How to get the chainsaw beam on super metroid

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Relatively slow fire rate, fairly high damage per shot. Mechanically, it's a ballistic rigidbody object — that is, it has mass and velocity and when it collides with something it imparts momentum to it. The projectile will ricochet off of objects once and then disperse when it hits something else.

The physics interaction and ricochet already lead to interesting gameplay scenarios both in combat and puzzle mechanics.

One more thing. Charging it increases the projectile's mass and thus delivers some recoil to you when you shoot it. Beyond being something to think about when using it, it also has some implications for movement — giving you an additional "jump" when directed downward, a boost of speed when jumping and firing backwards, etc.

Arc Beam

Extremely slow pulse fire weapon. Relatively slow travelling projectile. When it hits something, everything in a 2-meter radius gets electrified, and everything it electrifies can electrify something else in another 2-meter radius. Paired with a circuit/conduction system like in Zelda: Breath of the Wild, not only does it work as a puzzle solving system, it's a powerful crowd-control weapon.

Thermal Beam

A continuous-fire laser that increases the temperature of whatever it hits. Starts fires, melts ice, welds metal, boils water, penetrates armor and shoots through glass. The downside in combat is doing damage directly requires staying focused on the target, but since it doesn't make significant noise, using it like a sniper doesn't immediately alert enemies to your position (though enemies should still demonstrate awareness that one of their friends is getting hurt).

What are your crazy ideas?

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Something that could be potentially cool is like a gel beam that works similar to Ice Beam except with some more puzzle potential.

Like the glue gun in Prey?

Lemme start with a disclaimer, I have yet to play any of the Prime games, so if any of these already exist I apologize. I will definitely play them soon though.

Concussion beam: Fires a blast of energy as if a shaped charge went off in a cone in front of Samus. Blows enemies in the direction of the blast with extreme force, deals low to high damage depending on A) if the enemy leaves the ground, B) how far they travel, and C) if they hit an object during flight. Possibility of recoil that can move Samus (slightly) if she’s in the air, somewhat like a rocket jump. Useful for controlling and damaging multiple enemies or positioning yourself (not to mention mobility and speedrunning uses). Slow to use, short range.

Infernobeam: moderate fire, slow projectile speed beam, large hitbox, pierces and deals afterburn. Repeatedly/continuously deals small amounts of damage to targets in the beam hitbox, then leaves a larger but slower damage-over-time afterburn. Requires ammo.

Space-Time Beam: leaves a marker where aimed, then can be activated like a remote bomb for a high damage, quick blast of beam energy in a vertical pillar. References the notorious glitched beam from Super causing all sorts of bugs.

Murder Beam: again referencing a notorious glitched beam from Super that can cause crashes, combines the Spazer and Plasma Beam. Extremely rapid fire, low damage per shot but fast projectile speed, somewhat like the plasma gun from Quake or DOOM. Low accuracy to balance the extreme DPS and 0 damage falloff.

The Grappling Beam (oftentimes referred to instead as “Grapple Beam”, or simply “Grapple”) allows Samus to use the various Grapple blocks seen throughout the game (gray blocks with a plus sign in the center), as well as attach similarly to certain enemies such as Powamps and Ripper 2.

The beam will instantly destroy many aquatic creatures, as well as some weaker non-aquatic ones seen in the early game (Geemers, Cacatacs, et cetera). Destroying an enemy with this beam will reset Samus’s vertical velocity. Both Skulteras and Coverns are immune to this beam, and are also unfrozen by it if they have been frozen by Ice Beam.

The beam will acquire item drops that it comes into contact with.

As an electrical conductor, you can use the beam to take damage from the sparks in Wrecked Ship and the turrets in Draygon’s Room. It is possible to damage boost off of Wrecked Ship sparks, but this damage source does not provide invulnerability (similar to Mother Brain).

Electricity from Draygon’s turrets can be utilized to defeat the boss, but doing so is suboptimal compared to strategies involving shinesparks.

As it does not have a weapon cooldown, the beam can be used immediately upon being selected, regardless of if another weapon is on cooldown or not.

There is a period of frames where, after using the beam to sling Samus a direction, Samus will be able to morph and unmorph without losing momentum. Samus can jump after the unmorph occurs (if performed quickly enough, before momentum is lost) and can repeat this process of morphing, unmorphing, and jumping indefinitely. This technique is known as “infinite grapple jumping” (IGJ for short) and is easier to perform underwater without Gravity Suit due to the reduced speed in which Samus morphs and unmorphs. This is a vital technique in Reverse Boss Order runs for progressing through Maridia.

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5. Ice Beam to Grapple Beam

Go left to get back to here, freeze the flying space turtles (Rippers), and climb all the way up to the top.

Super Metroid Walkthrough – Super Metroid 79

This room is too scary. Just turn off the game and walk away.

Super Metroid Walkthrough – Super Metroid 80

Go down through the floor, enter the super missile door, and freeze some more creatures to get.

Super Metroid Walkthrough – Super Metroid 81

Power Bombs! These open orange doors and basically blow up the whole screen. One of their main uses is exploration, since they also break the same blocks as regular bombs. Using one tends to reveal any hidden items onscreen. Speaking of which, use one right now to acquire even more missiles.

Super Metroid Walkthrough – Super Metroid 82

Super Metroid Walkthrough – Super Metroid 83

This room is left and up from the save point. Power bomb the bottom left part of the floor and fall through the flower to get five more power bombs. Ideally, draw the Sidehoppers into the blast as well.

Super Metroid Walkthrough – Super Metroid 84

Don’t get mad, but the way to go now is. back to Norfair. Yeah, I know, this is getting repetitive. But we’re almost ready to continue with the rest of the game. I promise. (Go left, fall all the way down, then go right until you reach the elevator.)

Super Metroid Walkthrough – Super Metroid 85

Run, don’t walk, into the top left door in the first room of Norfair, and stop at this point. Continue downward until you find a ramp, then run like the wind.

Super Metroid Walkthrough – Super Metroid 86

You’ll come out here. Above you is a save point, and below you is.

Super Metroid Walkthrough – Super Metroid 87

Crocomire is an interesting mini-boss in that he doesn’t have HP. Instead, he steps backward when you shoot his open mouth, and the goal is to push him into a pool of lava. He only has two moves: walking forward, and shooting item-dropping orbs out of his mouth. Your charged beam is a better choice than missiles right now.

Super Metroid Walkthrough – Super Metroid 88

Save point. Then go left and down. As usual, don’t be afraid to fall blindly into the abyss.

Super Metroid Walkthrough – Super Metroid 89

This room contains more missiles, but you really don’t need any more at this point. There will be several more to pick up along the way. Still, your call.

Super Metroid Walkthrough – Super Metroid 90

This room sometimes stumps people on their first playthrough. Lay a power bomb to get rid of all the debris, go to the far right side, then run and jump over the ramp at full speed. You should end up on a ledge at the top left part of the room.

Super Metroid Walkthrough – Super Metroid 91

Grapple Beam! This allows you to swing around on those blocks with a + symbol. With both power bombs and Grapple Beam, the game is really starting to open up.

More Super Metroid Walkthroughs

This Super Metroid walkthrough is divided into 14 total pages.

The Gate Glitch, sometimes referred to as “Blue Gate Glitch” if the gate in question involves a blue switch, or “Green Gate Glitch” (“GGG” for short) if the gate in question involves a green switch, is a technique to open gates that can normally only be opened from the left (and without using Wave Beam for blue gates).

This glitch is mandatory for categories such as Any% GT Code and GT Classic for accessing the Golden Torizo code. It is also essential in Reverse Boss Order for accessing Screw Attack, the recharge station nearby, and the Ripper 2s that act as a Super Missile refill.

Blue gates can be opened by both Missiles and Super Missiles from the opposite side, while green gates can only be opened with Super Missiles.

To perform the gate glitch, Samus must first stand a couple of pixels to the right of the gate while facing left, and have Missiles or Super Missiles selected (whichever is applicable). Jump while holding angle up, then move left and press shot right before her head hits the ceiling (while still holding jump and angle up).

There are a number of different ways you can execute the gate glitch. Find the one that you are the most consistent in executing. Here are a few you can try: Example I Example II Example III

The gate glitch cannot be performed in this manner on gates where the switch is on the right side of the gate. Depending on the gate in question, abusing the camera may be required in order to activate the switch (Pink Brinstar Hopper Room), but many of these gates either have extremely complex solutions to unlocking them from the opposite side (Red Brinstar Elevator), or are impossible to unlock from the opposite side (Crocomire Escape).

It may take a couple of tries before one actually hits the button since the timing is rather precise, so make sure you have enough ammo before attempting the glitch.

Once you’ve finished Crocomire, go over to the left side of his corridor and enter the door there. From here you’ll be able to find the Grappling Beam. Once you’ve found it, you’ll be able to find a load of items before leaving Norfair to head topside to the Wrecked Ship. You should be able to pick up the Wave Beam, missiles no. 4, 5, 7, 8, 9 and 11 (Norfair).

You can also find Reserve Tank no. 1 (Norfair), Power Bomb no. 1 (Norfair) and Energy Tank no. 2 (Norfair). On the way up to Crateria in Brinstar, you’ll be able to find the X-Ray Scope. Once you’ve found everything, go up to the main elevator in Brinstar up past the orange shaft. Go up into Crateria, go up the rocky shaft, then head right to find the room containing missile no. 2 (Crateria).

Cross the room using the Grappling Beam, then go out to the massive open area through the right door. On the far right of this area is the main entrance to the Wrecked Ship. Cross the platforms above the water, you’ll need to use the Grappling Beam to swing across a number of them, you’ll also have to grab onto a Ripper to swing across one.

Once you reach the other side, blow the door open with a Super Missile and enter the derelict ship. The first thing you’ll notice inside is that the power’s off. Run to the end of the long corridor and head through the door. Go down the main shaft to the very bottom, keep in mind that you can grab missile no. 1 (Wrecked Ship) on the way down. Once you’re ready, go down to the very bottom of the shaft and shoot open the floor below (watch out for the Covern that appear).

Drop down through the passage and go through the door in the floor below. In the next corridor below, go over to the right-hand side, blow open a hole in the base of the wall to find a boss guard door. Destroy the door when the eye opens, then head through to face the phantom boss Phantoon. Refer to the bosses guide to send it back to wherever it came from.

Once Kraid’s crumbled into the ground, go through the door on the right of his chamber to find the all-important Varia Suit. Once you’ve got it, head back to the elevator leading down to Norfair (don’t forget to grab Energy Tank no. 1 (Brinstar) on the way). Once you reach the elevator ride down into Norfair, and get ready for a hunt for item power-ups.

We’ll first go looking for the Speed Booster.Go through the door down on the right below the elevator to find a huge heated cavern. You won’t take damage anymore as the Varia Suit will protect Samus. Proceed through the room while blasting enemies, eventually you’ll reach a door leading to a second lava cavern. In this room you can find missile no. 10 (Norfair). In the next room lava will be slowly rising up from the ground, quickly head through and try to avoid all the enemies around.

The next cavern you’ll enter will be filled with green terrain, here you can find missile no. 2 (Norfair). Go over to the small platform in the center of the room and bomb it open. Drop down below and traverse through the narrow tunnels below, just watch out for the orange Geemers. Once at the bottom, go through the door in the floor.

Go down the shaft, the door halfway down contains a few enemies that’ll drop several energy and weapon refills, once you’re ready, go down through the door at the base of the shaft. Keep going right through the next few corridors, eventually you’ll reach a shaft leading up. Climb up the shaft, and watch out for the heads in the walls that spit blue fire. In the next room, you’ll have to ride across small green platforms to avoid the lava below.

Once you reach the far side, go through the door reach another shaft (this game’s full of them). Go up to the very top while blasting the dragons and Multiviolas along the way. Once at the top go through the door to find yourself back in the large green cavern, this time you’ll be in the top right corner of the room. Go up to the door above you and head through. Beyond here is the Speed Booster. Don’t forget to grab missile no. 3 (Norfair) just outside the Speed Booster’s room.

Once you’ve got the Speed Booster, retrace your steps back to the main elevator of Norfair. Once there, go through the door down on the left from the elevator. Run through the corridor, passing all the closing shutters – the Speed Booster will get you straight through. Go through the door at the end of the corridor, in the next room you’ll be able to find the Ice Beam here.

Once you’ve got the Ice Beam, head to the top of the shaft outside the Ice Beam’s room and go through the door up there. Drop down the next shaft, you’ll end up back in the corridor with the closing shutters. Blow open the small tunnel in the roof, blast the Geemer in there before going through. Roll through the tunnel and head back up to Brinstar.

Once you reach Brinstar, go all the way back to the huge orange shaft. Now that you have the Ice Beam, you’ll be able to freeze the Ripper flying in the air to climb back up. Freeze them and climb up the shaft, keep climbing up to the very top of the shaft then go through the door at the top. Head through the spike-filled room, once you reach the next shaft shoot the floor open to eventually find Power Bomb no. 1 (Brinstar) and missile no. 11 (Brinstar).

Once you’ve found them, go back to the shaft and go up to the very top. You can find Power Bomb no. 2 (Brinstar) in the room on the left below the elevator, but once you’re ready take the elevator up to Crateria.

Taking this path back to Crateria, you can head back over to the other main elevator of Brinstar on the far left of Crateria, this way you can pick up a load of items before heading back to Norfair. In Crateria, you should be able to find Power Bomb no. 1 (Crateria), missiles no. 7 and 8 (Crateria) and Energy Tank no. 2 (Crateria).

Going down to Norfair via Brinstar you should be able to pick up missiles no. 7 and 8 (Brinstar), Super Missiles no. 2 and 3 (Brinstar), Reserve Tank no. 1 (Brinstar), Energy Tank no. 2 (Brinstar) and Power Bombs no. 3, 4 and 5 (you’ll pay the Etecoons a visit when looking for no. 4). You can also grab missile no. 12 (Brinstar) near Kraid’s room as well.

Phew, with this amount of weaponry you should have enough to take Crocomire for a swim. Once you head back down to Norfair, first visit the Map room down the shaft with the main elevator (blow the door open with a Power Bomb), then go back into the corridor just below the elevator that contains the closing shutters. Run past the shutters, then use a Power Bomb to blow open the hole at the end of the corridor.

Drop down and go into the large cavern below. Blast all the fiery enemies, then head through the door on the far left side. In this next shaft you can pick up missile no. 6 (Norfair) in the opposite wall, but if you’re having too much trouble reaching it come back once you’ve found the Space Jump. Drop down to the bottom of the shaft and head through the door there. In the next massive corridor, dash to the right until the Speed Booster kicks in, you’ll then blast through multiple enemies along the way, after breaking through a few rock walls you’ll land in a room with a door in the floor.

You can save your game in a Save room further up the shaft, but once you’re ready go through the door in the floor to face Crocomire. Refer to the bosses guide to melt his hide.

Metroid’s Samus Aran has had a lot of different beams over the years, with a mix of returning fan-favorite staples and one-off new weapons.

The Metroid series is full of different equipment for the heroic bounty hunter Samus Aran to use. From Power Bombs to new suits, Samus is never hurting for choice when it comes to tools to fight enemies and explore the environment. The upcoming Metroid Dread has not shown many items thus far, but fans can rest assured that plenty are coming down the line.

Thanks to the apparent commonality of Samus’ power armor in Chozo culture, there are plenty of alternate beams and beam upgrades all across the galaxy, which is quite useful when the previous ones end up destroyed. Samus is a walking armory at the height of her power in each Metroid game, and many different beams have passed in and out of Samus’ hands.

Power Beam and Beam Upgrades

The Power Beam is Samus’ standard arm cannon, and represents the most basic offensive function in the Chozo-built power armor. It’s extremely versatile, and can be modified with a massive number of upgrades that are commonly found in many games. The most prominent of these is the Charge Beam, another Metroid staple that allows Samus to charge her shots. The Long Beam makes shots travel farther, and the Wide Beam splits Samus’ shots in three. The Spazer splits shots into three thin lasers, which either copy or power up the Wide Beam depending on the game. Finally, the Wave Beam allows Samus to shoot through walls, and Metroid: Other M‘s Diffusion Beam allows Samus to fire exploding charged shots.

Ice Beam

The Ice Beam is a Metroid staple, due to extreme cold being the weakness of the titular Metroid. It was replaced by Ice Missiles in a few entries for various reasons, but there’s always some equivalent to it. It also allows for enemies to be frozen into temporary platforms, which can be useful for speeding through the shorter games.

Plasma Beam

With an Ice Beam in play, it makes sense that a fire beam would also appear. The Plasma Beam serves that purpose, and also has a couple other effects. In the 2D games and Other M, it can pierce through enemies. In Metroid Prime 1 and 3, it is a high-powered short range cannon that can set enemies on fire and weld metal circuitry.

Hyper Beam (Super Metroid)

The next beam is a special one, as apart from Metroid 2’s treatment of the Ice Beam as vital for exterminating Metroids, the Hyper Beam is the first truly plot-critical beam. It is initially used by Mother Brain on Samus during Super Metroid’s final boss fight, and is then transferred to Samus in the baby Metroid’s final moments. This was one of the most emotionally charged moments in the series, and remains one of the reasons Super Metroid is an all-time classic.

Phazon Beam and Hyper Beam (Metroid Prime 3: Corruption)

The Phazon Beam is a special beam that Samus makes use of to fight Metroid Prime at the end of the game of the same name. Its use is only possible due to Samus’ Phazon Suit, which the Prime steals from her after the fight to become Dark Samus. The second Hyper Beam is a symptom of Metroid Prime 3: Corruption’s Hypermode, and is fueled by the Phazon in Samus’ body being channeled through her PED Suit. These are deadly upgrades, but useful in a pinch.

Dark, Light, and Annihilator Beams

Hailing from Metroid Prime 2: Echoes, these are some of the most unique weapons in the series. For one, they are among the few weapons in Samus’ arsenal that use ammunition. For another, they can deal extra damage to enemies of the opposing Light or Dark element. Dark Beams also petrify enemies like they were Ice Beams, and Light Beams can set enemies on fire like the Plasma Beam. The Annihilator Beam combines the extra damage and ammo requirements of both beams, and also homes in on enemies, meaning that few foes can handle its wrath.

Omega Cannon (Metroid Prime: Hunters)

While Samus gains the six weapons used by the various rival bounty hunters in Metroid Prime: Hunters, they aren’t really her beams, per se. What is hers, at least for a little while, is the Omega Cannon. This weapon appears during the final phase of the final boss fight with Gorea, and shoots an explosive shot that is the only way to damage the boss. It also shows up at the top of the Oubliette multiplayer stage, and while this version is slower and only has one shot, it’s even more monstrously powerful. The player using it just needs to make sure they don’t end up in the blast radius.

Nova Beam

The Nova Beam is an oddity in the series, as it only appears in Metroid Prime 3: Corruption. It is the final beam obtained in the game, and is very powerful. It’s meant for use alongside the X-Ray Visor to shoot at weak points in Phazite on enemies and the environment. If Samus can hit her enemies’ weak points, she can instantly kill some of the strongest enemies in the game, so it’s important to keep one’s aim steady.

Omega Cannon (Metroid Dread)

Metroid Dread brings the Omega Cannon back as a temporary upgrade provided by the mysterious Central Units for use against the E.M.M.I. This comes in the sustained Omega Stream and charged Omega Blaster varieties, one for blasting off an E.M.M.I.’s faceplate and the other for finishing it off. She has to stand still while charging the Blaster, so players had better make sure their shot lands.

Metroid Dread releases October 8 on Nintendo Switch.

Ridley Scott’s latest medieval epic tells a timely Rashomon-style multi-perspective story with breathtaking visuals and powerful performances.

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Sharp-looking Charge Beam—Just the way I like it! — GF quarantine officer

The Charge Beam is an upgrade to Samus Aran’s Arm Cannon that allows her to deal significantly more destructive shots than regular beam shots. The Charge Beam modification can be combined with most other weaponry that Samus acquires. The Charge Beam will always deal more damage per time than using regular shots if fired correctly. It can be used to overcome certain obstacles, such as the Atmospheric Stabilizers, and is sometimes necessary to defeat creatures, such as the very powerful Black Zebesians. The Charge Beam is necessary to fire Charge Combos and use the Charge Attack.



Though powerful, the Charge Beam requires a small charge time before it can be fired. The charge always pays off, however, dealing a significantly increased amount of damage. The Charge Beam is an upgrade that comes with many other abilities considering that it modifies Samus’s beam usage, rather than create a new beam.

The Charge Beam usually fires a larger burst of the weapon Samus has equipped, though it may occasionally have special properties that the beam lacked in its unaltered form. The Light, Dark, and Annihilator Beams fire the Lightblast, Entangler, and Disruptor respectively. The Lightblast fires a shotgun-like beam consisting of many small, but powerful and fast beams. The Entangler snags the target with shadow tendrils, causing them to be frozen. The Disruptor doesn’t have the homing properties of the Annihilator Beam, but can stun enemies for a short time. The Hyper Beam bestowed to Samus by the Federation’s ingenuity fires a very unique Charged Shot. Rather than firing one large beam, Samus’s charged Hyper Beam fires a stream of Hyper Beam shots with a rapid frequency.

Though most beams can be used in tandem with the Charge Beam, there are few exceptions. Mother Brain’s Hyper Beam, the Phazon Beam, and the Paralyzer

On the Bottle Ship, Samus finds the Diffusion Beam upgrade. The Diffusion Beam does not affect Samus’s regular weaponry, she can only fire it while firing a fully charged Charge Beam shot.

If Samus Spin Jumps while holding a fully charged Charge Beam, she will execute the Charge Attack, an attack similar to the Screw Attack. It can damage enemies at most as powerful as the Charge Beam, though at the cost of taking damage herself if she does not destroy the enemy.

By combining the power of many of her different beams with the Missile Launcher, Samus can fire extremely powerful Charge Combos. Save for the Super Missile, these weapons put a heavy strain on Samus’s Missile Ammo and Beam Ammo supply, with the benefit if firing heavy amounts of damage in a short period of time.

Samus can also combine the Charge Beam to perform various other special moves, most of which are unique to her second mission on Zebes. Samus can combine the Charge Beam, Power Bomb, and various weapons to use special abilities such as the Crystal Flash. She can also hold a Charge then switch to Morph Ball mode to activate the Five Bomb Drop.

Samus is able to draw in pickups using the tractor beam capabilities of the Charge Beam in the Prime series.


The Charge Beam is a handy tool available during most of Samus’s missions. Though she usually has to find where the Chozo have hidden the upgrade, she will occasionally have it already equipped from a previous mission.

Metroid: Zero Mission

The Charge Beam appears as an optional upgrade in Zero Mission. It allows Samus to charge her beam for a more powerful shot and allows her to use the Charge Attack. Interestingly, Samus can use the Charge Beam to a lesser capacity if she skips the Long Beam. The upgrade is one of few upgrades in Zero Mission not obtained on a Chozo Statue. It is dropped by Deorem in Brinstar upon its defeat.

Metroid Prime Series

In the Metroid Prime series, the Charge Beam also took longer to travel, with any beam being used. This is most noticeable in Metroid Prime 3: Corruption. In addition to the Charge Beam, Samus can find Charge Combos that, when combined with Missiles, make new abilities with devastating power. There are Charge Combos for every Beam in Metroid Prime and Metroid Prime 2: Echoes. Samus is already equipped with the Charge Beam on her missions in Aether and the planets in Corruption, though she had to find the upgrade on Tallon IV.

Samus’s Charge Beam is lost to the explosion on Frigate Orpheon that disables many of her Power Suit’s functions. She later finds the Charge Beam hidden behind a runic symbol gate along with Chozo Lore in Watery Hall on Tallon IV. She must get past the runic gate by activating four runic symbols; the gate was presumably left behind by the Chozo to grant limited access to the Charge Beam.

Super Metroid

The Chozo left the Charge Beam upgrade on a Chozo Statue in Brinstar. Samus can find this weapon prior to fighting Spore Spawn, and use it to fell many creatures. The Charge Beam can be used with any of Samus’s weapons except for the Hyper Beam. Using it with power stored by the Power Bomb endows Samus with interesting abilities, ranging from regaining health to attacking at various angles.

Metroid: Other M

Samus retains her Charge Beam when she enters the Bottle Ship, and she is willing to use it without Adam’s authorization, unlike most of her other weapons. She makes use of the Beam to hinder large or armored enemies, and can combine it with any of her other Beams. She also obtains the Diffusion Beam, giving her Charge Beam more explosive damage to take out many foes at once.

Metroid Fusion

Samus loses her Charge Beam to the X that eventually become the first SA-X. The particular Hard Core-X that takes her Charge Beam takes on a form familiar to the Charge Beam and Samus, that of a Fake Chozo Statue. Samus regains her Charge Beam upon its defeat, and uses it to regain control over all of the Atmospheric Stabilizers.

Though the SA-X takes Samus’s Charge Beam, it does not use it itself, opting instead to fire single Beams powered by the Ice, Wave, and Plasma Beams.