How to have fun on a car trip

How to have fun on a car trip

Hope these travel ideas help you when you are bored in the car!

I love to travel by car as much as I love the next person.

That is, when the sun is shining and the blue sky above, get in the car with your friends, open the windows and play classic tunes as the road unfolds in front of you.

Ordinary life with all its responsibilities is abandoned. In place of him, there is a tempting sense of adventure.

No wonder road travel is so liberating right from the start!

However, if my experience with them has taught me anything, it is that the reality of spending hours / days traveling may sometimes not meet these dreamy expectations.

When your initial excitement subsides and you have endless hours in the car, your mood can change and you experience a general feeling of boredom.

Do you know the difficulties and want proven ideas on what to do on the go?

Well, having done a good bit of it, I think I can help! Sounds good? Read on for 40 fun things to do on your outings with friends.

The 40 best things to do when traveling with friends, family or complete strangers!

Looking for fun things to do in the car on your road trips? The following 40 cool things to do while traveling should help!

1. Record your trip

One of my best tips for things to do when traveling with friends is to keep a journal while traveling.

Write where you have been, what you have done and how you find this experience.

It doesn’t even have to be written by hand.

I mean, writing in a moving vehicle isn’t easy! You can save yourself the hassle (and mess) of typing notes on your phone or even dictating.

However you do it, keeping a log of your trip will help to) kill time and b) ensure a permanent record of your trip.

You will be able to watch it long after its completion and remember the forgotten details.

Need help getting started? Check out these travel journal tips.

2. Follow your route on the map

Another interesting thing to do when traveling by road is to follow the route on a map.

I did this on a recent trip to Australia. I traveled in a rickety old camper for about 6 months, covering more than 20,000km and stopping across the country to see the sights.

Wanting to remember where I was, I pinned Google Maps to every new place.

Result? I’ve now got a lasting memory and a visual display of my route to look back on.

You can do the same or go a step further using a real physical map. I’ve heard of people literally stitching their route (with a needle and thread) as they went from place to place.

Along the way, you’ll have a fun task to do and finally a great travel souvenir!

3. Take tons of videos and photos

I’m sure you don’t need to tell you, take lots of photos and videos regularly!

Most people take out their phones / cameras at every opportunity while traveling. It’s the perfect way to record your trip and all the amazing things you see and do.

But have fun with it too.

For example, why not challenge yourself to take a maximum of 5 photos per day? Or have a photo contest to see who can take the best photo. And so on.

It can also be fun to take your Polaroid camera with you on the go.

You’ll receive stacks of physical photos that capture every moment of your journey in a way that digital cameras and phones couldn’t.

4. Post your trip on social media

You don’t want to spend all your time on the phone.

But there’s no denying that social media provides another entertainment option while on the go.

However, try to avoid senseless scrolling! The last thing you want is the travel permit to blur cat videos and random TikTok clips.

Think about creating a new Instagram profile and a new Facebook page for your adventures.

Record your efforts, post photos, and write short stories about your exploits. People back home, and even random strangers, can then check in on what you’re up to. You never know, you could end up gaining significant followers!

5. Play cruise games

Games are the classic way to keep you entertained on long car journeys.

There’s no shortage of options either. Branded bingo, cards against humanity, and eye spy are just a few examples of popular cruise games for you to try.

Here is a great BuzzFeed list with more ideas.

Road trips are what I like the most and thankfully V likes them too! As you all know we went to Washington D. C. to celebrate our 2nd anniversary. We drove there and it took about 12 hours one way. It was the longest trip and the best! You can imagine that we were very well prepared.

Here are my 5 tips to make road trips more fun:

1. Create a playlist

Of course, the last tip is to travel with someone you enjoy company. It’s even better if it’s a great singing companion.

I always make playlists with V songs and love to listen and sing. It’s so much fun when a good song comes on and we both sing it out loud :).

2. Snacks

We packed lots of snacks when we left for the 12 hour trip. Lots of fruit, crackers, cookies, and licorice. It’s just way more fun having something to bite on and enjoy the picturesque views around you.

3. Stop at an interesting place

My favorite thing about road trips is that it’s up to you to decide when and where to stop. If on the way you see something interesting, it’s always a good idea to stop and discover it. An unexpected stop makes road trips even more interesting.

It is also helpful to know what is going on around you as you may pass something worth taking off the road.

How to have fun on a car trip

4. Share stories

I always feel a little nostalgic when I travel on the road and I like to share with V some stories from years ago. I love listening to V’s stories when he was a little boy a lot!

There is always something new to learn about each other.

5. Play

As a child I used to play a game with my brothers in which you have to say a word that begins with the last letter of the previous word. Does this make sense? 🙂. Sure, I’m playing with V now, when we’ve been in the car for a long time.

On the way to Washington, we also played the game “who will see the most Canadian license plates in the US” :). I’m not sure who won this one…

How to have fun on a car trip

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How to have fun on a car trip

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Ed Hewitt

Ed Hewitt began traveling with his family at the age of 10 and has since traveled to dozens of countries on six continents. He wrote for the Independent Traveler. com for over 20 years, creating hundreds of travel columns and offering their experience in radio and television. He currently collaborates regularly with SmarterTravel.

As a keen surfer and rower, Ed has written and photographed rowing competitions around the world, including the last five Olympics.

He passes on his love of travel to the next generation; Her 10-year-old son has already flown some 200,000 miles.

These days, so many people fly everywhere that you might think the classic American car ride is a thing of the past. In reality this is not the case. Even if it appears to be On the road The experience of buying a car and just going to drive is waning, statistics (and the number of cars around you) show that more Americans than ever go on vacation trips and family visits, albeit apparently in more frequent but shorter trips. And frankly, with the undoubted decline in airline customer service, many Americans prefer to drive rather than fly.

Statistics aside, it cannot be denied that the charm of the street is undeniable and perhaps eternal; it almost seems embedded in our makeup. There is a centimeter-by-centimeter richness running through the earth that is lacking in climbing a metal container and climbing a destination. To get the most of your experience, don’t miss these road trip tips.

1. Clean the car before and during the trip.

Go ahead, leave the napkins and gummy wraps under the seat. Leave your last business trip receipts in the glove box. Don’t sweat the dog hair in the back bed … but you’ll be sorry. A few days into your trip, when the old gum wrappers are joined by new fast food wrappers, when the glove box starts overflowing with hotel receipts and local maps, when dog hair starts sticking to your luggage and your gear, you’ll rue the day you failed to pull out the Shop-Vac.

Long journeys can be fun or they can be tedious and exhausting endeavors. Here’s how, with a bit of preparation , you can make sure you survive your trip with your sanity intact .

How to plan the perfect trip?

It’s that time of year again: it’s time to put your friends or family in the car and hit the road …

Quora user Jon Mixon offers advice on how to travel alone, with your loved one, and with colleagues.

When you travel alone

  1. Set a limit on the hours you will drive that day and stick to it. I will only drive 10-12 hours a day maximum during winter and 12-14 during summer (as there’s more daylight). I don’t care for driving alone at night. Even if I do better than expected, I won’t go any further in one day.
  2. Choose the music you want to listen to before you leave. If you don’t want to hear it, don’t bring it (or create your playlist ahead of time), as it will distract you while you are driving.
  3. Stop at truck stops, not at rest areas. Most of the truck stops have restrooms, food, drink, medicine, a place to eat, gasoline, car supplies, a restaurant (or at least a fast food restaurant) etc. Stops do. bathrooms. Also, rest areas are often isolated, which may be less safe if you’re traveling alone.
  4. Buy an extra cell phone car charger and keep it in the glove compartment.Believe me, you will eventually forget about the charger and having one always available can (literally) save your life.
  5. Stretch every time you stop. Riding in most cars for hours isn’t comfortable, so every time that you stop, stretch your legs, arms, and back. They’ll thank you for it.
  6. Get AAA (if you are in the US or Canada). For $50-125 a year, it will be the best investment that you can make, especially when you’re traveling alone. From the maps and travel guides they offer, to the discounts that you can get a hotels/motels to the three to four free tows per year (up to 100 miles—the total number depends upon which package you choose), if you drive frequently it’s a great value.
  7. Drive with comfortable shoes or hard-soled shoes. Seriously. Whether bare feet or flip-flops are “more comfortable”, in the event of an accident your feet will be injured or even amputated without adequate protection. Also, if your vehicle breaks down and you have to walk, wearing shoes will make walking a lot easier.
  8. Get three flashlights of different sizes and batteries for all three.While I don’t recommend driving at night unless necessary, it’s best to have different lighting options for a variety of reasons, not just for your car.
  9. Bring food for at least 2-3 days (dried or easily opened cans) and a can of water, in addition to regular food on the go. It fits easily into the trunk or rear storage compartment and can be a lifesaver if you find yourself in an unexpected situation. High-energy foods (proteins and carbohydrates) are the best. Don‘t worry about your diet; it could potentially be a survival problem that outweighs any diet you’re on.

When you travel in two

If you’re traveling with your significant other, the tips above still apply, along with the following:

  1. If you are angry before you go, think about it before you go. Getting angry will distract one or both of them, making the journey truly horrible (not to mention the distractions while driving that can be fatal).
  2. Bring music / audiobooks / podcasts / etc. that you like them both, or at least that you can tolerate it. Nothing ruins your trip (and doesn’t distract you) like arguing about what you’ll hear on a long drive. The idea is to have a fun and safe journey and arrive at your destination in one piece.
  3. No shortcuts. I know they are tempting, but shortcuts can easily become “long-term” or they can cause arguments that can distract you while driving. Unless your “shortcut” is a well-lit interstate or a four-lane highway, stick to major roads.
  4. Stop when one of you wants. It’s foolish to get angry that one person wants or needs to stop more than you do. Unless they want to see everythingcoming soon (what you should train for)beforetraveling), if they ask or suggest that the stop is good, stop.
  5. Decide who will drive wherebeforeyou go away. Unless your partner is allowed to drive, it makes no sense for one person to make the entire long journey. Split it up evenly ahead of time and you’ll both have time to relax.
  6. Tieni i tuoi "consigli" per te. Nagging or correcting someone who is driving isn’t helpful, and it only gets more annoying on a long trip. Of course, if you are scared of the person’s driving abilities, perhaps traveling by bus, train, or airplane is a better option.
  7. If there is a topic that usually causes disagreement, avoid it.Do you really want to be stuck in a vehicle for hours with someone you are angry with or are angry with?
  8. If your partner is sick or tired, stop. When you get there, you will reach your destination. Not before. Not later. There is no point in ruining a good trip by pushing too hard. Take a break for a while or overnight and continue later.
  9. Make a reservationbeforeyou go away. You have a general idea (aside from vehicle problems, illness and time) how long it will take to reach your destination. Call ahead, have the motel/hotel reserve a room for you and then you’ll be able to rest (and not argue) when you get your destination. Never assume that there will be “a place” with rooms. This usually doesn’t work in your favor.
  10. Stay in the most beautiful place you can afford. You aren’t saving money if you stay in a place where people are partying, where your car gets broken into, where you are concerned about walking out to your car at night or where the police can be found outside questioning someone. If that means you have to part with a few extra dollars, so be it.

When traveling with colleagues

Finally, if you’re traveling with colleagues, be sure to include all of the above tips, plus:

Travel Mamas sometimes get paid and / or hosted travel and product samples related to blog posts. This story may contain affiliate links for which we earn a small commission at no additional cost to consumers. As an Amazon Affiliate, I earn from qualifying purchases. Be sure to check with businesses and locations regarding travel restrictions and safety precautions before visiting.

Depending on how you prepare, traveling with your kids can feel like a chore or a fun adventure. Before you leave, be sure to read our tips for preparing for a family trip with children. These tips will help keep the parents sane and the baby content while traveling.

How to have fun on a car trip


Plan a few stops

Assicurati di pianificare il tuo viaggio before uscire di casa. Plug your destination into your smartphone’s map or a mapping website to get a realistic picture of how long your road trip will take. It will also allow you to plan fun stops. Search the Internet for interesting attractions in cities along your route. Plan at least a park stop or two on your trip for the kids to play outdoors and let their parents stretch their legs. Bring along some no-spill bubbles, a Frisbee and a ball for entertainment in case you can’t find a park with playground equipment.

How to have fun on a car trip

Plan your pitstops for a family trip (Image: Bossei, Depositphotos. com)

Stay on course on a family car trip

While many cars are equipped with GPS, you can also purchase a paper map to help plan your trip. Then, even if you’re using your smart phone for navigation, if you lose WiFi you will still be able to find your destination. Plus, a paper map can be a fun way for children to track your family’s progress and get a real-life geography lesson.

How to have fun on a car trip

Track your family’s travel progress with a paper map (Image Credit: Syda_Productions, Depositphotos. com)

Use snacks for entertainment

Keep kids’ hands and mouths busy when traveling with oodles of snacks. Pack the healthy treats in separate containers and distribute them slowly for the best return on your family outing. Bring snacks like wholegrain crackers, cereals, track mix, and sliced ​​fresh fruit with you. Other recommended carry-around snacks include protein bars, hard-boiled eggs, individually wrapped sandwiches and cheeses. Also add some “forbidden” treats to distract when you need them most.

You might also consider eating on the go and taking a break to play, rather than expecting the kids to sit still and use their inner voices when dining in a restaurant. Another option is to pack plenty of picnic treats to eat at the park or stop along the way.

How to have fun on a car trip

Pack plenty of healthy snacks for a family trip (Image credit: klenova, Depositphotos. com)

Play together and separately

If you are traveling with more than one adult it is best that an adult can join the children in the back seat for at least part of the journey. Take your time on the go as an opportunity to spend time together by playing travel games and working on simple art and craft projects. Of course, you’ll also want to pack some toys for independent play. The Play-N-Go travel tablecloth shown below is a great option for kids on the go.

How to have fun on a car trip

Travel toys, like the Play-N-Go travel tablecloth, keep kids content on the go (Image source: Bryan Richards)

Go crazy on the street

Playing travel music that will please the whole family will make your trip more enjoyable. You can create a special road trip playlist featuring your family’s favorite songs.

How to have fun on a car trip

Turn up the tune on a family outing (Image Credit: monkeybusinessimages, iStockphotos. com)

Choose audiobooks for entertainment

I suggest bringing audiobooks with you to entertain everyone on the go. Listening to a story together can turn a boring stretch of highway into an adventure in an imaginary land. Check out our selection of the best audiobooks for family travel. Purchase audiobooks on CD if your car has a player, or you can download the stories to your smartphone and play them through your car’s bluetooth system.

How to have fun on a car trip

Listening to an audiobook can turn a boring stretch of highway into an adventure in an imaginary land (Image credit: belchonock, Depositphotos. com)

Take steps to stay safe and comfortable

When I was a kid, my brother and I got on the “way back” of our orange wood paneled Spitfire style wagon on family outings. We lay down on pillows and blankets at home, and if our parents were lucky, we took a nap for at least part of the trip. Today we know how important it is for children to be seated and buckled securely in a car seat, booster seat or safety belt. To make the trek more comfy for your children, bring along a kid’s neck pillow or mini Pillow Pet and a favorite blankie or stuffed toy (like this this adorable elephant!).

How to have fun on a car trip

For safety reasons, everyone should strap on their seatbelt on a family trip (Image credit: lsantilli, Depositphotos. com)

Of course, you should make sure your car is up-to-date on tune-ups and oil changes before hitting the road. Also, bring an emergency kit filled with bandages, wipes or antiseptic sprays, jumper cables, and other essentials. You can also download our travel with kids checklist for more tips on how to prepare your family for a fun adventure!

If you follow these tips for a family trip, I bet the kilometers on the road with your children will decrease!

Do you have any advice on how to organize a fun family trip with children or questions? Let us know in the comments below!

Travel tips

How to have fun on a car trip

The long roads ahead don’t have to mean boredom. (Photo: Tour photo taken by Blu-Mu from Fotolia. com)

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Keeping entertained during long trips in the car is a a matter of good planning and choosing the right traveling companions. A good attitude and determination to make your journey enjoyable can also help make your long journey as enjoyable as possible, with a minimum of monotony.

Items you will need

  • Companion
  • C
  • Satellite radio (optional)
  • Cooler
  • Food and beverages
  • Portable DVD player
  • DVD
  • Travel games
  • Books and magazines
  • Camera
  • Pillow and blanket

Step 1

Travel with people whose company you enjoy and with whom you wouldn’t mind spending a lot of time. This will be a key part of your car entertainment as you can spend your time much faster with good companions. Take the time to chat with each other, tell jokes or play games while traveling. You might end up getting to know one another better than you’d have expected.

Step 2

Take turns to spice up your long drive and give yourself a different view of your surroundings. Changing who drives can be a good way to break the monotony of hours spent on the road and also give drivers a chance to rest.

Step 3

Pop in a mix CD that you’ve made for the road trip, your favorite music, or a comedy CD to keep your mind off of the long trip. Vote for the CD your passengers want to listen to and sing along with their favorite songs. You can also download podcasts from your favorite radio shows or take an audiobook with you for hours of entertainment. Consider subscribing to satellite radio in your car if you don’t already, since this service provides hundreds of channels suited to different tastes, including highly entertaining comedy and talk radio. For passengers, a portable DVD player and stack of DVDs can be another excellent, albeit more expensive, way to pass the time.

Step 4

Munch on prepared snacks and drinks stored in the refrigerator as this can save you time and money on long car journeys. If you’re driving, have one of your travel companions hand you a snack that’s easy to eat using one hand. Not only will snacking help you pass the time, it’ll also cut down on pit stops at roadside convenient stores. Get some bags that you can use for garbage.

Step 5

Play car games for fun. Ci sono molti giochi diversi a cui tu e i tuoi compagni di viaggio potete giocare senza altro materiale (vedi Risorse per le idee), oppure potete mettere in valigia alcuni numeri di viaggio dei vostri giochi da tavolo preferiti o un mazzo di carte. If you’re not into games, spend your time on the road with a good book or magazine, crossword puzzles, or a camera to snap pictures of the landscape. For children, this step is doubly important as boredom can seriously hamper the journey.

Dopoeverything, l’iPad arriva solo fino a questo punto.

How to have fun on a car trip

If you’ve ever tackled a loooong drive with children, you know there are just two options: Find engaging ways to pass the time, or submit to a soundtrack of “Are we there yet?” and “I have to go to the bathroom!” Shoving a tablet into your kids’ hands might seem like the obvious solution, but even Peppa Pig will only distract for so long.

Don’t worry – we’ve picked real moms to find the smartest way to keep your kids busy for hours (and hours and hours). In addition, the Ford Escape is loaded with safety features, such as intelligent all-wheel drive and front collision warning, to give you complete peace of mind when driving on open roads. (Peace of mind of kids fighting in the back seat is not included!)

How to have fun on a car trip

Turn your back seat into a cinema.

How to have fun on a car trip

Kim-Marie Evans of Luxury Travel Mama loves turning her car into a working cinema. “We let each child choose a movie that everyone will watch together,” says a mother of four. “We pack popcorn, and on long trips Mom also gets to choose a movie, so I’ve been able to introduce them to some of my childhood favorites, like The sound of musicand the entire season of The Jetsons.

The Ford Escort offers voice-activated communication and entertainment with SYNC 3, making direct transition from the driver’s seat a breeze.

Prepare the treasure chest.

How to have fun on a car trip

“I survive road trips with my two kids by giving an ArtBin to each, and allowing them to fill it with whatever they want—like Pirate’s Booty, M&Ms, little toys, or crayons,” says blogger and mom-of-two Lauren Dimet-Waters from Fountain of 30. “When they can fill it themselves, they’re excited for what’s inside!” Get more time by letting the kids choose sticker packs and decorate their ArtBins in the car.

Bring audiobooks suitable for children.

“They keep my son happy and engaged for up to an hour and then give us something to talk about,” says Hannah B. of the California Toddler. “Our favorite is The Arnold Lobel Audio Collection because it includes a lot of his stories. They’re all silly, so my three-year-old cracks up and doesn’t mind listening to them over and over!”

Download full apps.

How to have fun on a car trip

Kids have notoriously short attention spans, making it difficult to find an app to entertain them for more than five minutes at a time as you’re barreling down the highway. It doesn’t get much better than the Disney Now app, which includes not just Marvel, Star Wars, Disney Channel, and Disney Junior offerings for all ages, but also countless hours of games, radio, trivia, and puzzles. Nel frattempo, per i bambini più piccoli, le app video e i giochi di PBS Kids sono l’oro. And with WiFi hotspot connectivity in every Ford Escape, you’ll never have to worry about not being able to access your favorite apps on-the-go.

Turn snacks into activities.

“I love to make creative snacks,” Mom-of-two, Jenny Rose of Princess Became tells Mom. exercise fine motor skills. Tie both ends together and make a necklace of petals that they can munch on in the car. Bonus: they make less of a mess than if you had a cup or bag where everything could spill!”

Try road trip bingo.

When it comes to games, remember the classics!

On very long journeys, movies and music will only happen so far. Combine this with classic car games like Road Trip Bingo by transforming famous landmarks like police cars, planes and stop signs into an interactive and competitive game. Once you’re done, try other perennial favorites like Car Counting (the first person to see ten of a certain type of vehicle wins) and the License Plate game (whoever spots the most states by the ride’s end is victorious).

Play educational (fun) games.

“We’re homeschooling on our around-the-world trip, and our kids love the apps Jolly Phonics and Raz Kids,” says mom-of-three Heather Mitchell of Heather Hearts Travel. “They have so much fun, they don’t even realize they’re learning! We also use a children’s play mat, so they have easy access to all of their favorite markers, coloring books and notebooks for their worksheets and coloring pages. “

Plan your stops in advance.

How to have fun on a car trip

"I tuoi piccoli dovranno fare queste mosse, quindi esplora le tappe del divertimento lungo la strada", afferma Leslie Bruce, madre di due figli di Unpacified, e autrice del film in uscitaYou are AF, the King. Wonderful mother. “We love the Roadside America app to help you find businesses or sites that interest your family. If you drive through Northern Arizona and find yourself on old Route 66, you can’t miss Meteor Crater!

Become a traveling team.

Never underestimate the power of in-car karaoke.

Triple Passport’s Kat Kristiansen suggests bringing some musical instruments on the radio with you. “My 3-year-old son was strumming the guitar, the kid had a tambourine, I had a microphone and my husband played drums on the steering wheel. When we added the tools, everyone was much more involved and we spent hours without a screen in the car. ”Family karaoke is another great fun. And hey, if you video it, you can go viral!

A gdy everything inne zawiedzie, miej pod ręką niespodziankę z zabawkami.

“I place an age-appropriate toy bag for both of my kids in the space between the car seats so they can easily reach out and get interesting things out,” said Jordan Reid of Ramshackle Glam, mom of two. Pro tip: She also has another toy bag hidden in front of her that she can pull out to surprise her children!

Are you going on a trip? Here’s 20 fun questions, trivia, and conversation starters to make fun new memories with your travel pals instead of scrolling our phones. Have fun with them!

How to have fun on a car trip

Would you prefer:

1. Do you take a secondary road or an interstate trip?

2. Do you have a map or do you go without a map?

3. Return to somewhere you already know you like or visit a new place you’ve never been before?

4. Are you completely disconnected while traveling or do you have a phone with you?

5. Are you going to Las Vegas or New York?

If I could:

6. Take a trip around the world, which would be the first country you will visit on any continent?

7. Far cadere dalle nuvole everything ciò che cadrebbe?

8. Write a book about your life, what would your book be about?

9. Are you fluent in another language which would you choose?

10. Name yourself, what will your name be?

How to have fun on a car trip

Tell me:

11. The first three items on your wish list.

12. One thing you are excited about on this journey.

13. Your top three pets are getting pissed off.

14. A time when you were brave.

15. Your most embarrassing moment.

Travel curiosities:

16. What are the three happiest countries in the world?

Answer: Norway, Denmark and Iceland

17. Which country is credited with building the first modern car?

Answer: Germany by Karl Benz in 1885.

18. On which continent is the longest mountain range located?

Answer: South America: Andes

19. What are the names of the five Great Lakes between the United States and Canada?

Answer: Superior, Ontario, Michigan, Huron and Erie

20. What is the least visited US National Park state?

Answer: Alaska with the Arctic National Park gates and preservation

Bonus!Which country has the highest bungee jumping in the world?

Answer: China in the Macau Tower, 233 meters high, which is equivalent to 70

How to have fun on a car trip

We hope these questions spark new interesting conversations on your journey! You can get 501 most amazing questions in our new game 501 Questions: The travel game! You can find it on Amazon in print and Kindle! – Lindsey & Adam Nubern