How to drop 50 freestyle time

Rates for groups starting at parties of 8 or more including skate rental:

  • Small Groups (8-20): $6 each
    Can be purchased in advance or at the door.
  • Large Groups (21 or more): $5 each
    A $50 deposit is required 24 hours in advance.

Party Packages

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  • Ice Skating Party
  • Illini Hockey Party

Hockey and Freestyle

  • Check the online calendar for Drop-In Hockey opportunities and figure skating/Freestyle sessions.
  • To be added to hockey or skating interest lists, email ui-icear[email protected]

How to drop 50 freestyle time

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Suite 1430, MC-556
Champaign, IL 61820 USA

Acts of Intolerance

Campus Recreation encourages you to report any acts of intolerance.


Campus Recreation makes every effort to be accessible to all abilities. If you need special accommodations for this facility and/or program, please contact us at [email protected] or provide your accessibility feedback online.

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How to drop 50 freestyle time

How to drop 50 freestyle time


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How to drop 50 freestyle time

How to drop 50 freestyle time


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How to drop 50 freestyle time

How to drop 50 freestyle time


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New stripped-back, entry-level BT-50 is coming to Australia – full pricing announced

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UPDATE, November 19: Mazda has officially released pricing for its 2022 BT-50, with the entry-level variant starting at a smidge under $40,000.

The all-new, entry-level XS Single Cab Chassis (4×2) starts at a driveaway price of $38,490 for ABN buyers – the XS in Dual Cab form (also 4×2) will set you back $43,490, both of which are powered by the new 1.9-litre diesel engine.

You’ll need to dig a bit deeper to get an XS 4×4, with the auto-only XS Dual Cab pick-up priced at $51,490 before on-road costs.

Also new for 2022 is the BT-50 SP – available exclusively in 4×4 dual cab form, the 3.0-litre-powered pick-up will be priced at $62,990 (manual) and $65,990 (automatic).

The 3.0-litre XT Single Cab Chassis is the cheapest way into the 4×4 line-up, with the manual variant asking for $45,490 and the auto priced at $47,990.

At the other end of the scale sits the flagship Thunder, priced at $65,990 (manual) and $68,990 (auto).

Full price list can be found below.

The story to here

September 21: For the first time since the release of the 2020/2021 Mazda BT-50, there is another powerplant offered other than the highly acclaimed 3.0L four-cylinder turbo-diesel Isuzu 4JJ3-TCX.

Mazda has just announced a stripped-back, entry-level BT-50, dubbed the XS. This is available in 4×2 single-cab chassis, 4×2 dual-cab pick-up and (most importantly) 4×4 dual-cab pick-up models.

While the much-loved 3.0L engine found across the BT-50 and Isuzu D-MAX range is thankfully still available in higher-trim specs, it’s refreshing to see the option of a stripped-down model aimed squarely at tradies or those looking for a simpler and cheaper option to get into a 4×4 dual-cab.

The 1.9L four-cylinder Isuzu turbo-diesel engine in question is claimed to produce 110kW and 350Nm peak torque, which is down from the 3.0L with a claimed figure of 140kW and 450Nm. This is a significant drop in power, so we’re really interested to see how much cheaper this model will be.

It is also only available with a six-speed automatic gearbox, and has a reduced towing capacity of 3000kg.

While new for the Australian market, the origins of the Isuzu RZ4E 1.9L motor date back to its release in Thailand in 2015 and Europe in 2016. What we are receiving in 2021 is now dubbed the RZ4E-TC.

Australia is one of the only markets that hung on tightly to the 3.0L 4JJ3-TCX, as we love our larger-capacity engines. We’re looking forward to taking a 1.9L-equipped BT-50 for a spin to see how they perform in the real world compared to the 3.0L engine.

How to drop 50 freestyle time

The Mazda BT-50 XS will otherwise share equipment specs of the currently available XT model, but will now be riding on 17-inch steel wheels. This base XS model will still feature a selectable locking rear differential in the 4×4, which is a boon for four-wheel drivers or those accessing muddy worksites.

As well as the announcement of the entry level XS model, Mazda has made several revisions across its BT-50 range including the premium BT-50 SP which now sits above the GT model.

This update includes features such as premium black and dark grey exterior highlights, satin black 18-inch wheels, driftwood leather and black suede interior trim, and gloss black wheel flares.

How to drop 50 freestyle time

This top-of-the-line model will still be powered by the 3.0L turbo-diesel engine, but will be available with the choice of either a six-speed manual or automatic transmission.

Safety systems across the BT-50 range have also been improved, with the addition of a Lane Support System button. This button can be depressed to disable the standard Lane Support systems when required. This has been developed following customer feedback and is a welcomed addition.

Every food and drink has a SmartPoints value. Calories give it the basel ine; saturated fat and sugar drive the SmartPoints value up, while protein drives it down. The reason for this is that numerous studies have confirmed the benefits of eating less sugar and saturated fat, and more protein—not just for weight loss, but all sorts of other healthy reasons. How to drop 50 freestyle time

2. High SmartPoints doesn’t mean a food is “bad.” (Because no food is bad!)

It just means that we need to balance it with lower-SmartPoints foods.

3. How many SmartPoints do I get?

On myWW+ , you'll get personalized amount of Daily SmartPoints, plus some extra Weekly SmartPoints for those days when you need a cushion. (Hey, you're human.) That’s your personalised SmartPoints Budget. It's based on your age, height, weight, and sex to ensure that you reach your weight-loss goals.

How to drop 50 freestyle time

4. How do I find SmartPoints?

It's simple!
How to drop 50 freestyle time

5. Can I save SmartPoints that I don't use?

Yes, you can! Up to 4 daily SmartPoints you don't use will automatically roll over into your bank of weekly SmartPoints. (We call these "rollovers." Easy to remember!)

You'll keep track of your SmartPoints as you use them—the fastest and easiest way is with the WW app.

6. How do weekly SmartPoints work?

Your weekly SmartPoints are there for you when you need them, like a parachute or a really awesome dog. You can use them bit by bit, all at once, or not at all. It’s totally up to you. But you can’t carry them over to the next week, so use them or lose them!

7. What are ZeroPoint foods?

They are a large amount of foods that you don't have to track or measure!

Every plan has a balance of SmartPoints and ZeroPoint foods, to match with different styles of eating. ZeroPoint foods are foods that were specifically chosen by our Nutrition team because they form the foundation of a healthy pattern of eating. (Find out more about ZeroPoint foods here .) The plans with the largest SmartPoints Budget has the fewest ZeroPoint foods, and the plan with the smallest SmartPoints Budget has the most ZeroPoint foods. It's all about keeping things flexible and livable.