How to dress like a little kid for halloween

Break out the craft supplies and enlist the kiddos to help make these creative, funny and budget-friendly homemade costumes.

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DIY Halloween Costumes Your Kids Will Love

It’s that time of year again when you have to choose between spending a small fortune on a store-bought Halloween costume for your kiddo (or kiddos) or spend hours of precious free time crafting something they’ll actually want to wear. Well, stress no longer! We’ve pulled together the ultimate list of cute, clever costumes that are easy to make, take minimal time and look like something you bought off the rack. Grab our step-by-step tutorials for a variety of kid-friendly outfits like this scuba diver costume made from leftover soda bottles and much, much more.

Soda Bottle Scuba Diver Costume

Make this adorable scuba diver costume in a pinch from items you would normally toss in the trash, like 2-liter soda bottles and a laundry detergent cap.

Sweet Scoops Ice Cream Costume

I scream, you scream, we all scream for . this adorable ice cream costume! Let the kiddos dress up as their favorite sweet treat this Halloween by crafting our simple ice cream cone hats. Style your scoops with comfy, solid-color clothing that coordinates with the featured flavor.

No-Sew Roman Toga Costume

This easy, no-sew costume uses everyday items like a pillowcase, cereal box and flip flops to create a majestic costume fit for Roman royalty. No sheet-wrapping involved, which means there’s no need to worry about the toga falling off during trick-or-treating.

Color Me Spooky Costume

Have a t-shirt, craft felt and some construction paper? Then you have everything you need to craft this oh-so-colorful costume.

Queen of Hearts Costume

The Queen of Hearts may be the antagonist in Lewis Carroll’s children’s book classic Alice in Wonderland, but this sweet costume will make the villainous queen look downright adorable. There is minimal sewing involved and the sewing can even be skipped if needed. Best of all, this costume is easy to customize to fit children of any age, or even an adult.

Cardboard Train Costume

All aboard! Reduce, reuse and recreate this charming choo-choo from discarded cardboard boxes and some craft supplies you likely already have on hand.

Paper Bag Fisherman Costume

Cleverly crafted from a large paper grocery bag, this DIY fisherman’s vest is reel cute. Complete the look with a button-down shirt, a kid-sized brimmer hat and a handy fishing pole — you could even swap the pole for a fishing net to hold candy while trick-or-treating.

Hot Air Balloon Costume

Turn your tot into an aeronaut with a laundry basket and a helium balloon. As a bonus, the tall balloon will make it easy to keep track of your child on Halloween night. Don’t have a laundry basket on hand? A cardboard box works great, too.

Carnival Strong Man Costume

Cue the shenanigans with this clever, last-minute costume you can pull together from items in your child’s closet. Just add muscles and a mustache.

Milk + Cereal Costume

Sure to be the star of any costume party or trunk-or-treat, this sugary-sweet ensemble is a breeze to make from a laundry basket and multi-colored pool noodles.

Starry Night Face Paint Costume

New Orleans artist Crystal Turner has an enviable sidekick when it comes to costume creation in October. “My son and I love Halloween and I dress up with him every year,” she says. “The inspiration behind our unzipped look was to showcase [that] we are all magical and made of the universe!” To follow in their footsteps, buy a zipper at a craft store (or upcycle one from a worn-out item of clothing), then snip off the excess fabric on either side of the teeth. Experiment with laying the zipper at different angles on your face, trimming it to length, then dusting over it with a bit of loose powder so you’ll know where it will be affixed. Dab spirit gum within the outlines that remain, lay the zipper on your face, then use a combination of sponged, brushed, and stippled water-based makeup to create the effect of your choice on the “unzipped” portion of your face.

Pink Flamingo Costume

Turn a bunch of inexpensive feather boas into a fun flamingo costume for your little one. Pair it with a pink dress and tights, and you have a unique, handmade Halloween costume that won’t break the bank. Design by Jess Abbott.

Pretty Peacock Costume

An easy-to-craft tulle tutu makes this no-sew costume a favorite among skirt-swirling little ones everywhere. Add a few fashion-forward peacock feathers for a Halloween costume they’ll never want to take off.

How to dress like a little kid for halloween

Ah, Halloween season is upon us — and so are the mercurial whims of our children (“I want t o be a princess! No I’m gonna be Cinderella? I changed my mind, I want to be a fairy! Elsa! Alice in Wonderland!…”) as well as the grossly gendered commerical costume options. Cue the collective groans of feminist parents across the land. There are a number of websites and blog posts that feature feminist Halloween costumes, and cool alternatives to boring princesses. But there’s always room for more! Rad American Women A-Z has got you covered!

How to dress like a little kid for halloween

You too can dress your thoroughly indoctrinated offspring up as an inspiring and super-cool activist, athlete, pilot, dancer, rock star, judge, doctor, or writer. All costumes are easy, super low/no-budget, and seriously righteously cute. No storebought Elsas here, OK?

(No disrespect to Elsa/kids who dress up as Elsa/parents whose kids dress up as Elsa. I’m the author of a freakin feminist kids’ book and my kid was a storebought Elsa last year. She might be Elsa again. At least I got her to dress up for this post!)

For real though, at a time where GOP candidates can barely name an important woman from American history, dressing up as a rad woman from history is a great opportunity to have fun and educate others. I learned about pilot Bessie Coleman from a Halloween costume! (See below)

Without further ado, behold — the Rad American Women of Halloween!


A is for ANGELA! Angela Davis is an iconic activist/author/professor/scholar With her signature Afro and raised fist, Angela makes for a pretty sweet costume. The red/orange turtleneck was a frequent wardrobe item, though any funky 70s top could work. She sometimes wore glasses, and often rocked hoop earrings. A black leather jacket, a la the Black Panthers, could work as well. Also, a note to my fellow White People: No Afro wigs. No blackface. Ever. Cultural appropriation is real. Halloween is fun, but please be culturally respectful & responsible when dressing up. Ok? Ok.

Is Forky really a toy? Is he a craft project? Who knows, but he makes a great DIY Halloween costume!

How to dress like a little kid for halloween

How to dress like a little kid for halloween

If your kids have been re-watching Toy Story 4 on Disney+ all year, we can see why, since it combines the already-beloved characters of Woody, Buzz Lightyear and Jessie the Cowgirl with new faves like Gabby Gabby, Ducky & Bunny, a re-vamped Bo Peep, Duke Caboom and — best of all — Forky. Everyone loves Forky! Who couldn’t be charmed by a plastic, googly-eyed craft project who isn’t really sure how or why he exists in the first place? When October rolls around, everyone’s going to be looking for the best DIY Toy Story costumes. We scouted out a collection worthy of Woody’s Round-Up, which would make for great kid costume, family group outfits and even adult couples’ costumes.

Of course, not everyone is into Toy Story, so if these don’t inspire, we have more than 50 other kids’ costume ideas in wait — and then 50 more that you can DIY at the last minute if you forgot about Halloween altogether. We also have some more inspiration for group costumes for your family, since one of the best reasons to have kids is to make them go in on goofy Halloween costume ideas with you. When everyone is dressed up and looking nice, share some Halloween facts as you go trick-or-treating — and don’t forget to browse our guide to these sneaky Easter eggs in Pixar movies leading up to your next movie marathon.

How to dress like a little kid for halloween

For BFFs who want to be a cute riff on Ducky and Bunny, Etsy has you covered. Kid besties are usually attached at the hip, anyway.

How to dress like a little kid for halloween

If Toy Story 4 didn’t cement Forky into our hearts, the “Forky Asks a Question” shorts on Disney+ did. (“I don’t know!”) Celebrate your love by dressing your baby in a DIY Forky getup.

How to dress like a little kid for halloween

I'll stop wearing black when they make a darker color.

Step 1: Behave Like Wednesday

Wednesday is not an affectionate child, and she doesn't need your affection either. Her nonchalance and confidence mean that she does not need anybody's approval to feel good about herself. She is independent and quite the character for her age.

Wednesday is known for her stoic expression and deadpan, sarcasm-laced replies to questions. You're not going to be very authentic if you smile excessively—or at all, for that matter. If it's too late for you to develop a dry, dark sense of humor, try some of these classic Wednesday Addams lines from the film Addams Family Values.

Wednesday: We don't hug.
Becky: Oh, they're just shy.
Pugsley: We're not shy.
Wednesday: We're contagious.

Morticia: Wednesday's at that very special age when a girl has only one thing on her mind.
Ellen: Boys?
Wednesday: Homicide.

Joel: Wednesday, do you think that maybe someday you might want to get married and have kids?
Wednesday: No.
Joel: But what if you met the right man, who worshiped and adored you? Who'd do anything for you? Who'd be your devoted slave? Then what would you do?
Wednesday: I'd pity him.

Wednesday: Nice knife. Can I play autopsy with it?

Step 2: Dress Like Wednesday

Wednesday Addams pretty much wears funeral garb all the time. To dress like her for Halloween, you'll want to focus on your dress and your shoes. For a truly authentic costume, consider adding in some classic accessories as well.


Though we do tend to see a lot of sexy Wednesdays during Halloween, we're not aiming for that look in this discussion. Wednesday is the eldest daughter of the Addams family, and she's 6 years old in the film. She dresses conservatively in a black long-sleeved dress—usually accented with white collars and shirt cuffs.


I would think that black ballet flats would be fitting for the overall look, but let's just turn it up a notch by pairing this look with black oxford wedges instead. It goes perfectly with everything and adds a little something to an otherwise predictable outfit.

Thank you for stopping buy and visiting how to dress a boy like a girl for Halloween. So you decided to take the leap and dress as a girl for Halloween? Or maybe its not Halloween and you just decided to take that leap, hey I’m not here to judge I am only here to help you look the best you can be! So lets get started shall we?

First thing first. This is by far the most important thing. You need help from a women. Whether it is a girlfriend, wife, friend, sister or mom. This is extremely important. They can give you the best advice and opinions on what to wear, how to do your make up and so on. Do not even attempt to dress like a girl without having one present.

You must start by thinking about what kind of woman you want to dress like. Do you want to be conservative or do you want to be provocative? Obviously making this decision could take your dress shopping in two totally different locations. Once you have decided tell your girl helper how you want to dress and ask her where to find clothes to match what you want.

This is just a friendly tip. Try to find a store that does not have clerks at the try on counters. It’s a little embarrassing. Some people don’t care but if your nervous in the first place, you can avoid some funny looks by doing this.

You must get a bra and panties. You can go to a nice place like Victoria Secret but since you will probably only be wearing this outfit once its probably better to go somewhere cheap. If you are planning on doing this more than once I suggest Victoria Secret because of their quality and comfort.

Ok now its up to the lady friend. You need clothes, shoes and make up. This is where they come in big. You need them to help you here. Depending on your body style different things will look better or worse on you. You want to pick out things that flatter your body style. You want make up that looks good on your skin.

Finally you put it all together. Make sure to stuff the bra with appropriate sized fruits or balloons. You can also stuff the panties to give you some shape. Allow the girl to fix your clothes for you and apply make up. Don’t forget to shave your legs and armpits to achieve a true feminine look.

There you go, you should be a good looking girl now. I hope you learned how to dress a boy like a girl for Halloween!

How to dress like a little kid for halloween

Sometimes celebrity parents come up with the most creative, crafty costumes for their little ones! Jealous of their tots’ style? You too can construct ensembles that will make your kids the talk of the neighborhood — just use these celeb families for inspiration!

PHOTOS: Celebrity Halloween costumes in 2014

How to dress like a little kid for halloween

Angela Bassett’s twins Slater and Bronwyn (2008)

While Slater’s giraffe costume is pretty straightforward and can likely be found at any local party store, Bronwyn’s flamingo allows you to get a little more creative. All your little one needs is black sneakers, pink tights, a pink tutu skirt, and a pink top. Strap on a fun flamingo animal hat or a themed hoodie, and you will be running a zoo in no time. But then again, you probably already were.

PHOTOS: Celebs in matching Halloween costumes

How to dress like a little kid for halloween

Nicole Richie and Joel Madden’s son Sparrow and daughter Harlow (2013)

The Madden Family! Dressing up like The Addams Family is easier than you think. All your daughter needs to be Wednesday is a black dress, black tights, and a white collared shirt. Throw in some pigtails and she’s the spitting image of the spooky daughter. Richie dressed her son in all black, but for the true Pugsley Addams look, your little guy needs a black and white striped shirt, black shorts, and thigh-high black socks. If that’s not enough pizzazz for the kids, you can spray paint their hair black to match the film’s classic characters.

How to dress like a little kid for halloween

Jack Osbourne’s daughter Pearl (2013)

The Princess of Darkness! Dressing your kid up like Ozzy Osbourne (little Pearl’s grandfather) is one of the easiest costumes you can do. Simply get a black wig with long, straight hair and circular purple shades. Feel free to throw in some of your own accessories and a black onesie, and your little nugget will be ready to rock!

PHOTOS: TV characters’ Halloween costumes

How to dress like a little kid for halloween

Neil Patrick Harris and David Burtka’s twins Harper and Gideon (2011)

Neverland never looked so easy! Neil Patrick Harris and his husband David Burtka always think of creative family costumes, but their first year together as a foursome was clearly their best. Daughter Harper went as Tinkerbell, which just required a plain onesie and some green fairy wings (plus an adorable grin), and son Gideon went as the cutest Mr. Smee ever. As Captain Hook’s trusty sidekick, he wore a striped shirt and glasses, which were drawn on his face in black marker. To improve upon Mr. Smee’s look, throw in a red beanie!

PHOTOS: Heidi Klum’s best Halloween costumes

How to dress like a little kid for halloween

Tori Spelling’s Son Finn (2012)

Is your baby so cute you could eat him up? Try this easy and precious sushi costume! Start off by taking a white blanket and wrapping it around him, then tie a black sash around the middle to represent the seaweed. Glue or tape a cluster of Nerf balls (preferably orange) to a circular piece of construction paper and place it in the middle of the black sash to represent the fish roe. To complete the look throw on a Wasabi-green beanie and attach some chopsticks. Yum!

Tell Us: What’s your favorite kids’ Halloween costume?

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I love Halloween and all the fun costume possibilities! My kids come up with some many fun and unique ideas that I always have to make DIY costumes to make them happy. This list of free costume patterns is a great place to start when looking for costume ideas!

How to dress like a little kid for halloween

Some of these costume patterns come in one size, and some come in multiple sizes. All of them have a PDF pattern to download and print off. Some of them are full costumes and some of them are pieces that can be added to items you already have in your house.

Just show this list to your kids and let them choose one to make your life a little bit easier when it comes to making a handmade Halloween costume. Some of the patterns at the very end are $1, but I noted it in the description. They are good enough to include in this list!

Do you love making costumes? Check out these ideas:

What is a PDF sewing pattern?

A PDF pattern is a sewing pattern designed on the computer and organized so that it can be printed on several letter or A4 size pieces of paper.

I love using PDF sewing patterns because if the pattern gets ruined or if my children or I changed sizes, I can always print it again. It’ll never be destroyed since I have a digital version!

How do you use a PDF sewing pattern?

Open the PDF on a computer and click print. When printing make sure that the scaling is set to 100% or no scaling so that the pattern prints at the correct size.

Once the pattern is printed it can be taped together to get the full size. Then the pattern can be cut for each pattern piece size or individual sizes can be traced so that the pattern can be used again and again.

Calling all book lovers: Raise your hand if you’d rather get a novel than candy this Halloween.

How to dress like a little kid for halloween

Whether you’re a fan of Good Night Moon or Madeline, or your kids want to unleash their inner Very Hungry Caterpillar or represent Pete the Cat, Halloween is the perfect chance to live inside the exciting world of a favorite grade-school book or experience life from the lens of one of your favorite storybook characters. No matter if you’re a teacher looking to dress up in a clever group costume with your co-workers or you’re the parent of a boy or girl who adores books, there are so many creative ways to bring your favorite characters to life.

From classic children’s titles to young adult novels, there’s a perfect storybook character costume for every bibliophile out there — and lots of great ideas for costumes that would work for the whole family on Halloween, too. Plus there’s good news for those that waited until the last minute to pull together a costume: These storybook costume ideas for toddlers, kids, teens and adults are super easy to pull together — most can be pieced together in DIY fashion using items from your closet and basic materials like empty Amazon boxes.

If you’re ready to show up at your next Halloween party, parade or school fair representing the wonderful world of literature with an unbeatable costume, and show off your book smarts at the same time, check out this list of character looks, and get ready to take home the award for “Best Costume” (the Halloween equivalent of a Pulitzer).