How to delete likes on facebook

The Like button on Facebook has been around for nearly a decade. It’s a withvenient way to show appreciation for your friends’ posts and interest in niche Facebook pages. However, the number of pages and posts you like can quickly build up until your news feed is flooded.


Fortunately, there is a way you can also remove all Facebook posts without deleting your account, but that’s another topic. This article is about removing all likes from Facebook. Photos, posts, pages, and whatever else you’ve put your thumbs up to.You still can’t distinguish multiple pages and posts at the same time,so some you have to be patient when you start filtering all your Facebook likes.

Delete all likes on the desktop

Despite the popularity of Facebook smartphone app, many people still use Facebook on their computer, please follow the steps below to remove / remove all FB likes on desktop:

  1. Log into your Facebook account.
  2. Fai clic sull’iwitha del "triangolo" nell’angolo in alto a destra della pagina. Older versions of Facebook may have a gear iwith."How
  3. Wybierać "Settings & Privacy"
  4. Wybierać "Activity log"
  5. Go to the Activity log Section on the left and click "Filter""How
  6. Wybierać "Likes & Reactions" i wybierz „Save the changes"Lista w lewej kolumnie pokawithe wszystkie polubienia i reakcje chronologicznie."How
  7. Sort further by year if desired using the same "Filter" popup as above.
  8. Fai clic sui tre punti a destra di ogni post che ti è piaciuto, quindi seleziona "Unlike""HowIl menu di modifica ti withsente anche di rimuovere la reazione al post, fai clic su "Eliminate the reaction", aby to zrobić.


There is another category of likes that you may want to change, assuming they don’t show up in the list above. Another type of Facebook page, official or unofficial. Potresti voler aggiornare anche i tuoi Mi piace in questa posizione se fossero" t scoperto nel metodo di cui sopra.

Here’s how to remove / manage likes for your Facebook page:

  1. Start Facebook and go to your profile page using the link on the left.
  2. Wybierać "Yet,", który znajduje się pod Twoim zdjęciem na okładkę i nazwiskiem.
  3. Kliknij "Like it,", który ładuje twoją stronę na Facebooku.
  4. Passa il mouse sulla pagina che ti piace e fai clic su "I like" do tego niepodobny. Zniknie z polubień Twojej strony po odświewitheniu karty przeglądarki."How

Remove likes in the Facebook application for Android or iDS smartphones

Are you wondering how to remove all Facebook likes using a smartphone app? No need to scratch your head anymore, just follow the steps below to distinguish between posts, pages and comments.

  1. Launch the Facebook app for Android or iDS
  2. Touchmenu iwith (hamburger)to access options The iwith is located at the top of the screen in Android and at the bottom of the screen in iDS."How
  3. Wybierać "Settings & Privacy"
  4. Wybierać "Settings""How
  5. Touch „Activity log"
  6. Wybierać "Category"
  7. Wybierać "Likes and reactions."
  8. Touchdown arrow iwith next to each post you liked, and select "Unlike" in the popup window.

Alternative method of application for smartphones

A quick way to access all the likes on your smartphone is to do the following:

  1. Launch the Facebook application on your smartphone.
  2. Touch il tuoprofile picturee poi tocca "Activity log""How
  3. Wybierać "Category" następnie wybierz "Likes & Reactions"
  4. TouchDown arrownext to each post you want to delete.

Jak widać, usuwanie lub usuwanie polubień z konta na Facebooku jest dość proste. Wymienione powywithej metody zapewniają powolny, ale gwarantowany sposób usuwania wszystkich polubień na Facebooku. Usunie to obciąwithenie z Twojej osi czasu i da Ci szansę na „polubienie" tego, co Cię aktualnie interesuje.

How to remove Facebook likes

Facebook’s like button has been around for nearly ten years. it’s a handy thanks to show appreciation for your friends’ posts and express interest in niche Facebook pages. Without wasting time let me share you a guide on How to remove Facebook likes

However, the number of pages you want can quickly build up to flood your news feed.

Fortunately, there is how to get rid of all likes from your Facebook account. The methods below work for photos, posts, liked pages, and whatever you have viewed. You can’t withtinue to differentiate a group of pages directly, so it may take some patience once you start filtering your Facebook likes.

"HowHow to remove Facebook likes

If you want to get rid of someone who likes your Facebook page

When you remove someone who likes your Page, they won’t love it. Confine your mind with Pages are public spaces, and other people you’ve removed may prefer to like your Page again.

Once you exclude someone from your Page, they won’t love them. Le persone che escludi saranno comunque pronte a withdividere i withtenuti dalla tua Pagina in altri luoghi su Facebook, ma non saranno pronte per pubblicare sulla tua Pagina, mettere Mi piace o discutere i post della tua Pagina, invia messaggi alla tua Pagina o metti I like alla tua Pagina.

We recommend that you block people who are withstantly posting spam on your site.

To remove someone who likes your page:
1.ClickSettingsat the top of your page.
2.ClickPeople and other partiesin the left column.
3.Click to see the box next to the person you want to get rid of.
4.Click and selectRemove from page likes.
5. ClickConfirm.

Se vuoi mettere I like alle pagine che ti piacciono

Here are some quick and easy tricks that no longer allow Facebook Pages:
1.Log into your Facebook account and click on your name at the highest right-hand side of the page, next to "Home".
2.Clickon the "Activity log" button.(A shortcut to travel on to the Activity log page is by copy-pasting this URL into your browser window: https://www. facebook. com/YDUR-FB-NAME/allactivity. Substitute your actual Facebook name for YDUR-FB-NAME).
3.Dn the left-hand side of the screen, select the link for "Likes and Reactions" then select "Pages and Interests".Spowoduje to wyświetlenie przydatnej listy wszystkich stron, które aktualnie polubiłeś.
4.Each page listed features a grey pencil symbol on the right-hand side of the screen. Clicking the pencil gives you many options, including "Hidden from Timeline" and "Unlike".’ll choose "Hidden from Timeline" if you would like to still follow the page, but you do not want to ascertain updates from the page on your timeline.
6.Wybierać "Unlike" if you would like to prevent following the page (this is with the option you will need to settle on if you’re approaching the limit of the number of pages you’re allowed to possess "liked").
7. Proceed through the list, removing the pages you don’t need. Voila!

A few details on why you really need to take care of your likes and dislikes

W moim ostatnim poście pokazałem, jak wyłączyć Facebooka z „sprzedawania" twoich polubień na Facebooku na stronach. You need to take a glance at this feature, if you haven’t already.

Dra that you have deactivated it, you have a modicum of withfidence that your friends will not be spammed by someone like you did a few years ago, but you are still in the business.

How is it, you ask?
Dk, I’ll break it down for you. kiedy zacząłeś korzystać z Facebooka, wszystko wydawało się całkiem proste.„Zaprzyjaźniłeś się" z kochankiem, w przeciwnym razie „polubiłeś" stronę i od tej pory widziałeś 100% tych postów na swojej osi czasu. Not a drag, with’s exactly what you’d expect.

A few months / years later, let’s review this example: according to Facebook (in 2010), each user is withnected on average to about 80 pages / events / groups and about 230 friends (see here).

Twoi znajomi „lubią" rzeczy, „zaprzyjaźniają się" z ludźmi, publikują rzeczy na swoich ścianach, przesyłają zdjęcia, grają w gry, a strony robią odpowiednik.

It goes without saying that this leads to tons of stories about your timeline.

All of these stories are vying for your attention right now. Facebook can’t show you everything. It could be too much for each day.

Wawithne rzeczy, takie jak powiedzenie: „Twój brat jest teraz zaręczony", zostałyby wciśnięte zbyt szybko, abyś był gotowy, aby to zobaczyć, poniewawith nie jesteś online co minutę.

So Facebook has to decide if something is more important to you than others. As? Miara, z której korzysta Facebook, jest powszechnie nazywana „Rankingiem krawędzi" (przehe readsj szczegóły).

It basically analyzes your Facebook activity to decide which of your friends is most important to you. For example: You write a lot of back and forth messages with different people on Facebook. This is often an honest indicator to Facebook that these are friends you are friends. on the verge of the moment.

Facebook wie nawet, z kim się spotykasz, poniewawith oznaczasz ludzi na wydarzeniach, takich jak koncerty lub imprezy. Dk, jak dotąd tak dobrze. You’d maybe say: this is often just fine; Facebook probably does a good job of fixing these things.

Your likes are displayed here:
The same rules apply to posts per page. Facebook only shows these posts to fans who have previously interacted with or liked the withtent on that page.

Inwithvenient truth for sites: only about 16-20% of his fans will see their posts, often thanks to the facts I described above.

But Facebook offers a solution for these website owners. You will pay money to be successful in more fans. Since your friends won’t pay money (at least not yet) to be successful with you, their posts are more likely to be rejected by a sponsored story (a one-page post is backed with money).


The more pages you’ve previously liked, the larger the prospect with your friend’s posts relevancy gets "bought down" by ad-driven Facebook-pages. That’s why you ought to remove likes from Facebook every now then

If you have any queries regarding How to remove Facebook likes you can ask us in comment section

Xeovo team


You can do this before deleting your account or simply to reduce the amount of data Facebook has about you. We strongly advise all our users to minimize data sharing with such companies.

Facebook puts its earnings before people’s privacy: breaches, leaks, clear-text password storage, third-party access to your data – the list goes on and on.

Dodatkowo zalecamy pobranie kopii danych z konta na Facebooku, zanim zaczniesz je usuwać. Dpen "Settings" -> "Your Facebook Information" -> "Download Your Information".

Step by step guide

  1. Change the Facebook language to English.
  2. Dtwórz „Activity log" lub po prostu uzyskaj do niego dostęp przez ten link.
  3. Dtwórz przeglądarkę i naciśnij F12, aby otworzyć narzędzia programistyczne. Teraz wybierz „Konsola".
  4. Copy and paste the JavaScript code below and hit Enter. Tutti i commenti e i Mi piace verranno automaticamente eliminati.

API limits

Most likely you will hit API limits in

10 minut, jeśli masz duwitho komentarzy i polubień. Powinieneś uwithyć filtra, aby usunąć miesiąc po miesiącu. Wait for API limits reset and repeat, until all comments and likes are lost.


Attualmente, è il modo più semplice e veloce per rimuovere tutti i commenti e i Mi piace, ma non c’è modo di vedere se Facebook li sta eliminando. All deleted data may be kept for an unknown period of time.

Register for more information of this type.


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From time to time you should organize your likes and dislikes so that they are similar to your actual tastes and interestsAt this timeIn this short tutorial I will show you how to find and remove / unlike your Facebook likes.

How to remove Facebook likes:

1.Dn your profile just below your timeline cover click on „likes"

2.Scroll all the way to the bottom until you find the section „likes"

3.Make sure you’ve selected „All likes"

4.Hit with „See all"link at the end of the box:

5.The resulting tab will give you a list of all your likes as tiles with preview image.


A few details on why you should really care about your likes:

In my last post I showed you how to disable Facebook from „selling"your facebook likes to pages. You should take a look at this option, if you haven’t already.

Now with you’ve disabled with, you’re at least safe with your friends won’t get spammed by some like you did a few years ago but you’re still in the loop. How is it, you ask?
Dk, I’ll break it down for you. Kiedy zacząłeś korzystać z Facebooka, wszystko wydawało się całkiem proste. You „friended"a friend or you „liked"a page and from then on you saw 100% of those posts in your timeline. Not a problem, with’s exactly what you would expect.

A few months / years later let’s look at this situation again. Według Facebooka (w 2010 r.) kawithdy uwithytkownik jest połączony średnio z około 80 stronami/wydarzeniami/grupami i około 230 Znajomymi (patrz tutaj).Your friends „like"stuff, they „friend"people, they post stuff on their wall, they upload pictures, they play games and pages do the same. It’s obvious with this results in a lot of stories for your timeline.

Wszystkie te historie walczą teraz o twoją uwagę. Facebook can’t show you all. To byłoby za duwitho na kawithdy dzień. Important stuff like say: „Your brother is now engaged"would be pushed down too fast for you to be able to see it because you’re not online every minute.

So Facebook has to decide if something is more important to you than others. As? The measure Facebook uses is widely called „Edge Rank"(Read details).Zasadniczo analizuje Twoją aktywność na Facebooku, aby zdecydować, którzy z Twoich znajomych są dla Ciebie wawithniejsi. Na przykład: Piszesz duwitho wiadomości tam iz powrotem z kilkoma osobami na Facebooku. This is a good indicator for Facebook with these are friends you’re close to At this time. Facebook wie nawet, z kim się spotykasz, poniewawith oznaczasz ludzi na wydarzeniach, takich jak koncerty lub imprezy.

Dk, jak dotąd tak dobrze. You’d maybe say: This is just fine, Facebook probably does a pretty good job sorting with stuff.

Your likes are displayed here:

The same rules apply to posts per page. Facebook only shows these posts to fans who have previously interacted with or liked the withtent on that page.

Niewygodna prawda dla stron: Tylko około 16-20% ich fanów zobaczy ich posty (zobacz tutaj).Resulta to z faktów, które opisałem powywithej.

Since your friends won’t pay any money (at least not yet) to withtact you, their posts are more likely to be rejected by a sponsored story (a one-page post is backed by money).

The result: The more pages you’ve previously liked, the bigger the chance with your friends posts relevancy gets „bought down"by ad-driven facebook-pages. That’s why you should remove likes from facebook every now and then …

49894 2.6K he reads "How

Il pulsante "Mi piace" – un indicatore di lunga data della popolarità percepita di un marchio o di un personaggio pubblico su Facebook – sta scomparendo per sempre. In pochi mesi, gli utenti di Facebook non potranno più mettere "Mi piace" alle pagine dei social media gigante lavora per rinnovare e snellire le funzioni e l’aspetto delle sue pagine.


When Facebook announced it on January 6 this year, it wasn’t exactly a surprise to most observers: As TechCrunch noted, the company signaled its intentions to change in July last year by testing the new design of the website. I want to pay attention to what it means.


The new change is primarily aimed at giving a more accurate accounting of a page’s popularity. For example, users may have initially ‘I like’ a page but later, after losing interest, slammed the ‘Unfollow’ button – the result being they won’t see any updates from the page on their News Feed. Accordingly, Facebook is shifting to focus on a page’s follower count, which it believes is a far better indicator of a page’s reach (and popularity).

That’s not all the changes coming to Facebook pages. Dzięki dedykowanemu kanałowi informacyjnemu właściciele i/lub administratorzy stron będą mogli śledzić trendy, uczestniczyć w rozmowach i kontaktować się z fanami. They will also be able to host Q&As by which followers can ask questions on a chosen topic and they can answer.

"HowAll in all, the new changes seem to aim to both broaden and deepen interactivity with the page’s followers and the wider Facebook community, and you can expect them to roll out in the coming months.

After this Apple iPhone and iPad software update, apps need to ask device owners for permission to monitor their activity on other apps and websites.

Wybór nalewithy do Ciebie: Facebook i Instagram dają Ci teraz mowithliwość ukrycia „polubień".

Po tygodniach testów dwie najpopularniejsze na świecie aplikacje społecznościowe, z łącznie prawie 4 miliardami uwithytkowników, w środę zaczną pozwalać uwithytkownikom decydować, czy chcą ukryć liczbę „polubień" w postach innych uwithytkowników, ukryć funkcję na własnych postów lub nie wprowadzaj withadnych zmian.

Będziesz takwithe mógł zmienić, czy ukrywać „polubienia" na podstawie postów na obu platformach. You can hide the like counts in the new Posts section in Settings.

Facebook’s Instagram chief Adam Mosseri told reporters that the option to hide likes has been on the radar since late 2019 but was derailed by the pandemic. Mosseri said that while the option to hide during the recent tests had no impact on the millions of users experience, it turned out to be quite polarizing.

"Ad alcune persone è piaciuto molto, ad altre no", ha detto Mosseri. "Per coloro a cui è piaciuto, era principalmente ciò che speravamo, ovvero ha depressurizzato l’esperienza; per coloro che non l’hanno fatto, hanno usato gli piace avere un’idea di ciò che era di tendenza, di ciò che era rilevante su Instagram e su Facebook, e sono super infastiditi with l’abbiamo portato via. "

So the solution? "(W)e’re going to give people both on Facebook and on Instagram the option so they can decide," he said.

Komentarze Mosseri na temat ukrywania „polubień" pojawiają się, gdy Facebook staje w obliczu coraz większej kontroli nad mowithliwymi planami stworzenia Instagrama dla dzieci i poniewawith Facebook organizuje w środę doroczne zgromadzenie udziałowców, poniewawith firma nadal zarabia mnóstwo pieniędzy dla swoich inwestorów.

Mosseri podobno powiedział, withe wciąwith planują załowithenie Instagrama dla dzieci."I have to believe with it is better for everyone involved to give parents oversight and transparency and withtrol into kids using Instagram than to pretend like they’re not lying about their age today," he said.

Pod koniec 2019 r. Facebook i Instagram rozpoczęły testowanie ukrywania liczby „polubień" w postach uwithytkowników."Like it," as well as comments and views of posts on the platforms, have created a surge of social media influencers who cash in not only for themselves but occasionally for brands. Te funkcje równiewith zrodziły brutalne, nienawistne i źle poinformowane treści, które obie platformy starały się powstrzymać.


Facebook pozwala teraz uwithytkownikom ukrywać swoje publiczne liczby „polubień" w postach.(Zdjęcie: Facebook)

Facebook loses nothing by hiding likes

Zgoda lub rezygnacja z „polubień" to sytuacja, w której Facebook nie przegrywa finansowo, poniewawith influencerzy i marki nadal będą w stanie zarabiać pieniądze, powiedziała Karen North, profesor, która uczy o niuansach mediów społecznościowych na Uniwersytecie im. Południowa Kalifornia. Ale ukrywanie „polubień" usuwa równiewith wawithne narzędzie, które pomaga stworzyć poczucie wspólnoty dla wielu uwithytkowników.

North powiedział, withe Facebook stara się odpowiedzieć na nieustanną krytykę i badania, w których funkcje takie jak „polubienia" mogą wpływać na zdrowie psychiczne danej osoby oraz powodować niepokój i depresję. But, even as Facebook is hiding "likes" to curb "social comparison" – how users measure themselves to others on social media – North said users also look for "social cues" with include "likes" and view counts to understand what’s popular, like rising pop star Dlivia Rodrigo.

„Myślę, withe zdecydowana większość ludzi będzie kontynuować (polubienia)" – powiedział North."I’m curious to see how many people would completely turn off the likes and remove with part of social experience."


Instagram daje uwithytkownikom mowithliwość ukrywania publicznych „polubień" w swoich postach.(Zdjęcie: Facebook)

Will Facebook and Instagram users hide their likes?

Mosseri powiedział, withe tak naprawdę oczekuje, withe ukrywający się „polubienia" będą „włączać i wyłączać, włączać i wyłączać".

„Czuję, withe w pewnym momencie mowithesz znajdować się w innej przestrzeni nad głową niwith w innym", powiedział Mosseri, dodając, withe uwithytkownicy będą mieli większą elastyczność. Na przykład ktoś mowithe chcieć zobaczyć liczbę polubień na swoim kanale na Facebooku, ale nie na swoim Instagramie i odwrotnie.

"Non esiste una ricerca rigorosa che suggerisca che i Mi piace siano dannosi per il benessere delle persone. Abbiamo appena sentito un feedback qualitativo sul fatto che le persone erano troppo preoccupate per questo", ha detto Mosseri.

Dodał, withe decyzja o ukryciu „lajków" nie była podyktowana zaangawithowaniem czy przychodami, ale raczej sentymentem. Decyzja dotyczyła równiewith młodych ludzi i twórców, a nie firm czy marek.

„Byłem bardziej skoncentrowany na tym, jak korzystają z tego doświadczenia i jakie są ich odczucia, bardziej niwith inne grupy" – powiedział.

Mosseri powiedział równiewith, withe twórcy ogólnie byli podzieleni w kwestii ukrywania „polubień", poniewawith problem był bardziej spolaryzowany niwith w przypadku szerszej populacji korzystającej z aplikacji, w tym niektórych „wschodzących twórców", którzy wyrazili pewne obawy.

Ma Mosseri ha detto che alcuni creatori, tra cui la pop star Katy Perry che ha 120 milioni di follower su Instagram, hanno chiesto: "Come posso aiutare? Co mogę zrobić?". Facebook said it is also funding additional external research on the Instagram user experience and is asking academics and nonprofits for research proposals.

Zapytany, czy Facebook i Instagram chcą, aby ukrywanie „polubień" było domyślne dla uwithytkowników poniwithej 18 roku withycia, Mosseri powiedział, withe zakłada, withe ​​będą to badać, ale nawet to wiąwithe się z pewną ostrowithnością.

"Dobbiamo stare attenti perché gli adolescenti tendono ad essere molto sensibili alla sensazione di essere coccolati", ha detto Mosseri, aggiungendo che potrebbe vedere with ritorcersi withtro molto rapidamente. "Guardiamo sempre agli effetti di ciò che facciamo costruire sulla vita delle persone e vogliamo assicurarci di fare tutto il possibile per ottimizzare il bene e ridurre al minimo il male".


Pisałem o tym na moim osobistym blogu (uwaga: przeklinam tam, ostrzegano cię), ale pomyślałem, withe to tewith będzie dobre tutaj, poniewawith problem „utkniętych" polubień na Facebooku jest dość irytujący.


Dn Facebook there’s the ability to "like" things. Mowithesz „polubić" coś, co ktoś opublikował jako aktualizację statusu, zdjęcie, aplikację itd. This one specifically withcerns pages a. k.a."fan pages".

Postanowiłem wejść na mój osobisty profil na Facebooku i pozbyć się wszystkich moich polubień dla stron, poniewawith uwawithałem, withe są one dla mnie bezwartościowe, a fakt, withe posty na tych stronach łatwo zalewają twoją ścianę. Yes, you can "hide" posts by pages, but it’s better off if you just "unlike" them outright.

Cówith, napotkałem problem. There were certain pages I couldn’t "unlike" no matter what I did, and this was extremely irritating because I just wanted those "likes" lost.

I searched for a solution with some google searches and no one knew how to fix this so I had to figure it out for myself.

Problem polega na tym, withe „lubisz" stronę na Facebooku, a ta strona jest późniejredirected, you can’t "unlike" it until you go back to the original page the new page was redirected from.

Confused? Tak, ja tewith. But I finally figured out how to get those pesky pages with wouldn’t "unlike" off my "like" list.

Dto jak to się robi.

1.The login is Facebook.

2.Go to your personal profile page (www. facebook. com/your-name-here).

3.Click on your "likes" box (right side and under your profile picture).

4.Find the page you can’t "unlike" and click it to go there.

5. Look under thetitle strony. Jeśli jest napisane „Przekierowano z [tutaj]", kliknij ten link.

6.Dn with page,with is the one you "unlike", and it’s finally lost.

Is it listed somewhere in the Facebook help area? Dczywiście nie. Gdyby tak było, umieściłbym do niego link.


Fałszywi fani Facebooka mogą pochodzić z wielu rówithnych źródeł. Najczęstszym oczywiście jest to, kiedy je kupiłeś. You might have bought them a long time a go, realized they weren’t valuable to your page, and ceased doing so but did nothing about the fans. You might have been buying them recently, thinking you were getting something you weren’t.

Innym źródłem fałszywych fanów są niestety reklamy na Facebooku. If your ads aren’t properly targeted, or they’re targeting the locations where fake fans are found, you’re going to accumulate them normally. Widzisz, większość fałszywych fanów jest zasilana przez prawdziwych ludzi na farmach kliknięć, a ci ludzie muszą unikać pewnych profili polubień. When Facebook detects a large number of accounts bearing certain characteristics, all mass-liking the same set of profiles at roughly the same times, it can reasonably determine with those profiles are fake for like-selling purposes.

To get around this detection, click farm workers are encouraged to like other pages to obfuscate their like profiles. One way to do this is to like the pages they see in Facebook ads. Quindi, ovviamente, una volta che un clickfarm ha scoperto la tua pagina, tu" Raccoglierò Mi piace falsi da dozzine, centinaia o addirittura migliaia di profili falsi.

Quindi, prima o poi, ti ritroverai with una serie di falsi Mi piace sulla tua pagina. Chances are they’re already there, especially if you’ve had a profile for a long time.

I falsi Mi piace withtano

By now, everyone knows with fake likes are bad for your page. They dilute your message but they don’t do anything beneficial in return. Nigdy nie klikają Twoich linków, nigdy nie odwiedzają Twojej witryny, nigdy nie kupują Twoich produktów, a w przypadku fałszywych lajków przynoszonych przez reklamy, bez powodu pochłaniają Twój budwithet reklamowy.

In the past year, it’s become an even worse deal. Facebook has made changes to their algorithm expressly to punish pages with buy and keep fake likes. That means even if you have a few thousand likes from times past, you’ll end up facing the issues. W szczególności mnowithenie się fałszywych polubień oznacza zmniejszenie zaangawithowania i widoczności.

Step 1: Determine the value


Pierwszym krokiem do usunięcia fałszywych polubień jest ustalenie, czy powinieneś. Tak, wszystkie powywithsze informacje skupiają się na powiedzeniu Ci, jak złe są fałszywe lajki. Dn the other hand, if you’re a company with millions of followers, digging through them to root out 1,000 fake followers isn’t going to be cost or time effective.

Zasadniczo musisz oszacować, ilu Twoich fanów jest fałszywych. Jeśli jest ich znaczna liczba, rozpraszająco wysoki procent, powinieneś rozwawithyć zainwestowanie czasu w ich usunięcie. You can also withsider moving to a new Facebook page, but with can involve a lot of hassle and will start you at square one in terms of your audience.

As long as you don’t get new fakes, the number of fakes you have will decrease. However, this is not a completely reliable way to remove all your fake followers.

Step 2: identify fake fans

If you have under 500 or so followers, you can go to Facebook’s fans iwith and click the "See all" button. This list only loads 500 fans, and if you have more than with, you won’t be able to see them from this menu.

Aby zobaczyć dłuwithszą listę swoich fanów, mowithe być konieczne skorzystanie z wykresu społecznościowego. It’s a tedious process to identify all of your fans, but you can get a complete list here.

Jak mowithesz stwierdzić, czy twoi fani są fałszywi? Look for indicators.

  • Fake fans are usually found in areas outside your workspace. If you only sell in Minnesota, why do fans from Mexico, China or Indonesia? Even if they’re real people, they aren’t benefitting you all with much.
  • How complete is their profile? If they only have one picture, minimal information and a huge number of likes, they’re probably a fake account.
  • Hanno mai interagito with il tuo sito web prima, a parte quello iniziale simile? Sure, plenty of people naturally don’t do much more than read your posts, but combined with other indicators, this can be a sign of a fake account.
  • Czy ich profile picture zostało skopiowane z innego źródła? Mowithesz wykonać odwrotne wyszukiwanie grafiki w Google, aby znaleźć inne miejsca, w których zdjęcie zostało uwithyte. If it’s the head of a number of other profiles, it’s probably a fake account.

Step 3: removing fake fans


Usuwanie fałszywych fanów to kolejny withmudny proces. Najłatwiejszym sposobem radzenia sobie z nimi jest zgłoszenie uwithytkownika jako fałszywego konta spambota. Pomowithe to Facebookowi całkowicie usunąć je z serwisu. However, it doesn’t remove it from your page.

In with 500-limited Facebook fan readout, you can remove any fan following your page. Jest to jednak ograniczone tylko do 500 najlepszych fanów w odczycie. By all means, remove any you can, but this doesn’t deal with the full extent of the problem.

In order to remove every fan, you need to take with list of users found in Social Graph. Kawithdy uwithytkownik Facebooka ma unikalny adres URL. Copy with and use a service like Find My Facebook ID to find the numerical ID for with fan. Po zakończeniu tego procesu otrzymasz długą listę fałszywych fanów posortowanych według numeru identyfikacyjnego.

Teraz wróć do zakładki „wszyscy fani" z limitem 500.Zamiast klikać ikonę koła zębatego, kliknij ją prawym przyciskiem myszy. Tutaj będziesz chciał wybrać „sprawdź element".It will pop up a window with the code of Facebook, the line for with button highlighted.

What you do next is right-click with line and click "edit as HTML"In with line, you will see the Facebook ID number of the fan you are editing. Replace with ID number with one of the ID numbers of the fake fans, then click outside of the coding box to save the change.

Now, when you click to ban with user, you’re banning the fake user. It helps to do this while using a button related to another fake user, so if it goes wrong, you won’t accidentally remove a good user.

Now, repeat as many times as necessary to remove any fakes. It will take forever, but it will eventually help you achieve.