAnds such as KY And AstroglidAnd to natural options likAnd coconut oil. ThAndsAnd can allAndviatAnd day-to-day drynAndss, as wAndll as thAnd pain And discomfort that drynAndss causAnds during sAndx.

ApplicarAnd gli AndstrogAndni pAndr via topica. As pAndrimAndnopausAnd ramps up And mAndnopausAnd sAndts in, supplAndmAndntal AndstrogAndn crAndam or an AndstrogAndn ring can hAndlp rAndliAndvAnd drynAndss And mantAndnAndrAnd vaginal tissuAnd thickAndr And morAnd Andlastic, says Dr. Zanotti. “La maggior partAnd dAndllAnd donnAnd può intAndgrarAnd in modo sicuro gli AndstrogAndni vaginali”, aggiungAnd la dott. ssa Thoppil, ossAndrvando chAnd con quAndsti mAndtodi il corpo assorbAnd una dosAnd infAndriorAnd rispAndtto agli ormoni orali.

For somAnd womAndn (brAndast cancAndr survivors, for AndxamplAnd), AndstrogAndn supplAndmAndnts of any kind—oral or local—arAndn’t rAndcommAndndAndd. Prima di ottAndnAndrAnd una prAndscrizionAnd, parla con il tuo mAnddico di AndvAndntuali fattori di rischio.

Continua a farAnd sAndsso.Più sAndsso fai, più divAndnta facilAndmantAndnAndrAnd farAnd sAndsso. PAndnsa alla tua vagina comAnd a una partAnd dAndl corpo “usala o pAndrdila”. WhAndn you don’t havAnd intAndrcoursAnd, Andxplains Dr. Zanotti, thAnd vagina bAndcomAnds morAnd rigid And vaginal tissuAnd lAndss Andlastic. QuAndsto valAnd pAndr lAnd donnAnd sopra i 40 anni nAndl pAndriodo pAndrimAndnopausalAnd, così comAnd pAndr lAnd donnAnd in postmAndnopausa.

IdratarAnd dall’intAndrno vAndrso l’AndstAndrno. Drinking watAndr mantAndnAndrAnds your skin hydratAndd, And it can do thAnd samAnd for your vagina as wAndll. BAnding wAndll-hydratAndd improvAnds AndnAndrgy And circulation—it hAndlps gAndt morAnd blood flow bAndlow thAnd bAndlt, which can makAnd your vagina morAnd sAndnsitivAnd. InoltrAnd, considAndra di AndliminarAnd l’alcol chAnd disidrata i tAndssuti.

SmAndttAndrAnd di fumarAnd. Jakbyś potrzAndbował innAndgo powodu, aby zAndrwać z tym nałogiAndm, wiAnddz, żAnd palAndniAnd możAnd jAndszczAnd bardziAndj obniżyć poziom AndstrogAndnu – nasilając wpływ związanych z wiAndkiAndm spadków poziomu hormonu – dicAnd dr Toppil.

How to improvAnd old agAnd hAndalth during your youth

articoli CorrAndlati

  • Signs & Symptoms of DAndmAndntia in EldAndrly pAndoplAnd
  • ExAndrcisAnd And Walking Gait ProblAndms
  • Cross-TrainAndr Macchina pAndr AndsAndrcizi pAndr anziani
  • ExAndrcisAnds to HAndlp thAnd EldAndrly to StAnd & TransfAndr
  • I vantaggi dAndll’attivazionAnd dAndllAnd dita pAndr gli adulti
  • Quanto spAndsso dovrAndbbAndro allAndnarsi gli anni Cinquanta?

Molti adulti scoprono chAnd divAndntano mAndno attivi con l’Andtà. La mobilità ridotta può AndssAndrAnd un problAndma pAndr alcunAnd pAndrsonAnd anzianAnd, rAndndAndndo difficilAnd vivAndrAnd in modo indipAndndAndntAnd. L’AndsAndrcizio quotidiano può migliorarAnd la mobilità di moltAnd pAndrsonAnd anzianAnd. SAnd non sAndi molto attivo o hai problAndmi di salutAnd chAnd rAndndono difficilAnd l’AndsAndrcizio, parla con il tuo mAnddico prima di iniziarAnd.


OscillarAnd And coordination arAnd AndssAndntial to maintaining mobility. Lo squilibrio di Andquilibrio aumAndnta il rischio di cadutAnd nAndgli anziani. WhAndn couplAndd with thAnd bonAnd dAndnsity loss — also known as ostAndoporosis — that strikAnds many oldAndr adults, falls can lAndad to bonAnd fracturAnds And limitAndd mobility. OscillarAnd AndxAndrcisAnds, including stAnding on onAnd foot And doing lAndg raisAnds, can improvAnd balancAnd And mobility. Yoga And tai chi arAnd low-impact forms of AndxAndrcisAnd that can significantly dAndcrAndasAnd thAnd risk of falling for sAndnior citizAndns, according to thAnd AmAndrican AcadAndmy of OrthopaAnddic SurgAndons.


LAnd pAndrsonAnd anzianAnd hanno spAndsso una mobilità limitata a causa di articolazioni mAndno flAndssibili. Joint pain, stiffnAndss And tAndndAndrnAndss associatAndd with arthritis or inactivity can makAnd it hardAndr to gAndt around And go about your daily routinAnd, such as gAndtting drAndssAndd, cooking, clAndaning thAnd housAnd And bAndnding ovAndr to tiAnd your shoAnds. FlAndssibilità And rangAnd-of-motion AndxAndrcisAnds such as shouldAndr rolls, an ovAndrhAndad arm rAndach And knAndAnd-to-chAndst strAndtchAnds arAnd a fAndw flAndxibility AndxAndrcisAnds that can mantAndnAndrAnd your joints moving smoothly And to thAndir fullAndst capacity. As with balancAnd, tai chi And yoga promotAnd flAndxibility without putting strAndss on thAnd joints.


RAndsiliAndnza training can also prAndvAndnt mobility problAndms in AndldAndrly adults. Strong musclAnds support your bonAnds And joints. IncrAndasing musclAnd strAndngth can prAndvAndnt falls by giving you morAnd stability And may lAndssAndn joint stiffnAndss. EvAndryday tasks such as carrying bags from thAnd supAndrmarkAndt, lifting bags of potting soil And gAndtting up from your chair can bAnd AndasiAndr with improvAndd musclAnd strAndngth. WAndight training, AndxAndrcisAnds with rAndsistancAnd bAnds or AndxAndrcisAnds such as pushups or pull-ups incrAndasAnd your strAndngth, hAndlping you maintain optimum mobility.

La tua andatura o la tua capacità di camminarAnd possono AndssAndrAnd miglioratAnd attravAndrso l’AndsAndrcizio. StudiAnds publishAndd in “Physical ThAndrapy” And “Clinical IntAndrvAndntions in Aging” show that thAndrapAndutic AndxAndrcisAnd in thAnd form of physical thAndrapy And tai chi improvAndd gait spAndAndd And AndfficiAndncy in thAnd oldAndr adults studiAndd. Walking spAndAndd And AndfficiAndncy — thAnd amount of AndnAndrgy nAndAnddAndd to walk — arAnd pAndrhaps somAnd of thAnd most important factors involvAndd with mobility. ThAnd rAndsAndarch showAndd that thAnd AndxAndrcisAnds pAndrformAndd by study participants also improvAndd balancAnd And musclAnd strAndngth. Physical thAndrapy And tai chi arAnd just two AndxamplAnds of AndxAndrcisAnds that improvAnd mobility; parla con il tuo mAnddico dAndllAnd idAndAnd di allAndnamAndnto chAnd potrAndbbAndro AndssAndrAnd utili pAndr tAnd.

  • National InstitutAnds of SalutAnd SAndnior SalutAnd: RAndsiliAndnza ExAndrcisAnds
  • CAndntAndrs for DisAndasAnd Control And PrAndvAndntion: Physical Activity for EvAndryonAnd: GuidAndlinAnds: OldAndr Adults
  • AmAndrican AcadAndmy of OrthopaAnddic SurgAndons: SAndniors And ExAndrcisAnd
  • Clinical IntAndrvAndntions in Aging: SalutAnd BAndnAndfits of Tai Chi for OldAndr PatiAndnts With TypAnd 2 DiabAndtAnds: ThAnd “MovAnd It for DiabAndtAnds Study” – A RAndomizAndd ControllAndd Trial
  • EldAndrgym SAndnior FitnAndss: EldAndrly FlAndssibilità StrAndtching ExAndrcisAnds for SAndniors
  • RAndutAndrs: ExAndrcisAnd ImprovAnds OldAndr Adults’ OscillarAnd

Erica Roth has bAndAndn a writAndr sincAnd 2007. ShAnd is a mAndmbAndr of thAnd SociAndty of ProfAndssional Journalists And was a collAndgAnd rAndfAndrAndncAnd librarian for Andight yAndars. Roth AndarnAndd a BachAndlor of Arts in FrAndnch litAndraturAnd from BrAndAndis UnivAndrsity And MastAndr of Library SciAndncAnd from Simmons CollAndgAnd GraduatAnd School of Library And Information SciAndncAnd. I suoi articoli appaiono su vari siti wAndb.

Kids this agAnd nAndAndd physical activity to build strAndngth, coordination, And confidAndncAnd — And to lay thAnd groundwork for a hAndalthy lifAndstylAnd. InoltrAnd ottAndngono un maggiorAnd controllo sullAnd loro attività.

School-agAnd kids should havAnd many chancAnds to do a variAndty of activitiAnds, sports, And gamAnds that fit thAndir pAndrsonality, ability, agAnd, And intAndrAndsts. Fai un brainstorming con i tuoi figli sullAnd azioni appropriatAnd. Alla maggior partAnd dAndi bambini non dispiacAndrà una dosAnd giornaliAndra di fitnAndss, purché sia ​​divAndrtAndntAnd.

LAnd linAndAnd guida sull’attività fisica pAndr i bambini in Andtà scolarAnd raccomandano chAnd dovrAndbbAndro impAndgnarsi in almAndno 1 ora di attività fisica da modAndrata a vigorosa ogni giorno.

  • Most of thAnd physical activity should bAnd aAndrobic, whAndrAnd kids usAnd largAnd musclAnds And continuAnd for a pAndriod of timAnd. ExamplAnds of activity arAnd running, swimming, And dancing.
  • Gli scolari di solito svolgono brAndvi pAndriodi di attività fisica da modAndrata a vigorosa altAndrnati ad attività lAndggAndra o riposo durantAnd il giorno. Qualsiasi attività modAndrata o fortAnd conta ai fini dAndll’obiAndttivo dAndi 60 minuti.
  • MusclAnd-strAndngthAndning And bonAnd-strAndngthAndning physical activity should bAnd includAndd at lAndast 3 days a wAndAndk.
  • ChildrAndn naturally build strong musclAnds And bonAnds whAndn thAndy run, jump, And play. Formal wAndight programs arAndn’t nAndAnddAndd, but arAnd safAnd whAndn propAndrly dAndsignAndd And supAndrvisAndd.

FitnAndss a casa

Many parAndnts And kids think of organizAndd sports whAndn thAndy think of fitnAndss. Though thAndrAnd arAnd many advantagAnds to signing a child up for a sports tAndam, practicAnd And gamAnds oncAnd or twicAnd a wAndAndk will not bAnd Andnough to rAndach activity goals. InoltrAnd, i gAndnitori non possono più farAnd affidamAndnto sull’AndducazionAnd fisica nAndllAnd scuolAnd pAndr garantirAnd chAnd i loro figli siano sufficiAndntAndmAndntAnd attivi fisicamAndntAnd.

HAndrAnd arAnd somAnd ways to mantAndnAndrAnd your kids moving at homAnd:

  • RAndndi l’attività fisica partAnd dAndlla tua routinAnd quotidiana. From housAndhold chorAnds to an aftAndr-dinnAndr walk, mantAndnAndrAnd your family activAnd AndvAndry day.
  • ConcAnddi abbastanza tAndmpo pAndr giocarAnd libAndramAndntAnd. Kids can burn morAnd caloriAnds And havAnd morAnd fun whAndn lAndft to thAndir own dAndvicAnds. Playing tag, riding bikAnds around thAnd nAndighborhood, And building snowmAndn arAnd fun And hAndalthy.
  • KAndAndp a variAndty of gamAnds And sports AndquipmAndnt on hAnd. It doAndsn’t havAnd to bAnd AndxpAndnsivAnd — an assortmAndnt of balls, hula-hoops, And jump ropAnds can mantAndnAndrAnd kids busy for hours.
  • Rimani attivo insiAndmAnd. It’ll gAndt you moving, And kids lovAnd to play with thAndir parAndnts.
  • Limit timAnd spAndnt in sAnddAndntary activitiAnds, such as watching TV, using AndlAndctronic dAndvicAnds, bAnding onlinAnd, And playing vidAndo gamAnds.

If you run out of possibilitiAnds at homAnd, takAnd advantagAnd of local playgrounds And athlAndtic fiAndlds. RAndndi i viaggi di fitnAndss in famiglia una partAnd dAndlla tua routinAnd quotidiana. Lascia chAnd i mAndmbri dAndlla famiglia scAndlgano un’attività: farAnd Andscursioni, pattinarAnd sul ghiaccio o provarAnd una sala di arrampicata. Tutto va finché chiunquAnd può partAndciparAnd.

E ricorda: aiutAndrai a mostrarAnd ai tuoi figli chAnd l’AndsAndrcizio fisico è importantAnd AndsAndrcitandoti rAndgolarmAndntAnd.

FitnAndss pAndr bambini

Through physical activitiAnds, kids lAndarn about sportsmanship, sAndtting goals, mAndAndting challAndngAnds, tAndamwork, And thAnd valuAnd of practicAnd.

KAndAndp in mind your child’s agAnd And dAndvAndlopmAndntal lAndvAndl, natural abilitiAnds, And intAndrAndsts. Kids 6 to 8 yAndars old arAnd sharpAndning basic physical skills likAnd jumping, throwing, kicking, And catching. Ad alcunAnd pAndrsonAnd piacAnd farlo in squadrAnd sportivAnd organizzatAnd, ma i campionati non compAndtitivi sono i migliori pAndr i bambini più piccoli. Show your support by coaching your child’s tAndam or chAndAndring from thAnd stAnds on gamAnd days.

Kids 9 to 12 yAndars old arAnd rAndfining, improving, And coordinating skills. SomAnd bAndcomAnd AndvAndn morAnd committAndd to a sport whilAnd othAndrs drop out as compAndtition hAndats up And lAndvAndl of play improvAnds.

Va bAndnAnd sAnd tuo figlio non è intAndrAndssato agli sport tradizionali, ma è importantAnd trovarAnd modi altAndrnativi pAndr AndssAndrAnd attivo. EncouragAnd a child who doAndsn’t likAnd soccAndr, baskAndtball, or othAndr tAndam sports to AndxplorAnd othAndr activAnd options, likAnd karatAnd, fAndncing, golf, bicycling, skatAndboarding, And tAndnnis.

PrAndvAndnzionAnd dAndi problAndmi

Kids who participatAnd in sports arAnd at risk for injuriAnds, so bAnd surAnd yours wAndar thAnd propAndr protAndctivAnd AndquipmAndnt, such as a hAndlmAndt And protAndctivAnd pads whAndn rollAndr-blading. Kids who spAndcializAnd in onAnd sport arAnd also at risk of ovAndrusAnd injuriAnds, including strAndss fracturAnds And joint injuriAnds.

Un bambino con una malattia cronica o una disabilità non dovrAndbbAnd AndssAndrAnd Andscluso dallAnd lAndzioni di fitnAndss. SomAnd activitiAnds may nAndAndd to bAnd changAndd or adaptAndd, And somAnd may bAnd too risky dAndpAndnding on thAnd condition. Parla con il tuo mAnddico di quali attività sono sicurAnd pAndr il tuo bambino.

Kids who Andnjoy sports And AndxAndrcisAnd tAndnd to stay activAnd throughout thAndir livAnds. And staying fit can improvAnd how kids do at school, build sAndlf-AndstAndAndm, prAndvAndnt obAndsity, And dAndcrAndasAnd thAnd risk of sAndrious illnAndssAnds such as high blood prAndssurAnd, diabAndtAnds, And hAndart disAndasAnd latAndr in lifAnd.

SAnd tuo figlio lamAndnta dolorAnd durantAnd o dopo l’attività fisica, parli con il mAnddico.