How to drive if you are colorblind

Salvation Army bellringers are as familiar during the Christmas season as trees that light windows but now the ministry is embroiled in a critical race theory controversy.

The 156-year-old organization, which serves at-risk communities across the nation and world, is being criticized for its “Let’s Talk About Racism” guidelines. The curriculum, meant to be used by churches and staff, says Christians must view race and others through an “anti-racist” lens while incorporating Critical Race Theory and the language of CRT such as “equity.”

“Stop trying to be ‘colorblind,’” the guide states. “While this might sound helpful, it actually ignores the God-given differences we all possess, as well as the beautiful cultures of our Black and Brown brothers and sisters. Instead of trying to be colorblind, try seeing the beauty in our differences, and welcome them into your homes, churches and workplaces.”

Under the “resources” section, the guide lists books from authors such as Ibram X. Kendi and Robin DiAngelo.

That’s troublesome for those who note The Salvation Army has been a leader in confronting racism long before the rest of the country and over five decades before the civil rights movement. And they’re asking why then should members of an organization built by the Christian faith to actually assist people of all races in need, be repentant of behavior they never perpetuated?

“In my estimation, CRT is a Trojan horse taking in well-intentioned Christian enterprises that—because they care about justice and oppose oppression—naively promote the most serious threat to biblical Christianity I have seen in 50 years,” wrote Christian radio talk show host Greg Koukl in a Facebook post earlier this month.

Entitled An Open Letter to The Salvation Army, Koukl prefaces the post by informing TSA that he is terminating his monthly donations and directing them to another organization. Koukl is also the founder and president of the Stand to Reason, a non-profit religious organization that “trains Christians to think more clearly about their faith and to make an even-handed defense for classical Christianity.”

“There is a massive number of academics—Black and white, Christian and non-Christian, atheist and theist—who have raised the alarm against the aggressive indoctrination and, frankly, bullying of CRT—not to mention the racial essentialism inherent in the view, the false witness it bears against virtuous people, and the general destruction it continues to wreak on race relations in this country. CRT has set us back 50 years,” he continued.

Koukl isn’t the only one that’s voiced his concerns over the new training created through TSA’s International Social Justice Commission. It was last July that it was disseminated through emails, videos, devotionals and other materials to field officers serving poor communities across the U.S. by the organization’s four territorial commanders.

Active officers in the Salvation Army‘s western territory were trained in matters of racial equity in a compulsory manner in January. The agenda for the Territorial Virtual Officers’ Councils on Racial Equity workshop mirrored the “Let’s Talk About Racism” resource put out by the Commission and was required of current officers.

General Brian Peddle, CEO of The Salvation Army announced the initiative in February through a video in which he said “it examines racism through the lens of scripture, church and world history and guides gracious discussions about overcoming the damage racism has inflicted upon our world and yes, on our Salvation Army.”

“As we anticipate having courageous conversations about race please join me in working toward a world in which all people feel included, valued and loved on Earth just as they are in heaven,” Peddle stated in the one-minute video.

But a commentary by author Kenny Xu published last month addressed what he described as the Commission “unhealthily mixing admirable human rights works with politically charged advocacy based in politics.”

Xu, who is also the president of Color Us United—an organization that advocates for a race-blind America—noted terms that “echo both radical ‘anti-racism’ jargon and divisive teachings of critical race theory” in the materials prepared for The Salvation Army’s more than 1.7 million members. It’s terminology that Xu notes, “divides people into two camps: the oppressors and the oppressed.”

“In some aspects, the materials are indistinguishable from the ‘anti-racist’ programs of any multinational corporation, or the expounding of critical race theory at a major university,” wrote Xu, noting that “Let’s Talk About Racism” accuses white Salvationists of being unable or unwilling to acknowledge their racism. He also noted its encouragement for whites to read Robin DiAngelo’s White Fragility and Ibram X. Kendi’s How to Be an Antiracist.

But as Xu reminds readers in his piece, “the Gospel itself is colorblind.”

“Despite what the church’s International Social Justice Commission says, ordinary members of The Salvation Army are committed to a colorblind perspective, and admirably so,” he wrote, noting that faithful Salvationists recognize this. Xu also contends that an individual’s perspective of social justice analysis doesn’t necessarily correspond to the Christian ethic of individual salvation.

Xu questioned why the traditionally a-political Salvation Army would begin to promote such political and racial ideologies to begin with, which led him to organize a petition, co-written by Salvation Army captains and sponsored through Color Us United. It asks those to “stand against the insertion of politically charged racial ideologies into The Salvation Army’s good work.”

The appeal, calling for a revocation of the “Let’s Talk About Racism” curriculum, currently has 12,200 signatures from members and donors rejecting what they consider a “woke script.”

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Наиболее частые ошибки, совершаемые в английском языке при употреблении существительных.
– – – – – – – – – –
I. Мы решили купить мебели.
We have decided to buy some furnitures. – НЕПРАВИЛЬНО
We have decided to buy some furniture. – ПРАВИЛЬНО Показать полностью.

Это самая распространённая ошибка при употреблении имён существительных, а именно – употребление во множественном числе тех слов, которые могут употребляться ТОЛЬКО в единственном. Вот некоторые из них:

• furniture – мебель
• information – информация, сведения
• advice – совет
• news – новость, новости
• luggage – багаж, вещи
• scenery – вид, пейзаж

1) Ты получал какие-нибудь сведения?
Have you received any informations? – НЕПРАВИЛЬНО
Have you received any information? – ПРАВИЛЬНО

2) Он попросил ее уложить вещи.
He asked her to pack her luggages. – НЕПРАВИЛЬНО
He asked her to pack her luggage. – ПРАВИЛЬНО

3) Здесь не очень хороший вид.
The sceneries here are not good. – НЕПРАВИЛЬНО
The scenery here is not good. – ПРАВИЛЬНО

4) Ты слышал эту новость?
Did you hear these news? – НЕПРАВИЛЬНО
Did you hear this news? – ПРАВИЛЬНО

II. Он мой двоюродный брат.
He is my cousin brother. – НЕПРАВИЛЬНО
He is my cousin. – ПРАВИЛЬНО

«Cousin» – любой ребёнок, причём любой родственной тети или дяди (т.е. «cousin» может означать «двоюродный брат», «двоюродная сестра» и т.д.). В данном случае мы не должны дополнительно использовать слово «brother», так как местоимение «he» уже указывает на пол. Подобная ошибка довольно часто встречается даже у носителей языка.

III. Один из моих друзей согласился пойти со мной.
One of my friend has agreed to come with me. – НЕПРАВИЛЬНО
One of my friends has agreed to come with me. – ПРАВИЛЬНО

Запомните простое правило: существительное после one of, some of, none of и подобными выражениями употребляется ТОЛЬКО во множественном числе!

Важно: глагол должен согласовываться с подлежащим предложения, например:

Пришли некоторые из моих друзей.
Some of my friends has arrived. – НЕПРАВИЛЬНО
Some of my friends have arrived. – ПРАВИЛЬНО

One of the main questions that I get asked when a client is considering moving their data warehouse to the Snowflake Data Cloud is, “What will the monthly cost be?”. Their usage-based pricing model is an intriguing concept and you only pay for what you use each month. While this pricing model has a lot of pros, it can also be difficult to extrapolate what that will look like for your organization, especially compared to an on-premise solution.

After helping a variety of organizations estimate their monthly cost, I refined the process to a few key questions that can help you reach a rough estimate of what you can expect to be charged each month. Time and time again, I found myself wanting an approachable tool that would help teams get a ballpark estimate that they could share with leadership to help understand the return-on-investment for building out a cloud data warehouse.

Without many Snowflake cost estimation options available, I decided to draw on my experience as a SnowPro Core Certified Consultant and build one!

About the Calculator

There are many variables at play with the Snowflake usage-based pricing model, so the monthly price could end up being different than the initial estimation that you arrive at. This is especially true for the first few months where you will be developing and testing as costs are naturally higher during those periods. Once you have the majority of the processes automated, the cost tends to level out each month. I would recommend utilizing Resource Monitors to help you keep track of usage and which warehouses are using up the most resources.

The actual cost of computing in Snowflake also depends on the Cloud Provider and Edition that you choose. You can learn more about those here . The price goes up slightly with each edition to account for additional security and retention features in each tier.

Beyond the standard usage questions that we ask above, there are a few more charges that you may incur if you use some of the additional Snowflake functionally. There will be an additional cost if any data is transferred to a different region or outside of the cloud platform. Using the Snowflake tool Snowpipe will also come along with some additional fees. Data retention features like time travel also increase monthly storage costs. These all depend on your individual usage and configurations, so they are naturally more challenging to estimate.

Each month your Snowflake bill may look a little different, but hopefully this exercise can help you identify a range of what you can expect to pay! In many cases, Snowflake’s optimization can save you money when compared to operating a cloud warehouse through a traditional provider, all while making it easy to manage and pivot configurations as needed. If you’d like to learn more about how Snowflake can fit into your data and analytics strategy, use the link below to get in touch!

NVIDIA introduces Freestyle, updated Ansel UI; Fortnite Battle Royale supports ShadowPlay Highlights

We’re bringing more new features to more of the games you love.

NVIDIA Freestyle, a new feature that allows you to customize your gameplay, and an updated user interface for NVIDIA Ansel, our powerful photo mode for games, are among the enhancements to GeForce Experience we are announcing at CES in Las Vegas this week.

We are also announcing that Fortnite Battle Royale is among four new games that support NVIDIA ShadowPlay Highlights, which automatically captures your gaming achievements in videos and screenshots.

GeForce Experience is our companion application for GeForce GTX GPUs that helps keep your drivers up to date, optimize your game settings, and capture and share videos, screenshots and livestreams with friends.

It turns a great PC into a great gaming PC with innovative features that are only available with GeForce GPUs.

NVIDIA Freestyle: New GeForce Experience Feature to Customize Your Games

The latest feature for GeForce Experience, NVIDIA Freestyle, allows you to apply post-processing filters on your games while you play. Right from the in-game overlay, you can change the look and mood of your game with tweaks to color or saturation, or apply dramatic post-process filters.

How to drive if you are colorblind

NVIDIA Freestyle is a new beta feature that which lets you apply post-processing filters to your games while you play.

At launch there are a total of 15 filters with 38 different settings (some filters have multiple settings). They include:

Black and White Exposure Sepia
Color Half Tone Vignette
Colorblind Mood Depth of Field
Contrast Night Mode Special FX
Details Retro Adjustments

Freestyle lets you be more creative with your games. For example, you can create a retro war-themed filter for your favorite FPS or enhance color and contrast to make a game look more photorealistic.

Freestyle’s more serious uses include a colorblind mode that makes it easier for colorblind gamers to differentiate between colors. Gamers can even use night mode, which reduces blue color so users can sleep better after a night of gaming.

We’ve integrated Freestyle at the driver level for seamless compatibility with games. We’re releasing the Freestyle game filters beta with support for over 100 game titles.

Fortnite Battle Royale and More Get ShadowPlay Highlights

On January 10, Fortnite Battle Royale will add support for ShadowPlay Highlights, joining Atom, Lawbreakers, Nioh, Paragon, PLAYERUNKNOWN’S BATTLEGROUNDS and Raiders of a Broken Planet as titles that support the feature. Additionally, we’re announcing support for two new Highlights titles, including Crossout and Elex.

Ansel Gets 8 New Filters and a UI Makeover

We’ve updated the Ansel user interface to make it more intuitive. We’ve also added eight new filters and the ability to combine multiple filters to capture even more amazing photographs.

With Ansel, you can compose shots from virtually any camera position, adjust with post-process filters, capture HDR images in high-fidelity formats and share your screenshots in 360 degrees via your smartphone, PC or VR headset.

How to drive if you are colorblind

Ansel has refreshed Photo Mode controls, eight new filters and the ability to combine multiple filters.

The new Freestyle game filters and Ansel photo mode features will be available in beta on January 9. To get them, download the latest GeForce Experience app (release 3.12) and Game Ready Driver (release 390). Then enable Experimental Features from within GeForce Experience settings.

How to drive if you are colorblind

A remake of the classic fighting game – Street Figther 2.


Street Fighter 2 is where the entire 2D fighting genre started pretty much, it’s only other competition was the just as good King of Fighters series from SNK.

It’s influence on the gaming community is astronomical, and as such deserves its rightful place as a legendary game. The control system is intuitive, but to get the most out of it on PC you should own a joypad as the keyboard does not give the game justice.

The fighting system has arguably never been bettered, only improved with time by the Capcom development team. The graphics are understandably fairly basic by todays standards, especially when put side by side by Guilty Gear and the VS series, but for the time were amazing, with parallax scrolling and clipping that actually worked (a first for the beat ’em up genre).

To deny yourself from playing this game because of a few poor reviews from people who obviously have not wasted much of their younger lives to the mastering of this game, would be a shame. If you use MAME or any other emulator then your very naughty, but see if you can download some of the other versions too, as different versions of the game introduced new characters and fighting styles. But for the time being download this now, persevere, never use guile, and you’ll fall in love. Brilliant.

Street fighter II was one of the most classic arcade fighting games of the ninety’s.

You have a selection of 8 players from all around the world from which you must choose 1 to play as. Then compete against all the other players, one at a time until you have defeated them. There is also a 2 player option so that you can compete against your friends.

Each player has their own special moves or powers that can be performed by pressing different key sequences. These include fireballs, special kicks and many more. You will need to experiment with different keys to figure these out.

While the graphics and sounds aren’t as smooth and crisp as some newer games, they are identical to the original Street Fighter which only benefits the gaming experience.

Street Fighter II works perfect in Windows 98 & XP, but Windows 2000 users may experience some problems.

This is possibly one of the best games I have ever played.

Street Fighter is a one on one combat game with various players who each have their own way of fighting and their techniques, not to mention special moves. It is on Super Nintendo and the two battle modes are multiplayer, one on one and championship were you beat the normal players then go to verse the bosses you can choose you’re difficulties.

Although Street Fighter 2 is an arcade game and I think that you should get a hold of it no matter how. Well that’s what I got to say about Street Fighter, best game ever! 11 out of 10! Oh and Ken is the best.

The people who did reviews before my one clearly don’t know Guile from Street Fighter 2. For his Sonic Boom, hold back for 2 seconds the press forward + punch and you get a boomerang shaped projectile. All this game allowed was a punch, pathetic.

I pressed punch, got a punch, I pressed kick, I got a punch. What the heck is that, this game could be the best freeware game in the world for all I care but I will not recognize it as Street Fighter 2, it isn’t.

This is a great game! Due to the fact that it’s on the computer and my computer is getting slower and slower, I thought it would be rubbish. But the characters move much faster than I expected. I am one of the hugest fans of Street Fighter in the world. The only problem is that I don’t know how to do any moves, apart from my favourite character Chun-Li’s Lightning Kick.

First of all I totally agree with happydragon and shockedfog, if you two are reading this you guys have the right idea. The only reason I didn’t give this
a ‘unplayable’ is because of the street fighter 2 graphics. If you want, you may give this a try but you will soon be erasing any trace of this game off your hard drive, if you are sane of course.

It’s a very slow game. Players move really slow and except for Zangeif, it’s quite hard playing with the other players. It does not even contain much players either. Only 8.

It’s lowest number of players ever that could be found in a fighting game. But for some reason I quite like this game.

How to drive if you are colorblind

Carolina Family Vision is dedicated to providing you with the highest level of service and professional eye care. We are excited to bring our personalized, patient-first approach to Holly Springs, Fuquay-Varina, Apex, Raleigh NC and the surrounding areas by combining understanding and compassion with state-of-the-art technology and eye care expertise.

How to drive if you are colorblind

How to drive if you are colorblindHow to drive if you are colorblind

Whether you want an optometrist in Holly Springs, the latest designer frames, eyeglasses and sunglasses or need to be fit in today’s newest contact lenses, Carolina Family Vision has what you are looking for right here in Holly Springs.

How to drive if you are colorblind


How to drive if you are colorblind


How to drive if you are colorblind


dry eye and color vision enhancement

How to drive if you are colorblind

Incredible breakthrough for the colorblind


our optometrists

Drs. Adam, Kristy Bryan, and Nima Naik are dedicated to improving the eye health and vision care for the people of Holly Springs, NC and the surrounding areas.

How to drive if you are colorblind

Adam is originally from a small town in southern Illinois. He completed his undergraduate studies in 2001 at Eastern Illinois University with a Bachelor’s of Science degree in zoology.

How to drive if you are colorblind

Dr. Kristy Tart-Bryan

Kristy, a North Carolina native, began her education at Duke University. She graduated in 2001 with Bachelors of Science degrees in both biology and psychology.

How to drive if you are colorblind

Dr. Nima Naik, also a native of North Carolina, is a graduate of UNC Chapel Hill and Pennsylvania College of Optometry.


patient reviews

“I have been a patient here for 3-4 years, and have always had the best experience with the staff and both of the doctors—so incredibly kind and helpful. The other night I had an eye emergency and Dr. Bryan met me at the office after hours to get me all fixed up. Never have I received such selfless and quality service in the 15+ years I have been wearing glasses!”

“Absolutely the best customer service. I had an eye emergency the day after Christmas and with one phone call to Dr. Bryan, he was there within an hour to help me, even though the office was closed for the holiday. He even came in the next day, which was also a holiday, just to make sure my eye was healing correctly. Dr. Bryan is extremely knowledgeable and takes time to thoroughly diagnose the problem. Thanks to Dr. Bryan catching my eye condition early, it is healing ahead of schedule and I couldn’t be more appreciative. Thanks!”

“Carolina Family Vision is a top-notch professional team. My initial visit and follow up visits have been easy to schedule, efficient and extremely pleasant. Dr. Bryan Adam and his staff went above and beyond to assist me in processing Insurance and discussing options best financially suited for me in obtaining contact lenses and eventually a new set of glasses. Thank Carolina Family Vision for your attentiveness and professionalism. ”

Have you ever been stuck in traffic and wished you could do something to fix it? In Mini Motorways, the city’s traffic problems are in your hands.

From the makers of Mini Metro, Mini Motorways is a game about drawing the roads that drive a growing city. Build a road network, one road at a time, to create a bustling metropolis. Redesign your city to keep the traffic flowing, and carefully manage upgrades to meet the changing demands. How long can you keep the cities of the world moving?

• Dynamically growing cities that make every game unique!
• Stunning maps visually inspired by cities all around the world for you to explore.
• A variety of upgrades help you meet the demands of your ever-expanding road network.
• Different color modes to choose from, including colorblind and night modes.
• Responsive, relaxing soundtrack that grows with your city, created by Disasterpeace.
• Includes MFi controller support.

What’s New

The Challenge City Update
Fancy a challenge? Introducing an all-new game mode!

For those who want to kick it up a notch, Mini Motorways invites you to take a spin on a set of exciting handcrafted challenges – explore your favourite maps in a whole new way! Our new unlockable Challenge Mode applies new modifiers to each of our cities. Complete with freshly updated achievements and its own set of leaderboards, Challenge Mode has been designed with each map’s unique features and geography in mind.
Our leaderboards also have a fresh new look and improved security features!

In addition to the first new gameplay mode, this update to Mini Motorways also includes:
• Updates to our leaderboards! Our current leaderboards have been revamped to now include histograms, as well as improved security features. You can now see where your score ranks compared to all other players.
• Improvements to controller support. If you play with a controller, you’ll be prompted to replay the tutorial if you’d like to see the changes.
• New and improved colourblind options, including a colour picker that allows you to select preferred colours.
• The return of our Seasonal Holiday photo frames in Photo Mode!
• Some tweaks to performance and input for Steam Deck.
• New achievements for Challenge Mode.
• Several bug fixes, including…
• Games freezing/locking at the End of Week screen. If you were seeing your screen grey out after selecting an upgrade, that should be resolved now.
• Issue where the game would sometimes render a black screen with loading icon.
• A handful of car stalling bugs.
• Improvements to various spawning issues such as boxed-in houses and notifications for disconnected buildings.
• Performance improvements and bug fixes.

App Privacy

The developer, Dinosaur Polo Club , indicated that the app’s privacy practices may include handling of data as described below. For more information, see the developer’s privacy policy.

Data Not Linked to You

The following data may be collected but it is not linked to your identity:

Privacy practices may vary, for example, based on the features you use or your age. Learn More


English, Arabic, Dutch, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Portuguese, Russian, Simplified Chinese, Spanish, Traditional Chinese, Turkish

How to drive if you are colorblind

24,170 Mario Tama/Getty

The Salvation Army has followed the lead of other woke organizations in entering the establishment media-manufactured race war and is asking donors to offer a “sincere apology” for White supremacy and White-dominated culture, as detailed in a resource guide “developed to guide The Salvation Army family in gracious discussions about overcoming the damage racism has inflicted upon our world.”

The Salvation Army’s International Social Justice Commission crafted the guidance, which seeks to urge donors to “understand and acknowledge the definitions of race and racism and how the social construct of race has affected society” and ultimately “lament, repent and apologize for biases or racist ideologies held and actions committed.”

“Many have come to believe that we live in a post-racial society, but racism is very real for our brothers and sisters who are refused jobs and housing, denied basic rights and brutalized and oppressed simply because of the color of their skin,” the resource guide states, adding that there is an “urgent need for Christians to evaluate racist attitudes and practices in light of our faith, and to live faithfully in today’s world.”

The resource guide itself contains “five sessions” to “help delve into the topic of racism and the Church.” Those include entire sections titled.“Self-Care for People of Color,” “What is Whiteness?,” “Lamenting and Repenting — a Conversation Guide,” among others.

How to drive if you are colorblind

Salvation Army Lieutenants Michelle Miranda (R) and Fredy Miranda display QR codes for people in vehicles to donate during a drive-thru red kettle donation collection in front of the TCL Chinese Theatre along Hollywood Boulevard in Los Angeles, California. (Mario Tama/Getty)

The guide states that people can perpetuate racism in both “conscious and unconscious ways.” Notably, while lamenting such purported, widespread divisions, the guide specifically instructs donors to “stop trying to be ‘colorblind”:

While this might sound helpful, it actually ignores the God-given differences we all possess, as well as the beautiful cultures of our Black and Brown brothers and sisters. Instead of trying to be colorblind, try seeing the beauty in our differences, and welcome them into your homes churches and workplaces. Being colorblind also ignores the discrimination our Black and Brown brothers and sisters face and does not allow us to address racism properly.

Ultimately, the guide calls for “repentance,” invoking scripture in an attempt to convince white individuals who have never been racist to apologize, as it is necessary, the guide states, to “move towards racial reconciliation”:

We recognize that it is a profound challenge to sit on the hot seat and listen with an open heart to the hurt and anger of the wounded. Yet, we are all hardwired to desire justice and fairness, so the need to receive a sincere apology is necessary. We are also imperfect human beings and prone to error and defensiveness, so the challenge of offering a heartfelt apology permeates almost every relationship.

Even if the individual feels as though they did not do anything wrong, being personally racist, the guide urges them to “spend time repenting on behalf of the Church and asking for God to open hearts and minds to the issue of racism.”

“Perhaps God spoke to you during your time of lament, and you have an idea of what you need to repent and apologize for. Please take time to write out or think about how you can repent and apologize,” the guide adds.
The full resource guide can be found here.

Notably, Chick-fil-A made waves in 2019 after pulling its donations from the charity, “arguing that the 154-year-old group has been the target of misinformation regarding its stance on LGBT individuals,” as Breitbart News reported.

Update: Fox News reported the Salvation Army said in a statement, in part, “The Salvation Army is not asking donors to apologize for their skin color, and we do not endorse any philosophy or ideology. Such claims are simply false and injure our ability to fulfill our mission, which is to preach the gospel of Jesus Christ and to meet human needs in His name without discrimination.”

How to drive if you are colorblind

Icy Tower is one of the most awesome freeware games that I have ever played! And I’m extremely sure that if you download Icy Tower, you’ll be telling the same thing to your friends and fellow Acid-play fans.

In Icy Tower, you play as a kid named Harold the Homeboy, who found the tower in the middle of the forest, and is trying to get the top so he can impress his friends. Even though Harold the Homeboy is the main character, you can also play as two other characters, Disco Dave, and Green Harold the Homeboy. None of them have any abilities unique to their character, but each of them have their own music and sound effects.

You earn points in the game by jumping from platform to platform in the tower, and by performing combos. To perform a combo, you have to make your character move faster than normal, and then jump. You get more points for every combo you do. You also gain new start floors by gaining a lot of points.

I’ve tried to edit Icy Tower, but it takes a while and gets very monotonous after a while, since you have to edit a template and be good at art. If you are not an artist, I wouldn’t suggest trying to edit this game. There is a guide about how to edit Icy Tower in the game’s readme.

Icy Tower is a must-download for all gamers out there. Download it now, and help Harold the Homeboy get to the top of his tower. Good luck!

One of the greatest freeware games of our time! Icy Tower combines great graphics, catchy background music and addictive gameplay. This is another classic by Johan Peitz. This fella writes terrific games.

In Icy Tower you must help Harold the homeboy to impress his friends by jumping to the highest level in the Icy Tower. The higher you jump the more points you receive. You get extra points for performing tricks. (You’ll soon figure out how.) Enough said. Download it already.

Update: Version 1.2
Icy Tower 1.2 has been a long time in the making and it is finally here! So what does this update offer: The ability so save your replays, a more in-depth high score list as well as custom characters that you can download or create yourself. There have also been some bug fixes and tweaks. All in all this update really does cement Icy Towers position as the greatest freeware game around.

Icy Tower is a skill game. It’s about a dude (that’s you) who loves to jump around. One day he found an icy tower which is very slippery and tall. Since then he spends most of his time everyday jumping aimlessly there, alone.

You control your character to move right or left, and jump. To do a long, high jump, you need to run first. Sometimes you may get bonuses for performing some sort of skills. Basically, you just jump around until you fall off.

In my opinion, it’s boring. But for growing kids maybe, like other reviewers, this is a cool game. Just because of the character’s appearance and the music. The gameplay is boring.

Icy Tower may remain in your hard drive for about 1/2 to 1 hour unless you think it’s a cool, funky game. However, because it’s very small in size and freeware, I suggest you to try out this game. To the author of this game, sorry for writing this negative review.

Hey people, I don’t understand the fun in this game. Do I have the wrong game or something? Is this game really only jumping some ledges? Goodness me, I can’t believe everyone likes this game so much. It might be fun when you’re drunk or whatever, but as a game, this is nothing. This site offers many, many great freeware games like Little Fighter 2, Soldat, Americas Army, One Must Fall, Hidden and Dangerous and many more and what happens? If you go to the top rated page, a game where your purpose is to jump up to stupid ledges is on the first page of the top rated pages! Sorry I get carried away sometimes, but I think this game is rubbish.

Icy tower is very great game that keeps you playing.

Being a game designer myself, I find that Icy Tower has all of the required aspects of a great computer game, all except one. This game, and any other game, needs a multiplayer option, and some better rewards for making it far.

The only thing that makes me stop playing, is that I cant show my buddies, or play with my buddies, and so the only thing that I reviewed this for, was to show that this is a great game, and that if you want a quick download, and a fun little game to keep you going for a few days, this game is worth a download.

This game is one of the simplest computer games that I’ve ever come across, yet one of the most popular. In just the 3 to 4 MB it occupies, you’ll find a whole new world of competitiveness and fun. Just making a man jump one step to another with no other purpose may seem dull to critics, but once you begin playing, you can’t stop, keep trying again and again, doing as many somersaults and going as high as possible. Nothing can describe the exhilaration on making a combo of 73 floors or reaching 400 or something.

At first sight this may seems like a nice simple platformer. You probably won’t understand it’s popularity. But there is more than meets the eye. My advice – watch one of the replays included, these are highscores made by some of the best Icy Towers on the planet. Try to copy that! Practice, until you have mastered your very first small combo move, and feel happy the whole rest of the day. Until you realize you have to practice more. Do bigger jumps. Get higher. Get addicted. Be warned, the tower has no end.

Do you have a hunch that you don’t see colors as clearly you should? Ever been told that something has different shades, but they all look the same to you? If so, you could be color blind.

Some people are color blind and don’t know it. For example, they know tree leaves are green, so they think the color they see is “green.”

This vision issue usually doesn’t make you see things in shades of gray. That’s rare. Most people who are color blind have trouble telling some colors apart. They may not be able to tell the difference between red and green or blue and yellow.

Eye professionals have lots of ways to check for the condition. The most common tests use colored tablets or diagrams.

Who Does the Tests?

If you notice a serious change in how you see color, call an ophthalmologist. That’s a doctor who’s trained in eye care and vision. Your symptoms could be a warning sign of something more serious, so it’s a good idea to get them checked out. You should also tell your regular doctor if you think you’re having trouble seeing colors.

In some schools, nurses test children for color problems.

Color blindness runs in families. If you have relatives with the condition, it’s important to get tested.

What Are the Different Kinds of Tests?

Ishihara color test. This checks for red-green color blindness. The doctor will ask you to look at a series of circles (also called plates) with dots of different colors and sizes. Some of the dots form shapes or one- or two-digit numbers. If you have trouble seeing red and green, those shapes will be hard to see, or you may not see them at all.

Cambridge color test. This is a lot like the Ishihara test, except that you look at a computer screen. You’ll try to find a “C” shape that’s a different color than the background. It pops up randomly. When you see it, you press one of four keys.

Anomaloscope. You look through an eyepiece and see a circle. The top half of the circle is a yellow light. The bottom half is made up of red and green lights. You turn knobs until both halves are the same color and brightness. Doctors use this test to check for trouble seeing red and green.

Farnsworth-Munsell 100 hue test. This uses blocks or pegs that are different shades of the same color. Your task is to line them up a certain way. This test checks to see if you can pick up slight color changes. Companies that need workers to see colors correctly sometimes use it.

Farnsworth lantern test. The U.S. military uses this to see if recruits have a mild or severe form of color blindness. You can serve in the armed forces if your condition is mild.

Being color blind can make some things tricky, but it’s not serious. You can still drive, work, and live a normal life. You may need to find other ways to do some things, though. Some people with red-and-green color blindness wear special contact lenses. Others download apps to help them with colors.

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‘I’m an old-school liberal. I believe in a colorblind society. That’s not where woke is,’ Maher said

Pundits say Youngkin win offers GOP a blueprint for 2022 success

Keri Rodrigues, president of National Parents Union, emphasizes how advocating for ‘wokeness’ in education will lose elections

“Real Time” host Bill Maher took a swipe at MSNBC for the way it reacted to Glenn Youngkin’s stunning victory in this month’s Virginia gubernatorial race.

During Friday night’s panel discussion, Maher sounded the alarm on “this level of hate” Americans have for each other, slamming those who floated the idea of secession.

“How would we secede in California, which has 4 million Trump voters?” Maher asked. “What do we do about this hate?”

Maher said he doesn’t believe “we are being led in the right direction by either side” – a perspective that drew pushback from liberal radio host Tavis Smiley.

“When you say ‘we’ . what ‘we’ are you talking about?” Smiley asked. “Black folk and Brown people ain’t doing nothing to the larger White community. So when you say ‘we,’ you’re acting as if, you sound as if-“

“I said we the country!” Maher exclaimed.

“But who’s the ‘we’?” Smiley doubled down. “Some of us are not engaged in that nonsense or activity.”

How to drive if you are colorblind

Author and talk show host Tavis Smiley speaks in New York City, May 29, 2014. (Associated Press)

The HBO star then pulled up a headline published by MSNBC following the GOP’s major win in Virginia, which read, “Glenn Youngkin’s victory proves [W]hite ignorance is a powerful weapon.”

“I don’t think that helps,” Maher reacted. “I’m an old-school liberal. I believe in a colorblind society. That’s not where woke is, OK? There’s a lot of resegregation going on. There’s a lot of ‘You’re either a racist or you don’t know you’re a racist.’ So yes, there’s some ‘we’ on the other side too.”

“There’s a lot of resegregation going on. There’s a lot of ‘You’re either a racist or you don’t know you’re a racist.'”

— Bill Maher

How to drive if you are colorblind

Last week, Maher pointed out how “Democrats got their a– kicked” in the November elections and clashed with Vanderbilt University professor Michael Eric Dyson on whether critical race theory was being taught in schools, something Dyson largely dismissed, arguing Virginia parents were instead outraged that Black history was becoming “centered” in the school curriculum.

“But I find that a disingenuous argument because I don’t think that is what people are objecting to,” Maher reacted. “They are not objecting to Black history being taught. There are other things going on in the schools.”

“Like what?” Dyson asked.

“Like separating children by race,” Maher responded, “and describing them either as oppressed or oppressor. I mean, there are children coming home who feel traumatized by this. That’s what parents are objecting to.”

“But Bill, … the beginning of critical race theory in the modern times is two years ago … Christopher Rufo, White guy, who said, ‘Look, I’m reading the anti-racist literature. I see this critical race stuff. This stuff will make good publicity.’ And he began to drive it home,” Dyson said. “It’s not critical race theory, it’s the notion of centering Black people as historical agents and the question is, if you talk about White kids being traumatized, oh really? So that Black kids being made to portray slaves — we got stories on both sides. I think you are underestimating the anti-Black sentiment that’s deeply entrenched that’s way beyond Trump. … It ain’t just Donald Trump, it’s the party itself.”

Dyson continued to argue the debate in school districts was solely focused on how Black history is taught to children rather than the CRT ideology.

“But that’s not all we’re talking about,” Maher pushed back. “We’re talking about kids who seem to be too young sometimes to fully appreciate all this. I think if kids watched you, they wouldn’t know a lot of those words. So to ask them as opposed to letting kids be kids, maybe, where usually kids are pretty nice to each other if they’re instructed not to be.”