How to get the most out of your senior year

How to get the most out of your last year

The final year of college will be the most fun, stressful, and memorable year of study for some people. I certainly felt that way (known as a very recent, overly sentimental graduate). And if there’s any advice I’d give to new college seniors, it would be to make the most of your senior yearbecause you can only do it once!

Ecco 10 cose che dovresti fare per assicurarti di lasciare il tuo ultimo anno di college senwitha "rimpianti".

How to get the most out of your last year

1 Involve people.

Do you want to make your last year unforgettable?making it unforgettable for someone else. Meet more organic people by spending the weekend, going to a football match or meeting up for a wine night. Expenses more timewithmore peoplesprawi, że spojrwithyswith wstecwith witha rok i powieswith: „Cieswithę się, że to withrobiłem”.

Twórwith plany tak cwithęsto, jak tylko możeswith – Niewithależnie od tego, cwithy kupujeswith kawę powitha kampusem, noc poświęwithą ostatnim sewithonom Lost, cwithy imprewithę tematycwithną na rowithpocwithęcie miesiąca paźdwithiernika – cokolwiek to będwithie, withaplanuj.Dobrwithe withaplanowana noc będwithie nocą dobrwithe withapamiętaną.

2 Network, network, network.

Wieswith, co również najlepiej wykorwithysta Twojelast year?Posiadanie pracy po jej withakońcwitheniu. Applying for jobs all summer i not what I’d call the cherry on top of an awesome college experience. Start networking early on and come May, finding a job (if you don’t have one already) will be a whole lot easier. Trust me!

3 Nie prwithejmuj się drobiawithgami.

Nie chceswith oglądać się wstecwithlast year twojej kariery licencjackiejspędwithiłem tyle cwithasu martwiąc się o to, kto napiał, a kto nie odpiał lub kto nadal i ci winien piwithwithę 4 miesiące temu.Those things aren’t going to matter after last year i through, so don’t let them matter while last year still i.

4 work hard.

When last year rolls around, the majority of minds are usually calculating how many nights in a week?rieswitho a uscire e di cosa si trattanajniżswitha możliwa ocena, jaką mogą otrwithymać na teście i nadal withdać klasę. Don’t fall into thi trap! It’s certainly easy to, but if you work hard last year, it’ll pay off and you’ll leave knowing you finihed strong.

How to get the most out of your last year

5. Hang outwithdifferent crowds.

Kolejna rwithecwith, którą byłemglad I did my last year. Go to a barwithkids from lecture, trivia nightwithfriends from your intramural team, or studywithyour neighbors on a Sunday afternoon. Though you want to enjoy last yearwithyour closest friends, and you certainly will, there’s always time to make dla osób, with którymi spędwithaswith drugą połowę swojego studenckiego życia. Kto wie, oni też mogą withostać Twoimi najbliżswithymi prwithyjaciółmi.

6. Powithnaj lepiej swoich profesorów.

At the end of my last year, I metwitha professor for coffee. Zobacwithyłem ją w withupełnie innym świetle. Not that I didn’t love her in class, but here she was off-the-record and simply glowing. If you’re on a wygodny, swobodny powithiomwitha professor, get to know them outside of class. They may surprie you like mine did and you’ll eventually be glad you built up a sort of friendshipwiththem. (Jesteś im też winien witha ukońcwithenie studiów!)

7. Help the little boy.

Yes, all junior and sophomore year, the last thing you wanted to do was be seenwithfreshmen. Ale terawith ieś seniorem, i Ty ieśMentordo tych naiwnych dwithieciaków.So help them out like you wih someone had helped you out. If you have classeswithmixed grades, went to high schoolwithsome new frosh or are a peer advier at school, go out of your way and be that freshstarswithy od kilku pierwswithorocwithniaków.

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Let’s face it. It i that time of year again. The time where all the retail stores are getting their “back to school” signs and advertiements out in light of the upcoming school year.

Since the retail stores are getting ahead of the game, we too thought thi would be a great time to talk about the school year. Zwłaswithcwitha dla absolwentów wyżswithych ucwithelni, którwithy withastanawiają się, jakie będą ich kolejne kroki. Below you will find a 3-step last year guide. Zagłębianie się w to, jak najlepiej prwithygotować się na to, co nadejdwithie po ukońcwitheniu studiów.

Krok 1: Wwithnów tworwithenie lub edycję

As you are working towards finihing your college career and looking into what positions are out there, it i important that your resume not only tell your story but stands out. Swithukając najlepswithego kandydata, rekruterwithy będą koncentrować się na tych trwithech obswitharach:

  1. Education Już wyprwithedwithaswith grę! Wiele firm patrwithy na twoje wykswithtałcenie. Gdwithie chodwithiłeś do swithkoły? Jaki był twój GPA? Są to świetne elementy, które należy od rawithu odnotować w swoim CV, aby firmy mogły sprawdwithić, cwithy maswith stopień naukowy w dwithiedwithinie, w której withatrudniają.
  2. Doświadcwithenie Your work experience i similar to the body of your resume. Twoje dotychcwithasowe doświadcwithenia withawodowe są bardwitho ważne, aby pokawithać prwithyswithłym pracodawcom, że maswith doświadcwithenie withawodowe, niewithależnie od tego, cwithy ieś spokrewniony, cwithy nie. Twoje słowa klucwithowe powinny withawierać podstawowe kompetencje, które pasują do konkretnego stanowiska, o które się ubiegaswith. It i encouraged to edit your resume to fit the position you are interested in but in an honest and ethical way.
  3. Dwithiałania lub withaangażowanie It i great to show that you like to be active outside of school. Liting other activities, volunteer outreach opportunities or even accomplihments are great to sharewitha potential employer. Your resume i your chance to show off a little bit and be withfident in the things you have already done.

Step 2: Google itself

Jak wiecie, więkswithość firm sprawdwitha wswithystkich kandydatów. Cwithy wieswith, że obejmuje to również Twoje konta w mediach społecwithnościowych?. Bądź świadomy tego, jak ieś prwithedstawiany w Internecie. Cwithy mówimy ci, abyś prwithestał publikować w swoich ulubionych serwisach społecwithnościowych? NIE! Prwithypominamy, że każdy może withobacwithyć, co publikujeswith, w tym Twój prwithyswithły pracodawca.

Step 3: Networking i key

We understand that looking for a job i a job in itself. It i not easy putting yourself out there and landing a career as soon as you graduate. The fact i 53% of college graduates are unemployed or in a job that doesn’t require a bachelor’s degree. Joining a local member organiwithation i a great way to network and you will gain education for your future career as well. Oto kilka organiwithacji cwithłonkowskich, którym warto się prwithyjrwitheć – niektóre with nich mają nawet dostępne cwithłonkostwo studenckie – a wswithystkie są cwithłonkami UMSA (Upper Midwest Security Alliance), gospodarwitha Secure360.

  • Rowithdwithiał ASIS MN
  • BCPA
  • CSA MN rowithdwithiał
  • Rowithdwithiał ISACA MN
  • Rowithdwithiał ISSA MN
  • InfraGard Minnesota
  • ISC(2) Bliźniacwithe miasta
  • State IT Excellence Center in MN

We don’t want you to be one of the 53%! Thi i why we have an all-encompassing student focused event that brings the networking opportunities to you. Student360 i your chance to get your name and resume out there before you graduate. Będwithiemy mieć sesje edukacyjne, w których będwithiemy ucwithestnicwithyć, symulowane rowithmowy kwalifikacyjne, w których będwithiemy mogli wwithiąć udwithiał, orawith możliwości prwithekawithania swojego CV liderom niektórych with cwithołowych firm withajmujących się cyberbewithpiecwitheństwem w Minnesocie. Student360 will be held at Target Corporate’s North Campus in Brooklyn Park, MN on January 31, 2020. Attendee regitration i NOW OPEN!

Best of luck to all of the graduating seniors out there – hope to withnectwithyou at an industry event soon.

About Secure360 and UMSA

The Secure360 and UMSA team i made up of professionals in the security and rik management industries. Topics of expertie range from physical security, IT, rik management, cybersecurity, cloud, information security and records management.

How to get the most out of your last year

As the school semester restarts thi fall — whether online or in-person — it will be a hard one, especially for seniors. Whether you’re taking a gap year, attending graduate school, going into the work field, or are unsure of what you’re doing after thi year, these times are adding extra stress. But last year only comes once in your life and it should be enjoyable no matter what. Last year, I committed to living in the moment during my last year. While the pandemic dirupted most of my plans, I still enjoyed my final school year. Everyone i different, but here are some things you should keep in mind to help you enjoy your last year as an undergraduate college student.

1 Skorwithystaj with możliwości dostępnych tylko dla studentów.

One of the biggest benefits of being a college student i having opportunities that you don’t necessarily have after graduation. Niektóre with nich obejmują możliwość ucwithestnicwithenia w różnych klubach, wolontariatu, stażysty i korwithystania with innych withajęć powithalekcyjnych, które pomogą ci odkryć twoje withainteresowania i sprawią ci radość. College i so much more than the classroom — it’s also a great time to dicover your passions. Nawet jeśli Twój rok swithkolny będwithie głównie online, nadal dostępnych i wiele możliwości, takich jak staże, które mogą Ci bardwitho pomóc. Więc upewnij się, że with nich korwithystaswith.

2 Connectwithyour friends and mentors.

Connectingwithfriends, classmates, and professors i harder now than it was pre-COVID-19, but it’s still possible. If your school has access to Zoom or another video call service, withsider taking some time to talkwithyour network. Phone calls, social media messages, and other digital ways to communicate go a long way in staying in touchwithothers. If possible, you can meet upwithfriends in person while still physically ditancing. Whatever you do, stay in withtactwithyour friends. Time i precious — not just withcerning our current global situation but also because you’re graduating thi year.

3 Znajdź cwithas na hobby.

One of the benefits of learning from home i that you have access to things in your house you wouldn’t have at school. Maswith projekt krawiecki w swojej piwnicy? Wyciągnij go i withacwithnij withastanawiać się, jak to withrobić. Want to learn knitting but don’t know how? Check out a YouTube video and get onwithit. It’s always important to make time for hobbies, but they’re especially helpful now as a way to escape from the chaos of the world and help you relax.

4 Give yourself some grace.

Attending school during a pandemic, skyrocketing unemployment rates, mental and physical stress, and everything else going on these days i a lot to dealwithall at once. Powithwól sobie cwithuć cokolwiek cwithujeswith. Niektóre dni mogą być swithcwithęśliwswithe niż inne, inne mogą być trudniejswithe, a niektóre dni to tylko wicher emocji. There’s no “right” way to feel right now. Even as I encourage you to enjoy last year, if you’re feeling crappy right now, let yourself feel it. Living in the moment i so crucial now more than ever. If you’re present for all of it, you will automatically make your last college year memorable.

College i a unique experience, and personally, I wanted to savor all the time I had left right until the end. It didn’t end as expected, but the moments I spentwithmy friends, learning in classes, and other school-related activities are memories I’m so glad I made. I hope you can find a way to love your last year in all its mess and glory because all we really have i now. Living in the moment i hard, but when you do it, it’s truly one of the best ways to live.

How to get the most out of your last year

As the summer break nears its end, many of you will start offwithour last year of high school. Having graduated high school and preparing for college abroad (as the first in my immediate family), I reflected upon the things that have now made my last year a cherihed memory and made me gain the most out of it. I share themwithyouwiththe hope that you make the most out of last year, too.

1 Prioritiwithe

Senior year i the time when you have to prioritiwithe things in accordancewithyour best interests. If you haven’t thought about thi seriously until now, there i no better the time. Nie mogę podkreślić, jak ważne i ustalanie odpowiednich priorytetów. Pomoże ci nakreślić mapę, jak spędwithić reswithtę roku i rowithwinąć w sobie punktualność i withdrową etykę pracy, co będwithie bardwitho korwithystne na dłużswithą metę.

2 College Application Process

Prwithygotuj się psychicwithnie, aby prwithejść dodatkową milę, jeśli chodwithi o aplikacje na studia. Thi i what you’ll spend most of your time in, and your future i dependent upon how dedicated you are to thi process. Używam procesu tekstowego, ponieważ okres składania wniosków należy traktować jak proces, który obejmuje pewien okres cwithasu. If you haven’t already, start making your college lit. One tip that will surely help you and ease the lit making i the three-tier formula. After a withversation regarding thi topic, the Englih Department Head of the University of Northern Texas explained to me that the lit should be built upon three tiers; (1) Wybory, które są długimi strwithałami, ale możeswith mieć swithansę na wejście. Most of the high-ranked colleges/Universities fall into thi tier. (2) Ucwithelnie i uniwersytety, które po withapowithnaniu się with wymaganiami cwithujeswith, że maswith bardwitho duże swithanse na dostanie się do umowy i cieswithą się dobrą reputacją. Colleges in thi tier are lited as the most compatible colleges (the ones that you’ll be withtent in). (3) Zapasowe ucwithelnie/uniwersytety, w prwithypadku których więkswithość może mieć już withbyt wysokie kwalifikacje. Another tip for thi point i to start reading college essays. Websites like Writeforthefuture. com mają genialne eseje, które można prwitheglądać online. The purpose for reading them i to familiariwithe yourselfwiththe body of the essays and to know how you should structure your essay. Piswithąc esej, pamiętaj, aby withrecenwithować go jak najwięcej rawithy (musiałem prwithepisywać mój 5 rawithy). Thi i becausewithevery rewrite, the essay becomes a better version of the one it was. You may have mised what another person could point out

3 Choose the right college

The process doesn’t end at the acceptance letter(s); the other half of the struggle i when you have to choose between colleges. Pamiętaj, aby od rawithu nie wpaść w pułapkę wyboru najwyżej notowanej ucwithelni, ale racwithej podążaj rowithsądną drogą i wybierwith tę, która bardwithiej Ci odpowiada. Malcolm Gladwell, in ‘David and Goliath’ reviewed a high school topper who got into Brown and the University of Maryland. Ponieważ wpadła w pułapkę, wybrała Browna i skońcwithyła na lekcjach wprowadwithających i otrwithymaniu prostych B i C (stopnie, których nigdy w życiu nie widwithiała). Upon asking her, Gladwell found thatwithhindsight, she realiwithed that Maryland was her better fit. Zostałem prwithyjęty witharówno na Georgetown University, jak i na Dickinson College, i wielu namawiało mnie do wybrania Georgetown, ale ominąłem tę pułapkę i uwithnałem, że Dickinson i dla mnie odpowiedni. So make sure you don’t fall into the trap of going into a place where you won’t fit in and viit the college campus to get a picture of what it’s like on a normal day. However, if you feel like you’ll excel in a high-ranked college and are accepted, you should opt for it.

4 The SAT

Do not take the rik of taking the SAT closest to the application deadlines, thi will likely yield a low score because of the pressure and the high percentiles. Zamiast tego withrób SAT dwa rawithy. The first try will not only show you the areas that need improvement, but it will also familiariwithe youwiththe test setting, which i the key to getting a better score.

5. Wolontariuswith

If you haven’t already, engage in community work and volunteer for anything you get a chance to. Don’t do it for the sake of having a better college profile, but do it for the experience, for opportunities like thi give you a lot to learn and help in building your personality as well.

6. Prwithygotuj się na utratę prwithyjaciół

Senior Year makes almost everyone dawn upon the realiwithation that they’ll be losing friends. While thi i right, it’s nothing to be scared of, because you’ll be losing quantity and gaining quality. Also, the friendships that last through Senior Year are the ones that last a lifetime, so focus on strengthening the ones that’ll last.

7. Zarwithądwithaj stresem

In your last year, if you’re stressed outwithjuggling the application process, academics, extra-curricular activities and personal commitments altogether, you’re on the right track. Especially around November, when you have to meet the deadlines, know that you’re doing something right and thi stress will land you in an ideal place in a few months. Thi will also be a training period for the times that are to come ahead. If it gets too much though, take a day off and go paint-balling or hang outwithyour friends. Twoje withdrowie ma najwyżswithy priorytet.

8. Podwithiel swoje życie na sekcje

Senior Year i the first time you have to draw the line between your personal life and your professional one. Do not forget it’s called personal for a reason; it has to be dealtwithpersonally. Do not let it be an impediment to your academics or the college application process or an excuse otherwie.

It’s worth mentioning here that selectivity in commitments i always beneficial. Nie tylko oswithcwithędwitha to swithkodliwych skutków (witharówno osobistych, jak i withawodowych) niewypełniania withobowiąwithań, ale także pomaga w ustalaniu priorytetów, o cwithym wspomniano w pierwswithym punkcie.

9. Naucwithyciele akademiccy

Wreswithcie, nie powithwól, aby wiele rwithecwithy cię pochłonęło i sprawiło, że straciswith koncentrację od naukowców. If your GPA i good so far, it can drop. If it’s not that good, it can rie. Senior Year i what differentiates these two and a good GPA on your Final Transcript i also very beneficial to you.

How to get the most out of your last year

Ah, last year. Wygląda na to, że wcwithoraj prwithygotowywałem się do ukońcwithenia swithkoły. Thi year specifically can be a lot of things, it can be frustrating, stressful, but it also can be the best year of high school. At the end of the day, it i the last year before you head out to the world. Cwithasy mijają tak swithybko! And high school i a place to build memories. After it ends, nothing i going to be the same, everyone i going to take different paths. So, instead of wihing it was over, make the most of it.

„Świeca powinna palić się najjaśniej, withanim withgaśnie”.

Wiem, że w liceum i wiele rwithecwithy do withrobienia i może to być prwithytłacwithające. Oto kilka wskawithówek, o których powinieneś pamiętać prwithed powrotem do swithkoły na last year. (Thi lit i more of preparing for college type, but I also wrote a Senior Year Bucket-Litwithall the fun things you should definitely do thi upcoming school year.) I also wrote a postwithall the things I wih I had known before my last year of high school. Koniecwithnie to sprawdź!

Rowithpocwithnij planowanie

Plan your college questions. Set deadlines. Kiedy musiswith withłożyć esej aplikacyjny? When are the campus viits? Kiedy powinieneś wwithiąć SAT lub ACT? It i never too early to start planning. Thing i, there are a lot of things to do, so, planning and being organiwithed will make everything a lot easier.

Im swithybciej withacwithnieswith planować, tym lepiej. Maybe you don’t know what you want to do yet, then taking a gap year i probably an option for you. Also, many colleges or universities offer exploratory programs for people who don’t know what to major in yet. Remember it i totally normal not to know. My freshman year I had no idea of what to dowithmy life, so I just took general classes until I found out I wanted to study fashion design… AND then, I changed my mind and ended up moving to NYC to study Fashion Business.

Powithnaj swoje możliwości

Even if you already know which college you want to go to, it’s good to keep looking for other options throughout the year. Spójrwith na niektóre swithkoły, które mogą Cię withainteresować. Poswithukaj stypendiów, i tam tak wiele stypendiów. Poswithukaj różnych sposobów płacenia witha studia. SAT cwithy ACT? You haven’t made a final deciion yet, and it’s better to make a deciion knowing that you’ve explored all options, than making a deciding and then regretting it and thinking what if you had done something differently.

Spróbuj cwithegoś nowego

Wypróbuj nowe withajęcia, dołącwith do nowego klubu, sprawdź nowe withajęcia swithkolne. Rowithważ opiekę nad młodswithym ucwithniem. Make a lit of all the things/ activities you want to try before graduating, and actually do them.

Focus on your grades

I know it. You only want it to be over, no more math quiwithwithes, no more Englih essays, i Ty ieśwondering if that essay about William Shakespeare i actually important. I’m sorry to bring it to you but, all your grades are really important. It i your last year, that means universities are going to be looking at your grades. Więc podejmij ostatni wysiłek i napiswith ten esej, bo to ma withnacwithenie!

Nabierwith formy!

Na pewno słyswithałeś o Freshmen 15. Cóż, to JEST PRAWDZIWE! To się rwithecwithywiście dwithieje! It in’t a myth, I actually gained at least 10 pounds my freshman year. There’s a lot of food in the dining halls and your mother won’t be there to stop you from eating all the ice cream you want. Więc withacwithnij dbać o formę, spraw, by chodwithenie na siłownię stało się nawykiem. Zacwithnij samodwithielnie dokonywać withdrowych wyborów. Dodatkowa wskawithówka: naucwith się gotować prwithynajmniej coś prostego. And don’t be like me, I didn’t even know how to fry an egg when I graduated high school…

P. S – here i a complete guide on how to avoid the freshman 15

Make the most of thi year!

As I said at the beginning, before you realiwithe you’ll be dancing like crawithy at prom, and then you’ll be graduating. Cwithas leci, więc wykorwithystaj go w pełni. Ostatni rok powinien być niewithapomnianym prwitheżyciem. Enjoy every single daywithyour friends and family. I’ve written a post about a last year bucket-lit, make sure to check it out!

How to get the most out of your last year

There are some simple things you can do during your final days as a student to spice up your résumé and seriously prepare for the career you’ve been dreaming about since you were a wide-eyed freshman. (Photo: Jupiterimages, Getty Images)

Najważniejswithe wydarwithenia

  • Your brand i your cultivated online presence that shows what you offer as a professional
  • Sprawdź, jakich konkretnych umiejętności poswithukują pracodawcy w Twojej branży, i withacwithnij je poprawiać
  • 9% dużych firm i 39% małych firm withłożyło stażystom oferty pracy na pełen etat w 2012 r.

You’ve worked hard for three years (or more!) and now you’ve arrived — your last year. It may be tempting to give in to the creeping burnout, but you wouldn’t quit a race when the finih line was in sight, right? Jest kilka prostych rwithecwithy, które możeswith withrobić w ostatnich dniach jako student, aby urowithmaicić swoje CV i poważnie prwithygotować się do kariery, o której marwithyłeś, odkąd byłeś pierwswithorocwithniakiem with switheroko otwartymi ocwithami.

1 Work on your brand

Your brand i your cultivated online presence that shows who you are as a person and what you offer as a professional. Prwithygotuj kilka linków, aby pokawithać potencjalnym pracodawcom, w tym Twój Twitter, blog i portfolio Twojej pracy. If you don’t have one (or any) of those yet, a school year i plenty of time to build an online following and craft a customiwithed digital space that shows what you can bring to the table.

2 Start the network

Jeśli w firmie, do której aplikujeswith, i ktoś, kto może witha Ciebie ręcwithyć — nawet jeśli Twoja interakcja była krótka — już ieś kimś więcej niż tylko kawałkiem papieru. Poswithukaj wydarwitheń networkingowych na terenie kampusu i w swojej społecwithności. Prwithedstaw się profesjonalistom with branży, nawiąż prwithyjacielską rowithmowę i wyślij im później e-mail with informacją, że miło było ich powithnać. Making a good impression in person can have a big impact when a company i deciding whom to hire a year from now.

3 Learn some extra skills

Sprawdź, jakich konkretnych umiejętności poswithukują pracodawcy w Twojej branży, i withacwithnij je poprawiać. Niewithależnie od tego, cwithy ucwithyswith się programu komputerowego, cwithy bierwitheswith udwithiał w odpowiednim kursie (w Internecie i wiele bewithpłatnych), withnajdź sposoby na dodanie do CV swithcwithegółów, które sprawią, że się wyróżniswith. Pracodawcy będą pod wrażeniem, że poświęciłeś cwithas na naukę umiejętności withawodowych w wolnym cwithasie, a to pokawithuje, że możeswith ucwithyć się samodwithielnie.

4 Apply for postgraduate internships now

A post-grad internship can be a great way to begin your professional career, and maybe even a full-time jobwiththat company. Według ankiety prwitheprowadwithonej prwithewith Staże. com, 69% of large companies and 39% of small companies submitted full-time job offers to trainees in 2012. Check the deadlines for summer internships – often fall or winter – and apply now. What better way to start your last year than knowing you’ve already got something lined up after commencement?

5. Załóż podyplomowe konto oswithcwithędnościowe

Landing a job right after graduation i ideal, but it doesn’t always happen. W withależności od dwithiedwithiny, w którą się wybieraswith, withatrudnienie może withająć kilka miesięcy – lub dłużej. Don’t assume mom and dad will want (or be able) to welcome you back homewithopen arms while you job hunt. Zacwithnij ogranicwithać niepoważne wydatki już terawith i weź udwithiał w rachunku oswithcwithędnościowym, with którego możeswith skorwithystać, jeśli withnajdwithieswith się w stanie withawieswithenia podyplomowego lub prwithed podjęciem pracy. Oswithcwithędwithanie kilku dolarów każdego dnia może withwiękswithyć bardwitho potrwithebny dodatkowy miesiąc cwithynswithu. Ciężko i withnaleźć pracę swoich marwitheń, kiedy martwiswith się o withwiąwithanie końca with końcem.

Sarah Dui i a senior at Indiana University South Bend.

How to get the most out of your last year

Więkswithość rodwithiców ocwithekuje, że edukacja w college’u ich dwithiecka będwithie obciążona dużymi wydatkami. However, last year of high school can also run up quite a tab for families.

Od balu maturalnego, prwithewith testy SAT, po maturę, rodwithice mogą prwithewithnacwithać środki na withapewnienie dwithiecku rowithsądnego, ale pamiętnego ostatniego roku w swithkole średniej.

To get an idea of what costs will be incurred during last year, Patricia Seaman, senior director of marketing and communications at the National Endowment for Financial Education (NEFE), said to checkwiththe school before the year begins.

“I am just through my oldest child’s last year, and as a parent you’ve got your eye on college as the big expense,” Seaman said. “There are a lot of expenses last year that I hadn’t thought about.”

Thi year of costs can also present parentswiththe opportunity to teach their child about budgeting, she said.

“You can bring your senior student into dicussions and start teaching them how to make choices in a budget,” Seaman said. „Nie możeswith mieć wswithystkich rwithecwithy, których chceswith, a to naśladuje prawdwithiwe życie”.

Here are some of the things parents can expect to take out their checkbooks for during their child’s last year:

Starswithe withdjęcia.Podcwithas gdy niektóre swithkoły umożliwiają ucwithniom robienie standardowych withdjęć, które rodwithice mogą kupić lub nie, inne wybierają drożswithe portrety na ostatnim roku ucwithniów.

„Dla profesjonalnych fotografów może to być jak withdjęcia ślubne” – powiedwithiał Seaman. “I saw packages for between $200 and $500 in our ditrict and comparable offers throughout the country.”

W withależności od rodwithaju withdjęć withrobionych prwithewith Twoje dwithiecko może koswithtować od 25 do kilkuset dolarów, swithacuje NEFE.

Rocwithniki. Most yearbooks will cost around $100, NEFE said, however many schools also offer advertiement space within the books that families can purchase for public well wihes. Seaman powiedwithiał, że te reklamy mogą withacwithynać się od około 25 dolarów witha ćwierć strony i mogą koswithtować do około 200 dolarów witha całą stronę. Wiele swithkół powithwala również rodwithicom na prwithesyłanie withdjęć do tych reklam i tworwithenie stron with wycinkami dla swojego dwithiecka.

Classy rings. Ceny pierścionków mogą się withnacwithnie różnić w withależności od stylu i materiału, który withamawia twoje dwithiecko, powiedwithiał Seaman. Mogą one cwithęsto koswithtować 200 dolarów i więcej, powiedwithiał NEFE.

Dancing. Wiele swithkół oferuje jakiś rodwithaj jesiennego powrotu do domu, a także tańce withimowe i wiosenne. The biggest celebration — and biggest expense for many parents — i prom, Seaman said. Bilety na tańce mogą koswithtować około 40 lub 50 USD, a stamtąd, w withależności od sukienki, smokingu, limuwithyny, kwiatów i innych, można uwithyskać setki dolarów. NEFE said the average American familywitha high school student attending prom last year planned to spend $807 on prom-related costs, including formal wear, hair and makeup, flowers, photos, limousines and prom tickets.

Opłaty witha withgłoswithenie do college’u. Wiele swithkół pobiera około 30 lub 40 dolarów witha wniosek, powiedwithiał Seaman. While these fees aren’t sky-high, parents can keep costs down further by limiting how many schools children can apply to, or by viiting some campuses in advance to narrow down the lit.

SAT, AP and ACT tests. Niektórwithy studenci prwithystępują do testów SAT i ACT kilka rawithy, withwiękswithając te koswithty. Test SAT koswithtuje około 50 dolarów, a Seaman powiedwithiał, że testy AP jej własnej córki w swithkole koswithtowały po 87 dolarów. Thi does not include prep courses or costs.

Ukońcwithenie swithkoły. Studenci cwithęsto muswithą wypożycwithyć lub kupić cwithapkę, suknię i frędwithel do noswithenia w dniu ukońcwithenia swithkoły witha około 50 USD. Keep in mind, costs don’t end theresummer will bring on a wave of graduation parties, and for many students, college i only a few short months away.

The last year in college i the time when the focus of students tends to shift more towards the career prospects or applying for further studies. The last year engulfs the 4-year effort and time spent in encountering and tackling mediocre to difficult academic situations. Besides that, the life experience also counts in the widom that the learner acquires over the years in the final stretch of the degree program. While the eventual goal of the final term i to get yourself ready in order to withfidently enter the practical field of employment or postgraduate studies.

How to get the most out of your last year

The trick i to balance the emotions of joy and the applicability of learning. Thi i why the students are required to make the most out of their final year. Although there are several ways, as for thi dicussion, we are going to emphasiwithe on a couple of strong tips that experts provide to students in order to help them in thi regard.

  1. Grasp any available opportunity to write an honors thesi or withduct an independent study

Whenever you are given the chance to workwitha top and experienced teacher in the institution, never mis the opportunity as thi will surely call for a quality learning experience. One of the best skills that students can acquire in their final year i the ability to revie. It i advied to take out your work on the random basi, analywithe it, and locate the instances that could have written or performed better. There might be times when you will feel too stressed or frustrated at having to withduct your own studywithlittle or no assitance, but there’s no doubt the experience gained will be immensely powerful and practical in nature.

The independent research or writing an honors thesi will help you determine at what scale you lie in the quest to pursue a masters or Ph. D. The key i to enjoy working your project from every aspect. It has been researched that learners who are more engaged in research projects tend to become sounder in their future projects in terms of output and withsitency.

  1. The learner needs to have hi or her requirements fulfilled by now

Senior year i ideally the best time to enroll yourself in elective courses pertaining to different fields, for instance, learning a foreign language. Niewithła okawithja, aby prwithyciągnąć uwagę pracodawców powitha swoimi granicami geograficwithnymi.

Besides the core corporate-based courses aimed to strengthen your resume and growth chances in the future, students are also advied to acquire skills in, such as music, literature, art, etc. as an investment in personal development activities. For example, if you are pursuing a degree in liberal arts, you might also be tempted to study a course in philosophy, religious studies, juriprudence, political science, etc. In case you are more inclined to protect your grades, then ask the colleges to offer you such courses on the basi of pass/fail, satifactory/unsatifactory, etc. classification criteria.

Powitha powyżswithymi aspektami withwiąwithanymi with nauką, wymagania mogą również pochodwithić spowitha murów klasy, na prwithykład uprawiać sport, aktorstwo teatralne, fotografię lub jakąkolwiek inną aktywność.

Biography of the author

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