How to fold a scarf

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Scarves are a fun and unique addition to an elegant wardrobe.

Over the decades, there have been differences in how a scarf is tied to make it look trendy but not outdated. There is no single correct way to tie a scarf, indeed it is ideal to change the method according to the type of outfit and individual personality. Choose from the top 10 ways to tie a scarf as suggested by Scarves. Internet.

10. False knot

How to fold a scarf

Try tying a trendy scarf in an artificial knot by holding it in front of you and tying a loose knot at one end. Next, wrap the scarf around your neck twice and thread the loose end through the knot. Tighten by pulling the knot towards the neck until it is comfortable.

9. Four in hand

How to fold a scarf

The four-handed tie begins by folding the scarf in half and wrapping it around the nape of the neck. Hold the loop of the scarf in one hand and the loose ends in the other. Taking one of the tips, pull it through the ring and then twist the ring. Then pull the other end through the loop and adjust so the scarf doesn’t pucker.

8. Tie

How to fold a scarf

Try tying a tie by wrapping the scarf around the nape of your neck. Fold one loose end over the other end twice to create a loose knot or hole. Take the same end you put together and pull it through the knot you created. Pull the ends tightly to form a knot on the neck.

7. Half bow

How to fold a scarf

A half bow is a nice way to add a feminine touch to your style with a soft scarf. With a scarf around your neck, make one end slightly longer than the other. Then wrap the long end over the shorter end to create a loose knot or hole. Pull the longer end through the free hole you made. This creates a half bow that can be worn across the chest or pulled down the side of the neck.

6. Papillon

How to fold a scarf

One of the simplest ways to tie a scarf, a bow tie can give your style a professional, feminine or structured look. Just wrap a scarf around your neck with the ends hanging down at the front. Tie the bow in the same way you tie your shoe and let it hang loosely or tie it tighter around your neck.

5. Simple wrapping

How to fold a scarf

A simple, loose scarf is the perfect way to wear a scarf and go out. Just wear a long neck scarf with the ends hanging down the back. Cross the ends and bring them in front of your body.

4. Basic tie

How to fold a scarf

Try to tie the scarf into a simple tie shape, placing the scarf around the neck so that the ends hang loosely at the front. Tie the ends once to form a knot and raise or lower it to the height and position you prefer.

3. Layer it

How to fold a scarf

A layer of a scarf can create a more dramatic look and is also perfect for a cool day or evening. Put a scarf on the front of the neck. Take the ends that hang from the back and wrap them in front. Cross both ends on top of each other and tie a knot. One end should hang longer forward and the other end over the shoulder.

2. Wrap the neck

How to fold a scarf

Tie the scarf around your neck for an elegant and warm look. Just wrap the scarf around your neck until it forms a layered wrap. Tuck the ends under for a complete look.

1. Headdress

How to fold a scarf

Scarves are not only worn around the neck but are also commonly used as a trendy headdress. Fold the scarf in half twice for a thinner band effect. Put it over your head so that the ends hang evenly on both sides. Tie the scarf once or twice at the top of the neck under the hair.

How to fold a scarf

Scarves have established themselves as an essential accessory in a modern style. Być może nie wiesz, że przytulne chusty, które nosimy dziś na szyjach, mają bogatą historię, sięgającą około 3 roku p. n.e. Pierwsze solidne dowody na istnienie tego nakrycia szyi pochodzą z przedstawień wojowników, którzy służyli za panowania cesarza Qin Shi Huanga w Chinach. Buried Terracotta Warriors depict silk scarves that are tied in various ways to determine each soldier’s rank. Women all over the world wear scarves to stay warm and look stylish at the same time. Recently, scarves have been worn as a purely aesthetic accessory in spring and summer. We’ve laid out the 5 basic scarf types in a quick guide below.

Rectangular scarf (also known as long scarf or oblong scarf)

How to fold a scarf

Rectangular scarves or long scarves are the most common type of scarf. This style has an incredibly simple shape. It’s simply just one long piece of fabric in the shape of a rectangle. Some may have fringes, pompoms or tassels on the ends. Edges can be edged, rough or trimmed. The length of a long scarf can range from 40 inches to over 80 inches, although most are usually between 50 and 65 inches. From fast-fashion retailers like Forever 21 to high-end designers like Alexander McQueen, there’s a huge selection of different colors and patterns that will fit your unique personal style. The best thing about this type of scarf is that it is really versatile in terms of lacing and styling. Although this shape was originally meant to be wrapped multiple times around the neck, women have found many new uses for a rectangular scarf. You can turn a scarf into anything: a sarong, a shirt, a bag, a belt, whatever you want! Regardless of the design you choose, the long scarf has a timeless shape that will last for years to come.

The Square Scarf & The Neckerchief

How to fold a scarf

The square scarf is a trendy element that adds classic charm to the set. This type of scarf comes in a variety of materials, although it is often made from silk. There is no standard size for square scarves; some may be as small as 16 “by 16”, while others may be as large as 60 “by 60”. The Hermès scarf is a classic example of a square silk scarf. This iconic piece is sought after by fashionistas around the world for its chic and unique designs. The luxurious square scarf was loved by style icons such as Kate Middleton, who wore it with a loose knot around her neck, and Audrey Hepburn, who chose to wear it as a headscarf to keep her hairstyle intact as she drove around town in her car. . You can also tie this scarf around the handle of your bag for extra style. With the stamp of approval from Hollywood glamour and English royalty alike, there’s no question that you’ll look timelessly chic when wearing a square scarf.

How to fold a scarf

Smaller versions of the square scarf (around 20 x 20 inches or smaller) are referred to as neckerchiefs. These little scarves can be combined to create a range of styles. Everything from a clean and sophisticated French-inspired ensemble to a simple hipster style with a nice cotton bandana.

Infinity scarf

How to fold a scarf

The Infinity Scarf, also known as a loop or loop scarf, has a modern shape that is very easy to wear. As the name suggests, this scarf has a closed loop with no loose ends. With this shape, you don’t have to worry about fussing with uneven ends or snagging a tassel on your jacket zipper. These scarves are available in a wide variety of products; chunky knit circle scarves will keep you warm on a cold winter’s night while a cotton woven loop scarf is perfect for a breezy, springtime picnic. While most Infinity scarves are solid color prints, you can also find them in beautiful patterns to instantly add a focal point to your outfit.

Pashmin wrap

How to fold a scarf

Pashmina refers to the fine cashmere wool that is made from the sheath of the Tibetan Chanthangi goat. These fibers are hand-picked by brushing the bottom of the goat. Then it is carefully wrapped on threads and tightly woven into the canvas. It is this handcrafted quality that makes the Pashmina Scarf such an elegant (and sometimes expensive) accessory. The shape of a pashmina scarf is almost always a long, wide rectangular scarf with long, twisted fringes at each end. This classic shape, combined with a luxurious material, can add a touch of sophistication to any set. Thanks to its width, the Pashmina can be worn as a shawl / shawl or as a voluminous scarf. Available in an array of solid colors and intricate patterns, the pashmina scarf will satisfy anyone’s craving for a posh new accessory. Due to the high price of authentic pashmin, you can find viscose or rayon alternatives that are cheap and almost as soft. Although these imitations are not technically made of pashmina wool, they are still called pashminas or “pashmina style scarves”.

Now that you know the basics of the different shapes of scarves, you can equip your wardrobe with the scarf that best suits your style. Complete your everyday outfit for the day with an endless scarf for an instantly trendy and stylish look. Or add a pashmina scarf to your casual outfit for a touch of elegance. The next step in scarf education: learn how to tie a scarf with these scarf tying tutorials!

you never know you can play a scarf in a different style, thanks for sharing.

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Tying a scarf around your neck can make your outfit more polished and also help keep you warm on a cold day. But just tossing it around your neck can get boring, and isn’t very visually enticing. The scarf is so versatile that you can wear it almost forever – why not choose a few different ones for each day of the week? We’ve compiled 14 of the best scarf-tying hacks so you’ll never run out of styles to choose from.

Inside: everything you ever wanted to knowlike tying a scarf.

How to fold a scarf

Those chilly autumn months are finally coming and it’s a bit cool in the southern states too! Which means it’s time for pumpkin everything, candles, bonfires, and for those cute scarfs to come out of hibernation. Yup!

It’s easy to just throw on a scarf, but why messily wrap it around your neck when you could tie it all neat and cute? Here are some ways to tie different styles of scarves.

How to fold a scarf

How to tie: a scarf blanket

Covered scarves are exactly what the name suggests – they are HUGE. They’re cozy, great for those insanely cold days and can even be used as a shawl in a pinch.

Tying these babies can be a bit of a pain because of the size, but once you get the hang of it, you’ll be tying blanket scarves left and right. Here are some ways to wear a scarf over a blanket.


  1. Fold the scarf into a triangle
  2. Hang the scarf around your neck
  3. Put the scarf around your neck and make the triangle face towards your feet.
  4. Grab the ends of the scarf and tuck them under the front of the scarf

How to fold a scarf

Here you are! Perfectly knotted blanket scarf.

Don’t have time to bond? Put the scarf on top of you like a shawl and tie it. This style is adorable, still shielding you from the cold, and now there’s no need to lug around a jacket.

How to fold a scarf

Other ideas for tying a scarf:

Buying Tips for Scarf Blankets:

How to tie: a long scarf

Long scarves are nice and fun to wear, but they can be a little unsightly if not tied properly. They can drag on the ground, be wrapped too tightly around the neck, or have extra material hanging down. However, with a few twists, a long scarf can make for cute ties for fall. Here are some ways to tie a longer scarf.

Wrapped up

This tie is as easy as a breeze and is perfect for super freezing weather in the fall / winter. Grab a t-shirt, a cardigan, some jeans, some boots, and your favorite scarf to tie and you’re all set.

  1. Grab the long scarf and wrap it around your neck twice.
  2. Knot the ends of the scarf.
  3. Take the ends of the knotted part and tuck them under the wrapped part of the scarf

How to fold a scarf

Would you like a more elegant tie? Try this a little more complicated but super cute.

  1. Fold the scarf in half.
  2. Put it around your neck.
  3. Take one end of the scarf and thread it through the loop
  4. Twist the loop and thread the other end of the scarf through it.

Do you need visualization? Here you are.

How to fold a scarf

Other ideas for tying a long scarf:

  • European loop, BT standard and more | Crazy Chic
  • Four ways to tie a scarf | Good house cleaning
  • How to wear a long, tight scarf | Magnificent mom

Tips for buying a long scarf:

Infinity scarf

How to fold a scarf

This style of scarf has gained popularity recently and for good reason. It doesn’t require any tying, but can be looped in different ways. If you’re rushing out the door and all of a sudden remember it’s cold, throwing on an infinity scarf is your best bet.

Here are some ways to wrap an endless scarf. Here’s a visualif you need.


  1. Put a scarf around your neck.
  2. Thread one end of the scarf through the loop part at the other end of the scarf.
  3. Squeeze.


This is very simple! Simply wrap the scarf around your neck and tie both ends in a bow on the side of the neck. Super chic

Other ways to wear an endless scarf:

Infinity Scarf Purchase Recommendation:

Are you ready to break these scarves now that you know all the ways to lace them up? Have fun experimenting!

Is there a more typical accessory than a well designed scarf? A well-established and internationally appreciated way to add a pop of color or art to an outfit, the layers of the scarf take an interest in the simplest palettes of clothing. Scarves come in a variety of sizes, shapes and materials and can be draped, wrapped and knotted in endless combinations. Yet, it is common to wonder like tying a scarf in a way that is both practical and eye-catching. Adding a scarf to your outfit can be as simple as draping it over your shoulders or tying it to a bag –or you can try one of the following nine ways to tie a scarf:

1. Arch na ramię

How to fold a scarf

A shoulder tie with a bow is best done with a light scarf like one of our favorite silk scarves. First, fold the scarf to the desired thickness. Next, tie a single knot on the side of your body where you want to place the bow. (You can wrap the fabric around the neck once or twice before tying the knot, depending on the length of the knot.) Finally, tie the ends into a bow and place it over the shoulder where it’s best. For a more voluminous bow, gently unroll the loops to increase the size.

2. Handkerchief a scarf

How to fold a scarf

A scarf scarf is an easy and relaxing way to style your favorite square scarf or even a larger scarf. First, fold the fabric in half diagonally to form a triangle. Then, with the apex of the triangle in the center of the chest, wrap the other two corners around the nape of the neck and opposite arm. There is no need to tie the scarf as pulling the corners on each arm will tighten and secure the scarf. Załóż oversize’owy szalik lub przytulne chusty w chusteczkę do chusty, aby uzyskać dramatyczny wygląd.

3. Classic French knot

How to fold a scarf

The classic French knot tie is easy and can be made with any silk or satin scarf. It’s a perfect addition to your spring wardrobe! To make a classic French knot, simply fold the scarf until it becomes a thin strip. Then, snugly wrap the folded ribbon around your neck, crossing both ends behind your neck. Then bring both ends to the chin and secure them with a knot. Finally, move the knot slightly to one side and tie a double knot.

4. Triangular knot

How to fold a scarf

The triangle tie with shawl is a variation of the handkerchief described above. You will fold the square scarf diagonally again to form a triangle and realign the top corner of the triangle with the center of the chest. Then wrap one corner of the shoulder around the nape of the neck so that it touches the other corner of the shoulder. Drape the triangle as you like and then secure the corners of the arms with a loose knot. The triangle scarf tie is a great way to feature your favorite floral scarf or that artistic scarf you’ve been eyeing.

5. Italian twist

How to fold a scarf

The Italian Twist is a discreet and decisive way to style a scarf. Start with an elongated scarf folded into a narrow strip. Fold the narrow strip lengthwise in half to find the center point. Then wrap the scarf around your neck, aligning the center point of the scarf under the chin. Cross the folded strips of the scarf behind your head and pass the ends of the scarf over each shoulder. Then loosely tie the ends of the scarf into a single knot. Adjust the knot carefully and let the folds loosen slightly.

6. Over my shoulder

How to fold a scarf

Sometimes styling a scarf can be as simple as tossing it over the shoulder! For this classic look, fold the scarf to the width of your choice first. Następnie załóż złożony szalik na kark tak, aby oba końce szalika leżały na każdym ramieniu i z przodu ciała. Match the scarf to where one end of the scarf is longer than the other. The last step is to pull the longer end of the scarf over the chest and opposite shoulder. It may take a few tries to get the look you want, but it’s a reliable option for wearing a scarf for all types of scarves.

7. Veil upside down

How to fold a scarf

The look of the Reverse Drape scarf is a simple matter of how the scarf is positioned in front of the body and over the shoulders. Put a scarf around your neck so it looks best with the corners falling where they can. This style has a “the messier the better” attitude, so don’t try to make it perfect. This pattern is perfect for thicker wool scarves, but just as beautiful with a redesigned floral shawl or Louis C. Tiffany Irises scarf from The Met Store.

8. Single infinite

How to fold a scarf

The Single Infinity Shawl Tie wraps a beautiful silk scarf around the neck and shoulders and drapes across the front of the dress to give the scarf design a central position. For the infinity effect, place the scarf on a flat surface and fold the scarf in half in the center aligning the corners to form a rectangular shape. Squeeze the small sections of the horns that meet and tie them together. There should be two nodes in total. When you collect the scarf, you will notice that the knots have turned the scarf into a large ring that you can wrap around your neck. Apply a scarf with a loop over the shoulders and chest to create a beautiful layer on the shirt or sweater.

9. Double knotted ring

How to fold a scarf

The double knotted loop is a versatile option for scarf styling as it pairs well with airy silk scarves and warm wool scarves. To create the look, fold the scarf into a long rectangle. Wrap the folded scarf twice around the neck and then secure it with a loose double knot. Adjust the knot to one side, if you’d like. The double knotted ring adds color and texture to the overall look, but doesn’t add much volume, so it remains a subtle accessory. Try the double loop tied with the Louis C. Tiffany Peacock Feather Shawl for a warm and artistic look.

Scarves are a versatile accessory that gives the possibility of creative expression in the everyday outfit. From adding warmth to adding color, scarves are a must for your wardrobe. Fill your spring fashion endeavors this year with one of the awesome scarves you’ve seen on The Met Store!

How to fold a scarf

So scarves look great and all, but how the hell are you going to tie them?

Let’s hear your confusion! That’s why we put together this guide for tying your scarf. No matter what type of scarf you’ve got, you’ll find a bunch of cute ideas here.

7 stylish ways to tie a scarf

Try these tips to wear your scarves in style.

1. Feel like a celebrity with a celebrity knot

This scarf lacing style got its name from the celebrities who made it famous. Here’s how to do it. Put the scarf around your neck, then wrap one side again. Tie the two corners of the scarf with a loose, regular half-stitch. Cute and welcoming!

Perfect for: traditional scarves, covered scarves

How to fold a scarf

2. Włóż szalik w "koc szalik"

Blanket scarves are our favorite as you get the scarf and blanket in one! What’s not to love?

To wear yours like a traditional scarf, fold it in half lengthwise. Then put it around your neck, leaving one side about twice as long as the other. Take the longer side and wrap it around your neck again. Tuck the end of it through the loop you’ve created in front, and adjust for comfort.

Perfect for: traditional scarves, covered scarves

3. Align with the pretzel knot

For a little more complexity, tie the scarf with a pretzel knot. He starts by folding the scarf in half. (If you’re using a blanket scarf, fold it first to make a rectangle, then fold this rectangle in half.)

Then put the scarf around the neck so that the closed loop is on one side. Thread one end of the scarf through the loop, just like tying the basic scarf loop. Then take the other end and place it on this ring. Slide it under and pull it to the other side. Super safe and sophisticated!

Perfect for: traditional scarves, covered scarves

How to fold a scarf

Image from TheWhoot

4. Make a necklace with your scarf!

Put a scarf on your shoulders. Next, tie a knot on one side, then tie a knot on the other. You should now have a two-knot scarf, but the end is still open. Take these ends and tie it together. Then wrap this “closure” around the nape of the neck so that the knots are in front.

Perfect for: silk scarves

5. Make a twist (French).

French twists aren’t just for your hair. Here’s how to tie your scarf with a French knot. She folds the scarf in half and wraps it around her shoulders. Take one of the loose ends, pull it around and through the ring on the front. Then repeat with the other end. Oh so chic!

Perfect for: any scarf

6. Embrace your inner cowgirl

To tie a scarf like a handkerchief, fold the scarf in half diagonally to form a triangle. Hold it in front of you with your palms around the corner of the long side of the triangle.

Then take the horns from the long side and wrap them around your neck until the scarf begins to bend towards your chin. Move the corners forward so you can tie them with a loose knot or tuck them into the folds of the scarf. Yup!

Perfect for: traditional scarves, square scarves, covered scarves

How to fold a scarf

7. Wrap yourself in a poncho

To tie a blanket scarf to a poncho, pull the scarf out in front of you. Bend the top slightly and place it over your shoulders, with the folded part behind your shoulders. Then run your hands so that the scarf is wrapped in a poncho. Pro tip: add a strap to keep it in place!

Perfect for: scarves for a blanket

Psst… if you don’t have one of these in your closet yet, The Travelista by Roam Often was made for you. This practically perfect blanket scarf is ready to use anywhere, from the office to the sofa to the plane. Choose now in your favorite color.

Are you looking for even more ways to tie a scarf? We’ve got them. Check out our Pinterest board for step-by-step tutorials and scarf style ideas.

Roam often, be elegant.

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Roam Often founded by female travelers who set out to create products that make travel easier while providing safety and fashion on the go. You will find travel jewelry boxes, travel scarves, hair bracelets and other travel accessories. We also provide various travel, fashion and jewelry tips on our blog. Roam often, be elegant!

Are you looking for creative ways to style your scarf ?! Learn these simple and creative ways to tie a scarf and enhance your winter look

And if there’s one accessory I’m ridiculously excited about, it’s a scarf!

There are so many ways to style a scarf, it’s such a versatile accessory. And don’t get me started on all the colors and fabrics it comes in.

I have noticed, however, that a lot of people don’t take full advantage of just how adaptable a scarf can be. Most people only wear it in one or two ways when there are so many options.

How to style and tie a scarf

Braided knot scarf

How to fold a scarf

This knot is on its level! I absolutely love this look and it’s an easy way to dress up a plain outfit.

But even if it’s been said, you can definitely wear it with your dress or even on a date.

it may sound complicated, but this look is very easy to achieve. Check out the short tutorial below to rock this look on your own.

Weave a scarf

How to fold a scarf

This look is gorgeous! It looks sophisticated and simple without trying too hard.

I had no idea how to do it, I mean, how can you do two locks ?! But the tutorial actually makes it a lot easier.

I wear this style for my daily errands and it really adds je ne sais quoi to my daily outfit.

Looped and twisted scarf

How to fold a scarf

The loop and twist scarf was a favorite of mine since high school.

Whenever I’m in a rush or every cute outfit is in the wash, I throw this scarf over whatever outfit I have on and BAM! It’s a complete 180.

25 creative ways to wear a scar with Wendy

This video from Wendy is the ultimate tutorial for MANY creative ways to style a scarf.

They’re all very simple and adaptable, I’m sure you’ll find one (or twenty) scarf looks you’ll fall in love with. I know you can!

How to style a blanket scarf?

Honestly, I stayed away from scarves.

I didn’t really know how to make a blanket scarf look adorable, not just like a stain on my neck.

But this film was a turning point for me. All the looks are easy to do and although I still prefer my chunky, standard scarves, I’ve started mixing it up with these styles as well.

4 scarves; 16 ways

This is another highlight of the scarf tutorial. My favorites are the classic pretzel, preppy tie, and hood.

However, I also love the beach ones! The neck band is perfect for the hot summer months and allows you to rock the scarf all year round.

Don’t forget I like you, pin me up and save me!

If you’re struggling with hair loss, scarves are an attractive and affordable alternative to wigs and hats. Scarves can also be a good investment as they can be used in many ways once your hair has grown back.

Scarf selection

  • Scarves are generally square or oblong in shape. For a square scarf, look for one that is 35 inches or larger. Oblong scarves should be approximately 21 ” x 78 ”.
  • Knotted scarves are the easiest to wear. No complicated folding or binding is required. They usually have a soft, covered elastic around the nape of the neck to keep them safe and fully covered. . Look for one with a slightly padded and shaped front to prevent it from opening.
  • Scarves, like bandanas, are another easy alternative for women struggling with treatment-associated baldness. They fit almost everyone and some are lightly padded at the front to prevent them from tearing and fit almost everyone. You just need to tie the scarves once. Once the scarf is removed, the knot can be left in place, so there is no need to re-tie it.

How to tie a scarf

Tying scarves is not as hard as it looks, but for security’s sake, it’s a good idea to wear a turban under the scarf until you feel entirely confident about your tying skills. When you are more confident, the band itself can be used to make tying easier. A padded scarf or lined cap can also hold the scarf tightly and add fullness.

For square scarves

Below are some tips for tying square scarves. All the ways we’ve presented start with these simple steps:

  1. Fold the scarf in half into a triangle
  2. Put the veil with the triangle back
  3. Join the 2 ends of the triangle on the back of the head to the back of the triangle.
  4. Gently twist the scarf by moving the knot from the back to the side of the head. (You can also start by tying the scarf on the side instead of the back if that seems easier.)

Bow style

First, follow the above steps, then:

  • Wrap the elastic under the knot.
  • Pull part of the scarf over the elastic for a nice complete look.
  • Instead of using a rubber band, you can tie another knot and then tie a bow to achieve the same effect.

Sul lato con elastico per capelli o "Scrunchie"

First, follow the above steps, then:

  • Tie the ends of the scarf into a knot, folding one end over the other.
  • Gently spread the tips for a fuller look.
  • Put a rubber band or hair tie over the knot.
  • Thread all ends of the scarf through a rubber band or hair tie.
  • Fold the ends again for a fuller look.

Rosette style (creates the illusion of hair)

First follow steps 1-4 above, then:

  • Tie a knot by tying one end of the scarf over and under the other.
  • Twist the ends together several times and tuck the knot.
  • Gently drag it so that it protrudes slightly.
  • Tuck the ends back into the knot.
  • For added security, use a safety pin to attach the rosette or clip it to the padded insert.
  • You can wear the cockade on the side or back of the head. In any case, it will give the impression of hair. Put a brim hat on this style for a different and cute look.

For long scarves

Basic wrapping style

Start by folding the width of the scarf in half.

  1. Place the veil in the center of the forehead, above the eyebrows, so that both sides of the veil hang at the same length.
  2. Bring both sides of the scarf behind your neck. Place the left side over the right side overlapping them. Then bring both sides in front of the head and apply the right side to the left side.
  3. Bring both sides behind your head again. Tie a small knot and tuck the ends into a scarf for a neat look.
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