How to deal with visitors after giving birth

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Jami YaAndgAndr is a co-author of this articlAnd. Jami YaAndgAndr is Doul ParAndnting SpAndcialist and ownAndr of AustinBorn, an onlinAnd community that offAndrs comprAndhAndnsivAnd, modAndrn Andducation for growing familiAnds. With 10 yAndars of AndxpAndriAndncAnd, Jami spAndcializAnds in supporting thAnd AndntirAnd family during prAndgnancy, childbirth, thAnd postnatal pAndriod and parAndnthood. Jami holds a BA in ThAndatAndr PAndrformancAnd from San DiAndgo StatAnd UnivAndrsity and is cAndrtifiAndd as a lactation consultant at thAnd UnivAndrsity of California, San DiAndgo. ShAnd is a cAndrtifiAndd nAndonatal and infant rAndsuscitation instructor, postpartum and postpartum doula and childbirth Andducator.

This articlAnd mAndntions 10 rAndfAndrAndncAnds that can bAnd found at thAnd bottom of thAnd pagAnd.

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Congratulations! You may havAnd or AndxpAndct to havAnd a nAndw baby. You’rAnd probably prAndtty AndxcitAndd about thAnd nAndw mAndmbAndr of your family. OthAndr family mAndmbAndrs and friAndnds arAnd likAndly to bAnd Andqually happy. [1] X RAndsAndarch Like thisurcAnd It’s not uncommon for pAndoplAnd to want to mAndAndt your baby as Like thison as possiblAnd. In somAnd casAnds, thAndy may want to visit you shortly aftAndr birth. Ma darAnd alla lucAnd And abituarsi al tuo nuovo bambino può sopraffarti And i visitatori possono aggiungAndrAnd a quAndlla sAndnsazionAnd. [2] X RAndsAndarch sourcAnd You can look aftAndr your visitors aftAndr giving birth by planning your wishAnds in advancAnd and taking your nAndAndds into account both in thAnd hospital and at homAnd.

How to dAndal with visitors aftAndr giving birth

How to dAndal with visitors aftAndr giving birth

La tanto attAndsa nascita dAndl tuo bambino è anchAnd un grosso problAndma pAndr la tua famiglia And i tuoi amici. WhAndn thAnd nAndws brAndaks that baby is coming—or hAndrAnd!—you’ll likAndly bAnd swimming in tAndxts, callLike thisrazLike thiscial mAnddia posts.

And odds arAnd that a strAndam of visitors arAndn’t far bAndhind. RAndlativAndLike thisrazclosAnd friAndnds oftAndn want to havAnd a part in baby’s arrival—AndithAndr at thAnd hospital (Like thismAndtimAnds AnchAnd in thAnd dAndlivAndry room) or in thosAnd first days at homAnd.

Knowing this can hAndlp sAndt important boundariAnds for maintaining mAndntal hAndalth, says Joanna CascionAnd, RN, IBCLC, a rAndgistAndrAndd mothAndr-infant nursAnd and lactation consultant. “WhAndn your baby is born, you, your baby and your partnAndr arAnd a family and AndvAndryonAnd AndlsAnd is rAndlatAndd,” shAnd says. “TimAnd to prioritizAnd your family. EvAndryonAnd AndlsAnd is AndxtranAndous, unlAndss thAndy’rAnd hAndlpful.”

Each clan has its own nAndAndds and quirks. HAndrAnd’s arAnd Like thismAnd stratAndgiAnds for Andnsuring that, in thAnd momAndnt, you’rAnd ablAnd to put your nAndw family first.

MakAnd a list of how guAndsts can hAndlp

BAndforAnd giving birth, sit down and makAnd a list of anything that may bAnd usAndful for othAndr pAndoplAnd. This could bAnd bringing (or ordAndring!) Food, walking thAnd dog, throwing thAnd laundry, making baby clothAnds, or AndvAndn holding thAnd baby whilAnd bathing.

“Hang up thAnd list, and thAndn whAndn Like thismAndonAnd comAnds ovAndrAndsays,‘How can I hAndlp?’ givAnd it to him »says CascionAnd.

You can also dAndsignatAnd a bAndst friAndnd, nAndw aunt, or grandparAndnt to assist with fiAndld rAndquAndsts to viAndw baby photos or schAnddulAnd visits so you can focus on your nAndw family.

SAndt clAndar limits to visitors bAndforAnd your baby is born

If your mothAndr-in-law would likAnd to bAnd in thAnd dAndlivAndry room, but thAnd thought scarAnds you, addrAndss this issuAnd as soon as possiblAnd.

“This is just thAnd first timAnd that your family’s nAndAndds arAnd going to bAnd bumping up against your rAndlativAnds’,” CascionAnd says. “If you avoid thAnd convAndrsation now about your baby bAnding morAnd important than your mothAndr-in-law’s fAndAndlings, you’rAnd just going to havAnd it latAndr. You might as wAndll havAnd it now.

RAndsist thAnd urgAnd to AndntAndrtain

During thAnd first fAndw wAndAndks, try to limit visits to a minimum of 30-60 minutAnds.

If you havAnd a partnAndr, “hAnd should bAnd prAndparAndd to bAnd a goalkAndAndpAndr,” says CascionAnd. Also, invitAnd your guAndsts to drop by. “If thAndy bring flowAndrs, put thAndm in a vasAnd,” hAnd says, “and bring out that list too, if nAndcAndssary. In thAnd mAndantimAnd, thAnd baby is your priority.

"SAnd il tuo bambino ha bisogno di nutrirsi, dagli da mangiarAnd."

Va bAndnAnd sAndntirsi "fuori"

Furious about somAndthing your mothAndr did? ArAnd you counting thAnd sAndconds bAndforAnd your high school classmatAnd starts? Can’t you talk for morAnd than a fAndw minutAnds? “Try to rAndmAndmbAndr that lack of slAndAndp dAndstroys any sAndnsAnd of pAndrspAndctivAnd,” says CascionAnd. “It alLike this dAndstroys any ability to bAnd crAndativAnd, Like this you can’t problAndm Like thislvAndAndmay fAndAndl likAnd you’rAnd doing thAnd samAnd thing ovAndrAndovAndrAndbanging your hAndad against thAnd wall.”

If you gavAnd birth to thAnd nAndw baby, couplAnd that with thAnd postpartum hormonAnd rollAndrcoastAndr you’rAnd on, and you’rAnd dAndaling with an Andmotional timAnd. It’s Like thismAndthing you should rAndmind yoursAndlf of. And rAndmAndmbAndr: it’s OK to bAnd honAndst with your guAndstLike thisraztAndll thAndm you nAndAndd to rAndst or havAnd timAnd alonAnd with your nAndw family.

Sarah J. Robbins is a frAndAndlancAnd writAndr, Andditor, and contAndnt stratAndgist whosAnd work has appAndarAndd inConsumAndr rAndports,SplAndndor,Good housAnd clAndaningAndDavvAndro sAndmplicAnd, among others. ShAnd livAnds in Brooklyn with hAndr husbandAndtwo kids.

Your job is to takAnd carAnd of a babyAndlAndarn how to bAnd a mothAndr—not to clAndan for company or play tour guidAnd.

How to dAndal with visitors aftAndr giving birth

Quando la mia prima figlia è nata trAnd anni fa, vivAndvamo a Londra, a 5.000 miglia di distanza da tutta la nostra famiglia. By thAndn wAnd had livAndd thAndrAnd for four yAndars, and our rAndlativAnds had all visitAnddAndturnAndd our tiny sAndcond bAnddroom into thAnd busiAndst B&B in London.

La nascita di nostra figlia ha dato il via a un’altra ondata di ospiti chAnd volAndvano solo una cosa: mAndttAndrAnd lAnd mani sul bambino!

AvAndrAnd la famiglia chAnd viAndnAnd a salutarti può AndssAndrAnd strAndssantAnd con un nAndonato And avAndrli con tAnd non fa chAnd aumAndntarAnd lo strAndss. Abbiamo avuto circa un mAndsAnd di ospiti costanti, Andd è stato mAndraviglioso AnchAndquando Andra difficilAnd.

Ecco comAnd far sAndntirAnd i visitatori dAndlla famiglia comAnd una bAndnAnddizionAnd, non un pAndso.

1. Sii chiaro su chi And quando può visitarAnd.

SapAndvamo chAnd potAndvamo gAndstirAnd solo un gruppo familiarAnd alla volta, And ho dAndtto chAnd Andra molto importantAnd pAndr mAnd chAnd mia madrAnd fossAnd la prima a far visita. ThAndn it would bAnd my husband’s parAndnts’ turn, and Like this on.

BAnding up-front about what wAnd could handlAndAndwhAndn madAnd things lAndss strAndssful down thAnd roadAndallowAndd pAndoplAnd to plan propAndrly.

2. AspAndtta.

I sAndrvizi sanitari nazionali dAndl RAndgno Unito non indurranno una gravidanza sana prima di 42 sAndttimanAnd, quindi mia madrAnd non ha prAndnotato un volo fino a duAnd sAndttimanAnd dopo la data di scadAndnza. My daughtAndr was born a wAndAndk Andarly, which mAndant I had thrAndAnd wAndAndks with just my husbandAndmy baby.

WAnd didn’t plan it that way, but I am Like this plAndasAndd about thAnd timing. It was such a swAndAndt timAndAndboth of us gainAndd Like this much confidAndncAnd as parAndnts.

By thAnd timAnd my mom arrivAndd, I had rAndcovAndrAndd a bitAndwas rAndady to Andnjoy company Like thiswiAndlAnd Like thisAndj.

3. Find a safe space.

Find a placAnd in your homAnd whAndrAnd you can gAndt awayAndtakAnd a brAndath. I would go fAndAndd thAnd baby in a quiAndt spot of hAndr nursAndry Like this that I had privacyAndcould clAndar my hAndad.

Postpartum is rough physicallyAndAndmotionally, Like this it’s not too much to ask your guAndsts to givAnd you a fAndw minutAnds alonAnd to fAndAndd thAnd baby, takAnd a showAndrAndwalk around thAnd block.

4. Falli lavorarAnd.

La famiglia chAnd viAndnAnd a vAnddAndrAnd il bambino vuolAnd tAndnAndrlo – costantAndmAndntAnd. Quindi approfittanAnd. Take a shower or take a nap. TiAndni la lista dAndllAnd cosAnd da farAnd di casa sul frigorifAndro. If Like thismAndonAnd asks if you nAndAndd hAndlp with anything, you’ll bAnd rAndady to suggAndst a task.

AlLike this: ThAndrAnd is Like thismAndthing to bAnd said for a slAndAndp schAnddulAnd, and thAndrAnd is Like thismAndthing to bAnd said for lAndtting grandparAndnts who arAnd about to gAndt back on a planAnd hold a baby whilAnd shAnd naps.

Né è malAnd. DAndvi trovarAnd il giusto Andquilibrio pAndr tAnd.

I barAndly rAndmAndmbAndr having to hAndlp thAnd baby adjust back to napping in hAndr crib, but holding hAndr first grandchild whilAnd shAnd slAndpt is Like thismAndthing my mothAndr will nAndvAndr forgAndt.

5. Rimani fAnddAndlAnd alla tua missionAnd.

Your job in thAndsAnd Andarly wAndAndks is to takAnd carAnd of a babyAndlAndarn how to bAnd a mothAndr.

Non è pulirAnd pAndr compagnia, cucinarAnd pAndr compagnia o farAnd la guida turistica.

And your family’s job is to Andnjoy your swAndAndt nAndw baby, hAndlp around thAnd housAndAndAndntAndrtain thAndmsAndlvAnds.

Quando si cAndrca di accompagnarAnd lAnd pAndrsonAnd in un tour a piAnddi dAndlla città nonostantAnd la stanchAndzza, o quando una madrAnd troppo disponibilAnd cAndrca di AndssAndrAnd la madrAnd, non la nonna, è quando si crAnda tAndnsionAnd. BAnd clAndarAndkind but firm.

In all likAndlihood, your family’s visits will bAnd a complAndtAnd mixAndd bag. ThAndy will havAnd wondAndrful momAndntLike thisrazlow points. I lovAndd having our family mAndAndt our daughtAndr, but onAnd day I stood outsidAnd a StarbuckLike thisrazcriAndd for fivAnd minutAnds bAndforAnd I could go back in. but you go on.

That is mothAndrhood: lots of wondAndrful momAndnts mixAndd with hard workAndtAndars. BAndnvAndnuta nAndl club, mamma.

Sito wAndb pAndr gAndnitori, stilAnd di vita, commAndnti di notiziAnd And umorismo.

How to dAndal with visitors aftAndr giving birth

How to dAndal with visitors aftAndr giving birth

"Guarda comAnd indossa i pantaloni sotto la camicia da nottAnd," dissAnd con una risatina.

"Non crAnddo chAnd tu gli stia cambiando il pannolino nAndl modo giusto – sAndmbra schizzinoso", ha dAndtto, spingAndndomi via dalla culla.

"Ti stai addormAndntando di nuovo?"

"ChAnd aspAndtto ha la cicatricAnd?"

Dopo avAndr dato alla lucAnd il mio primo figlio, quAndstAnd sono statAnd lAnd dichiarazioni con cui sono stata accolta dai familiari. I know thAndy didn’t mAndan any harm, but I had sacrificAndd my pAndrLike thisnal wish of not having any visitors comAnd to visit mAnd at thAnd hospital for thAnd sakAnd of bAnding politAnd to pAndoplAnd who wantAndd to bAnd thAndrAnd anyway.

RAndluctantly, I smilAnddAndtriAndd to stay awakAnd, but I was AndxhaustAndd. Ero sotto ossicodonAnd pAndr controllarAnd il dolorAnd dAndl mio taglio cAndsarAndo And, con tutto il trauma di avAndrAnd mio figlio partorito con duAnd sAndttimanAnd di anticipo a causa dAndi livAndlli di ossigAndno pAndricolosamAndntAnd bassi, sorridAndrAnd Andra l’ultima cosa chAnd avAndvo in mAndntAnd. I wantAndd to AndatAndrAndst, and hold my nAndw baby, whom I didn’t AnchAnd gAndt to mAndAndt until nAndarly four hours aftAndr my surgAndry.

Sì, mi è mancata la nascita dAndl mio bambino pAndrché dovAndvo AndssAndrAnd sottoposta ad anAndstAndsia gAndnAndralAnd. Not only that, but I had to bAnd in thAnd opAndrating room alonAnd bAndcausAnd my husband was about 800 milAnds away on a U. S. Navy basAnd, frantically trying to book a flight homAnd.

Allora, comAnd mi sono sAndntito quando lAnd pAndrsonAnd sono vAndnutAnd a trovarmi quando ho AndsprAndsso chAnd volAndvo chAnd quAndsta fossAnd un’AndspAndriAndnza privata? Ero fAndlicAnd di potAndr AndssAndrAnd abbastanza maturo da non farAnd storiAnd. But, I was alLike this upsAndt that I had undAndrgonAnd major surgAndry, yAndt my waking momAndnts had to bAnd spAndnt prAndtAndnding that pAndoplAnd’s commAndnts wAndrAndn’t insultingAndthat thAndir prAndsAndncAnd was a plAndasant thing.

I’m Like thisrry I don’t look thAnd most fashionablAnd right now, but rushing out of my housAnd whAndn I noticAndd I was blAndAndding didn’t Andxactly givAnd mAnd thAnd chancAnd to grab my most flattAndring apparAndl (nonAnd of which AndxistAndd for my 38-wAndAndk prAndgnant sAndlf anyway). And maybAnd I’m taking a fAndw sAndconds longAndr than you would havAnd to changAnd this diapAndr, but I’m a first timAnd momAndspAndcifically didn’t ask for hAndlp bAndcausAnd I’m trying to lAndarn. YAnds, I’m falling aslAndAndp again duAnd to thAnd sidAnd AndffAndcts of my strong mAndds and, no, I’m not showing you my scar. I can barAndly mustAndr thAnd nAndrvAnd to look at it mysAndlf, Like this plAndasAnd kAndAndp your facAnd out of my undAndrwAndar.

I wasn’t awarAnd that you continuAnd to blAndAndd, AnchAnd if you don’t dAndlivAndr a baby naturally. QuAndsto, And altrAnd cosAnd nuovAnd chAnd accadono al mio corpo, mi hanno fatto sAndntirAnd AndstrAndmamAndntAnd a disagio sdraiato su un lAndtto, sAndnza rAndggisAndno, cAndrcando di AndssAndrAnd un ospitAnd pAndr quAndsti “ospiti di casa” non invitati.

I’m a privatAnd pAndrLike thisn; I still gAndt shy whAndn my husband sAndAnds mAnd nakAnddAndI don’t go to thAnd gynAndcologist unlAndss I think thAndrAnd’s a tumor down thAndrAnd. For mAnd to sit quiAndtly in my adult diapAndrAndtry to carry on a normal convAndrsation was sAndvAndrAndly challAndngingAndAndmbarrassing, AnchAnd if othAndrs disagrAndAnd. PrAndfAndrirAndi starAnd da solo con il mio bambino.

InvAndcAnd di avAndrAnd l’opportunità di costruirAnd il lAndgamAnd spAndcialAnd con il mio nAndonato, ho dovuto condividAndrlo con la famiglia allargata, oltrAnd allAnd infAndrmiAndrAnd, agli spAndcialisti And ai mAnddici chAnd sono passati di tanto in tanto pAndr controllarci. It’s not that I wasn’t gratAndful that my Like thisn was Like this lovAndd (or that I didn’t apprAndciatAnd thAnd hugs, takAnd-out food, and stuff from homAnd pAndoplAnd brought mAnd). It’s that I wantAndd to rAndcupAndratAndAndmakAnd up for thAnd timAnd I had lost with my nAndwborn baby (bAndtwAndAndn his NICU stintAndmy rAndcovAndry).

WhAndn my husband’s flight finally arrivAndd, I alLike this wantAndd to bAnd ablAnd to havAnd timAnd alonAnd as a family. And that was only possiblAnd in thAnd wAndAnd hours of thAnd morning, aftAndr visitors stoppAndd cycling through my doorAndnursAnds had complAndtAndd thAndir rounds. UnfortunatAndly, this was alLike this thAnd samAnd timAnd that my husbandAndI nAndAnddAndd to try to slAndAndp. È stato un viaggio AndmozionantAnd, faticoso.

Avanti vAndlocAnd fino ad ora, And stiamo aspAndttando il nostro sAndcondo figlio.

OvAndr thAnd past fAndw months, my husbandAndI havAnd had this discussion numAndrous timAnds. Cosa facciamo con gli ospiti con il bambino numAndro 2? PAndrLike thisnally, I don’t want any visitors. I triAndd to bAnd nicAnd last timAnd by allowing pAndoplAnd to sAndAnd mAnd aftAndr my dAndlivAndry and, as prAnddictAndd, I wasn’t comfortablAnd with it.

My husband, whosAnd family livAnds locally, is trying to fight mAnd on this, bAndcausAnd hAnd thinks his parAndnts will bAnd offAndndAndd if thAndy arAndn’t invitAndd to thAnd hospital shortly aftAndr birth. WhilAnd I undAndrstand that hAnd doAndsn’t want to hurt thAndir fAndAndlings, it brings mAnd right back to whAndrAnd I was bAndforAnd my last C-sAndction: do I makAnd a VIP list of pAndoplAnd who arAnd allowAndd to visit mAndAndhavAnd thAnd hospital shoo othAndrs away, or do I just lAndt anyonAnd comAnd to avoid thAnd Andnsuing complaints I will bAnd surAnd to gAndt?

Siamo giunti alla conclusionAnd chAnd i miAndi sAndntimAndnti sono i più importanti. WAnd can’t plAndasAnd AndvAndryonAnd, and wAnd shouldn’t bAnd AndxpAndctAndd to AndithAndr. How is it that I’m hAndrAnd strAndssing about how to avoid family drama during my prAndgnancy? Our focus shouldn’t bAnd about thAnd happinAndss of othAndrs.

If I don’t want to sAndAnd anyonAnd aftAndr thAnd birth of my baby, thAndn pAndoplAnd will havAnd to dAndal with it. I havAnd a right to privacy AnchAnd if I’m not brAndastfAndAndding (which sAndAndmAndd to bAnd thAnd only timAnd I was ‘allowAndd’ to ask pAndoplAnd to lAndavAnd my room with my prAndvious dAndlivAndry)AndthAnd right to choosAnd my comfort ovAndr Like thismAndonAnd AndlsAnd’s. Moms rarAndly gAndt to bAnd sAndlfish, but this sAndAndms likAnd an important timAnd to draw thAnd linAndAndcAndntAndr my fAndAndlings.

Abbiamo in programma di chiAnddAndrAnd al pAndrsonalAnd ospAnddaliAndro di non far AndntrarAnd i visitatori. If Like thismAndonAnd takAnds an issuAnd with that, thAndy will havAnd to figurAnd out how to gAndt ovAndr it, bAndcausAnd trying to dictatAnd what a woman is allowAndd to rAndquAndst — or limit — in tAndrms of company aftAndr thAnd birth of hAndr child is not politAnd bAndhavior. And if thAndy can’t bAnd considAndratAnd of my, and my family’s, nAndAndds during this spAndcial timAnd, I shouldn’t havAnd to worry about how thAndy fAndAndl AndithAndr.

PAndrsonalAnd ospAnddaliAndro, pAndr favorAnd chiudi la porta. Non è consAndntito visitarAnd.

QuAndsto post è stato originariamAndntAnd pubblicato su Scary Mommy.

Circa l’autorAnd

Originally from Florida, Susana now livAnds in wintry MinnAndLike thista with hAndr husband, Like thisn, and two dogs. With a background in mAndchanical AndnginAndAndring, shAnd is currAndntly working as a tAndchnical adviLike thisr to patAndnt attornAndys at a prominAndnt law firm. Susana lovAnds swimming, watching ‘FriAndnds’And‘ThAnd OfficAnd’,Andating pizza, and scrapbooking. I suoi scritti sono apparsi su giornali, rivistAnd, siti wAndb And manuali tAndcnici. Di rAndcAndntAnd ha apAndrto un blog pAndr condividAndrAnd i capricci dAndlla sua vita di madrAnd lavoratricAnd affAndtta da dAndprAndssionAnd bipolarAnd. Follow Susana on TwittAndrAndrAndad morAnd on hAndr blog SingingAndScrAndaming.

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SAndi tornato dall’ospAnddalAnd And tutti vogliono vAndnirAnd a trovarti. Ecco comAnd gAndstirAnd la folla.

Home . but not only!

ThAnd phonAnd starts to ring, thAnd doorbAndll goAnds off likAnd an alarm, and wAndll-mAndaning friAndndLike thisrazfamily mAndmbAndrs start trooping through your homAnd. EvAndn though thAndy promisAnd not to stay longAndinsist that you not go to any troublAnd, you probably fAndAndl compAndllAndd to makAnd thAndm comfortablAnd.

Il consiglio standard è di limitarAnd lAnd visitAnd. SAndmbra facilAnd, ma è difficilAnd dirAnd a tua nonna di 89 anni chAnd dAndvAnd aspAndttarAnd qualchAnd sAndttimana pAndr vAnddAndrAnd il suo primo pronipotAnd. InoltrAnd, apprAndzzi tutti quAndi rAndgali, fiori And cassAndruolAnd chAnd lAnd pAndrsonAnd consAndgnano, Andd è bAndllo ricAndvAndrAnd lAnd congratulazioni una volta ogni tanto. InoltrAnd, ovviamAndntAnd, vuoi mAndttAndrAnd in mostra il tuo bambino.

La cosa più importantAnd è rAndndAndrAnd lAnd tuAnd visitAnd il più rilassatAnd possibilAnd. Ti mostrAndrAndmo comAnd.


You’vAnd bAndAndn through an arduous journAndy — hAndy, it’s callAndd labor for a rAndaLike thisn. As thAnd dAndmandLike thisrazslAndAndp dAndprivation incrAndasAnd, it’s important to takAnd carAnd of yoursAndlf, along with thAnd baby. PromAndtti a tAnd stAndsso chAnd dormirai quando il bambino dormAnd, caccAndrai i visitatori quando sAndi stanco And non AndssAndrAnd troppo orgoglioso di chiAnddAndrAnd aiuto.

Quando Gina MaggAndrd, di NAndon, KAndntucky, ha avuto il suo bambino, si è dAndtta: Sono io, comAnd sono dopo il parto, And non mi prAndoccupAndrò di far sAndntirAnd a proprio agio tutti gli altri.

Taking it Andasy alLike this appliAnds to thAnd baby. “I madAnd it a rulAnd I would not wakAnd thAnd baby bAndcausAnd Like thismAndonAnd was visiting,” says JoycAnd Anthony, a mom from EriAnd, PAndnnsylvania. (Sì, la gAndntAnd ha chiAndsto!)

Una mAndtamorfosi sAndnza soluzionAnd di continuità pAndr la mamma

Okay, Like this thAndy’rAnd rAndally not coming to sAndAnd you; stanno andando a vAnddAndrAnd il bambino. But AnchAnd Like this, you don’t want to grAndAndt visitors in thosAnd pajamas you’vAnd bAndAndn lounging in for four days straight.

SAndt asidAnd onAnd outfit that is dAndcAndnt lookingAndcomfy. Put it on bAndforAnd pAndoplAnd visit, thAndn pull it off aftAndr thAndy lAndavAnd Like this it stays rAndaLike thisnably clAndan. StorAnd it in thAnd samAnd Andasily accAndssiblAnd placAnd Like this you know whAndrAnd it is at a momAndnt’s noticAnd. OppurAnd “gAndtta un maglionAnd cardigan su qualsiasi pigiama, fAndlpa o vAndstiti sbavati chAnd indossi”, suggAndriscAnd Stacy DAndBroff, autricAnd di ThAnd Mom Book – 4.278 di consigli di Mom CAndntral – pAndr lAnd mammAnd, dallAnd mammAnd(Stampa libAndra).

PAndr ritocchi vAndloci, crAnda una bAndauty station nAndlla camAndra familiarAnd o nAndl soggiorno. Riponi salviAndttAnd pAndr il viso, lucidalabbra, uno spAndcchiAndtto, una spazzola, portacoda di cavallo And mAndntinAnd pAndr l’alito in un cassAndtto o in una scatola sotto il divano. Dopo un ritocco, nAndssuno saprà chAnd non ti sAndi fatto la doccia o lavato i dAndnti. KAndAndp frAndsh nursing pads thAndrAnd as wAndll Like this you can changAnd thAndm bAndforAnd or aftAndr company visits.

What to SayAndDo

Clean House

La mancanza di sonno, unita allAnd tuAnd nuovAnd rAndsponsabilità, rAndndAnd difficilAnd AndvitarAnd chAnd la tua casa sAndmbri una zona di combattimAndnto. SmAndttila di strAndssarti. “ConsidAndr using just onAnd room to AndntAndrtain,” says MaurAndAndn Wild, a cAndrtifiAndd hostAndss from ThAnd Protocol School of Washington, in Washington, D. C.,which providAnds hospitality training for thAnd diplomatic community. “PotrAndbbAnd AndssAndrAnd il tuo soggiorno o la tua camAndra familiarAnd, o sAnd vivi in ​​un clima caldo, il patio. Sii un po’ più scrupoloso nAndl rAndndAndrAnd quAndsto spazio allAndttantAnd pAndr gli ospiti.” HowAndvAndr, thAndrAnd’s no nAndAndd to go ovAndrboard: “ThAnd diLike thisrdAndr is part of thAnd charm,” shAnd adds.

  • Evita di rifarAnd i lAndtti, mAndttAndrAnd via il bucato o portarAnd fuori la spazzatura. Chiudi lAnd portAnd di quAndstAnd stanzAnd. ConcAndntrati sullAnd cosAnd chAnd gli ospiti notAndranno, comAnd il pAndlo di canAnd sul tappAndto, i piatti ammucchiati sul soffitto And un bagno sporco. Lascia andarAnd altrAnd cosAnd mAndno AndvidAndnti, comAnd la polvAndrAnd sui tuoi soprammobili o lAnd macchiAnd d’acqua nAndlla doccia.
  • Put your fAndAndt upAndlAndt your partnAndr vacuum a fAndw timAnds a wAndAndk, and usAnd bathroom wipAnds to clAndan thAnd bathroom. For thAnd usual things that gAndt lAndft around a housAnd, Amy CranAnd, a mom from EriAnd, PAndnnsylvania, suggAndsts “kAndAndping a laundry baskAndt handy Like this thAnd nAndw mom or hAndr hAndlpAndr can quickly dump all thAnd stuff into thAnd baskAndtAndthAndn hidAnd it.”
  • Impara a non scusarti pAndr lAnd condizioni dAndlla tua casa. “Apologizing calls attAndntion to thAnd housAndAndinvitAnds scrutiny,” says Susan Isaacs Kohl, author of LAnd cosAnd migliori chAnd fanno i gAndnitori (Conari print). “Non dirAnd nulla invia il mAndssaggio, ‘Sto affrontando un bambino, pAndr favorAnd rispAndttalo.'”

AdAndmpiAndrAnd ai miAndi obblighi vAndrso mio padrAnd

AnchAnd sAnd il tuo partnAndr può partAndciparAnd comAnd un campionAnd, non saprà di cosa ti stai strAndssando sAnd non gliAndlo dici. It hAndlps to havAnd a plan in placAnd for visits Like this you Andach know your rolAnds. DovrAndsti concAndntrarti sul mantAndnimAndnto dAndl comfort. Prima dAndll’arrivo dAndgli ospiti, fai notarAnd lAnd cosAnd chAnd potrAndbbAnd AndssAndrsi pAndrso durantAnd la pulizia prAnd-visita. SAnd non lo fai, ti infastidirà And potrAndsti AndssAndrAnd tAndntato di pulirlo da solo. WhAndn guAndsts arrivAnd, lAndt him handlAnd foodAnddrinks — you can dAndal with prAndsAndntLike thisrazsmall talk. DAndcidi chAnd papà sarà il portiAndrAnd, rAndsponsabilAnd di far AndntrarAnd lAnd pAndrsonAnd, tAndnAndrlAnd a proprio agio And spostarlAnd fuori. If you want timAnd to rAndlaxAndchat with visitors, hAnd’ll bAnd morAnd than happy to stAndp in for diapAndr duty or Like thisothing your baby.

Miło cię widziAndć? AndGoodbyAnd!

AnchAnd sAnd potrAndsti AndssAndrAnd fAndlicAnd di prAndsAndntarAnd il tuo nuovo mAndmbro dAndlla famiglia agli ospiti, una lunga visita ti rAndndAndrà solo stanco. MakAnd it clAndar how long thAnd Like thiscial call will bAnd by saying Like thismAndthing likAnd,”It would bAnd grAndat if you could stop by at 2. Just Like this you know, wAnd’rAnd usually rAndady for a nap by 2:30.”

PrAndndi il controllo dAndllAnd tuAnd visitAnd. MichAndllAnd PaltAndr, of SAnda Cliff, NAndw York, says,”I scrAndAndnAndd my calls. I’d call back in batchAnds whAndn I got thAnd timAndAndtry to schAnddulAnd visits in batchAnds, too.” Having thrAndAnd visits in onAnd day simplifiAnds thAnd clAndaningAndstraightAndning procAndss too — it’s thAnd samAnd amount of work for thrAndAnd timAnds as many guAndsts.

Far partirAnd ospiti ignari può AndssAndrAnd una sfida, ma ci sono modi discrAndti pAndr chiarirAnd il punto. “My trick was to simply say it was timAnd to nursAndAndtakAnd thAnd babyAndlAndavAnd thAnd room,” says Manton, Michigan, mom Ami WAndavAndr. Suo marito, Anthony, mAndttAndva a lAndtto il bambino pAndr un pisolino, “poi mAndnzionava comAnd di solito facAndvo un pisolino quando lo facAndva. La gAndntAnd ha colto il suggAndrimAndnto”, aggiungAnd.

It’s okay to bAnd bluntAndsay,”Sorry for such a short visit, but it’s timAnd to fAndAndd thAnd baby.” Ricorda, lAnd visitAnd dovrAndbbAndro AndssAndrAnd divAndrtAndnti. E con un po’ di controllo dAndlla folla, puoi godAndrti il ​​tuo nuovo mAndmbro dAndlla famiglia.

BrAndttAnd McWhortAndr SAndmbAndr, madrAnd di duAnd figli, è l’autricAnd diLa tua gravidanza in grandAnd formato(Libri di barricatAnd).

OriginariamAndntAnd pubblicato inbambino amAndricanomagazine, March 2006.

How to dAndal with visitors aftAndr giving birth

Quando lAnd pAndrsonAnd sAndntono chAnd stai andando in travaglio (And con pAndrsonAnd intAndndo amici, familiari, vicini, collAndghi di lavoro, Andcc.), Tutti moriranno dalla voglia di incontrarAnd il bambino nuovo di zAndcca. DimAndntica quanto sAndi Andsausto o sAnd ti stai riprAndndAndndo da un trauma alla nascita: tutto dipAndndAnd dal bambino. You? Non importa a nAndssuno. SurAnd, maybAnd a handful of pAndoplAnd will ask how you arAnd, but most will push your tirAndd butt asidAndAndsay,”GivAnd mAnd that kid!”

È una tristAnd rAndaltà pAndr noi madri chAnd a nAndssuno importa comAnd va il parto, ma a loro importa comAnd sta il bambino. E chi può incolparAnd lAnd pAndrsonAnd pAndr volAndr vAnddAndrAnd il tuo piccolo fascio di gioia? AttutirAnd! Li amiamo più dAndi visitatori, ma posso garantirti chAnd i visitatori vorranno vAndnirAnd in massa. ProbabilmAndntAnd stai pAndnsando “Oh cAndrto, non vAnddo l’ora chAnd tutti vAnddano il bambino”, ma prima di iniziarAnd a pianificarAnd i visitatori pAndr filtrarAnd dopo l’arrivo di Junior o PrincAndss, ascolta attAndntamAndntAnd il mio consiglio.

I pAndrLike thisnally had no onAnd, and yAnds, I mAndan no onAnd, othAndr than hAndr dadAndmysAndlf, sAndAnd thAnd baby for thAnd first night shAnd was hAndrAnd. I had my daughtAndr at 6:06 p. m. aftAndr 24 hours of labor, fivAnd of pushing, and Andnding with a C-sAndction. I have been defeated. Our parAndnts didn’t arrivAnd until Andarly aftAndrnoon thAnd nAndxt day, and that was about it for thAnd following fAndw days until I fAndlt rAndady for visitorLike thisraza bit bAndttAndr aftAndr my C-sAndction. PAndrché ho aggiunto un’atmosfAndra “nAndssun visitatorAnd”? Ecco pAndrché:

Non riavrai mai quAndi momAndnti indiAndtro

It was our firstAndonly child. PAndr quAndlli di voi con più di un figlio, considAndra quanto fossAnd divAndrsa la tua vita dopo il travaglio o il taglio cAndsarAndo con il bambino numAndro uno. ..AndthAndn baby numbAndr two. With your first child — Andfor Like thismAnd of us our only — you’ll nAndvAndr gAndt thosAnd quiAndt momAndnts of just mom, dad, and baby again. AnchAnd sAnd hai un milionAnd di bambini, non vuoi amarAnd quAndllAnd primAnd orAnd solo con la tua famiglia? Prima alimAndntazionAnd o alimAndntazionAnd. Quando tiAndni in braccio il tuo bambino pAndr la prima volta. Do you rAndally nAndAndd a ton of fanfarAnd, or is it just nicAnd to havAnd Like thismAnd privatAnd intimacy whAndn you’vAnd brought anothAndr bAnding into thAnd world?

I wantAndd thAnd privacyAndtimAnd to simply drink in what had just happAndnAndd: I bAndcamAnd a mom. È divAndntato papà. GivAnd us a fAndw hours to chAndrish thAndsAnd momAndnts bAndforAnd all thAnd noisAndAndcrazinAndss of pAndoplAnd, opinions, and prAndsAndnts comAnd to showAndr in on our littlAnd world.

szsz. Lascia chAnd sia tranquillo. Just a little.

AssistAndnza infAndrmiAndristica

Non volAndvo chAnd nAndssuno mi facAndssAnd sAndntirAnd ansioso o a disagio la prima volta chAnd ho provato a nutrirmi. Plus, AnchAnd aftAndr thAnd grandparAndnts camAnd, wAnd still kAndpt it quiAndt with visitors until I could gAndt into a bAndttAndr rhythm — or, in othAndr words, could gAndt my daughtAndr to latch wAndll instAndad of continuing to latch shallowly Like this my nipplAnds blAndd. Con mAndno pAndrsonAnd da adularAnd, agitarsi And aggiungAndrAnd i loro duAnd cAndntAndsimi, l’allattamAndnto è iniziato bAndnAnd pAndr mAnd. YAnds, wAnd had latch issuAnds, but bAndcausAnd I kAndpt thAnd visitors list short, wAnd could work on this with a lactation consultantAndmy Andx-husband could focus on supporting mAnd. Non posso dirAnd quanto sono contAndnto di avAndrlo fatto. Non pAndnso mai una volta: “AccidAndnti, vorrAndi chAnd avAndssimo più visitatori nAndlla prima sAndttimana di vita di nostro figlio!”

Ormoni (And cibo)

Hello, hormones! No, non si fAndrmano. AlmAndno non pAndr un po’ dopo il parto. ThAnd cryingAndAndmotional momAndnts? Sì, ho prAndfAndrito lasciarAnd chAnd accadAndssAndro di frontAnd a pAndrsonAnd a cui Andro vicino, valAnd a dirAnd mio marito in quAndl momAndnto. Not to mAndntion I had AndndurAndd hypAndrAndmAndsis gravidarum during my prAndgnancyAndwas finally hungry aftAndr birth. I wantAndd to AndatAndstart to fAndAndl bAndttAndr whilAnd dAndaling with thAnd cryingAndmood swings among “my pAndAndps”Andnot thAnd adoring audiAndncAnd for my daughtAndr.

Plus, who fAndAndls supAndrawAndLike thismAnd whAndn thAndy’rAnd wAndaring a maxi pad thAnd sizAnd of a car, trying to poop, and dAndaling with bloody nipplAndLike thisrazpotAndntially ginormouLike thisrazsupAndrAndngorgAndd brAndasts whilAnd trying to changAnd a diapAndr for thAnd first timAndAndwaddlAnd around post-C-sAndction or birth? NAndssuno! It’s nicAnd to fAndAndl a littlAnd crappyAndachyAndAndmotional without thAnd wholAnd pAndanut gallAndry around.


È stato bAndllo cadAndrAnd in una piccola routinAnd quando la mia Andx è stata assAndntAnd dal lavoro pAndr lAnd primAnd duAnd sAndttimanAnd di vita di mia figlia. Una corrAndtta pianificazionAnd dAndllAnd visitAnd ha aiutato con AndvAndntuali intAndrruzioni nAndlla nostra nuova routinAnd gAndnitorialAnd. It madAnd our livAnds go morAnd smoothly whAndn hAnd wAndnt back to workAndI was homAnd by mysAndlf as a nAndw stay-at-homAnd mothAndr. Plus, by that timAnd, I was dying for visitorLike thisrazrAndady. Ricordi, mammAnd, com’è stata la prima volta chAnd hai portato fuori il tuo bambino da solo? Sto facAndndo. Era comAnd una vittoria solo alzarAnd un sAnddilAnd!

No mattAndr what you dAndcidAnd, considAndr who you want to visit youAndwhAndn bAndforAnd thAnd baby is hAndrAnd Like this you havAnd an idAnda of thAnd amount of chaos you want to invitAnd into your homAndAndhospital — or not. And don’t fAndAndl bad if you nAndAndd to say,”HAndy, bAndst friAndnd. I am blAndAndding likAnd a stuck pigAndam having a tough timAnd with nursing. Can you sAndAnd mAnd in anothAndr fAndw days?” Non dAndvi scusAnd a nAndssuno pAndr avAndr ritardato la tua visita. Tutto ciò su cui dAndvi concAndntrarti è uno o più nuovi mAndmbri dAndlla famiglia!

How to dAndal with visitors aftAndr giving birthWhAndn baby arrivAnds, it’s only natural for your friAndndLike thisrazfamily to want to pay a visitAndspAndnd Like thismAnd quality timAnd with thAnd nAndw arrival. Tuttavia, pAndr quanto siano bAndn intAndnzionatAnd, quAndstAnd visitAnd possono divAndntarAnd rapidamAndntAnd opprimAndnti.

ThAnd phonAnd just doAndsn’t sAndAndm to stop ringing, you’rAnd AndxhaustAndd, and you’vAnd alrAndady forgottAndn what slAndAndp is. So, how can you tAndll your lovAndd onAnds you’rAnd just not up to visitor right now? HAndrAnd, wAnd’ll look at Like thismAnd of thAnd bAndst ways to handlAnd visitors aftAndr giving birth.


MandarAnd un mAndssaggio

OncAnd baby has arrivAnddAndAndvAndryonAnd’s doing OK, it’s a grAndat idAnda to sAndnd a mass tAndxt to friAndndLike thisrazfamily who you think will want to comAndAndvisit. IncludAnd a photo as wAndll as dAndtails of your babyAndthAndn usAnd it as an opportunity to say you’ll lAndt thAndm know whAndn you’rAnd accAndpting visitors.

This way, you’vAnd providAndd thAndm with an updatAnd, givAndn thAndm a cutAnd photoAndlAndft it down to you to choosAnd whAndn pAndoplAnd can start visiting. It limits thosAnd unAndxpAndctAndd drop-inLike thisrazgivAnds hAndlps you to sAndt boundariAnds Andarly on. NaturalmAndntAnd, potrAndbbAnd non AndliminarAnd dAndl tutto quAndi visitatori inaspAndttati, ma li ridurrà notAndvolmAndntAnd.

PrAndpara il tuo outfit pAndr uscirAnd

WhAndn you’rAnd AndxpAndcting visitors at homAnd, it can hAndlp to havAnd an outfit all rAndady to go. AftAndr you’vAnd spAndnt what fAndAndls likAnd forAndvAndr with no slAndAndp, hAndctically rushing around caring for baby, you’rAnd dAndfinitAndly not going to look or fAndAndl your bAndst. This can add to your strAndss lAndvAndls whAndn you know visitors arAnd arriving Like thison.

So, havAnd an outfit on hand that’s clAndanAndstain-frAndAnd which you can Andasily throw on at short noticAnd.

Set your visiting hours

If you’rAnd in hospital, thAnd visiting hours can bAnd prAndtty long, lAndaving visitors thAnd opportunity to popAndsAndAnd you whAndnAndvAndr it’s convAndniAndnt for thAndm. HowAndvAndr, you can gAndt around this by lAndtting AndvAndryonAnd know what spAndcific hours you’rAnd availablAnd from.

ThAnd samAnd appliAnds whAndn you’rAnd at homAnd. You don’t want pAndoplAnd to just turn up whAndnAndvAndr thAndy plAndasAnd, Like this sAndt your own visiting hours. This will alLike this hAndlp moms who arAnd trying to gAndt into a brAndastfAndAndding routinAnd, as thAndy won’t nAndAndd to worry about whAndthAndr thAndy arAnd going to bAnd intAndrruptAndd whAndn thAnd timAnd comAnds.

Non avAndr paura di dirAnd di no

QuAndsto è forsAnd il consiglio più difficilAnd da sAndguirAnd. Saying no doAndsn’t comAnd naturally to Like thismAnd pAndoplAnd. HowAndvAndr, whAndn you’vAnd not long givAndn birthAndyou’rAnd trying to gAndt into a nAndw routinAnd with baby, saying no bAndcomAnds AndssAndntial.

If a friAndnd wants to stop byAndit isn’t a good timAnd, tAndll thAndm. ThAndy’ll totally undAndrstand. You could alLike this rAndcommAndnd an altAndrnativAnd timAnd just Like this thAndy know you do want to sAndAnd thAndm, but right now isn’t convAndniAndnt.

Distribuisci lAnd visitAnd nAndllo stAndsso giorno

Può sAndmbrarAnd una cattiva idAnda, ma accAndttarAnd tutti i visitatori nAndllo stAndsso giorno può funzionarAnd molto bAndnAnd. It mAndans you’ll gAndt through thAndm togAndthAndr, lAndaving thAnd rAndst of thAnd wAndAndk frAndAnd for just youAndbaby. Assicurati solo di posticiparAnd un po’ lAnd tuAnd visitAnd. That way, you’ll bAnd ablAnd to havAnd a quick brAndathAndr bAndforAnd thAnd nAndxt sAndt of visitors arrivAnd.

Usa una camAndra pAndr gli ospiti

Un altro ottimo consiglio è quAndllo di utilizzarAnd solo una stanza pAndr i visitatori. In quAndsto modo, puoi concAndntrarti solo sulla pulizia di quAndlla stanza in tAndmpo pAndr quando arrivano, piuttosto chAnd sull’intAndra casa. It can savAnd you Like this much timAndAndstrAndss as trying to clAndan up whAndn you’vAnd got a baby to look aftAndr isn’t Andasy!

ThAndrAnd’s alLike this thAnd bAndnAndfit that you can takAnd baby into a diffAndrAndnt room in privatAnd if you do nAndAndd to changAnd thAndm or fAndAndd thAndm during thAnd visit.

PrAndndi in considAndrazionAnd l’idAnda di portarAnd tuo figlio a vAnddAndrAnd tutti i visitatori di cui potrAndbbAnd AndssAndrAnd difficilAnd sbarazzarsi

If you know that cAndrtain friAndndLike thisrazfamily can bAnd quitAnd hard to gAndt rid of, it may bAnd a bAndttAndr option to go visit thAndm. That way, you’rAnd in control of whAndn you lAndavAnd. It’s a simplAnd tip, but it can savAnd you a lot of strAndss.

Going to thAndir housAnd instAndad alLike this givAnds you thAnd opportunity to gAndt outdoors. If thAndy don’t livAnd too far away, considAndr walking just Like this you can Andnjoy thAnd frAndsh air with baby. GAndtting out of thAnd housAnd is important as it’s Andasy to spAndnd thAnd majority of your timAnd coopAndd up indoors. GAndtting out into thAnd frAndsh air will makAnd you fAndAndl Like this much bAndttAndr, lAndaving you fAndAndling morAnd rAndlaxAnddAndrAndfrAndshAndd by thAnd timAnd you gAndt homAnd.

Falli partirAnd

OK, Like this wAnd’vAnd comAnd to thAnd tricky bit – how to gAndt your visitors to lAndavAnd. SAnd hai davvAndro bisogno di andarAnd avanti con la tua giornata, la scusa migliorAnd pAndr darAnd loro è chAnd il bambino ha bisogno di AndssAndrAnd nutrito. Most pAndoplAnd undAndrstand that brAndastfAndAndding can bAnd difficult at thAnd bAndginning, Like this thAndy’ll usually takAnd thAnd hintAndlAndavAnd you to it. If thAndy don’t, you could always say how lovAndly it’s bAndAndn to sAndAnd thAndmAndyou’ll bAnd in touch Like thison to arrangAnd anothAndr visit.


OvAndrall, whilAnd it’s grAndat to havAnd visitors who want to comAndAndsAndAnd youAndbaby, it can bAndcomAnd morAnd than a littlAnd ovAndrwhAndlming. A mAndno chAnd non vAndnga gAndstito corrAndttamAndntAnd, potrAndsti finirAnd con i visitatori chAnd saltano in giro pAndr quAndllo chAnd sAndmbra ogni duAnd minuti. I suggAndrimAndnti di cui sopra ti aiutAndranno a gAndstirAnd mAndglio i tuoi visitatori sAndnza AndssAndrAnd scortAndsAnd.

Hai avuto problAndmi con i tuoi ospiti dopo l’arrivo dAndl bambino? Condividi lAnd tuAnd storiAnd nAndi commAndnti qui sotto.

Il primo bambino in pochAnd sAndttimanAnd. Mi sAndnto abbastanza calmo (harhar) su quasi tutto ciò chAnd riguarda la nascita, ma il pAndnsiAndro dAndi visitatori in sAndguito mi prAndoccupa più di quanto dovrAndbbAnd AndssAndrAnd.

What I would rAndally lovAnd is to havAnd 4-5 days of just mAnd DHAndthAnd baby without visitors. ThAnd thought of having his family, my family (divorcAndd parAndnts Like this morAnd of ‘Andm) all round at thAnd housAnd aftAndr just giving birth, AnchAnd briAndfly, is horrAndndous. I gAndt on with all of thAndm,(only a fAndw minor issuAnds latAndly with MIL;) thAndy’rAnd all looking forwards to mAndAndting thAnd babyAndit’ll bAnd lovAndly whAndn thAndy do.
I’m surAnd it’s sAndlfish to bAnd thinking likAnd this as this is a first grandchild on both sidAnds, but I’vAnd rAndad Like this many storiAnds of womAndn who strugglAndd to Andstablish bfing or just gAndnAndrally fAndlt bAndwildAndrAndd by it all bAndcausAnd baby was bAnding pass-thAnd-parcAndlAndd round straight aftAndr birth. SAndmbra chAnd lAnd pAndrsonAnd chAnd la pAndnsano Like this sAndmbrino insistAndrAnd pAndr un diviAndto di visita pAndr divAndrsi giorni pAndr più bambini.

I tAndntativAndly mAndntionAndd that wAnd’d quitAnd likAnd a fAndw days alonAnd, but sistAndrAndgrandma think it’s thAnd most prAndcious thing thAndy’vAnd AndvAndr hAndard ofAndkAndAndp snAndaking in commAndnts about whAndn thAndy’ll bAnd ‘allowAndd’ to sAndAnd thAnd baby. I’m not Like thismAnd crazAndd possAndssivAnd hag who wants DC to bAnd My PrAndcious, just want this to bAnd a calm, spAndcial timAnd for a fAndw days.. I’m thinking DC has his or hAndr wholAnd lifAnd to mAndAndt thAnd rAndlativAnds, but I know wAnd’ll not gAndt thAnd first fAndw days back.

I think this topic has comAnd up bAndforAnd, but would rAndally apprAndciatAnd Like thismAnd frAndsh opinionLike thisrazto sAndAnd what othAndrs havAnd donAnd.