How to get a boyfriend

How to get a boyfriend

Some people are lucky enough to find love extremely early. However, there is also the second group of people who are looking for a partner for many years without success. In this case, you should be patient because the only one will certainly appear in your life sooner or later. Each of us has that one person we will spend the rest of our lives with. However, if this issue is bothering you and you are still wondering when you will meet your boyfriend, then we have prepared a great quiz for you. Finally, you will find out when you meet the one with complete accuracy. ‘When will I get a boyfriend quiz’ is the only and the best way to find out the answer.

When Will I Get A Boyfriend?

Understandably, you can’t wait to meet the love of your life, especially when there are so many couples in love around you. However, you have to remember that life is not a movie, and not everything is as colorful as it seems. Finding that perfect match takes time and dedication. Nothing in life comes easy, and only with work and commitment will we be able to achieve the dream of success, which in our case is the perfect boyfriend.

On the other hand, think about whether someone in your environment might be the perfect candidate for your boyfriend, and you just don’t notice his signals? Contrary to appearances, such a situation occurs quite often. We have been looking for this one for many years when he is really with us all the time.

Now read a few tips that will surely help you increase your chances of getting your dream boyfriend. Finally, solve the ‘when will I get a boyfriend quiz’ and all doubts will be cleared.

How do I find a boyfriend?

Sure, being in a relationship is so much more fun than spending the evenings alone and not having someone to cuddle with. We understand that perfectly well. We mentioned earlier that you have to be patient, and this is, of course, true, but don’t think that love will come and knock on your door. It is not worth sitting and waiting for your dream prince from a fairy tale. Take matters into your own hands, and you will certainly be successful in this matter.

We will present you with a few suggestions that will surely help you find a boyfriend faster than you think.

Search around you

It may sound cliche, but most likely, you’ve met or at least you’ve seen your dream boyfriend. There were often such situations when a girl said that the love of her life was under her nose; she just did not notice him. Pay attention to the men who will appear around you and remember them carefully. Perhaps one of them is the perfect candidate for a partner.

Social networks and dating sites

If you don’t already have accounts on the biggest social networks and dating sites, it’s time to create them. There are many people just like you who are looking for love and understanding, and the above sites make it so much easier to find them.

Singles events

The so-called Singles Events are more and more popular. One person had a really cool idea that fragrant people could get to know each other better this way. Everyone meets in a club or restaurant and can talk and get to know each other freely. Such meetings have a great chance of success because each participant of such events knows exactly what he wants.

Don’t reject anyone from the very beginning

It is certainly not that no candidate for your boyfriend has appeared in your life. You just often turn down the advances of the opposite sex because you are simply not interested. However, try to pause for a while and give your admirer a chance. Too often, we act too rashly without giving a man who wants a closer relationship a chance. Then, we ask questions such as why am I single? or will I ever find love?

When Will I Get A Boyfriend Quiz

Each of us will sooner or later fall into the trap of love and get to know this one and only one. However, if you would like to know the exact date of such a meeting when Cupid’s arrow will catch you, you’ve come to the right place. When Will I Get a Boyfriend quiz is a specially prepared quiz for every single girl who struggles with this question. All you have to do is answer a few simple questions, and you’ll find out when you meet your dream boyfriend. Ready?

Madonna, 62, rang in her boyfriend's 27th birthday with a celebratory smoke and sweet PDA.

On Saturday, the pop icon shared a photo slideshow featuring the couple of two years kissing. "Happy Birthday My Love," she captioned the Instagram photos. "Thank you for opening my eyes. How can I explain how I feel? Let's get Unconscious" referring to a lyric in her 1994 hit "Bedtime Story."

Madonna and dancer Ahlamalik Williams began dating about two years ago, with fans catching onto their romance from an Instagram photo of the pair aboard a boat. "Saying good-bye to 2019! We continue to swim with sharks! And take the road less traveled by!!" Madonna wrote.

And the Material Girl gushed over Williams in a Valentine's Day caption that accompanied photos of the affectionate couple. "Been around the World with my Valentine this Year," Madonna wrote on Instagram. "Oh what a beautiful trip. Happy Valentines Day Mr. Williams."

It shouldn't surprise anyone that Madonna has maintained her controversial edge over time — last month, she near broke Instagram with a series of bondage-inspired lingerie photos, then went topless for the gram. And last month, Madonna got her very first tattoo bearing the letters L R D M S E, which signifies her six children: daughter Lourdes Leon, 24, son Rocco, 20, son David Banda, 15, daughter Mercy, 15, and twin daughters Stella and Estere, 8.

Lourdes, who looks very similar to her famous mom, recently opened up to Vanity Fair about her childhood with Madge, taking ballet classes at the age of 3 (“My mom really went hard for that once she saw there was potential”), her high school ex-boyfriend Timothée Chalamet (“I respect him a lot") and being “super fascinated" with Marc Jacobs's tattoos on the set of Madonna's 2009 photo shoot for Louis Vuitton.

Related: Madonna's daughter talks teen romance with Timothée Chalamet

A vandal in Washington, D.C. apparently chose the wrong car to spray paint when trying to get revenge on their “cheating” boyfriend.

Military veteran Nedra Brantley awoke last Sunday morning to find that someone had vandalized her red Mitsubishi Outlander Sport Utility Vehicle (SUV). The vandal had spray-painted the message “Mike is a cheater” on the vehicle’s hood and driver-side doors.

The vandal knocked off the SUV’s side mirrors, smashed its front and back windshields, and covered its license plates as well as its side windows in black spray paint.

Brantley told WRC-TV that she doesn’t know anyone named Mike.

How to get a boyfriend

“I screamed,” she said about first seeing her vandalized vehicle.

“I’m surprised nobody in the neighborhood heard me, because I screamed so, so loud, because I didn’t expect this would happen,” Brantley continued.

She called the police. They told her that the vandalism was likely a case of “mistaken identity.” It’s unclear whether a surveillance video camera or other witnesses saw the vandalism taking place.

Newsweek reached out to the DC Metropolitan Police Department (MPD) for comment.

Brantley has said that her car insurance company has pledged to fully cover all the damages.

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The vandalization of a cheating man’s vehicle by an angry ex-girlfriend forms the basis of the 2005 Carrie Underwood country song Before He Cheats. The song became one of the best-selling country songs of all time.

But while such vandalism may seem like a theatrical display of a broken heart, it’s actually a form of intimidation, according to law professor Deborah Tuerkheimert’s 2013 article in the Yale Journal of Law and Feminism. In her article, Tuerkheimert called such vandalism a form of harassment meant to make a person fearful of a possible assault, bodily injury or death.

Approximately one in nine men has experienced severe intimate partner physical violence including intimidation, according to the National Coalition Against Domestic Violence (NCADV). About one in 18 men has been stalked by an intimate partner during their lifetime to the point that they felt very fearful, the NCADV reported. That figure represents 5.1 million men nationwide.

Many men may not report such violence or stalking, especially when it occurs at the hands of a woman, because they fear being perceived as unmanly.

My 18-year-old daughter is going through a very difficult time right now, as her boyfriend of three-and-a-half years broke off the relationship. She is devastated and has no interest in anything. She is having a difficult time accepting it. She also told me that her friends won’t speak to her anymore because she told them not to speak badly about him. How can I help her get through this difficult time and how can she make amends with her friends? It breaks my heart to see my daughter in so much pain and feel abandoned by her friends.

A Distressed Mother

Dear Mother,

I feel for you and your daughter. We would all absorb our kids’ pain if we could, wouldn’t we? And, we would fix all of their problems if that was at all possible, wouldn’t we? Unfortunately, we can guide and support our beloved children but it is impossible to fix all of their problems. We can, however, provide support.

First, I would like to address your daughter’s problems with her friends. She certainly needs her friends for support through difficult times and because friends are so invaluable in our lives through good times and bad. My guess is that your daughter’s friends have good intentions. They are probably trying to help your daughter get over her boyfriend by making him seem less desirable. Please explain that to your daughter. My guess is that your daughter is spending much of her time with her friends focusing on the ex-boyfriend and this puts her friends in an awkward position. Try to encourage your daughter to spend more time with her friends while making a very conscious effort not to talk about her boyfriend while she is around them. The friendships will likely be repaired when the friends focus on each other and not on the boyfriend.

Now on to how to help your daughter get over the boyfriend. This is surely one of the most difficult tasks of life. I always think of the breakup of a long-term relationship as being the equivalent of going through a withdrawal process with all sorts of accompanying withdrawal symptoms. I am sure that your daughter is having “cravings” to talk to the ex-boyfriend and is quite distressed that this is no longer available to her.

So how does one help a child get over a breakup? I will give you 10 of my best possible suggestions. Certainly, some of these will work better than others. Consider this a mix and match menu. I suggest that you make these suggestions to your daughter in a gentle manner. If a significant amount of time passes and she is still devastated and becomes depressed then, of course, you should help her find a good therapist who specializes in the sorts of issues that your daughter is grappling with.

Here are my suggestions for you to make to your daughter who is dealing with relationship withdrawal:

1. Cut off all social media contact with the ex. This includes texting, Facebook contacts and any other forms of virtual contact with the ex. It is impossible to get over someone if you are constantly checking their status and hence making their daily lives a very significant part of your daily life. This is not an easy task but over and over again I have seen this be highly effective. Trust me on this one.

2. Encourage your daughter to get cross-addicted to other activities so that she is not thinking about the ex as frequently and as emotionally. Here, I am thinking about positive and healthy activities such as exercise, yoga classes or becoming involved in anything that might be of interest to your daughter. The key is for her to become engaged in alternative activities that get her mind off her boyfriend and show her that life has a lot to offer.

3. I also suggest that you limit how much time you talk to your daughter about the ex. Talking about him endlessly will only fuel an unhealthy obsession with him. We all know that obsessive thinking leads to anxiety, depression and getting stuck in life. Your daughter may not be able to clearly understand why the breakup occurred but in life we have to deal with ambiguity and outcomes that we are not always happy with. This helps us develop grit and resiliency.

4. Do not suggest that your daughter begin to date again in a fast and furious fashion. Most people need time to regroup before getting re-involved. The risk of rebound relationships that don’t work out is too high and might send your daughter into a tailspin.

5. Remind your daughter that she is still quite young and that she has many more chapters in her life. Make sure, though, to validate how important her past relationship was to her so that she doesn’t feel dismissed or invalidated.

6. Encourage your daughter to refrain from asking mutual friends about the ex-boyfriend and his current relationships. This is self-destructive behavior and serves no purpose other than to inflict self-torture.

7. Similarly, if your daughter’s friends or acquaintances begin to tell her stories about her ex’s current life post-relationship, she should kindly tell them that this information is not really good for her to hear (even though she is secretly craving this knowledge). Eventually, others will get the message that your daughter does not want ex-boyfriend updates and information about him will no longer serve as social currency or as a way to make conversation with your daughter.

8. Encourage your daughter to find and identify at least one moment during each day that she is grateful for. Gratitude is an amazing thing and makes us all feel better about life no matter what is transpiring in our complicated lives.

9. Rather than encouraging your daughter to date, encourage her instead to make lots of male and female friends so that she can identify which characteristics of people are most important to her.

10. Make sure your daughter immerses herself in music and books that will be soothing and uplifting. We all need these life pleasures to help us emerge from difficult life circumstances.

A woman is upset with her boyfriend after a terrible prank gone wrong.

She asked Reddit’s “Am I the A******? (AITA)” forum for help. Her boyfriend likes to prank people, although she isn’t a big fan. One day he told her they should put their relationship on hold for a month. But when she, oblivious to the joke, took his request seriously, her boyfriend insulted her.

“My boyfriend and I have been dating for a year,” she explained. “The relationship is fine. We’ve had a few problems, but we were able to work them out quickly. My boyfriend is quite childish, and he likes to prank me. We both have different ideas on what we consider a prank. My boyfriend came over last night, and we were just watching Netflix in my room. Out of nowhere, he asks if it’s OK if we take a break for a month. He said he wanted to work on himself. Starting tomorrow, he will be working seven days a week. He initially said that, during this month, we would not speak to each other, but we would remain exclusive. He then went on to say that we would still see each other once a week, but he wouldn’t be saying that he loves me as much anymore because he doesn’t. This is where I got a little mad.”

The woman didn’t know he was pranking her when she responded to his idea.

“I told him that if he felt that way, then we should just break up,” she wrote. “I said that a month’s break is not going to fix that. He looked shocked and asked me if I was serious. He told me that he was just pranking me and that I need to chill out. He said that I was rude for immediately suggesting that we break up. I made it very clear afterward that I didn’t like his pranks, but he still thinks I was an a** for what I said. So AITA for getting mad at him for pranking me?”

“You literally could not get a bigger red flag. [The] dude sounds manipulative,” a user commented.

“He told you he didn’t love you as much. How is that a prank?” one person wrote.

“I would honestly consider actually breaking up after a ‘prank’ like that,” someone added.

Whether you’ve been dating three months or three years, you could always learn more about your BF.

How to get a boyfriend

How to get a boyfriend

You may think you know everything about your boyfriend, but spoiler alert: you probably don’t. No matter how long you’ve been together, it’s almost impossible to know everything about your partner at any given time. But the more you understand about your BF, the stronger your relationship will be.

Asking your boyfriend the right questions is especially important if your relationship is relatively new. If you’re looking for this person to become a life partner, you want to know if you’re compatible. You don’t want to move in, or get engaged—or both—only to learn that your boyfriend doesn’t want to have kids when you really do. These are things you should discuss before getting serious; otherwise, you might be doomed for disappointment down the line.

We’ve compiled a long list of questions to ask your boyfriend to get to know him better and to see if you’re on the same page about your relationship. You’ll likely know the answer to a number of these questions, but it’s also good to hear what your boyfriend thinks about himself. Who knows? You may think you know something about your man, but it turns out what you thought was wrong.

You’ll notice that some of these questions are personal, and a few are uncomfortable to address. We’re very well aware, but that’s in part why you need to ask these questions and answer them truthfully.

So, here are 105 questions to ask your boyfriend. We’ve broken them down by category: relationship compatibility, sex, and fun.

I can’t cook fish for me and my boyfriend, Jay, in our shared flat, and it’s getting annoying. I do most of the cooking and I really love seafood. When we were in lockdown I was bored with the usual meat dishes and craved a bit of salmon, but Jay insisted that we didn’t buy any. It’s a big compromise as I’m Portuguese and have grown up on wholesome, healthy fish all my life. Lockdown brought home how much I’ve missed the cooking of my childhood. Jay needs to come round because it’s affecting our mealtimes together.

All our joint meals are fish-free so if I want seafood, I cook it when he’s away. One time Jay was out for a work meal and I thought, great, I’ve got free rein, and fried up some mackerel in a pan. Jay came back early and completely overreacted, saying “whoa, that stinks.” He kept washing the pan over and over and wouldn’t use it for a week as he thought the fish smell lingered.

We can’t go out to seafood restaurants either. And when we do eat out, Jay goes crazy if I order fish. In fact, he hates it so much that if I’ve got fish on my plate I’m not allowed to use my fork to try some of his food. He’s so fearful of the flavour, even though I ensure there’s never any fish on the fork. It’s irrational and ridiculous. We usually split dishes and bills 50/50, but if I’ve ordered a fish dish, he will tell me I have to pay more because he didn’t get to try my order.

Jay says he hates fish because when he was six, his dad gave him pasta mixed with a can of crabmeat that was three years past the sell-by date. It was disgusting. Since then he’s not been able to stomach seafood of any kind.

I would like him to try fish again: he’s an adult now and surely our tastebuds change over time. I tell him the crabmeat episode was a long time ago and that he could try a prawn, but he tells me I am forcing him to eat something that makes him feel sick. It’s time for Jay to try and update his palate.

The defence: Jay

I was traumatised by seafood as a child, and my tastebuds do not need ‘updating’

I reject the idea that Ines isn’t allowed to cook fish in our flat. She’s strong-minded and if she wants to cook seafood, she will. I think she’s just learned that, because I hate it so much, it’s simply easier if she waits until I’m away. What’s wrong with that? I compromise, she compromises. I’ll admit, I’m not over the moon when she cooks fish at home, but I just ask her to exercise caution if I’m there.

The only times I have overreacted are when we had one non-stick frying pan to share between us, and I had to use it directly after her. Fish can leave a strong aftertaste and smell. For that reason, when we eat out at restaurants, I’d rather she didn’t stick her fishy fork in my food. I won’t stop her ordering a mound of molluscs, but I don’t want to taste them, thanks very much.

I’ve been traumatised by seafood. At six, my dad gave me bad crabmeat and I was violently ill. I also used to work on a fish counter at Sainsbury’s and had to fillet mackerel. Fish guts got stuck to the bottom of my shoes. Once, I went on holiday and left my work shoes in my car and when I returned the stench was awful.

Recently, Ines forgot to turn on the extractor fan when she was cooking, which turned our home into a marine smokehouse. There was a putrid stench in the flat for days, just like the one from my fish-gutting days. It brought all those horrible memories back. I told her that this couldn’t happen again. I’m a reasonable man, but boundaries had to be set after incidents like that. Now if fish is cooked, appropriate ventilation and extraction are required and I need prior warning. I need to sign off Ines’s fish-cooking plans, so I’m prepared.

Ines is the primary cook in the house because she’s better at it than me. I’ll eat whatever she wants most of the time, but if she tells me prawns are on the menu then a little part of me dies inside. We’re never going to agree on that. My tastebuds don’t need “updating”, as she puts it. I’m quite happy never tasting fish again, and Ines shouldn’t try to force it down my neck if the mere smell triggers me.

The jury of Guardian readers

Should Jay try to overcome his aversion to fish?

Is it a food phobia or just a dislike? Jay uses words like traumatised – if so, he should get professional help. Jay’s idea of compromise is not mine; he could agree to her cooking some fish at home, and cook other things himself.
Maureen, 69

Ines has compromised enough. Going crazy when ordering fish; paying less because he couldn’t try her order; “signing off” on cooking plans? Jay, I sympathise with you hating fish, but if you really don’t want it, you could cook your own meals. And then try some sustainable halibut.
Tristan, 45

Stuck on a desert island, would Ines crave her prawns or her partner? If the former, there’s something fishy going on here! So long as Jay isn’t using his phobia to control Ines, I’d shell out for a second pan, agree to some “fish days”, and buy Jay a takeaway.
Iona, 49

It’s a battle between Ines’s longing for Portugal and Jay’s unresolved childhood trauma. Those are more important things than the smell of fish. They should share a session with a friend or counsellor and talk about the underlying issues. The words fish or seafood are not to be mentioned.
Bas, 52

Jay claims to be reasonable but seems to underestimate the strength of his reactions and the effect they have on Ines. It’s ridiculous that Ines should be held hostage by his pickiness. Maybe it’s not the tastebuds but the boyfriend that needs updating. Katherine, 28

You be the judge

So now you can be the judge, click on the poll below to tell us: should Jay try and get over his phobia of seafood?

We’ll share the results on next week’s You be the judge.

The poll is now closed

Last week’s result

We asked if Lakshmi should spend less money on her cats, something that annoys her boyfriend, Rob.

25% of you said no – Lakshmi is innocent
75% of you said yes – Lakshmi is guilty

‘We’ve both come out of messy divorces and lost more than we care to admit in the process, so we’re both a bit gun-shy’

‘Is there anything else that we can do to protect ourselves?’

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Dear Quentin,

My boyfriend and I have recently begun to talk about marriage. We both own our own homes and we both have roughly the same, assets-wise. We’re also past the age of children, though he does have a child from his previous marriage.

Right now, our plan is to live in his home while I rent out mine. I give him a set amount every month towards bills, and we both maintain separate bank and savings accounts and plan to continue that even if we marry.

Would a prenup be enough to protect both of us in case the marriage was to go south? We’ve both come out of messy divorces and lost more than we care to admit in the process, so we’re both a bit gun-shy.

Is there anything else that we can do to protect ourselves?

The Soon-to-Be Fiancée

You can email The Moneyist with any financial and ethical questions related to coronavirus at [email protected], and follow Quentin Fottrell on Twitter.

Dear Soon-to-Be,

Falling in love can be the most wonderful and unexpected experience, and should be enjoyed with the happiness that comes with living in the moment. Getting married is a serious long-term financial commitment, and should be done with a puritanical heart and in a practical state of mind.

You’ve already decided to keep your homes separate — if not your living arrangements. You are thinking and planning for the future, and that is a good start. You can always decide to change that at a later date, but given that your partner has a child from a previous marriage it makes sense.

In the meantime, use non-marital funds to maintain your respective residences, and obtain records of your bank accounts and the value of any businesses at the time of your marriage. Without a prenuptial agreement, it’s also prudent to keep one or more separate bank accounts.

As you suggest, divorce can get complicated without a prenuptial agreement, and the appreciation in the value of your separate assets — your homes — would likely be considered community property if you decided to go your separate ways after a number of years.

Another option would be to put certain assets in a revocable trust before you marry, which would require appointing a trustee and can be expensive to create and maintain. A prenup seems ideal for both of you and, in some states, can also protect your retirement accounts.

Without one, “the portion of a retirement plan owned before marriage is separate if it can be proven by clear and convincing evidence,” according to the McNamara Law Office. “Contributions to the plan and other benefits accrued during marriage are community property.”

The best thing about prenups: They set the expectations for marriage and divorce, and can be tailor-made for your own unique set of circumstances. They are also ideal for couples who have been burned once by divorce. There’s no reason why a split can’t be as civil as the proposal.

Check out the Moneyist private Facebook group, where we look for answers to life’s thorniest money issues. Readers write in to me with all sorts of dilemmas. Post your questions, tell me what you want to know more about, or weigh in on the latest Moneyist columns.

The Moneyist regrets he cannot reply to questions individually.

How to get a boyfriend

Heating up. Adele and Rich Paul‘s relationship is getting more and more serious—but are they planning on tying the knot together anytime soon?

The “Easy on Me” singer, 33, was previously married to British CEO and charity executive, Simon Konecki. The pair, who announced their split in 2019 after eight years together, welcomed their son Angelo in 2012. Following her divorce, Adele began dating sports agent Rich Paul in 2021. According to an insider who spoke to Hollywood Life on December 6, 2021, the pair are officially “in love” and are thinking about their future together. “They both find each other great driven people that really work hard. That is something that inspires both of them,” the insider told the site. “She is so charming and lights up any room she is in, and he lets Adele be Adele. The success of him being an agent is to let his clients shine while he is in the shadows so to speak getting everything else done.”

The insider went on to note that Paul “finds commitment very important,” which, yes, means that the pair are open to getting married. But how soon could that happen? Well, according to the source, the pair are truly in no “rush” to have a wedding just yet.

“They would welcome [the idea of marriage] but there is literally zero rush for that to happen and is not on the horizon as they are really enjoying being boyfriend and girlfriend and getting to know each other more and more each day,” the source noted. “They make it simple for each other and they want to be in that sort of relationship right now before they take it to the next level. It is nice to think about, but they are currently happy with where things are at this moment.” So, there you have it—Adele and Rich Paul’s engagement is still a ways away, but it’s not out of the question either!

30 by Adele

How to get a boyfriend

Image: Courtesy of Columbia Records.

As for Adele, the singer previously opened up about being “open” to marriage again in an interview with SiriusXM radio in December. The singer revealed that being married was “the safest” she’d ever felt before admitting that she misses that feeling today. “I’m definitely open to marriage again,” she explained. “The feeling I had in being married was the safest feeling I’ve ever had in my life, and sadly it didn’t work out, but I miss being married,” she added, referring to her divorce from Konecki.

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How to get a boyfriendPlay the Game

Add to Favorite

What is FNF Reanimated Boyfriend?

How to get a boyfriend

Even the simplest of FNF mods online from our website can bring you the best experiences, which is why we are delighted that right at this moment we can showcase all of our visitors the new and awesome game called FNF Reanimated Boyfriend, where you have all the things you loved about the original rhythm game, but Boyfriend has a new sprite, new moves, and new animations, hence the title.

Help the new Boyfriend defeat the old FNF antagonists in a rhythm battle!

This Reanimated Boyfriend character version is going to be available in both the Story Mode and the Free Play mode, so you pick the one you want to play the most, and then do your best to reach the end of the songs with the progress bar in your favor, to win!

You can battle against Daddy Dearest, Spooky Kids, Pico, Mummy Must Murder, or Senpai, and by winning these musical battles, BF and GF will finally get together.

When the arrow symbols floating around match with that above BF, that is when you press the same arrow key on the keyboard to play the note, but be careful not to miss the notes too much, or you lose the game. Enjoy!

You think you would have an invite to my parents house at Christmas? You? The little boy crawling around.

Letter to nowhere

Hey Brian, Do you remember the day we came to check out our last apartment? Do you still live.

I can’t believe I’m doing this

Yeah I can’t believe i’m doing this, but this is my last chance before I actually let go. You.

To him

How I wish you would let your guard down and be the vulnerable one for once.That you would tell.

young love Letter To My Ex on November 7, 2021

Conner, I just wanted to let you know that I still love you and don’t think I will stop.

My dearest p_k

I am sorry for pushing everyone else away especially you. I made your life miserable and made you regret.

Love is a losing game

Love is a losing game…i was a hopeless romantic, always fantasizing about being in love and sharing my world.

Title of letter

The cracks were there, even during the engagement, so many years ago. There were happy times, no denying it.

letter to you, my greatest epic love

never been so in love with person, i’m sorry that i love u, and i miss u and will always.

I had a perfect day with my fiancé and then a TV series made me think of you, and not him. What does that even mean?

Joker, I had a perfect day with my fiancé and then a TV series made me think of you.

I can’t breathe E, I just can’t breathe

When I think of your name, I get a horrible feeling within my stomach. It rises into my chest.

I don’t know why you keep coming back to me after you’re really mean to me. this time you.

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