How to decorate a kitchen

Bring a festive layer to the heart of the ho-ho-home!

How to decorate a kitchen

With the holidays upon us, it’s officially time to pull down those boxes of holiday decorations from the attic, roll up your flannel sleeves, and get to work decking the halls. (That is, if you haven’t already!) For many of us, this means adding festive details to every single inch of your house, inside and out. First things first: trim the Christmas tree and get those outdoor Christmas decorations up stat!

But there is still work to be done. When it comes time to layer in Christmas decor throughout the rest of your house, make sure to add an extra dash of holiday cheer to the kitchen. Even though the kitchen is the most utilitarian room in your house, it’s also the heart of your home, where you’ll be spending tons of time this season, from baking Christmas cookie recipes to catching up with loved ones around the island. So make it merry!

The breakfast table or island is a great place to incorporate creative Christmas kitchen table decor—think Christmas centerpiece ideas, a sweet spot to display your best gingerbread houses, or even a kitchen themed Christmas tree. For pretty kitchen cabinet Christmas decorating ideas, drape fresh Christmas garlands above and hang wreaths atop cabinet doors or in windows. Smaller Christmas kitchen accessories can happily tuck into open shelves.

After you’ve tried all the best country kitchen Christmas decorating ideas, we bet you’ll be ready to relax with a mug of hot chocolate and, might we suggest, a plate of those fresh-baked cookies!

Style your home this holiday season with the festive colors of buffalo plaid! Buffalo plaid is two colors woven together in a checkered pattern. The red and black colors of American buffalo plaid add the perfect holiday flare!

I am so excited to share with you guys that one of my blogging friends, Liberty who blogs at B4andAfters, was featured in the amazing magazine, American Farmhouse Style this month!! I am so incredibly proud of her…and excited to help show-off her feature and shared how I styled my home with various plaid patterns this year!!

How to decorate a kitchen

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Be sure to pick up your copy of American Farmhouse Style and flip to page 16 for the complete DIY instructions on how to create her beautiful American Buffalo Plaid Christmas Trees!

Sewing isn’t your thing? Don’t worry, you’re in luck! You can buy similar looking trees at Walmart, here!

How to decorate a kitchen

Liberty mailed me one of her handmade trees…in colors that went well with my 1886 Victorian home. The classic Christmas colors; red, green and gold! My favorite colors to decorate for Christmas!

How to decorate a kitchen

Recreate the look!

I settled on Liberty’s tree being displayed on our dining room hutch – it looks so perfect nestled in among the garland!

How to decorate a kitchen

Recreate the look!

Keeping with the plaid theme, my daughter spruced up my decorations on our baby grand piano in our living room with a Christmas plaid tablecloth!

How to decorate a kitchen

Recreate the look!

I used a plaid throw blanket on our front porch rocking chairs.

How to decorate a kitchen

Recreate the look!

My friend, Danielle from Faith and Farmhouse, styled her true American Buffalo Plaid tree on her dining room table – and it looks great!

How to decorate a kitchen

Recreate the look!

Look how cozy Anna’s buffalo plaid bedroom looks! Wouldn’t you love to stay in this room?

Give your space a chic upgrade with these trending hues.

How to decorate a kitchen

Give your kitchen a new lease of life by tapping into hues of soft sage, cheerful pinks and gentle grey. Whether you’re planning a renovation or want to see what’s new, let 2021’s trending kitchen colours inspire you.

To help you decide on the perfect shades, Tap Warehouse has uncovered the emerging trends by analysing Pinterest data — and there’s something here for everyone.

‘We have analysed emerging kitchen trends on Pinterest and our own search data to uncover what kitchen trends are set to be the most popular in 2021,’ say Tap Warehouse.

Need some inspiration? Take a look at the trending hues below.

The terrazzo trend is still going strong. With a Pinterest search increase of 20 per cent, it’s time to refresh your kitchen worktops and surfaces with the playful design.

‘In springtime, customers tend to reach for brighter and colourful décor options, with this Terrazzo trend being proof of that,’ says Tom Drake, interior design specialist at Tap Warehouse.

‘However, this chic look is not just for spring, it’s certainly a trend that’s here to stay.’

From soft sage to dark mossy hues, green kitchens are the best way to bring the outside in. With a 19 per cent increase on Pinterest, they certainly aren’t going anywhere.

‘Green is a colour that stands the test of time as it can breathe life into most kitchen designs,’ Tap Warehouse say. ‘Despite it being such a bold colour, there’s many ways to incorporate green in the kitchen. Why not create a contrasting look with green cabinets and pink walls or accessories?’

‘Many of us are seeking a bit of joy in our lives, so it’s little surprise that Brits are turning their kitchens a cheerful pink,’ Tom adds.

‘However, if you didn’t want to go all out with such a statement colour, you could opt for a pink kitchen island. You’ll still have the benefits of a striking, fun, colour in your kitchen but with a more balanced look.’

Teal kitchens are gaining popularity among homeowners and interior designers alike, with Tap Warehouse discovering a 17 per cent increase in Pinterest search traffic.

Not sure how to incorporate the trending hue? Tom adds: ‘To really accentuate the calming effect of teal, why not add lots of luscious plants to your kitchen? Indoor plants have been shown to improve mood, plus the beautiful greenery teams amazingly against teal: creating a tonal look.’

Go modern with a monochrome kitchen — a classic colour palette that will always pay off. With a 16 per cent increase, it seems more people are looking for a beautiful kitchen design that will never go out of style.

From burgundy to scarlet and rust, red is the very latest in the world of kitchen design. Looking to go bold? Why not add a splash of colour to the busiest room in the home. There’s no better way to create that wow-factor.

Go bold in 2021 with scene-stealing hues of orange. Whether you’re daring enough to opt for zesty orange cabinets or want to incorporate the shade through accessories, it’s one of the hottest hues for this year.

A popular choice for both contemporary and modern kitchens, Nordic-inspired light grey is incredibly sophisticated. An alternative to white, grey is the way to go in 2021.

There’s something wonderful about a navy blue kitchen. If you’re planning a refurb in 2021, stay right on-trend with stately navy hues. Some of the ways to do so include installing (or painting) your cabinets dark blue or opting for blue walls — both striking options for any kitchen space.

Bring the sky inside with a wash of baby blue paint. Another rising kitchen colour for 2021, it’s the perfect way to soften up your space in time for spring.

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Edible Gardens LA founder and master gardener Lauri Kranz shares her fall harvest, and some tips for putting the bounty on display.

How to decorate a kitchen

If you think your vegetables are too pretty to hide in the produce drawer of your refrigerator, you are not alone. Autumn tablescapes have been heavy on tiny pumpkins, decorative squash, and dried, multi-colored heritage corn for as long as anyone can remember. And cornucopias, horn-shaped baskets filled with a fall harvest, have been a symbol of abundance since the second century C.E., when sculptors depicted Greek goddesses like Demeter and Persephone carrying a just-picked bounty of veggies, fruit, and flowers.

If a wicker basket filled with glossy eggplants and persimmons feels a little too much like an early ’80s throwback for your taste, you’re not alone in that thinking, either. There’s a modern way to display the gems you pick from your backyard garden, or your farmers market haul. It’s loose and painterly, using bowls and platters you may already have around the house, to arrange a mix of appealing shapes and colors. And if you use the vegetables you display on today’s table for tomorrow’s dinner, it’s a zero-waste arrangement.

How to decorate a kitchen

Edible Gardens LA farm boxes look good enough to eat, and display on your counters and table tops for all to see.

Sunset enlisted the help of Lauri Kranz from Edible Gardens LA, and her friend and client, interior designer Molly Russell Ford, to help us come up with the ultimate fall harvest table.

Chances are, if you’ve ever spent time searching for gorgeous edible landscape ideas, you’ve stumbled onto Kranz’s work. For the past 11 years, she’s been building garden escapes for her lucky clients in and around Los Angeles. There’s a well-photographed garden pavilion that doubles as an outdoor dining room in the Hollywood Hills, some lush beds in a Beverly Hills front yard, and containers spilling over with greenery in yards all across the suburban sprawl that is LA. Many of those examples were featured in the book Kranz wrote with her husband, Dean Kuipers, A Garden Can Be Anywhere: Creating Bountiful and Beautiful Edible Gardens.

How to decorate a kitchen

Kranz and long-time friend (and client) Molly Russell Ford set the table in Ford’s dining room. Cream gingham table cloth by Morrow Soft Goods.

What started as a side project, when she volunteered at her son’s school planting garden beds, has turned into a thriving business. In addition to planning, planting, and tending home gardens, Kranz has a small farm in the Glassell Park neighborhood of Los Angeles, where she grows vegetables and flowers that she delivers to local clients in her popular farm boxes. She also gathers produce from her favorite California growers, like the Tehachapi Grain Project and Weiser Family Farms (of the famous Weiser Farm potatoes). And the boxes are so full of color, texture, and beauty that they’re like a work of art.

“We started our farm deliveries at the beginning of the pandemic, in March 2020. My husband, Dean Kuipers, and I were worried about local farmers when we saw all of the restaurant closures,” she says. “These farmers taught me how to farm over the years and we saw a way we could support them.”

If you’re in the Los Angeles area, you can buy farm deliveries on their website. And Kranz just signed a lease for a small brick-and-mortar market in town. Stay tuned in to the Edible Gardens Instagram and website for details.

In the meantime, don’t hide those root vegetables and squash in your pantry. Put them on display on your fall table, and enjoy the literal fruits of your labor.

Five Tips For A Beautiful Fall Harvest Table

1. Rethink your greenery.

How to decorate a kitchen

Kranz used sorrel to fill out this simple flower arrangement.

Instead of stocking up on eucalyptus, ivy, or myrtle at the flower market, fill in your flower arrangements using just-picked stems of basil, mint, catmint, sage, sorrel, or chard. The red, lacy veins of the sorrel Kranz used complemented the red zinnias and garden-grown dahlias. And it’s a great way to use an excess of greens from your cool-weather garden.

2. Play with scale.

How to decorate a kitchen

Sorrel, chard, squash, pomegranates, and garden-grown dahlias decorate Ford’s Fall table.

A heavy, sage-green pumpkin can anchor a fall table in the same way a pricey professional arrangement can. Place it on a cutting board or platter, and use it as a base to build around—adding deep purple eggplant, small zucchinis with the blossoms still attached, or the lacy tops of carrots.

3. Add beeswax candles and neutral linens in complementary colors.

How to decorate a kitchen

Candles from Greentree Home in unfinished wood turned candlesticks are rustic but refined enough for a buffet table.

Hand-poured Greentree Home candles in shades like blush pink and olive green bring out the colors in your produce and play on the neutral/natural theme. Unfinished wood and aged brass candlesticks work well with the rustic theme. A cream gingham tablecloth from Morrow Soft Goods is the perfect neutral backdrop for a palette of fall garden color.

4. Use what you have around the house.

Dig through your cabinets to find low, shallow baskets, metal and ceramic trays, or platters to display the harvest. A footed glass vase from last year’s Mother’s Day flower delivery can become the ideal spot for a few bunches of rainbow carrots.

How to decorate a kitchen

Rainbow carrots get the attention they deserve in a large, footed glass vase from West Elm.

5. Cut open vegetables and fruits to show the beauty inside.

Show off those watermelon radishes, purple carrots, pomegranates, and persimmons by revealing they’re beautiful on the inside, too. Slice open your produce to add texture and more interesting color to your tablescape. Just make sure the linens you use are stain-proof.

How to decorate a kitchen

Watermelon radishes and persimmons look better cut, to reveal more color and texture.

How to decorate a kitchen

Hey there! Today’s the 10 on the 10th Blog Hop, this month we are sharing ornament inspiration! I want to thank Tammy Patina and Paint for hosting the $10 on the 10th blog hop each month. This month, we have 7 of us sharing ornaments under $10 or less. At the bottom of my page I will have the links to all the participant’s ornament crafts.

I am sharing a simple way to use ornaments you already have with a little help from a pair of Dollar Tree socks. You can make 4 good size ornaments from one pair of socks. This is so easy y’all I am a little embarrassed to blog about it, but I just have too!

How to decorate a kitchen

This post may contain affiliate links. Click <> for full disclosure.

How to decorate a kitchen

Simple Christmas Ornament Tutorial

I picked up a couple pairs of Dollar Tree fuzzy blue socks. One pair makes 4 nice size ornaments.

How to decorate a kitchen

I have a lot of ornaments that I will not be using this year so I am using what I have on hand, but Dollar Tree also has plenty of different size ornaments for you to choose from.

Directions as follow: Don’t blink or you might miss them! 🙂

  • Take one sock and cut it in half.

How to decorate a kitchen How to decorate a kitchenHow to decorate a kitchen

  • Take the sock with two ends opened, turn it inside out and sew one end close with a needle and thread. You could also hot glue it closed as well.

How to decorate a kitchen How to decorate a kitchenHow to decorate a kitchen

  • You want to use ornaments with large top openings. Remove the ornament cap and put it to the side for now.

How to decorate a kitchen

  • Slip your ornament into your sock pocket with the open cap side facing up.

How to decorate a kitchen

  • Tucking the sock edges into the ornament’s opening securing it with hot glue.

How to decorate a kitchenHow to decorate a kitchen

  • Take the cap of the ornament and flatten the prongs.

How to decorate a kitchen

  • Add the cap back on the ornaments and press the prongs snugged to the ornament.

How to decorate a kitchen

That’s it! I can’t wait to add them to my kitchen tree! Love the texture and coloring.

How to decorate a kitchen

How to decorate a kitchen

How to decorate a kitchen

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A backsplash makes big impact no matter the style, but these trends are making us swoon.

Kitchen backsplash tiles are having a serious moment. Homeowners are seeking warmth and character in their stones and bringing their personality out in their kitchens like never before. Adding backsplash tiles to your kitchen gives you an opportunity to have a focal point that's both functional and beautiful, too. Below, you'll find the best kitchen backsplash ideas for 2021.

1. White Cloe Tile

Driven by bloggers such as Emily Henderson and Studio McGee, Bedrosian's Cloe tile is having a moment in residential interiors, according to Campbell Minister, an interior designer and founder of Decorated Interiors. "From shower stalls to kitchen backsplashes, the white Cloe tile has an organic look and a fresh modern presence all at once," she says. "They come in a 5 x 5 square or a more standard 2.5 x 8 rectangle—similar tiles like this are available on Wayfair for a lower price, too." The key is to choose something with a subtle texture and color variation that still acts as a neutral.

2. Marble and Quartzite

Another trend that homeowners are catching onto are continuous slabs of marble and quartzite as a backsplash. "Choosing a continuous slab that matches your counters creates a cohesive feel that blends in with the kitchen's overall scheme," explains Minister. "You can go wild with a bold pattern or choose a more muted and quiet material as a backdrop for a bold cabinet color." Be sure to check with your fabricator on the suitability for any slab material you choose as a kitchen backsplash, as some quartz materials are not as resistant to heat.

Search any kitchen design by Jake Arnold and swoon. This designer is showing a ton of warm and textured material in his designs. One trend I see on the rise is again a continuous piece of stone slab that sits approximately 10" to 15" above the counter, and dead ends into a shelf. The beauty of this aesthetic is you then can use this perch for art, bowls, utensils, you name it. The shelf itself can be wood for some more visual interest, or the same material as the counter.

How to decorate a kitchen

Some spots in your home are easy to decorate. Others … not so much. One of those problematic places is the empty space above your stove. Many of us have a blank wall there, begging for a creative treatment, something to make us smile while we’re slaving over the hot stove. But what? Here are some ideas and inspiration from my cottage and the homes of a few of my friends.

The photo above is of my friend Lisa’s kitchen. When she renovated this room a few years ago, she spiced up the space above her stove with a beautiful tile pattern. She added to the charm with changeable displays on the shelf above the stove, and on either side.

How to decorate a kitchen

My friend Tammy has a light, bright, airy kitchen. She had the great idea to layer a mix of thin wood cutting boards behind her stove. The boards pick up the tones in her exposed brick walls, adding to the natural warmth and bringing in a bit of organic pattern. The variation in the sizes and shapes of the boards ramps up the visual impact.

How to decorate a kitchen

When my friend Paula bought her home, she loved everything about it, except the kitchen. A complete kitchen remodel was not in the plans, but that didn’t stop Paula from revamping the look of the space. Paula is a very cleaver decorator, who has a home filled with beautiful treasures. So when she spotted a box filled with copper kitchenware at a garage sale (for $20!), she snatched it up. She installed a pot rack above her stove, then filled it with the copper pieces. It turned this lackluster spot into a stunning focal point.

How to decorate a kitchen

When Nancy renovated her little cottage, she wanted to decorate it with her family heirlooms and antiques. She had picked up a piece from a cast-iron stove at an antique store, and was just waiting for a place to use it. The space behind her stove seemed like the perfect spot. That was before she tried to pick the darn thing up. It weighted a ton. In fact, it was so heavy, her ever-patient husband, Don, purchased a hydraulic lift just to put it in place. If it had been my husband, he would have given me that “Are you crazy?” look when I asked him to make these accommodations, and the poor antique would have been drug to the garden, leaned against a stone wall, with a plant stuck in front of it.

How to decorate a kitchen

You don’t have to look very hard to tell that my stove never gets used. I can’t help it: I am allergic to cooking. Since I don’t have to worry about the stove’s functionality, I can go crazy when decorating around it – nothing will ever be at risk of catching fire. Right now, it’s home for an oil painting done by my great aunt.

How to decorate a kitchen

As I have decorated the little cottage next door, where my mom lived at the end of her life, I’m finding it a great place to put the extra furniture and accents I cannot fit into my own cottage. Case in point: this set of Limoges fish plates. I spotted these beauties when I was treating myself to my annual I-survived-the-holiday-season-working-retail splurge. I didn’t have room to put them up in my cottage, so they got moved next door to mom’s. The spot above the stove was perfect.