How to determine the sex of puppies

Jennifer Coates, DVM

You’ve got a new kitten? Congratulations! Is she a girl or a boy? Are you sure?

There are many stories about the cat “Max” who turns out to be “Maxine”. The reason is simple. Determining the sex (or “sexing” as it is often called) of a kitten isn’t as easy as you might think. And once a sex is assigned, it can’t be double-checked when your kitten is mature. Let’s take a look at the best way for pet parents to determine, or confirm, the sex of their kittens.

Older kittens

If your cat is 8 weeks old or older, the procedure is fairly straightforward. Pick a time when your cat is most likely to be calm – after a meal is a good idea. Sit in a chair and lightly hold the cat on your lap as it is more comfortable for him. Gently lift the tail and take a look at your cat’s rear end. Focus on two things:

1. The distance between the anus and the genital opening.

2. The form of the opening of the genital organs.

Here is a diagram to help.

No. ote that the distance between the anus and the opening of the penis in men is greater than the distance between the anus and the opening of the vulva in women. Also, the opening of the penis looks like a circle, while the opening of the vulva is more like a line.

Here are two functionsNo. to be used to determine the sex of your kitten. The penis itself is usually not seen in male cats and can be very difficult to feel, especially in young kittens. And while the testicles should theoretically be felt in the scrotum (located in the space between the anus and the opening of the penis), they may be too small to identify. Additionally, many kittens are spayed at an early age. Therefore, a lack of testicles doesn’t necessarily mean your kitten is female.

Younger kittens

Determining the sex of kittens under 8 weeks of age is even more difficult because the structures you are observing are small and relatively underdeveloped. Fortunately, these young kittens should still be around with their litter puppies, and comparing individuals of the same age can really help determine what kittens and kittens anatomy looks like. All the same rules mentioned above apply, but make sure you don’t overstress young kittens by removing them from their mom and littermates for more than five minutes at a time.

Determining the sex of kittens under 8 weeks of age is even more difficult because the structures you are observing are small and relatively underdeveloped. Fortunately, these young kittens should still be around with their litter puppies, and comparing individuals of the same age can really help determine what kittens and kittens anatomy looks like. All the same rules mentioned above apply, but make sure you don’t overstress young kittens by removing them from their mom and littermates for more than five minutes at a time.

Coat color

Certain coat colors are more common in cats of a certain sex. Tortoiseshell (usually orange and black) and calico (usually white, orange and black) cats are almost always female because these coat colors require the presence of two X chromosomes (remember, going back to high school biology. People with two X chromosomes are of the sexes) female, while people with one X and one Y chromosome are male). No. el caso dell’aberrazione genetica, alcuni gatti maschi hanno due cromosomi X e un cromosoma Y, che permetterebbero loro di essere tartaruga o calicò, ma questo è estremamente raro. Orange tabby (orange and white striped) cats are more likely to be male than female, but this connection isn’t as strong as it is for female torties and calicos.

Precisely determining your kitten’s sex is important, not just to avoid naming mishaps. The likelihood of some health and behavioral problems occurring varies with an individual’s sex. For example, while urinary tract disease is common in all cats, males are much more likely to develop a life-threatening urinary tract blockage than females.

If you have any doubts as to your cat’s sex, ask your veterinarian to take a look for you. And if the answer surprises you, don’t be afraid. Cats of both sexes make wonderful love companions.

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Determination of the sex of the macaw

C’è un modo per sapere se il mio Ara dalle ali verdi è maschio o femmina senza un test del DNo. A?

No. on esiste un modo affidabile per determinare se il tuo ara è maschio o femmina utilizzando un esame fisico esterno. Il test del DNo. A è il meno invasivo di tutti i metodi per sessare un’ara. Other methods include chromosome testing and surgical sexing. Il test del DNo. A richiede solo uno dei seguenti; a drop of blood, the shell of the egg the bird hatched from, or a few small feathers plucked from the bird’s chest. Chromosome testing requires a large feather of blood drawn from a bird’s wing or tail.

Surgical sexing is an invasive procedure that requires anesthesia. The veterinarian makes a small incision into the bird’s abdomen and inserts an endoscope to visualize the bird’s sexual organs. Vets can make mistakes if the bird is very young. The benefit of this procedure, however, is that a vet can spot sexual defects and many other health problems right away. It is a safe procedure performed by an experienced veterinarian.

Written by Jane Tyne

Posted July 14, 2020

How to determine the sex of puppies

Chihuahuas are the smallest dog breed and their small size can make it difficult to tell male from female. There is a clear difference between male and female chihuahuas, even the day they are born you can easily tell the difference if you know what to look for.

People often mistake a female’s vulva for a penis because it looks larger than expected, especially when they are just born.

  • Chihuahuas are the smallest dog breed and their small size can make it difficult to tell male from female.
  • People often mistake a female’s vulva for a penis because it looks larger than expected, especially when they are just born.

Gently roll the Chihuahua onto its back. Fully support your body, from head to toe, so it feels secure and doesn’t move excessively.

Look for the penis on the stomach, not between the hind legs. If you can see a penis, you have a male chihuahua. Potresti vedere o meno lo scroto perché il cane potrebbe essere stato castrato o i testicoli del cucciolo potrebbero non essere completamente collassati. But the penis will always be there and it will be on the stomach. If you are looking at a newborn puppy, the penis is slightly lower on the abdomen than the umbilical cord. No. ei cuccioli adulti o più grandi, l’ombelico o l’ombelico potrebbero non essere sempre visibili.

How to determine the sex of puppies

Locate the anus just below the tail. Look straight into the belly and you will see the vulva very close to the anus. The vulva is somewhat swollen and often has a few long hairs near the urethra. This often makes people think it’s a penis. No. elle femmine, il forame genitale è più vicino all’ano che nei maschi.

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How to determine the sex of puppies

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How can an ultrasound save your dog or cat’s life?

How to determine the sex of puppies

The most common misconception among breeders trying to scan their bitch is that an ultrasound machine will be able to give you the number of puppies. Indeed, the idea is perpetuated by many of the same ultrasound operators, who have almost assumed the status of psychic fortune tellers in their area, with a ten-year-old mechanical ultrasound (usually also doubles as a sheep scanner) in place of a crystal sphere.
While many people will swear by the number of puppies such individuals provide, their results are far more likely to be based on knowledge gleaned from information gained through observation and palpation combined with their own knowledge of the breed, and much less about it. , what they actually see on their rather outdated monitors.
Il punto non è screditare in alcun modo queste persone – se indovinano correttamente e le persone sono soddisfatte dei loro servizi, auguro loro buona fortuna – ma semplicemente sottolineare che "contare i cuccioli" è uno sport rischioso e non qualcosa che potrebbe essere confermato da un ecografo.

Why can’t ultrasound count puppies?
The easiest way to count numbers is in early pregnancy (before 30 days), when the bags are small and do not obscure each other; however, not all of them will be viable fetuses and continue to develop, so relying on an early number of pockets can be confusing.
So a post-pregnancy scan after the date of normal fetal resorption would have provided a better indication of the number were it not for the fact that the pups closest to the probe head are likely obscuring those on the back. As the fetuses grow and are no longer so clearly encased in their pouches, it can be extremely difficult to tell one puppy from the other, especially considering that puppies are always moving around inside their mothers!

What to expect
A qualified ultrasound technician can certainly count heartbeats and provide figures by saying, for example, “I can see at least three separate heartbeats.” This is useful in confirming that a bitch is carrying more than one pup and thus putting the owner’s mind at ease regarding the elevated risk of pregnancy complications. However, that doesn’t mean there aren’t three more behind these three heartbeats, and that’s the problem with puppy counting.
Of course, someone with many years of experience with the breed, who knows how many females he haslikelythey have and perhaps know their usual transport locations, they can combine this information with what they know and give you an educated guess, which almost brings us back to the method used by our friendly local dog fortune teller.
In conclusion, it is important to participate in a pregnancy test with your dog knowing that at the moment it is not scientifically possible to count puppies using ultrasound technology. This is not an operator failure, but a limitation of our technology. The only way a puppy count can be 100% accurate is by X-rays, which is obviously much more stressful for the bitch, expensive for the owner, and potentially harmful to the unborn puppies.

Summary of the article

  • Accurately counting the number of pups using ultrasound alone is currently impossible.
  • Ask for an approximation of the numbers as much as possible. More trained technicians will feel comfortable giving you “at least …” a figure.
  • … But regard anybody claiming to be able to accurately count puppies using ultrasound with a degree of caution – they are unlikely to have been trained to know that this is not possible.

If you don’t know how to tell the sex of budgies, each of them may look exactly the same to your eyes. One of the easiest ways to make a sex distinction in the budgerigar is to look at the membrane on the upper part of the bird’s beak. However, this method is tricky when it comes to sex discrimination against budgies under 8 months of age; Perché non è facile determinare il sex dei giovani budgies attraverso il becco. Another way to define budgerigar sexis to observe its relationship with you and other birds.

Ecco i modi per riconoscere il sexbudgiesstep by step.

Tip 1

Look at the aperture on yoursparakeet beak. No. ormalmente il diaframma è dove dovrebbe essere il naso. Le membrane dei budgies maschi sono spesso di colore bluastro o viola e più grandi di quelle degli uccelli femmine. The membranes of female birds are dull and pale. This diaphragm, which is mostly white, can sometimes be pale pink in color.

Tip 2

Watch your budgie.Male budgiesthey are calmer and more outgoing than females.Samiec budgiesjThey are also more friendly and responsive, while females are more aggressive, irritable and dominant. Trying to distinguish between the more approachable and the more aggressive if you’re following the interactions of a group of budgies. Those who are friendly are likely to be male, while those who do not bring you closer to themselves will turn out to be female.

Tip 3

Posłuchaj swojej budgiesj. Perhaps one of the simplest ways to do this określić płeć budgiesj is to listen to it. Males sing and sing much more than female budgies. As for singing female budgies, you will notice that the sounds they make are louder and more angry. Almost male lovebirds “sing", dopókifemale budgies feel as if they are screaming when they sing.

capire brevemente il sex degli uccelli; I colori dei becchi, il loro livello di calma e i suoni che emettono sono punti distintivi quando si tratta di determining the sex of budgies.

Do you have an adorable mongrel but not sure what kind of dog he is?

No. on sei l’unico!

Many who have adopted mixed breed dogs from shelters question the origins of their four-legged friend.

Why breed identification is important

There are many reasons why it is good to know your dog’s genetics and pedigree, including:

  • Understanding the behavior. Much of a dog’s personality traits and little quirks can be explained (at least in part) by their doggy genealogy. If your dog enjoys barking, kicking, or herding, many behaviors can be better understood through breed identification tests.
  • Predict the weight. Testing your dog’s breed identity can help predict your puppy’s expected size and weight as an adult. This allows you to plan ahead and better understand what your dog will need in the future and what a healthy size will be.
  • Preventing inbreeding.No. ei cani di razza, i test di identificazione della razza possono aiutare a prevenire la consanguineità e garantire la diversità genetica.
  • Health. Dog breed identifier tests can help you better understand your dog’s genetic composition, as well as what health risks your dog may be at risk for due to his genetic makeup. Some breeds are much more prone to some diseases than others. Knowing your dog’s breeds can help you become proactive in preventing possible health threats and ensure you dog stays healthy.
  • Just for fun: Lastly, understanding your dog’s genetic identity can be tons of fun! Of course you love your mutt regardless, but it’s still interesting and amusing to discover your canine’s great grandparents and understand his or her family tree!

How to recognize a mixed breed dog?

The truth is,the appearance is not reliable for the identification of the dog breed.

Many owners will attempt to decipher their dog’s breed identify through visual cues – whether cocked ears, fluffy tails, or snout shape. But ultimately, visual identifiers cannot be trusted.

Even veterinarians with many years of experience cannot correctly identify a dog based on physical characteristics alone. In fact, research has shown this visual identification of breeds in dogs is only accurate about 25% of the time!

How to determine the sex of puppies

Just as a young child may look more like his grandparents than his parents, dogs can inherit visual traits from breeds that aren’t necessarily related to their close relatives.

Let me tell you why …

See, there’s a lot more under the hood when it comes to your dog’s appearance than you think.

How to determine the sex of puppies

The problem with visual identification is thatsome breeds have physical traits that appear primarily as recessive traits. Yorkshire Terriers, for example, have many recessive traits. So even if a mixed breed dog has mostly Yorkshire Terrier DNo. A, he may end up looking like a completely different breed, even if the other breed makes up only a small part of the dog’s DNo. A compared to a Yorkshire Terrier.

Other breeds have more dominant traits.L’Irish Wolfhound ha tratti dominanti, quindi il tuo cane potrebbe assomigliare a un Irish Wolfhound anche con solo una piccola quantità di DNo. A Irish Wolfhound.

Definitely,come "sembra" un cane non è una descrizione accurata del trucco genetico di un cane.The true identity of a canine breed can only be discovered through well-organized testing or documentation.

Il metodo migliore per identificare una razza canina: il test del DNo. A canino

Quando si tratta di capire veramente la genetica del tuo cane, l’opzione migliore è il test del DNo. A di un cane.

Fortunately, dog breed identification tests don’t cost a fortune and are easy to do in your own home!

Ottieni un kit da un rinomato laboratorio di test del DNo. A canino come Wisdom Panel 2.5 e ti aiuteranno con tutto ciò che devi fare.

1. Acquista un kit di identificazione del DNo. A del cane.Purchase a dog breed identification test kit (such as Wisdom Panel 2.5).

2. Prendi un campione di DNo. A del tuo cane (completamente indolore). Once you’ve placed an order, you’ll receive a test kit in the mail. You’ll need to get a small DNo. A sample from your dog to send to the lab. It’s really very simple: just use the simple set of pillows included in the package (the kit includes detailed instructions).

3. Restituire il campione di DNo. A al laboratorio.Sigillare il campione di DNo. A del tampone guanciale e rispedirlo al laboratorio.

4. Receive the dog’s pedigree report.Entro poche settimane riceverai un resoconto completo del DNo. A e della genealogia del tuo cane!

To find out more about the type of information and data you can expect from your dog, check out our Wisdom Panel 2.5 review (there are other dog breed identification kits on the market, but the Wisdom Panel 2.5 is by far the best. most respectable and popular).

We hope this article has helped you better understand dog breed identification and learn how to know the genetic makeup of your mixed breed dog!

How to determine the sex of puppies

A volte, i proprietari di serpenti vogliono sapere come fare sex con il loro serpente. The problem is that determining whether a snake is male or female is not as simple as it is with many other animals. Outwardly, male and female snakes look similar. However, with a little experience, there are ways to tell the two apart.

The following methods of sexing snakes should only be performed by experienced health care professionals or veterinary personnel. Se sei un principiante di serpenti e vuoi conoscere il sex del tuo serpente, trova un allevatore di rettili o un veterinario esperto per dimostrarti questi metodi. There is a risk of injury to the tube if done incorrectly.

Characteristics of the tail

Male snakes have a pair of tube-shaped hemipenes (genitals) that are usually found in their bodies. They are basically two small penises that are held securely in the snake’s tail. Female snakes have no hemipenes.

The hemipenes are located just below the cloaca opening (vent) and along the tail on either side of the snake’s midline. Since these sex organs are found inside the male snake, they may not be noticeable to you at first. However, there are indications that there are. You can look at the shape and length of the tail to help you decode if your snake is male.

Males will have a tail (the part of the snake that begins when the cloaca opens) that is thicker and longer than their female counterparts. It also tapers differently, starting with a thick one and then suddenly tapering to the tip. Snake females generally have a thinner and shorter tail than the male and taper evenly to the tip.

Mentre le differenze possono essere abbastanza evidenti quando si confrontano i serpenti fianco a fianco, è più difficile fare sex con un serpente se non hai un maschio e una femmina da confrontare. Pertanto, i seguenti metodi sono più spesso utilizzati per identificare con precisione il sex di un serpente che osservando le caratteristiche della coda.


Poll a snake involves inserting a thin metal rod (called a snake probe) into the cloacal vent of the snake while it is awake. This special probe can be inserted further into males since they have the hemipenis on either side of their mouth. The probe will fall into one of those spaces that point to the tip of the tail.

When probing a female snake, the probe will not fall too far into the vent. This is because there is no room for it when you point the search coil towards the tip of the tail. Females have only small spaces in their scent glands.

Imagine two long socks inside the male snake’s tail opening at the snake’s mouth and you’re essentially visualizing the hemipenes. The lubricated probe will slide into the vent towards the tail and into one of the hemipenes located on either side of the snake’s tail if it is male.

  • If it’s a female, the probe will go down one to three scales on average.
  • If he’s male, he’ll go down nine to fifteen scales on average.

On the probe scale, the difference between the sexes is quite dramatic. With larger snakes, the probe is actually dropped into a larger pocket.

Poll a snake should only be done if you have someone to hold your snake still, have appropriately sized snake probes, and the confidence to do this carefully and correctly. No. on vuoi ferire il tuo serpente. If you’re not sure how to safely go through this procedure, you shouldn’t try it.

Crackling hemipenia

If you don’t know what it means to “shoot” a hemipenis, the term might scare you. Technically, this means temporarily reversing them to be visible beyond the tail (this is what happens when the hemipenes drop). To do this, pressure is applied firmly but gently with a finger on the tube under its vent where the hemipenis would have emerged. If done correctly, the hemipenis will pop out.

This method can usually only be done on smaller snakes, such as ball pythons, and can cause many injuries if done incorrectly. Questo non è il modo preferito per determinare il sex di un serpente poiché è difficile da fare. Also, you may not know if you have not been able to pierce the hemipenes or if the snake has no hemipenes (there is a female).

Come riconoscere il sex di un pesce?

Identificare il sex dei tuoi pesci è fondamentale quando devi acquistarne un paio. You need to know which of them is male and which female so that they can reproduce and produce small fish.

Conoscere le differenze di sex è essenziale quando devi allevare pesci anche per motivi di lavoro.

Puoi dire il sex del tuo pesce da corpi snelli e pesanti, colori vivaci, forma della pinna, nodulo sulla fronte, forma del corpo e molte altre cose simili.

Qui condividiamo alcuni suggerimenti utili con te in modo che tu possa determinare il sex di alcune specie di pesci d’acquario comuni.

Bright colors and slender bodies

In a pair of fish, males have a slender body and more vivid colors than females. For example, bettas, cichlids and many other fish species.

Male fish represent bright, flamboyant colors. Most often they have large, colorful tails extending all around. Females have short tails and dull colors compared to their male partners.

Check for aggression

Males are usually more aggressive than females. They are more aggressive towards others and fight together.

They mostly fight for their own space or personal area. For example, male beta fish, tiger spines, catfish, algae suckers, keeper fish, and sucker fish.

Females are naturally calmer and more relaxing. No. on si mordicchiano né combattono tra loro.

Gender identification of finned fish

Males have larger dorsal and anal fins than females. These fins are significant, pointed and more fluid.

While the female has small fins that are slightly separated from each other, they are not pointed but smooth.

They are also less fluid than their male dorsal fins. Examples of such fish are the fish in question, Oscars, cichlids, scalars and tilapia etc.

Some species, such as viviparous fish, have rod-shaped anal fins and are mostly male. The female, on the other hand, is in a bow.

Formation of a lump on the forehead

Mostly the male has a head tumor. This lump is commonly called a cervical lump. Just a few fish species have this kind of bump on their forehead, but it is a precise cut identification method for sex.

This lump affects the mouth and just between the eyes. If it is a large and protruding bump, then it is a clear indication that the fish sex is male.

The very few fish species that fall into this category are Oscars, Scalars, Tilapia, and a few others. Some fish have a small hump on their forehead which identifies the male species.

Look at the physical appearance

The physical appearance between male and female varies greatly. The female body is generally heavy and large compared to the male fish.

Especially during the breeding season, females have very large abdomens because they have to lay eggs and mate with their male partners. Questo è necessario per determinare il sex del tuo animale domestico.

They also need more food and nutrients so they can reproduce well and spawn properly.

The female carries an egg in the belly area. After spawning, they return to their standard size, but are still slightly heavier than their male partners.

Mostly, some species of female fish have round bodies. Sometimes they look asymmetrical, especially during the breeding season – goldfish and others, for example, etc.

Observe the silhouette while mating

During the mating season, the male fish develops special characteristics in his body. On the body, lumps, bristles and shiny scales begin to appear.

This behavior involves attracting female fish towards you. Sometimes females also develop this strange and unique appearance, so it is hard to determine the sex.

For example, some fish species have long hair on their pectoral fins and around the mouth. If both of your fish are developing these bristles, check the length.

I pesci a pelo lungo possono essere descritti come maschi e i pesci a pelo corto come femmine. It is easy to identify.

Especially when you are involved in a business-related to fisheries, you need to identify the sex of your fish.

Even when you are buying fish for your aquarium so that they can increase their number on their own, then it is essential to know their sex.

When you have a male and female partner in your aquarium, they will breed and give birth to more babies. Otherwise, if you have taken a same-sex of fish, then it will be of no use.

You will have to catch a second fish, definitely paying some money, and if you buy a couple of fish they will breed and produce babies.

My story

First of all, when I had betta fish, I was not aware of their sex. A friend of mine gave me two betta fish for my birthday.

During the breeding season, I was looking for young fish, but the funniest thing is that both of these fish were males.

Two months ago one of my fish died. I was sad about it, but I soon got the idea of ​​buying a partner for my fish.

There are now so many baby bettas in my aquarium. They all look extraordinarily beautiful. No. ow, I have a much better idea of identifying sex.

There are two female and five male betta fish in my aquarium. Their spreading tail is simply amazing. No. ow it is effortless for me to determine the sex of any aquarium fish.

We need to focus on a few things and easily recognize which of the fish is male and which female.

Most of the aquarium fish have some of the common characteristics, while few are difficult to recognize by their sex.

I hope I made things easy for you too. Read this guide thoroughly till the end, and soon you will be an expert in fish sex recognition.