How to entertain yourself without objects

How to entertain yourself without objects

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Sometimes we find ourselves trapped in our homes not knowing how to use our time. Maybe we feel we have too many options to start configuring, or maybe we feel we have too few options due to lack of time or resources. The thing is, there are many ways we can play at home for free or on a budget. Having fun doesn’t necessarily mean a lot of money. Here is a creative list of ideas for having fun without leaving home.

  1. Watch the show on Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Prime, etc.
  2. Read a new book. Half the fun of reading a new book is finding it. E-book readers are a great resource for viewing many free modern and classic titles such as Tales of the Brothers Grimm.
  3. Reread the old book.
  4. Watch YouTube videos about animals.
  5. Keep practicing (it’s free and good for you).
  6. Check out Pinterest for DIY ideas and upcycling inspiration.
  7. Listen to your favorite music, get up and dance. Tom Cruise made it Risky business.
  8. Write reviews of your Amazon purchases. It’s oddly addictive to do and helps your fellow buyers.
  9. Write a poem. Check out the internet to learn how to write haiku, limerick, ballads, and more.
  10. Draw if you have an artistic inclination.
  11. Take photos around the house or around the world outside the window with a standalone camera or built-in phone.
  12. Skype or Face Time with someone you don’t usually see.
  13. Start Instagram or Twitter for your pet.
  14. Try a new cocktail recipe with ingredients at home.
  15. Bake some cookies.
  16. Make your own peanut butter, be it almond, peanut, or peanut butter. Be creative!
  17. Prepare your pesto with fresh vegetables (basil, spinach, rocket, etc.), olive oil, selected walnuts, fresh parmesan, salt and pepper.
  18. Create a collage of magazines and newspapers scattered around the house. Frame and hang it for cheap, D. I. Y. wall art.
  19. If you know the instrument, play it.
  20. Go shopping online. It’s like window shopping at the mall, but the multiple checkout steps are a deterrent for actually buying anything.
  21. Make a hand puppet out of an old sock and trinkets around the house.
  22. Prepare and enjoy a cup of coffee or tea. Take some time to enjoy your drink and choose the aromatic notes.
  23. Run diagnostics, cleaning, and maintenance on your computer, such as running antivirus software, and make sure your computer is fully up to date.
  24. Collect clothing and perishable food that you no longer want to donate. This idea is a double duty: give to the needy and clean your home.
  25. Take online quizzes on sites like Buzzfeed. com.
  26. Browse the App Store on your phone or tablet and enjoy the free apps.
  27. Create a blog on a website like Blogger. com or wordpress. com.
  28. Organize a cluttered area in your home, such as a closet or trash drawer. It’s cathartic and sometimes fun going through your belongings and paring down to only those that you need and use.

This is a solid list to start with. Entertainment sometimes requires a lot of creativity. Next time you are bored, take a look around your space and find something you haven’t used for a while, or something that needs to be organized and get to work. And with tons of free and cheap online entertainment options, there are no ways to entertain your home.

How to entertain yourself without objects

We are part of a generation attached to their phones. If it’s not Snapchat, it’s Instagram, and so on. Here are some simple ways to keep yourself screenless. It’s easy, I promise. Buckle up and behold your purification!

How to entertain yourself without objects

1. Read the book.

A good book is a cure for a busy mind. Reading a book is a great way to get through the day. Without your phone, you’ll be so invested in the second life you’re leading through another writer’s eyes. You won’t miss your phone!

2. Take a bath.

Taking a bath is a good way to give yourself some TLC, and not to forget to remind yourself that you’re a bad BITCH and you love that body you’re in. We don’t need social media bringing us down 24/7. Bathing is good for the mind and body. So take a lush bath bomb, a hot bath will help you relax and unwind.

How to entertain yourself without objects

3. Observe your surroundings and people.

Watching people is a really good thing to do. Sit in a bar, restaurant, park and watch. Watch people live their lives, do they look happy? If people are happy, why are they so happy? Create a short story about the people you see and the environment. Be the writer of your life for a day and enjoy it. Sometimes we forget to appreciate everything when we are glued to our phones, so remember that.

4. Meditate.

Meditation is a great way to calm down and get rid of toxins in your life. We need to remember to breathe when things get really difficult or stressful. Listen to soothing music, leave your phone somewhere in Do Not Disturb mode, and remember how beautiful life can be without a screen that blows your face away. Meditation will allow you to connect with the more relaxed side of yourself and give you a new outlook on life. Life is hard and you need to remember how to cleanse yourself of all bad things and focus on all the wonderful things around you.

How to entertain yourself without objects

5. Cook.

Baking is something that you can’t go wrong with. I mean, you’re occupied AND you’ve got food to keep you going. You can get inventive, and try recipes that you haven’t delved into. The Great British Bake off is perfect for inspiration, and you can imagine you’re in those signature and technical challenges with everybody. But really, it’ll help you find a new hobby and maybe new bakes that you really love and you really love making.

Phones are a huge part of our lives, and we need to remember that sometimes it’s really good to just put your phone down, and enjoy life. It can be hard to remember that things aren’t as perfect as they look on the internet, so focus on your own life. Did it help you? Tell me how you remember enjoying life without phone calls. Are you using your phone too much? Tell me below are some ways to stop you from getting hooked on the phone when you need a break.

If you feel your phone is taking over your life, hold on tight and don’t let it jump into your head.

Remember that life is all about how you’re living it so change your lifestyle when it is due. Life can be so much more enjoyable when you can sit down during a conversation or meal without getting stuck on the phone like most people do now.

Recommended image source: https: // www. Health. hard. edu / blog / healthy-lifestyle-5-keys-to-a-longer-life-2018070514186

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Wow, so many great ideas, I’ll use it as a guide for my future events

I’m so glad it helped. It’s really been nice to follow these guidelines and feel safe while we gather.

Lots of great ideas to keep the party going!

Agreement! It’s so important now especially to continue safely socializing for our mental health!

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How to entertain yourself without objects

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How to entertain yourself without objects

How to entertain yourself without objects

How to entertain yourself without objects


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How to entertain yourself without objects

Winter holidays are approaching, so you know what it means: last-minute Christmas shopping, travel preparation, and kids bouncing off the walls waiting for Santa’s arrival.

If you’ve already made arrangements for your little ones, kudos to you. The rest of us have to find ways to complete a variety of tasks in a limited amount of time, and keeping the children entertained and not disturbing them is not always an easy task. And if you’re crunched for cash or too busy to think outside the box, your options may seem limited.

But don’t fret. Here are some activities I’ve used over the years to keep my two kids busy, whether it be for the holidays, spring break, or over summer vacation:

In this article

1. Plant the flowers

This idea was inspired by the Jack and the Beanstalk project, which my youngest son recently graduated from kindergarten. Each of the children planted their own bean stem seeds in a cup and tracked their progress for several weeks.

My son seemed to really enjoy taking care of his plant so we decided to do the same at home when the kids were bored. It took a small investment in a lot of land and I let the kids pick what they wanted to grow, but I only spent a few dollars to keep them busy for an hour. If you have gardening supplies in the garage and use seeds you have on hand — for instance, seeds scooped out from that pumpkin you used for pie — then it won’t cost a thing.

2. Family games or a movie night

Our definition of family fun is not heading to the Family Fun Center and spending $40 or more to entertain the boys (and this doesn’t even include food). They’ve asked to go a few times, and I’ve only fulfilled those requests when a friend was having a birthday party or special event. Otherwise, we either select a game from our stash or a movie from Netflix, pop a bag of popcorn, and enjoy each other’s company without spending a dime.

3. Write books

My husband is a children’s book author, so it’s not uncommon to find manuscripts with colorful images around our home. My eldest son recently decided he wanted to write a book like a dad, so I encouraged him and it was great. (We hope to publish it soon.) Now, we all sit down and write cute children’s books at least once per week, and even the youngest, who can’t read yet, joins the fun with colorful pictures.

4. A bike ride in the area

Burn some of these calories during the holidays and get some fresh air as you cycle with your kids around the neighborhood. It’s also a great way to help the kids burn off some of their excess energy and get fit.

5. Make an appointment

Whenever I take my oldest son to the grocery store, we always meet a friend with the same energy and a desperate mother looking for a way to burn him. It’s a match made in heaven, and we usually arrange a time to meet up at the community park and have a play date.

6. Arts and crafts

I don’t know one child who doesn’t enjoy letting their creative juices flow through an arts and crafts session. We keep a box of our children’s favorite materials — including construction paper, markers, crayons, colored pencils, glue sticks, and scissors — handy when we’re in a crunch and need to occupy their time for a few minutes. On most occasions, they’re hooked for hours, and we usually join the fun.

7. Picnic

Skip the gold flakes and other junk food and throw away the picnic basket instead. Fill it with some healthy sandwiches, drinks, and snacks and head to the park for a family picnic. You’ll have a meal and play area in one, and save money otherwise spent watching your kids scarf down an unhealthy meal.

8. Look for hide and seek

This may require putting on your running shoes and going outside in the blistering heat or freezing air, but your kids will have a great time. And if your home is large enough and you don’t mind little ones running around, you may be able to play inside.

9. Live entertainment

When was the last time you checked the local paper’s entertainment section for free events? If it’s been awhile, get in the habit of staying abreast of all the kid-friendly activities in your area.

10. Paint the pictures

In our home, we’ve created a “gallery” in the hallway near the children’s bedroom. It’s decorated with artistic masterpieces made at school and during our frequent arts and crafts sessions.

11. Mathematical competition

It’s always fun to throw an activity into the mix that reinforces what your children have been learning in school. My eldest son loves multiplication, which is why we often organize “friendly” math competitions with difficult problems. The first person who solves the problem wins the prize; I usually slow things down for the sake of my son’s feelings.

12. Hiking

Sei vicino a un sentiero o a qualche altro fantastico elemento della natura? If so, fasten your hiking boots and visit these places. Plus, there are plenty of national parks to choose from, and those with a nominal fee offer free admission days all year round.

13. Bake a cake (or biscuits)

The purpose of this exercise is not to arouse children’s interest in sugar-based treats, but rather to help them learn patience, follow instructions, and develop cooking skills. Invite them to experiment with cookie cutters, multi-colored cake mixes, icing, and sprinkles, among others.

14. Create a running track

If you have young children at home, they will pstuffbly love the Tonka trucks and Matchbox cars. Instead of buying an expensive piece for them, stick some colored duct tape on the carpet to accomplish the same goal.

15. Indoor camping

I’m a bit freaked out by the thought of sleeping outdoors. But that doesn’t stop us from going camping. We just set up the tent indoors and roast the s’mores in the microwave. Mission accomplished.

16. Build a fort

Don’t have a tent? Even better. Collect pillows, blankets, sheets and chairs from around the house and help your kids design and build a fort. The process is half the fun, but they’ll enjoy hanging out in their new hideout afterward, too.

Dr. Sanya Pelini

Published: 09 September 2020

How to entertain yourself without objects

At some point, every parent has to deal with a bored child. It’s a hard situation to get around, especially as it’s always assumed that parents are somehow “guilty” of failing to entertain our kids and must, therefore, respond solicitously to every “I’m bored!” grievance.

Bored children are really boring and express their boredom in various ways ranging from anxiety, hyperactivity, clinging and moaning to avoiding situations (examples: homework, school activities) or people they associate with boredom. But there’s good news: Letting children wallow in boredom can help them foster creativity and autonomy.

Growing evidence suggests that the more lonely children feel, the more they learn to make their own decisions; and, furthermore, parents’ consistent interventions to alleviate their children’s boredom could be doing more harm than good.

The downside to letting your child get bored is that boredom can lead to frustration. Brock University professor Lauren McNamara, a kind of boredom expert, says that instead of being left alone to get bored, children need structure and logic for organized activities to get the best out of unstructured, unstructured times. which frustration can grow. Put simply, children need guidance, role models, and actions to organize unstructured time.

Message received: We can’t just let our kids get bored — we must provide some form of structure to help them fall in love with boredom. But how exactly is it done?

Let me suggest two strategies to help you transform your child’s boredom into moments and habits of creative self-reliance.

Encouraging your child to benefit from boredom means providing them with a suitable environment in which to engage in disorganized play.

Embrace constructive boredom

The first thing you need to remember (I say remember because you already know!) is that your kid’s boredom has nothing to do with having nothing to do. As they say, boredom is just a lack of imagination. So how do you turn your child’s lack of imagination into a moment of creative freedom and departure?

Encouraging your child to benefit from boredom means providing them with a suitable environment in which to engage in disorganized play. This means giving him the resources he needs to imagine, think, make decisions, experience or just observe the world around him.

An easy way to do this is by playing brainstorming games with your child. Pensa a tutte le attività che lui o lei potrebbe fare, desidera fare o a cui è interessato e stampale. Visual cards work especially well with children, so try to find pictures that match your ideas. Make sure you focus on activities that require minimal adult intervention. Place the cards where your child can reach them and direct them to the cards whenever he claims he is bored. Adding workbooks or prints of experiments and projects he can undertake can also help stimulate his creativity.

“Game planning” is also a great strategy to help your child kill boredom. It involves asking him to select some activities that he would like to do during the day and then deferring those choices when he claims he is bored. It can also be done on the eve of the day; this can give you time to plan and make sure he has the tools and environment he needs when boredom inevitably comes.

Children are known to jump from activity to activity with frightening speed. Setting a fixed time for each activity can help them stay true to one thing for more than a few minutes. One trick that seems to work most of the time is to set the alarm and let it go off.

The fewer toys, the better

Access to an overabundance of toys does not reduce your child’s boredom. A glut of toy options stifles her creativity and increases her need for external stimulation, and there’s abundant evidence to prove that. A kindergarten in Germany wagered that taking all the toys to the center would help children learn important social skills such as creativity and critical thinking. Kindergarten staff were advised to ignore any complaints of boredom. The experiment, which lasted three months, produced an interesting result: when the children were left with only the essentials, they found creative ways to spend their time. They played roles, built objects from sticks collected in the woods, learned to play together, and seemed more confident in their abilities than before.

While it hardly seems necessary to reproduce this experiment at home, metering your kid’s volume of and access to toys can help reduce boredom and spark creativity. However, there are a few things to keep in mind:

  1. Don’t throw your child’s toys away by yourself.Let him participate in choosing the toys he wants to keep and the toys he wants to let go.
  2. Expect resistance. Letting go of the things we love is never easy. Explaining where the discarded toys Want go (for example, if you’re donating them to other children in need) can help her come to terms with the decision. You can also rotate the toys to make sure he has a chance to play with all of them.
  3. Get rid of your unused toys. Okay, we don’t refer to our stuff as toys, but the objects and gadgets we amass are equivalent to our kids’ toys. Let your child see you throwing away things that he no longer uses or that you no longer need.
  4. Replace toys with creative alternatives. Where does creativity come from? Encourage curiosity and model the scientific method, i. e. how to test an inspiring idea through experimentation and any failures to ultimate discovery. Provide your kid with a small box filled with recycled materials — empty toothpaste tubes, milk and cereal boxes, bottle tops, newspapers and magazines, corks, pieces of thread, buttons, glue, etc., and see what she’ll come up with.

Do these options mean that the “I’m bored” claims Want be put to rest? There is no way. But they Wanthelp your child understand that he or she is responsible for dealing with boredom, not you.

Editor’s Note: This article was originally published in October 2019 and updated in September 2020.

We love our screens, but sometimes our brains (and eyes) need a break! Here are some of our favorite and inexpensive screenless activities you can do at home.

Telephones, computers, televisions, conversations Zoom – screens make our life so much easier (and more fun). But for your mental health and well-being, it’s important to take a break from time to time. Wondering how you can have fun without technology? Turns out, it’s easy—you just need a few ideas to get you started!

1. Get lost!

One of the best ways to break away from your screens is to get out and get lost. Maybe not literally, but take a walk and see where it takes you. It could be around the block, or maybe you’ll find a new passion for spending hours exploring all the trails at your local park or nature area. Either way, the fresh air, exercise, and natural, non-flickering sights Want do you good.

2. Get lost … in the book

Instagram is great for hours of alternate scrolling. But you can create even more vivid images in your mind with a good book that will take you far and wide. Browse bestsellers at your local bookstore, check out new eBooks online, or head to the library to read your next great book. If you are running out of time, try the audiobook! They instantly turn washing dishes and laundry into a story. Whether it’s non-fiction, fantasy or a page turning beach, it’s important to find something you love. You know a book is right for you when you find that you are disconnecting yourself from the world around you.

3. Start a new hobby

Sudoku and Solitary Want always be there. Try something new in your free time! If you have paint around you, grab a canvas and try drip paint. Create a diary, learn how to bake bread, carve a bowl or solve puzzles. Do you have children? Bring out the trades that will involve them too. Things like clay, sewing, painting by number, and making simple jewelry are great ways to keep the whole family busy for hours.

4. Make a to-do list and start checking things out!

For the ultimate screen-free activities, write down all the things you’d like to do — which could be anything from chores and home improvement projects to activities you want to try or places you want to go. Don’t hesitate to let that list get long, either. The longer the list, the more options you have to take a break from technology. For bursts of screen-free time, start small and do what feels most soothing and doable, whether it’s organizing a closet, potting some plants, meditating, or yoga.

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How to entertain yourself without objects

Betta Flare by Nolan (POTM May 2014)

Bettas is one of the most wonderful fish in the aquatic world. They are beautiful, intelligent and colorful fish with long, flowing fins. They remember you when you feed them or when you approach them.

Do you like playing with your betta?

Here are some tricks you can teach your betta.

1) Make a betta flare:

This is very easy, you all know when a male betta sees another male become inflamed.

Put a mirror in front of your betta. Soon, you Want see him flare – showing his beautiful fins, thinking that a rival betta is going to attack his territory. Sometimes this Want also encourage him to build a bubble nest. It’s also a good fin exercise for him, but make sure you don’t do it for more than 3-5 minutes a day as he can put stress on your betta.

2) Play a ping-pong ball:

Did you know that bets play football ?!

Put a ping-pong ball in your Betta tank.

You Want see the betta pushing the ball with it’s mouth – it looks like the betta is playing soccer 🙂

But make sure the ball is theresafe aquarium.Clean it thoroughly before putting it in the tank.

Fish shops often sell these toys.

3) Take a Betta Jump:

Challenge your betta every week by feeding them treats like bloodworms etc.

Take a thin stick or coffee scoop or ice cream stick, stick some food on it. Then dip the food into the water in the tank and rotate it for your betta to smell and notice. Keep the food 1cm from the surface of the water until the betta notices it and jump for it. It’s normal for them to jump because in the wild they jump for food and from puddle to puddle.

4) manually feeding your betta:

First, choose a place to feed your betta (feeding place). The area should be free from sudden disturbances and movements such as splashes, etc. as this scares the fish.

At first, just feed them as you regularly feed them but don’t move away so that they Want get used eating while you are present.

After a while, slowly raise your hand to the water as they eat. It may take several attempts. Once he gets used to it, he tries to hand feed him by placing food between his thumb and forefinger and slowly putting his fingers in the water. They may not take the food straight away, but don’t force them to eat from your hand as you can lose all of the progress that you’re already made it through. Please be patient as this final step may take several tries.

Bettas are curious and love new things in their place.

Here are some toys you may like.

How to entertain yourself without objects

Hammock with Cushnoc leaves

Betta Leaf Hammocks:

This is one of the popular items. As you know, Betta likes to rest. so you can provide them with this hammock with leaves. They Want definitely love this one. They like to rest on it.

Here’s a link on how to make a Betta Leaf Hammock: DIY Betta Leaf Hammock

How to entertain yourself without objects

Cocos Cave by Zach

A cave for your betta:

Betty likes to rest or hide in dark places. Fishmongers often sell cute little caves for bettas. Of course, you can also make your own cute little coconut cave.

Here is a link on how to make a coconut cave:Create your own coconut cave

Floating betta stump or ceramic betta stump:

They are available in fish stores or on the Internet. there are two types, one that floats and the other is ceramic that sinks

Bettas uses these logs to play, relax, blow bubbles. etc.

The floating betta trunk has a feeding hole at the top, which makes them easy to feed without the stresses falling to the bottom.

If there is anything you like to add please let me know and I Want add it

Special thanks to Vale who helped me create this blog.

How to entertain yourself without objects

Card games have always been a part of my childhood, so from an early age I learned several ways to play with a deck of cards. I usually keep my life in a bag so I can take it out when I’m bored. My friends can always count on a deck with a list of games to play. But sometimes there is no one around, and I use these ways to play with the deck of cards to pass the time.


  1. House a cards
  2. Eleven
  3. Solitary
  4. Garbage
  5. Clock
  6. Four corners
  7. Spit

1 House a cards

Building a house of cards is a great way to play with a deck of cards. I like it because it brings your consciousness into the moment and uses your energy to build a house that won’t tip over. Plus, it’s fun to watch them become! I’ve never been higher than a three-story house of cards, but who knows, maybe next time it will be the only one. House of cards help you focus on the task without noticing the passage of time.

2 Eleven

My uncle taught me the card game Eleven when I was a little kid and to this day, it’s my go-to way to entertain myself with a deck of cards. The goal is to find matches that add up the number 11, regardless of colors. For example, 5 and 6 or 2 and 9. J, Q and K go together while 10 is paired with A. You start by placing the card face down on the three by three square. If you see a set of 11, before you finish arranging all the cards in that three-by-three square, place a card from the deck onto each of the two cards with a value of 11. The goal is to match all the cards so that the last cards shown are pairs of 11. If you are stuck without par and the three by three square is now complete, you lose and have to start over.

3 Solitary

There are various different kinds of Solitary games to play, so find whichever one works for you. Normal Solitary requires you to get a run of cards from K to 2 alternating between black and red cards. Beehive Solitary searches for four of kind as the “bees” fly to the “flower garden. ” You could also try Golf Solitary, FreeCell Solitary or whatever kind you fancy. This is a fairly simple game that can be played on its own when all you have is a deck of entertainment cards.

4 Garbage

While this is usually a two-player game, you can play it alone. Start by placing two rows of five cards in front of you, making sure they are face down. Draw a card from the deck and replace it with a number in front of you. For example, if you draw 6, put it in sixth place and take the card that is there, which could be 8, and put it in eighth place. If you draw a card that has already been placed, such as the second 6, discard it and draw another from your deck. Once you’ve found all ten cards, shuffle and discard nine cards, playing the same way as before, looking for nine cards instead of ten.

5 Clock

To prepare for this game, put four cards in a pile at each clock-shaped spot from 1:00 to 12:00 with four cards in the center. Each place on the clock corresponds to a number. A: 1:00. 2: 2:00 and so on. G: 11:00. P: 12:00. K: it goes in the middle. Start by turning over the top card in the middle stack and placing it on the bottom of the stack it is related to. For example, if you flip a five, put it under the pile at 5:00 and flip the top card where it belongs. The goal is to turn each stack into groups of four, which are related to that place, before all the kings are placed in the center. If you get kings before putting all other cards in their place, you lose.

6 Four corners

Four corners is a solitary card game. Place four aces in the four corners of your playing space. Surround each of these four As’s with a card face up in each of its corners. The goal is to arrange these cards, starting from A to K, in numerical order for each matching suit. Play as many cards as possible before running out of places to play with your cards face up. Then replace all the empty corners with a card from the deck and start over. The way you win the game is to arrange all the cards in each corner.

7 Spit

Spit is typically a two-person card game but you can play it by yourself. Basically you play the game Spit and instead of focusing on beating your opponent, you focus on trying to play all your cards against the clock. Time to find out what your fastest time is. If you want to play a more carefree game, don’t stress yourself out sometimes and just pay attention to the card play above and below the cards in the pile. I love the thrill of using all my cards.

These are just a few ways to play with the deck of cards. I hope you enjoy these games as much as I do and that you find them useful ways to pass your time. What card games do you like to play?

March 19th, 2012 By: Stephanie 1 comment

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How to entertain yourself without objects

Nick and Abby’s birthdays are only 6 weeks apart. I don’t like big children’s birthday parties. Di solito invitiamo i nostri genitori e fratelli a cena e a una torta per una festa di compleanno combinata, ma i miei figli sono fortunati ad avere 7 nonni viventi, 2 zii, una zia e una zia adottiva speciale. That’s 11 people bringing presents, plus mom and dad. That’s 25 new toys coming in to my house in one day and some people bring more than one gift. Doceniamy wszystkie wspaniałe nowe zabawki, ale myślenie o tym, gdzie je wszystkie umieścić, może być trochę przytłaczające.

I started thinking about what we would play when we were little and I remembered very few toys. A few magic dolls from the bedroom, pockets of Polly and Barbie. I know the importance of toys, I used to own a toy library, but what I remember the most is playing all day at my Mommom’s house when she would babysit us and most of the time we never took out a single toy. She has been playing these games with us all day.

If you start taking care of young children unexpectedly or just want your family to disconnect from everyonestufftry some of these ideas for a while.

Stone school:
Sit on the bottom step of the stairs (nursery school) and hide a pebble in your hand. Put your hands behind your back. Ask the other person to guess which hand the stone is in. If you guess correctly, go to the next level (next step). The goal is to “graduate” to the highest degree.

They all sit on the sofa and you take turns getting up and playing the selected song.

I’m sure you already know how to play, but just in case everyone is hiding and a person is trying to find them. Just be careful your kids aren’t as good at this game as mine are!

Similar to following a leader. One person does something stupid while others sing: “What can you do, Punchanello, funny man? What can you do Punchanello, funny man? Then everyone else copies the first person and chants,” We can do it too, Punchanello, funny man. do it too, Punchanello, have fun.

Follow the leader
As above, no stupid songs.

Hot Butter Beans
Nobody knows why we call it that, but in this game a person hides an object. We used a red top of stackable plastic rings, but it could be anything – a stone, a shoe, anything. The others are in another room while it is hidden. When hidden, the hidden person yells, “Hot buttery beans, come to dinner.” And everyone looks for the object. The hidden person tells if the spectators are “hot” (near) or “cold” (far) until it is. they find.

Simon says
I’m sure you already know.

Mommom would take real food, cereal boxes or whatever, out of the pantry and line it up along the fireplace and we would take turns shopping being the cashier putting it into plastic bags, etc.

A meeting for tea
In our home, this means spreading a towel on the kitchen floor and giving the children a large bowl of water and some cooking utensils to play with.

Build a fort
My dad created a shabby fort with kitchen chairs and some blankets.

It’s funny that when my kids paint we rarely use paint. We like to use a q-tip to draw with water & food coloring. You can also spread the shaving cream on a table or rug and leave a fingerprint on it. In the summer my kids like to make “disappearing ink” drawings on the sidewalk (which are really just painted with plain ol’ water).

Look for garbage
My Aunt Chotts has always prepared treasure hunts for children as the first part of a visit to her home.

Stupid songs
Il preferito di mia madre era "Head, Shoulders, Knees and Toes"

If the weather is nice, take a walk, go to the park, play tag.

War on socks
Almost, you throw on rolled up socks (preferably clean).

I spy
Lately this is Abby’s absolute favorite. Jedna osoba mówi: „I spy moim małym okiem coś… czerwonego (lub innego koloru)”, a reszta na zmianę zgaduje, dopóki nie zrozumie tego.

20 questions
We have always played it in the car. One person thinks of something then the others take turns asking yes or no questions and see if they can guess what it is before they’ve asked 20 questions.

Flashlight label

In the evening we Want sometimes go out in the yard and hand each kid a flashlight from the dollar store. Then they play a normal tag game, but with flashlights.

Design your board game

So play. My cousin Sally and I loved doing it when we spent a week with our grandmother every summer. We have always designed a trap that you would be stuck in if you landed in a certain space. (For example, this square might say “Move 4 squares forward”, but for 4 squares it would mean “Move 4 squares back” and you’d be stuck moving back and forth. We thought it was fun.)

Create a neighborhood newspaper.

Take a walk with the kids and talk to some neighbors who are outside and you know they are friendly. Have the children write stories like “Mr. Jackson is planting his tomatoes earlier this year!” and draw pictures for them. Then make copies and distribute them to the neighbors you spoke to.

Grab a disposable camera and let the kids take a walk with the pictures

Put the photos in an album from the dollar store.

Sidewalk chalk

It’s great for drawing pictures or creating your own classroom or four-square court (although you need a ball to play four-squares).

There are a lot more things you can do that don’t require any toys. I’d love to hear some of your favorites in the comments!

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