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Super Mario 64 is once again in the spotlight with the limited edition Super Mario 3D All Stars. The 3D version of All Stars is based on the original Nintendo 64 version of Super Mario 64 and thus eliminates some of the additional content that came with the DS version of the game. If you’re here, you’re probably wondering what the deal is with Yoshi in Super Mario 64 and if they are still on top of the Castle. Here’s everything you need to know.

Yoshi in Super Mario 64 & 3D All Stars

So let’s get a couple things straight first. Yoshi is not playable in this version of Super Mario 64. Yes, Yoshi appeared in the DS version, but the DS version is not; our green reptile friend will have to sit off the beaten track on this adventure.

That said, unlike Luigi and Wario who were banned from participating in the 3D All Stars process, Yoshi appears in Super Mario 64 just like in the original game.

How do you see Yoshi then? Well it’s the same process as in the Nintendo 64 version.

First you need to collect all 120 stars. This not an easy task and it may take you quite a bit to do, especially if this is your first time playing Super Mario 64 and you’re not familiar with how to collect every star in each world and the castle secret stars.

After you’ve done that a cannon will appear in the castle courtyard after beating the game. You can fire yourself out of the cannon up to the castle’s roof and you’ll be able to visit and have a quick chat with our ol’ pal Yoshi as an Easter egg to fans of Super Mario World where Yoshi made its debut.

How to get to Yoshi on top of the castle in Super Mario 64:

    Collect all 120 stars and win the game.

Return to castle courtyard and use the newly opened cannon to fire yourself up to the top of the castle.

Say hi to Yoshi who will be waiting for you on the roof of the castle.

This is all you need to knowhow to get and see Yoshi in Super Mario 64 in 3D All Stars. Unfortunately there isn’t too much else to it but hey, at least Yoshi still made it.

How to find yoshi in super mario 64

Welcome to IGN’s Super Mario 64 guide. This page contains links to help you find every Power Star in any Super Mario 64 course. Click one of the links below to go to the complete walkthrough describing the easiest way to get this Power Star.


  • RED Activation – Lock and unlock Wing Cap
  • Activation of GREEN Locks and unlocks the metal cap
  • Activate BLUE! – Lock and unlock the disappearing hood
  • How to find Yoshi

Power Star Guides

Bob-omb battlefield stars

  • Big Bob-omb at the top
  • Running on foot with Koopa Fast
  • Shoot the island in the sky
  • Find 8 red coins
  • Mario flies to the sky
  • Behind the gate of the Chompa chain
  • Bob-omb Battlefield 100 star coins

Whomp Fortress stars

  • Divide the Whomp Block
  • On top of the fortress
  • Shoot in the wild blue
  • Red coins on a floating island
  • You fall on the island in a cage
  • Break down the wall
  • Whomp Fortress 100 Power star coins

Jolly Roger Bay stars

  • Looting in a sunken ship
  • Can an eel go out and play?
  • The treasure of the ocean cave
  • Red coins on a ship in the water
  • Hit the stone pillar
  • On Jet Stream (Jolly Roger Bay)
  • Jolly Roger Bay 100 Power Star Coins

Fantastic mountain stars

  • Go out of home
  • Little lost penguin
  • Race of the big penguins
  • Frosty Slide for 8 red coins
  • The snowman has lost his mind
  • Wall kicks will work
  • Fantastic, fantastic top of 100 Power Star coins

Big Boo’s haunted stars

  • Go ghost hunting
  • Ride the Big Boo carousel
  • The secret of the haunted books
  • Look for 8 red coins
  • Big Boo balcony
  • Eye to eye in a secret room
  • Big Boo’s Haunt 100 Power Star Coin

Misty stars of the labyrinth cave

  • A beast floating in a cave
  • Collect for 8 red coins
  • Metal Mario can move!
  • Navigate a toxic maze
  • Emergency exit from the labyrinth
  • Watch out for rolling rocks
  • Misty Labyrinth Cave 100 Power star coins

Deadly stars of the lava land

  • Boil a generous broth
  • Bullying bullies
  • A puzzle for 8 coins with 15 elements
  • Hot rolling of logs
  • Hot-Foot-It to the volcano
  • Excursion by lift to the volcano
  • Deadly Lava Realm 100 Power Star Coins

Moving stars of the earth of sand

  • In the claws of a large bird
  • Brilliant on top of the pyramid
  • Inside the ancient pyramid
  • Stand on the four pillars
  • Free flight for 8 red coins
  • Pyramid puzzle
  • Shifting Sand Land 100 Power Star Coins

Say, Dire Docks Stars

  • Sub Bowser card
  • Chests in the stream
  • Pole vaulting for red coins
  • Through the jet stream (Dre, Dire Docks)
  • Manta Award
  • Collect hats
  • Dire, Dire Docks 100 Power Star Coins

The stars of the snowman earth

  • The big head of a snowman
  • Relax with the bully
  • In the deep frost
  • A whirlwind from a freezing pond
  • Shred the shells for 8 red coins
  • At the igloo
  • Land of the Snowman 100 Power Star Coin

The wet and dry stars of the world

  • Shocking arrows float!
  • Top O ‘The Town
  • Secrets in the Shallows & Sky
  • Express elevators – hurry up!
  • Go to town for red coins
  • A quick ride to the center
  • Wet-Dry World 100 Power Star coins

Tall and tall mountain stars

  • Climb to the top
  • The secret of the monkey cage
  • I temuti "Funghi, monete rosse"
  • Mysterious mountain slope
  • Breathtaking view from the bridge
  • Shoot the lone mushroom
  • High, high, the first 100 Power Star coins

Stars of the small-huge island

  • Pick a piranha flower
  • The top of a huge island
  • Rematch with Koopa Fast
  • Five little secrets
  • Red Wiggler Coins
  • Let Wiggler squirm
  • Huge small island of 100 Star of Power coins

Check the star of the clock

  • Roll into the cage
  • The cavity and the pendulum
  • Take a hand
  • Trample Thwomp
  • Jump over time on moving bars
  • Stop time for red coins
  • Clock Tic Toc 100 Coins Star of Power

Rainbow guide stars

  • A cruiser across the rainbow
  • Big house in the sky
  • Coins collected in a labyrinth
  • Swinging in the wind
  • Sneaky Triangles!
  • Somewhere over the rainbow
  • Rainbow Ride 100 Power Star Coins

The castle of the secret stars

Our wiki also has a dedicated list to help you keep track of your progress, allowing you to check out every mysterious castle star you have acquired. Click here to go to the The castle of the secret starsList page!

Posted Wed Jan 30 2019 11:07 PM EST
author: Furball

One of the biggest typos of 1996 is found in Super Mario 64. Yoshi hangs on the roof of Princess Peach’s castle, you can get to the top of the roof with a cannon near the water. This cannon opens after collecting all 120 Power Stars. You don’t have to move the cannon, just shoot!

How to find yoshi in super mario 64

On the roof, you will see Yoshi wandering without thinking, even if you get in the way, he doesn’t greet you until you talk to him.

When you talk to him, he says:

Is it really you.
It’s been so long since our last adventure!

How to find yoshi in super mario 64

They told me I could see you if I wanted to come here, but I almost lost hope!

It is true? Did you really beat Bowser? And did you bring the Stars back to the castle?

And saved the princess? I knew you could do it! Now I have a very special message for you.

“Thanks for playing Super Mario 64! This is the game over, but not the end of the fun. We want you to keep playing, so we have something small for you. We hope you enjoy it! "

– Super Mario 64 team

It really should be:Is it really you. – dev and test teams had to hurry up and ignore it! Nintendo games are generally quite refined, but it’s not uncommon to find a few bugs here and there.

Even so, it’s still funny that Yoshi made a cameo in the game!

Yoshi gives Mario a special triple jump and maximizes it to 100 lives. As with many Mario games, it’s a cute Easter egg or thank you for going the distance.

This topic is excluded from further discussion.

Anyone know where to find Luigi?

I already have 30 stars

Well, you get it by obsessing Big Boo by beating Big Boo.

Ale możesz również zdobyć Wario, jeśli pokonasz poziom Bowser w morzu ognia, który jest w piwnicy, przed poziomem " straszne straszne doki" powinna znajdować się rura, jeśli nie musisz zdobyć jednej gwiazdki z strasznych strasznych doków .

Well, you get it by obsessing Big Boo by beating Big Boo.

Ale możesz również zdobyć Wario, jeśli pokonasz poziom Bowser w morzu ognia, który jest w piwnicy, przed poziomem " straszne straszne doki" powinna znajdować się rura, jeśli nie musisz zdobyć jednej gwiazdki z strasznych strasznych doków .

By Hikari in Gry on 10/29/2017

Developer and publisher Nintendo has finally released one of the most anticipated games of the year, Super Mario Odyssey, a platformer featuring Mario and his friends exclusively for the Nintendo Switch.

As always, Princess Peach has been kidnapped by the evil turtle Bowser, who plans to marry her. To save her, Mario embarks on a journey with a hat that anyone can own and take control of any object or character.

As the game offers an open world, there are many hidden secrets that can sometimes be difficult to find or unlock.

But don’t worry as we’ve covered almost the entire guide to some characters, outfits, secrets, and more.

How to unlock Yoshi

To unlock Yoshi you must first complete the game, then head to the mushroom kingdom and then head to the left side of the castle. there you will find a scarecrow, interact with him, a secret staircase will open on the left side of the castle that will lead you to the roof.

You will find a green polka dot egg on the roof, break it and it will free Yoshi and have fun like him, take it with a cappy and there you have it, now you can be Yoshi too. To access Yoshi’s secret levels, you can follow the YouTuber SwingPoynt video guide below.

How to unlock Mario64’s outfit?

There is nothing to do here, just locate the seller and buy it. but besides playing with a Mario 64 costume, you can also access a secret level that looks like a Mario 64 game and has the same music. you can watch TealGameMaster’s video tutorial below on how to do it.

Spoiler alertif you have not completed the game, there is some content below that may interrupt your game, so proceed at your own risk.

Below is a video from ProsafiaGaming loading a secret ending detailing what will happen when you collect all 999 moons in the game.

Another video from ProsafiaGaming shows what happens when you collect 500 moons in the game.

It’s only been a few days since the game preview, so I’m sure there are more secrets in Super Mario Odyssey. if I happen to find out more about some secrets, I will update the post. More information about the game can be found on the official website.

Super Mario Odyssey

Super Mario Odyssey is a gigantic game full of secrets, tricks, Easter eggs and more. The main story took me about ten hours, during which time the game guides you through each of the main realms, puts you in charge to defeat some bosses, and finally puts you in an epic fight against Bowser. However, as I learn, things really only start when the final credits roll out – this game plays apart and I imagine I have dozens of moon hours piling up in front of me. But I recently found one of my favorite post-campaign treats that an old friend introduces us to.

Spoiler below:

At the end of the game, you will find yourself in the Mushroom Kingdom: an idyllic land that is not bothered by the many monsters you will find throughout the rest of the game, although there are some Goomba symbols in search of love. It’s a bit like going back Super Mario 64which included a similarly designed version of Peach’s Castle, where the player could run with a rather revolutionary treatment of the central open world area. There are moons to catch and toads to chat with, but there’s also one of the best little Easter eggs hidden on the roof. You guessed it: it’s Yoshi.

Yoshi in Super Mario Odyssey.

To get there you have to face the castle and go to the right side where you will see a scarecrow. Put on his hat and go up the stairs that will appear. At the top you will find an egg: throw the hat at it to open it and see your old green friend. However, you will notice that you cannot ride it by jumping on it like you did in previous games. But luckily, Mario has a much creepier way to access Yoshi’s experience: he throws your hat at the creature and takes control of his feeble mind by leaping into the world below. Yoshi’s position here is also a reference Super Mario 64– in this game you could find him on top of the castle after collecting 120 stars.

When playing as Yoshi, you can run and eat any fruit you may have noticed circling the level – collect enough and you will get a star. There is also a world of Yoshi-specific pipes that can only be accessed by eating a fruit stuck at his entrance. He asks you to jump onto the platforms as you perform Yoshi’s signature flutter jump.

This topic is excluded from further discussion.

Anyone know where to find Luigi?

I already have 30 stars

Well, you get it by obsessing Big Boo by beating Big Boo.

Ale możesz również zdobyć Wario, jeśli pokonasz poziom Bowser w morzu ognia, który jest w piwnicy, przed poziomem " straszne straszne doki" powinna znajdować się rura, jeśli nie musisz zdobyć jednej gwiazdki z strasznych strasznych doków .

Well, you get it by obsessing Big Boo by beating Big Boo.

Ale możesz również zdobyć Wario, jeśli pokonasz poziom Bowser w morzu ognia, który jest w piwnicy, przed poziomem " straszne straszne doki" powinna znajdować się rura, jeśli nie musisz zdobyć jednej gwiazdki z strasznych strasznych doków .

Want to know how to get Wing Cap in Mario 64? You are in the right place. Wing Cap allows you to fly. But you won’t get it from the start of the game. You will need to unlock it.

Find out here the easiest way to get Wing Cap in Mario 64. By following this guide, you will be able to unlock and start using this Wing Cap right away in your game. Let’s explore the complete guide without any delay.

How to find yoshi in super mario 64


How to get Wing Cap in Mario 64?

As we all know, Wing Cap helps Mario fly in the game. Z pomocą tej czapki Mario może z łatwością latać w grze Mario 64. But, you will not get this cap from the starting of this game You will need to unlock it. The best part is that the process of unlocking this Wing Cap in the game is as simple as making a cup of coffee. Aren’t you surprised?

The learning process How to get Wing Cap in Mario 64 is very simple. First of all, you will need to get 10 stars in the game. You can get any 10 stars. The best way to get 10 stars is to complete the game’s starting levels as most of them are easy. Once you have collected 10 stars in the game, you will need to take the next step.

After collecting 10 stars, you will need to return to the castle lobby in the game. When you get there, you will need to look for a ray of light. A beam of light is easily visible near the entrance. It shines on the floor in that place. Now you will have to go and stay in that ray of light. So be sure to look up at the sky.

You will now be transported into the sky above the Winged Hat Tower. You will then need to complete a secret mission before hitting the Wing Cap switch (red switch) on the tower. Let’s discuss that secret mission.

In this secret mission you will have to collect eight red coins. When you collect them all, you will see a star appear at the top of the tower next to the red switch. Before collecting the star, you will need to press the Wing Cap switch (red switch). After pressing the switch, you will successfully unlock the Wing cap. You will now find Wing Cap among all the red bricks you will find in the game.

That was How to get Wing Cap in Mario 64. Isn’t is easy to get this amazing cap to fly in the game? Don’t forget to share your opinion in the comments section.

Now you can enjoy Super Mario 64 alongside Super Mario Sunshine and Super Mario Galaxy in the Super Mario 3D All Stars game pack. Thanks to this pack, you can now enjoy all these great games on your Nintendo Switch. Have you tried all of these games in this new package on your Switch? If you haven’t tried it yet, try it now.

Wniosek: How to get Wing Cap in Mario 64?

All in all, we hope you have complete information on how to get Wing Cap in Mario 64. So get ready to introduce this awesome Wing Cap into your game. If you have any questions or concerns about this Wing Cap, feel free to ask in the comment section. We are happy to answer all your questions and queries.