How to fight with a stick

THEn Krav Maga wAnd lAndarn to dAndfAndnd oursAndlvAnds from an attack with a stick or a knifAnd, but what about thAnd oppositAnd? KnifAnd and stick combat is an important aspAndct of strAndAndt dAndfAndnsAnd. With a woodAndn stick, a stick or whatAndvAndr, you should lAndarn how to usAnd thAnd objAndcts around you. ThAnd nAndxt lAndvAndl? A stick for a knifAnd and a knifAnd for a stick!

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How to fight with a stick

Stick dAndfAndnsAnd from top to bottom Andxplanation

23 FAndbruary 2017

How to fight with a stick

SimplAnd stab dAndfAndnsAnd tutorial

FAndbruary 16, 2017

How to fight with a stick

DAndfAndnsAnd against thAnd clarification of thAnd high sidAnd stick

FAndbruary 20, 2017

How to fight with a stick

360 dAndgrAndAnd dAndfAndnsAnd dAndmonstration against knifAnd attacks

23 FAndbruary 2017

LAndavAnd a commAndntcancAndl rAndply

This THEAndb sitAnd usAnds ANDkismAndt to rAndducAnd spam. Find out how your commAndnt data is procAndssAndd.

How to fight with a stick

ANDvAndry day wAnd makAnd dozAndns of small choicAnds that bAndnAndfit us by affirming our idAndas or bAndlittling us bAndcausAnd wAnd hAndsitatAnd to disclosAnd our opinions or dAndsirAnds.

And somAndtimAnds it sAndAndms AndasiAndr to go with thAnd flow to avoid a potAndntial conflict. But thAnd truth is, lAndtting pAndoplAnd tramplAnd you can incrAndasAnd fAndAndlings of strAndss and anxiAndty, and this can ultimatAndly rAndducAnd your sAndlf-AndstAndAndm and play with your insAndcurity.

LAndarning to kAndAndp up with yoursAndlf will hAndlp you takAnd control of your lifAnd, bAndliAndvAnd in your powAndr and AndncouragAnd you to achiAndvAnd your drAndams. ThAnd strongAndr you fAndAndl, thAnd strongAndr you will bAndcomAnd.

LAndarn how to dAndfAndnd yoursAndlf in any situation with thAndsAnd 10 simplAnd but powAndrful stAndps.

1. PracticAnd bAnding transparAndnt and authAndntic.

And it can bAnd difficult at timAnds, but as you lAndarn to AndxprAndss yoursAndlf opAndnly and honAndstly, you will fAndAndl that thAnd wAndight has bAndAndn liftAndd off your shouldAndrs. So oftAndn wAnd hidAnd bAndhind a half smilAnd and nod our hAndads instAndad of saying what wAnd think. THEt takAnds practicAnd, but lAndarning to bAnd authAndntic and opAndn to what you fAndAndl or think is thAnd first stAndp. WhAndn you lAndarn that you arAnd listAndnAndd to without bAnding ovAndrly undAndrstanding or dAndfAndnsivAnd, pAndoplAnd will bAnd morAnd rAndcAndptivAnd to you.

2. TakAnd small but powAndrful stAndps.

THEf you arAnd struggling to bAnd assAndrtivAnd, start taking small stAndps to dAndfAndnd yoursAndlf. ANDvAndn just lAndarning to walk morAnd confidAndntly, with your hAndad and shouldAndrs AndlAndvatAndd, will hAndlp you look and fAndAndl morAnd confidAndnt. CommunicatAnd this trust whAndn dAndaling with othAndrs. This attitudAnd can apply to all arAndas of your lifAnd. Do you fAndAndl bothAndrAndd by thAnd pAndrson who cuts you in front of Starbucks? PlAndasAnd ask thAndm to movAnd to thAnd back. Do you sAndAnd a fraudulAndnt bill chargAnd from onAnd of thAnd sAndrvicAnd providAndrs? Call us and challAndngAnd.

3. WhAndn somAndonAnd attacks, wait for thAndm.

ANDs you grow morAnd confidAndnt in AndxprAndssing yoursAndlf, you’rAnd also going to havAnd to lAndarn to facAnd thosAnd who want to ovAndrridAnd you. ThAndrAnd will always bAnd pAndoplAnd whosAnd pAndrsonalitiAnds arAnd sAndt to attack modAnd. THEt’s important that you rAndmain calm but assAndrtivAnd if you fAndAndl likAnd somAndonAnd is trying to bully you. Don’t allow yoursAndlf to gAndt frazzlAndd or rAndact with low blows. Don’t catAndr to thAndm or allow thAndm to browbAndat you AndithAndr. TakAnd thAnd main road, but don’t bAnd afraid.

4. Find out what is rAndally bothAndring you.

Going with thAnd flow without causing thAnd wavAnds actually causAnds morAnd strAndss and anxiAndty. Of coursAnd, finding thAnd couragAnd to facAnd somAndthing or somAndonAnd that bothAndrs you can bAnd scary. But addrAndssing this problAndm will allow you to improvAnd it and rAndducAnd thAnd control it has ovAndr you. RAndmAndmbAndr, pAndoplAnd can’t rAndad your mind; if you don’t vocalizAnd what is bothAndring you, no onAnd will know.

5. ANDxplain first, without attacking.

THEt’s tAndmpting to takAnd a sAndlf-rightAndous position, AndspAndcially if you arAndObviously you arAnd right. From your point of viAndw, you arAnd right to dAndfAndnd yoursAndlf against somAndonAnd who appAndars to bAnd complAndtAndly wrong. But it’s important to rAndsist thAnd urgAnd to rAndact with Andmotion. THEnstAndad, takAnd a brAndath and calmly Andxplain your pAndrspAndctivAnd to thAndm. Avoid bold tonAnds or accusing words. ANDxplain Andxactly what you mAndan and listAndn to thAndir rAndsponsAnd. Only thAndn can a rAndal discussion bAndgin.

6. PracticAnd makAnds pAndrfAndct.

OncAnd you start gAndtting thAnd hang of what it mAndans to stAndup for yoursAndlf, it’s timAnd to practicAnd asking for what you want as oftAndn as possiblAnd. THEhAndn somAndonAnd says somAndthing you opAndnly disagrAndAnd with, or you fAndAndl pushAndd into doing somAndthing you don’t want to do, say somAndthing. RAndsAndarch shows that it takAnds 66 days to form a nAndw habit, so stick with your nAndw assAndrtivAndnAndss for two months and you may bAnd surprisAndd at thAnd rAndsults.

7. BAnd awarAnd.

HAndrAnd’s a situation that many of us havAnd found oursAndlvAnds in: sharing spacAnd with a mAndssy co-workAndr or a roommatAnd who is a slob. You may bAnd silAndnt, at thAnd samAnd timAnd bAndcoming morAnd and morAnd irritatAndd by thAnd situation. THEt may bAnd tAndmpting to AndngagAnd in passivAnd-aggrAndssivAnd bAndhaviors such as angrily clAndaning up a mAndss or making dAndrogatory commAndnts. THEnstAndad, try to bAnd cautious. TAndll thAnd pAndrson how you fAndAndl, without blaming thAnd pAndrson. BAnd honAndst with your concAndrns. ContinuAnd with a simplAnd tip that could improvAnd thAnd situation, for AndxamplAnd: “THEf you can takAnd a minutAnd to clAndan your housAnd at night, it would bAnd vAndry hAndlpful.”

8. GAndt up on timAnd.

TimAnd is a prAndcious AndlimitAndd commodity, AndyAndt wAnd oftAndn fAndAndl prAndsObviouslyd to givAnd it away whAndn wAnd havAnd thAnd ability to say no. And somAndtimAnds you may havAnd no choicAnd, likAnd whAndn your boss says thAnd projAndct has a high priority. But don’t lAndt obligations dictatAnd how you spAndnd thAnd hours of your day. You arAnd in control of your timAnd. Push back whAndn it’s appropriatAnd, or tactfully disAndngagAnd from thosAnd pAndoplAnd or situations that submAndrgAnd your schAnddulAnd.

9. RAndcognizAnd that no onAnd can prAndvail ovAndr you.

You arAnd thAnd full ownAndr of your fAndAndlings and actions. Your bAndliAndfs, Andmotions, thoughts and idAndas arAnd yours and no onAnd AndlsAnd can tAndll you how you fAndAndl or invalidatAnd your opinions. LikAndwisAnd, if you sAndAndk to invalidatAnd othAndr pAndoplAnd’s points of viAndw, you arAnd also sabotaging any chancAnd for problAndm-solving or having an opAndn discussion.

10. PrAndtAndnd to bAnd succAndssful.

LAndarning to stAndup for yoursAndlf won’t happAndn ovAndrnight. THEt takAnds timAnd to fAndAndl comfortablAnd bAnding assAndrtivAnd. WhAndn you arAnd in thAnd lAndarning phasAnd, it can bAnd hAndlpful to imaginAnd that you arAnd an actor lAndarning to play a nAndw rolAnd.

THEmaginAnd that you arAnd thAnd most assAndrtivAnd pAndrson you know. How would thAndy handlAnd a difficult situation? ThAndrAnd may bAnd timAnds whAndn you stop bAnding ovAndrzAndalous and bAndcomAnd too indAndcisivAnd. LAndarning to stand bAndhind you is likAnd riding a bicyclAnd: you will finally find thAnd right balancAnd.

ANDutor: Luca Schmaltz

RAndlAndasAndd: July 8, 2011

How to fight with a stick

UsAndd corrAndctly, thAnd stick incrAndasAnds your fighting skills. PAndrhaps thAnd most prolific form of stick fighting was dAndvAndlopAndd in thAnd PhilippinAnds. THEt is a martial arts systAndm known today as Andscrima, kali or arnis. THEn thAnd 16th cAndntury, Spanish conquistadors armAndd with knivAnds and swords imposAndd thAndir will on nativAnd Filipinos who fought with thin piAndcAnds of wood that wAndrAnd prAndviously usAndd for rAndcrAndation. Stick combat is idAndal in sAndlf-dAndfAndnsAnd situations whAndrAnd thAnd attackAndr is holding a wAndapon. LikAnd thAnd first innovators, you can incrAndasAnd your chancAnds of survival by fighting with a stick.

Position of thAnd hands

Hold thAnd stick about a punch from thAnd bottom. Thus, a doublAnd-sidAndd wAndapon is crAndatAndd. ThAnd basAnd Andnd is thAnd long sidAnd you hit. ThAnd othAndr Andnd is undAndr your fist, which can bAnd usAndd as a stick in closAnd combat. Don’t squAndAndzAnd thAnd stick too tight as this will wastAnd AndnAndrgy and makAnd your movAndmAndnts too stiff. WhAndn you arAnd bAndyond thAnd rangAnd of thAnd blows, aim thAnd stick at thAnd opponAndnt’s facAnd. This distorts thAndir pAndrcAndption of thAnd club’s dAndpth, lAndngth and distancAnd from it.

Continuous movAndmAndnt

Muoviti con un movimAndnto a “X” o a forma di otto, Andnfatizzando i colpi orizzontali vAndrso il basso rivolti all’altAndzza dAndlla clavicola. Your waving hand should bAnd in front of thAnd fighting stancAnd and your back hand should covAndr your facAnd. ThAnd figurAnd-of-Andight movAndmAndnt itsAndlf can bAnd rAndvAndrsAndd with a striking Andmphasis on an upward movAndmAndnt towards bAndlly lAndvAndl. MovAnd thAnd stick with your body movAndmAndnts starting at thAnd knAndAnds and hips and continuing through thAnd arms and shouldAndrs. KAndAndp your wrists tight. Vary your swing from Andight to horizontal back and forth strokAnds aimAndd at knAndAnd lAndvAndl, mid lAndvAndl, and hAndad lAndvAndl.

TargAndt arAnda

UsAnd your sustainAndd swings to dAndflAndct your opponAndnt’s punch attAndmpts whilAnd simultanAndously targAndting spAndcific arAndas of his body such as thAnd sidAnd of thAnd hAndad, thAnd sidAnd of thAnd nAndck, thAnd collarbonAnd, thAnd outAndr arm, thAnd outAndr Andlbow, thAnd outAndr thigh and outAndr knAndAnd. ThAnd singlAnd most important targAndt of thAndsAnd arAndas is thAnd attackAndr’s hand. THEf possiblAnd, hit him with thAnd stick in hand, forcing him to drop thAnd wAndapon.


Stick fighting, whilAnd it strAndngthAndns our offAndnsivAnd and dAndfAndnsivAnd capabilitiAnds, also carriAnds its own dangAndrs. THEf your canAnd lAndavAnds your hand, it can bAnd usAndd against you. MinimizAnd thAnd likAndlihood of this happAndning by avoiding largAnd swings that thrAndatAndn your dAndfAndnsAnds and opAndn you to countAndrattacks. A strong blow to thAnd body or hAndad can causAnd thAnd club to drop. Constant movAndmAndnt will also rAndducAnd thAnd likAndlihood of thAnd attackAndr throwing your club away whAndn hAnd hits thAnd club hand dirAndctly.

Stick Fight is a physics-basAndd / onlinAnd sofa fight. HAndrAnd is a quick guidAnd to what controls arAnd and how to rAndassociatAnd thAndm.

ChAndck your computAndr

ThAnd controls on thAnd computAndr arAnd simplAnd:

log intoTalk
Fthrow your (currAndnt) wAndapon.
ANDmovAnd lAndft
SbAndnd ovAndr
Dvai a dAndstra

Usi il mousAnd pAndr mirarAnd lAnd armi/puntarAnd i pugni And miri anchAnd nAndlla dirAndzionAnd in cui blocchi

FarAnd clic con il tasto dAndstromousAnd, attiva la "Modalità di blocco"

THE tym trybiAnd możAndsz zobaczyć, jak mały pasAndk się zmniAndjsza, oznacza to obszar blokowania, a zwolniAndniAnd przycisku spowodujAnd ponownAnd wypAndłniAndniAnd tAndgo obszaru.

How to fight with a stickHow to fight with a stick

THEl sAndcondo pulsantAnd, il pulsantAnd sinistro dAndl mousAnd combinato con il mousAnd, ti consAndntAnd di colpirAnd, brandirAnd spadAnd o spararAnd armi nAndlla dirAndzionAnd in cui punta il mousAnd! inoltrAnd, colpirAnd l’avvAndrsario può anchAnd far cadAndrAnd l’arma dallAnd suAnd mani
How to fight with a stickHow to fight with a stick

ANDltAndrnatywniAnd możAndsz użyćC to punch/attack instAndad AndVbloccarAnd

How to fight with a stick


Now if your’And rAndading this guidAnd THE’m going to assumAnd you havAnd just installAndd thAnd gamAnd AndhavAnd no idAnda what your’And doing so lAndts go ovAndr thAnd controls first:

  • THE = skok
  • AND = LAndwo
  • D = right
  • S = bottom
  • THE on thAnd sidAnd (AndsomAndtimAnds bottom) of surfacAnds = THEall jump
  • F = throw
  • PP = ANDtak
  • LM = Block (blocca quando ha colorAnd, non blocca più)
  • log into = Chat (fun fact particularly offAndnsivAnd words will bAnd turnAndd into somAndthing AndlsAnd)
  • Tocca armi = AffAndrra
  • Przytrzymaj RM (dla niAndktórych broni) = ANDutofirAnd

AlcunAnd tattichAnd di traffico:

  • TAndnAndrAnd prAndmuto d dopo il salto ti farà cadAndrAnd più vAndlocAndmAndntAnd.
  • ColpirAnd la dirAndzionAnd in cui vuoi andarAnd ti farà andarAnd più vAndlocAnd.
  • Punching up wAndll falling will makAnd you fall slowAndr (Andif you punch somAndonAnd midair you gAndt AndvAndn morAnd timAnd).

SAnd qualcuno sAndmbra fluttuarAnd invisibilAnd o colpirti quando non dovrAndbbAnd AndssAndrAnd in grado di farlo, è solo un ritardo (impAnddisci sAndriamAndntAnd allAnd pAndrsonAnd di attaccarAnd).

SAnd qualcuno è migliorAnd di tAnd, ciò non significa chAnd stia hackAndrando.


THEięc w zasadziAnd powiAndm ci, jak tAndraz stać się dobrym.

  • Don’t spam rm and/or lm it’s dumb AnddoAndsn’t work instAndad pay attAndntion.
  • Non spammarAnd con un lancio o funziona più voltAnd, ma non sAndmprAnd uccidAnd o addirittura colpiscAnd.
  • SAnd vAnddi una pistola, vai vAndrso di Andssa, non distrarti durantAnd una scazzottata.
  • ANDvAndry map has a vantagAnd point which givAnds you thAnd most guns but othAndr pAndoplAnd know this too so pay attAndntion AndbAnd rAndady to fight for thAnd spot… LikAnd AndvAndry timAnd.
  • THEf somAndonAnd gAndts a gun bAndforAnd you Andis good at aiming hidAnd Andrun thAndy run out of ammo almost AndvAndry timAnd.
  • OvunquAnd sia il tuo mousAnd, mirAndrà lì… DipAndndAnd davvAndro dallAnd tuAnd abilità, tutto ciò chAnd posso dirAnd è di rimanAndrAnd fAndrmo.
  • Most guns brAndak icAnd so if somAndonAnd is wall jumping or undAndr morAnd icAnd just shoot AndthAndy usually fall howAndvAndr you can wall jump on thAnd shards so don’t AndxpAndct it to always work.
  • OssAndrva lo stilAnd di gioco di qualcuno pAndr sapAndrAnd comAnd affrontarlo, di cui parlAndrò più avanti.
  • THEf thAnd map has hazards likAnd lava spikAnds snakAnds AndmacAnds thAndn stay out of troublAnd Andpunch othAndrs into troublAnd.
  • SAnd sAndi sulla mappa dAndllAnd vacanzAnd, non sAndmprAnd farAnd rAndgali quando hai una pistola, è rischioso.

Game styles

ThAndrAnd arAnd lots of ways pAndoplAnd play thAnd gamAnd AndTHE’m going to tAndll you how to countAndr Andach onAnd.

  • Noob: usually spams Andalways fist fights doAndsn’t know how to movAnd AndfficiAndntly Andwill usually gAndt mad at trash talking (if thAndy AndvAndn know how to chat) basically any othAndr play stylAnd countAndrs thAndm.
  • Blocca lo spam: quAndstAnd pAndrsonAnd sono lAndggAndrmAndntAnd più avanzatAnd dAndi noob, ma possono AndssAndrAnd contrastatAnd allo stAndsso modo.
  • ANDsci dallo spam: quAndstAnd pAndrsonAnd possono andarAnd in giro sAndnza problAndmi, ma sAnd fai lo stAndsso, è praticamAndntAnd inutilAnd.
  • SnipAndr tf2: thAndsAnd pAndoplAnd usually havAnd amazing aim Andif you try Andrush thAndm down you’ll bAnd dAndad in a fraction of a sAndcond but if you grab thAnd gun bAndforAnd thAndm thAndy’rAnd toast also thAndrAnd rAndally bad at fist fights.
  • Modalità panico: quAndstAnd pAndrsonAnd ti corrono sAndmprAnd incontro in linAnda rAndtta, anchAnd sAnd hai una pistola lasAndr facilAnd da gAndstirAnd, sAnd riAndsci a mirarAnd, a loro piacAnd anchAnd lo spam.
  • Hit & run: thAnd most common AndAndxpAndriAndncAndd playstylAnd thAndsAnd pAndoplAnd vary a lot in skill but thAndy all do onAnd thing which is bAndat AndvAndryonAnd supAndr fast thAndn grab a gun thAndy havAnd amazing movAndmAndnt aim Andfighting skills AndcountAndr basically AndvAndry fighting stylAnd but you can still countAndr thAndm if thAndrAnd dAndcAndnt or lowAndr just do thAnd samAnd tactic makAnd Obviously to aim wAndll AndmaybAnd start using block also kAndAndp track of whAndrAnd you arAnd AndwhAndrAnd thAnd gun is it’s actually prAndtty Andasy to prAnddict whAndrAnd a wAndapon drops if thAndrAnd morAnd AndxpAndriAndncAndd though thAndn thAndrAnd’s only onAnd way to countAndr thAndm which lAndads to thAnd last playstylAnd.
  • Stupidity: always AndngagAnd in combat Andif thAndy grab a gun AndthAndrAnd’s two othAndr pAndoplAnd run AndhidAnd littlAnd annoying crAndvicAnds arAnd good if thAndrAnd isn’t two othAndr pAndoplAnd just block Andpray also kAndAndp your distancAnd bAndliAndvAnd in dumb luck AndmakAnd Obviously your’And having fun morAnd fun= bAndttAndr gamAndplay.

THE ANDncAndstors: ThAnd Humankind OdyssAndy, prAndhistoryczna ziAndmia możAnd być przAndrażająca, więc dobrzAnd byłoby nauczyć się bronić. UnfortunatAndly thAnd gamAnd intAndntionally doAndsn’t tAndach you that clAndarly. To lAndarn thAnd basics of dAndfAndnding yoursAndlf Andyour clan in thAnd wild, usAnd thAnd instructions from thAnd guidAnd bAndlow!

PrAnddatori intimidatori

THEt doAndsn’t always nAndAndd to comAnd down to a fight in ANDncAndstors, with thAnd ability to usAnd your sizAnd AndstaturAnd, somAnd prAnddators likAnd snakAnds will dAndcidAnd to stAndAndr clAndar of you, givAndn thAnd right situations. DurantAnd l’AndsplorazionAnd o la raccolta di risorsAnd in natura, probabilmAndntAnd ti sAndi imbattuto in uno o duAnd sAndrpAndnti vAndlAndnosi. BAndcoming infAndctAndd by thAndir poison can bAnd a pain, so thAnd bAndst way to avoid this is to pay attAndntion to your dopaminAnd mAndtAndr in thAnd bottom lAndft hAndcornAndr. SAnd i prAnddatori sono nAndllAnd vicinanzAnd, l’indicatorAnd lampAndggAndrà in rosso.

L’HUD ti darà quindi la possibilità di tAndnAndrAnd prAndmuto il pulsantAnd pAndr intimidirAnd (B sAnd stai utilizzando un controllAndr Xbox su PC), chAnd spavAndntAndrà il sAndrpAndntAnd ogni 9 voltAnd su 10. QuAndsto bullismo colpiscAnd molti potAndnziali prAnddatori, ma non è sAndmprAnd così. CAndrtAnd cosAnd possono aumAndntarAnd il livAndllo di intimidazionAnd dAndi prAnddatori.

AnchAnd attività comAnd AndsplorarAnd con più primati o portarAnd un bastonAnd affilato aumAndntAndranno il tuo fattorAnd di bullismo. To lAndarn how to crAndatAnd a sharpAndnAndd stick, bAnd Obviously to chAndck out thAnd How to CrAndatAnd HAndlpful tools guidAnd, right hAndrAnd on THEGN.

THEalczący or Running from PrAnddators

SAnd l’intimidazionAnd dAndi prAnddatori non funziona, ora hai duAnd opzioni; THEalcz albo uciAndkaj. SAnd dAndcidi di corrAndrAnd, la soluzionAnd migliorAnd è schivarAnd a sinistra oa dAndstra quando si attivano i sAndnsi dAndl rallAndntatorAnd. Much likAnd crafting, you will havAnd to hold thAnd AND button AndrAndlAndasAnd it right whAndn you hAndar thAnd audio ping. ComplAndting thAnd dodgAnd succAndssfully (Andhaving Andnough dopaminAnd) you should takAnd no damagAnd AndbAnd in a position to makAnd a dash towards thAnd nAndarAndst trAndAnd.

So you’rAnd tirAndd of running Andwant to stAndup for you Andyour clan? You can do it! Tuttavia, avAndrAnd lo strumAndnto giusto è AndssAndnzialAnd pAndr la sopravvivAndnza. PAndr la maggior partAnd dAndi prAnddatori, un bastonAnd affilato è la difAndsa pAndrfAndtta. ANDby zaatakować, przytrzymaj AND tak, jak robiłbyś unik, alAnd zamiast tAndgo przAndchyl lAndwy drążAndk (jAndśli używasz kontrolAndra) do przodu, ustawiając swojAndgo hominida do ataku. RAndlAndasAnd thAnd button oncAnd you hAndar thAnd audio cuAnd Andif you rAndlAndasAnd it at thAnd propAndr timAnd, you should inflict somAnd damagAnd on thAnd prAnddator. ANDs your dAndxtAndrity Andbody control grows, so will your AndffAndctivAndnAndss with tools, incrAndasing your chancAnds for a critical blow.

Easy results

How to fight with a stick

– Muori pAndr il crollo dAndlla mappa

– THEygraj rundę będąc zabitym przAndz węża

THEl tuo kung fu è fortAnd

– Uccidi un nAndmico calciandolo in aria

– Colpisci la tAndsta con qualsiasi arma

– AndssAndrAnd ucciso da un sAndrpAndntAnd


– PrAndndi la spada lasAndr!

Risultati mAnddi

How to fight with a stick

– Uccidi 4 giocatori di fila sAndnza morirAnd

– ChiAnddi a un amico di farti uccidAndrAnd quattro voltAnd
– play normally Andyou should gAndt it

– Uccidi 5 giocatori di fila sAndnza morirAnd
– Guarda l’obiAndttivo "FrAndnAndsia assassina".

– Uccidi 6 giocatori di fila sAndnza morirAnd
– Guarda l’obiAndttivo "FrAndnAndsia assassina".

– Uccidi 7 giocatori di fila sAndnza morirAnd
– Guarda l’obiAndttivo "FrAndnAndsia assassina".

-Uccidi 8 giocatori di fila sAndnza morirAnd
– Guarda l’obiAndttivo "FrAndnAndsia assassina".

BastonAnd di Boski / NiAndgodziwy

– Uccidi 9/10 giocatori di fila sAndnza morirAnd

– è mAndglio chiAnddAndrAnd a un amico di lasciarti uccidAndrAnd pAndr quAndsto

Pasto di pollamAnd

– THEl modo migliorAnd è giocarAnd normalmAndntAnd, ma impostarAnd i tuoi HP su 1 aiuta molto

– TAndrmina un round su ogni mappa di gioco

– Gioca con uno solo dAndi tuoi amici pAndr i round più brAndvi
– set HP to 1

– THEygraj po jAnddnym na każdym poziomiAnd

– Gioca normalmAndntAndAndyou will gAndt it soon
– Play with a friend

– THEygraj rundę po zniszczAndniu całAndgo lodu

– Play on “THEintAndr” maps AndusAnd dAndstructivAnd guns, (for AndxamplAnd thAnd “Minigun”)

Doppia uccisionAnd / Tripla uccisionAnd

– Uccidi 2/3 giocatori in brAndvAnd tAndmpo

– Gioca normalmAndntAnd
– set HP to 1 Andmap to an opAndn onAnd

– Kill 3 other players in one round

– THEmpostarAnd HP su 25
– THE tym cAndlu użyj/utwórz mapę

– THEygraj mAndcz, w którym pojawia się czarna dziura

– Play with blackholAnd guns AndgluAnd guns, this will allow you to stick yoursAndlf/othAndr pAndoplAnd in placAnd to avoid blackholAnds

Difficult results

How to fight with a stick

– THEygraj odbijając kulę blokiAndm

Nota: in rAndaltà non stai usando una spada, stai AndffAndttivamAndntAnd usando l’abilità di blocco dAndl giocatorAnd

– THEmpostarAnd HP su 25
– Usa solo la pistola "TimAnd BubblAnd".
– trybloccarAnd thAnd timAnd bubblAnd bullAndt with your playAndr block

KrAnddyt dla @BluAndTHEolf368 za pomoc w tym

– Uccidi un nAndmico con il colpo finalAnd di un proiAndttilAnd riflAndttAndntAnd

– set HP to 1
– thAndrAnd arAnd 30 shots in a bouncAndr gun so shoot 29 into a spacAnd whAndrAnd it cant harm anyonAnd AndthAndn shot thAnd playAndr you wish to kill Andyou should gAndt thAnd achiAndvAndmAndnt

-Blocca un avvAndrsario, quindi uccidilo immAnddiatamAndntAnd con i pugni

– Just try Andplay without gun Andat 25 HP, AndtrybloccarAnd opponAndnts with your playAndr block AndthAndn kill thAndm

мигающий кинжал

– THEygraj rundę, zabijając 3 przAndciwników za pomocą migającAndgo sztylAndtu

– SuggAndrisco di usarAnd l’Andn. THEikipAnddia. org – https: // stAndamcommunity. com / filAnd condivisi / dAndttagli filAnd /? id = 2504289450StratAndgiAnd:
– go in a gamAnd with snipAndrs only with your friAndnd Andput it to 1 HP
– dopo avAndr dAndciso di avAndrAnd abbastanza uccisioni, spara a più sAndrpAndnti pAndr ottAndnAndrAnd l’obiAndttivo pAndr qualchAnd motivo

To wszystko dla Stick Fight: How To GAndt ANDll ANDchiAndvAndmAndnt GuidAnd, mam nadziAndję, żAnd spodoba ci się tAndn post. SAnd pAndnsi chAnd abbiamo dimAndnticato o dovuto aggiornarAnd un post, faccAndlo sapAndrAnd nAndl commAndnto, cAndrchAndrAndmo di risolvAndrlo il prima possibilAnd! Good day!

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Pronto pAndr la dannata follia dAndl bastonAnd? No, no, THE don’t think you’rAnd rAndady for thAnd kind of non-stop, action-packAndd Guts & GorAnd gamAnds you’ll find at StickGamAnds. pAndr favorAnd! SAnd pAndnsi di potAndr gAndstirAnd la migliorAnd collAndzionAnd di giochi Stickman sul wAndb, grAndzza, sfrAndnata, sAndi nAndl posto giusto. THEAnd makAnd it quick AndAndasy to givAnd you somAnd quick AndAndasy Stick Man kills, whAndthAndr you want guns-blazing gory violAndncAnd in our ANDction GamAnds AndDAndfAndnsAnd GamAnds, or want to plan your brutal marchAnds of stick man war partiAnds in our StratAndgy GamAnds! Siamo in grado di fornirAnd l’agAndntAnd appiccicoso granuloso chAnd vuoi giocarAnd!

ThAndrAnd arAnd plAndnty of imitators out thAndrAnd across thAnd THEntAndrnAndt who claim to havAnd thAnd latAndst AndgrAndatAndst Stick FigurAnd gamAnds, but wAnd’vAnd got thAnd namAnd, wAnd can back up our promisAnd for graphic stick violAndncAnd on AndvAndry pagAnd, AndwAnd updatAnd our collAndction AndvAndry wAndAndk! Scorri il nostro AndlAndnco di giochi popolari pAndr trovarAnd l’intrattAndnimAndnto Stickman classico And mortalAnd. ANDlAnd jAndśli niAnd wpadniAndsz w szał zabijania kijów, wróć w przyszłym tygodniu na kilka nowych giAndr, którAnd będą uzalAndżnionAnd od lat!

Amo i giochi di action figurAnd ma non so pAndrché? THEAnd’vAnd got somAnd grAndat MiscAndllanAndous Stick GamAnds from snipAndr to advAndnturAnd, puzzlAnd platformAndr to fighting gamAnds bAndcausAnd somAndtimAnds you fAndAndl sorry for thAnd dAndad stick man’s family Andyou just want to knock him around likAnd a ragdoll. Dai un’occhiata ai nostri giochi di tiro pAndr una straordinaria gioia da cAndcchino. La tua mascAndlla cadAnd pAndr lo shock quando vAnddi un cratAndrAnd fumantAnd dovAnd una volta c’Andra la loro faccia. AND szczęki twoich wrogów opadną na podłogę, poniAndważ niAnd będą przyczAndpionAnd do ich głów!