How to downgrade a psp

I know that you generally discourage people from downgrading the firmware on their Sony Playstation Portable (PSP) unit, but darn it, I want to do so anyway. Can you offer some tips, even if you have to include a disclaimer?

If you want to use homebrew on the PSP, there a few general steps of action to take. We will go from their in our endeavors to get you to the magical 1.5 firmware so that you can use any homebrew that you want to!
The first thing that we want to do is find out your current firmware version. Boot up your PSP to the XMB (cross media bar, the home menu) and scroll all the way to the left to what I call the “settings” column. From there, go to “System Settings” and “System Information”. Your “System Software” is equivalent to your firmware. Take note of that firmware and follow the chart and the downgrading directions that follow.

Firmware Version Plan of action
1.5 Celebrate! You’re in luck!
1.51 Update to firmware 2.0, downgrade to 1.5
1.52 Update to firmware 2.0, downgrade to 1.5
2.0 Downgrade to 2.0
2.01 Update to 2.71, downgrade to 1.5
2.5 Update to 2.71, downgrade to 1.5
2.6 Update to 2.71, downgrade to 1.5
2.7 Update to 2.71, downgrade to 1.5
2.71 Use Dark_Alex’s Generic Downgrader
2.8 Out of luck for now
3.0 Out of luck for now
3.01 Out of luck for now, stay tuned

There are some general notes about downgrading. First of all, it’s a fairly safe process. However, sometimes, stuff does happen. These are 1% type situations that render your PSP inoperable. Stick to the directions, and you will be alright.
Second there is a type of motherboard that is in some PSP’s that is not downgradeable. If you attempt to downgrade on a PSP with this motherboard, your PSP will be rendered useless. Here is a picture of a white PSP with that motherboard. Make sure you check before starting any downgrade!
How to downgrade a psp
[ed note: This picture isn’t very good, but it’s easy to spot whether you have this earlier circuit board or not: if you can’t see “IC1003” printed backwards on your circuit board edge, you’re in the clear. -DT]

The Sony PSP 2.0 Firmware Downgrade Process

The 2.0 downgrade process is probably the easiest and safest out of any of the methods. It is very quick and easy:

  1. Disable anti-virus software. (Necessary step, just trust me)
  2. Download [link removed, sorry]
  3. Connect your PSP to your computer
  4. Copy the files “h.bin” and “index.dat” to the root of your PSP. The root is the topmost directory.
  5. Copy overflow.tif into the PSP -> PHOTO folder. If you don’t have these folders, create them!
  6. Make a new folder in PSP -> GAME called “UPDATE”
  7. Download a PSP 1.5 Update file from Google
  8. Drop that update file in the update folder
  9. Disconnect PSP

The prep work is finished now.

  1. Plug your PSP into the AC adaptor
  2. Start PSP up. Scroll to photo menu.
  3. Click X and try to scroll down. One of two things will happen: your PSP will hit a black screen with white letters and numbers, or your PSP will freeze. If the PSP freezes, just restart and try again.
  4. If you hit the black screen with white characters, perform a hard reset (hold power switch up 10 seconds) and restart
  5. With the AC Adaptor plugged in, scroll to the right and access your memory stick under GAME
  6. Run the 1.5 US Update
  7. The update will run and inevitably fail at 99%
  8. Restart the PSP, and you will hit the PSP’s blue screen of death. No problem- hit “O”
  9. Boom, you are done!

Sony PSP 2.5/2.6/2.71 Firmware Downgrade Process

This tutorial has been through several re-writes in this area. Why? Because, as usual, the PSP homebrew scene is always reinventing itself. At one point there were several muddled process for downgrading each of these three firmwares. This article has been written for three different downgrade processes for each. However there is now a new sheriff in town in the world of PSP downgrading. This new method is much safer and easier than any other method yet.
Before we get to that, though, let’s make it simple: if you are running PSP firmware higher than 2.0, you want to update to 2.71, before you go any further. Seems counterintuitive, but this will make things very, very simple for you.
After you are updated to 2.71, (go no further) follow these steps for homebrew in no time flat:

  1. Download [link removed, sorry].
  2. Follow the super easy install instructions included in the readme
  3. Run the process through the photo menu. (as dictated in the program’s readme)
  4. Download the [link removed, sorry]
  5. Install that program by placing the UPDATE folder inside of the PSP -> GAME directory. Create directories, if necessary.
  6. Download a 1.5 update EBOOT
  7. Rename it to UPDATE.PBP and put it in the PSP -> GAME -> UPDATE folder
  8. Run the downgrader program from the memory stick on the game menu

Boom, you’re downgraded.
[Ed Notes: first, thanks for sharing this information with us, Andrew. Having said that, please, please be careful with downgrades and think twice before you muck with the firmware on your Sony PSP. I am not responsible for any adverse outcome from your following these directions, so you really are on your own if you try this process. Good luck.]

Tranced Programmer Moderator

Issue with 6.61 -> 6.60 should now be fixed, tested and working on a 1k.

There is a new Vita Homebrew Contest that is starting in the Vita Community, in the past we have seen the Rejuvenate Contest that helped spark some early development in the Vita Scene, then later on we had the GekiHEN Contest which psx-place took a part in along with other scene sites, now we have the a new contest for the Vita Community called KYUHEN, Spearheaded by Cimmerian , 2old4Gaming , frangarcj with assistance from / / / .

The Contest will consist of a 2 month development period and span across 4 categories . Those categories include 2 separate “Games” categories one for SDK Homebrew and one for Project powered by ported engine’s such as Unity or GameMaker. Then there will be a separate category for “Ports” of games/emulators ect.. Then to round out the last category there is “Utilities” and this one is open to both applications and plugins .

Update v1.1 Released Original Article (March 17): The duo of PS Vita legends developer’s TheFlow and @Rinnegatamante team up again with another great release for the PS Vita Community. We have seen the family of Grand Theft Auto Series make the journey to the PS Vita with various ports and techniques but have we been missing one from the PSP era in the form of a native port? First we seen the release of re3 (GTA III) followed by reVC (GTA: Vice City) which utilized a reversed engineered engine .. Then several weeks ago we seen those two classic GTA game’s followed by what may be the most iconic game in the series with gtaSA_Vita (GTA: San Andreas) as we just witnessed update v1.6 released Which took a different approach and utilized the Android port of the game and puts TheFlow’s kubridge plugin to work serving as a wrapper for aiding in the porting some Android games to the PS Vita (see Max Payne as another Android game ported)

Now, that brings us to today’s release with is a port of another GTA Classic from the PSP with the release of Grand Theft Auto: Chinatown Wars , (GTA:CFW Vita) a 3D top view game from the series , Like Max Payne and GTASA this is a port of the Android version with magic from @Rinnegatamante and TheFlow.​

6.60 Downgrade Tutorial

6.60 Downgrade Tutorial

Post by Pawel » Tue Jun 12, 2012 9:23 pm

This tutorial will show you how to downgrade your PSP OFW 6.60, 6.35 or 6.31 to OFW 6.20.
This downgrader is compatible with PSPs up to Model 9g (PSP Go included).
To check what PSP model you have, download PSPIdent 0.75 here:
To install PSPIdent simply put the PSPIDENT folder to ms0:/PSP/GAME.
NOTE: You can only use PSPIdent if you already installed CFW on your PSP System.

1.) First of all, check what PSP Model you have to make sure your PSP is compatible. We don’t want to brick the PSP do we?

3.) When downloaded, extract Chronoswitch Downgrader folder into ms0:/PSP/GAME.
Then go into ms0:/PSP/GAME and make a new folder called UPDATE (Capital Letters) and extract the EBOOT.PBP from the folder into the UPDATE folder.

4.) Safely unplug your PSP from the computer and start the Downgrader.
When you start it, it’s going to say “Press X to continue” right after checking your firmware. Press X.
After that, Press X again to start the SCE updater and if the Downgrader worked successfully, 6.20 official update should load up.
Keep pressing Next until your PSP starts installing the update.

New firmware (operating system) versions come out for the Sony ™ PlayStation Portable (PSP) often. These updates add new features, but they can also install authentication and security features which make playing older games or installing hacks like Homebrew impossible. Since the release of the PSP a war has raged between Sony and hackers, with each new firmware version being cracked fairly swiftly, so that it can be downgraded. Most PSP Slims cannot be downgraded with out a Pandora’s Battery ( The easiest and simplest way to run homebrew is by running official firmware 1.5.


  • 1 Steps
    • 1.1 Dangers of downgrading
    • 1.2 Find your firmware
    • 1.3 Use the tools
    • 1.4 The .tiff image hack
  • 2 Tips
  • 3 Related Articles
  • 4 Sources and Citations


Dangers of downgrading

  1. Know that downgrading your PSP voids the warranty and can be quite dangerous to your hardware.
  2. Downgrading often requires upgrading: You can only use a down grader that goes from one firmware version to another, so most users will need to update their PSP to at least version 2.0 (USA) in order to then downgrade it to 1.5 or 1.0.

Find your firmware

  1. Determine which version of the PSP operating system you are currently running:
    1. Navigate to the main menu on your PSP.
    2. Select Settings -> System Settings -> System Information.
    3. Look for System Software Version X.XX. Where X.XX is the version number of your PSP firmware.
    4. Now you will know which downloader and/or updater you will need.
    • Note that any version greater than 1.51 will prevent you from running Homebrew and other independent applications.

Use the tools

  1. Be aware that your firmware updater and associated tools are located on the Memory card.
  2. Know that there are many tools to downgrade your PSP, depending on the version number of your firmware:
    1. Version 2.0 and 2.01 can be downgraded with Easy Downgrader.
    2. Versions 3.0 to 3.03 can be downgraded [here]
    3. Search Google for other downgraders.

The .tiff image hack

  1. Be aware that the hack below is dangerous. The developers who first found this hack bricked-up (destroyed) 6 PSP units before they got it working. A single miss-step can brick your machine and make it the most expensive coaster available. Please use at your own risk. These instructions will, however, technically allow you to downgrade any PSP that can display .tiff images.
  2. Know that this process is for downgrading from 2.0 to a lower version. If you have a higher version you will need different software, and if you are running 1.51 or 1.52 you will need to upgrade to 2.0 before you can downgrade to 1.5
  3. Download the original 1.50 EBOOT updater, version 1.5
  4. Download MPHDowngrader. Be absolutely sure it is version 1.0.0.
  5. Connect your PSP to your PC via USB cable.
  6. Go to the directory /PSP/GAME/ on your memory stick.
  7. Create a sub-directory named UPDATE which must be in uppercase.
  8. Obtain the EBOOT.PBP file from the updater.
  9. Copy the downloaded PBP file into the UPDATE directory.
  10. Download the MPHDowngrader and unzip the program.
  • Inside the package you will find a Photo folder with an image inside named overflow.tif.
  • Drop overflow.tif into your /PSP/PHOTO/ folder.
  • Place both h.bin and index.dat in the root of your Memory Stick.
  • Disconnect your PSP from your computer and plug in the AC adapter.
  • Navigate to Photo and then Memory Stick via the PSP’s menu system and start scrolling down through your photos until you reach the overflow.tif picture.
  • Everything will freeze, the screen will turn black and fuzzy white text will appear.

    • If your PSP freezes without going to this black text screen, then hold the power button for about 10 seconds until the PSP shuts down, then hit the power button again to start it back up. Repeat this step until you get that black screen.
  • Hold the power button for about 10 seconds until the PSP powers off.
  • Hit the power button again. Your PSP will start up.

    • Navigate to your System Information, and you’ll discover that your PSP thinks it is running version firmware 1.0. It isn’t, though, and you cannot yet run Homebrew.
  • Navigate to Game -> Memory Stick, hit the X button, and navigate to the 1.5 updater.

    • Make sure you have your PSP plugged in or the upgrade won’t work.
  • Click the X button and update like you normally would. At the end of the upgrade you will receive an error saying that the upgrade failed and to contact Sony. Ignore this and again force your PSP to power off and reboot.

    • After the PSP reboots, you will receive an error screen in multiple languages. Find your language and read the corresponding line. It notes that your preferences are lost and that you need only hit the O button to restore some default settings.
  • Hit the O button.
  • The PSP will start back up and you will go through the initial setup like the day when you first bought your PSP. Do so and then go to the system info pane again, where you will see that you are running version 1.5.
  • Run homebrew at will.
  • Introduction: Downgrading PSP 3000!

    Hey if you want to downgrade your psp Then I can help. If you need help feel free to post in the comments.
    Now READ ON.

    Step 1: Download Files

    Okkay I just hacked my PSP cool right? Okay well you may be wondering can this work on ALL firmwares well yes it can. But you also may be thinking how does this work well it is a progam that you put on your psp and you know those old firmware updates? This thing brings them back. Soooo to the downloads. First you download this the downgrader, then you download some firmware updates.

    Now that you got that done to the next step!

    Step 2: End

    Okay you just follow the readme and thats it hope you like it!

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    How to downgrade a psp

    How to downgrade a psp

    How to downgrade a psp

    How to downgrade a psp

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    How to downgrade a psp

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    How to downgrade a psp

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    How to downgrade a psp


    How to downgrade a psp

    I cannot find my psp that my aunt gave to me LOL. I need a tracker

    How to downgrade a psp

    How to downgrade a psp

    wher did you get the money for those 3 awe some psps? imean realy

    How to downgrade a psp

    i really want to downgrade mah psp because of my crappy pro hen launcher.
    I want to remove its system and change it something that doesn’t gets error on games. because on my system, i definitely recieve errors like the game could not be started the data is corrupted. Please reply for this message.

    How to downgrade a psp

    Reply 9 years ago on Introduction

    Hey my instructable shows how to downgrade and install cfw from 6.35 6.38 6.39 and install pro cfw not sure if that is same as pro hen but one question. What model and fw do you have?

    How to downgrade a psp

    i have one problem. my psp has a system of 6.39 pro hen made by cold bird & vf and has a Prometheus iso loader. but when i update my 3.69 hen. when i launch my updated pro hen . It started to crash. every time i launch it crash . Can u please help me

    How to downgrade a psp

    also i cant download the pdf file because im a regular member

    How to downgrade a psp

    does this work on 6.37?

    How to downgrade a psp

    Why would you want to do a downgrade, out of curiosity?

    How to downgrade a psp

    Reply 10 years ago on Introduction

    Mostly because some of the custom firmwares don’t have a version out for the new official firmwares, so basically if you have 6.35 OFW you can’t install 5.00 m33-6 unless you downgrade.

    How to downgrade a psp

    Reply 10 years ago on Introduction

    Correct me if I am wrong, because I’m not too much of a PSP hacker, more of an iOS device hacker, but I believe that is how it is. I had to wait until a couple weeks ago for one to come out for 6.35 which is what I have now.

    How to downgrade a psp

    Reply 10 years ago on Introduction

    yes it is indeed how it works, I hacked my psp but luckily i only had to downgrade to 3.7 instead of 1.5 which most CFW’s use to update from, i have a 1000 with 5.5 GEN-d3 though, not a 3000.

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    Ok, so you need to downgrade PSP firmware so you can get all the games and movies you could possibly dream of. Before you begin you will need a internet connection, usb cable, a PSP (naturally) & firmware downgrade software. Towards the end of the article I’ll share a few links for you to get the firmware software that you need for free and a link to reviews on the best free psp download sites.

    Firstly you need to know if you are eligible to downgrade your PSP firmware. Unfortunately if your firmware is about version 3 you will have problems downgrading your firmware. For you to be able to use the your PSP for getting content of the internet your goal is to get your firmware to 1.5 or below.

    OK so lets assume you have your usb cable ready on hand to downgrade your PSP firmware the next step is to find out what version you currently have. This will appear as the PSP loads on startup. Write down what version this is so when we begin the hunt for your PSP downgrade software we can make sure you get the right one.

    If you get the wrong PSP downgrade software you run the risk of stuffing up you PSP for good. The only other risk that you must know of when downgrading your PSP is that upon downgrading your firmware you will void your warranty. The good thing about the PSP console is that they very rarely have problems and if they do they are usual trivial issues that can be fixed very easily.

    There is no one that has all firmware downgrade software so ultimately what I suggest is that after you determine what version of firmware you have, you should then go to Google and type »downgrade PSP firmware version xyz » by doing this you will be able to find the software that is more relevant to what you are using at this point in time. If you do use the wrong firmware downgrade software you will run the risk of making your PSP a dead unit.

    If you do happen to make the mistake of using the wrong PSP firmware downgrade you do have the option of adding a mod chip to your unit which will cost around $100 dollars. Even if you did happen to screw up your unit and then had to go out and mod your unit. You will then have the option of looking at Thousands of games and movies for a once of fee.

    The choice is yours ! Downgrade your PSP firmware

    I’ll be honest – I know nothing about the Playstation Portable, aka
    PSP. I tend towards PC-based games, myself.

    So, I turned to my friend and colleague Dave Taylor, who runs the
    appropriately named Ask Dave Taylor
    tech support site. Here’s his

    First the bad news: no, as far as I am aware, there’s no legitimate method
    of backing up a firmware version, whether you’re going from 1.3 to 1.5 or 1.5
    to 2.0. I’m sure that’s deliberate on Sony’s part with the PSP, but in general,
    no you can’t do that.

    Now the really bad news: there are some sites that are claiming that they
    have firmware 1.5 downgrades you can run on your Sony PSP and have it magically
    go back from firmware 2.0 to firmware 1.5.

    Do Not Run Sony PSP Firmware Downgraders!

    In fact, they’re cleverly disguised trojan

    As far as I have read, there’s also no way to send your PSP to Sony or
    otherwise have someone clone

    Quoting from a ZDnet article on this subject:
    “Basically the (PSP) is completely inoperable, and you’ve lost your device,”
    said Eric Chien, the principal software engineer at Symantec Security Response.
    “It’s called ‘bricking.’”

    If you’ve upgraded to the 2.0 firmware release, I am afraid that you’re
    stuck with it. Just don’t get stung by this trojan while trying to fix your

    Update: To be fair, I have heard from a number of PSP owners that they have successfully downgraded their PSP firmware, from 2.6 back to 1.5, 2.5 back to 1.5, and so on. I imagine you could flip a coin and hope that a given PSP firmware site has a legit and trustworthy downgrader that you can run on your Sony PSP with good results, but to me this is still a pretty risky move because while the odds of success might be pretty good, the cost of failure is pretty darn high too.

    As with anything to do with computing, you need to decide for yourself. If you can find a credible, trustworthy site and believe the postings from other folk that they’ve had success with the downgrade, go ahead and try it. Whether you succeed or fail, please do POP [Point Of Presence]

    Round and round. You can see the basic dilemma here.

    Good luck, whatever you choose to do.

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    How to downgrade a psp

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    You will also have to make sure you have a working PSP with the 3.50 installed. You will also need the following things:

  • An USB cable
  • An AC Adapter
  • An USA or EUR copy of Lumines (You can’t use Lumines 2 or the demo).
  • Firmware 1.50 Update.

    2. Save the file as “EBOOT.PBP” and place it in X:/PSP/GAME/UPDATE. If the directory doesn’t exist, create it.

    3. On the PSP, run the 3.50 update from the memory stick under the Game menu.

    4. Once the update is finished installing, delete the UPDATE folder.

    Downgrading Instructions

    1. Copy the PSP folder from the 3.50 downgrader ZIP to the memory stick. It’s located inside of MS_ROOT.

    2. Download the 1.50 update . Ensure that it is named UPDATE.PBP and copy it to X:/PSP/GAME/UPDATE – DO NOT OVERWRITE PSP/GAME/UPDATE/EBOOT.PBP!

    3. Load Lumines and press X to start the game.

    4. The screen will clear to black and fill with a light blue color, then the PSP will return back to the XMB. If not, try again.

    5. Check that HEN is running by going to system settings, then to “System Information” and it should show up as system version 350 HEN.

    6. If it is showing up as HEN then go to the Game menu and run the X.YZ update.

    7. If you have an unpatched TA-082 or higher motherboard , you will be prompted to allow the downgrader to patch your motherboard so it can be safely downgraded. The downgrader will not let you proceed without patching, if your motherboard requires it.

    8. Before the downgrader does anything to your PSP it will ask for you to agree to what it is doing, if you no longer want to continue press the R button.

    9. Once you have agreed to start the downgrade do not unplug the PSP, or try and restart it.

    10. Once finished the PSP will ask you to press X, and reset itself.

    11. If it comes up saying that the settings are corrupt, press X to continue, this means you will need to re-enter the settings for network connections into your PSP, otherwise go to step 13.

    12. Load the included NetConfigBackup application in your PSP, and select to restore, this will take the backup that was done of the network config that was done automatically during the downgrade.

    13. You’re finished! If all went well, you should now be on firmware 1.50!