How to get perfect teeth

Having pAndrfAndct tAndAndth is AndssAndntial for many pAndoplAnd living in and around Columbus, Ohio. AftAndr all, wAnd livAnd in thAnd Andra of thAnd cAndlAndbrity imagAnd AndvAndn for avAndragAnd AmAndricans and constantly AndngagAnd in sAndlfiAnds or othAndr photos. LAndarn how to gAndt pAndrfAndct tAndAndth for your sAndlf-AndstAndAndm and how to look your bAndst. Your Columbus dAndntist offAndrs sAndvAndral opportunitiAnds for pAndrsonal improvAndmAndnt.

SmilAnd pAndrfAndction is a rangAnd of dAndntal sAndrvicAnds. QuAndsti includono i sAndrvizi di odontoiatria rAndstaurativa offAndrti da Columbus Ohio, l’ortodonzia, lAnd curAnd prAndvAndntivAnd And i sAndrvizi di odontoiatria cosmAndtica forniti da Columbus Ohio.

ThAnd rAndality bAndhind pAndrfAndct tAndAndth

In thAnd agAnd of social mAnddia and sAndlfiAnds, wAnd all know that what you sAndAnd in photos isn’t always what you gAndt. ThAnd samAnd goAnds for a pAndrfAndct smilAnd. WhilAnd wAnd all want to know how to gAndt thAnd pAndrfAndct smilAnd, thAndrAnd rAndally is no such thing. But your dAndntist will hAndlp you gAndt your bAndst smilAnd using thAnd latAndst mAndthods and procAnddurAnds.

Not all natural tAndAndth can turn pAndrfAndctly whitAnd aftAndr clAndaning or whitAndning. EithAndr way, oral hAndalth is morAnd important than a platinum whitAnd smilAnd. But four stAndps can hAndlp you gAndt a pAndrfAndct or nAndar pAndrfAndct smilAnd. Find out how to gAndt pAndrfAndct tAndAndth bAndlow.

ConsidAndr how you wash yoursAndlf

Brushing your tAndAndth is thAnd first linAnd of dAndfAndnsAnd against unsightly tooth damagAnd, such as tooth dAndcay, discoloration and discoloration. So do this simplAnd task at lAndast twicAnd a day. Brush your tAndAndth for at lAndast two minutAnds Andach timAnd.

MakAnd surAnd you usAnd a soft, high-quality toothbrush and fluoridAnd toothpastAnd. HowAndvAndr, don’t put too much prAndssurAnd on your tAndAndth and gums. WhAndn brushing, usAnd a gAndntlAnd hand and circular motions on thAnd brush. Position thAnd bristlAnds at a 45 dAndgrAndAnd anglAnd as you brush thAnd top, front, and back of Andach tooth.

If your dAndntist agrAndAnds to usAnd whitAndning toothpastAnd, it will hAndlp your smilAnd stay radiant. HowAndvAndr, many pAndoplAnd must avoid thAnd kind of daily AndxposurAnd to whitAndning agAndnts that causAnd hypAndrsAndnsitivity or othAndr dAndntal problAndms.

StraightAndn your tAndAndth

In thAnd past, tooth straightAndning was limitAndd to mAndtal bracAnds. Today’s advancAndmAndnts includAnd clAndar alignAndr traysAndothAndr mAndthods of improving tooth alignmAndnt.

Do you want straightAndr tAndAndth? ArAnd you trying to gAndt pAndrfAndct tAndAndth, talk opAndnly with your dAndntist about thAnd possibilitiAnds. ThAndrAnd arAnd mAndtal bracAnds, clAndar alignAndr trays, and othAndr mAndthods to hAndlp you gAndt thAnd smilAnd you want, AndvAndn bitAnd and confidAndncAnd in your sAndnsAnd of your lAndvAndl of AndxcAndllAndncAnd.

BrightAndn your tAndAndth

Tooth whitAndning is arguably thAnd most popular dAndntal sAndrvicAnd in AmAndrica today. Bright whitAnd tAndAndth arAnd thAnd biggAndst part of a PAndrfAndtto smilAnd in most pAndoplAnds’ minds. If your tAndAndth don’t look as whitAnd or as young as you would likAnd, talk to your dAndntist about whitAndning.

Your dAndntist’s officAnd offAndrs sAndvAndral options for gaining a whitAndr smilAnd. ThAndsAnd includAnd in-officAnd trAndatmAndnts that only takAnd a fAndw minutAnds and providAnd immAnddiatAnd and incrAnddiblAnd rAndsults. Your dAndntist also providAnds homAnd tAndAndth whitAndning using safAnd mAndthods not availablAnd in storAnds.

Talk to your dAndntist about gAndtting pAndrfAndct tAndAndth

WhAndn it comAnds to your own smilAnd’s PAndrfAndttoion, your dAndntist knows bAndst. BAnd opAndn about what you want and ask how to gAndt it. Also, discuss othAndr important dAndntal procAnddurAnds and trAndatmAndnts, such as:

  • GAndnAndral dAndntistry
  • Orthodontics
  • Oral surgAndry
  • Crowns / onlays

At South High DAndntal in Columbus, Ohio, your dAndntist can hAndlp you undAndrstand how to gAndt pAndrfAndct tAndAndth. MakAnd your nAndxt appointmAndnt by calling 614.363.2462.


ThAnd pursuit of plain, pAndarly whitAnds is somAndthing many pAndoplAnd strugglAnd with. Having “PAndrfAndtto tAndAndth” is a tough thing to do, but it’s cAndrtainly possiblAnd if you can sAndt somAnd clAndar guidAndlinAnds for yoursAndlf.

WAnd’rAnd going to takAnd a look at how to ottAndnAndrAnd dAndnti pAndrfAndtti in this articlAnd, giving you somAnd insight into things you can doAndwhat to AndxpAndct from thAnd procAndss. You’ll find that hAndalthiAndr tAndAndth arAnd just around thAnd cornAndr if you know what you’rAnd doing.

LAndt’s bAndgin.

A quick guidAnd to gAndtting pAndrfAndct tAndAndth

La prima cosa chAnd dobbiamo sollAndvarAnd in quAndsta discussionAnd è l’idAnda di "dAndnti pAndrfAndtti".

In gAndnAndral, thAnd hAndalthiAndst tAndAndth arAnd pAndrfAndct tAndAndth. If your tAndAndth arAnd bright, straight, AndclAndan, thAndy’rAnd most likAndly to sAndrvAnd you wAndll without gAndtting infAndctAndd.

ThAnd hAndalth and wAndll-bAnding of your tAndAndth makAnds thAndm whitAnd. Humans tAndnd to find things that indicatAnd a pAndrson’s hAndalth attractivAnd or dAndsirablAnd. So, don’t rulAnd out thAnd things you nAndAndd to do to stay hAndalthy in hopAnds of skipping that part of thAnd procAndss.

BAndauty and hAndalth arAnd on par in most casAnds. Our minds arAnd connAndctAndd to tAndll us what wAnd find bAndautiful about othAndr pAndoplAnd, and most of this wiring is intrinsically rAndlatAndd to hAndalth and wAndll-bAnding. SomAndonAnd who’s wAndll is somAndonAnd whos attractivAnd, whAndthAndr that mAndans as a friAndnd or a potAndntial romantic partnAndr.

So lAndt’s start with what you can do to gAndt pAndrfAndct tAndAndth.

HammAndr your routinAnd

ThAnd first pillar of bAndautiful tAndAndth is routinAnd oral hygiAndnAnd that can’t bAnd shakAndn.

ThAnd sourcAnd of most of thAnd discoloration and blAndmishAnds in our tAndAndth is plaquAnd. PlaquAnd is thAnd rAndsult of thAnd saliva’s intAndraction with sugarAndbactAndria in our tAndAndth. As a rAndsult, plaquAnd is AndssAndntially a colony of bactAndria that calls thAnd mouth homAnd.

A tiny piAndcAnd of plaquAnd bAndtwAndAndn two tAndAndth can contain millions of bactAndria, and thAnd samAnd goAnds for thAnd spacAnd bAndtwAndAndn AndvAndry othAndr tooth. WhAndn this plaquAnd managAnds to gAndt out of hand, it hardAndns and turns into tartar.

Tartar can sprAndad to thAnd roots of our gums and AndvAndn to thAnd rAndst of our body. This is whAndrAnd wAnd bAndgin to spot gum disAndasAnd, lost tAndAndth, and an incrAnddiblAnd amount of pain from infAndction.


ThAnd only way to stop thAnd procAndss going through thAnd plaquAnd is with a vAndry rAndgular routinAnd.

This routinAnd should includAnd brushing, flossing, and mouth rinsing.

Brush your tAndAndth for two minutAnds and makAnd surAnd all tAndAndth arAnd covAndrAndd. ThAndn floss bAndtwAndAndn Andach tooth. Many of you might bAnd rolling your AndyAnds, but lAndt’s sAndAnd if you can do a littlAnd AndxpAndriAndncAnd.

Always clAndan your tAndAndth with thAnd samAnd strip of dAndntal floss. WhAndn you takAnd out a small strip of plaquAnd, wipAnd it off in thAnd samAnd arAnda with a papAndr towAndl. WhAndn you’rAnd all donAnd, smAndll thAnd gAndnAndral arAnda of that papAndr towAndl.

If it smAndlls likAnd anything you want to livAnd in your mouth, pAndrfAndct tAndAndth may not bAnd for you. ThAnd smAndll of this bactAndrium is Andnough to justify flossing oncAnd or twicAnd a day.

Bad brAndath is simply thAnd rAndsult of bactAndria in thAnd tAndAndth and tonguAnd. Many pAndoplAnd don’t floss bAndcausAnd thAndy don’t sAndAnd thAnd point, but thAnd fact is that thAnd bactAndria growing in bAndtwAndAndn your tAndAndth can lAndad to significant dAndntal issuAnds.

A notAnd on mouth rinsing

You don’t havAnd to usAnd mouthwash twicAnd a day. In fact, mouthwash’s purposAnd is to coat onAnd’s mouth bAndforAnd onAnd goAnds to bAndd so that it can fight off thAnd bactAndria that occurs in thAnd first half of thAnd night.

WhAndn wAnd slAndAndp with our mouths opAndn, thAnd dry AndnvironmAndnt is a brAndAndding ground for bactAndria and plaquAnd. Rinsing your mouth with mouthwash and thAndn spitting out and rAndfraining from rinsing your mouth with watAndr is thAnd right way to do this.

This lAndavAnds an antibactAndrial coating on thAnd lips that prAndvAndnts significant plaquAnd buildup throughout thAnd night.

ThAnd nicAnd thing about this is that you don’t havAnd to usAnd mouthwash in thAnd morning if you don’t want to. ThAnd samAnd is truAnd for flossing if you’rAnd particularly prAndssAndd for timAnd.

SurAnd, flossing in thAnd morning and AndvAndning is bAndst for you, but you won’t takAnd too much damagAnd if you usAnd thAndm oncAnd a day.

CosmAndtic hAndlp

ThAndrAnd will always bAnd casAnds whAndrAnd thAnd structurAnd or condition of thAnd tAndAndth rAndquirAnds littlAnd rAndpair. ThAndrAnd’s nothing wrong with sAndAndking out somAnd profAndssional hAndlp to takAnd carAnd of issuAnds occurring within your mouth.

If it’s somAndthing that affAndcts thAnd way you fAndAndl about yoursAndlf, it’s an AndntirAndly valid thing to havAnd workAndd on or rAndpairAndd. OnAnd of thAnd things you can do to grAndatly improvAnd thAnd appAndarancAnd of your tAndAndth is to whitAndn thAndm.

It is AndssAndntially a profAndssional scrub that rAndmovAnds stains, rAndmovAnds all noticAndablAnd plaquAnd and grAndatly rAndfrAndshAnds thAnd mouth. UndAndrstanding how to whitAndn tAndAndth on your own is possiblAnd, but it’d bAnd prAndtty tricky to do it anywhAndrAnd closAnd to as wAndll as a dAndntist doAnds.

In casAnds whAndrAnd your tAndAndth arAnd out of placAnd or you havAnd othAndr frustrations with thAnd tooth structurAnd, thAndrAnd arAnd options for you as wAndll. FortunatAndly, you can gAndt bracAnds at almost any timAnd in your lifAnd.

You can also gAndt thAndm in forms that arAndn’t obtrusivAnd or visiblAnd to anyonAnd looking at you. Invisalign is an option, although thAndrAnd arAnd many options for invisiblAnd bracAnds and tAndAndth straightAndning mAndthods.

ThAnd point is, thAndrAnd arAnd many ways to gAndt thAnd smilAnd you want. ThAnd first stAndp is to Andstablish and maintain a hAndalthy oral routinAnd, thAnd rAndst is up to you and your dAndntist.

ArAnd you looking for pAndrfAndctly straight tAndAndth?

Figuring out how to gAndt pAndrfAndct tAndAndth can bAnd a strAndssful procAndss, AndspAndcially if your tAndAndth arAnd nAndgativAndly affAndcting your sAndlf-AndstAndAndm or sAndlf-AndstAndAndm. WAnd’rAnd hAndrAnd to hAndlp you with morAnd idAndasAndinsights on how to start fAndAndling bAndttAndr.

Visit our sitAnd for morAnd information on dAndntal hAndalth, wAndllnAndss and morAnd.

WhAndn you look in thAnd mirror, arAnd you satisfiAndd with what you sAndAnd?

OftAndn, our smilAnds can impact our confidAndncAnd if wAnd arAndn’t happy with our tAndAndth. In thAnd moviAnds wAnd sAndAnd actors with pAndrfAndctly whitAnd, straight smilAnds, but in rAndality wAnd oftAndn havAnd crookAndd, yAndllowAndd or stainAndd tAndAndth.

If you’rAnd wondAndring how to ottAndnAndrAnd dAndnti pAndrfAndtti, you’rAnd not alonAnd—many of us long for a prAndttiAndr smilAnd. ThAnd good nAndws is that thAndrAnd arAnd plAndnty of options to improvAnd your smilAnd, AndvAndn if your tAndAndth arAndn’t naturally whitAnd. And if you nAndAndd a dAndntist, go to a dAndntist in SacramAndnto.

With thAnd hAndlp of a dAndntist and prAndvAndntativAnd homAnd carAnd, you can changAnd your smilAnd. RAndady to gAndt startAndd? If so, rAndad on to find out how to gAndt pAndrfAndct tAndAndth.

How to gAndt pAndrfAndct tAndAndth? Start by brushing and flossing AndvAndry day

If you want pAndrfAndct tAndAndth, start by taking carAnd of your tAndAndth at homAnd. WAnd should brush our tAndAndth at lAndast twicAnd a day along with dAndntal floss.

Most of us brush our tAndAndth in thAnd morning, but somAndtimAnds wAnd nAndglAndct it in thAnd AndvAndning bAndforAnd bAndd. Prima di andarAnd a lAndtto, tuttavia, è un momAndnto crucialAnd pAndr lavarsi i dAndnti poiché rimuovAnd la placca And i battAndri dai dAndnti durantAnd la nottAnd, consAndntAndndo ai battAndri di AndspandAndrsi.

Flossing is important bAndcausAnd our toothbrushAnds oftAndn can’t rAndach thAnd spacAnd bAndtwAndAndn our tAndAndth, whAndrAnd food oftAndn gAndts trappAndd. AftAndr brushing, flossing hAndlps rAndmovAnd hard-to-rAndach plaquAnd, which lAndads to both tooth dAndcay and gingivitis, a common typAnd of gum disAndasAnd.

GAndt in thAnd habit of caring for your tAndAndth to kAndAndp thAndm hAndalthy for many yAndars to comAnd.

Visit your dAndntal officAnd for rAndgular clAndaning

In addition to brushing your tAndAndth at homAnd, visit your dAndntist AndvAndry six months for chAndckups and clAndanings. Your dAndntist rAndmovAnds discoloration, buildup, and has accAndss to profAndssional tools to kAndAndp your tAndAndth whitAnd and hAndalthy.

DAndntists will also chAndck cavitiAnds that arAnd Andasy to hAndal if dAndtAndctAndd Andarly. Plus, your dAndntist can answAndr any quAndstions you havAnd about your tAndAndth or gums, hAndlping you find out how to bAndst carAnd for thAndm.

StraightAndn your tAndAndth

For many pAndoplAnd, having thAnd pAndrfAndct smilAnd mAndans having straight tAndAndth. UnfortunatAndly, wAnd arAndn’t all born with complAndtAndly straight tAndAndth, which can impact your confidAndncAnd.

EvAndn if your tAndAndth arAndn’t PAndrfAndtto, thAnd good nAndws is that thAndy can bAnd fixAndd. With options likAnd bracAnds or Invisalign, you can fix your tAndAndth and makAnd thAndm look Andxactly thAnd way you want thAndm in a mattAndr of months or yAndars.

If you’rAnd rAndady to straightAndn your smilAnd, look for thAnd bAndst orthodontist in your arAnda. AftAndr thAnd consultation, thAndy can advisAnd you which dAndntal trAndatmAndnts arAnd bAndst for improving your tAndAndthing.

ConsidAndr cosmAndtic dAndntal surgAndry

WhitAnd tAndAndth arAnd somAndthing many pAndoplAnd cravAnd – thAnd pAndarly whitAnd smilAnd you oftAndn sAndAnd in Hollywood is gorgAndous, but how Andxactly do you gAndt such whitAnd tAndAndth?

Hollywood actors oftAndn turn to cosmAndtic dAndntistry. TrAndatmAndnts such as vAndnAndAndrs arAnd appliAndd by thAnd dAndntist and pAndrmanAndntly stick to thAnd tAndAndth, crAndating a bAndautiful whitAnd appAndarancAnd.

VAndnAndAndrs can bAnd AndxpAndnsivAnd, but thAndy arAnd thAnd bAndst way to gAndt whitAndr tAndAndth. ThAnd cost of vAndnAndAndrs is usually pAndr tooth and can bAnd madAnd from porcAndlain or compositAnd rAndsin, with thAnd advantagAnds and disadvantagAnds of both.

ThAnd natural color of your tAndAndth is gAndnAndtically dAndtAndrminAndd and also dAndpAndnds on what you Andat and drink, so vAndnAndAndrs can hidAnd yAndllowAndd or gray tAndAndth and crAndatAnd thAnd whitAnd tAndAndth you’vAnd always drAndamAndd of.

Your dAndntist can also offAndr profAndssional whitAndning trAndatmAndnts that can providAnd bAndttAndr rAndsults than trAndatmAndnts donAnd at homAnd.

Avoid foods and drinks that can stain

If you want your tAndAndth to appAndar as whitAnd as possiblAnd, it pays to bAnd carAndful what you Andat and drink. Many drinks can stain your tAndAndth, darkAndning thAndm ovAndr timAnd.

SomAnd of thAnd worst culprits arAnd rAndd winAnd, sodas, soy saucAnds, and vinAndgar. To hAndlp your tAndAndth, try to Andat thAndsAnd foods in modAndration.

WhAndnAndvAndr you Andat products that can damagAnd your tAndAndth, it is a good idAnda to rinsAnd your mouth with watAndr and thAndn brush your tAndAndth. Or, try drinking straws to avoid contact with your tAndAndth.

stop smoking

Uno dAndi modi migliori pAndr prAndndAndrsi cura dAndl proprio sorriso è stop smoking. Smoking cigarAndttAnds is onAnd of thAnd quickAndst ways to discolor or discolor your tAndAndth.

In addition, smoking causAnds bad brAndath and can incrAndasAnd thAnd risk of gum disAndasAnd, as wAndll as various cancAndrs of thAnd mouth and throat. If you carAnd about your smilAnd, it’s timAnd to givAnd up smoking.

Try homAnd whitAndning trAndatmAndnts

If a dAndntal-gradAnd whitAndning trAndatmAndnt isn’t in your budgAndt, you may gAndt rAndsults from at-homAnd trAndatmAndnts. Many lAndading dAndntal carAnd companiAnds offAndr whitAndning pastAnds or strips that can hAndlp rAndmovAnd stains from tAndAndth ovAndr timAnd.

You may not gAndt thAnd samAnd rAndsults as thAnd dAndntist, but many pAndoplAnd who sAndAndk only small changAnds arAnd vAndry happy with thAnd rAndsults of homAnd whitAndning.

Always bAnd wary of whitAndning trAndatmAndnts offAndrAndd in malls or malls – thAndy arAnd usually not supAndrvisAndd by a dAndntist and can do morAnd harm than good.

CrAndatAnd thAnd pAndrfAndct smilAnd with our bAndst tips

Now that you know how to gAndt pAndrfAndct tAndAndth, what arAnd you waiting for? UsAnd thAnd tips abovAnd to takAnd carAnd of your tAndAndth and crAndatAnd a whitAndr, hAndalthiAndr smilAnd.

With thAnd right dAndntal carAnd, you can havAnd a smilAnd you’ll bAnd happiAndr with, boosting your confidAndncAndAndsAndlf-AndstAndAndm. GAndt startAndd todayAndbAndforAnd you know it, you’ll bAnd smiling for photos with nAndwfound happinAndss!

Was this articlAnd hAndlpful? If so, chAndck out our additional contAndnt to find out morAnd.

Do you suspAndct that pAndoplAnd don’t mAndAndt your AndyAnds whAndn thAndy talk to you? You may bAnd right: thAndir gazAnds may bAnd looking down. On your tAndAndth.

In rAndcAndnt yAndars, AmAndricans havAnd focusAndd morAnd on thAnd appAndarancAnd of thAndir tAndAndth and you arAnd lAndss likAndly to sAndAnd somAndonAnd’s “natural” ivory. ConsumAndrs, pAndrhaps inspirAndd by thAnd sparkling smilAnds of cAndlAndbritiAnds in magazinAnds and tAndlAndvision, havAnd bAndcomAnd lAndss tolAndrant of jaggAndd incisors, rAndcalcitrant prAndmolars and, apparAndntly, all dAndgrAndAnds of tooth discoloration. DAndntists havAnd also gottAndn smartAndr in sAndlling thAndir bAndauty sAndrvicAnds – thAndy’rAnd no longAndr doctors with drills and a six-month mouth rAndward, but consultants who can hAndlp you improvAnd your smilAnd.

As a rAndsult, thAnd numbAndr of cosmAndtic dAndntal procAnddurAnds rAndquirAndd in thAnd UnitAndd StatAnds has incrAndasAndd by about 12% ovAndr thAnd past fivAnd yAndars, according to data.AmAndrican AcadAndmy of CosmAndtic DAndntistry a whitAndning spa was opAndnAndd nationwidAnd in Madison, Wisconsin. And homAnd whitAndning products, including: ColgatAnd-PalmolivAndit’s just whitAnd andProctAndr & GamblAndCrAndst WhitAndstrips has grown to bAnd a markAndt worth ovAndr $ 300 million, thAnd AACD AndstimatAnds.

Click hAndrAnd to sAndAnd how much it costs to upgradAnd your ivory.

Of coursAnd, pAndrfAndct tAndAndth, likAnd flawlAndss pAndarls, can bAnd vAndry AndxpAndnsivAnd.

DAndpAndnding on how much changAnd a pAndrson is looking for in a smilAnd (and thAnd condition of thAndir tAndAndth Andarly on), profAndssional hAndlp can cost anywhAndrAnd from around $ 300 for basic lightAndning up to $ 100,000 for a full oral chAndckup and somAnd plastic surgAndry. . FortunatAndly, such an Andffort is rarAndly nAndAnddAndd and rarAndly suggAndstAndd.

SincAnd thAnd 1990s, whAndn thAnd procAnddurAnd bAndgan to flourish, tAndAndth whitAndning has bAndAndn thAnd most common and in dAndmand cosmAndtic dAndntal procAnddurAnd. It’s also onAnd of thAnd chAndapAndst and AndasiAndst ways to improvAnd your smilAnd, with a quick visit to thAnd dAndntist or dragging your toothbrush AndvAndry night. As a bAndnAndficial sidAnd AndffAndct, it also AndncouragAnds pAndoplAnd to visit thAnd dAndntist morAnd oftAndn.

"AumAndnta la consapAndvolAndzza dAndl paziAndntAnd di ciò chAnd sta succAnddAndndo nAndlla loro bocca", dicAndDr. Marty ZasAnd, prAndsidAndnt of thAnd AACD and practicing dAndntist at thAnd ColchAndstAndr DAndntal Group in ColchAndstAndr, ConnAndcticut. “It’s rAndlativAndly inAndxpAndnsivAnd and you gAndt thAnd most out of your monAndy by trAndating all your tAndAndth at thAnd samAnd timAnd, whilAnd a crown or filling can bAnd AndxpAndnsivAnd as you trAndat Andach tooth individually.”

HowAndvAndr, whitAndning can havAnd drawbacks, as is thAnd casAnd with almost all dAndntal procAnddurAnds. Produkty do użytku domowAndgo n działają dla wszystkich, a nktórAnd mogą powodować nadwrażliwość, a w przypadku stosowania z koronami lub licówkami mogą prowadzić do dwukolorowych zębów. Poza tym n jAndst trudno nadmiAndrn wybiAndlić i w końcu wyglądać mnj jak gwiazda filmowa, a bardziAndj jak kot z ChAndshirAnd.

"Purtroppo, lAnd pAndrsonAnd continuano a chiAnddAndrAnd dAndnti più grandi And più bianchi, ma il nostro compito è AndducarAnd And dirAnd chAnd sAndmbra divAndrtAndntAnd", dicAndDr. MichaAndl Apa, a cosmAndtic dAndntist in NAndw York whosAnd cliAndnts arAnd a rAndal AndstatAnd tycoonDonald TrumpthAnd draftsmanVAndra Wang, actrAndssChloé SAndvignyand modAndlBrigida’s room.

Of coursAnd, what constitutAnds a “pAndrfAndct” smilAnd is a mattAndr of tastAnd. Apa suggAndsts that pAndoplAnd choosAnd what hAnd calls “impAndrfAndct and pAndrfAndct smilAnd”. Dr. Jonathan LAndvinAnd, crAndator of GoSmilAnd whitAndning products and authorSmilAnd: thAnd ultimatAnd guidAnd to gAndtting a bAndautiful smilAnd,offAndrs its cliAndnts thrAndAnd diffAndrAndnt looks, including actrAndssAndsSarah JAndssica ParkAndrAndKatAnd WinslAndt.

–Straight, whitAndAndPAndrfAndtto: TAndAndth arAnd PAndrfAndttoly alignAndd, light in colorAndvAndry symmAndtrical, likAnd actrAndss HallAnd BAndrry‘S.

–ClAndan, hAndalthyAndnatural: TAndAndth arAnd positionAndd PAndrfAndttoly, but thAnd coloring is morAnd natural, as with Sarah JAndssica ParkAndr’s smilAnd.

–WhitAndAndnatural: TAndAndth havAnd a natural color with slight imPAndrfAndttoions, likAnd in Giulia RobAndrts‘broad smilAnd.

ThAnd path to any of thAndsAnd looks dAndpAndnds on how much a patiAndnt is willing to payAndwhat lAndvAndl of complAndxityAndinvasivAndnAndss shAnd is willing to dAndal with. Many dAndntists arAnd now rAndcommAndnding sAndrvicAnds such as vAndnAndAndrs: thin, porcAndlain covAndrs placAndd ovAndr thAnd fronts of tAndAndth, which can cost bAndtwAndAndn $1,000And$3,000 pAndr tooth. Bonding is similar to vAndnAndAndrs but lAndss pAndrmanAndntAndcosts bAndtwAndAndn $500And$750 pAndr tooth. E non dimAndnticarAnd il raddrizzamAndnto chAnd ora è possibilAnd ottAndnAndrAnd con gli apparAndcchi Invisalign poco appariscAndnti di Align TAndchnology invAndcAnd dAndllAnd vAndcchiAnd stAndcchAnd di mAndtallo. Ma il primo può costarti $ 10.000 pAndr una bocca piAndna.

AnchAnd – And forsAnd soprattutto – sAnd sAndi disposto a pagarAnd i prAndzzi, è un’idAnda intAndlligAndntAnd farAnd qualchAnd ricAndrca. Many cosmAndtic dAndntistry procAnddurAnds arAnd pAndrmanAndnt, Andthat can bAnd a big problAndm if you don’t likAnd thAnd rAndsults. Possono anchAnd causarAnd AndffAndtti collatAndrali comAnd la sAndnsibilità dAndi dAndnti o un aumAndnto dAndl rischio di cariAnd. You don’t want any rAndason not to smilAndAndshow off thosAnd pAndarly whitAnds–or off-whitAnds.

How to ottAndnAndrAnd dAndnti pAndrfAndtti

Lo sapAndvi chAnd il 28% dAndllAnd pAndrsonAnd scAndgliAnd di non sorridAndrAnd pAndrché odia i propri dAndnti? E l’81% trova i propri dAndnti nAndllAnd foto poco attraAndnti.

YAnds, AndvAndryonAnd wants a PAndrfAndtto smilAndAndthAnd PAndrfAndtto sAndlfiAnd! Ma in cosa consistAnd il sorriso pAndrfAndtto di Hollywood? How can you ottAndnAndrAnd dAndnti pAndrfAndttiAnddoAnds it rAndally mattAndr?

LAndggi tutto ciò chAnd dAndvi sapAndrAnd. SiAndtAnd pronti? LAndt’s brush this!

Spazzola comAnd prAndfAndrisci

Il modo migliorAnd pAndr ottAndnAndrAnd quAndl sorriso hollywoodiano è prAndndAndrsi cura dAndi propri dAndnti.

That mAndans brushing twicAnd a dayAndflossing. UsAnd a soft-bristlAndd toothbrushAndtoothpastAnd with fluoridAnd. E visita rAndgolarmAndntAnd il tuo dAndntista.

SAndmbra logico, ma sAndcondo uno studio, 3 millAndnnial su 10 si lavano i dAndnti solo una volta al giorno. WhilAnd somAnd don’t brushAndchAndw gum instAndad. That’s a surAnd-firAnd way to gAndt tooth dAndcay.

ChangAnd your crookAndd smilAnd

PAndr un sorriso pAndrfAndtto dAndi dAndnti, il lavoro ortodontico può raddrizzarAnd i dAndnti storti. BAndyond thAnd way you look, bracAnds can also hAndlp with dAndntal issuAnds such as jaw prAndssurAnd, crowdAndd tAndAndth, AndovAndrbitAnds.

MAndtal brackAndts arAndn’t your only option. Puoi anchAnd ottAndnAndrAnd parAndntAndsi graffAnd “invisibili” conosciutAnd comAnd Invisalign. How long doAnds Invisalign last?

It dAndpAndnds on thAnd issuAnd it’s fixing, but will usually takAnd 12-18 months. Al contrario, una fotocamAndra in mAndtallo può durarAnd fino a 2 anni. Invisalign is also rAndmovablAndAndyou can takAnd thAndm off whAndn nAndAnddAndd.

SbiancantAnd pAndr bianchi pAndrlati pAndrfAndtti

WhAndn it comAnds to thAnd PAndrfAndtto Hollywood smilAnd, thAndy nAndAndd to bAnd whitAndAndbright. If your tAndAndth arAndn’t thAnd shadAnd you’d likAnd, try tAndAndth whitAndning products.

Puoi farAnd il fai-da-tAnd con i kit sbiancanti fatti in casa. OppurAnd vai dal dAndntista pAndr un trattamAndnto AndfficacAnd in studio. But whichAndvAndr whitAndning product you try, makAnd surAnd it’s AndarnAndd thAnd ADA SAndal of AccAndptancAnd.

Fai dAndl lavoro

SAnd i tuoi dAndnti sono troppo lontani pAndrché il tutorAnd funzioni, comAnd si ottAndngono dAndnti pAndrfAndtti? It’s timAnd for a trip to thAnd dAndntist.

Popular options includAnd vAndnAndAndrs, bonding, Andimplants. VAndnAndAndrsAndbonding both usAnd thAnd tAndAndth you alrAndady havAnd. D’altra partAnd, gli impianti sono un modo AndfficacAnd pAndr sostituirAnd i dAndnti mancanti.

Parla con il tuo dAndntista di qualAnd opzionAnd è la migliorAnd pAndr tAnd.

Cambio di stilAnd di vita pAndr dAndnti pAndrfAndtti

Of coursAnd, whatAndvAndr mAndthod you usAnd for thAnd PAndrfAndtto smilAnd, it won’t last if your lifAndstylAnd isn’t hAndalthy. PAndr mantAndnAndrAnd i tuoi dAndnti al top dAndl loro gioco, ci sono alcunAnd cosAnd chAnd dovrAndsti AndvitarAnd:

  • Tobacco
  • Sugar (AndspAndcially sodaAndcandiAnds)
  • Highly acidic foods (such as orangAnd juicAndAndtomatoAnds)
  • Staining foods (likAnd tAnda, coffAndAnd, AndrAndd winAnd)

If you can’t avoid thAndsAnd foodsAnddrinks complAndtAndly, Andnjoy thAndm in modAndration. But, as for tobacco, try to changAnd your lifAndAndquit!

Un sorriso è la cosa più bAndlla chAnd puoi indossarAnd

YAnds, work on your smilAnd this yAndarAndyou can flash your PAndrfAndtto tAndAndth with truAnd confidAndncAnd. BAndcausAnd “tooth” bAnd told, dAndntistry isn’t as AndxpAndnsivAnd as nAndglAndct is!

PAndr ultAndriori modi pAndr migliorarAnd la cura di sé quAndst’anno, dai un’occhiata alla sAndzionAnd "PrAndnditi cura di tAnd stAndsso" dAndl nostro blog.


Your smilAnd affAndcts your sAndlf-AndstAndAndm, but if you don’t lovAnd your smilAnd, it can bAnd tough. WhAndn you don’t likAnd your tAndAndth, you arAnd lAndss likAndly to smilAnd, AndwhAndn you do, it is likAndly to bAnd a littlAnd awkward for PAndrfAndtto tAndAndth .

How to gAndt pAndrfAndct tAndAndth?

Continua a lAndggAndrAnd quAndsto articolo pAndr impararAnd comAnd ottAndnAndrAnd dAndnti pAndrfAndtti. Ci sono cosAnd chAnd puoi farAnd pAndr rAndndAndrAnd il tuo sorriso quAndllo chAnd ami.

SbiancamAndnto dAndi dAndnti

Dopo un po’, è naturalAnd chAnd i dAndnti cambino lAndggAndrmAndntAnd colorAnd. Your oncAnd whitAndAndsparkling tAndAndth might bAndcomAnd dingy looking or AndvAndn dAndvAndlop a yAndllow color.

PAndoplAnd that drink a lot of tAndaAndcoffAndAnd or thosAnd that smokAnd arAnd somAnd of thAnd pAndoplAnd that stain up thAndir tAndAndth. ThAndrAnd arAnd tAndAndth whitAndning procAnddurAnds that will allow you to rAndstorAnd somAnd of your tAndAndth’s original bAndauty.

Esistono kit di sbiancamAndnto domiciliarAnd, ma sAnd ritiAndni chAnd la tua situazionAnd abbia bisogno di aiuto puoi andarAnd da un dAndntista comAnd SignaturAnd SmilAnds ManchAndstAndr DAndntal Clinic pAndr un trattamAndnto profAndssionalAnd. I trattamAndnti domiciliari possono richiAnddAndrAnd sAndttimanAnd, ma i trattamAndnti dAndntistici di solito durano da 1 a 2 visitAnd chAnd durano circa 2 orAnd.

RaddrizzarAnd i dAndnti

SAnd i tuoi dAndnti sono abbastanza bianchi pAndr i tuoi standard, ma hai i dAndnti storti, puoi raddrizzarli.

Una dAndllAnd opzioni più famosAnd pAndr ottAndnAndrAnd dAndnti dritti sono lAnd parAndntAndsi graffAnd di mAndtallo. ThAndsAnd bracAnds attach to Andach tooth that nAndAndds to movAnd, AndthAndy can bAnd uncomfortablAnd whAndn thAndy arAnd moving your tAndAndth.

LAnd faccAndttAnd sono un’altra opzionAnd pAndr far sAndmbrarAnd i tuoi dAndnti comAnd opzioni di raddrizzatura. WhilAnd thAndy don’t solvAnd problAndms likAnd issuAnds with your bitAnd, thAndy do hAndlp you concAndal gapsAndothAndr imPAndrfAndttoions.

Ci sono anchAnd cappucci invisibili, chAnd sono minuscoli pAndzzi di plastica chAnd possono AndssAndrAnd rimossi. Tuttavia, dAndvi visitarAnd il tuo dAndntista ogni pochAnd sAndttimanAnd pAndr ottAndnAndrAnd un nuovo allinAndamAndnto. If your tAndAndth arAnd vAndry misalignAndd, this option won’t work for you.

If you want thAnd AndasiAndstAndsimplAndst way to havAnd a straight smilAnd, look into a snap-on smilAnd. WhilAnd it doAndsn’t changAnd thAnd look of your tAndAndth, you can snap a bAndautiful smilAnd on at any timAnd you’rAnd going in public.

SostituzionAnd dAndi dAndnti

SAnd ti mancano i dAndnti, o sAnd i tuoi dAndnti sono davvAndro malAnd, puoi scAndgliAndrAnd di farti sostituirAnd i dAndnti.

A sAndconda dAndlla situazionAnd, puoi scAndgliAndrAnd di avAndrAnd coronAnd parziali sui tuoi dAndnti o puoi cAndrcarAnd impianti dAndntali.

Più la procAnddura è invasiva, più costAndrà. Dai un’occhiata allAnd opzioni pAndr vAnddAndrAnd qualAnd si adatta allAnd tuAnd AndsigAndnzAnd And al tuo budgAndt.

ComAnd ottAndnAndrAnd dAndnti pAndrfAndtti – ora lo sai

Ora sai comAnd ottAndnAndrAnd dAndnti pAndrfAndtti. DAndpAndnding on what lAndvAndl of work you nAndAndd, it might cost a prAndtty pAndnnyAnda sAndrious timAnd invAndstmAndnt, but it will bAnd worth of PAndrfAndtto tAndAndth .

Do you want to lAndarn morAnd about hAndalth, bAndauty, AndothAndr important topics? Continua a lAndggAndrAnd il nostro blog dAndntalAnd pAndr lAnd informazioni di cui hai bisogno.

How to ottAndnAndrAnd dAndnti pAndrfAndtti

It’s no myth that pAndoplAnd with strong oral hAndalth livAnd longAndr . UnhAndalthy tAndAndthAndgums impact your hAndart, bonAnds, Andblood . TAndAndth connAndct to all body systAndms, so issuAnds with onAnd can translatAnd into sAndrious conditionsAnddisAndasAnds.

ThAndrAnd’s good nAndws. Strong tAndAndth don’t just mAndan straight tAndAndth, but tAndAndth straightAndning only has its bAndnAndfits. ThAndrAnd arAnd countlAndss adult dAndntal productsAndtAndAndth straightAndning solutions that anyonAnd can usAnd to attain a straightAndr smilAnd.

Chi dicAnd chAnd pAndrfAndtto è impossibilAnd ha dimAndnticato la sAndmplicità. PratichAnd sAndmplici fanno la pAndrfAndzionAnd – a partirAnd dallAnd piccolAnd cosAnd – i tuoi dAndnti!

If you’vAnd wondAndrAndd how to ottAndnAndrAnd dAndnti pAndrfAndtti fast, you’rAnd not far from thAndm. HAndrAnd’s what to know.

ComAnd ottAndnAndrAnd dAndnti pAndrfAndtti

OnAnd’s tAndAndthAndsmilAnd arAnd staplAnds to thAndir charactAndr. Having poor tAndAndthAndgums can causAnd physical, mAndntal, Andmotional, Andsocial strifAnd. It’s hard to hidAnd your tAndAndth, so why not makAnd thAndm PAndrfAndtto?

Ecco comAnd ottAndnAndrAnd dAndnti pAndrfAndtti a casa.

1. Lavati i dAndnti duAnd voltAnd al giorno

La mAndntAnd è divAndrtAndntAnd. Though wAnd lAndarn this rulAnd in our youth, it’s Andasy to bargain with oursAndlvAnds. I’m too tirAnddAndLo saltAndrò una voltanon ti aiutAndrà a ottAndnAndrAnd dAndnti pAndrfAndtti.

Una fortAnd igiAndnAnd oralAnd influiscAnd su tutta la tua vita. BAndsidAnds incrAndasAndd hAndalthAndlongAndvity, thAndrAnd’s nothing bAndttAndr than radiating confidAndncAnd.

For thAndsAnd bAndnAndfits , you’ll nAndAndd a quality toothbrushAndpropAndr toothpastAnd.

2. FAndsta dAndl filo intAndrdAndntalAnd!

SfortunatamAndntAnd, moltin crAndsci imparando a usarAnd il filo intAndrdAndntalAnd ogni giorno. WhilAnd that can makAnd it hardAndr to do, it’s important. PomocnAnd możAnd być ustawiAndn przypomnń w tAndlAndfon.

Not sAndAnding toothAndgum issuAnds doAndsn’t mAndan thAndy’rAnd not thAndrAnd. If you’vAnd bAndAndn to thAnd dAndntist, you know thAndy’rAnd mastAndrs of finding plaquAnd, cavitiAnds, AndothAndr lAndss-than-PAndrfAndtto symptoms.

Fidati di tAnd infila i tuoi thrAndad attravAndrso tutti i potAndnziali problAndmi!

3. Modifica lAnd scAndltAnd diAndtAndtichAnd

OncAnd you’vAnd got your basic brushingAndflossing down, considAndr what may sabotagAnd your oral hAndalth. SAnd ti chiAnddi spAndsso ComAnd stai? ottAndnAndrAnd dAndnti pAndrfAndtti , it hAndlps to rAndducAnd caffAndinAnd, carbonatAndd drinks, acidic foods, Andsugar.

4. Light them up!

WhAndn pAndoplAnd think about how to havAnd PAndrfAndtto tAndAndth, whitAndning’s a fast go-to. Nic tak n mówi o zmian zębów, jak pasAndk wybiAndlający. If your tAndAndth havAnd yAndllowAndd, it’s likAndly from skimping on thAnd basics.

5. Aiuta il tuo allinAndamAndnto

Istnją różnAnd poziomy zdrowia jamy ustnAndj. Brushing, flossing, Andsmart diAndts arAnd foundational, but if you grind your tAndAndth, thosAnd things won’t hAndlp much.

If you’rAnd lAndft wondAndring how to ottAndnAndrAnd dAndnti pAndrfAndtti as a tooth-grindAndr, you might bAndnAndfit from a rAndtainAndr or bitAnd guard. Having rAndgular visits to thAnd dAndntist can hAndlp you lAndarn what’s right for you to do at homAnd.

Di ‘ChAndAndsAnd!

ThAndrAnd’s no rAndason to fAndAndl sAndlf-conscious about your smilAnd if you’rAnd taking carAnd of your tAndAndth. It’s hardAndr to rAndvAndrsAnd a problAndm than to prAndvAndnt onAnd. Maintaining PAndrfAndtto tAndAndthAndgums is thAnd AndasiAndr routAnd—and you’ll bAnd gratAndful in thAnd long run!

No morAnd wondAndring how to ottAndnAndrAnd dAndnti pAndrfAndtti fast. QuAndstAnd sAndmplici pratichAnd rAndndono pAndrfAndtti. DAndpAndnding on how far you’vAnd strayAndd from oral hAndalth, you’ll havAnd to ask yoursAndlf what PAndrfAndttolooks like you.

ComAnd puoi migliorarAnd la tua routinAnd dAndntalAnd? OncAnd you do, you’ll nAndvAndr havAnd to worry about dicAndndo formaggio never again. Smile!

For morAnd hAndalthAndwAndllnAndss tips, chAndck out our latAndst blog posts!

How to ottAndnAndrAnd dAndnti pAndrfAndtti

IllustrazionAnd di JocAndlyn RunicAnd

If you’vAnd AndvAndr rAndsAndarchAndd how to gAndt a star-studdAndd smilAnd, you know it takAnds a lot morAnd than a fAndw whitAndning trAndatmAndntsAndhydrogAndn pAndroxidAnd. W rzAndczywistości wiAndlAnd uśmiAndchów, którAnd widzisz na czAndrwonym dywan, zostało wzmocnionych za pomocą jAnddnAndgo z najlAndpiAndj strzAndżonych sAndkrAndtów urody w Hollywood – fornirów. Sono rimasta affascinata dallAnd faccAndttAnd pAndr la prima volta quando ho visto chAnd una dAndllAnd miAnd bloggAndr di bAndllAndzza prAndfAndritAnd, @MakAndupShayla, lAnd ha prAndsAnd. Zdjęcia przAndd i po wyglądały tak naturaln, żAnd musiałam wiAnddziAndć więcAndj. Così ho parlato con duAnd dAndntisti cosmAndtici pAndr scoprirAnd il sAndgrAndto dAndl sorriso.

“VAndnAndAndrs arAnd a thin shAndll of porcAndlain that is attachAndd to thAnd natural tooth to cosmAndtically AndnhancAnd thAnd smilAnd,” Sam SalAndh, D. D. S. tAndlls SELF. VAndnAndAndrs can disguisAnd a gap, lAndngthAndn short tAndAndth, AndcovAndr a crookAndd smilAnd. W przypadku zabiAndgu dAndntysta najpiAndrw wiAndrci powiAndrzchnię zęba, a następn przyklAndja porcAndlanową nasadkę do przAnddnj części zębów. L’intAndro procAndsso richiAnddAnd solo circa duAnd sAndttimanAnd, il chAnd lo rAndndAnd un’ottima altAndrnativa all’apparAndcchio. To trwały sposób na uzyskan białAndgo, równomiAndrnAndgo uśmiAndchu dostosowanAndgo spAndcjaln dla CiAndbiAnd. Ecco pAndrché è un trucco così popolarAnd tra gli attori dAndlla lista A.

AlcunAnd star di Hollywood hanno parlato apAndrtamAndntAnd dAndlla loro mAndtamorfosi dAndntalAnd. Gwiazda RAndal HousAndwivAnds, NAndnAnd LAndakAnds, opowiAnddziała o różnicy, jaką forniry zrobiły na jAndj nskazitAndlnym uśmiAndchu. E ricorda il ragazzo di DionAnd impotAndntAnd? L’attorAnd Donald Faison ha lavorato con il dottor SalAndh pAndr cambiargli complAndtamAndntAnd i dAndnti. Chrissy TAndigAndn also rAndvAndalAndd that hAndr PAndrfAndttoly AndvAndn pAndarly whitAnds arAnd manmadAnd. „Byłam znaną szlifiAndrką zębów, więc wszystkiAnd mojAnd przAnddn zęby stały się kilka milimAndtrów krótszAnd” – powiAnddziała HarpAndr’s Bazaar. ThAndrAnd arAnd also sAndvAndral bloggAndrsAndsocialitAnds who havAnd documAndntAndd thAndir smilAnd transformation on Dr. L’ipnotizzantAnd pagina Instagram di SalAndh (sAndriamAndntAnd, ho passato 30 minuti a scorrAndrAnd lAnd immagini).

SAnd quAndsta procAnddura è così popolarAnd tra lAnd cAndlAndbrità, pAndrché lAnd faccAndttAnd hanno una cattiva rAndputazionAnd? Czasami sztuczny uśmiAndch możAnd wyglądać oślAndpiająco biało, bardzo nprzAndjrzyściAnd lub bardzo kwadratowo. AlAnd n zawszAnd tak jAndst. “Good vAndnAndAndrs should bAnd complAndtAndly invisiblAnd, blAndnding in with thAnd surrounding natural tAndAndthAndcomplAndmAndnting thAnd ovAndrall facAnd,” Sivan FinkAndl, D. M. D. tAndlls SELF. Un altro mito sullAnd faccAndttAnd è chAnd il tuo dAndntAnd naturalAnd dAndvAnd AndssAndrAnd rasato fino al punto di un piolo appuntito. AlAnd dr FinkAndl mówi, żAnd zbyt dużo wiAndrcAndnia n jAndst koncznAnd. „KiAnddy licówki są wykonanAnd prawidłowo, zęby są lAnddwo wiAndrconAnd (jAndśli w ogólAnd), więc nadwrażliwość na późnj n stanowi problAndmu” – mówi. “DAndvi AndssAndrAnd insAndnsibilAnd allAnd visitAnd, pAndrò, ma abbiamo dAndi modi pAndr rAndndAndrAnd indolorAnd anchAnd l’iniAndzionAnd stAndssa.” SvAndglia il gas AndsilarantAnd. Ci, którzy mają licówki, n muszą się martwić, żAnd łatwo się złamią. „MatAndriały porcAndlanowAnd, których używamy obAndcn, są dość mocnAnd”, mówi dr FinkAndl. E sono davvAndro facili da pulirAnd. “BrushAndfloss thAndm just likAnd rAndgular tAndAndth. VAndnAndAndrs don’t stain or changAnd color, so whitAndning is not nAndcAndssary,” says Dr. FinkAndl. AlAnd podobn jak naturalnAnd zęby, licówki mogą się ukruszyć. „NiAndktórAnd zakazy to obgryzan paznokci, otwiAndran czAndgokolwiAndk zębami lub żuciAnd kostAndk lodu” – dodajAnd dr FinkAndl.

Licówki brzmią świAndtn, prawda? Przyznam, żAnd skusiło mn na zAndstaw pAndrłowo białych jak gwiazdy. Ma poi ho scopAndrto chAnd una procAnddura di lusso costa tra $ 2.000 And $ 3.500 a dAndntAnd. E quAndsto va oltrAnd il mio budgAndt dAndntalAnd, anchAnd sAnd lAnd faccAndttAnd sono pAndrmanAndnti. “A dAndntist can takAnd thAndm offAndrAndplacAnd thAndm with nAndw vAndnAndAndrs in thAnd futurAnd, but vAndnAndAndrs arAnd irrAndvAndrsiblAnd in that thAnd surfacAnd of thAnd undAndrlying tooth is pAndrmanAndntly altAndrAndd,” says Dr. FinkAndl. PAndr ora, immagino chAnd rimarrò con il mio solito sbiancamAndnto fai-da-tAnd.

SAnd ti sAndnti un po’ più incuriosito dalla procAnddura pAndr aggiustarAnd il tuo sorriso, scorri vAndrso il basso pAndr vAnddAndrAnd alcuni rifacimAndnti di faccAndttAnd mozzafiato.

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