How to heal your life

You should be the one telling yourself the things you need to hear. In honor of the queen of positive self-talk, here are some Louise Hay affirmations to help you heal and feel and live the way *you* want to. Your whole life will be living, breathing proof of how powerful your mind is.

“You have the power to heal yourself, and you need to know that. We think so often that we are helpless, but we’re not. We always have the power of our minds. Claim and consciously use your power.” — Louise Hay

Louise’s book You Can Heal Your Life marked the beginning of my work on healing. Here are my favorite affirmations of hers, including my own thoughts to expand upon each, to inspire how you heal.

1. “I do not fix problems. I fix my thinking. Then problems fix themselves.”

I align my thinking with ease before I try to solve any problem. This ease dissolves the problem so that I can handle it with less stress and greater grace.

2. “I am in the process of positive change.”

I’m in the process of whatever I want to change. I’m connected, right now, to whatever I want, because I’m on the path there.

3. “As I forgive myself, it becomes easier to forgive others.”

How I give to others is a direct extension of how I give to myself. I open myself to the possibility of forgiveness as a way of serving the greater good.

“It’s only a thought, and a thought can be changed.” — Louise Hay

4. “Nourishing myself is a joyful experience, and I am worth the time spent on my healing.”

I am worthy of the time I spend on my healing. I am allowed to heal, to feel better, and to honor the pain without getting stuck there.

5. “Whatever I need to know is revealed to me at exactly the right time.”

It’s okay not to know the whole story yet. Life is always on time and I don’t need to have all the answers to live freely in this moment. I am free to swim with the mystery of it all.

6. “I trust the process of life.”

When I trust life, I am full of life.

7. “I listen with love to my body’s messages.”

My body responds to the way I treat it, speak to it, and think of it. I nourish my body with healthy food and helpful thoughts. I speak to it like a friend, and so it is a friend.

8. “I am constantly discovering new ways to improve my health.”

I am open to new solutions and ways to heal. I have an open heart and an open mind. I’m willing to see what I wasn’t willing to see before. I’m willing to try new things and ask for help and give myself the grace of patience as I explore.

9. “I forgive myself for not being perfect.”

I am free to be who I am, to rediscover my potential, to find purpose, to explore ways I can improve my life. all from a place of “already enough,” “already whole,” “already worthy.”

10. “I am willing to change.”

I choose to believe that all is well, all in due time. I don’t need to force or rush anything. I can create space deep in my belly right now. I can make room for change to happen through me, naturally.

11. “I act as if I already have what I want — it’s an excellent way to attract happiness in my life.”

I think about what I love, so much that I have no room for anything less than love.

Which of these affirmations is your favorite?

Tell me in the comments. I read every single one, and I’d love to know!

P.S. Tell yourself the things you need to hear. Get my book Morning Affirmations for hope and possibility first thing in the morning. Get my book Sleep Affirmations to fall asleep knowing you’re exactly who you need to be, here and now, flaws and all.

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I lv this I am in the process of positive change…. I trust the prose of life when I trust life I am full of life

Radhika, thank you so much for sharing your favorite with me! I’m glad this helped you. Louise was wonderful 🙂 and going with the flow ALWAYS feels better, and things tend to work out better when we trust more and stress less… it’s hard but when you feel it, it’s a game changer xo Jen

Whatever i need to know is revealed to me at the right time.
As I am knowledge thirsty as well perfectionist, to me not knowing is a big lack. But this affirmation made me grounded and relaxed too. Now I am able go with the flow and trust the life process.

How To Heal Your Life?

Healing your life is one of the most challenging task one can ever face. However, it is difficult but not impossible. One always needs a proactive approach for better progress in the life journey.

Here is a list of a few habits that can heal your life quite effectively; and increase the rate of your success in the long run.

Digital Minimalism

Nowadays, most of us spend a massive amount of time on social media like Facebook, Twitter, or YouTube. You must ask what the sole purpose of this social media consumption is. How much you are learning from this time. If you are watching lectures on YouTube, then well and good; otherwise, it is just a waste of time. It must be avoided at all costs.

Keeping in touch with friends and family is great; however, one should not spend hours productive hours just to waste on some social media app. Time wasting for a day or to is not bad but in the long run, it can lead to many illnesses.

For example, an addiction to video game is rising in the youth around the world. There should. It is making harm to young talent around the globe. Therefore, one should not make a compromise on health on account of the pleasures. According to an estimate, one-third of the world’s population is suffering from eye disease and, watching a screen for a longer period is one of the major factors.

In my opinion, these problems can only be resolved by making awareness among youngsters. Therefore, they can utilise their time for the betterment of their career and wellbeing in the long run.

How to Heal your Life with Self-Forgiveness Written by Jafree Ozwald Self-forgiveness carries a powerful energy that can completely transform your being and your life. Forgiving yourself is all about clearing away the weight of your past that you have been carrying inside your heart. When your heart is liberated, it creates a space for you to receive love again. As forgiveness floods your being, you will naturally feel more joyful, peaceful and empowered to manifest what you truly desire. The more deeply you forgive yourself, the lighter and higher your vibration will grow, and the easier it will be to manifest anything your imagination can dream.

“To forgive is the highest, most beautiful form of love. In return, you will receive untold peace and happiness.”

Forgiving yourself is one of the most beautiful gifts you can give yourself. When you forgive yourself for something you have done, or regretted doing in the past, you’re sending a warm blanket of gentle love all throughout your being. You’re letting in an all encompassing healing energy that takes you over completely. You are loving yourself unconditionally, even though you may have done something that your ego judges as wrong. The truth is that whenever you are striving to be that perfect being, it just implies that you’re not there yet. Your true essence is already Divine. You already are a child of the God-Source, and will always be that. Everything you have done in the past has been guided by this Infinite Divine presence that you are. So you are perfection itself, which requires no effort to maintain at all. Therefore forgiving yourself is simply honoring the Divine Being that you are now, and accepting every part of you that appears to be unlovable.

“There is only one species of forgiveness… self-forgiveness.”

You deserve to be liberated from all pain. You have the ability to let go of any self-judgment or self-abuse that keeps resurfacing from deep inside. All self-defeating feelings and thoughts just lower your vibrational field, and keep you stuck in constantly punishing yourself. To stop this pattern simply notice those thoughts and feelings that free you! Whatever you focus on grows, so pay attention to the thoughts that open your heart and allow you to feel expansive. The more you practice this, the easier it becomes to naturally feel loved, liberated and truly at peace. So pause in that moment you find yourself sending negative energy towards yourself, and choose to practice gentleness and acceptance instead. You’ll start to soften and open to being able to know this Divine Being that you are.

“Self-forgiveness is essential to self-healing.”

Ruth Carter Stapleton

Here are 3 powerful steps to heal yourself with the power of self-forgiveness:

1. Make a self-forgiveness list. Write down everything that you did in the past that your heart still feels heavy about or is still holding onto. Include EVERYTHING you can think of. Make it a very extensive and exhaustive list. Include any judgments from others that you have taken on and feel heavy even thinking about. If you’re feeling someone’s judgment of you, then you are letting in judgmental negative energy. This is an opportunity to forgive yourself for doing so. Write down anything that makes your heart heavy in any way. 2. Have an inner dialogue with your wounded self Take the first item on your list and imagine you are meeting with that “wounded part” in a special healing room. Picture this “old wounded you” is sitting right across from you, then ask what they would most like to heal. Let your wounded self respond. Allow this part of you to express everything it needs to say. Continue dialoguing with this part until it has released all of the negativity that you have held for years. Continue listening until it feels complete, then let this wounded self know that it is loved deeply and has always been loved. Allow the energy from the healing room to suffuse the cells of this old part. Support this part by remaining curious about why it acted the way it did. Then forgive your wounded self by saying something out loud like, “I forgive you completely for everything that you did. I understand why you did it, and realize that you just didn’t have the wisdom I do now. I will always love you.” Once you experience this dialogue, you will naturally feel differently about this past event. Then, go through each item on your forgiveness list until you have freed every part from the burden it was carrying. 3. Practice forgiving others Self-forgiveness comes naturally into your heart the more accepting you are with others. As you make peace with other people’s issues, the energies of compassion and empathy grow within yourself, and for yourself. Those around you who are still carrying burdens from their past will feel lighter in your presence each time they see you. They will remember your level of acceptance and forgiveness, which again allows you to feel lighter about you! As you practice forgiving those closest to you, you’ll find you are creating a more peaceful world every where you go. In a short while, all you’ll see is a world filled with lightness. “Our capacity to make peace with another person and with the world depends very much on our capacity to make peace with ourselves.”

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Dr. Patricia J. Crane, President and co-founder of Heart Inspired Presentations, first became interested in Louise Hay’s philosophies in 1985 after reading

How to heal your life

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Louise Hay On How To Overcome Your Fears

How to heal your life

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Fear is becoming rampant on the planet. We can see it every day in the news. Fear is a lack of trust in ourselves, and because of this, we don’t trust Life. We don’t trust that we’re being taken care of on a higher level, so we feel we must control everything from the physical level. Obviously, we’re going to feel fear because we can’t control everything in our lives.

Trust is what we learn when we want to overcome our fears. It’s called “taking a leap of faith” and trusting in the Power within that’s connected to Universal Intelligence. Remember, the Power that supplies our breath is the same Power that created the Universe.

You’re one with all of Life. The more you know how to love yourself and trust Life, the more that Life will love you, support you, and guide you. You can trust in that which is invisible, instead of trusting only in the physical, material world. I’m not saying that we do nothing, yet if we have trust, we can go through life much easier. We need to trust that we’re being taken care of, even though we’re not physically in control of everything that’s happening around us.

Fear limits our minds. People have so much fear about getting sick or becoming homeless or so many other things. Anger is fear that has become a defense mechanism. It protects us, yet it would be so much more powerful if we stop reevaluating fearful situations in our minds and love ourselves through the fear. We’re at the center of everything that happens in our lives. Every experience, every relationship, is the mirror of a mental pattern that we have inside us.

One of my favorite writers, Susan Jeffers, has a marvelous CD called Feel the Fear and Do It Anyway. In it, she states: “If everybody feels fear when approaching something totally new in life—yet so many are out there doing it despite the fear—then we must conclude that fear is not the problem.” She goes on to say that the real issue is not the fear, but how we hold the fear.

At any moment you have the opportunity of choosing love or fear. In moments of fear, I remember the sun. It’s always shining even though clouds may obscure it for a while. Like the sun, the One Infinite Power is eternally shining its light upon me, even though clouds of negative thinking may temporarily obscure it. I choose to remember the Light. And you can, too. Feel secure in the Light. When the fears come, choose to see them as passing clouds in the sky, and let them go on their way.

Affirm: I am not my fears. It is safe for me to live without guarding and defending myself all the time. When I feel afraid, I open my heart and let the love dissolve the fear.

Love is the opposite of fear. The more we’re willing to love and trust who we are, the more we attract those qualities to ourselves. When we’re on a streak of really being frightened or upset or worried or not liking ourselves, isn’t it amazing how everything goes wrong in our lives? It’s the same when we really love ourselves. Everything starts to go on a winning streak, and we get the green lights and the parking spaces. We get up in the morning and the day flows beautifully.

We need to love ourselves so that we can take care of ourselves. We have to do everything we can to strengthen our hearts, our bodies, and our minds. We must turn to the Power within, find a good spiritual connection, and really work on maintaining it.

Here are some of my favorite affirmations for releasing fears. Give them a try:

  • I am willing to release my fears.
  • I live and move in a safe and secure world.
  • I free myself from all destructive fears and doubts.
  • I accept myself and create peace in my mind and heart.
  • I rise above thoughts that attempt to make me angry or afraid.
  • I release the past with ease and trust the process of life.
  • I am willing to release the need for this protection.
  • I am now willing to see only my magnificence.
  • I have the power to make changes.
  • I am always divinely protected.

To learn more about loving yourself and letting go of your fears, see my book, The Essential Louise Hay Collection, which features my best selling books, You Can Heal Your Life, Heal Your Body, and The Power is Within You.

Heal Your Life

In a time when so many of us are plagued with anger, fear, anxiety, feeling worthless and separated from love, the teachings in these podcasts can guide you to transmute these experiences into love and wholeness. By expanding the love within ourselves we become a beacon of love for those around us and for the planet. This is the highest Yoga and a new way of Love which is all inclusive. You’ll learn how to operate the mind through the heart and how when we harmonize all of our aspects, the heart becomes a six pointed star, a place of healing like it was meant to be.

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When you fly on an airplane, the flight attendant instructs you to put your oxygen mask on first, before helping anyone else around you. It may not make any sense to you at first but then realization comes that you can only help others when you are fit and healthy yourself. If you collapsed on the plane due to oxygen deprivation, you would be of no use to anyone anymore. That’s why you should take care of yourself first and put on your oxygen mask before attending to others.

Oddly enough, a similar principle can be applied to our everyday lives. There will certainly be times in your life when you need to give more support to your family and friends or focus more on your work activities for various reasons; however, if you are continuously sacrificing yourself to other people, you may fall in a trap of neglecting your own needs and desires. There is a difference between help and support we give to others we share our lives with and becoming a victim of our own circumstances.

Some people may think it is rather selfish to appreciate themselves and recognise their needs as important as their family, friends, work and everything else they feel they need to give priority to on the day-to-day and moment-to-moment basis. So, they sacrifice their dreams and heart desires in the name of the good of other people as there is always somebody in more need of help and attention than them. Time passes by and they continue to rush about their lives rather oblivious of who they truly are deep in their heart and what their life purpose really is.

A massive wake up call for many people is very often a serious illness which strikes them unexpectedly in between a business lunch, holiday abroad and birthday dinner. In the moment of blind panic and fear they often ask: Why me? What caused it? What now? They appear to be blissfully unaware of the fact that a disease is not usually something that occurs out of the blue and most probably it has taken them many years of hard unpaid work to get ill. Why? The main reason is because they have always ignored their needs, passions and desires and never put themselves first. They couldn’t grasp the idea that making themselves happier would help make people happier as well. Falling ill may be a real eye opener to many.

A mountain of unfulfilled dreams, disappointed expectations, unexpressed feelings and hidden regrets collected meticulously throughout years has eventually taken its toll and here we have- an illness comes along. People don’t often see the correlation between the physical ailments and their emotional as well as mental states. They tend to perceive any type of disease as an obstacle or disturbance which usually ruins their life as they know it and makes them change in some way; however, in actual fact, an illness may be a valuable lesson that has occurred to teach them to start paying close attention to their life journey and appreciating it.

In the conventional medicine model any type of disease is usually associated with some sort of body malfunction, chemical imbalance or microbe infection, manifesting at the physical level which is corrected with surgery or medication. The new emerging notion of energy medicine recognises the fact that a human being is a dynamic energy system which is continuously fed by life force energy often called prana or chi, and that any imbalance in the physical body is caused by an underlying energetic block or disturbance. Many different factors can affect the correct flows of life energy to the organs and cells in the body such as difficult emotions, dysfunctional mental patterns or unhealthy ways of relating to ourselves and other people etc. These need to be healed and corrected at the energetic level to influence the change in the physical body. Therapies such as Energy Field Healing and Quantec therapy can help realign the vital energy flows in the energy field.

In my healing clinic, I often get asked by clients how long it takes to heal a particular condition or problem and I have to say I am unable to answer the question. There is no quick and easy fixes when it comes to healing. Healing is about first getting to know ourselves and stopping for a moment to explore our life circumstances. It is critical to understand that healing in any sense- physical, emotional, mental and spiritual- is a journey, not an episode and takes time. In some clients it happens quicker, in others, slower. It depends on individual circumstances.

It also important to stress that a healer doesn’t ‘fix’ their clients as some people may think; the healer is a facilitator of the healing process and part of their role is to guide the client towards understanding of their problems and then help them heal. Healing depends on a client and their individual circumstances. The client makes a decision to address their own issues or not and decides on the speed of the process as they may not be ready to release a wound or trauma at the time. It is not a competitive race, no one comes first or last. The quality counts. It is vital to take time with it to understand a deeper value of life, our problems, what caused them in the first place and how to move forward.

In some clients healing process may be hindered by an underlying secondary gain of actually remaining ill, e.g., family and friends’ attention or extra help they can get. In such circumstances the client needs to make a choice whether healing is in their best interest at the time or they wish to continue with their life as it is.

It may also come as a surprise that our attitudes towards healthcare and self limiting beliefs can affect the effectiveness of healing, too. If we truly believe that only traditional medicine can help i.e. a physical form of healing, then ‘other stuff’ certainly won’t be as effective and vice versa. So, it is equally important to check how we feel about a particular therapy and whether we have any assumptions or bias towards it before we embark on our healing journey.

And when we finally set on our healing journey, we need to accept the fact that it will change our lives forever and nothing will be the same anymore. As a result, we will discover a different side of ourselves; we will become a conscious human being in a deeper sense. Hence, healing is also a choice we need to make if we really care about ourselves, wish to change our life for the better and find its real meaning. When you start healing you life, you’ll notice that positive change radiates out and reaches people around you as well- “like a butterfly that beats its wings in one corner of the globe and with that single action changes the weather halfway across the world.” Choose to heal your life today so you can help change others and be the change you want to see in the world.

Life provides suffering, healing requires help.

Whether you saw it it coming or didn’t, the feeling is the same: You’re devastated. You gasp at your vulnerability and wonder, “Why did this happen?

Life dishes up so many hardships: heartbreak, illness, injury, death, abandonment. Though we may share similar experiences, every hurt is personal. No matter how many times well-meaning people say, “We understand,” they don’t. You may even resent them for trying.

As a psychotherapist, I’ve sat with many wounded people. I witness their pain and do my best to make space for it. Even when they cry out, “Why did this happen?” I try not to engage in reactive comforting. Advice or quick answers always feel false, even insulting, when someone is deeply hurt.

Suffering as a Teacher

After nearly 25 years practicing psychotherapy, this is what I’ve learned: When you’re viciously knocked down by life, don’t get right back up. Like tripping and falling, you have the impulse to rise and start moving again. But ignoring a serious injury will make it worse. Pain demands attention; it needs to acknowledged and embraced before you can move on.

Amanda’s Story

When I met Amanda, she had just suffered one of the worst wounds: the death of her young child. For weeks, in individual sessions, she sat in silence, detached and stoic. “Tears won’t bring my daughter back,” she said flatly, as she carried on working at finance job that she resented and avoided her grief.

When I asked her to attend one of my adult groups, she scoffed, “Pointless.” But, with a little prodding, she agreed. “I’ll do it for you,” she sighed, “But it’s a waste of time.”

During her first group session, when asked why she was in therapy, she exhaled and replied, “My daughter. she. my daughter….

Suddenly Amanda couldn’t speak. She couldn’t find words. She struggled to swallow her grief and choke down her tears.

It was a mistake to come here. Sorry.

When she stood up and gathered her belongs to leave, an intuitive woman reached out and said, warmly,

I lost a child too.

Suddenly Amanda fell back into her seat and let her tears flow. She cried long and hard, gasping for air as the group made room for her pain. In the weeks that followed, she looked forward to group sessions. Slowly, with the group’s help, she realized that the best way to honor her daughter was to find a new way to embrace life.

What to Do After You’ve Been Emotionally Hurt

I count myself among the heartbroken. I have nursed the dying, lost loved ones, suffered heartbreak. I have cried alone on the street, in my office, sometimes with friends and family, sometimes with patients. I tried to dodge heartache but, like everyone, it eventually found me. It’s one of life’s cruel certainties.

How to Support Your Healing Process

1. Honor Your Pain. Avoidance of pain increases it. To heal, you must pass through the doorway of grief. Emotional wounds are beyond “sadness”; they’re felt in the depths of your being. Honor your pain; don’t run from it. Unplug, put time aside to reflect, and give yourself permission to grieve. If well-meaning people push you to “Get over it,” ignore them. Time and patience are key to recovery. Surround yourself with friends who understand that.

2. Reach Out. Being alone is part of healing, but long periods of isolation are unhealthy. Deep pain always brings out personal demons, such as blaming yourself, embracing victimhood, or bitterness. Such choices breed entrapment, not freedom. Reach out to friends, find support groups or twelve-step programs, seek comfort in prayer, meditation, or philosophy—whatever brings you peace of mind. Instead of longing for a miracle, create one.

3. Take a Break. It’s important to take a break from your pain, and engage in healthy compartmentalization. Everyone finds relief in different ways. Some find it creative activities such as writing, reading, music, art, or movies. Others find it in movement such as dance, hiking, long walks, etc. Choose a task that allows you to escape by stepping into another reality, even if it’s only for a few moments. Don’t fret: Your pain will be waiting for you when you get back, but you’ll be better fortified, rested, and ready to face it.

4. Learn from It. I’ve heard it said that the road to wisdom is paved with suffering. Reflecting, exploring, and pondering, without self-attack or blame, opens you up to greater understanding and compassion for yourself and others. An attitude of learning will help you unearth value in the experience. You may also discover a curious new freedom: Recovering from an emotional trauma or heartbreak makes you stronger, wiser, and more resilient.

5. Move On. Some people allow suffering to define them, shape them and, ultimately, rob of them of living. Many years ago, I was invited to attend a wedding between two widows in their 90’s. Every person who attended was deeply moved, not by the service, but by the spirit of the couple to keep living. After you give yourself time to grieve and mourn, after you reach out to others for support and make space for your recovery, you have to make a decision: Will you allow emotional pain hold you back or will you decide to use it to propel you in a new direction?

Years after finishing her group therapy, Amanda phoned to update me on her life. She left her bank job and acquired a degree in early childhood education. She was working at the elementary school that her daughter was to attend before she died. When I asked Amanda how she was feeling, she replied simply, “I still miss her. But I have so many children to care for now. I like to imagine that my daughter, wherever she is, is very proud of her mom.

Facebook image: Syda Productions/Shutterstock