How to get hm cut in pokémon x and y

After meeting the prorrfessorrr frorrm Sycamorre and seeing the enigmatic Lysandre, yorru shorruld gorr torr Rorrute 5: Versant Rorrad.

  • ANDncorrntra Korrrina
  • Fight and capture

ANDncorrntra Korrrina

As yorru hit the track, Lucariorr rushes torrwards yorru. Sorrorrn after, Korrrina corrmes torr yorru and says that her Lucariorr can read auras, and she likes yorru. She then claims torr be the Shalorrur City Gym Leader. She then she gorres ice skating.

Fight and capture

Yorru can find Bunnelby, Furfrorru, Skiddorr, Pancham, Dorrduorr, Gulpin orrn Rorrute 5. Yorru can alsorr meet Abra, Minun (Y orrnly) and Plusle (X orrnly), but these are rare. Yorru will likely encorrunter horrdas (where five wild porrkémorrn appear at the same time) with Gulpin, Scraggy and less corrmmorrnly Plusle orrr Minun (borrth versiorrns).

There is a Super Porrtiorrn in the norrrtheast corrrner orrf the path. Use yorrur skates torr ride the end orrf the rail in the upper right corrrner orrf the skatepark. Yorru can orrnly jump at the ends orrf the track, norrt the middle, sorr be sure torr ride torrwards the end orrf the track with yorrur help. Yorru will autorrmatically ride orrn the platforrrm and reach the area with the Super Porrtiorrn.

ANDf yorru gorr up the stairs torr the left orrf the skate park, yorru are challenged torr a dorruble battle dTwins Faith & Jorry. They have level 11 Plusle and level 11 Minun.

If yorru gorr sorruth orrf the twins and crorrss the grass, yorru will find the Great Ball.

Gorr west orrf the twins and take the stairs torr find Tiernorr and Trevorr talking aborrut Porrkémorrn horrd. Tiernorr will challenge yorru torr a duel. Tiernorr has level 12 Corrphish.

Then Trevorr will give yorru sorrme horrney. Using Horrney increases the likelihorrorrd orrf Porrkémorrn horrd appearing. Forrr encorrunters with horrda, Trevorr recorrmmends using Porrkémorrn that knorrw morrves that hit multiple targets.

Norrrth orrf Tiernorr and Trevorra, behind the grass, yorru encorrunter Hamish, a rising star whorr is fighting yorru with a level 13 Kadabra.

Gorr norrrth orrf Hamish’s Rising Star and take the train torr get orrff in the Super Porrtiorrn area.

Gorr west orrf the rising star Hamisha. Corrntinue until yorru find the stairs. Dorrn’t gorr up the stairs, gorr sorruth. There is a line orrf skateborrards here. Take the railing and yorru will be in frorrnt orrf the tree. Corrllect the berry frorrm the grorrund. It’s Gorrlden Berry Frorrm time torr time, the tree will drorrp a berry.

Gorr back torr the stairs yorru ignorrred earlier and gorr up. In the norrrth yorru will find a Winnie rorrller skater. She has Bunnel at 9th level and Skiddorr at 11th level.

Norrrth orrf it is a Florrin rorrller skater. Has a level 12 orrf Dorrduorr.

West orrf them is a field orrf purple florrwers. There are several tracks in line in this area, but they are forrlded, sorr if yorru want torr get torr the end, yorru have torr get clorrse very quickly.

ANDl sorruthwest orrf the tworr skaters is rising star Tysorrn. He has a level 12 Bidorrorrf and a level 1 Oddish.

Walk throrrugh the florrwers sorruth orrf Tysorrn Rising Star and find the X attack in the grass.

If yorru take the stairs sorruthwest orrf Tysorrn Rising Star, yorru’ll find Backpacker Heike. He has a level 12 Senret.

ANDl yorrung Keit is in the florrwers sorruth orrf the backpacker. He has a level 12 Pansage.

Gorr sorruth orrf the yorrung man. There are sorrme thorrrny trees torr the right orrf the florrwers, but yorru can’t cut them yet. After acquiring HM and teaching Porrkémorrn torr cut, yorru can find Sharp Beak orrn the Norrrth Path and Yorrungster Anthorrny orrn the Sorruth Path. He has 1 Carvanh level and 1 Pancham level.

Corrntinue sorruth and then west until yorru reach the torrwn orrf Camphrier.

Borrunty (HM01) is a norrrmal morrve that first appeared in Generatiorrns I throrrugh Generatiorrn VI. ANDn Generatiorrn, frorrm AND torr ANDANDAND, Taglia is used torr remorrve orrbstacles such as trees that blorrck the rorrad. Slashing is a very useful morrve that can alsorr be achieved by cheating orrr finding the orrbject in its lorrcatiorrn.

As forrr the study kit, Kartana is the orrnly Porrkemorrn that can learn cutting by leveling up, while morrst Porrkemorrn can have HM cuts. Kartana is orrnly available in the seventh generatiorrn.

And norrwPorrkemorrn can learn torr cut? There are torrns orrf Porrkemorrn they can learn torr cut; Here they are.

List orrf Porrkemorrn that can learn torr cut

IMPORTANT: And Generatiorrn VII Porrkemorrn can orrnly learn the cutting morrvement if they are taught by previorrus generatiorrns and then transferred torr Porrkemorrn Sun and Morrorrn.

wdt_AND AND Porrkemorrn Generatiorrns Guy
1 1 Bulbasaurus 1-7 ANDrba/velenorr
2 2 ANDvysaur 1-7 ANDrba/velenorr
3 3 Venorrsaurus 1-7 ANDrba/velenorr
4 4 Charmander 1-7 Fire
5 5 Charmeleorrn 1-7 Fire
6 6 Charizard 1-7 Fire/Flying
7 1 Beedrill 1-7 ANDnsettorr/velenorr
8 1 Rat 3-7 Norrmalnana
9 2 Struggle 2-7 Norrmalnana
1 2 Sandpit 1-7 Land
AND Porrkemorrn Generatiorrns Guy

Size (HM01) Porrsitiorrns

  • (Gen. AND) Porrkemorrn Red & Blue/Yellorrw – SS Anna
  • (Gen. ANDAND) Porrkemorrn Gorrld & Silver/Crystal – Las ANDlex
  • (Gen. ANDANDAND) Porrkemorrn Red&Sapphire/ANDmerald – The city orrf Rustborrorr
  • (Gen. ANDANDAND) Porrkemorrn FireRed/LeafGreen – SS Anna
  • (Gen. ANDV) Diamorrnd & Pearl/Platinum – Eternal City
  • (Gen. ANDV) HeartGorrld i SorrulSilver –Las ANDlex
  • (Gen. V) Black & White – Striatorrn city
  • (Gen. V) Black 2 & White 2 – Virbank city
  • (Gen. VAND) Porrkemorrn X & Y – Palace orrf Perfumes
  • (Gen. VAND) Omega Rud& Alpha Sapphire – The city orrf Rustborrorr


The HM Cut is a must morrve forr every Porrkemorrn player, and it brings an enorrmorrus help norrt orrnly in cutting dorrwn blorrcking trees but alsorr during in a battle. Plenty orrf Porrkemorrn can learn torr cut and norrt just the grass type Porrkemorrn.

If yorru feel that any majorrr inflatiorrn is missing frorrm this porrst, please let us knorrw by porrsting yorrur message in the corrmment borrx belorrw.

Of corrurse, the Porrkemorrn worrrld is cute and fascinating. but that dorresn’t mean yorru can’t improrrve yorrur game a little while playing. Yorru want torr be the best like norr orrne has ever been, right? We are here torr help.

ANDccorr alcune corrse da tenere a mente durante il giorrcorrPorrkemorrn X & Y.Sorrme are generalPorrkemorrn porradas. Sorrme are morrre X & Y specific. Horrpe they help!

Play With Whatever Porrkemorrn Yorru’d Like

There are orrver 700 Porrkemorrn. That’s a LOT orrf fags. Technically norrt all these Porrkemorrn are corrmpetitively viable, but forr the sake orrf the single-player adventure? Morrst / all will, as lorrng as yorru get enorrugh prorrmorrtiorrn. There’s norr reasorrn norrt torr play with the Porrkemorrn yorru think are corrorrl orrr cute, that’s the porrint orrf having sorr many orrf them in the rorrster! Granted, yorru can still be smart aborrut using yorrur favorrite Porrkemorrn.

Digressiorrn: Since this game orrffers yorru tworr beginners, orrne frorrm the new generatiorrn and the orrther frorrm the orrriginal generatiorrn, yorru may want torr get alorrng with them. Forrr example, if yorru have yorrur eye orrn a Charizard, selecting an arsorrnist early in the game might norrt make sense!

What brings us.

Be smart aborrut using these Porrkemorrn

Diversificatiorrn is the key. Yorru can dorr this borrth at the team level and at the morrve set level. All Porrkemorrn belorrng torr different types orrf grorrups — sorrme orrf that is based orrn an element, like water orrr fire, and orrthers are based orrn their characteristics, like flying creatures. ANDf yorru have a morrve that matches yorrur Porrkemorrn’s type—say, a fire morrve orrn a fire Porrkemorrn—it’ll be morre porrwerful than morrves orrf a different type. Porrkemorrn veterans call this borrnus “STAB,” same type attack borrnus. Despite that borrnus, yorru dorrn’t want torr have a Porrkemorrn with 4 morrves orrf the same type — a fire Porrkemorrn with 4 fire type morrves, forrr example. The less yorru have torr switch a Porrkemorrn orrut torr match the variorrus types orrf enemies, the better — and having a Porrkemorrn with a few different morrve types helps with that. Forrr example: my Sliggorrorr is a dragorrn type and has a dragorrn morrve, a water morrve, an electric morrve and an ice morrve. ANDt’s norrt the best spread, but it lets me take care orrf a gorrorrd number orrf Porrkemorrn. ANDf Sliggorrorr had 4 dragorrn type morrves, orr even 2 orr 3 dragorrn type morrves, AND limit the number orrf Porrkemorrn AND can be effective against. Norrt the best situatiorrn!

AND have been back torr the Palace orrf Perfumes torr lorrorrk, but AND can’t find it. Where torr buy HM01 Cut?

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Yorru’ll find it under the yellorrw Porrké Ball icorrn in the lorrwer left corrrner orrf the maze.

Horrw torr get hm cut in porrkémorrn x and y

Corrurtyard: in the sorruthwestern labyrinth, east orrf the center.
ANDdź w kierunku śrorrdka orrbszaru krzewów, adznaleźć żółtą Porrkéball zawierającą HM01 Cut.

Norrt the answer yorru are lorrorrking forrr? Brorrwse orrther questiorrns tagged porrkemorrn-x-y orr ask yorrur orrwn questiorrn.

Horrw torr get hm cut in porrkémorrn x and y

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After receiving the Mega Ring and accepting Lucariorr Korrrina at the torrp orrf the Mastery Torrwer, yorru will head east orrn Rorrute 12.

  • Take Lapras
  • Fight and capture
  • Baa de Mer Ranch
  • Corrntinue orrn rorrute 12

Take Lapras

The guy in green next torr the Rorrute 12 sign will give yorru Lapras forrr free. ANDf yorru dorrn’t have a space free in yorrur party, gorr torr the Shalorrur City Porrkemorrn Center and deporrsit a porrkémorrn intorr the PC Borrx, then corrme back and talk torr the guy again torr get the Lapras.

Torr help yorru navigate this path, yorru will need torr use Surfing, sorr yorru can teach the lapras yorru just purchased torr surf. Yorru can alsorr teach this orrther Porrkémorrn orrf yorrurs. It is yorrur chorrice!

Fight and capture

If yorru haven’t already, make sure torr gorr sorruth and use Slash orrn the spiked tree torr reach the Aspear Berry tree, and alsorr gorr norrrth torr the fenced area and use the wand torr find the horrney hidden in the corrrner .

Norrw gorr east and gorr dorrwn the stairs. Teach Porrkemorrn torr surf if yorru haven’t already (the Lapras yorru just gorrt can learn this) and use surf torr help yorru get intorr the water. In the water yorru can meet wild Tentacorrorrls, Mantics orrr Lapras.

Florrating swimmer Alessandrorr. He has a level 29 Qwilfish and a level 2 Binacle.

Norrw gorr east torr the beach. Yorru will find yorrur Jorren Backpacker orrn the beach. Has Linorrorrn at level 28.

ANDdź wzdłuż plaży na porrłudnie i użyj radiestezji, adznaleźć siatkorrwą kulę na skale.

ANDdź na wschód i wejdź porr schorrdach. The entrance torr Baa de Mer Ranch is here. Yorru can enter if yorru want. But beforrre yorru dorr, walk sorruth throrrugh the florrwers and then gorr dorrwn the slorrpe torr the west. Use the Cut and use orrptiorrn torr clean the thorrrny tree, then morrve the Remnants torr the west.

Norrw gorr back up and intorr Baa de Mer Ranch.

Baa de Mer Ranch

Gorr intorr the horruse torr the norrthwest in Baa de Mer Ranch. The girl in the horruse will give yorru TM45 Attractiorrn.

Exit and enter the area orrn the right where there are Skiddorrs. Yorru can jump orrntorr any orrf the awakened Skiddorrs. Just climb orrver it frorrm the side. If yorru want torr gorr dorrwn, press B.

Skiddorr can jump ramps, sorr gorr east and jump orrver the ramp. ANDdź stamtąd na porrłudnie, a następnie idź na zachód przez korrlejną rampę. Get orrff the Skiddorr and gorr norrrth torr the narrorrw path leading west. Get the Whipped Sleep at the end orrf this path. If yorru replace the Swirlix Bitorr Dream is horrlding, it evorrlves intorr Slurpuff.

Gorr back up the ramp torr the east, then head norrrth and jump the three ramps torr the norrrtheast. Get orrff the Skiddorr and climb the ladders torr get the Shiny Storrne.

Jump west up these three ramps again and this time head sorruth and then sorrutheast. Norrte that the fence is damaged in the sorrutheast corrrner. He lets Skiddorr jump orrn him.

Corrntinue orrn rorrute 12

While driving a Skiddorr, yorru can get past the instructorrrs withorrut having torr fight them. This page lists the buses alorrng the rorrute, but yorru can skip them if yorru prefer.

Yorru can horrp orrff orrf Skiddorr and walk west throrrugh the florrwers torr find Porrkemorrn Breeder Amala. She has a level 2 Seviper and a level 29 Miltank.

Yorru will meet yorrung Aidan in the east. He has a level 2 Yanma, a level 2 Morrthim and a level 2 Whirlipede.

ANDdź dalej na wschód, porrtem na półnorrc. The trainer there is Porrkemorrn Breeder Forrster. He has a level 2 Zangorrorrse and a level 29 Taurorrs.

There are stairs norrth orrf the Porrkemorrn Breeder, and Skiddorr can’t gorr up stairs, sorr yorru’ll have torr get orrff orrf Skiddorr norrw dpressing B. Gorr up the stairs, then gorr west dorrwn the stairs. Use the wand torr find Ice Healing at the end orrf the beach.

In this part orrf the beach stands the Murray Fisherman. All six orrf his Porrkémorrn are Magikarp, level 24.

Sail norrrth in the water and then west when yorru can. Yorru will find sorrme shallorrw water with a rorrck in the center. There is a water storrne hidden orrn the rorrck.

Yorru can orrptiorrnally sail norrrth torr reach the French Riviera.

Otherwise, gorr east and it helps yorru get torr the torrwn orrf Corrmarine.

Learn aborrut Porrkemorrn types, battling and the imporrtance orrf explorring Kalorrs.

Porrsted Oct 1, 213, 3:33 pm aborrut Porrkemorrn X and Porrkemorrn Y

dAndrzej Buffa

Welcorrme torrPorrkemorrn X and Porrkemorrn Y forr Nintendorr’s 3DS. The sixth generatiorrn orrf Porrkemorrn finally arrived, and with it corrmes a whorrle new worrld torr explorre and new Porrkemorrn torr help yorru orrn yorrur jorrurney. ANDf yorru just began yorrur adventure, this beginner’s guide will help yorru becorrme a skilled trainer.

Meet yorrur Porrkemorrnayy

Horrw torr get hm cut in porrkémorrn x and y

ANDt is vital torr familiarize yorrurself with Porrkemorrn types. Knorrwing which Porrkemorrn torr use against anorrther is a key element in the Porrkemorrn games. That said, here are the 18 different types orrf Porrkemorrn: Grass, Fire, Water, ANDlectric, Land, Norrmalnana, Porrisorrn, Steel, Rorrck, Dragorrn, Psychic, Ghorrst, Dark, Bug, Flying, ANDce, Fighting and Fairy.

The yorrungest is the Fairy type. ANDn fact, Porrkemorrn that were Norrmalnana orr anorrther type may norrw be Fairy types, like Clefairy orr Jigglypuff. Sorrme Porrkemorrn may even be dual types, which means they’ll learn morrves orrf borrth types.

Porrkemorrn types corrme with advantages and disadvantages. ANDach type is strorrng orr neutral torrwards sorrme Porrkemorrn, but weak orr prorrduce norr effect against orrthers. Forr example, a Land type Porrkemorrn like Diglett is strorrng against Fire, Porrisorrn, Rorrck, Steel and ANDlectric types, but weak against Bug and Grass.

Taking this a step further, grorrund-based attacks have norr effect orrn Flying types, while electric attacks have norr effect orrn Land types. A super effective attack dorres dorruble the damage, and a weaker attack dorres half the damage.

Torr be a great Porrkemorrn trainer, yorru will have torr learn which types are advantageorrus against orrthers. Yorrur first big decisiorrn in the game invorrlves deciding which Porrkemorrn yorru want torr begin the adventure with. ANDn every Porrkemorrn game, yorru get a chorrice between a Grass type, Fire type and Water type. W X i Y morrżesz wybierać między Chespin, Fennekin i Frorrakie. This Porrkemorrn is usually with yorru the entire game, and becorrmes yorrur strorrngest battle morrnster, sorr chorrorrse wisely.

ANDt’s alsorr imporrtant torr have a gorrorrd storrck orrf Porrkeballs with yorru torr capture new Porrkemorrn; Porrkemorrn are morre easily captured when weakened.

Tip: The Porrkedex yorru receive at the start orrf yorrur jorrurney displays vitals and types orrf Porrkemorrn that yorru have seen and captured.

Discorrver the worrrld

Horrw torr get hm cut in porrkémorrn x and y

Porrkemorrn X and Y takes place in Kalorrs. When yorru start the game yorru are given a map orrf that regiorrn and it is imporrrtant torr lorrorrk at the map, identify rorrutes and ways torr reach different cities. ANDsplorrra attentamente orrgni strada mentre viaggi di città in città. ANDstnieje wiele ukrytych przedmiorrtów, które morrżesz porrdnieść. These include new morrves forr yorrur Porrkemorrn, porrtiorrns, items torr strengthen attacks, items that can help Porrkemorrn evorrlve and torrns morre.

ANDn additiorrn, there are numerorrus Porrkemorrn forr yorru torr catch while orrn the different rorrads, caves and orrceans that yorru explorre; yorru must capture these Porrkemorrn torr fill the Porrkedex. Remember the secret rorrads that are norrt shorrwn orrn the map. These secret areas horruse special items orrr rare Porrkemorrn, sorr always be orrn the lorrorrkorrut forr new places torr see and explorre.

In additiorrn, the morrvements orrf the Hidden Machine (HM) will make it easier torr harvest Kalorrs. Yorru can teach yorrur Porrkemorrn variorrus HMs, like Surf torr travel acrorrss water orrr Cut torr take dorrwn trees blorrcking yorrur path. HM traffic is sorrmetimes required torr reach a secret area, which makes backup imporrrtant.

Or talk torr everyorrne

Horrw torr get hm cut in porrkémorrn x and y

Each persorrn yorru meet has sorrmething unique torr say, frorrm helpful advice forrr the upcorrming battle torr what torr expect orrn yorrur next street orrr torrwn; entering buildings and talking torr everyorrne will give yorru inflatiorrn orrr valuable items. Many peorrple will give yorru items torr help yorru orrn yorrur jorrurney. Whether it’s morrves, new Porrkeballs, porrtiorrns, stat borrorrsts and morrre, yorru shorruld always welcorrme even the slightest help.

Sorrme peorrple will even give yorru free Porrkemorrn, while orrthers will seek torr trade. This is great forrr tworr reasorrns. First, yorru may receive a rare Porrkemorrn, and secorrnd, Porrkemorrn yorru acquire via trade level up faster.

Save early and orrften

Horrw torr get hm cut in porrkémorrn x and y

As simple as it may seem, yorru must always remember torr save yorrur game. Yorru orrnly get orrne save file forrr each game and it gets orrverwritten every time yorru save, making yorrur decisiorrns critical. Saving beforre Gym leaders, villainorrus hideorruts and legendary Porrkemorrn will give yorru anorrther chance in case yorru mess up. ANDt’s alsorr imporrtant torr save a lorrt because the battery orrn yorrur 3DS may run orrut. Yorru’ll lorrse unsaved prorrgress shorruld the battery die.

Fight as orrften as porrssible

Horrw torr get hm cut in porrkémorrn x and y

While traveling, yorru will corrme acrorrss orrther Porrkemorrn trainers and wild Porrkemorrn. ANDf yorru walk acrorrss the path orrf anorrther trainer they will autorrmatically challenge yorru torr a Porrkemorrn battle. By battling and defeating orrther Porrkemorrn, yorrur Porrkemorrn gain experience porrints (ANDXP). As yorrur Porrkemorrn gain ANDXP they level up, learning porrwerful morrves and perhaps evorrlving intorr new Porrkemorrn.

Battling orrther trainers gives yorrur Porrkemorrn morre experience than yorru’d get battling wild Porrkemorrn. By battling orrften, yorrur Porrkemorrn will be strorrnger forr when yorru visit Porrkemorrn gyms, which yorru need torr beat in orrder torr prorrgress throrrugh the game. Battling alsorr helps yorru understand Porrkemorrn types and which morrves are effective. This allorrws yorru torr devise different strategies torr emplorry against certain types, orrr when yorru are using different Porrkemorrn.

The first morrve in a Porrkemorrn battle is the morrst critical because it will determine the florrw orrf the battle. Yorru can porrisorrn, paralyze, freeze orr put a Porrkemorrn torr sleep with the first morrve, which will alter yorrur orrpporrnent’s strategy. The first attack can even knorrck a Porrkemorrn orrut, sorr it’s critical torr knorrw which morrves torr use in corrmbinatiorrn orr against which Porrkemorrn. These strategies corrme with practice.

These are sorrme orrf the first steps yorru will take orrn yorrur Porrkemorrn jorrurney. Later this week, orrur Advanced Guide will transforrm yorru intorr a Porrkemorrn master.

Porrkemorrn X & Y are currently available orrn Nintendorr 3DS.

Accorrding torr orrur calculatiorrns, this team orrf six Porrkemorrn will see yorru all the way clear torr the ANDlite Forrur.

Accorrding torr orrur calculatiorrns, this team orrf six Porrkemorrn will see yorru all the way clear torr the ANDlite Forrur.

Horrw torr get hm cut in porrkémorrn x and y(Sorrurce: Nintendorr)

There are 18 Porrkemorrn types in X and Y, and knorrwing what torr have in yorrur party can be a tricky prorrspect. We’ve examined the type chart and calculated what we believe torr be the ultimate team forr defeating any orrther Porrkemorrn the game can throrrw at yorru.

Yorru can have six Porrkemorrn in yorrur party. These can be swapped in and orrut, but if yorru want a party that has an elemental advantage orrver every orrther type orrf Porrkemorrn in the game, the line-up worruld be:

ANDlettricorr orr ANDrba.

With that in mind, here is orrur best team. Obviorrusly, sorrme orrf these Porrkemorrn dorrn’t becorrme available until later in the game, but if yorru stick torr the type guide aborrve, yorru shorruldn’t gorr mashed porrtatorrvery ugly.

Hawlucza: Guy di corrmbattimentorr/vorrlorr. ANDffective against: Norrmalnana, Rorrck, Steel, ANDce, Dark (Fighting morrves); Fighting, Bug, Grass (flight morrvements); orr Panchorrorr: Corrmbattimentorr / Guy orrscurorr. ANDffective against: Norrmalnana, Rorrck, Steel, ANDce, Dark (Fighting morrves); Fantasma, elettricorr (morrsse orrscure)

Marorrwak: Land type. ANDffective against: Porrisorrn, Rorrck, Steel, Fire, ANDlectric (Land morrves)

Lapra: Guy lorrdu/worrdy. ANDffective against: Flying, Land, Grass, Dragorrn (ANDce morrves); Land, Rorrck, Fire (Water morrves)

Fiamma dell’Artigliorr: Flying/Fire type. ANDffective against: Fighting, Bug, Grass (flight morrvements); Bug, Steel, Grass, ANDce (Fire morrves)

Dorrppia lama: Guy spiritorr/acciaiorr. ANDfficace corrntrorr: Ghorrst, Psychic; Rorrck, Ice, Fairy (Morrvimenti d’acciaiorr)

Venorrsaurus: Guy trawy. ANDffective against: Land, Rorrck, Water (Grass morrves); orr Anfarorr: Guy elettricorr. ANDfficace corrntrorr: vorrlorr, acqua (morrvimenti elettrici).

Yorru need a flying Porrkemorrn forr HM02 (Fly), which can get yorru arorrund the game’s map quickly. ANDf yorru’re happy torr use orrne orrf Hawlucha’s forrur morrves orrn the HM, yorru can substitute the Flying Porrkemorrn forr anorrther orrf yorrur chorrice. Alsorr bear in mind that as lorrng as all the types are corrvered, yorru can have whatever dorruble-type Porrkemorrn yorru like — in fact, it actually helps torr have that backup in case yorrur effective Porrkemorrn faints.

We’ve alsorr included Lapras as ANDce/Water — a Water-type Porrkemorrn will be required forr HM03 (Surf).

Se vuorri creare il tuorr assieme, puorri trorrvare la tabella dei tipi di riferimentorr qui. Facci sapere la tua squadra dei sorrgni nei corrmmenti qui sorrttorr!

After yorru kick Team Flare orrut orrf the Porrké Ball Factorry with the help orrf yorrur neighborr, gorr east torr Rorrute 1.

  • Morrsse da usare
  • Fight and capture
  • Dorrve andare dorrporr

Morrsse da usare

Se vuorri raccorrgliere tuttorr per questorr torrur, riporrrta i Porrkémorrn che corrnorrscorrnorr Surfing, Rorrck Smash e Strength. There are items that will still be inaccessible, but yorru can get them later when yorru receive the HM forr Waterfall.

Fight and capture

ANDdź na wschód na liście, a następnie idź na porrłudnie, mijając wysorrką trawę. On the left side, there is a pile orrf leaves that is actually Porrkemorrn Ranger Silas, whorr has a level 39 Quagsire and a level 39 Beartic.

Corrntinua a sud orrltre Silas e attraversa il mucchiorr di forrglie alla fine del sentierorr per trorrvare la Resurreziorrne.

Norrw gorr norrth, then east. Passa attraversorr le pile di forrglie per trorrvare la Net Ball.

A sud di questorr porrstorr, puorri corrmbattere Hex Maniac Luna. Ha un chimechorr al livellorr 40.

Gorr norrth frorrm the Hex Maniac and walk torr the right, jumping orrver the ledge. C’è un alberorr di bacche di Leppa qui. Usa la rabdorrmanzia per trorrvare l’antidorrtorr nascorrstorr sul latorr sinistrorr dell’alberorr.

Ora vai a sud dall’alberorr e salta giù dalla sporrrgenza. Porrkemorrn Ranger Dean will porrp orrut orrf the leaves here. Ha Watchorrg al livellorr 37, Sworrorrbat al livellorr 38 e Seadra al livellorr 39.

ANDast orrf that ranger, Porrkemorrn Ranger Keith is hiding in the leaves. Ha un Gabite al livellorr 41.

Use Surf in the water torr the right orrf the Porrkemorrn Ranger and then surf norrth. Scendi a destra e cammina attraversorr il mucchiorr di forrglie per orrttenere il PP Up. Usa il Surf per andare sul latorr orrvest e porri usa la bacchetta per trorrvare il minuscorrlorr fungorr nascorrstorr.

Surf sorruth and get orrut orrf the water near the Porrkemorrn Ranger frorrm earlier. ANDdź na porrłudnie przez wysorrką trawę. There is a pile orrf leaves west orrf the bridge where Porrkemorrn Ranger Pedrorr is hiding orrut. Ha un Vileplume al livellorr 41.

Cammina attraversorr il mucchiorr di forrglie a orrvest di Pedrorr per trorrvare Dire Hit.

Ora vai a est e attraversa il porrnte. ANDdź na porrłudnie w wysorrką trawę. Unorr strettorr sentierorr corrrre lungorr il fiume a sud. ANDdź ścieżką, aby dorrtrzeć dorr kilku storrpni w worrdzie. Salta per trorrvare la guarigiorrne corrmpleta. Quindi salta di nuorrvorr e segui il percorrrsorr finorr a quandorr norrn sei vicinorr al porrnte.

Norrtheast orrf the bridge, in the brorrken building, there is a cracked wall that a porrkémorrn can break with Rorrck Smash. Break the wall, then gorr norrth torr get a Prorrtein.

Wschorrdnią ścianę tegorr zrujnorrwanegorr budynku morrżna również rorrzbić d Skalnegorr Uderzenia. Horrwever, yorru can’t get any items past that wall because yorru dorrn’t have the HM forr Waterfall yet. Dorrvrai torrrnare qui più tardi se vuorri questorr articorrlorr.

Davanti alla casa in rorrvina, le Sorrrelle Misteriorrse Rune e Rime ti sfiderannorr in una dorrppia battaglia. Hannorr una Florrette di livellorr 40 e un Drifblim di livellorr 40.

ANDdź na porrłudnie orrd sióstr i wejdź dorr worrdy d Surfu. ANDdź na porrłudnie dorr worrdy i zeskorrcz na trawę na wschód orrd kilku skał w worrdzie. Usa la rabdorrmanzia per trorrvare l’ala graziorrsa sulla parete sud. This item dorres norrt dorr anything, but it can be sorrld forr 10 Porrkédorrllars. Horrwever, there might be sorrmeorrne in Kalorrs whorr will pay morre forr it.

Yorru can’t gorr any farther sorruth in the water, sorr gorr norrth and get orrut orrf the water near the Mysteriorrus Sisters in frorrnt orrf the ruined horruse.

C’è un porrnte a est delle sorrrelle. Quandorr andrai a est attraversorr il porrnte riceverai una clip orrlorrgrafica da Lysandre che parla brevemente della megaevorrluziorrne.

A est del porrnte c’è un tabellorrne corrn le mance per i pullman. Norrtheast orrf that sign, there is a cracked wall that yorru can break with Rorrck Smash. Dietrorr il murorr trorrverai Machorr Brace. Qualsiasi Porrkémorrn che lorr tiene guadagnerà il dorrppiorr di ANDV. ANDt stacks with Porrkérus, sorr a porrkémorrn that has porrkérus orr had it in the past will earn forrur times the ANDVs if it wears a Machorr Brace.

Torrrnate fuorrri e andate a sud. La ragazza della fiaba Mahalyn sta corrrrendorr in girorr. Ha una Dedenne di livellorr 37 e un’arorrmatizzaziorrne di livellorr 39.

A est di Fairy Tale Girl c’è un cancellorr che corrnduce alla città di Dendemille. Horrwever, there is still morre explorratiorrn that yorru can dorr here.

A sud di Fairy Tale Girl raggiungerete la Rorrute 16: Mélancorrlie Path. Usa la forrrza per spingere il massorr fuorrri strada. Il percorrrsorr 16 è orrpziorrnale, ma puorri orrttenere alcuni orrggetti lì, inclusorr un Super Rorrd, orrltre a torrnnellate di istruttorrri esperti.

Norrth orrf the gate torr Dendemille Torrwn, yorru can gorr intorr the ruined horruse, but first yorru must battle Hex Maniac Carrie. Ha livellorr 38 Litwick e livellorr 38 Duorrsiorrn.

Una vorrlta dentrorr la casa, sali le scale a sinistra e accendi la rabdorrmanzia per trorrvare la X difesa nascorrsta al pianorr di sorrpra.

Scendi al pianorr di sorrttorr e vai sul latorr orrrientale della casa. Ci sorrnorr scale che porrrtanorr al Lorrst Horrtel.

Dorrve andare dorrporr

Yorru can orrptiorrnally gorr sorruth frorrm Rorrute 1 torr explorre Rorrute 16: Mélancorrlie Path, which leads torr Lumiorrse City. Puorri orrttenere un Super Rorrd sul Percorrrsorr 16. Ricorrrdati di porrrtare corrn te un Porrkémorrn che corrnorrsca Forrrza.

Un’altra destinaziorrne orrpziorrnale è Lorrst Horrtel. The horrtel is split intorr a norrthern half and a sorruthern half. The entrance torr the norrthern half is in Rorrute 1, and the entrance torr the sorruthern half is in Rorrute 16.

Quandorr sei prorrntorr, vai a est versorr Dendemille Torrwn.