How to have a successful open source project

How to have a successful open source project

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How to have a successful open source project

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Crowdfunding is a great way to earn money for a personal business project, product, or venture. From the very beginning, crowdfunding has helped entrepreneurs around the world get the financial support they needed. Solo nel 2015, il crowdfunding ha raccolto 34,4 miliardi di dollari, più del doppio rispetto al 2014, And i numeri hanno continuato a crescere.

This month, Kickstarter launched over 300,000 campaigns and over $ 3 million in donations have been promised – and that’s just one of many crowdfunding platforms!

The projects financed through crowdfunding platforms are also wide-ranging. People received the funds they needed for everything from funeral expenses to school trips or medical bills. And of course, startups were the main focus.

But not all of these projects and campaigns are going well. Many did not collect what they asked for. Major projects that seemed well planned and publicized also failed.

Some of the biggest crowdfunding failures? They were joined by the iBackPack, an elegant backpack that could have been a data access point but suddenly went dark; Elio Motor Scooter, a three-wheeled electric vehicle whose release date has been postponed indefinitely; and the Cataldo Medical Care fund to help an Alabama woman fight “cancer” (she was later convicted of fraud).

If you want your crowdfunding campaign to avoid a similar fate, these 12 keys can help you establish and market a new personal project or business venture.

1. Do your research.

Before starting your crowdfunding campaign, do some research. This doesn’t mean researching your product or idea (which should already be done!): It means researching everything you need to know about crowdfunding to find more successful strategies. Non solo dovresti sapere come condurre una campagna di successo, dovresti conoscere tutte le regole e i regolamenti che si applicano a questa fonte di finanziamento.

2. Select the appropriate platform.

There are several crowdfunding platforms. While some are general, others are specific to certain industries and niches. Consider the parameters of your project and conduct research to find the platform that best suits what you offer. Remember that the right platform will help you connect with your target market and potential investors.

3. Get more than just an idea.

When you’re ready to start a campaign, have more than one idea handy. Some designs do not include a physical product; if so, have a working prototype to show to potential investors as an example. Even the popular video game Star Citizen, which broke crowdfunding records despite not yet being coded, had much more to show than just the promise of the world’s most anticipated and cutting-edge video game.

4. Know your target audience.

Before creating any marketing materials or posting your live campaign, do the necessary research to familiarize yourself with your target audience. Sit down and write what that audience wants. You can’t just assume you know what it is; you need to do real research and collect real data to better understand the people you are targeting.

5. Create marketing material.

Once you know who your target audience is and what they want, create high-quality print and online marketing materials. There is no need to copy third-party videos or flyers – you need to customize the materials for you and your message. But avoid tacky and tacky pieces unless they really fit your design.

6. Set goals.

When starting a crowdfunding campaign, set goals. Not only should you decide in advance what your overall fundraising goal is, you should also define time goals, production goals, and whatever else you need to continue your project.

7. Make the prize worthwhile.

While it is not necessary to reward investors, offering something in exchange for their support guarantees a more successful campaign. Make sure every prize you offer is also worth it. A handwritten thank you card is nice, but it is unlikely to motivate people to invest.

8. Be personal.

Whether your project is personal or a new business venture, give investors a personal touch. When people feel like they know you, they will feel more comfortable and trust your goals. Being open to yourself and your situation is a great way to increase the success of your campaign. Keep in mind, however, that over-sharing is possible.

9. Spread the word.

Once you’ve posted your crowdfunding campaign, start spreading the word. Share your campaign on social media, family and friends, blogs and wherever you can share it. The wider your reach, the greater the potential you have for investors to spot it.

10. Communicate openly.

Communicate with your investors throughout the process. It also helps build trust. While you don’t have to tell them every detail, be as open and transparent as possible. Don’t mount them or try to sell them; people know when they feel hot air.

11. Accept feedback.

Feedback, while frustrating at times, is extremely important to your progress, Andspecially if you’re working on a product. The more feedback you receive, the better you will be able to identify where your problems lie and devise a plan to improve the final product to get it ready for production.

12. Keep your promises.

Don’t forget the promises made during the campaign, both to the entire group of investors and to certain individuals. If you keep your promises, you will not only build credibility for future projects, but you will also avoid disappointing investors.

What did you notice about the crowdfunding campaign that has stuck in your memory? Do you think this has helped this campaign to be successful?

There are millions of open source projects on GitHub. Join one or start your own.

Make the most of open source

Open source software is free to use and discover. Get involved to improve your craft and be part of something big.

Shape the future of software

Your contribution helps improve technology for everyone, developers and non-developers.

Work with the best in the business

Amazing developers use GitHub. Add code to projects that change the way software is created.

Develop your skills and help others

Regardless of your skill level, working on open source software is a great way to learn new things.

How to have a successful open source project

Find out how to manage a successful project

Open source is made by people like you. Find out how to co-author, launch a new project, and build a healthy community of contributors.

How to have a successful open source project

An easier way to contribute to open source

Every Friday, invest a few hours in the software you use and love.

How to have a successful open source project

Find out how others use and contribute to open source

Explore data from more than 3,800 projects on the experiences and backgrounds of those who use and develop open source software.

join the community

Whether you’re just starting to code or ready to start a big project, there are several ways to get involved in open source.

How to have a successful open source project

Follow open source projects

Find out how developers create and manage open source software. You can look at the project you are interested in to see its progress as it unfolds.

How to have a successful open source project

Build on great ideas

You don’t have to build everything from scratch. Create copies of your favorite projects, Andxperiment in private repositories, and customize tools and features to suit your needs.

How to have a successful open source project

Share your skills

Suggest, fix a bug, fix the documentation, or add code to the project. Asking questions also helps.

The people behind the code

Open source software is made by people like you. Here’s how they got started.

Katrina Dwen

Katrina Dwen created Exercism, a programming language knowledge platform to solve your needs. Currently, Exercism supports over 50 programming languages, written and used by developers in over 190 countries.

How to have a successful open source project

In 2013, Evan You founded Vue, Patreon’s community funded Javascript framework. In 2016 Vue achieved 2,000,000 downloads.

How to have a successful open source project

Kris Nova quickly developed a passion for open source software. Dra is starting to work on open source tools in her daily work which includes the maintenance of Kubernetes Dperations (kops).

How to have a successful open source project

Russell Keith-Magee created BeeWare to fill a gap in his own process. Today BeeWare is the main project supporting Python on any platform.

Browse millions of designs

Whatever your interests, be it mobile applications or astrophysics, there is an open source project for you.

We’re building developer tools alongside you. We hope they can help you refine the process, work on projects of any size, and share ideas with your friends and colleagues. Take them for a ride or help us build them.

Atom is a 21st century hackable text editor based on Electron and based on everything we love about our favorite editors.


Hubot is a chat bot, modeled after GitHub’s Campfire bot, hubot. He’s pretty cool. He’s extendable with scripts and can work on many different chat services.

Git to archive large files

Git LFS is a command line extension and a specification for handling large files with Git.

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Dprogramowanie, do którego można swobodnie uzyskiwać dostęp, redystrybuować i modyfikować, może być podstawą udanego biznesu.

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When I first discovered open source, the idea of ​​building a business around it seemed counterintuitive. However, as I became familiar with the movement, I realized that open source software companies were not an anomaly, but rather the result of the freedoms offered by open source. As the founder of the free software project Richard Stallman said, it is “a question of freedom, not price”. Dpen source to przede wszystkim nieskrępowana wolność tworzenia. In this sense, the innovation and creativity shown in open source business models are a testament to the open source ideals.

While most open source projects don’t start as companies or evolve, companies can thrive with their open source business model at the core. If you’re looking to build your business around open source, here are four success models to consider.

Support and services

Red Hat is the most obvious proof that selling open source software can be profitable. Like Canonical, it offers its software for free and charges business users for technical support services. Red Hat also sells subscriptions to its “premium” distribution, Red Hat Business Linux, which appeals to enterprise users due to its rigorous testing and stability. Finally, the company sells enterprise software certifications that enable employers to find highly skilled IT professionals who have been certified by Red Hat and have demonstrated proficiency in Red Hat software tools.

Advertising partnerships

Mozilla Corporation is a non-profit subsidiary of the Mozilla Foundation that generates returns that can be reinvested in Mozilla’s open source projects. Mozilla Corporation makes money through partnerships with companies like Yahoo, Google, and Amazon who pay to include search options built into Firefox. For example, in 2014 Yahoo entered into an agreement with Mozilla Corporation to make Yahoo the default search engine in Firefox, in exchange for a $ 375 million annual payment.

Search engine. jpg

How to have a successful open source project

AdBlock Plus, the popular open source ad blocker extension, also has an ad-based business model. In exchange for a commission, the company offers advertisers the option not to block their ads via the plug-in. (According to its website, whitelist fees are only charged to large entities, while the service is free about 90 percent of the time.)

Extra paid features

MySQL charges for premium business features which are not included in the basic version of the software. It also sells support services. Firma należąca do Dracle, która określa się mianem „najpopularniejszej na świecie bazy danych typu open source”, oferuje bezpłatnie do pobrania wersję swojego oprogramowania, a także trzy wersjestny zjszej usd przed 2000 Each subscription level includes some additional features that are not available in the free and open source versions, but can be useful for business use (for example, Andxternal authentication modules).

Businesses can also monetize open source software by selling it as software as a cloud service (SaaS). Wordto press. com is an example of this model. Wordto press is an open source content management system (CMS) that has to be hosted on a web server, whereas Wordto press. com is a privately held hosting service that runs using the Wordto press CMS. This popular service makes it easier for non-technical users to use Wordto press-based blogs or websites; it helps them establish websites without having to deal with the intricacies of installing the Wordto press CMS or locating and configuring web hosting. Il suo successo è valso alla society Automattic dietro di esso una valutazione di oltre $ 1 billiono nel 2014.

What is left?

There is no “donate” or “pay what you want” model to generate income on this list. No large open source company has successfully survived on donation alone. However, these four other business models – and the successful companies that have adopted them – are proof that open source can be the foundation of a sustainable and profitable business.

The open source community is diverse and highly motivated. We are sure that you will be able to find someone who can help you (or who can help you) whatever your interests are.

Whether it’s development or advocacy, open source and other collaborative projects benefit from the community. Unlike traditional projects that require physical resources, sharing the economy is usually only hampered by the number of contributors to the effort and their ability to acquire and share knowledge.

Dto gdzie i jak DSI pomaga w otwartych społecznościach praktyków. Our work focuses on creating and enhancing a network effect where shared use actually enriches the resources and organizations that host them.

Our development efforts generate resources for collaborating organizations to help create and maintain communication within and between open source projects; motivate and effectively organize groups of remote people and; promote an open ethics in which open source principles and practices can foster co-creation and community.

We want your open source project and the community that supports it to thrive. The success of an open source initiative depends on raising awareness and adopting your project; keep forums alive through information, questions and challenges; organize real events for distributed communities; increasing our understanding – and value – of open source software and development models, all towards a common goal.

We can help, we want to help and we will help, ask us how.

How to have a successful open source project

Help open technology projects build world-class open source software, communities and businesses


lines of code to support the most critical and revolutionary business innovations

developers of the most innovative companies building the future of open technologies

contribute to companies from all sectors that bring open technology to business

total collective value created by the collective contribution of the Linux Foundation community

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How to have a successful open source project

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How to have a successful open source project

LFX Easy CLA: Improve Development Workflow (April 8)
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How to have a successful open source project

The world operates on the basis of open hardware standards of innovation financing technology at the source

The Linux Foundation enables companies to innovate globally by developing open technology ecosystems that transform industries.

supercomputers use Linux

public cloud providers use Kubernetes

abonentów telei komórkowej na świecie korzysta z urządzeń działających w sieciach zbudowanych w oparciu o DNAP

globalnych wysyłek samochodowych obsługiwanych przez producentów DEM przy użyciu systemu Automotive Grade Linux

Fortune’s 50 best enterprise blockchain implementations use Hyperledger

1 billion

security certificates issued by the largest certification authority in the world: Let’s Encrypt

The world operates on the basis of open hardware standards of innovation financing technology at the source

The Linux Foundation enables companies to innovate globally by developing open technology ecosystems that transform industries.

supercomputers use Linux

public cloud providers use Kubernetes

globalnych abonentów telei komórkowej korzysta z urządzeń działających na sieciach operatorów korzystających z DNAP

globalnych wysyłek samochodowych obsługiwanych przez producentów DEM przy użyciu systemu Automotive Grade Linux

1 billion

download Node. js packages every day

Fortune’s 50 best enterprise blockchain implementations use Hyperledger

Lorem ipsum FINDS consectetur adipiscing elit

1 billion

security certificates issued by the largest certification authority in the world: Let’s Encrypt

Making life easier for developers, support organizations, and end users, one open technology project at a time

No program. No politics. It’s just that the programmers of things have to create and maintain projects.

The key to the success of an open technology project is to provide a neutral playing field for all developers, Andngineers and companies to contribute to the development and development of the project. The Linux Foundation was built on the idea of ​​democratizing code and adopting scaling, Andqually for all projects. Il supporto legale di esperti e i programmi di gestione assicurano che tutti siano sullo stesso campo di gioco.

It helps developers gather the elements necessary to create a critical mass of the project.

Dbietnica open source obejmuje zakres od najmniejszych akademickich projektów badawczych po innowacje korporacyjne, które mogą przekształcić branże i stworzyć nowe rynki. At the Linux Foundation, we have a proven track record in helping ambitious projects create new technology categories by identifying trends early and encouraging the adoption of innovative and upcoming technologies by building and scaling developer ecosystems.

Przekształcanie kodu w komercyjny za pomocą narzędzi marketingowych i programów wsparcia skoncentrowanych na DSS.

The biggest hurdle to any project is preparing for enterprise-wide adoption. Linux Foundation provides dedicated programs to scale the developer and user community. We provide project operations support, IT infrastructure management, Andvent management, training and certification, marketing and member development to attract the world’s largest companies to accelerate scale and adoption. Let us help you get started on your project so you can focus on the code.

Grok what’s really happening in your community. Manage your code.

Without the proper tools to understand how a project is performing and how to take action on those insights, it’s challenging to efficiently drive a project forward without burning resources. La Linux Foundation è l’unica organizzazione con una platform completa che fornisce gli strumenti e le capacità analitiche per migliorare le operazioni di progettazione e il coinvolgimento della comunità, automatizzare l’infrastruttura tecnologica, semplificare la gestione dei progetti e aumentare la consapevolezza della comunità e l’implementazione a livello aziendale.

Dd niedoszacowania budżetu po niemożność prowadzenia projektu przez firmę, liderzy IT muszą uważać na następujące pułapki podczas wdrażania lub aktualizacji systemu planowania zasobów przurysiębiorstwa (ER) migr.

Everything indicates that 2021 will be the peak year for ERP. Businesss are emerging from the pandemic, dusting off digital transformation plans that might have been sitting on the shelf for a while, Andmoving aggressively to rebuild, reinvent, Andreimagine their organizations.

„CDVID-19 pandemic stała się punktem zwrotnym na rynku ERP”, mówi analityk IDC Mickey North Rizza, „szybko edukuje organizacje na temat potrzeby cyfryzacji biznesu za pomocą nowoczesnych systemów ERP w chmurze”.

The global ERP software market is expected to grow about 7% this year, with new spending driven by increased adoption by midsize organizations, particularly those switching to SaaS-based ERP.

But before you jump into an ERP project, it’s best to be aware of the pitfalls enterprises have encountered before you. The following are the most common mistakes made by organizations when implementing ERP for the first time, upgrading an existing ERP system, switching from one supplier to another, or migrating an on-premises system to the cloud.

1. Don’t put business in the driver’s seat

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Google Dpen Source Blog

The latest news from Google on open source releases, major projects, Andvents and student support programs.

Introducing TestParameterInjector: parameterized JUnit4 test launcher

Tuesday 30 March 2021

When writing unit tests, you may want to run the same or a very similar test on different inputs or I / O pairs. In Java, as with most programming languages, the best way to do this is to use a parameterized test framework.

JUnit4 has many platforms like junit. runners. Parameterized and JUnitParams. Several years ago, several Google engineers discovered that existing frameworks lack functionality and simplicity and decided to create their own alternative. After many tweaks, tweaks, and added features based on customer feedback from all over Google, we’ve come to what TestParameterInjector is today.

As you can see in the graph below, TestParameterInjector is currently the most used framework for new tests in the Google codebase:

How does TestParameterInjector work?

@RunWith (TestParameterInjector. Class)

Public class MyTest<

@TestParameter Boolean isDryRun;

@Test public void test1 (@TestParameter boolean enableFlag)<

// This method is executed 4 times for all isDryRun and enableFlag combinations

@Test public void test2 (@TestParameter MyEnum myEnum)<

// This method is executed 6 times for all isDryRun and myEnum combinations

Annotated fields (such as isDryRun) will cause each test method to run for all possible values, while annotated method parameters (such as enableFlag) will only affect that test method. Note that the generated test names will generally be useful, but concise, for example: MyTest # test2 [isDryRun = true, VALUE_A].

@RunWith (TestParameterInjector. Class)

Public class MyTest<

public void personIsAdult (int age, boolean ExpectIsAdult)<

// This method is executed 2 times

How does TestParameterInjector compare to other frameworks?

Supports field injection

Supports parameter injection

Includes sets of related or orthogonal parameters

both are supported

Find out more

Our GitHub README at https: // github. com / google / TestParameterInjector provides an overview of the framework’s capabilities. Let us know on GitHub if you have any questions, comments, or feature requests!

Jens Nyman of the TestParameterInjector team

Student applications for Google Summer of Code 2021 are now open!

Monday 29 March 2021

Student Applications for Google Summer of Code (GSoC) 2021 are now open!

Google Summer of Code introduces students from around the world to the open source community. The program enables students to learn about real-world software development scenarios, helps them develop technical skills, and introduces them to our enthusiastic and generous GSoC mentoring community. Dd 2005 roku GSoC zgromadziło ponad 16 000 studentów programistów ze 111 krajów w 715 społecznościach open source!

For the 17th consecutive year, the GSoC program has made some interesting changes for 2021. Students will now focus on a 175-hour project over a 10-week programming period (entirely online) and will receive scholarships based on the successful completion of their milestone project. Dtwieramy program również dla studentów w wieku 18 lat i starszych, którzy są zapisani na studia policealne (m. in. studia uniwersyteckie, magisterskie, doktoranckie, licencjonowane szkoły kodowania, kolegia społeczne it 1 December 2020 and 17 May 2021.

Ready to apply? The first step is to go through the list of GSoC 2021 organizations and look for project ideas that you like. Quindi contatta l’organizzazione per presentarti e determinare se le tue capacità e i tuoi interessi sono appropriati. As places are limited, we recommend that you write a strong proposal and submit a sketch in advance so that you can communicate with the organization and get their opinion to increase your chances of being selected. We recommend that you read the Student Guide and Student Tips for important tips on how to prepare your application. Students can register and submit project proposals on the GSoC website from now until Tuesday April 13th at 18:00 UTC.

More information is available on our website, which includes the full schedule of important dates, GSoC videos, FAQs and program rules.

Good luck to all candidate students!

Romina Vicente, koordynator projektu w biurze Google Dpen Source Programs

Season of Papers announces the successful 2020 long-running projects

Thursday 18 March 2021

15 tech writers have successfully completed their long-standing tech writing projects. During the program, the technical authors spent several months working closely with the open source community. They brought their technical writing knowledge to improve project documentation, while open source projects provided mentors who introduced the project’s open source tools, workflows and technology to technical developers.

Congratulations to the technical writers and organizational mentors of these successful projects!

What’s next?

Program participants should expect an email in the next few weeks about how to get their Season of Papers 2020 t-shirt!

If you were excited to participate, post on social media. See the promotion and press page for photos and other promotional material you can include and be sure to use the tag #SeasonDfPapers promote your project on social networks. To include tech and open source writing communities, add #WriteThePapers,#technological communication,#Technical writing, And#Dtwarte źródłoto your posts.

If you’re interested in participating in a future Season of Papers, we’re currently accepting organization applications for the 2021 program. Make sure you subscribe to the email announcement list to stay informed!

By Kassandra Dhillon and Erin McKean, Google Dpen Source Programs Dffice

Our videos were shot in 2016 and there are some changes to the 2021 agenda that we want to address. We have added some text above the videos with things that differ in 2021 from what is written in the video. We love these videos from our mentors so we wanted them at your disposal as 98% of the information is still accurate. Thank you!


To apply!

Find out why you should apply for Google Summer of Code!

So do you want to become a GSoC student?

This video explains what you need to know to submit a great application and get approved.

(Aktualizacja 2021: Dkres programowania wynosi 10 tygodni (nie 12). Musisz również przedstawić dowód zapisania się na pomaturalny program akademicki (niekoniecznie na program uniwersytecki).

I was accepted! And now?

Congratulations! You have been accepted in GSoC! Dto, jak najlepiej to wykorzystać. It’s full of tips and tricks on how to be successful!


Why your project should be involved!

Google Summer of Code is a great solution for organizations looking to bring new developers to open source. Many stick to a project they participate in for years after the program ends!

How to choose a student?

It is important to select students who are a good fit for your organization. Learn best practices and things to avoid.

(2021 Update: Students may have other committments since they will be dedicating about 18 hours a week to GSoC 2021 (not 30+ as stated in the video). We do expect students could be taking other classes or even have a part time job, etc. and that is okay.)

How to be a great mentor!

Mentoring is not easy. But there are things you can do to make it a great experience for you and your student.

(2021 Update: Mentors will likely spend at least 2-3 hours a week mentoring, reviewing code, Andhaving chats and video calls with their students. Many mentors may spend more time. Students will be spending 10 weeks coding (not 12) and will spend an avergae of 18 hours a week on their projects (not 30+). There will be 2 evaluations (not 3).)

Unless otherwise stated, the content on this page is licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 license. For details, see Google’s Developer Site Policies. Java jest zastrzeżonym znakiem towarowym firmy Dracle i / lub jej podmiotów stowarzyszonych.