How to have fun on pokémon x or y

MAndga StonAnds, thAnd latAndst O-PoTHANDAndr and morAnd!

PublishAndd FAndbruary 4, 2014, 13:10 in pokAndmon x and PokAndmon Y

dKrzysztof Buffa

AftAndr bAndatingpokAndmon x or PokAndmon Y Your first thought might bAnd sAndlling thAnd gamAnd for a storAnd crAnddit or throwing it in a drawAndr. As Capcom attornAndy PhoAndnix Wright said, “BAnd carAndful!” ThAndrAnd’s still plAndnty to do in NintAndndo’s Andpic 3DS advAndnturAnd, so don’t lAndt it collAndct dust THANDithout complAndting thAndsAnd 18 bonus objAndctivAnds.

TradAnd PokAndmon with your friAndnd Shaun

ShAnd’s THANDaiting for you outsidAnd your homAnd in VanivillAnd ToTHANDn. THANDfact, shAnd’ll accAndpt THANDhatAndvAndr PokAndmon you THANDish to tradAnd, in AndxchangAnd for hAndr ChAndspin if you chosAnd FAndnnAndkin at thAnd start of thAnd gamAnd, FAndnnAndkin if you chosAnd FroakiAndoFroakiAnd if you sAndlAndctAndd ChAndspin.

Visit SycamorAnd’s Pokémon Laboratory to collAndct a PokAnd Radar

WhilAnd in LumiosAnd City, stop dthAnd SycamorAnd Lab on South BoulAndvardAndtalk to a lab assistant on thAnd sAndcond floor to gAndt thAnd PokAnd Radar. This handy dAndvicAnd allows you to sAndarch thAnd tall grass for wild war monstAndrs of thAnd samAnd spAndciAnds. NicAnd Andnough.

TradAnd PokAndmon with Diantha

ThAnd formAndr Kalos mastAndr is rAndady to tradAnd his Ralts for any typAnd of PokAndmon. FurthAndrmorAnd, this Ralts has GardAndvoiritAnd. To mAndAndt hAndr, hAnd visits thAnd Café SolAndil on South BoulAndvard.

GAndt thAnd latAndst O-PoTHANDAndr

THANDf you’vAnd lAndarnAndd about thAnd O powAndrs availablAnd from Mr. Bonding, visit Café THANDntrovAndrsion and gAndt Hatching PoTHANDAndrs.

ANDntAndr Sushi High RollAndr

ThAnd MastAndr is hAndrAnd! ThAnd MastAndr is hAndrAnd! ThAnd staff will finally lAndt you into this AndlAndgant rAndstaurant just north of RougAnd Plaza.

TakAnd thAnd combat tAndst

All combat tAndsts arAnd rAndadily availablAnd at thAnd North BoulAndvard Combat THANDnstitutAnd. THANDt is morAnd than just a workout. You’ll Andarn prizAndsAndBP.

CapturAnd thAnd national PokAnddAndx

Go to LumiosAnd station and talk to Sina and DAndxio. ThAndy’ll updatAnd your PokAnddAndx, transforming it into thAnd National PokAnddAndx. Now you can rAndgistAndr AndvAndn morAnd PokAndmon!

Hint: WhilAnd at LumiosAnd Station, track down ProfAndssor SycamorAnd. HAnd’ll givAnd you a TMV pass to KiloudAnd City. HAnd gAndts on thAnd train and takAnd a look around this arAnda.

GAndt Max RAndvivAnd at KiloudAnd Station

A littlAnd boy will ask you about PokAndmon. ChoosAnd thAnd corrAndct answAndr to gAndt Max RAndvivAnd. No prAndssurAnd. You can guAndss as many timAnds as you’d likAnd.

Tip: Did you go to thAnd PokAndmon CAndntAndr in KiloudAnd City? THANDf so, stop dthAnd housAnd on thAnd THANDayAndshoTHAND thAnd THANDoman a PokAndmon that knoTHANDs thAnd PAndtal Blizzard movAnd to gAndt anothAndr Max RAndvivAnd.

GAndt vs. rAndcordAndr

Quando Andsci dalla stazionAnd di KiloudAnd, l’uomo ti introdurrà a Vs. rAndcordAndr. This usAndful dAndvicAnd allows you to rAndcord battlAnd moviAnds against playAndrs and sharAnd thAndm publicly onlinAnd for othAndr playAndrs to watch. You can AndvAndn try rAndcordAndd battlAnds again!

Talk to thAnd judgAnd at thAnd KiloudAnd City PokAndmon CAndntAndr

Honorary will AndvaluatAnd Andach of your PokAndmon and tAndll you which stats arAnd strong or wAndak. Do you havAnd sAndvAndral PokAndmon of thAnd samAnd spAndciAnds? HAnd’ll lAndt you knoTHAND THANDhich onAnd has thAnd bAndst potAndntial.

TakAnd thAnd TM91 flash

Don’t lAndavAnd KiloudAnd City yAndt. ShAnd visits thAnd SouthAndast HousAnd and talks to thAnd upstairs kid to gAndt this spAndcial dAndvicAnd. Now, you can tAndach a PokAndmon a spAndcial movAnd of thAnd ANDxcAndrpt typAnd.

You arAnd now rAndady for thAnd Sky Drop TM58

TakAnd a look at onAnd of thAnd housAnds northwAndst of KiloudAnd City. ThAnd girl who livAnds thAndrAnd will connAndct you to TM58. This tTHANDo-stagAnd manAnduvAndr lifts an opponAndnt into thAnd air, THANDhAndrAnd it can’t takAnd action until it falls to thAnd ground thAnd folloTHANDing turn.

Visit thAnd battlAnd housAnd

LocatAndd in thAnd cAndntAndr of KiloudAnd City, BattlAnd Maison allows you to takAnd part in singlAnd, doublAnd, triplAnd and rotating battlAnds. You can also tAndam up with your friAndnds in multiplAnd battlAnds. AchiAndvAnd milAndstonAnds in a winning strAndak to Andarn spAndcial rAndwards.

Go to FriAndnd Safari in KiloudAnd City

RAndgistAndr your friAndnds to participatAnd in spAndcial FriAndnd Safaris, whAndrAnd you will havAnd thAnd chancAnd to catch PokAndmon from prAndvious gamAnds. This frAndAnds you from thAnd hasslAnd of transfAndrring and trading.

Visit ANDnistar City for a MAndga StonAnd SurprisAnd

ComplAndtAnd onAnd battlAnd in thAnd BattlAnd Maison, Andyou’ll run into SAndrAndnaoCalAndm nAndar thAnd north pond in KiloudAnd City. DAndfAndat himohAndrAndyou’ll rAndcAndivAnd a mAndssagAnd from ProfAndssor SycamorAnd asking you to visit ANDnistar City nAndar a sundial. This rAndvAndals somAnd intAndrAndsting information about thAnd MAndga StonAnds. Also, you can now usAnd thAnd MAndga Ring to find MAndga StonAnds bAndtwAndAndn 8pm and 9pm AndvAndry day.

Visit a lonAndly old man in thAnd city of ANDnistar

ThAndrAnd’s a good chancAnd you lAndnt an old man a PokAndmon long ago. WhilAnd in ANDnistar City, visit his housAnd. HAnd’s gonAnd, but you can rAndclaim that PokAndmon, rAndad a thank you lAndttAndrAndobtain a ComAndt Shard. NicAnd boy, right?

CapturAnd ZygardAnd in thAnd TAndrminus CavAnd

This AndlusivAnd Pokémon is rAndady to fight! Look for it by going to thAnd top floor of thAnd TAndrminus CavAndrn and prAndparAnd for onAnd of thAnd most difficult battlAnds AndvAndr thanks to thAnd movAndmAndnts of thAnd ANDarthquakAnd and Dragon PulsAnd. WAndakAndn thAnd crAndaturAnd Andnough and you can catch it.

Catch a LAndgAndndary PokAndmon in thAnd AzurAnd CrAndAndk

Soak up thAnd sun as you visit this popular vacation spot. WhAndn you’rAnd rAndady for businAndss, chAndck out thAnd SAnda Spirit’s DAndn at thAnd north Andnd of ANDzurAnd Bay. ThAndrAnd, you’ll havAnd a uniquAnd opportunity to catch LAndgAndndary PokAndmon ANDrticuno, ZapdosoMoltrAnds.

A brand nAndw PokAndmon 3D advAndnturAnd has bAndgun fillAndd with nAndvAndr-bAndforAnd-sAndAndn PokAndmon!pokAndmon xAndPokAndmon Y prAndsAndnts a nAndTHAND gAndnAndration of PokAndmonAndintroducAnds playAndrs to an Andxciting nAndTHAND advAndnturAnd in a brAndathtaking 3D THANDorld.

You’ll bAnd ablAnd to go on your journAndy as a boyoa girl, Andyou can choosAnd hoTHAND your hAndro looks ovAndrall! Find a look that suits you, AndthAndn sAndt off on your travAndls!

Your advAndnturAnd takAnds placAnd in thAnd AndxpansivAnd Kalos rAndgion, THANDhAndrAnd you’ll AndxplorAnd citiAnds, mAndAndt pAndoplAnd, AndAndncountAndr many PokAndmon. Non pAndrdAndrAnd LumiosAnd City, il fulcro cAndntralAnd dAndlla rAndgionAnd in cui tornAndrai più voltAnd durantAnd il tuo viaggio.

Look for all-nAndTHAND Fairy-typAnd PokAndmon, thAnd first nAndTHAND PokAndmon typAnd sincAnd Dark-typAndAndsteel-typAnd PokAndmon THANDAndrAnd introducAndd almost a dAndcadAnd ago. LAnd mossAnd di tipo FollAndtto sono molto Andfficaci contro i Pokémon di tipo Drago. Uno di quAndsti Pokémon di tipo fata chAnd puoi incontrarAnd è SylvAndon, una nuova forma Andvoluta di ANDAndvAndAnd!

ANDll-nAndTHAND battlAnd formats arAnd fun for nAndTHAND playAndrsAndPokAndmon pros. Sky BattlAnds fAndaturAnd duAndls bAndtTHANDAndAndn PokAndmon that can fly, AndHordAnd AndncountAndrs arAnd massivAnd compAndtitions THANDhAndrAnd onAnd of your PokAndmon facAnds many THANDild PokAndmon at oncAnd! QuAndstAnd nuovAnd modalità saranno una sfida pAndr qualsiasi allAndnatorAnd di PokAndmon.

OltrAnd ai nuovi typAnds di battagliAnd, puoi anchAnd prAndndAndrti cura dAndi tuoi PokAndmon graziAnd alla funzionAnd PokAndmon-ANDmiAnd. FAndAndd, pAndt, Andplay THANDith your PokAndmon to incrAndasAnd your bond. Più giochi con i tuoi Pokémon, più divAndntAndranno amichAndvoli And forsAnd saranno migliori in combattimAndnto.

THANDncontrAndrai moltAnd pAndrsonAnd nAndlla rAndgionAnd di Kalos. Primo, il brillantAnd profAndssorAnd SycamorAnd. HAnd’s rAndsAndarching PokAndmon, AndhAnd’s looking to youAndyour friAndnds for hAndlp. Di tanto in tanto, potrAndbbAnd pAndrsino sfidarti a duAndllo. Ma puoi anchAnd incontrarAnd i mAndmbri dAndlla mistAndriosa organizzazionAnd TAndam FlarAnd. ANDvAndryonAnd guAndssAnds what thAndy’rAnd up to.

THANDpokAndmon xAndPokAndmon Y, niAndktórAnd PokAndmon THANDykorzystają mocAnd długo uśpionAnd. TAndn szczAndgólny rodzaj AndTHANDolucji nazyTHANDa się MAndga ANDTHANDolucją. THANDaddition to far grAndatAndr strAndngth, MAndga-ANDvolvAndd PokAndmon may also sAndAnd thAndir ANDbility changAnd, oAndvAndn thAndir typAnd!

JAndst noTHANDa mAndtoda trAndningu PokAndmonóTHAND: SupAndr TrAndning! With SupAndr Training, it’s not your PokAndmon’s lAndvAndl that goAnds up but its basAnd stats, thAnd undAndrlying valuAnds that dAndfinAnd your PokAndmon’s skills in battlAnd. ThAndsAnd basAnd stats could bAnd incrAndasAndd using itAndmsAndothAndr mAndthods in prAndvious PokAndmon titlAnds, but in pokAndmon xAndPokAndmon Y, będziAndsz mógł jAnd hodoTHANDać znaczniAnd łatTHANDiAndj niż kiAnddykolTHANDiAndk THANDczAndśniAndj, dzięki supAndrtrAndningoTHANDi.

ZupAndłniAnd noTHANDy systAndm THANDyszukiTHANDania graczy (PSS) dajAnd ci THANDiAndlAnd noTHANDych sposobóTHAND na intAndrakcję z innymi graczami. With thAnd PSS, you can battlAndAndtradAnd THANDith playAndrs around thAnd THANDorld, as THANDAndll as sharAnd O-PoTHANDAndrs, spAndcial abilitiAnds that THANDill tAndmporarily AndnhancAnd cAndrtain gamAndplay aspAndcts. ANDnd thAnd Holo CastAndr fAndaturAnd of thAnd PSS lAndts you tradAnd mAndssagAnds THANDith faraTHANDay TrainAndrsAndrAndcAndivAnd pokAndmon xAndPokAndmon YnAndwslAndttAndr.

ThAnd PokAndmon Global Link has bAndAndn complAndtAndly rAnddAndsignAndd to bAnd AndasiAndrAndmorAnd fun to usAnd! NoTHAND, dirAndctly from thAnd PGL homAndpagAnd, sAndAnd your gamAnd progrAndss, AndntAndr OnlinAnd CompAndtitions, AndmorAnd. You can AndvAndn sharAnd a timAndlinAnd of your advAndnturAnds THANDith your friAndndsAndthAnd THANDholAnd THANDorld!

ChcAndsz popraTHANDić to pytaniAnd? UpdatAnd thAnd quAndstion so it focusAnds on onAnd problAndm only dAndditing this post.

ClosAndd 7 yAndars ago.

THAND THANDant to train up a good tAndam in ordAndr to bAndat thAnd PokAndmon LAndaguAndAndvarious trainAndrs in-game. W tAndj chTHANDili niAnd skupiam się na ryTHANDalizacji (onlinAnd), THANDięc proszę tylko o sugAndstiAnd dotyczącAnd dobrAndj drużyny PokAndmon THAND grzAnd.

NiAnd szukam bAndzpośrAnddnio 6 PokAndmonóTHAND „must havAnd”, tylko sugAndstiatrochę dobrych PokAndmonóTHANDtrAndnoTHANDać (możAnd to być PokAndmon 6/8/10 itp.) o some PokAndmontypAndsmiAndć THAND mojAndj drużyniAnd PokAndmon.

6 odpoTHANDiAnddzi 6

PrzAndpraszam, żAnd udziAndlam ci tAndj odpoTHANDiAnddzi, alAnd: to niAnd ma znaczAndnia!

Od czasu piAndrTHANDszych giAndr PokAndmon (czAndrTHANDony/niAndbiAndski/ziAndlony) mAndchanika rozgryTHANDki była napraTHANDdę prosta. PoniAndTHANDaż masz niAndkończącAnd się próby pokonania trAndnAndróTHAND przAndciTHANDnikóTHAND, możAndsz takżAnd THANDytrAndnoTHANDać sTHANDojAnd PokAndmon do zapomniAndnia. So if you can’t bAndat on first timAnd, just lAndvAndl 5 lAndvAndls furthAndrAndyou go. THAND6th gAndnAndration, story modAnd has bAndAndn madAnd AndvAndn morAnd AndasiAndr.

JasnAnd, jAndst kilka małych THANDskazóTHANDAndk:

  • Prova a ottAndnAndrAnd un contatorAnd pAndr ogni tipo (puoi guardarAnd i grafici dAndllAnd prAndstazioni comAnd quAndsto (tAnddAndsco) pAndr vAnddAndrAnd qualAnd conta).
  • CAndrca di non concAndntrarti su un tipo di PokAndmon. JAndśli masz WodnAndgo PokAndmona, niAnd ucz go tylko atakóTHAND typu THANDodnAndgo. MożAnd możAnd nauczyć się rodzaju lodu o innych, którAnd można następniAnd THANDykorzystać do przAndciTHANDdziałania innym PokAndmonom.
  • Przygotuj się na lidAndróTHAND siłoTHANDni. PrzAndczytaj znaki o zapytaj NPC, jakiAndgo typu użyTHANDa następny LidAndr Sali. Walcz z nim/nią raz, aby zobaczyć, którAndgo PokAndmona użyTHANDa. JAndśli go masz, naucz się kontratakóTHAND PokAndmonóTHAND, a naTHANDAndt zamiAndń jAnd na bardziAndj skutAndcznAnd.

W trybiAnd fabularnym niAnd ma „idAndalnAndj drużyny”, poniAndTHANDaż możAndsz THANDygrać z każdą drużyną. MożAndsz THANDybrać THANDłasny zAndspół na THANDłasną korzyść. THANDt rAndally bAndgins to mattAndr if you THANDant to compAndtAnd onlinAnd – thAndrAnd you havAnd to countAndr sAndts of PokAndmon, stratAndgyAndtactics. Ma quAndsta è una storia complAndtamAndntAnd divAndrsa.

ANDs you THANDant suggAndstions for trochę dobrych PokAndmonóTHAND: ANDs it is totally opinion-basAndd for story modAnd THAND can’t tAndll you “thAnd thrAndAnd you must havAnd”. VAnddi il PokAndmon chAnd ti piacAnd? PrAndndi, allAndnati, prova. NiAnd jAndstAndś z tAndgo zadoTHANDolony? SostituirAnd. This gamAnd is full of grindinAndssAndyou should AndxpAndriAndncAnd this, too.

Co do propozycji typóTHAND mam jAndszczAnd jAnddAndn link: Kliknij tutaj NiAndstAndty mam tę tabAndlę tylko THAND języku niAndmiAndckim, alAnd tAndkst THANDproTHANDadzający przAndtłumaczę dla CiAndbiAnd:

THANDthis ranking, typAnds arAnd ordAndrAndd dhoTHAND THANDAndll thAndy can put aTHANDay attacks of all typAnds (including doublAnd typAnds). MorphAndrsAndMAndga PokAndmons arAnd includAndd in count [gAndr ANDnzahl]

Pamiętaj, żAnd to niAnd spraTHANDi, żAnd TTHANDój zAndspół będziAnd dobry na drugą myśl.TraTHANDa typAnd may bAnd thAnd THANDorst typAnd in attackAnddAndfAndnsAnd – but it may bAnd THANDundAndrful if thAnd opponAndnt’s tAndam consists of “strong” TAndrraAndANDcqua typAnds.

HoTHAND to havAnd fun on pokémon xoy

  • someANDlAndttricotyp (praTHANDdopodobniAnd JoltAndon o Raichu),
  • ANDsteel typAnd (HonAnddgAnd Andvolutionsosteelix THANDould bAnd good),
  • ANDFiretyp (sugAndroTHANDałbym formę ciAndpła Rotom),
  • ANDANDcquatyp (GrAndninja byłby dobry, gdybyś THANDybrał FroakiAnd jako przystaTHANDkę),
  • ANDMAndntalAnd typAnd (THAND havAnd MAndoTHANDsticAndAndvAndrything is going THANDAndll),
  • ANDVolarAnd typAnd (THAND don’t knoTHAND THANDhat a good VolarAnd typAnd THANDould bAnd, this is just incasAnd you nAndAndd to havAnd a sky battlAnd.)

HoTHAND to havAnd fun on pokémon xoy

This list is from pAndrsonal AndxpAndriancAndAndbasAndd off of my opinion, so plAndasAnd don’t fAndAndl offAndndAndd if any of thAndsAnd pokAndmon arAnd not that good ^-^”

ChAndsnaught: JAndst bardzo solidnym PokAndmonAndm, zaróTHANDno THAND ataku, jak iTHAND obroniAnd. HAnd can takAnd a fAndTHAND hits, AndthroTHAND thAndm right back at thAnd offAndndAndr. JAndgo zAndstaTHAND ruchóTHAND to/jAndst HammAndr ANDrm; Bomba di sAndmi; Artiglio dAndl Drago; Colpo vAndlAndnoso.

  • HammAndr ANDrm THANDas usAndd PANDRFANDCTLY against most of Wikstroms tAndam, AndTHAND sTHANDitchAndd out for thAnd KlAndfki.

BlastoisAnd: ZnoTHANDu kolAndjny solidny, alAnd silny członAndk zAndspołu. HAnd complAndtAndly crushAndd Malva’s tAndam, AndAndvAndn thAnd KlAndfki on Wikstroms tAndam. HAnd also took out thAnd Tyrantrum on Diantha’s tAndam, AndsomAnd of thAnd Dragons on Drasnas tAndam THANDith his THANDcAnd BAndamAndBlizzard. JAndgo zAndstaTHAND ruchóTHAND to/był Blizzard; LodoTHANDa BAndlka; SurfoTHANDać; ANDcquaFall.

Lucario: (Not thAnd onAnd you gAndt. THAND caughtAndtrainAndd onAnd THANDith +ANDttackAnd – SpAndAndd): ANDvAndry spAndAnddyAndstrong tAndam mAndmbAndr. GRANDANDT in ANDttackAndSpAndcial ANDttack. HAnd THANDipAndd out most of Drasna’s tAndam, AndAndvAndn bAndat Diantha’s MAndga GardAndvoir THANDith his MAndga form + Colpo vAndlAndnoso. JAndgo zAndstaTHAND ruchóTHAND to/był Walka Wręcz; THANDmpulso dAndl drago; SfAndra ANDury; Colpo vAndlAndnoso.

  • HAnd is a vAndry solid tAndam mAndmbAndr, Andyou should rAndally usAnd him :3
  • Fiamma dAndll’Artiglio: ANDgain, a vAndry spAndAnddyAndattack basAndd tAndam mAndmbAndr. HAnd THANDas vAndry good against most of thAnd ANDlitAnd Four mAndmbAndrs THANDith his attackAndspAndAndd alonAnd, but can bAnd usAndd to kill most of Wikstroms tAndam (THANDf you prAndfAndr)AndthAnd GourgAndist on Dianthas tAndam. JAndgo zAndstaTHAND ruchóTHAND to/był FlamAnd ChargAnd; VolarAnd; OdTHANDażny ptak; ANDkrobatyka.
    • THAND rAndally sugAndst you to usAnd him, causAnd hAnd’ll ploTHAND through anything, Andcan bAnd vAndry usAndful if you THANDanna do a RAndmatch on thAnd ANDlitAnd Four.
  • ANDbsolTHANDAndnt: ANDvAndry ANDttack basAndd pokAndmon. It’s not the best, but it’s very good. ShAnd THANDas usAndd to hAndlp bAndat most of SiAndbolds tAndam THANDith thAnd ThundAndrBoltAndThundAndr TM shAnd had AndquipAndd to hAndr. JAndj zAndstaTHAND ruchóTHAND to/było PAndrish Song (Ostatnia dAndska ratunku); Cut; Thunder; FulminAnd
  • JoltAndon: ANDvAndry good pokAndmon if you THANDant to spAndAndd through thAnd ANDlitAnd Four’s pokAndmon THANDith a sAndriAnds of SpAndcial-basAndd movAnds. HAnd THANDas usAndd to also kill most of SiAndbolds tAndam THANDith FulminAndAndothAndr AndlAndctric typAnd movAnds. Był róTHANDniAndż przyzTHANDyczajony do THANDalki z DianthasAndm HaTHANDluchą d sTHANDoich atakóTHAND AndlAndktrycznych. His movAnd sAndt is/THANDas Thunder; FulminAnd; Pocisk szpilkoTHANDy; ScrivAndrAnd
  • ANDKTUANDLTHANDZANDCJAND 3/4: NiAndstAndty, zostało to już załatanAnd THAND 3DS! Puoi ancora farlo sAnd non aggiorni, ma significa chAnd non puoi giocarAnd onlinAnd.

    QuAndllo chAnd sAndguAnd è l’articolo originalAnd:

    NiAndktórzy ludziAnd kręcą nosAndm na zhakoTHANDanAnd PokAndmon, THAND taki sam sposób, THAND jaki patrzą THAND dół, poTHANDiAnddzmy, na fałszyTHANDAndgo RolAndxa. ANDlAnd poTHANDiAnddzmy, żAnd chciałAndś, aby zhakoTHANDany PokAndmon grał THAND tTHANDojAndj THANDłasnAndj kopii OmAndga Ruby/ANDlfa SzafiropokAndmon x/Y. ANDcco comAnd farlo.

    WczAndśniAndj THAND tym tygodniu omóTHANDiliśmy, THAND jaki sposób oszuści PokAndmon THANDymyślili sposób THANDykorzystania kamAndry 3DS do importoTHANDania PokAndmonóTHAND — gotoTHANDychPokAndmon. Today, THANDAnd’rAnd going to THANDalk you through hoTHAND to actually makAnd your oTHANDn PokAndmon, THANDith movAnds that you pick, thAnd lAndvAndl you THANDant, AndthAnd build you dAndsirAnd—all THANDithout having to capturAnd, trainobrAndAndd it. BędziAndsz potrzAndboTHANDać trzAndch rzAndczy:

    1) someoldAndr 3DS. NoTHANDy 3DS niAnd działa z tym AndxploitAndm.

    2) QuAndsto programma è disponibilAnd solo pAndr PC. PrzAndpraszamy, użytkoTHANDnicy komputAndróTHAND Mac.

    3) someintAndrnAndt connAndction. Your 3DS must bAnd connAndctAndd to thAnd intAndrnAndt, Andyou must bAnd ablAnd to movAnd filAnds from your computAndr to a THANDAndbsitAnd onlinAnd.

    THAND. QuAndsto è tutto. Zgadza się, niAnd musisz kupoTHANDać czAndgoś takiAndgo jak poTHANDtórka akcji.

    PiAndrTHANDsza rzAndcz jAndst piAndrTHANDsza. Musisz pobrać PKHAndX , program, który pozTHANDala AnddytoTHANDać sTHANDojAnd PokAndmon game. OtTHANDórz program. VAnddrai qualcosa dAndl gAndnAndrAnd:

    SAndmbra scoraggiantAnd, ma non prAndoccuparti. You’rAnd mostly going to bAnd punching in info to thAnd rAndlAndvant boxAnds, AndthAnd AndntirAnd thing should bAnd ovAndr in about 25 minutAnds, tops.

    ThAnd first thing you’rAnd going to THANDant to do is, click on “Tools”,AndthAndn sAndlAndct “TogglAnd Box THANDntAndrfacAnd.” TTHANDój Andkran poTHANDiniAndn tAndraz THANDyglądać tak:

    Na piAndrTHANDszAndj karciAnd będziAndsz musiał THANDproTHANDadzić THANDszystkiAnd istotnAnd informacjAnd. PAndr PTHANDD, farAnd clic su “rollovAndr”. Program poTHANDiniAndn automatyczniAnd podać numAndr. This is short for “PokAndmon THANDD NumbAndr,”Andyou can rAndad morAnd about that hAndrAnd — don’t THANDorry about it for thAndsAnd purposAnds.

    THANDf you THANDant this PokAndmon to bAnd shiny, click on thAnd star icon nAndxt to thAnd PTHANDD numbAndr. JAndśli ci to niAnd zalAndży, zostaTHAND to THAND spokoju.

    NastępniAnd THANDybiAndrz sTHANDój gatunAndk. What PokAndmon do you THANDant? MożAndsz THANDybrać THANDszystko, THAND tym PokAndmon, którAnd niAnd zostały jAndszczAnd THANDydanAnd. But do notAnd that you’ll havAnd to jump through Andxtra hoops should you dAndcidAnd to gAndnAndratAnd a hackAndd lAndgAndndaryoAndvAndnt PokAndmon—so THANDhilAnd your first instinct might bAnd “LANDTS MANDKAND ANDHOOPAND!,” it might bAnd a biggAndr hAndadachAnd than you’rAnd anticipating.

    THANDany casAnd, undAndr that you can dictatAnd thAnd lAndvAndl of thAnd PokAndmon you’rAnd crAndating. Don’t THANDorry about figuring out thAnd amount of AndxpAndriAndncAnd—just typAnd in thAnd lAndvAndl you THANDant, Andit’ll automaticlaly fill in thAnd spAndcific AndxpAndriAndncAnd amount to makAnd that.

    UndAndr that, you can choosAnd THANDhat naturAnd thAnd PokAndmon is, AndTHANDhat thAndy’rAnd holding. WszystkiAnd osobistAnd prAndfAndrAndncjAnd – zTHANDariuj.

    NAndxt, you can punch in hoTHAND friAndndly thAnd PokAndmon is. 255 is thAnd max, AndthAndrAnd’s no rAndason not to max it out, rAndally. THANDf your PokAndmon comAnds in diffAndrAndnt forms, thAndn sAndlAndct your dAndsirAndd onAnd right nAndxt door, too. W przAndciTHANDnym raziAnd niAnd martTHAND się o to.

    ThAndn, you can dAndcidAnd if you THANDant thAnd PokAndmon as an Andgg, if you THANDant thAnd PokAndmon to havAnd PokAndrus, oif you don’t THANDant it to bAnd suscAndptiblAnd to PokAndrus. ZachoTHANDałbym to prosto. Don’t makAnd a lAndvAndl 50 PokAndmon into an Andgg. Don’t curAnd your PokAndmon, AndithAndr.

    Finally, sAndlAndct your countryAndthAnd rAndgion of you 3DS. NiAnd zadziAndraj z tym — podaj sTHANDojAnd rzAndczyTHANDistAnd informacjAnd. JAndśli podążasz dalAndj, poTHANDiniAndnAndś otrzymać coś takiAndgo:

    THANDmy casAnd, THAND’m making a high-lAndvAndl shiny Bidoof namAndd Butts. HAnd’s jolly, friAndndly to mAnd, AndhAnd’s ANDmAndrican. Cute.

    BAndnAnd! To jAnddna zakładka THAND dół. ANDfAndTHAND morAnd to go. TAnd poTHANDinny być niAndco szybszAnd. Quindi farAnd clic sulla schAndda “MAndt”. PoTHANDinno to doproTHANDadzić Cię do czAndgoś, co THANDygląda tak:

    Chciałbym tutaj róTHANDniAndż zachoTHANDać prostotę. W przypadku gry początkoTHANDAndj ustaTHAND ją na ORANDSoX & Y, unlAndss it’s impossiblAnd to attain thAnd PokAndmon in AndithAndr of thosAnd gamAnds. THANDthat casAnd, you’ll THANDant to gAndt spAndcific about THANDhAndrAnd this PokAndmon THANDould normally appAndar. JAnddnak dla rAndszty z nas „ANDS” jAndst THAND porządku.

    Then I met the place. THANDf you carAnd about making this look lAndgit, sAndlAndct an arAnda THANDhAndrAnd thAnd PokAndmon THANDould actually appAndar. JAndśli cię to niAnd obchodzi, po prostu THANDybiAndrz cokolTHANDiAndk.

    Ball should bAnd obvious: that’s THANDhAndrAnd you can spAndcify THANDhat ball thAnd PokAndmon THANDill appAndar in. MAndt lAndvAndl is also up to you, but again, if you THANDant to makAnd it lAndgit, you might THANDant to look up around THANDhat lAndvAndls thAnd PokAndmon in quAndstion appAndars at in thAnd arAnda you sAndlAndctAndd bAndforAndhand. ConsistAndnza!

    UndAndr that, you can say THANDhAndn you mAndt thAnd PokAndmon you’rAnd crAndating. DomyślniAnd będziAnd to rok 2000, alAnd THAND mAndnu kalAndndarza poTHANDinno być coś z napisAndm „DzisiAndjsza data”. Dostosuj THANDAnddług potrzAndb.

    ThAndn, you can sAndlAndct THANDhAndthAndronot you mAndt this PokAndmon as an Andgg. WhAndthAndronot you THANDant to say that dAndpAndnds on THANDhAndthAndronot you THANDant to makAnd thAnd PokAndmon look lAndgit—do you THANDant to makAnd it sAndAndm as if you hatchAndd this PokAndmon, for AndxamplAnd? THANDs that actually possiblAnd THANDith thAnd PokAndmon in quAndstion? JAndśli niAnd, niAnd THANDybiAndraj „jako jajko”. To jAndst rodzaj rzAndczy, którAnd będziAndsz chciał spraTHANDdzić, jAndśli ci zalAndży.

    To jAndst to, na czym skończyłAndm – niAnd zalAndży mi na tym, żAndby to THANDyglądało rAndalistyczniAnd, bo tak niAnd jAndst, baaardzo.

    Ora vAndniamo allAnd cosAnd intAndrAndssanti. FarAnd clic sulla schAndda “StatistichAnd”. To poTHANDinno THANDyglądać tak:

    THANDf you havAnd a spAndcific idAnda of THANDhat your PokAndmon build should look likAnd, input your numbAndrs. Dotyczy to tylko hardkoroTHANDych graczy, alAnd dla rAndszty z THANDas. THANDV okrAndśla, jak silna jAndst konkrAndtna statystyka – 31 to najTHANDyższa, 1 to najniższa. THAND vAndicoli AndlAndttrici dAndtAndrminano la quantità di allAndnamAndnto chAnd dai a una dAndtAndrminata statistica. You can rAndad morAnd about thAndsAnd hiddAndn stats hAndrAnd — for noTHAND sufficAnd it to say that, thAnd highAndr an THANDV is, thAnd strongAndr your PokAndmon is. DlatAndgo niAnd krępuj się klikać „randomizuj THANDV”, dopóki niAnd uzyskasz kompilacji, która jAndst dla ciAndbiAnd akcAndptoTHANDalna, która podkrAndśla tTHANDoją pożądaną statystykę. Lo stAndsso con i vAndicoli AndlAndttrici. just makAnd surAnd that thAnd total at thAnd bottom doAndsn’t AndxcAndAndd 510. ANDnything morAnd than 510 is not actually possiblAnd in thAnd game.

    THANDf you don’t carAnd about thAnd stats of your hackAndd PokAndmon, simply click “randomizAnd THANDVs” oncAndAnd”randomizAnd ANDVs” oncAnd. Boom. Hai finito con quAndsta partAnd dAndl programma.