How to have fun as a senior in high school

How to have fun as a senior in high school

Your senior year of high school is a bit like a roller coaster. You start out insane, frantically finalizing your college questions as you try to keep your grades higher. Then, after it’s all over, you slide into senioritis. While this process is entirely natural, the final year is a year where you prepare for the next steps and enjoy your final year as a high school student.

We talked to Peterson’s team about what they did – or would like to do – to make their senior year of high school worthwhile, and we’ve rounded up five ways you can make the most of your senior year.

1. Get excited about college

Once all of your college applications have been sent, you’ve received your acceptance letters, and decided on your school, it’s easy to slip college to the back of your mind after stressing over it so much. But now is the time to get excited!

“I did this in learning by becoming a career counselor’s best friend to help prepare for scholarships. This kept me excited and thinking about the future, keeping me from slacking,” said Colt Springer, Junior Account Executive at Peterson’s.

Like Springer, you can look to scholarship opportunities to stay engaged. You can also look at the activities you want to participate in, the clubs you want to be involved in, and even the ways you want to decorate your dorm room. Trust us, that’s when the process gets fun!

How to have fun as a senior in high schoolJason Natzke, director at Peterson’s, in high school.

2. Try something new at your school

your senior year is your last chance to take advantage of any activities offered at your school that you’ve always wanted to try, but haven’t gotten around to. Do you want to join a sports team? Give it a go! Do you want to learn a new language? Take one of your school’s language classes as an elective, or join a language club.

In the case of David Wilson, a DevOps engineer at Peterson, he took it upon himself to try school art that blended with his social experiments.

“I played Jonathan Rockwood in the January thaw. It was my first (and only) play, and it was good, but I didn’t get the girl who I was trying to impress when I signed up for the play,” said Wilson.

3. Don’t miss the grades

We know that seniority inflammation is real and it can be difficult to stay motivated in school in the spring semester of the final year, but there are many consequences if you allow your grades to get worse. First, if your GPA drops too much, there is a chance your university will withdraw its offer. In less scary news, firing senior high school teachers will make your transition to college that much more difficult as your classes will be even more difficult. Working on good learning and organizational skills will only help you in college.

“I think I’ve been celebrating too much in the last year and letting my scientists sneak out. I know it wouldn’t have made a difference in my school choice, but I think more extracurricular and academic involvement my senior year in high school would have better set me up for success for my freshman year of college,” said Adam Robertson, Senior UX/UI and Front-End Developer at Peterson’s.

How to have fun as a senior in high schoolAngela Forhan, Junior Account Executive at Peterson’s, at the prom.

4. Enjoy your time with your true friends

Soon, you and your high school friends Want all be going your separate ways and won’t be able to see each other on a daily basis. Make the most of this last year and the extra time you have after the application cycle by spending time with friends you feel close to throughout your adult life. Participate in seniors’ activities with them and do your favorite activities and traditions together.

"Oggi sono più vicino agli amici al di fuori della mia" cerchia di festa "e mi sento come se non avessi trascorso abbastanza tempo con loro nell’ultimo anno", ha detto Robertson.

In my high school, the “senior sunset” was a memorable tradition. Insieme, gli anziani hanno guardato il tramonto sulle colline e i ragazzi lo hanno guardato sorgere la mattina successiva. It marked our transition and it was a fun, memorable and metaphorical way to spend time together.

How to have fun as a senior in high schoolTaylor Sienkiewicz, media reporter at Peterson’s, at a high school football game.

5. Consider taking a local college course

While taking a local college course may seem ambitious, you probably have some free time on your senior program. Often, high school seniors are given “free time” because they have earned enough credits to complete their studies without the full course load in the past year. Why not fill this gap by taking a class or two at your local college or a nearby college? This way, you can get a head start on your credits and prepare for a college course format.

“In addition to my regular classes, I have taken classes at my local college. Got me ready for college-level work and a few extra credits to stpiece college ahead of the game,” said Matthew Gazda, Research and Publishing Manager at Peterson’s.

Many seniors are also able to finish school a little earlier, giving them time to prepare for college through classes and work experience.

"Mi sono diplomata al liceo un semestre in anticipo e ho utilizzato l’ultimo semestre per iniziare a guadagnare crediti presso la mia università locale e stavo cercando di risparmiare denaro per il mio primo programma di studio all’estero", ha affermato Michaela Miller, Junior Software Developer presso Peterson’s.

Your senior year will probably be your most memorable year in high school. You will have one last year to spend with friends you may have known since elementary school, one year to prepare for college, and one year to enjoy this last chapter of your life. Use as much as possible!

How to have fun as a senior in high school

A good list of annual superlatives can quickly become one of the most talked about sections of your book. Do it well enough for several consecutive years and students will talk for weeks about which senior will win which award. And—what’s more—they’ll try to figure out themselves which new superlative you’ve added to the mix.

That said, you need to make sure you have a great list of vintage superlatives for seniors … and everyone else.

In fact, that might just be why you’re here. So, let’s cut to the chase. We’ve pulled together a list of 112 yearbook superlatives for seniors, middle schoolers, and elementary school students.

Sure, there’s a roster of classics that you don’t need help coming up with. However, adding some wildcard superlatives – ones that are culturally relevant or that break with tradition – can be a great way to excite your students and make your book stand out. So read on. We’re about to dive in.

Superlative old ideas for every high school year

  1. Soul of the company
  2. He will most likely become president
  3. It will most likely cure a cold
  4. Most likely, he will write the next oneHarry Potter
  5. Most likely, you will win the lottery and lose your ticket
  6. Most likely, he will appear on a real show
  7. Most likely, he will be late for graduation
  8. Most likely, he will stumble upon the graduation ceremony
  9. You will most likely be your own boss
  10. That’s what has changed the most since the first year of university
  11. Most likely, it will come with the next iPhone
  12. Most likely, he will win an Olympic medal
  13. Most likely, he will win the Nobel Prize
  14. He will most likely win the Pulitzer
  15. The most honest
  16. The best youce
  17. The best beard
  18. The most unique
  19. Best rapper
  20. The best car
  21. The best Snapchat stories
  22. Best offer
  23. Worst singer ever
  24. Most likely, he will become famous on the Internet
  25. The best facial expressions
  26. The best sneeze
  27. Most likely, he travels the world
  28. Most likely, he will become a farmer
  29. I will most likely return to teaching at this school
  30. Best candidate for the CIA
  31. The most attentive to the environment
  32. Class activist
  33. The Hepiecethrobs class
  34. Classy heartbreaker
  35. The biggest flirt
  36. The most intellectual
  37. Better returns
  38. The best player
  39. The best sneakers
  40. The best photographer
  41. Most likely it will be in Summa
  42. The worst driver
  43. Most likely, he is studying in the library
  44. The sweetest couple that ever was
  45. The worst case of inflammation in the elderly
  46. Best Bromance

The superlatives of the Yearbook for primary school students

  1. The stupidest joke teller
  2. The strongest sorcerer
  3. The best storyteller
  4. The most thoughtful
  5. The cutest Cubby
  6. Best line leader
  7. The best calligraphy
  8. The best note-taking
  9. Very polite!
  10. Most likely, the teacher will disappear from the topic
  11. The most powerful loud player
  12. The best citizen in the school
  13. Best Shared
  14. The most creative
  15. Field day MVP
  16. The best midfielder
  17. Most likely, he will have the perfect participation
  18. The most fun during the break
  19. The best posture
  20. It will most likely be assigned to Gryffindor
  21. He will most likely become a ninja
  22. He is most likely a bad scientist

Lower secondary school yearbook List of superlatives

  1. Best group project leader
  2. The best wardrobe
  3. The best interpreter
  4. The most artistic
  5. The most organized
  6. The greatest Król / Królowa drama
  7. Best Snap Chatter
  8. She will most likely be a best friend
  9. You will most likely get caught sleeping in class
  10. You will most likely come to the SMS on the wall
  11. Most likely, he will become a politician
  12. Most likely, he will become a teacher
  13. The Wheel will most likely win
  14. Siekany will most likely win
  15. Most likely they are in the library
  16. Best group project leader
  17. The best wardrobe
  18. The most talkative
  19. The biggest youce
  20. The best person for a desert island?
  21. Most likely to fight the aliens … and win
  22. Best nickname
  23. You will most likely receive a photo on a $ 20 bill
  24. Most likely, he will break Michael Jordan’s records
  25. She will most likely dance in Beyonce’s music video
  26. He will most likely survive the Hunger Games

Tried and true superlatives for every school

  1. The most friendly
  2. The best hair
  3. The best eyes
  4. The best chance of success
  5. Best personality
  6. Dressed better
  7. Classy clown
  8. The most athletic
  9. The strongest
  10. The most silent
  11. The sweetest couple
  12. The more scholastic spirit
  13. The most ambitious
  14. It will most likely cheer you up
  15. The teacher’s pet
  16. The best laugh
  17. The best smile
  18. The best accent
  19. The greatest joker
  20. The most gullible

A good list of superlatives for the year will give you tons of great ideas for your year, but it will also inspire you to create unique fun superlatives for your school.

Whether you choose to copy excerpts from your list onto your vintage superlatives page, or intend to use your list to generate ideas, a good set of superlatives will give students a reason to talk about your book before and after you distribute it.

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Sei uno di quelli "coraggiosi" che affrontano e pianificano di educare a casa tuo figlio durante il liceo?

Actually homeschooling through high school isn’t as scary up close as it seemed when you might have been contemplating it years ago. My personal experience is that when it is timeGod provided us with all the courses / teachers / programs we needed. Only NOT before!

A solid curriculum for high school these days should include core curricula in math (4 years), science (3-4 years), English / literature / arts (4 years), social sciences (3-4 years) and languages foreigners (3-4 years).

The power of choices in your student’s high school plan

How to have fun as a senior in high schoolElective courses are usually not as rigorous as the core curriculum, but are often at least as interesting and fun (and maybe evenMore!) … Carefully selected elective courses can be a very powerful tool for your student for a number of reasons. First, they’re often the primary way teens make “real-life connections” with their education (think about the question, “Why do we need to learn this?”). In addition, they are a way to:

  1. complete your student’s training,
  2. present them with a future career opportunity or
  3. help them develop the interests, talents or gifts they have.

If you’re getting ready to get classes going this year, you’ve most likely gotten your basics down pat. However, you can scratch your head to figure out what to study to complete a useful semester.

The following list of creative options to choose from is just the tip of the iceberg

I’m presenting it here to hopefully get your creative juices going! If you find something interesting here, the next step is to develop your study program (unitary study style) or look for a ready-made curriculum. Whichever path you choose, be sure to keep track of time spent, materials used, projects completed, and any other efforts made in the form of a paper document or portfolio. you Wantyou want to have access to documents when it’s time to prepare college transcripts!

  • mechanical
  • childcare
  • study work
  • gardening
  • related to small business
  • in the south – reconstructions of battles
  • koncepcje modowe – projektowanie, budowa, marketing, eyoukieta
  • Ceryoufikacja CPR
  • photography (beginner and advanced)
  • music: learning to play an instrument or learning at certain intervals of time
  • sculpture
  • calligraphy
  • kosmeyouka
  • nutrition
  • cooking – meal planning, cost of food, nutrition, dietary guidelines
  • sign language
  • woodworking – from building small items (shelving) to building larger projects
  • training for the marathon
  • writing – journalism, reportage, novels, children’s books
  • piece
  • proces poliyouczny – kampanijne
  • farm
  • Interior decoration
  • landscape architecture
  • typing
  • theater
  • Make a movie
  • animation
  • website design
  • designing video games

Additionally, HSLDA has an exceptional pieceicle on utilizing both electives and extra-curricular activities in a well-balanced high school program.

Published byKayla Rutledge

How to have fun as a senior in high schoolAch, starszy youdzień duchowy. A week that every high school student has been waiting for since the first year! How Want it ever live up to the hype? Thankfully, one of these 30 ideas Want be a perfect fit for your senior class.

  1. Dormitory for the elderly – What student doesn’t want a morning off? Let your older students skip the first part of the day to sleep.
  2. Cabinet decorations – Ask parents and friends to decorate the outside of each senior’s locker the Friday before Senior Week. Use hepiecewarming pictures, stickers and positive notes.
  3. Student spirits festival – Niech każdy uczeń ubierze się w strój studencki przez jeden dzień w yougodniu. During lunch, group your students into groups according to your choice of college or career.
  4. Off-campus lunch– If your school does not allow students to have lunch off campus, relax with the Senior Week rules.
  5. Old East– Offer your seniors a free breakfast as a special treat during Senior Week.

Koordynuj wolontariuszy yougodnia duchowego z zapisem.See an example

  1. Costumes – Rozważ przypisanie zabawnego moyouwu kostiumu do każdego dnia yougodnia. Do you need ideas? Discover our 75 spirit day ideas.
  2. Gathering of Pep – Zorganizuj wiec moyouwacyjny, aby uczcić swoich seniorów i ich ciężką pracę w ciągu ostatnich czterech lat. Involve the seniors in the planning and give each club or group an opportuniyou to ppieceicipate. Brilliant tip:Zaplanuj energiczny rajd z youmi pomysłami na rajd moyouwacyjny na duchowy youdzień.
  3. Competition for the decoration of the doors – Ask each senior class to decorate their classroom door to express their spirit. The winning house receives a prize!
  4. piece na parkingu– Ask teachers, parents and younger students to decorate older student parking lots with chalk.
  5. Class Change Dance Ppiecey– Play music through the speakers during class changes to ensure a fun atmosphere.
  6. Early release– Allow seniors to leave 15 minutes early each day of Spirit Week so they can avoid traffic jams in the school parking lot.

How to have fun as a senior in high school How to have fun as a senior in high school How to have fun as a senior in high school

  1. Show of talents– Host a talent show for seniors to showcase your special skills before graduation.
  2. Customer’s adhesive tape– Raise money for a good cause by allowing seniors to pay $ 1 for a strip of duct tape to fix the principal or school administrators to the wall for the day.
  3. Plakayou – Pozwól seniorom tworzyć plakayou i banery do powieszenia na korytarzach. Pozwól im zawrzeć wewnętrzne żaryou, szkolne wiwayou i pozyyouwne odniesienia do starszych klas!
  4. Senior Symposium – Make your seniors feel good about their achievements by hosting a “Senior Symposium” where they can advise younger students about high school and the college application process.

Sprzedawaj odzież spirytusową (t-shiryou, bluzy z kapturem, butelki z wodą i nie youlko!) z rejestracją.See an example

  1. Country day – Take it back to everyone’s favorite day of elementary school by holding a traditional field day with fun games and events that seniors can ppieceicipate in.
  2. Starsi Superlayouwy– Zamiast po prostu przypisywać starszym superlayouwom, zorganizuj zgromadzenie, na którym je rozdasz, a uczniowie będą mogli kibicować (i śmiać się razem) ze swoimi przyjaciółmi!
  3. A wall of advice– Create a bulletin board where seniors can post sticky notes of everything they have learned in the past four years.
  4. Senior Śpiewające Walenyounki– Zrekrutuj swój szkolny chór, aby dostarczał śpiewające walenyounki od jednego seniora do drugiego!
  5. Cinema day– Create a free period for seniors to rest and watch a movie.
  6. Stories for the elderly– Run an informal comedy program where teachers tell funny stories about seniors based on their experiences with them over the past four years!
  7. Senior announcements– Niech grupa seniorów przejmie poranne ogłoszenia na cały youdzień i zorganizuje zabawę.
  8. Future of me – Let each elder write a letter to himself next year. Send them out to the students the next year so they can see how much they’ve grown.
  9. Lunch break– Take the survey to find your favorite senior class restaurant and order a free senior class lunch!

Enroll students on a senior class trip with enrollment.See an example

  1. University council – Host a fun Q&A where teachers and staff members can give college advice to your seniors.
  2. Close it – Organize a block and let the seniors stay overnight in your school. Plan games and activities so they can have fun and enjoy themselves together.
  3. Senior Citizen’s Picnic– Zamień boisko w giganyouczny piknik dla seniorów.
  4. Bring your Pet to School– If your senior class is small enough, let them bring their pets during class so everyone can pet their cute cats and dogs!
  5. Tender of donations – Find out which class can raise the most money for an important goal for your school. your seniors Want feel a sense of camaraderie, and you’ll fundraise for a good cause!
  6. A day without a dress code– To trochę ryzykowne, ale jeśli uważasz, że twoi seniorzy sobie z youm poradzą, zrelaksuj się na jeden dzień i pozwól swoim uczniom nosić czapki, szoryou itp. jako zabawną ucztę.

With just a few of these fun ideas, you Want celebrate your seniors and show appreciation for all of their hard work.

Kayla Rutledge she is a student who spends most of her time writing, singing for her church and eating quesadillas.

As the college Class of 2019 gears up for their last year of high school, there are a lot of emotions and uncertainties about what the next year — and the four years after that — Want bring. High school seniors are on the brink of making some of the biggest decisions of their lives, and for many students and their parents, it Want feel as if this moment came sooner than they anticipated.

The previous three years of high school went by in the blink of an eye, and senior year Want be no different. Navigating your senior year of high school can be incredibly similar to your freshman year, with a lot of nerves and high expectations for your “best year ever”.

Senior year of high school lends a lot of “lasts,” but for the first time students Want be navigating the college admissions process while trying to make the most of what’s left of high school. Students: Stpiece senior year focused and prepared by knowing what to expect and how to resolve any challenges you may face.

Oto, czego można się spodziewać na ostatnim roku i jak sobie z youm poradzić:

your grades STILL matter. To, że uczelnie mogą początkowo widzieć youlko twoje oceny z pierwszego semestru, nie oznacza, że ​​reszta roku nie ma znaczenia. Colleges look at grades for all four years of high school, although colleges don’t immediately see grades from recent years. Colleges Want require you to submit a final grade report, and poor grades senior year can keep you out of your dream college. Some colleges are even known to revoke acceptance if the final transcript shows a sharp drop in grades.

Focus on a good end of the year and keep your grades! If you already have an A average, keep it there. If you are anywhere between B and A, work hard to pick it up! Colleges Want notice that you’re working hard and that you have the maturiyou to handle a college course load.

Senioritis Want hit — fight it. Whether it strikes mid-fall semester at the height of application season, or next semester when school seems to be winding down, the plague known as “senioritis” — a slide in motivation and classroom performance — Want affect you. It is important to know that the inflammation of the elderly, although called jokingly, is not a joke. As I said earlier, colleges can revoke your offer of admission if your scores drop. Also, succumbing to seniors’ inflammation can make you unprepared for the load of college course, as you may get used to putting on the bare minimum to survive, which he won’t recommend next year.

So what’s the cure? Wyznaczaj realisyouczne cele przez cały rok szkolny i pracuj nad ich osiągnięciem! Whether it’s an A in a challenging course, preparing for a competition or volunteering more often, working toward simple goals Want keep you on track for a great finish to senior year.

you Want be busy, so stay organized! Balancing a tough course load, college applications, extracurriculars and all the final activities that come with senior year Want be an enormous challenge. Time management is critical to your success, especially when you delve into these college apps.

Drive a detailed schedule with important deadlines, test dates, and other responsibilities you will have throughout the school year. Set aside blocks of time for study, extracurricular activities, and college application applications. Putting it in writing Want hold you accountable and keep your schedule organized.

College applications Want be due sooner than you thought. Terminy składania wniosków do 1 syoucznia – a nawet terminy wczesnej decyzji w listopadzie – mogą wydawać się teraz zbyt odległe, by się youm martwić, ale tak naprawdę dzieli je youlko kilka yougodni. It’s important to get stpieceed on your applications as soon as possible, as you’ll need plenyou of time to refine your essays, gather letters of recommendation and finalize your activiyou list and resume.

Don’t take it lightly! While this might not seem like a lot of work right now, if you’re coding the day before your applications expire, you’re sure to make careless mistakes and forget to include certain details or materials.

It will be exciting – and thrilling. There Want be a lot of lasts this year. Last first day of school, last homecoming, last football match, etc. It’s easy to get caught up in the nostalgia, especially as the realiyou of the end of high school begins to set in. It Want be an emotional year as you prepare for college and begin to say goodbye to your school, teachers and friends, but it’s going to be fun!

Just as you have time to learn, make time for friends and fun. The final year is important as it is a stepping stone to college, but it is also an important time to spend with family and friends creating memories before venturing in different directions. Focus on the scientists, but also take advantage of the opportunities you need to seize to make the most of your senior year.

You will have great memories in your senior year. you’ll stress over college applications, exams and graduation. you’ll experience disappointment — whether it’s a college rejection or losing a big game for the last time. The final year requires students to grow a lot in a short time, but with the support of parents, friends and teachers you will survive, ready to take on the next chapter in your life.

How to have fun as a senior in high school

© GramercyPictures / Courtesy of Everett Collection

This pieceicle was originally written for freshu. and Alicia Sforza

As senior year is stpieceing to come to a close, grad invites are being sent out, caps and gowns are being measured and ordered, and college orientation dates are being set up. It’s hard to suppress the feeling of nostalgia that keeps creeping up on you. Between being excited for the next chapter of your life — whatever that might be — and being sad knowing you may never see some of the people you’ve been seeing every day ever again, this can be a very confusing time. Jednak każdy absolwent, który ukończył studia, spogląda wstecz i żałuje, że nie zrobili youch rzeczy.

1. Złożył wniosek o więcej syoupendiów

Although it’s everyday knowledge that college is expensive, I still cringe when I think about my first year tuition. I hate to even think it but my mom’s constant nagging of “Have you been applying for scholarships?” it might actually be useful. I mean, there are people who give away free money! If only there was a scholarship for watching hours of Netflix while questioning every life decision you’ve made, am I right?

2. I have purchased an elderly parking ticket

If you’ve been to a similar high school to the one I attended, you have two options for your senior year: buy a senior parking ticket (hopefully soon enough for a little longer) or walk at least four blocks each. morning. Mieszkając w Minnesocie — kiedy pogoda wydaje się przyzwoita youlko raz w roku przez około godzinę — te cztery przecznice mogą zrobić lub zepsuć twój dzień. So it doesn’t surprise me that when I asked some of my classmates what they wish they had done their senior year, buying a senior parking pass was one of the most popular answers.

3. Get out more

The number one thing that I’ve heard people say they wish they had done their senior year was go out more. The saying is true “you’re only young once,” and your senior year is supposed to be filled with adventures with friends and nights you won’t be able to forget. No matter if you go out every weekend or are more comfortable staying home curled up on the couch watching Netflix, it’s inevitable that as senior year comes to a close you’ll wish you took all the opportunities given to you and then some to go out.

4. Stayed at that one ppiecey a little longer

Either the few times you’ve gone out or the few hundreds of times you’ve gone out, it always seems as if the most exciting things happen after you leave. The next morning you’re constantly trying to play catch-up as your friends recap the craziness that was the night before.

5. Spend more time with your family

The sad fact is no matter how much we prepare ourselves for moving out next year, we’re bound to feel that bitter sting of loneliness. Knowing that some of us Want be possibly hundreds of miles away from our family next year really makes me wish I would’ve taken my mom up on those offers to go to a movie with her on a Friday night.

6. I have visited multiple college campuses

If you’re anything like me, you had one set college in your mind and once you got accepted that was it. I didn’t bother to look at any other colleges or visit any other colleges than just the one I had my hepiece set on. Now that I’m nearing the end of my senior year though — and I’m hearing about all of the diverse and far away colleges some of my classmates are going to — I can’t help but wonder if my decision was a good one.

7. I have tried something new

Maybe it was a new sport, a new club, or even a challenging class that you might have considered for a day and then never signed up. Unfortunately, now there won’t be another chance to sign up for these. At least I learned this lesson before college and Want take full advantage of all of the extracurricular activities that Want be offered to me there.

8. Ppieceicipated more in school activities

That homecoming week when I thought I was too cool for pajama day or that time when I didn’t feel like going out to buy Hawaiian themed accessories for the basketball game are really coming back to haunt me. There have been a few times where everything has been fine, I’ve even been encouraged to look ridiculous and take it for granted. Ppieceicipating in fun school activities should’ve been a highlight of my high school career.

9. Easier activities

Being on the cusp of finals week, as well as receiving transcripts to send out for scholarships and colleges, it becomes quite apparent that many of the classes I’ve been stressing over this past year were completely unnecessary. Now don’t get me wrong, I’m all about challenging myself but your senior year is supposed to be filled with last-minute memories, not last-minute breakdowns before class.

10. Spend more time with your friends

When I think of leaving for college I think about how hard it’ll be to leave my family, but I rarely remember that the friends that I’ve made Want also be leaving and could possibly be further away from me than my family is. With goodbyes in the very near future, I’m realizing how much I’ll miss these people and how much I wish I had spent more time with them.

11. I have worked to develop better study habits

Kiedy się nad youm zastanowić, liceum jest jak prakyouka, a college to wielka gra. Gdybym youlko wykorzystał ten „czas na ćwiczenia”, kiedy youlko mogłem. What are Cornell’s notes again? Oh, e i pianificatori, uh ci scrivi, giusto?

12. Have more fun

I realize this is a pretty broad issue, but this is our final year without the added stress of college finances, internships and other stresses that come with college. This is the last year where we have to be really kids and skip the weekend if we want to. Though it’s important to get good grades, I wish I had found a way to balance this last year of high school and the last year of not having multiple responsibilities.

13. I thank the influential people in my life

I’m entitled to one sappy post, right? The one thing I ultimately wish I would’ve done my senior year is recognize and thank all of the people who have helped me get through my high school career. Whether it’s my mother, whose constant nagging ensured that I had all of my homework done in time; my sixth-grade tutor who has always praised my writing; and also my friends who kept me sane at my worst times. Before you know it, it gets too late and you can’t thank these people for the role they had in making you the person you are.

How to have fun as a senior in high school

I recently talked about the concept on my Twitter and people went crazy: Many high schools in America still hold an “Senior Slave Auction” where the elderly are auctioned off as slaves for a day (or overnight or whatever. ). Seriously, Google is the one! This is happening in the United States!

The basic concept is as follows: the other students in the school spend money to spend time with the senior and the senior has to do what the students want (within reasonable limits). Dochody zazwyczaj przeznaczane są na cele „charytayouwne” (jedno prywatne chrześcijańskie liceum przeprowadziło w youm roku aukcję niewolników starszych, aby zebrać pieniądze na wycieczkę klasową do Paryża).

Besides the obvious racial overtones, there’s perhaps an even greater suggestion of potential sexual…stuff. In realiyou, it generally seems to amount to “making” boys dress like girls and do silly dance routines (you’ll find a lot of this if you delve into it online) and “making” people wash cars and carry out other menial duties. It’s all fully consensual and done in a spirit of fun — but I think there’s a reason a lot of schools just call it “Senior Auction Day” or “Senior Appreciation Day” now.

Wahałam się publikować tweeyou i zdjęcia na Facebooku związane z youm zjawiskiem, ponieważ czasami trudno było lub niemożliwe było stwierdzenie, czy zaangażowani studenci mieli co najmniej 18 lat. Wiem, że rzeczy są publiczne, gdy trafią na publiczne Facebooki i Twitterz i youm podobne, ale Czuję się bardzo niekomfortowo z zawsyoudzającymi nieletnimi dziećmi lub trzymaniem ich za publiczne besztanie/szyderstwo (i nawet nie wiem, czy besztam, czy wyśmiewam!)

Now here’s my question, and I genuinely want to spark respectful discussion in the comments: does the idea of American kids ppieceicipating in a Senior Slave Auction make you feel weird or uncomfortable in any way? Or is discomfort at this idea just an example of politically correct bullcrap infringing on kids’ rights to have fun? It’s worth noting that while the majoriyou of kids pictured in Senior Slave Auction-related paraphernalia online seem to be white, there are kids of various ethnic and racial backgrounds involved in these stunts. Wydaje się, że te zbiórki pieniędzy mają miejsce w szkołach od Kalifornii po Florydę i w wielu innych miejscach (wielu osób spoza Południa, z którymi rozmawiałem, wydawało się, że to musi być prakyouka ograniczona do Południa, ale nie).

I’m really not trying to be some kind of uptight liberal scoldypants here! I’m just wondering what you think. It definitely gives me a strange feeling in the pit of my stomach, but maybe I’m being too old-fashioned…or new-fashioned. you tell me: are high school Senior Slave Auctions offensive or just silly fun?

Author: Alison Cooper | Updated: February 23, 2021

How to have fun as a senior in high school

Going from middle school to high school means a rather exciting time in the life of the child and parent. But it can also be scary. To nie youlko przeprowadzka do innej szkoły – to zupełnie nowe środowisko. Początek szkoły średniej może być przytłaczający i dezorientujący, nie youlko dlatego, że budynki są fizycznie większe, a kampus jest nieznany. Dzieciaki opuszczające gimnazjalną „bańkę” do licealnej dżungli nie youlko muszą zmagać się z nowymi nauczycielami i wymaganiami akademickimi, ale także z zupełnie inną grupą uczniów, z których niektórzy są o trzy lata starsi i znacznie More dojrzali.

Upgrading to high school can be devastating if your child doesn’t progress smoothly – more kids don’t finish sixth grade than any other [source: Weber]. Most school systems are leading the way by implementing transition programs that can cover anything from campus visits to shadow students, but it’s never easy. Our list of the top 10 differences between middle school and high school Want help you identify some of the pitfalls you might run across as your child enters ninth grade — like what happens when your trombone-playing math whiz finds out that band practice conflicts with calculus? We hope you’ll find some advice that Want get you through this often crazy time.

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