How to decorate your home in eclectic style

To complete our series of blog posts on our 2018 interior design predictions, this week we will discuss eclectic design. Designing your home in the eclectic style is probably the most fun because you throw a lot of rules out the window. If you are wanting a unique look, are a couple with different tastes, or if you love the aesthetics from multiple eras and are having trouble choosing this is probably the right interior style for you.

What is Eclectic Style?

First, let’s start off with the basics. What exactly is eclectic style? Essentially, it is a mix-match of aesthetics from different styles creating a new, unique look. Sometimes, it can be a bit tricky to pinpoint because it’s a blending of styles. Depending on how much you want to mix pieces from different eras determines how obvious it is.

That doesn’t mean that you break all the rules. The basic design rules still apply, just not specific design style rules. For example, you have Midcentury furniture but then instead of keeping it strictly period appropriate, you throw in some modern pieces as well. Just because you are mixing and matching does not mean that you choose everything at random. If you do this, your home will end up looking like an overwhelming mess with nothing to ground it. Instead, think of it as carefully curating different pieces that match your personal and varied taste. Designing your home in the eclectic style means it looks diverse, but everything meshes well together.

How to decorate your home in eclectic style

Top Tips for Designing Your Home in the Eclectic Style

When designing your home in the eclectic style, it is easy to get carried away. Here are some suggestions for you so you can have fun with the style while preventing your design from getting chaotic.

Stay Focused:

  • Make sure it’s not a mixture of every era ever.
  • Try to pick 3 styles max.
  • Remember that while you are picking different styles of pieces….not everything goes!

Be Consistent:

  • Think each room out carefully but don’t be afraid to experiment.
  • The rooms in your house should still flow well together, so make sure there are connecting features.

Unify Through Color:

  • Pick a few neutrals to ground the design and keep the flow then add some pops of brighter hues.

Contrast Your Pieces Against Each Other:

  • Let things play off of each other to highlight one another’s unique features.
  • Examples: Using an ornate Victorian side table next to a simple transitional chair or a glamorous antique crystal chandelier above a sleek modern dining table set

How to decorate your home in eclectic style

The genius of eclectic style is that it’s a flexible design that can match our multi-faceted personalities. For highly creative people who don’t strictly fit into one type of group, this style is perfect because it mimics the varied tastes of their personality. Essentially, eclectic style is diverse and full of character yet completely harmonious.

How to decorate your home in eclectic style

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Design insiders reveal how to pull off the look—and share decor mistakes to avoid.

How to decorate your home in eclectic style

An eclectic approach to decorating can be challenging. For advice on how to pull off this unique aesthetic in your home, we invited interior designer Jennifer Adams, author of Love Coming Home, interior designer Rita Konig and mid-century modern furniture company Joybird to share their the do’s and dont’s.

DO: Mix Textures

Incorporating both rough and smooth textures adds interest to an interior, especially when you choose a simple color palette. “Consider shaggy throw rugs or pillows, nubby or thick, weave fabrics on furniture, rough wooden treasures or furniture, and soft, smooth finishes on iron or other metals,” says Adams.

DON’T: Forget to Use One Texture Multiple Times

While combining textures is key, there’s also room to use one texture at least three times in different spots throughout a home, Adams advises. It helps to maintain a cohesive look.

How to decorate your home in eclectic style

DO: Consider Negative Spaces

When it comes to an eclectic decorating style, know that your eye needs a place to rest. “Keep some spaces on shelves and tables empty, and consider the outline of an array of artwork for an interesting shape of the wall behind,” Adams says. “It’s not just about what you display. Sometimes it’s about what you leave out.”

DON’T: Display Your Entire Collection

There’s no need to put your entire collection on display all at once. To maintain an environment that’s full of character, Adams prefers to mix things up. “Edit to just your favorite few, and rotate the pieces for variety or seasonally,” she says.

DO: Consider Layout

When planning out an eclectic style space, it’s easy to get caught up in which colors, textures, and patterns will bring the look together. However, don’t forget about placement. “I think layout is one of the most important things in a room, more than the color or the fabrics,” says Konig. “The layout of the furniture is what will make it comfortable and feel like a room you want to be in.” Before you start purchasing decor for the room, nail down where each piece of furniture will go. You may find you actually don’t have space for that quirky floor lamp or 19th-century chest.

DON’T: Forget A Focal Point

When you arrange your layout, remember: Though eclectic style does involve combining styles and periods through a wide variety of items, the curated look shouldn’t lack focus. Joybird suggests creating a focal point (or accentuating an existing one) with an eye-catching element — say, an accent wall, fireplace, or bold decorative item.

How to decorate your home in eclectic style

DO: Consider Utility

As you determine the decor you’ll incorporate into your eclectic design, don’t forget that the room is meant to be lived in. “Let utility inform your decorations,” says Konig. “It is quite daunting to be faced with an empty room and have to consider the colors and fabrics you’ll use to decorate it, but utility is a great decorator. Think of how you use a room to help pull it together.” Consider baskets, bookshelves, drinks trays, and card tables. These elements lend a cozy, lived-in atmosphere to your room.

DON’T: Be Inconsistent

The nature of eclectic style is varied, but each room in your home should still complement the others. “Carry eclecticism throughout your home to create flow,” suggests Joybird. “Your space will look disjointed if the style changes abruptly from one room to the next.” If you decide your home is ready for an eclectic upgrade, make it a commitment that’s reflected in each room throughout the house.

How to decorate your home in eclectic style

DO: Pick One Go-To Color

One color should serve as a unifying factor throughout your design. “Let color serve as the great equalizer, pulling together the overall look,” suggests Joybird. Whether your go-to color is an olive green or off-white, consistently return to it while decorating for a cohesive look.

DON’T: Compare Hues

When you’re picking your go-to color, don’t be tempted to sample paints on the wall, making your decision from a lineup of colors. “The colors will do weird things to each other, and it will get very confusing,” says Konig. “Paint the colors you like onto boards, then look at them in isolation.” Painted boards also come in handy for reference when you’re shopping for decor or fabrics.

How to decorate your home in eclectic style

DO: Practice Balance

Make it a goal to find balance in scale and symmetry. “Similar lines create design harmony, even if the pieces are different styles, textures, or from different periods,” says Joybird. Don’t sacrifice organization for diversity.

DON’T: Mistake Eclectic For “Anything Goes”

Styling eclectic rooms doesn’t mean tossing every rule. “There’s a very fine line between layered and collected to busy and distracting,” says Joybird. “Put a cap on the number of contrasting styles in one room to avoid things feeling random.”

How to decorate your home in eclectic style

DO: Give New Styles A Chance

When you try a new eclectic style, and don’t like the outcome, don’t give in to the temptation to change it right away. “Wait until the room is complete and live with it for a while,” says Konig. “The things that feel like a big deal when you are first decorating a room [like an unexpectedly bright paint color] fall into the background once the space becomes filled with furniture and other items.”

DON’T: Be Reserved

Eclectic style is characterized by a multitude of fabrics, patterns, and art items. “Home accents like rugs, paintings, objects d’art, and throw pillows are convenient ways to bring a considered mismatch into any room,” says Joybird.

Decorating your home in an eclectic style can be tricky to pull off. It is a style that is so easy to love. Take the table and chairs in Rachel and Monica’s apartment in Friends, for example. When you use different colours and styles for each chair, it is an eclectic style. We might see other ideas online or in magazines that we just love. But when we try and pull it off, it might end up looking a little like a jumble sale. There are certainly some do’s and don’ts which I will share some of them with you today. I hope it helps if you are looking to decorate in this style.

How to decorate your home in eclectic style

DON’T: Forget to use a Focal Point

The eclectic style is about mixing a few different styles, colours and time periods. When you are pulling it all together, though, it gets that messy look when there isn’t a focal point. The room still needs some kind of focus. So choose one piece and work around it. It might be a piece of traditional furniture, a piece of wall art or some flooring. Just make sure that you make that be the focus and everything else, though different, should complement it.

How to decorate your home in eclectic style

DO: Think About the Layout

You might have lots of different ideas of how you want things to look. But without a proper plan or layout in place, it can just look cluttered. So don’t forget about placement and what looks well together. Measure out the room and decide where exactly you want certain pieces to go. You might find that you don’t even have room for a french style chaise longue after all.

How to decorate your home in eclectic style

DON’T: Stick with the Style in One Room

When you are inconsistent with your home decor, it just looks confusing and a little messy. So don’t just have an eclectic style in one room and then a super simple monochrome look in the rest of the rooms of the house. It makes the rooms flow better when they all complement each other. So if you are choosing this style, it is a bit of a commitment to carry the look through the home. Otherwise, things just look disjointed.

How to decorate your home in eclectic style

DON’T: Think Eclectic Means Anything

If you are choosing to decorate in an eclectic style, it isn’t an excuse to go crazy at your local charity shop. It doesn’t mean just using anything and everything. It can be quite a fine line between busy and messy to layered and together. So for each room, you might want to decide how many of the contrasting styles or periods you want to focus on.

How to decorate your home in eclectic style

DO: Use Symmetry

If you can find balance in the room, then you are onto a winner. So in your layout, think of pieces that are similar and that can create symmetry. It has been said that things with similar lines are perfect for design harmony. So think of the overall look, even if the pieces are from different time periods or styles.

All pictures have been taken from the different homes I have lived in through the years.

What’s your home decor style? Boho, coastal, vintage or contemporary? Or do you like a little bit of everything?

If you hate the “matchy-matchy” look and your home decor style is weird and wacky, you’re not on your own. There is actually a word that describes your style — eclectic decorating.

The word eclectic sounds weird and wonderful. But what is eclectic style decoration?

According to the Merriam Webster Dictionary, an eclectic style is “one composed of elements drawn from various sources”. In other words, it’s a mismatch of ideas bundled into one contrasting masterpiece that somehow fits together.

But eclectic style does not mean that anything goes. So, how can you master eclectic home decor? Read on to find out the secret behind the look.

What IS Eclectic Style?

Before delving into the weird and wonderful world of eclectic decor, let’s take a look at what it is and what it’s not.

A person who likes eclectic decor is someone who will not obey the rules of following only one style. You can borrow elements from various styles without committing to one exclusively. However, these styles should all work together.

The goal should be to balance the room. Whether that be through texture or symmetry, make sure there is a balance.

What Eclectic Style is NOT

Many mistake eclectic decor as “anything goes”. But it can actually take more planning and forethought than ordinary decorating styles.

An “anything goes” approach will leave you with a busy and distracting space. Whereas eclectic interior design uses contrasting styles that complement each other.

Weird and Wonderful Decor Tips

Now you know the rules of the game, it’s time for some inspiration. Read on for 7 eclectic decor tips that’ll blow your mind.

1. Mix n Match Texture

Incorporate both rough and smooth textures into your space. This can add depth to your space, especially if your color palette is neutral. Here are a few intriguing textures you could use:

  • Shaggy rugs and cushions
  • Weathered wood
  • Woven fabrics
  • Smooth metals
  • Mirrored furniture
  • Polished marble

For example, decorate with bamboo wooden blinds and woven chair fabrics. Match this rustic look with a clean cut marble coffee table.

But don’t go overboard with several different styles. Remember to use textures more than once in your decor. This reoccurring theme will help to maintain a cohesive look.

3. Perfect Patterns

Like textures, you can use patterns to mix and match your decor. Try mixing modern patterns with vintage. Make sure to repeat the patterns throughout the decor subtly.

For example, use large geometric designs on a rug. And have floral designs on your drapes. When contrasting make sure to use large prints against delicate prints or it may be too much on the eye.

This striking look can also work through color.

3. Color Pop

Eclectic decorating doesn’t mean you can paint a rainbow of colors on your walls and get away with it. It’s better to start with neutral colors and add accent hues later.

Some may use certain styles to unify the room, but you can use one go to color that will unify your design. For instance, you could try a black and white theme. The era or style of the furniture and decor won’t matter as the unifying mark will be the monochrome look.

If you want to add more color, try using a bright signature hue. Use this color to pop up in your accessories, canvas paintings, and fabric selections.

You can introduce a lot of colors this way. But as long as you have the signature running through, it’ll maintain the rooms unity.

4. Easy on the Eye

Of course, going for eclectic interior design gives you the chance to display all your favorite knick-knacks. But don’t display everything at once. Your eye needs a place to rest.

Keep some spaces empty, such as shelves or table tops. Create a focal point with an eye-catching element. For instance, a modern fireplace, a bold canvas painting or fancy lighting.

If you can’t let go of some of your favorite pieces, try rotating them season by season. This will keep your look fresh all year round.

5. Nail the Layout

The layout of a room is a key element in eclectic interior design. In fact, the way you plan out your furniture can either make or break the look. This is vitally important if you have a small home.

Start by choosing your large token items, such as a sofa, table, and bookshelf. After you’ve figured out what goes where you can fill in the gaps. You can even nail the furniture down to stop you from over cluttering.

6. Pretty, Yet Practical

As you’re scrolling through Pinterest, it can be easy to get carried away. But always remember that you’re designing the room to live in. It needs to be functional and practical, as well as a decorating masterpiece!

For example, if you have kids. All white carpets and mirrored furniture may not be a good idea. Or too many ornaments may turn your room into a nightmare to clean.

Think about this functional aspect especially when choosing your furniture. For instance, your sofa needs to look awesome but be cozy and functional too. Learn more here about picking the best corner sofa bed for your eclectic style living room.

7. Get in the Mood

When eclectic decorating it’s always good to think about the feeling you want your space to convey. Use your lighting, furniture, and accessories to convey the mood.

Do you want your room to look warm and cozy? Modern and airy? Or whimsical and fancy?

Whatever mood you’re going for, bring it out in the elements of your design. Lighting is especially vital when it comes to mood. Your lighting fixtures and window drapes or blinds will have a huge impact on the tone of your room.

A Mismatched Masterpiece

As you can see, true eclectic style isn’t about randomly throwing things together. There is an art behind it. Once you get the knack of it, your home will look ultra unique and be the envy of all your friends.

If you’re ready to turn your home from drab to fab, where can you begin? It all starts with a lick of paint. Check out this handy article: 5 Weird Painting Hacks You Have to Try!

Swoon-worthy interiors are everywhere and this can make you like different styles simultaneously. Maybe you like the clean lines of mid-century modern, but you also like the natural materials and textures of rustic style or you love over-the-top glam but also more typical traditional elements.

They means there is an eclectic nature in your preferred interior design style but incorporating this mash-up of styles unwisely can create garish look in your home. With some guidance and eclectic decor styling, you can make your interior spaces come to life, in style and harmony. Here are some tips how you can pull off a perfectly mixed interior.

1. Mix And Match Furniture Styles

How to decorate your home in eclectic style

Eclectic décor style is all about picking elements from different eras and bringing them together to form a cohesive whole. Use contrasting furniture styles like contemporary with vintage pieces made of reclaimed wood and similarly with other design elements.

2. Opt For Bold colours And Wallpapers

How to decorate your home in eclectic style

Add a bold colour aesthetics to your interiors with statement wallpaper, this can truly make a space pop. When using bold colours and patterns, consider keeping the furnishings, flooring and other colours in the room neutral and soft. Moreover, try to balance the overall design further by using some hues of the wallpaper’s colours throughout the design.

3. Modern Rustic Style

How to decorate your home in eclectic style

In eclectic style Modern Rustic is to mix mid-century modern style with rustic materials and natural textures. Integrate different colours, textures and patterns in one space to get chic and approachable results. Further ace eclectic style by adding rugs, curtains and lighting fixtures in contrast to furnishing style.

4. Mood Collector Style

How to decorate your home in eclectic style

Interior Design, Home Renovation Source: Starry Homestead
Eclectic style is all about mixing and matching. And the mood collector style really embraces mixing materials and fabrics, specifically. From jute, cotton, linen to marble, wood and leather, combining multiple materials into one space will keep the mood vibe alive while giving it that eclectic flair.

5. Keep Balance And Symmetry

How to decorate your home in eclectic style Interior Design, Home Renovation Source: Tod’z terior

A balanced composition in your home decor is mandatory. Same is with the eclectic decorating style, always keep the design principles in balance and symmetry. If this is ignored your spaces may look overwhelming and cluttered. Try to only opt for functional pieces, necessary furniture and restrict unnecessary décor and you can certainly appreciate the aesthetics more when they come together beautifully.

A comprehensive guide on how to decorate an eclectic style living room, using colour, texture and shape.

What is eclectic style?

Pops of orange used throughout this living room brings together different decor styles, eg. Mid century chair from Space Furniture tied together with the aztec themed blanket, prints and minimalist cushions.

Eclectic Decor Tips

  • DON'T Make too much clutter
  • DO Stick a few statement pieces
  • DON'T Go too matchy-matchy
  • DO Tie different pieces together with common colour or shape elements
  • DON'T Go too dark
  • DO Maintain balance – contrast a dark wall with bright decor, and vise versa.
  • DON'T Buy everything from the same vendor
  • DO Decorate over time, adding trinkets as you go.


Artist and designer Rachel Castle's home uses bold hues and texture to nail eclectic home decor. It's a mix of contemporary, quirky and effortlessly beautiful.

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Colour Rules

This colourful and quirky city apartment uses bold colour & eclectic decor pieces turn an inner-city home into a vibrant and playful family home.


This Queensland home uses different textures throughout the home, so if you're after decorating inspiration with texture as a focal point, look no further.

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How to decorate your home in eclectic style

How to decorate your home in eclectic style

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How to decorate your home in eclectic style

cef1cf71020b79a7_7487-1-cd9f90e-w400-h560-b0-p0.jpg” alt=”Shabby-chic Style Nursery Shabby-chic Style Nursery” width=”400″ height=”560″ />

ed11dfe102992c3c_9765-1-9f879d0-w618-h411-b0-p0.jpg” alt=”Transitional Dining Room by Shannon Malone” width=”618″ height=”411″ />

How to decorate your home in eclectic style

How to decorate your home in eclectic style

How to decorate your home in eclectic style

c24142b4032a6657_9336-1-aa87ccb-w618-h411-b0-p0.jpg” alt=”Rustic Living Room by Julie Angelos, Realtor at Berkshire Hathaway” width=”618″ height=”411″ />

How to decorate your home in eclectic style

08e1c232032afcb0_9341-1-47d46e0-w618-h411-b0-p0.jpg” alt=”Transitional Living Room by Sheridan Interiors” width=”618″ height=”411″ />

c78165b1032b0685_2909-1-9d55df7-w618-h417-b0-p0.jpg” alt=”Traditional Kitchen by John B. Murray Architect” width=”618″ height=”417″ />

f6c1944502d6f511_8106-1-aa6de2c-w618-h405-b0-p0.jpg” alt=”Industrial Kitchen by SA-DA Architecture” width=”618″ height=”405″ />

d831c79c0fcd5dd4_4369-1-42f4d74-w618-h482-b0-p0.jpg” alt=”French Country Kitchen by Mike Smith / Artistic Kitchens” width=”618″ height=”482″ />

aee10923032adfc4_5122-1-6d24f11-w618-h411-b0-p0.jpg” alt=”Contemporary Dining Room by Parkes Interiors” width=”618″ height=”411″ />

c6e1bae403291b7a_9938-1-aa6f4ac-w618-h411-b0-p0.jpg” alt=”Midcentury Living Room Midcentury Living Room” width=”618″ height=”411″ />

5bd1d9ad00e5fdc8_8999-1-0abaa06-w618-h411-b0-p0.jpg” alt=”Beach Style Living Room Beach Style Living Room” width=”618″ height=”411″ />

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How to decorate your home in eclectic style

How to decorate your home in eclectic style

How to decorate your home in eclectic style

How to decorate your home in eclectic style

How to decorate your home in eclectic style

How to decorate your home in eclectic style

LOL on May 6th I took it and was "Rustic" on June 9th I was "French Country" and today I’m "Transitional" I think I know what I am, Traditional/Craftsman-Eclectic —–That’s what I am. what we "need" is some better quizzes.

Oh, geeze. I love Gustavian and Chinoiserie and antique portraits, and you gave me Contemporary? Ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha . . . .

Boho Decor: Are you wondering how to achieve the Bohemian style in your own home? It’s easy to capture the eclectic charm of Bohemian or “Boho” decorating simply by surrounding yourself with artistic elements. If you are a free spirit that loves adventure, creativity and unique décor, the Bohemian style of design may be perfect for you. Bohemian decorating provides the opportunity to fill your home with culture, bright patterns, and vivid colors without following the rules. It’s unconventional, bold, artistic, exotic, offbeat and embraces the carefree and the unusual.

Incorporate lanterns, hand-crafted pillows, playful patterns and vibrant hues. The image above is the work of, Justina Blakeney, a designer, and artist who believes creativity is the key to having an amazing home. “I like to bring in items that stimulate senses other than just sight – things that you touch, things that you smell, things that you hear.” – Justina Blakeney

Unlock your inner free spirit with this curated collection of Bohemian decor and Bohemian bedding with vibrant colors and exotic patterns.

Directly below the following images find a step-by-step guide on how to decorate with Bohemian style in your own home including information on how to design a Bohemian living room, dining room, and bedroom. Article by Interior Designer Tracy Svendsen.

HOW TO DESIGN BOHEMIAN STYLE | Bohemian Decorating Ideas

What is a Bohemian style home?

Although this style is interpreted differently by everyone, there are some commonalities in the design approach. The colors in a Bohemian interior tend to gravitate towards warm and earthy such as terracotta, gold, and shades of brown or embrace a broad sector of vibrant jewel tones. Bohemian decor has the perfect balance between eclectic and fun without trying too hard – it appears effortless. It’s a casual chic look that provides relaxed living spaces that truly show the essence of the homeowner.

What is Bohemian style decor?

Here are a few tips to create the Bohemian style in your own home:

1. Bohemian style incorporates a multitude of textures and patterns

It’s important to mix a wide variety of texture and pattern with the Bohemian design style. Bohemian decor includes layering throws on sofas, hanging exotic tapestries and incorporates area rugs and natural materials. Additional Bohemian decor accessories to include are vintage bottles, mismatched china, bright throw pillows, and collections from places you have traveled.

2. Add your prints slowly to avoid overwhelming the space

Bohemian decorating is all about plants, patterned textiles mixed with rich textures and a relaxed vibe. It’s vivacious, incredibly creative and inspired. It can be intimidating to mix prints if you haven’t done so before – so try starting small and gradually add different printed home decor accessories such as rugs, tapestries and throw pillows. Incorporating Bohemian decor slowly gives you time to step back and take a look to see if the design looks balanced and cohesive.

3. If you have one – take advantage of your porch or outdoor area

Porches are a great place to create a boho feel and integrate Bohemian decor. Simply add natural elements, lanterns, cozy blankets and woven textures in geometric prints.

4. The walls play an important part in Bohemian style design

Although many Bohemian style homes make use of brightly colored walls, white walls also make the perfect backdrop to showcase the mixed patterns and colors without creating a space that feels overdone. Create the look of a boho-chic home with handcrafted textiles and ceramics. Incorporate global find and style your home in a way that is uniquely yours.

How to decorate using Bohemian decor in the living room

If you are thinking of creating a Bohemian living room – think pillows everywhere, Kilim rugs and an eclectic vibe. A Bohemian living room makes use of mixing colors instead of matching them.

Find decor in a wide variety of colors and blend them to add timeless beauty to your living room. Be sure to incorporate warm and eclectic light fixtures, such as antique lampshades, exotic lanterns and other vintage inspired finds.

Unique furniture is essential in a Bohemian living room. Think of adding furniture with interesting shapes and sizes. Let your imagination run wild with an eclectic display of art such as handcrafted accessories, objects purchased from past traveling adventures as well as old paintings.