How to impress a girl in high school

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Approaching a girl and starting up a conversation can be intimidating. Maybe you aren’t sure what to say or how to say it, causing you to become even more nervous. Thankfully, there are some simple things you can do to impress a girl in class without talking to her. Have a good attitude socially and academically, show your interest in her using nonverbal cues, and be your overall best both inside and out. Doing all this can catch a girl’s eye before you ever open your mouth.

How to impress a girl in high school

How to impress a girl in school? : The answer of this question is explained here. In this article I am going to tell you about the best way to impress a girl in school easily. So you are in high school now, and you like a girl and wish to impress her. Impressing someone isn’t that easy but isn’t that tough too. It all depends upon how to present yourself and how you don’t fake yourself.

How to impress a girl in school?

Here are the top 10 ways to impress a girl in school. Have a read.

1. Know about the girl properly

The first major step to impress the girl is to find out details about her. To find details doesn’t mean that invading her privacy but to know what is needed, such as her likes and dislikes, her hobbies, friends and favorite subjects. When you know such details about her, you can start to impress her by helping her in her favorite subjects, do the things she likes and much more. When a girl notices that you know her every details she will feel special and impressed.

How to impress a girl in high school

2. Eye contact

The second most important point to remember while impressing a girl is the eye contact. It all depends upon how you make an eye contact with her. Make your eyes speak. When she approaches you and shares her life problems with you, try to pay attention to her eyes closely showing her that you are really in whatever she says. But if you hesitate and move your eyes here and there she might feel ignored and may not like you. Girls love it when boys look into their eyes and listen patiently to them.

3. Be kind and caring

Girls love boys who are caring and kind. They tend to fall in for boys who show care to them. You can’t just always show off your physical looks and skills to impress a girl and be rude on the inside. Be gentle and kind towards every girl and help them with a smile, then only the girl you like will surely notice you. To impress the girl you like, help her during the rainy reasons when she forgets to bring her umbrella, share your umbrella with her, help her in home-works and class notes and hang around with her when she goes for shopping.

4. Be clean and properly dressed

Make sure that your school uniform isn’t dirty and your shoes aren’t stinking. This will make the girl go away from you. Shower daily, comb your hair nicely and wear your uniform in a decent way. Not necessary that the girl will get impressed if you do style with your uniform. Shoes are the first thing which a girl notices, so be sure that your shoes are polished and washed properly to avoid the stinking smell. An additional tip is, try to use a perfume which has a good attractive smell.

5. Be prominent in academics

A girl will notice you more when you are prominent in academics, have a good range of marks, be good in sports and be the smart one in class. Try to answer the questions asked during classes, take part in the sports activities and regularly do your home-work. Make sure to help her if she has any doubts regarding any subjects and also help her out in class assignments and projects. She is sure to get impressed by these activities.

How to impress a girl in high school

6. Make her laugh

Don’t be so serious and shy in front of her. Instead crack jokes and make her laugh. Make her feel special, don’t crack too lame jokes or don’t always take every conversation as a joke she might not like it. But make sure she is comfortable with you and laughs her heart out. Be sure to make her happy. Try to be a humorous and jovial person to her.

7. Hangout with her

Find out whichever she likes and ask her out to hangout with you in those places. A school girl usually loves to do shopping, be her shopping partner, help her out to choose which clothes suites her. After shopping, what girls are crazy about is food, buy her food like chocolates, and take her out on a lunch or dinner date or just in a nearby cafe to spend quality time with her. Most important is hangout with her after school, don’t just know her only in school but know her even outside school. You can even walk down with her and drop her home after school.

8. Ask your friends for advice

Don’t think yourself too much. Let your friends know about the girl you like and let them help you. Take advice from them, as they might know much better than you and can help you go with it. Be generous and friendly with your friends, it also depends on how you behave with your friends to impress her. A girl notices how you are treating your friends. This will show that rather than being introvert you’re a social person.

9. Search her out in social media

Another important way to impress her is to keep contact with her in social media. Search her out in social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram. Add her and then you can send her sweet messages and poems. You can even share poems and pictures in her wall along with wishing her good morning with a sweet text to make her feel special.

How to impress a girl in high school

But before doing anything it is a good habit that you ask her whether you can add her in social media. Doing such a thing without permission might make you feel like a stalker towards her.

10. Be self-confident

A girl will immediately start disliking you if you impress her way too much or fake everything. Show your real self to her and have self confidence in yourself. Don’t be like a pet to her; make sure you say about your own opinions and viewpoints. Learn to disagree if you are not okay with something. Do not start doing things or take up any hobbies which you don’t like just in order to impress her. What’s the point in doing things in which you are not happy but faking it. Girls always tend to see the real one. Fake things fade away soon. Now I hope you have got understood how to impress a girl in school.

Tis the season for high school reunions, right? So before you risk a run-in with your eternal crush—and blow it—read our advice.

How to impress a girl in high school

Q: My high school reunion is coming up. How do I impress that hot girl I always had an insane crush on?

A: They say old habits die hard, right? Crushes are the exact same way. They seem to linger I mean I still have a soft spot for the blonde cutie I played basketball with at recess everyday throughout elementary school, and then had a thing for on and off during high school… sigh. Sigh, sigh, SIGH. It was a frustrating time. Feel me?

If that scenario sounds familiar, here’s the deal: You can totally turn it around and have your shot. Maybe high school just wasn’t your time to connect with that gorgeous girl you had your eye on. Maybe you weren’t ready yet. Maybe she wasn’t. Maybe it would have ended in disaster back then. But everything happens for a reason, and perhaps now is your time. You’ve gotten better with age. You’re not that 15-year-old kid anymore—you know, the one hitting his head against a locker for missing yet another opportunity to say hi to her. You are confident, successful, attractive. Let’s own it, and turn on a little sincere charm, shall we?

But, wait! Just one thing before you make a bold move: Check for bling on that ring finger. If she’s married, keep walking. If you don’t spot a band, then it’s go time.

“The best way to make women melt is to approach them with confidence,” says dating expert Lauren Frances, author of Dating, Mating and Manhandling. “Walk up to her, and then look her right in the eye, smile, and say ‘Wow. You look even hotter than you did in high school.’ Then ask, ‘What do you drink?’ Smile! Lean in. ‘I want to hear everything. What’ve you been up to?’”

That’s right, boys. Really go for it. She’ll be awed by your change in confidence. I know it takes some courage, but bravery pays off in spades. When does the ultimate prize ever go to the knight with the timid heart? Girls aren’t that hard to win over. If you’re willing to put yourself out there, we know that takes effort. Our minds will tend to believe you’re deserving of us. So approach, converse, and then seal the deal.

“Confess, ‘When we were lab partners in biology, I was totally crushed out on you,’” says Frances. “See how she responds. If she smiles, blushes, or says she felt the same way too, carpe diem! Take control and say, ‘Give me your number, Dream Girl. I’m gonna take you out to dinner.’”

And then do it, for Pete’s sake, man. I insist. Take her out. Don’t waste any more precious time pining after her. Make her yours. Anything can happen, right? Maybe this reunion is where opportunity meets destiny.

About the hot girl: Claire Austen is a 20-something freelance writer, sports enthusiast, and polka-dot-lovin’ everygirl trying to bridge the gap between what men know about women and what women wish men knew. She gives smart, super-honest advice about your biggest dating and relationship conundrums.

9 Practical Tips on How to Impress Girls Without Talking .

Have you ever want to know how to impress girls without talking to them? You can look dazzlingly handsome and easily attract all the girls. But some of the more average looking guys could become a popular girl magnet as well. The secret is with the effort they put in to have an all-around nice personality and refreshing appearance. You have to be friendly, fun and approachable, then keeps up with your daily grooming and neat fashion. The most important thing is to gain respect from your peers.

The first thing that catches the ladies’ eyes is the way you look. Be it you have an interesting sense of fashion or the way you bring yourself to look all confident. This is not merely a thing for the adolescence, but when we cross into the adulthood too. It’s never easy to get every girl you want to be fawning over you.

We have some tips and suggestions to help you reach that goal one day!

9 Practical Tips on How to Impress Girls Without Talking to Them

Be clean.

There is nothing that turns women away faster than a sloppy look and body odor. If you want girls to be impressed with you, you better want them staying around you without being sick every five seconds. Then if you want them to be interested enough to start a conversation with you, looking good is going to be important. You can level up your looks with a well-groomed face, that’s having a shaven face, good hairstyle and, optionally, shaped eyebrows. With clothes, get a female friend to help you with the shopping. She knows what you need to wear to get the girls. Deodorant is necessary if you have a problem with body odor since the girls going to love you smelling all nice, deodorant is not a replacement for showers. Do properly take care of your own grooming.

Pay close attention to your clothes.

There is nothing worse than getting all the grooming above right and then wearing ill-fitting clothes. Often it's difficult to tell on your own. Get the assistance of a friend or sales associate to find what’s best for you and what doesn’t work at all. That second opinion is crucial to how you look in front of the girls.

From there, clothes should be tailored to reflect your personality. If you aren’t sure of what to wear, then just copy what those celebrities or models are wearing. Trendy and up-to-date clothes would leave a lasting impact on the ladies. Women love fashion after all. Although, don’t jump onto any fashion bandwagon you see, that is a trap for people with too much money to spare. Or you can just wear style that will never go away, such as dress shirt and jeans, as long as it is neat and dandy.

Be wary of the way you move.

Posture make you looks more important that you actually are. The way that you move or walk says a lot of your insecurities. Having an awareness of this raise up your stature among the ladies.

Walk slower with a more controlled movements. It might feel awkward at first but the more you get used to it the better. The actions will make you look more comfortable with yourself and the world.

Take up more space. You know how those gangsters walk with their limbs swinging widely? Same concept but tone it down. Stretch out your legs, stand straight and lean back. You are trying to mark a territory around your body.

The tone of your voice should be controlled too. It’s still a huge part of your body language. If you think you are talking too fast, slow it down and the volume should be steady.

Be the center of attention.

Say you want to a girl to pay attention to you, then you need to be the center of attention among your friends. Be fun and exciting, have people flock you, especially when trying to get that particular girl’s attention.

As counter-intuitive as it is, having a group of people attracts more attention than a single person skulking in the corner of the room. You are going to be the main pillar of the group, have your own presence that stands you apart from the crowd, the dapper clothes help, but it will be up to your infectious attitude.

Show off your talent.

You surely have something that you are special in or extremely good at. A hobby, a taste in music, maybe you are a foodie that or grew up in an interesting environment. It’s about time you use those qualities to your advantage. Women appreciate a unique men, something that differentiate a man greatly from another, something that leaves an impact, that you are your own person. At work, you want to be passionate and excels in your project. In high school, you must win competitions. These are a few things that set you apart and ones that get you the attention from the girls.


Generally speaking, girls of all ages would always go for the physically fit man. There is no need to be muscular like Arnold Swatchenager or the “Rock”, but a decently toned muscles leave a strong image. Not everyone is born handsome, but everyone could train their body into a good shape. Start today, leave time for an hour of gym daily. Fitness level and attracting girls come hand in hand. Not only are you taking care of your body, you are also looking more attractive. The effort is how you impress girls without talking to them.

Get to know one of her friends.

Scared of directly going for the girl you are trying to impress? Then don’t risk it as much by approaching one of her friends first. Get friendly with them, guy or girl, if they like you, they will probably get you with her eventually. It’s safer and makes you more approachable, you get to learn what she likes or dislikes from them too! Even if you failed to reach her, you are still going to meet some new friends.

Eye contact.

This is quite effective for how to impress girls without talking to them: Lock eyes with here, give a smile. Not too long, but just a brief passionate glance. She knows that you had her in mind and that leaves an impression. That window of opportunity comes rarely so seize it while you can. It’s shouldn’t be a stare but rather a glance, like that romantic moment in the movies where the time seems to stop. Don’t overdo it, however, she might just find you creepy. Approach her and introduce yourself instead.

Hang out in the same place.

Raise your chances of bumping into her by hanging out in the same area. If you knew where you are going to see her everyone now and then, make sure that you spend time there more. Like what I said above, get a group of friends along with you. Being in her favorite hangouts makes it more comfortable around you too.

We all know how intimidating it can be to talk to high-school girls. I used to be too afraid and self-conscious to even make eye contact for more than a couple of seconds with the pretty ones. No matter how hard I tried, I couldn't figure out how to impress them. But now, all that has changed. I can look at any high-school girl for as long as I want without getting nervous. I can have great conversations with them about all kinds of subjects. In fact, I feel totally comfortable around them—because after a quarter-century of racking my brain and studying them closely, I finally know exactly how high-school girls like to be treated.

Take it from me, if you want a high-school girl to like you, the most important thing you can do is listen. When a sophomore is telling me about her favorite music, I don't go on about the time I partied backstage with the Little River Band, or what a great song "Rosanna" is. I've found that if I give the girl the lead in a conversation, I learn something from her—like what she and her girlfriends are planning to do that weekend. Then I've got an opportunity to offer them a ride there, because if there's one thing high-school girls love, it's a guy with a set of wheels. Especially a convertible. Most boys their age can't afford anything nice yet, but I've got a career, and I paid cash for my '87 LeBaron. And a car like that never fails to turn a few heads around a high-school campus.

The mall is a really great place to meet a high-school girl if you don't have any classes with them. Girls really respond to confidence, so it's important that when you see one you like there, you approach her directly. Even if you're feeling shy on the inside, fake it. If you just lurk around the store where she likes to shop, it's going to make her uncomfortable. I learned that the hard way back in the '80s.

Just walk up to them and introduce yourself. It sounds silly, but it works. So much is about body language, so if you stand up straight, look them in the eyes, and take control, even the most unapproachable ones will suddenly seem innocent and vulnerable.

High-schoolers are dying for someone to compliment them on their hair, their makeup, their bodies. Remember, most girls at that age, no matter how cool they try to act, are still insecure. So a little attention goes a long way. I remember the very moment I figured that out, just before taking a redheaded 11th-grader to see Reality Bites, I knew I had really turned a corner.

The thing with school was that it got more interesting with every passing year. Yes, the pressure of academics increased but then, somewhere along our adolescent years, friendships became stronger, crushes started happening and the first flush of love entered our lives.

When girls started to apply a little kajal and guys started to put gel in their hair, just to impress each other. Because now, school was more than just books and notebooks.

In fact, getting the guy or girl you crushed on to give you a second look was of utmost priority. Nothing else mattered, anything else was of no consequence. And yet, with all the multiple restrictions, we tried our best.

Especially boys who’d go out of their ways to impress a girl. Just to make her smile. Because hasi toh fasi, right?

Here are 15 things every guy did in school, just to impress a girl. To all the girls reading this, you’d know adorably funny it was. And to all the boys reading this, how’s a little blast from the past?

1. Wearing low-waist trousers to look fashionable.

How to impress a girl in high schoolSource: disdehradun

2. Changing hairstyles everyday in the hopes of getting a compliment.

How to impress a girl in high schoolSource: usbmorissa

3. Being the first person to answer the questions in class.

An intelligent guy would always get the girls talking!

How to impress a girl in high schoolSource: youtube

4. Getting into fist-fights with boys just to prove your strength.

A macho man is every girl’s dream guy, is it?

How to impress a girl in high schoolSource: youtube

5. Trying to be a sports champion.

The basketball team captain was officially the hottest guy in school.

How to impress a girl in high schoolSource: credencehighschool

6. Contesting for the position of Head Boy.

How to impress a girl in high schoolSource: gemsoo

7. Befriending the friends of the girl you liked.

How to impress a girl in high schoolSource: amity

8. Talking to other girls in front of that ‘one’, just to make her feel jealous.

How to impress a girl in high schoolSource: apeejay

9. Using every opportunity just to sit next to her in class.

How to impress a girl in high schoolSource: scholarshipland

10. Defending her in front of the entire class.

If you stood up for her, she’d definitely give you attention.

How to impress a girl in high schoolSource: indianexpress

11. Staring at her in class instead of looking at the teacher.

How to impress a girl in high schoolSource: shrimoneymanagers

12. Going out to drink water at the same time as her.

How to impress a girl in high schoolSource: bookmyshow

13. Asking all your friends to take her name when she was around.

How to impress a girl in high schoolSource: dailyhunt

14. Getting a fancy phone to school just to up your ‘cool’ quotient.

How to impress a girl in high schoolSource: mba156

Even if you’re a confident guy, meeting a girl’s parents can strike some serious fear in you. It’s natural to worry about if they will like you and find you good enough to continue hanging out with their daughter. Although you can’t completely control their reactions to you, win them over by focusing on the basics.

Explore this article

1 Get to Know the Mind of a Parent

2 Understand that they

Understand that they want to make sure you are good enough for their daughter. They’ve probably always wanted the best for her. And they want the best people surrounding her as well. This includes you too, buster.

3 Know you

Know you are guilty until proven innocent. Guilty of what, you ask? Everything that reminds them that their daughter is growing up. To them, you’re a potential heart-breaker. And not only that, they think you probably have your mind in the gutter most of the time. This is unfair to you, of course. But this is how her parents may think of you.

4 Realize that parent s

Realize that parent’s aren’t politically correct when it comes to their daughters. So, you’re background will matter to them. They’ll want to know where you came from, what your family is generally like, and if you’re serious about school.

5 Use Advanced Charm Skills

6 Happen to have a daughter

Express interest in them as regular folks who happen to have a daughter you like. Ask them fairly boring questions like, “Where do you work?” and “Where are you from?” And try your best to be interested in their answers. Because once you know her dad’s an accountant, for example, you don’t want to mention that you hate math. At least, not the first time you meet them!

7 Stay and about their daughter

Stay positive and upbeat about their daughter. You know you like their daughter. And they know this, too. So, show them! You can say things like, “I’m sure you know how great your daughter is at tennis. Where did she get that from?” This shows her parents that you think she is special and you also know that they had a hand in making her the way she is.

8 Focus on being yourself

Focus on being yourself. Try not to impress them too much by exaggerating your accomplishments or appearing as if you come from a perfect family. Parents can see right through these tactics and will begin to wonder what you are hiding. Instead, focus on being genuinely warm with them and letting them catch a glimpse of who you really are as a person, suggests “How to Make a Great First Impression, Guaranteed” on the website YourTango. For example, if you struggle with the dreaded, “What do you want to be when you grow up?” question, answer it honestly. Say, “I’m still exploring my options, but one of my favorite subjects is history.”

So there’s this girl you want to impress. She could be that hot blonde you’ve been chasing for years, that cute redhead who sits next to you in class or that sexy brunette in the bar. It doesn’t matter. What matters is that you’re attracted to her and you want to do something about it. Which brings you to ask the question on your mind – how to impress women without being obvious about it?

Impressing women is counter-intuitive

The first thing you should know is that if you try and impress a woman, you won’t. Let me say that again: If you try and impress a woman you won’t. Why? Because as soon as you try to impress her, you’re acting differently from how you normally would around someone you’re not trying to impress. This subconsciously sends her the message that you don’t perceive yourself to hold enough value to naturally attract her – and if you don’t think you have any value, why should she?

How to impress a girl in high school

The secret to impressing women is to be an impressive guy. Now don’t give up straight away – every man has qualities that women find overpoweringly attractive. I want you to do the following.

Impressing Women

  • Stop and think about how much time and energy you spend pursuing women. This doesn’t just mean how much time you spend approaching and chatting to them – this also includes how much time you spend thinking about them, what you want from them and your plans to impress them. Most guys spend hours every day simply thinking about how they can impress women, without even realizing it.
  • Pretend that you already have everything you want from the women in your life. Imagine what your life would be like if you had what you wanted, whether it’s a constant stream of women entering your life, a healthy relationship, or something else entirely. Getting a woman is effortless for you, a task akin to breathing.
  • Find out what your new motivations are. Since you’re no longer using all of the time you spent pursuing women, what would you now be pursuing? Where does your ambition drive you now that you don’t need to impress women, now that you have everything you want and need from them? Passion is one of the the 100 things that attract women to men.
  • Pursue these new goals. What you’ve just done is found out what your life’s goal. Now, once you begin to attempt these new tasks, you may find out that it’s far more difficult than you anticipated, or that you don’t actually like doing it now that you’re devoting so much energy to it. That’s fine. Just do this exercise again and after a couple of times, you should find something that you enjoy doing in practically all your free time.

Now what was the point in doing all this? Well, a woman can easily tell when a man’s driving force is a woman, and to them it is not very attractive. When they meet someone who actually has a goal or a purpose that is more important to them than a woman’s approval, they find it insanely attractive. Nothing is more impressive to them than a man with ambition and direction. For more information on that, read what do girls look for in a guy.

The method

Of course, now that you have found out what it is that you truly love doing, should you rush out and immediately tell every woman you meet?

All you’ve done is turned your passion for this task into a cool story with which to impress her. Guys have a desire to spill out their life story at the drop of a hat. To really impress her will take something a lot of us find difficult – control. Hold back on the stories and details for a bit and listen to her. Show a genuine interest in what she has to say and what she’s sharing without constantly trying to think about what to say next. Eventually she’ll begin to wonder “Wow, this guy has listened to me for so long without trying to butt in. I wonder what he’s about.” Make her work to learn more about you and you’ll both get a lot more pleasure from it.

By adhering to these principles, you’ll soon find that you’re getting an increased amount of interest and respect from many more women in your life. By understanding what it is you’re really passionate about will lead to you having more interests in your life and well being while at the same time preventing you from placing excessive value on women and their approval. You will impress women by not talk endlessly about yourself and instead, slowly let them discover your life and your values. When you give a woman a chance to tell you about her life, she’ll be drawn to you because you’ll be one of the few that listens.

Straight women: how do you try to impress a guy?

Smile and hope that being somewhat conventionally attractive distracts him from how awkward I am.

How to impress women outside your social class?

I think the problem with you is that you’re arrogant and obnoxious, not that you didn’t grow up privileged.

How many of you would wear a zoot suit to impress women?

I’ll do anything to impress a woman!

Now what’s a zoot suit?

How can i stop trying to impress women?

I know it’s really hard to overcome pressure to perform, but I can guarantee you that both men and women feel this pressure (as a woman myself, I would sometimes get so nervous before dates that I would throw up. There’s a lot of pressure put on men, to be sure, but I think both genders have if difficult in different ways). The good and bad news is, many women are just as nervous as you are! I wouldn’t look at it as someone impressing the other, but more about how well you two click. You mention this girl is very different from you, and that’s not necessarily a bad thing, but neither of you should have to feel like you’re tiptoeing around each other, either. Try to relax as much as possible and be the best version of yourself (note- that still means being yourself!). If it’s meant to be, it’s meant to be, and the right woman won’t mind some awkward moments. Sometimes those turn out to be fond memories! I’ll give you an example. My boyfriend of two years is a very nerdy engineer. I think his nerdiness is cute and endearing. I’m also quite awkward, even when I try not to be (the first time I met my boyfriend, I told him he looked like my ex). On our first date, after being friends for a few months, I tried to kiss my boyfriend on the cheek and grabbed his hand to lean forward. My boyfriend thought I was trying to shake his hand. and shook my hand. :’) I thought it was cute and funny. Awkward isn’t always a bad thing!