How to find the heart containers in a link between worlds

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How to find the heart containers in a link between worlds

The Legend Of Zelda is a game that has been the mainstay of Nintendo since the first title released on the Nintendo Entertainment System in 1986.

It was the third game, 1991’s A Link to the Past, to really grab the attention of players, along with widespread critical acclaim. Fast forward to 2013, with over 70 million sales in the franchise, Zelda returns to its roots with The Legend Of Zelda: A Link Between Worlds.

Now, this direct sequel to the 1991 classic promises to be one of the hottest games of the holiday season. Zelda has never been a game for cheats and the like, but a few exploits, along with some handy tricks, will have you rocking around Hyrule like a pro.

  • 1 StreetPass Exploit
    • 1.1 Never lose in a shadow link battle

    StreetPass exploit

    Never lose in a shadow link battle

    If you are fighting Shadow Link in a StreetPass session, be sure to save your game just before the battle. If things don’t go your way, reset your 3DS and you’ll be back to the game you saved before the battle. You can keep fighting until you defeat your opponent.

    Get Bounty Shadow Link 999

    By setting up your Shadow Link to have others fight in StreetPass mode, you may have noticed a reward associated with your character. Depending on your progress and the items in the game, the reward associated with your character will change. If you want to get the maximum reward (along with the highest bragging rights) you need to configure your Link exactly as below;

    More difficult combination of shadows with a lower reward

    You can make your Shadow Link even harder to beat by equipping yourself with potions to replenish its life meter. Just swap any weapon in the empty potion slots. Your reward will decrease, but your opponents will have less chance of defeating you.

    Ways of joining the walls

    How to find the heart containers in a link between worlds

    One of the new features in A Link Between Worlds is Link’s ability to transform into a 2D image and move around walls. Different Easter eggs and secrets can be found in the game in this form.

      Browse homes and shops for paintings and decorations that can move. In your home, you can move behind Majora’s mask on the wall to make it look like you are wearing it. The elegant woman from Kakariko’s village also has a lipstick stain on her house wall that Link can link to to create a fun scene.

    Easy money found in the game

    After collecting and purchasing all the main items in the game, money doesn’t matter much. Until then, you’ll want to get all the rupees you can. The characters listed below will definitely help you with this!

    Unlimited Heart Cartridges

    You can probably qualify it as unrealistic, but in VisiHow we won’t tell you how to spend your free time.

    If you can survive the Cucco Run minigame for 999.99 seconds (or 16 minutes and 40 seconds), you will be rewarded with a giant Cucco and proclaimed Cuccomaster. Cucco will now stand in front of the minigame pen and give you infinite hearts that will fill your life whenever you need them. Taking repeated breaks helps enormously, especially after hitting 300 seconds and beyond.

    Glitch: Super Bug Net Boss Battle

    True to Zelda’s form, the final boss battle with Yuga includes a segment where you’ll have to deflect the magic arrows with a Master Sword. If you’ve already collected the Super Bug Net (read the next section if you don’t already have one), you can actually use it with a much greater advantage in the second stage of the battle. Just attack the net and deflect the magic arrows. The advantage of using a net is that your swing is so long that you can deflect two shots with one shot. You don’t even have to worry about going back to the Master Sword, because you can finish Yuga with the net.

    The treacherous tower unlocks items

    Defeating the Treacherous Tower will grant you different rewards depending on how many levels you have completed.

    Collect Maiamais

    How to find the heart containers in a link between worlds

    Collecting Maiamais is not just a useless side mission. Take as many as you can find because returning them to your mother will give you some unique and powerful upgrades that aren’t available any other way.

    Press Maimai

    Improved article Original object required Maimai required What does it do
    Nice bow Arch 1 This bow will shoot three arrows at the same time.
    nice boomerang boomerang 1 This boomerang moves faster and you can send out three at once.
    Nice hammer Hammer 1 This Hammer has added spikes and the area of effect is increased.
    Nice pitcher Launcher 1 This Launcher shoots faster and has a longer reach than the standard item.
    Nice bomb Bomb 1 The Nice bomb is bigger and has a larger blast zone.
    Nice tornado barrel Tornado stick 1 Tornadoes created with a power pole will make the area larger and more affected.
    Nice ice bar Ice stick 1 Your pillar of fire will be bigger and faster
    A great ride Sword Master 1 Classic spin attack with extra destructive power.

    If you’re having trouble completing any of the steps in this article, ask a question for further help or post in the comment section below.


    Master Ore is one of four collectibles in The Legend of Zelda: A Link Between Worlds. This rare and extremely useful item can only be found in certain dungeons, located in large chests. The Master Ores serve the purpose of upgrading the Sword Master.

    For more help on The Legend of Zelda: Connection Between Worlds, read our guide to Maiamai, Heart Pieces and Empty Bottles.

    The Legend of Zelda: Link between the locations of world champion minerals

    When you obtain 2 of these, the Blacksmith of Hyrule will can temper the Sword Master, making it red and allowing it to deal more damage.

    When you collect 2 more, the Blacksmith of Lorule will be able to use them to make your sword golden, allowing you to deal as much damage as possible.

    So there are a total of 4 different Champion Ores in the game, located in different dungeons. Here’s how you can find them:

    Master Ore # 1 – The Thieves’ Hideout
    The first dungeon is the Thieves’ Hideout. When you find Thief Girl and lead her out of the dungeon, you’ll come across a basement room filled with water. Go to the southwest corner of the room. There are a few switches here. Press one switch and Thief Girl on the other.

    A nearby wall will open. Enter the open space, run down the corridor and get the Master Ore from the chest.

    Champion Ore # 2 – Forest of Skulls
    The second dungeon is the Forest of Skulls. Located in one of the last parts of the dungeon, during which Link must obtain the eyeballs. One of the eyeballs is on the highest ledge at the southern end of the room.

    There is also a large treasure chest north of this eyeball. Connect along the wall to reach the treasure chest and open it to find your second Master Ore.

    Championship Hours # 3 – The Dark Palace
    Avrai bisogno di Bombs per completare questo. On the second floor there is a bright room with windows. North of this room is another small room with a treasure chest.

    There are two switches that operate the wall and platforms in the center of the rooms. You have to lower the platforms using these switches.

    Place the bomb near the switch below and then run to the platform above. Press the nearby switch to reach the highest ledge and run to the north wall. When the bomb explodes, the switch will flip and allow Link to enter the rectangular room. Open the chest for the third Master Oer.

    Red Championship n. 4 – Lorule Cemetery
    You will need the Titan’s Mitt to get the Master Ore from here. Go to the Shrine of Hyrule and use the rift to enter Lorule. Go east to the graveyard, and at its northeast portion, use the Titan’s Mitt to lift the large boulder, and then head down the steps.

    There is a switch in the western part of the cave. Press it and go through the open door. Head northwest of the area and take the stairs.

    Follow the path to the right until you reach the treasure chest. Connect along the wall to the east and go to the small key. Use it on the locked door to the northwest.

    You will meet some Eyegores, defeat them and go to the next room. Pull the switch to the right and then go up the stairs. Then connect along the right wall and walk to the treasure chest there. Open them to get the latest Master Hours.

    Heart Pieces can be hard to find and hard to get, so this guide should help you get them all. If you are looking for something different Legend of Zelda Connection between worldsguides, then visit Guide to all guides for links to all of them.

    Positions of pieces of heart

    Location Hyrule World

    • Behind the blacksmith’s house. Join the walls to reach it.

    How to find the heart containers in a link between worlds

    • At the Sanctuary.
      • Go to the cemetery and then to the room immediately behind the first one.
      • Head west up the stairs and then east across the boardwalk.
      • The walls connect to the east to reach it.
    • Cucco Ranch. Play a mini-game and then do it Rooster level. When you beat Rooster level, you will get a Piece of Heart.
    • West of Cucco Ranch. Get a high enough score Indian travelthat a girl give you a piece of my heart.

    How to find the heart containers in a link between worlds

    • Opposite the Hyrule Castle. Head east around the outside of the castle until you reach it, then collect a small stone to capture it. To do this, you must have an electric glove.

    How to find the heart containers in a link between worlds

    • Cave above the cemetery.
      • Use the sanctuary world link to get to Lorule, then leave the area to the south and head east.
      • Climb the ladder, then blow up the rocks with the bomb to reveal another connection to the world.
      • Use it to return to Hyrule and then enter the cave.

    How to find the heart containers in a link between worlds

    Around the village of Kakariko

    • Cave in the village of Kakariko.Collect the chicken and you can go from the shelf above the cave and swim for a short time. If you do it right, you could fall into a hole. Kill the snakes and climb the stairs for a piece of heart. Alternatively, if you have a power mitt, you can collect the rocks above the hole and jump down.
    • Connect to the house west of Bee’s house from a location suitable forLorule.

    How to find the heart containers in a link between worlds

    Around the Palazzo d’Oriente

    • Southeast of the eastern palace, surrounded by tree trunks.

    How to find the heart containers in a link between worlds

    • A little south of the Eastern Palace in a cave. Use the bomb to open the cave and then connect the walls to the west.

    How to find the heart containers in a link between worlds

    Around the mountain of death

    • West of the Tower of Hera. Jump from the ledge to the thin central platform. Travel north to reach the Heart Piece.

    How to find the heart containers in a link between worlds

    • Volcanic cave in the Far East.
      • Head to the central platform and connect to the wall to the west of the moving platform with the smiley face.
      • Hit him with the hammer and then shoot him on the platform above. You have to do it in good time.
      • Repeat on each platform until you reach it.

    How to find the heart containers in a link between worlds

    • Next to the connection to the world at the top of Mount Death. Check out my Guide to Connecting to the World for information on how to get there.

    How to find the heart containers in a link between worlds

    Places of the Lorule world

    Around the mountain of death

    • The treacherous tower.Go through the intermediate level.
    • A link outside the miner’s house.
      • Go south until you see the last one to the east, then go up.
      • Grab the chicken and then go to the northernmost edge.
      • Jump down and aim west to land where the heart piece is.

    How to find the heart containers in a link between worlds

    I will update it when I find more hearts. If you need more details or have something that I missed, please let us know in the comments.

    How to find the heart containers in a link between worlds

    A guide to the elements of the heart between worlds

    Welcome to our Legend of Zelda:A guide to the elements of the heart between worlds. As Link travels again through the notorious Kingdom of Hyrule, he will need as much health as he can get. Fortunately, the land of Hyrule is full of pieces of hearts that have been scattered and hidden. Finding all these pieces of heart can be quite difficult. Fortunately, we’ve done all the hard work for you. Collecting 4 Hearts will reward you with a new Hearts Container.

    In this guide, you will learn where all parts of the heart are in the connection between worlds.

    Kakariko Village: There is a well in the upper left corner of the village. Use your Power Gauntlet to revive the rocks and enter the well. Hold the cuckoo and jump off the ledge to the right of the hole and aim for the hole. Inside is a piece of heart.

    Blacksmith Shop: Press against the blacksmith shop wall to enter the back of the shop and get a heart piece.

    Lost Woods: Press into the wall under a hollow log. Thanks to this, you will reach the hidden area with a piece of heart.

    Graveyard: After Link learns the wall hug skill, return to the dungeon under the shrine / tombstone and press against the wall to reach the far right area with the heart piece.

    Race to the Miner’s House:The completion of this mini-game will require the Pegasus Boots. With these shoes in your inventory, find the man in the easternmost part of Lake Hylia on the platform and accept his running challenge. If you can make it to the Miner’s House, marked on your map, within 65 seconds then you will get a piece of heart.

    Eastern Palace:Use the Magic Hammer on the pegs south of the Eastern Palace.

    Cucco Ranch Minigame – Play the minigame to dodge a swam of Cuccos. Stay inside so you have more time to react to incoming cuckoos. Keep challenging until you reach the Rooster level, and win to get the Heart Piece. For a winning tip always try to stay in the center of the arena and use the 3D slider to find out which cuckoos are flying above you (usually the yellow ones)

    Indian travel:- Collect 1 Rupees in less than 30 seconds. If you have a stopwatch, I suggest you use it as there is no timer in the game. If you come back in less than a second, you will receive a multiplier bonus.

    Hyrule Castle: There is a rock on the left side of the castle that you can collect to get a heart.

    River Zora: Swim in the waterfall south of the Zora domain.

    Palazzo Orientale: Bomb apre la grotta incrinata a sud del Palazzo.

    Swamp Ruins: You should find a heart surrounded by statues in Swamp Ruins. To get the heart piece you will need to head south to 2 larger statues and bomb the wall between them to reveal a hidden path.

    Mount of Death: On the path leading to the Tower of Hera there is an area with 2 ledges above the top. Press against the wall and move to the slightly lower platform to reach the cave entrance. Inside is a piece of heart.

    Death Mountain:Head East past the Tower of Hera until you find a sign marking the path to Rosso’s Ore Mine. Enter the cave and work your way up the platforms by using the Hammer to spring upward from platform to platform.

    Kakariko Village: After entering Lorule, enter the City of Thieves portal in the ruined house. This portal will take you back into a woman’s closet in Kakariko village. He’ll give Link a kiss and a listening piece.

    Thieves Town: Play and complete Fortune House. This game is all about luck, so keep playing until you get a piece of heart.

    Lorule Indian travel:This heart piece is similar to the one in the Hyrulean version. Collect 1 Rupee within the allotted time to get a heart.

    Lorule Baseball Derby: Complete this minigame with a score of 1 rupee or more in one match. Aim for the ravens that will give you the most points.

    Swamp of Evil: acquista il gigantesco fiore Bomb dal negozio a sud di Thieves Town e conducilo a un gigantesco muro crepato a sud della palude. Blast this rock to reveal the cave.

    Palace of Darkness: There is a section on the way to the palace where Link has to sneak past the patrolling guards. In one of these segments there is a small platform with a piece of heart on the end. Sneak past the guard and grab a piece of heart.

    Graveyard: Use Lorule’s portal to land on Hyrule’s ledge with the heart on top.

    City of Thieves: Take the Lorule portal at the back of the North House in Kakariko Village. Then connect along this house on the south side.

    Ruined Miner’s House:There is a piece of heart on the ruined house in Lorule. Climb to the ledge on the right and use the Cucoo to reach the heart piece.

    Blacksmith’s House: Use Titan Glove to collect a large rock south of the Blacksmith’s House.

    Misery Mire: Use Sand Rod to create a bridge from the north wall where the portal is hidden. Bomb questo muro ed entra nel portale per ottenere un pezzo di cuore.

    Treacherous Tower: Complete 30 floors in this tower.

    Turtle Rock Dungeon: Head to the outside balcony of the dungeon to find the heart piece.

    Death Mountain: Follow the Death Mountain trail to Lorule and use the portal on the pillar to return to Hyrule and find the heart piece.

    Fairy fountains

    There are two types of fairy fountains in this game:

    • The Great Fairy fountains, where a great fairy fills up all your hearts each time you visit her, and
    • the Fairy fountains, where you can find some small fairies who each fills up five hearts, but you can also capture them in an empty bottle and release them later. If you die with a fairy in one of your bottles, it will automatically heal you.

    Great Fairy fountains

    How to find the heart containers in a link between worldsHyrule

    • In the Eastern Palace area, southwest of the enclosure, enter the cave north of the row of five trees.
    • West of the swamp area, enter the cave to the left of the ladder.
    • At Death Mountain – eastern part – enter the cave located in the southeastern part of this area.
    • In the area southeast of the Dark Palace, go up the ladder, then connect to the wall and go left towards the green rupees. Jump down and enter the cave.

    Fairy fountains

    How to find the heart containers in a link between worldsHyrule

    • [Bombs Required] In the Swamp area, south of Link’s house, go right when you arrive in the region and place a bomb against the wall between the two small rocks.
    • [Bombs Required] In one area, south of the East Palace, go southeast to 1 stakes in a circle, then place a bomb against the broken wall.
    • W górze, od wiatrowskazu "Góra Śmierci", włącz się w ścianę na wschód, skręć w prawo i wyjdź w pobliżu jaskini.
    • To the west of the Tower of Hera, from the first cave entrance, jump to the next cave entrance, located a little lower. Go inside, walk through it (grab a piece of heart if you haven’t already) and enter another cave to find the little fairies to the east.
    • [Titan Mitt required] Northwest of the Fairy Tent, collect a large stone to access it.
    • [Sand Rod Required] In the desert area, go up the two steps to the southeast, then swing your cane to the west, go further north, go to the platform of pegs, use the bar again to go up to the platform higher right and then back to the law. Finally enter the cave!
    • [Ice stick required] In the big lake area, go northeast (near the Racing Bros). Enter the cave, use the Ice stick to make the flames disappear and move on.

    How to find the heart containers in a link between worldsLorule

    • In the southern part of the Dark Palace region, head east and plant a bomb against the broken wall.
    • At Mount Death – western part – enter the cave below the rift.
    • In the large area of ​​the lake, head northeast and enter the cave to the left of the rift.
    • After donating a certain number of rupees to the Great Rupee Fairy, her fountain is filled with little fairies!
    • In all the temples of Lorule, with the exception of the Thieves’ Lair, you can find a room with little fairies.

    How to find the heart containers in a link between worlds


    There are some collectibles in The Legend of Zelda: A Link Between Worlds that you may want to discover. One of the rarest collectibles in the game are empty bottles.

    Empty bottles are used to store things like potions, fairies, bees, and milk. Empty bottles are very important for carrying items and there are 5 in total that can be purchased or found through the missions of Hyrule and Lorule.

    For more help on The Legend of Zelda: Connection Between the Worlds, read our Master Ore, Maiamai and Heart Pieces guide.

    The Legend of Zelda: the connection between the worlds of the place of empty bottles

    The positions of the various Empty Bottles are shown below.

    Empty bottle n. 1
    Position:Kakariko village­ – There is a merchant in the village who sells an empty bottle. The cost of the bottle is 1 rupee.

    Empty bottle n. 2
    Position: With Zora Pinne, ascend from Lake Hylia. There is a stone bridge to the right of Link’s House. There is a man under the bridge. Talk to him and he will give you an empty bottle. Yup!

    Empty bottle n. 3
    Position:Go to Lorule and to Link’s House. Bomb il retro della sua casa, ed entra dentro per trovare una cassa. There will be an empty bottle in the chest.

    Empty bottle n. 4
    Position: With the Zora Fins, go east of Lake Hylia. You will find an empty bottle that will give you a search. A message in a bottle will ask for your help on the top of Death Mountain. It will also ask you to fill the bottle with premium milk from Kakariko village.

    With milk, you will have to go straight from the Tower of Hera and descend into the large lava cave. At the moving platforms, you will have to go south towards the cave exit. There you will find an immobilized person who will drink milk and then hand you an empty bottle.

    Empty bottle number 5
    Position: In Lorule’s Fairy Fountain, you will find a giant crack next to it. Bomblo con il Fiore Bomb, e poi dona 3.000 rupie alla fata. The fairy will give you smaller fairies when you get close.

    If you find something unclear, please comment and we will help you!

    “I lost sight of my little Maiamai! All 1 of my kids, coming soon! Can you find them all?

    Where to find Mother Maiamai ?: Mother Maiamai can be found in a cave with a stone formation around a hidden entrance. Go down and left from Link’s house and there will be a wall you can bomb to blow it up and create an entrance.? – To clarify, Mother Maiamai’s site is up and to the left of the House of Storm, where 2/3 of the dungeons are located in Hyrule.

    Advice: Go find Mother Maiamai first, as she will give you the Maiamai map to help you find her missing children. Receiving the Maiamai map will initiate this secondary mission. Baby Maiamai can be found in Hyrule and Lorule and each world contains 50 Maiamai. Check the Maiamai Map to find out how many Maiamai are left to be found in any specific region (like the 8 in Lost Woods) of the world you’re currently in. — When you’re near a Maiamai you’ll hear them crying (with shrieking noises) calling for their Mother Maiamai.

    Note: For every 1 Maiamai children you return to Mother Maiamai, she will give you an upgrade to 1 of the 9 items that you’ve bought (not rented) from Ravio’s Shop, with the limitation that each item can only be upgraded once. Each time you do an item upgrade, you can select one of these Ravio’s standard items to be upgraded into a “Nice” version of said item. This will give it a new look and improved functions.

    “You have captured the lost Maiamai. Take it to Mother Maiamai, won’t you?”

    How to find Missing Maiamai ?: In Maiamai, they will simply look like pink creatures in a shell and you can pick them up to pick them up when you walk on them. It can be confirmed as being Maiamai simply by walking up to it, as the on-screen text (and accompanying musical jingle) will then tell you that you’ve collected the Maiamai.

    Where to find all the Maiamai in Zelda: A Link Between Worlds ?:The locations of the in-game collectibles for Maiamai are described in this detailed video guide, which contains many voice prompts at each step.

    The Maiamai are listed in the film in the order they appear in the normal development of the story.

    Here you are! All Maiamai in Zelda: A Link Between Worlds are yours! 🙂.

    Important: After you’ve collected all 1 Baby Maiamais and returned them to Mother Maiamai in her cave (location described above) you’ll receive a reward! Mother Maiamai will give you the A great ride Attack upgrade, which has an attack radius twice as wide when used and is more powerful. Make a move by holding the B Button to charge the sword and then releasing the B Button to spin.

    Many thanks to Derrick for the videos and instructional tips.

    Please comment if you have any additional Zelda:A Link Between Worlds Maiamai location tips of your own, we’ll give you credit for it. – Thanks for visiting!

    Home » Zelda Breath of Wild » Zelda BoTW How to Swap Hearts for Stamina – Where to find horned statue

    Heart Containers and Ships of Durability are enhancements in Zelda Breath of the Wild. They’re the only way to enhance Link’s abilities. You earn them by spending Spirit Orbs. But what if you made a mistake? What if you regret increasing your stamina instead of health? Luckily, there’s a way to respec in Zelda BoTW, and it involves visiting a particular statue. In this guide, we’re going to show you where to find the statue that allows you to convert hearts for resistance in Zelda Breath of the Wild.

    How To Convert Stamina To Hearts In Zelda Breath of The Wild

    Where is the statue listing Stamina for Health?

    The statue is located just outside the village of Hateno, in the Necluda region. It’s near Firly Pond, the tiny lake by the house you can buy. Once you’re in the village, head to the north side of the pond. It’s next to the outcrop with the flag on it, west of the bridge. The statue is different from the ones you’ve already visited – it has horns.

    How to find the heart containers in a link between worlds

    How to find the heart containers in a link between worlds

    When you talk to him, he will take one of your heart containers and beginSecondary mission for special occasions. Talk to him again and this will allow you to choose whether you want to upgrade your stamina or retrieve the heart container. The statue will swap both of you whenever you want, at a cost of 20 rupees per conversion. In fact, it will give you 120 when you give up the update, but will ask you for 120 to give you a new one.

    It’s a great way to respec Link before a tough boss fight, or a particularly tiring endeavor. For example, if you’ve already visited most of the shrinesbut you spent the orbs for stamina, you can ask the statue to turn it into hearts so you can get itSword Master.