How to have a life like acacia brinley clark

Acacia Clark is one of the strongest girls I know. I’m not Akacja, but a fanpage.

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Anonymous asked: Acacia is fake and annoying.

lol and why are you telling me?

Anonymous asked: Acacia is beautiful, but why do people hate it? ): it’s sad, I mean. they have no life.

I totally agree with you.

mostmaddy asked: I honestly don’t understand why people hate acacia. she didn’t do anything to them. even if she sent the files (she didn’t), what does it mean to them? even if she is an “attention whore” (she is not), how does it affect other people? Tumblr needs to live and let others live. life is too short to hate people you don’t even know. js.

Yes I agree 100%

Anonymous asked: Who in their right mind would be jealous of an acacia tree? He gets what he wants when he wants it. Do you see these guys in Africa? She is RICH and does not even want to donate to the poor. What a spoiled brat she is.

How do you know that she’s rich? Ok maybe she may have a little bit of money but she probably doesn’t have a whole lot enough to donate to those kids.

Anonymous asked: why are you doing a fanpage when taking a selfie. gets concert tickets. & take nudes. I’ve never met her, she might be a hipster, but the model’s ego agrees, a blonde and brunette brunette. & slut. It’s not hate, it’s just wondering.

I made this fanpage because she’s amazing. Who cares if he sends the files? Almost half of teenagers have been doing it for a few days.

Anonymous asked: why is acacia so thin? are you on a special diet or something?

There is such a thing as a high metabolism. It probably does. Meaning she eats a lot but doesn’t gain weight.

Anonymous asked: She really is a whore. He gets what he wants. She is popular. She is very sick of giving her this. But she is not a good role model. She is popular only because she is rich and dresses well and attends concerts, TV shows and bands. She is rude and I honestly don’t like her. She is a little annoying. I really think you created this fanpage because you want to get noticed, not because you think she has some inspiration in your life. You have created this page for your followers and so on.

lol tbh i created this page when she had 10k on instagram. It was a long time ago. I have supported Acacia for over 2 years. I didn’t make this fanpage for followers because she really has made an impact on me. Have you ever thought about thinking that she too has to earn what she gets? Don’t judge someone when you don’t know them.

Anonymous asked: Omfg, didn’t you even hear it? Acacia is trying to get the boys into bands, she is thirsty. Why is she sending NUDE photos to boys? It takes a slutty attention to all this writing! Don’t think your little acacia is the perfect innocent little girl.

LOL FYI I know she isn’t perfect. But who the fuck cares. Basically you are saying that anyone who sends nude pictures to people is a whore. So you can go out and try not to pay attention to the acacia. Oh wait you can’t because you are jealous of her.

how are you kittens, i created this blog for a beautiful brinley clark acacia. no hate ok?

Tuesday 1st October 2013

good bye.

Monday 30th September 2013

my God

my God, im taaaak przepraszam, że nie pisałem w, jak, na zawsze. I feel like a terrible person and I promise you that I will make you forgive it. I will update WAYYY more from now on. Pinky, I promise.

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Friday 7th June 2013

Unfortunately! It is goodbye?

Thursday 30th May 2013

you there, I like your face.

I was just really bored so I decided to post.
Yes, yes. It’s been a long time since the last update and tbh, I don’t think I can keep up.
but i just posted bc i want.
girls just want to have fun, right?

so here’s a nice girl..kbai.

Is this how, whatever face he faces, he manages to look even better than me? it just hurts. it really does. but.
I love her anyway.
k, I love you guys and I’m really sorry I wasn’t the sweetest today. it’s that time of the month again.
all right, my cute turkeys, stay adorable.

your smile is tres belle.

I don’t know how many times I’ve told you, but I really love this girl. It means so much to me and I hope that since you follow this blog, it means as much to you as it does to me.
Probably the most beautiful person I know, aside from you, of course. Also, I wish you knew that you might not look like an acacia tree, but that doesn’t make you ugly. You are so beautiful and so important, and you really need to know that.
Copy the link below and paste it into your browser.
http: // www. citationv. com / hazismyshmexaliciousboo / journal / 804856 / A-letter-for-you
This is a letter I wrote especially for you. Please read this, understand and know that everything I have written is absolutely true.

Smile and keep it there. You deserve to feel special because you are.

Tuesday 21st May 2013

young ksha, dahling.

Only because Jordan did too.

How to have a life like acacia brinley clark

language, language, language.

this is my favorite photo of ksha.
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Tuesday 14th May 2013

Oh hello.

Monday 13th May 2013

New administrator.

Guys, I’d like to introduce Charlie.
I will post on this page next to me.

hello disguise! I’m Carlotta.
as Jordan just said.

in order not to be mistaken, when we publish it, I will subscribe to this;
;; * Stay cool.

it is a bit like Jordan but it is more beautiful because I am warmer. 😉

but she likes to think Harry is hers. BAHAHAHHHA.
might have it. i like myself a little niall horan.

Whatever, I’ll post a few photos later.

Goodbye disguise!
;; * Stay cool.

Just a nice bunch of coconuts.

I don’t really have a rant for you guys today, folks, so I’ll just post a few random photos.
Sorry, I’ve been late lately. I was just busy with my studies.

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Friday 10th May 2013

You just made my day better.

Best friends.

How to have a life like acacia brinley clark

Having a best friend is probably one of the most amazing things in the world. Having a best friend doesn’t mean you have someone willing to do anything with you, they are your followers, but having a best friend is someone who isn’t afraid to stop you from doing these things. A best friend is someone who is ready to take the ball for you, they will love you no matter what. You can scream and you can fight, but whatever happens, they will always be there for you in the end.

How to have a life like acacia brinley clark

I don’t even know …

Thursday 9th May 2013

High rise.

Thursday 25th April 2013

It’s buzzing like a bee. Buzz Buzz Buzz.

Ok, I know this post is not about acacia, but I have to say how beautiful Elle Fanning is in this photo. I love you Elle!

How to have a life like acacia brinley clark

It’s Stanky Legg.

How to have a life like acacia brinley clark

How to have a life like acacia brinley clark

I’m sorry, my little ones haven’t been published forever, and I’m sorry. I’ll reward you all with a VERY CRAZY! I have you for you .. So when I go through the writing of my tirade, enjoy watching this beautiful man !!

So today I went to Wal-Mart and as I was walking around the island for a bottle of soda I saw a 60 year old woman making a Stanky Legg! my God, to była najzabawniejsza rzecz, jaką kiedykolwiek widziałem! I mean, she stayed there and she did! It was fun!

There were a lot of guys walking past her and whistling at her and I thought we should have some music, so I opened a song (Stanky Legg GS Boyz) and played it. Legit, everyone on the island started dancing it and it was officially the weirdest thing I’ve ever done.

It was such an interesting experience, and maybe it will happen to you too!

Thanks my lovelies, for checking in & I love you all! Posted by Unknown at 11:47 AM No comments:

1. Acacia did NOT publish the nudes at the age of 13. One of her friends of hers or someone she thought was close to her walked into her laptop and she posted them on her first tumblr and then removed Let-Snuggle and later joined callmegiraffe

2. Akacja also did NOT publish the documents at the age of 15. Sam is the one that leaked them, she lied and covered for him, then a few months back when she finally told the truth, Sam texted her and basically said he would get his lawyers involved if she didn’t take the tweets down. He’s guilty and literally nobody seems to acknowledge that.

3. SHE ISN’T A FUCKIN HOE. SHE ISN’T A WHORE EITHER. Her sex life IS NOT ABOVE ALL YOUR BUSINESS. And how she dresses and decides to express her body, whether she’s wearing a bra or wearing panties that DO NOT make her a slut or a slut, please learn and save us all because you are the reason society sucks. Thank you.

4. Luke Hemmings’s mom didn’t tweet Acacia saying she has a crusty vagina or whatever. If you seriously believe that a tweet has left the internet, you are too gullible, naive and too sensitive to leave the house, apparently because you believe every little thing you read / see.

5. Don’t flipping believe everything you read and see just because you don’t like her. How the hell do you want to walk down the street and have something happen, then EVERY PERSON NEVER talks about shit because she took things out of context and out of proportion. Don’t be that asshole.

6. No I don’t love this chick no I don’t praise the ground she walks on but I’m at least a decent human being who can acknowledge when shit is annoying as fuck and needs to stop. People need to stop asking random people for facts about her especially when the people don’t even like her because false info gets spread and it’s so beyond biased and rude and really flipping petty.

I wanted to share it here for those who still believe in it.

first off, these aren’t my confessions so i was not the one thinking that… and second… do you even have proof to back any of this up? it just sounds a little far.

plus, i would like to think that Acacia wouldn’t get herself into a sticky situation like that. I would like to think she’s smarter than that.