How to hang a vanity mirror

Mirrors are a great way to brighten a space and make it bigger. It’s one decor accessory I absolutely love incorporating into any home!

Whether you’re doing this for decorative purposes or need to take a look at yourself before walking out the door, hanging a mirror correctly can make a big difference in the look of a room.

From the dining room to the living space, this guide on how to hang a mirror will help you get it right every time.

How to hang a vanity mirror

Where to hang a mirror

A mirror adds style to your home, and there are several spaces that can take advantage of this elegant accent on the wall. A dining room is a great place to add a mirror as it can make the standard small size of most dining rooms seem much larger.

ANDnche le camere da letto, i salotti e i corridoi sono luoghi popolari per appendere uno specchio. Tabletop mirrors are also the perfect accent on a mantel or bookcase.

Mirrors can be used as a form of artwork so they can be mixed and matched with other wall decorations. You can make the gallery wall more attractive by integrating several small mirrors among your favorite pieces.

How to hang a vanity mirror

Today’s mirrors come in an incredible range of designs with decorative frames to give them an artful touch. Look for mirrors with beveled edges for an elegant and luxurious aesthetic. Or try a thin-framed mirror for a more minimalist look.

Tips for hanging a mirror in the dining room

How to hang a vanity mirror

Hang the dining room mirror on the wall closest to the table to give the room a brighter, more open look.

Like all mirrors in the house, you should hang them at eye level. For a rough idea, count the mirror hanging about 57-65 inches above the floor.

If you’re hanging the mirror over a buffet console, you may need to go a tad lower or higher, depending on your console’s height. Leave about four inches of space between the console and the mirror to create a visual break.

How high to hang a mirror above the sofa

How to hang a vanity mirror

One of the most popular places to hang a mirror is directly above the sofa in the living room. If you want to know how high to hang a mirror above the sofa, about 8-12 inches directly above the sofa is a good rule of thumb for standard sofas.

If you have a larger sectional sofa or sofa with thick padding, consider hanging it a little higher, about 10-12 inches above the top of the sofa if you have high ceilings.

How high to hang full-length mirrors

How to hang a vanity mirror

Full-size mirrors are perfect for a bedroom, dressing room, or bathroom, giving you a complete view of yourself as you prepare. But full-length mirrors aren’t just for vanity purposes! In fact, they’re a popular choice for décor since they can make small corners look brighter and bigger. So how high should you hang your full size mirror? Well, it depends on both the mirror and the space.

Many full-length mirrors are leaners, so they aren’t meant to be hung at all. These mirrors look great in cozy living room corners and really help brighten a space.

For full-length mirrors that need to be hung, make sure you can see your entire body (whether you want to or not :>), shoes included, when hung. It shouldn’t be too high either; just make sure you can comfortably see yourself from a reasonable distance of a a few feet.

Suspended mirror n

Dnce you’ve decided on the perfect mirror and know exactly where you want to hang it, there are a few important things to keep in mind. These “don’ts” will ensure that your mirror not only looks great but that it’s also hung correctly and stays in place.

  • Don’t use small nails or tacks to hang a mirror. Most mirrors are heavy and require high quality mounting hardware to keep them safe.
  • Avoid hanging a mirror near your bed as the morning sunlight may reflect back, disrupting sleep.
  • Try not to hang the mirrors too high; they should be at eye level, like works of art
  • Don’t overdo it when it comes to mirrors. Pick a few you really love and use them as accents instead of covering the entire wall with mirrors.
  • Do not hang mirrors from the ceiling or in children’s rooms where they can fall or break.

Other places to hang mirrors

How to hang a vanity mirror

Another popular place to place a mirror is a table in the lobby or hall.

This mirror should hang six to eight inches higher than the table itself to create a slight gap between the table decor and the mirror.

Round, square and rectangular mirrors work best above the console table.

If you choose a smaller mirror, you can also hang it with a piece of art to create a mini wall gallery. Just be careful not to create something that’s overly crowded and cluttered looking as entryway consoles can already be quite busy with decor.

How to hang a vanity mirror

Where not to hang a mirror

It would seem that the mirror can be hung anywhere, but there are many places where the mirror shouldn’t hang.

A mirror facing the front door is considered bad feng shui. You should also avoid mirrors pointing at other mirrors!

We hope you’ve found these mirror hanging tips helpful!

What are your favorite places to hang a mirror in your home? How to hang a vanity mirror

Strategic bathroom cabinet lighting can create the perfect accent in your bathroom. Dimmers, chandeliers and decorative wall lights can give your space an elegant look. ANDxplore your options for a custom vanity lighting solution to make your bathroom vanity shine and set your bathroom’s look to perfection.

Vanity lighting tips to make your bathroom shine

  • The vanity mirror lighting should never hang from the mirror. Make sure the fixture isn’t extended past the mirror to avoid down lighting, which will cast shadows on the face.
  • Use accent lighting to create a warm glow. The plinth lighting and indirect lighting in the cupboards make going out to the bathroom at night easier and safer.
  • Layered light. Bathroom lighting, such as chandeliers and sconces, can create a warm and welcoming atmosphere.
  • If possible, avoid fluorescent lighting. Choose incandescent lighting instead, as it is visually much more tolerant than fluorescent lighting.
  • Install dimmers to create custom mood lighting that can be very romantic and significantly contribute to the mood you want.

Why Ferguson?

ANDt Ferguson, we know all the tricks to creating bathroom vanity lighting that’s dreamy and luxurious. We offer a variety of lighting options to suit all tastes and budgets and help you discover the perfect lighting solutions for your bathroom.

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The safest way to hang a heavy mirror or picture on the wall is to screw a long screw directly into the wall post. When a wall stud isn’t available where you want to hang a heavy picture, a toggle bolt provides the most holding power.

To install an expansion bolt:

  1. Install the nut, washer, and switch nut onto the bolt.

Watch this video to find out more.

Further information

  • How to hang photos for the first time (article)
  • How to hang anything on anything (article)
  • Simple device for hanging pictures (video)
  • Wall anchors and picture hooks test (article)

Tiffany asks:What’s the best way to hang a heavy mirror on the wall?

Danny Lipford: The best way to hang heavy objects on the wall is to use a 3 inch screw and screw it directly onto the wall stud. You’ll be lucky if you find a wall stud exactly where you want to hang that heavy picture, so you have to go to hollow wall anchors. There are many different types that you can use.

The one I like to use always works well is the old fashioned bolt. ANDnd now here’s a nice little trick. Take the elbow bolt, then insert the nut, screw it into the elbow bolt and then put washers on top of it. Then screw the small blade into the screw end of the switch. Then use a screwdriver to drill a hole in the drywall. And when you put it in and squeeze it really well, you have a very good very strong wall anchor.

How to hang a vanity mirror

The overall look of a bathroom can be heavily influenced by lighting and mirror components, which can help or hinder the space … especially the sink space. Just as important as choosing large pieces to accent a space is installing them at the right height to balance the wall space and dressing table you are using.

I am currently in the process of working on a bathroom remodeling project for my parents’ master bathroom. One of the best parts for me is the choice of lighting and a mirror to complement the vanity table in the bathroom. If you want to freshen up your bathroom and want to know how high each object can hang on the cabinet wall, this guide will help you. I’ve addressed some of the common questions for different scenarios people are posed with when installing the mirror and lighting above the bathroom vanity…

How to hang a vanity mirror



When preparing to mount lighting fixtures and a mirror above your bathroom cabinet, it’s easier to start with the mirror because you want to center them on the wall. The standard spacing for the vanity mirror is 5-10 inches from the sink to the bottom of the mirror. This spacing range allows you to take into account the height the bathroom is intended for, so that the mirror can be positioned at eye level, as well as taking into account the overall size and shape of the mirror itself. Another thing to consider is whether the vanity has a backsplash. For instance, my parents’ chosen vanity is a freestanding option without a backsplash. However, I decided to be about 10 inches away. Using oval mirrors in the bathroom meant there wouldn’t be as much wall space once the mirrors were fitted, which is an option to consider if you’re worried about empty space. Another point to consider is the height of the faucet. AND taller faucet ( about 8 inches tall) can allow for the mirror to go higher if needed, especially if you don’t have a backsplash, which was this case with my recent project. (See the examples below for reference.)

How to hang a vanity mirror

Beautiful house | Pieter ANDsteshn



Having determined the height of the mirror, taking into account the location of the lighting, the two most common options are mounted above the mirror (mirrors) or to the sides of the mirror (mirrors).

For mounting above the mirror:

The standard lighting height above the mirror is 75-80 inches from the floor to the center of the fixture. As a benchmark, for a recent bathroom remodel, I installed mirrors 44 inches from the floor, or 9 inches between the sink and the bottom of the mirror. I installed the lighting fixtures 75 inches from the floor.

How to hang a vanity mirror

Here’s a more detailed vanity layout based on this latter design for reference, with the actual heights I used along with all the other item measurements in the vanity space:

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How high to hang a cosmetic mirror

Lisa July 16, 2018

I’m working with one of our contractors on a mid-century modern remodel. Part of the project includes a bathroom with slightly low original wooden ceilings. We are installing the toilet to a standard height of 36 inches; the original was 32 ”. There is a tiled coating (we are replacing the original but with the same feel) which made the original mirror small and oddly positioned. The dilemma this is causing has made me think carefully about the do’s and don’ts of mirror placement. Dto kilka myśli:

1. A bathroom is like a kitchen: safety and functionality come first. ANDs we tell our clients, we can make anything look good, but we can’t make everything work well. In the case of a cosmetic mirror, this means that all users need to see their faces and their heads. Tall people will need a higher suspended mirror, short people will need a lower or rotating one, and families of different heights will need a tall mirror to accommodate everyone.

How to hang a vanity mirror
2. Proportion is another key point. Symmetry is useful here; it’s a nice look if there is the same amount of space above and below the mirror, for example between the light fixture and the vanity top. If the dressing table is large or the sink is trough-shaped, the mirror should be wide enough to balance the width.

How to hang a vanity mirror How to hang a vanity mirrorHow to hang a vanity mirror
3. Faucets are often part of the “jewelry” of the bathroom and if that’s true for you positioning the mirror so the faucet is partially reflected is striking. Df course, this doesn’t work if your mirror is also a medicine cabinet and the faucet would interfere with opening it.

How to hang a vanity mirror How to hang a vanity mirrorHow to hang a vanity mirror
4. Frameless mirrors are often used in bathrooms and if you like this look it is advisable to place the bottom edge over the backsplash so that there are no small cleaning spaces. The framed mirrors should be a few inches between the bottom edge and the splashback. You will find that most of the time the mirror will appear exactly 5-10 inches above the sink.

How to hang a vanity mirror
5. Don’t let wall mounted faucets confuse you! The mirror will need to be above these faucets and be near or at the 10 “mark. And unless you really want to dazzle the space and mount the faucet on the mirror itself!

ANDxtend the mirror so that most users are at eye level. Hang the mirror so that it reaches one foot above and below the eye line of those who will use it, or so that it is several inches higher than the eye level of the tallest person in the house. Hang a mirror 5-10 inches above the sink.

Dpcja 1: Zapomnij o centrowaniu luster nad umywalkami Ponieważ umywalki znajdują się tak blisko ściany, wyśrodkowanie lustra nad kranami oznacza, że ​​lustra muszą być bardzo wąskie.

Also, where should the mirror above the dressing table in the bathroom be?

– ANDppendi uno specchio da 5 "a 10" sopra il lavandino.
– Hang the mirror a few centimeters above the highest part of the tap.
– Center the mirror between the cabinet lighting and the washbasin.

Likewise, how high should the mirror be above the vanity?

5 to 10 inches

Also, how big should the mirror be above the vanity?

5 to 10 inches

Should mirrors be centered on bathroom sinks?

Dpcja 1: Zapomnij o centrowaniu luster nad umywalkami Ponieważ umywalki znajdują się tak blisko ściany, wyśrodkowanie lustra nad kranami oznacza, że ​​lustra muszą być bardzo wąskie.

20 answers to similar questions were found

Should the vanity lamp be hung above the mirror?

Do the bathroom mirrors need to be framed?

While the standard frame size can help your mirror reach at least 70% – 80% of the width of your vanity, frameless bathroom mirrors can further enhance the look of your bathroom. … Also, make sure your bathroom mirror is a foot above and below the midline of your eyes.

Are frameless mirrors stylish?

Frameless mirrors are a popular choice in bathrooms for several likely reasons. One is that they are cheaper and often still quite stylish. Frameless mirrors are best suited to contemporary or modern and minimalist spaces without much furniture.

Are the wall mirrors obsolete?

Not all mirrored walls look outdated and / or need to be hidden. You can embrace them and make them seem like a focused part of your design plan. Dto kilka Sposaobów, aby te lustra działały dla Ciebie. … If space permits, attach the frame directly to the wall.

How to hang a mirror above the dressing table?

LUSTANDRKD Dto trzy proste triki pozwalające określić optymalną wysokość lustra: Zawieś lustro 5 to 10 inches nad zlewem. Hang the mirror a few centimeters above the highest part of the tap. Center the mirror between the cabinet lighting and the sink.

Can bathroom lamps hang over the mirror?

Vanity lighting tips to make your bathroom shine The vanity mirror lighting should never hang from the mirror. Make sure the fixture isn’t extended past the mirror to avoid down lighting, which will cast shadows on the face. Use accent lighting to create a warm glow.

How big should the mirror above the dressing table be?

As a general rule, the mirror should measure a few inches less than the area of ​​the cabinet or sink. For example, if you’ve chosen a 48″ single sink vanity, you will want to select a mirror that’s width (frame included) doesn’t exceed 48 inches. To make sure the mirror doesn’t overpower the room, aim for 42-44 inches total.

Can the vanity lamps hang over the mirror?

The vanity mirror lighting should never hang from the mirror. Make sure the fixture isn’t extended past the mirror to avoid down lighting, which will cast shadows on the face. Use accent lighting to create a warm glow.

How big should a mirror be in a 30-inch vanity?

Dpierając się na tym szerokim założeniu, oto niektóre z popularnych rozmiarów toaletek łazienkowych i zakresy rozmiarów luster, które należy wziąć pod uwagę wraz z nimi: Próżność 24-calowa-calowa 23-calowa 23. 30 inch vanity: 28-29 inch mirror. 36 inch vanity: 34-35 inch mirror.

How to put a mirror on the dressing table?

As a general rule, the vanity mirror should measure a few centimeters less than the sink area. For example, a 30 inch wide vanity should be paired with a 26-28 inch wide mirror.

How much space should there be between the mirror and the lamp?

Should the vanity lamps be hung above the mirror?

The vanity mirror lighting should never hang from the mirror. Make sure the fixture isn’t extended past the mirror to avoid down lighting, which will cast shadows on the face. Use accent lighting to create a warm glow.

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Bob Vila answers the reader’s question on how to hang a heavy mirror.

How to hang a vanity mirror

Q: What would be the best way to hang a 40lb mirror in a frame? Should I find the studs in the wall or use the photo hanger without finding the studs?

ANDYour mirror is too heavy for picture hangers alone, but a wall anchor is likely enough to secure it to a wall made of drywall or plaster.

Dbecnie dostępnych jest wiele kotew do płyt kartonowo-gipsowych, z których każda ma nieco inny wygląd; they are all more reliable than the old ribbed plastic caps.

Use a winged anchor designed to support the weight (or more) of a large mirror.

W twoim przypadku polecam kotwicę ze skrzydełkami, taką jak Pop-Toggle firmy Hillman (dostępna na ANDmazon), po części dlatego, że jej śrubę można wyjmować i ponownie wkładać dowolną liczbę razy. This flexibility is useful if you haven’t figured out exactly where to place the mirror. Pre-drill and insert the dowel into the wall, then insert a suitable sheet metal screw to fix the photo hook.

Dprócz kotew skrzydełkowych, inne opcje obejmują samowiercące kotwy śrubowe, śruby molly i łączniki taśmowe. First, check to see how each one is rated for the type of wall material on which you’re planning to hang your mirror.

If you can locate and screw the pin, you can hang a heavy mirror on the photo hook without an anchor.

The only downside to relying on pins is that you can’t control their position; they are rarely found on the part of the wall where you want to hang the item. ANDle jeśli masz szczęście i zdarzy się, że w miejscu, w którym chciałbyś powiesić lustro, pojawi się kołek, użyj 2½-calowego wkrętu do drewna do ściany z ½-calową płytą gipsowo-kartonową. For plaster walls, a 3-inch screw should be used to ensure that at least two inches of the screw thread bite into the stud.

How to hang a vanity mirror

Q: I’m trying to hang a 75lb mirror on a brick wall. I have 100-pound gauge wire (doubled), heavy-duty hooks, and masonry nails, but I’m still afraid it’s going to fall. Do masonry nails go into brick or mortar? Is there a sure way to do this?

If you want to hang a heavy mirror on a brick wall, it’s a little more work. ANDle w porównaniu z płytą gipsowo-kartonową lub tynkiem ściana z cegły jest w stanie przenosić znacznie większe obciążenia. As above, you have a variety of wall anchors to choose from.

The new polyethylene expansion plugs twist as they are inserted into the brick for excellent holding strength.

The Poly-Set from Red Head (available at The Home Depot) for light-duty use with shelves, mailboxes, and frames. Remember that you will need a stone drill bit with the diameter specified by the anchor manufacturer. Next, drill into the brick a minimum of ¼ inch deeper than the length of the anchor and insert the plastic plug until its collar is flush with the brick wall. Thread the screw through the selected photo hook into the plastic and tighten with a screwdriver.

For heavier items, choose a steel picture hanger with sturdy nails designed for brick and concrete.

Na przykład serious wieszaków na obrazy DDK firmy Hillman zawiera „bezwyginane” gwoździe do muru, które trzymają się w betonie lub zaprawie między cegłami, gdzie zwykłe gwoździe nie wystarczają. Start with the option that boasts a 100-pound weight capacity for this heavy-duty job (available at The Home Depot). Then, drive the two slim, brass-plated nails through the picture hook’s unique precision channels into the wall behind. In minutes, you’re ready to hang that heavy mirror once and for all.

Most people don’t spend much time thinking about their bathroom mirrors. They act as a decorating detail that isn’t given a lot of attention in most cases. However, more people should look deeper into their bathroom mirrors as they are used every day. A mirror not only simplifies your daily care, but the right mirror can add style and personality to your bathroom.

It’s also a lot less challenging to install a new mirror than to switch out a sink, toilet, or shower. A bathroom mirror can complement other decors by offering more style you prefer. It can also be more discreet and make a feature like wallpaper or sink shine. Whichever way you want to go, this article will help you choose the perfect bathroom mirror.

How to hang a vanity mirror

Tips for choosing the right bathroom mirror

Before we delve into the details of the mirror functions, we want to share some tips for choosing the right bathroom mirror. Each of these tips will help you get the look you want in your bathroom. However, remember above all that it’s essential that the mirror looks good to you since you’ll be the person using it every day.

  • Consider your sink size, height, and wall area – When choosing a bathroom mirror, you want the glass to be a few inches above eye level for the tallest person who will be using the bathroom. It should also hang low enough so that shorter people can easily see themselves in the mirror.
  • Small mirrors, large mirrors, and in-between mirrors offer something different – many people prefer small and large mirrors, but both can do the job. A large mirror offers extra space for reflection and can make the bathroom seem larger. A smaller mirror leaves room for other decorative elements such as lamps and sconces.
  • Make sure you choose between framed mirrors or frameless mirrors. Another choice you will need to make is whether you will use a framed or unframed mirror. Frameless mirrors have a clean, sleek look that’s more modern if you prefer a spa vibe. Framed mirrors add extra detail and can fill a space.

Keep these things in mind as you read on and learn more about the different mirroring factors that will determine which product is right for you.

How to hang a vanity mirror

Choose the perfect size for your bathroom mirror

In most cases, the size of the bathroom mirror is determined by the size of the dressing table. Mirrors are typically two to four inches narrower than the vanity, but this can vary depending on your space’s style and configuration. You can choose to hang the mirror along the entire long, narrow dressing table or choose something smaller that sits just above the sink itself.

ANDby upewnić się, że kupowane lustro łazienkowe spełnia Twoje potrzeby, zmierz umywalkę lub toaletkę i użyj tych pomiarów, aby zawęzić opcje. While most people choose a mirror smaller than a vanity, that isn’t a requirement. Some people choose mirrors that are as large as the vanity, but it’s best not to go beyond that size.

Another thing to consider is whether your mirror will house a first aid kit. If so, you’ll have a smaller selection and need to consider how much space your bandages, medications, and other items will take up. The mirror should be large enough to hold everything you need.

Dpcje kształtu luster łazienkowych

Mirrors come in a variety of sizes, shapes and finishes, so you can really get creative with what you choose. The more traditional option will be oval or rectangular in a style similar to other decorations. However, mirrors can also be custom made to fit the space perfectly.

Are you a fan of modern homes? A minimalist and elegant mirror can be the right choice for your needs. Many of these mirrors come with extras like screens that display the time and temperature or a built-in light. You’ll also want to decide whether you prefer the look of a framed or frameless mirror when choosing the shape of mirror that looks best in your bathroom.

How to hang a vanity mirror

Choose where to hang the bathroom mirror

Wondering where to hang the perfect mirror once you’ve purchased it? Some people are under the impression that a bathroom mirror has to be centered over the sink, but this isn’t always possible. That doesn’t mean that you should go without a mirror or lament having to do something a bit more unique. It might take time to get used to a mirror that isn’t over the sink, but it’s something you will become accustomed to.

Another question is to what extent the mirror should be suspended above the splashback. It actually depends on the real space. Everything from the size of the mirror to the height of the ceiling and the placement of other elements will influence your final choice. Test your options by making glowing marks on the wall and seeing if any areas seem crowded. If so, you may need to make some changes.

The most important thing is that the mirror is at eye level for all who use it. Experts recommend placing a mirror at least five inches from the sink, a few inches above the faucet, and at least four feet above the floor. The best option is to center the bathroom mirror between the sink and the cabinet lighting.

How to hang a vanity mirror

Decide whether to hang one or two mirrors on a double dressing table

If you have a bathroom with a large sink, especially with two or more sinks, you may be wondering if you should hang a large mirror or two smaller mirrors for each sink. There are no hard and fast rules one way or another. It mainly depends on the preferences and layout of the bathroom.

Choosing two smaller, possibly taller mirrors can make the room look like it has more vertical space, while a single large mirror will make the whole room appear larger as it reflects more space in the bathroom. Remember that even if you have a sink, you can still use multiple mirrors throughout your bathroom if you prefer the look.

A bathroom mirror is an essential piece of equipment that can be found in bathrooms all over the world. Dprócz swojej funkcjonalności, lustra łazienkowe są również doskonałymi elementami dekoracyjnymi, które znacznie poprawiają wygląd łazienki. ANDsistono due tipi principali di specchi da bagno: con cornice e senza cornice. Correctly hanging the mirror in the bathroom is essential to make sure it is well supported against the wall.

Step 1: Choose a location

Choose the position of your bathroom mirror. Bathroom mirrors are perfectly placed under the bathroom sink, but you can choose wherever you want as long as they are not installed too high or too low. After choosing the right place, mark the center point with an “X” with a dry erase marker. Also mark the center of the mirror in the bathroom.

Step 2: Place the mirror in its place on the wall

Ask your colleague to hold a mirror on the wall and position it so that the center marks of both are aligned. The edges of the mirror on the wall should be carefully marked with a pencil.

Step 3: Work on the drywall

How to hang a vanity mirror

Find the two pegs on the back of the drywall where the mirror will be hung using the peg finder. Put the pencil marks in place. Draw a line midway between the studs using a level to maintain the mirror’s level on the wall.

Step 4: Install the J clamps

Using the two J-clamps, secure the bottom to the wall as shown with flat head wood screws. The planes of the anchored elements must be fixed to the wall. The two J-clips should be slightly inserted into the anchors.

Step 5: Secure the bathroom mirror in place

Place the bathroom mirror on the bottom of the J clips. Press the clips so that their ends pass through the edge of the mirror and attach them to the wall.

Suspended mirror nella cornice

How to hang a vanity mirror

Step 1: Fix the screws

ANDby zamontować lustro łazienkowe z ramą, przykręć śruby oczkowe za ramą lustra. Screw an eyebolt to the left side and 2 inches higher than the vertical center of the mirror frame. Also tighten the second screw on the right side.

Step 2: Connect the cable

Select the appropriate wire to hang the mirror on the frame. The wire must be wound with an eyebolt and twisted tightly with pliers. Leave enough thread length so that the other side is done the same way.

Step 3: Verify that the pin is present

Mark the wall with a pencil. Check for a dowel using the dowel finder and, if present, a few screws are enough to secure the framed bathroom mirror to the bathroom wall. If there are no pins in the chosen location, you can choose a different location with pins or attach the mirror to the wall with a hollow dowel.

Step 4: Stick your nail to the mirror

How to hang a vanity mirror

Hold the mirror and gather the thread in the center. Dkreśl pomiar od dołu ramy do górnej części środkowego punktu drutu, a to wskaże miejsce, w którym należy przymocować gwóźdź.

Step 5: Hang the mirror

Lift the mirror and hang it on the installed nail. Make sure the mirror is flush with the wall.