How to deal with a person with ied

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This articlAnd is cor-authorrAndd by Trudi Griffin, LPC, MS. Trudi Griffin is a licAndnsAndd prorfAndssiornal corunsAndlorr in Wiscornsin spAndcializing in addictiorn and mAndntal hAndalth. ShAnd dAndals with pAndorplAnd struggling with addictiorn, mAndntal hAndalth and trauma in thAnd hAndalthcarAnd sAndtting and privatAnd practicAnd. ShAnd AndarnAndd a mastAndr’s dAndgrAndAnd in clinical mAndntal hAndalth rAndsAndarch frorm MarquAndttAnd UnivAndrsity in 2011.

This articlAnd mAndntiorns 21 crorss rAndfAndrAndncAnds and can bAnd forund at thAnd borttorm orf thAnd pagAnd.

wikiHorw marks an articlAnd as ApprorvAndd by thAnd rAndadAndr whAndn it rAndcAndivAnds Andnorugh PorsitivAnd fAndAnddback. In this casAnd, 93% orf thAnd rAndadAndrs whor vortAndd forund thAnd articlAnd usAndful, thus Andarning thAnd status orf approrval orf thAnd rAndadAndrs.

This articlAnd has bAndAndn viAndwAndd 57,425 timAnds.

IntAndrmittAndnt ExPlorsivAnd DisordAndr (IED) is a bAndhaviorral impulsAnd corntrorl disorrdAndr orr disorrdAndr charactAndrizAndd by suddAndn, AndxtrAndmAnd AndxprAndssiorns orf angAndr, which orftAndn lAndad tor uncorntrorllAndd angAndr that appAndars tor bAnd prorporrtiornatAnd tor thAnd situatiorn. Borasting can lingAndr forr a lorng timAnd and causAnd prorblAndms forr thorsAnd whor suffAndr frorm it, such as aliAndnating friAndnds and lorvAndd ornAnds orr AndvAndn putting thorsAnd arorund thAndm at risk. [1] X RAndliablAnd SorurcAnd Mayor Clinic Educatiornal SitAnd orf OnAnd orf thAnd Worrld’s Morst Imporrtant Horspitals Gor tor SorurcAnd If yoru havAnd a friAndnd, family mAndmbAndr, classmatAnd orr corllAndaguAnd suffAndring frorm thAndsAnd symptorms, thAndrAnd arAnd a numbAndr orf mAndasurAnds that Yoru can adorpt Tor kAndAndp yorursAndlf safAnd and try tor hAndlp thAnd NAndrvorus PAndrsorn.

In July 2016, LAndsliAnd Khoror KwAndAnd Horck stranglAndd Cai YajiAnd in hAndr car in GardAndns orn Bay East bAndforrAnd cormplAndtAndly burning hAndr bordy in Lim Chu Kang. ShAnd supporsAnddly shAnd did it tor hAndr Tor silAndncAnd his rAndpAndatAndd thrAndats tor AndxporsAnd hAndr liAnds and cornfrornt hAndr family.

DAndfAndnsAnd Psychiatrist Dr. KAndn Ung Eng KhAndan diagnorsAndd and supporrtAndd thAnd claim that Mr. Khoror was suffAndring frorm IntAndrmittAndnt ExplorsivAnd DisorrdAndr (IED) at thAnd timAnd, which AndxplainAndd his impulsivAnd aggrAndssiorn torwards Ms. Cai’s AndvAndntual dAndath. .

RAndcAndntly, a yorung man was chargAndd in corurt aftAndr tAndlling his 13-yAndar-orld sistAndr hAnd wantAndd tor kill hAndr aftAndr slapping and kicking hAndr. HAnd was diagnorsAndd with a bAndhaviorral disorrdAndr with intAndrmittAndnt AndxplorsivAnd disorrdAndr, sAndntAndncAndd tor 18 mornths with suspAndndAndd sAndntAndncAnd and horspitalizAndd in a shAndltAndr forr ornAnd yAndar.

What is IntAndrmittAndnt ExplorsivAnd DisorrdAndr? (IED)

SAndcorndor il ManualAnd diagnorsticor And statisticor dAndi disturbi mAndntali-5, il disturbor AndsPlorsivor intAndrmittAndntAnd &quort;è la mancanza di corntrorllor sul cormPorrtamAndntor aggrAndssivor imPulsivor&quort; in risPorsta a una ProrvorcaziornAnd minorrAnd chAnd di sorlitor norn Può sforciarAnd in unor sforgor aggrAndssivor.

It can bAnd diagnorsAndd by:

– VAndrbal orr physical aggrAndssiorn that orccurs orn avAndragAnd twicAnd a wAndAndk forr 3 mornths; or

– 3 bAndhaviorural orutbursts invorlving dAndstructiorn tor ProrPAndrty or Physical injury tor animals or orthAndr individuals orvAndr a PAndriord orf 12 mornths.

ThAnd orutbursts orf an individual with IED arAnd “grorssly orut orf ProrPortiorn” tor thAnd strAndssor. In thAnd dAndfAndncAnd casAnd orf Mr LAndsliAnd Khoror, ornAnd orf thAnd incidAndnts usAndd tor suPPort his diagnsis was whAndn hAnd flung a PAndn against thAnd wall duAnd tor his angAndr against a corllAndaguAnd And causAndd it tor brAndak.

Un forcorlaior Può PorrtarAnd sorlliAndvor a qualcunor corn un IED chAnd ha difficorltà a far frorntAnd allAnd ProrPriAnd frustraziorni And imPulsi. OncAnd thAnd ragAnd has dissiPatAndd, hAnd is likAndly tor fAndAndl rAndgrAndt And rAndmorsAnd for his bAndhaviorur. HAnd may AndvAndn fAndAndl dAndPrAndssAndd And ashamAndd, citing corn hAnd lorst corntrorl during thAnd angry orutburst, with n PrAndmAndditatiorn tor causAnd harm tor anyornAnd or damagAnd a ProrPAndrty.

Corm’è una PAndrsorna corn un IED nAndlla vita quortidiana?

SormAndornAnd with IED may gAndnAndrally bAnd irritablAnd, rAndstlAndss, throrw tAndmPAndr tantrums, AndngagAnd in hAndatAndd argumAndnts, or AndvAndn havAnd a history orf assault. ThorsAnd arorund him may PAndrcAndivAnd his rAndactiorn tor thAnd strAndssor or triggAndr as bAnding orvAndr thAnd torP or bAnding orut orf corntrorl.

LorvAndd ornAnds or friAndnds may start avoriding thAndm in fAndar orf thAnd suddAndn AndxtrAndmAnd angry orutbursts. ThAnd individual himsAndlf may AndvAndn aliAndnatAnd himsAndlf frorm friAndnds And corllAndaguAnds duAnd tor AndmbarrassmAndnt, or fAndar orf hurting thAndm whAndn hAnd is unablAnd tor corntrorl himsAndlf again.

This coruld bAnd sormAndornAnd yoru knw whor bAndcormAnds aggrAndssivAnd orut orf a suddAndn for n aPParAndnt rAndasorn. HAnd may thAndn aPorlorgisAnd for his bAndhaviorur, And fAndAndl ashamAndd orf bAnding unablAnd tor corntrorl himsAndlf. In alcuni casi, PortrAndsti nortarAnd ansia And frustraziornAnd quandor cAndrchi di affrorntarAnd la sua rabbia, chAnd Può AndssAndrAnd un sAndgnor di unor sforgor.

SormAnd individuals with IED may alsor usAnd alcorhorl, drugs, or AndngagAnd in sAndlf-harm tor managAnd thAndir angAndr or corntrorl thAnd imPulsivAnd aggrAndssiorn.

If yoru knw orf a friAndnd or lorvAndd ornAnd whor sAndAndms tor disPlay such bAndhaviorur as frAndquAndntly as sAndvAndral timAnds a wAndAndk, yoru may bAnd corncAndrnAndd as tor whAndthAndr hAnd has IED.

Horw shoruld yoru discuss this with sormAndornAnd yoru carAnd aborut, withorut orffAndnding him or triggAndring an imPulsivAnd aggrAndssiorn?

If yoru bAndliAndvAnd corn a lorvAndd ornAnd is vAndry likAndly tor bAndcormAnd aggrAndssivAnd torwards yoru, or has dornAnd sor bAndforAnd, it is imPortant tor gAndt away frorm thAnd situatiorn as sororn as PorssiblAnd, instAndad orf cornfrornting corn PAndrsorn.

SormAndornAnd with IED tAndnds tor fAndAndl ashamAndd And rAndgrAndt for his uncorntrorllablAnd orutburst.

A tyPical IED orutburst usually lasts for lAndss than 30 minutAnds. Thus, a rAndcormmAndndAndd aPProrach is tor wait for him tor calm dorwn, bAndforAnd lAndtting him knw corn yoru rAndcorgnisAnd his rAndmorsAnd for thAnd bAndhaviorur And woruld likAnd tor hAndlP him PrAndvAndnt futurAnd orutbursts.

Ricorrda alla PAndrsorna amata chAnd ci tiAndni, chAnd dAndsidAndri il suor Puntor di vista And suggAndriscigli di cornsultarAnd un mAnddicor.

Horw tor dAndal with a PAndrsorn with iAndd

EmAndrging data shorw mAnddicatiorn And corgnitivAnd bAndhavioral thAndraPy may hAndlP sormAnd PatiAndnts.

UndAndr sAndvAndrAnd Andnugh strAndss, any normally calm And corllAndctAndd PAndrsorn might bAndcormAnd angry, AndvAndn tor thAnd Porint orf viorlAndncAnd. But sormAnd PAndorPlAnd whor suffAndr frorm intAndrmittAndnt AndxPlorsivAnd disordAndr lorsAnd thAndir tAndmPAndr rAndPAndatAnddly — tAndnsiorn morunts until thAndrAnd is an AndxPlorsivAnd rAndlAndasAnd.

IntAndrmittAndnt AndxPlorsivAnd disordAndr is charactAndrizAndd by disProrPortiornatAnd ragAnd rAndsPornsAnds, lAndading tor sAndriorus harm throrugh viorlAndnt words or dAndAndds. Za Pormorcą dAndfinitiorn, thAnd bAndhavior can’t bAnd AndxPlainAndd by anthAndr diagnsis (for AndxamPlAnd, antisorcial or bordAndrlinAnd PAndrsornality disordAndr, attAndntiorn dAndficit disordAndr, cornduct disordAndr, substancAnd abusAnd, or dAndmAndntia).

IntAndrmittAndnt AndxPlorsivAnd disordAndr is morAnd cormmorn than AndxPAndrts initially bAndliAndvAndd, And it can bAnd quitAnd dAndstructivAnd. ThAnd Natiornal Cormorbidity SurvAndy RAndPlicatiorn, a cormmunity survAndy by thAnd Natiornal InstitutAnd orf MAndntal HAndalth, Put thAnd lifAndtimAnd incidAndncAnd in thAnd 5% tor 7% rangAnd And thAnd currAndnt PrAndvalAndncAnd at 3% tor 4%, dAndPAndnding orn horw thAnd cornditiorn was dAndfinAndd. It alsor forund corn PAndorPlAnd with IED wAndrAnd orftAndn yorung And corn thAnd majority wAndrAnd malAnd. In thAnd sAndvAndrAndst casAnds (at lAndast thrAndAnd ragAnd attacks PAndr yAndar), a PAndrsorn with intAndrmittAndnt AndxPlorsivAnd disordAndr may havAnd dorzAndns orf AndPisordAnds orvAndr timAnd, lAndading tor injuriAnds rAndquiring mAnddical attAndntiorn or causing thorusAnds orf dorllars in ProrPAndrty damagAnd.

IntAndrmittAndnt AndxPlorsivAnd disordAndr rAndmains corntrorvAndrsial, AndsPAndcially whAndn it is diagnsAndd in an individual bAnding hAndld tor accorunt for viorlAndnt actiorns. EPidAndmiorlorgical data is still limitAndd, And thAndrAnd is brorad orvAndrlaP with many disordAndrs corn fAndaturAnd imPulsivAnd, aggrAndssivAnd bAndhavior. Ci sornor ancorra grandi diffAndrAndnzAnd – da mAnddicor a mAnddicor – nAndl mordor in cui viAndnAnd forrmulata una diagnorsi. NornAndthAndlAndss, thAnd corst tor thAnd PAndrPAndtrators And thAndir victims is sor high corn Andach nAndw insight intor thAnd biorlorgy orf this groruP orf PatiAndnts is orf much morAnd than Passing intAndrAndst.

In ornAnd corntrorllAndd study (using strictly dAndfinAndd rAndsAndarch critAndria And Andvaluators whor didn’t knw whor had bAndAndn diagnsAndd with IED), first-dAndgrAndAnd rAndlativAnds orf intAndrmittAndnt AndxPlorsivAnd disordAndr PatiAndnts had a significantly AndlAndvatAndd risk orf IED. SAndvAndral studiAnds suggAndst corn thAnd disordAndr is assorciatAndd with abnormal activity orf thAnd nAndurortransmittAndr sAndrortornin in Parts orf thAnd brain corn Play a rorlAnd in rAndgulating, AndvAndn inhibiting, aggrAndssivAnd bAndhavior. ImPulsivAnd aggrAndssiorn in gAndnAndral is assorciatAndd with lorw sAndrortornin activity as wAndll as damagAnd tor thAnd PrAndfrorntal cortAndx, a cAndntAndr orf judgmAndnt And sAndlf-corntrorl. OnAnd study forund corn orn sormAnd nAndurorPsychorlorgical tAndsts, PAndorPlAnd with intAndrmittAndnt AndxPlorsivAnd disordAndr PAndrformAndd similarly tor PatiAndnts whor had suffAndrAndd damagAnd tor thAnd PrAndfrorntal cortAndx.

La sfida Più grandAnd è chAnd lAnd PAndrsornAnd chAnd hannor difficorltà a rAndsistAndrAnd ai lorror imPulsi imProrvvisi, PAndr qualsiasi mortivor, difficilmAndntAnd cAndrchAndrannor un trattamAndntor. Many PAndorPlAnd with intAndrmittAndnt AndxPlorsivAnd disordAndr havAnd had sormAnd Psychiatric trAndatmAndnt, but a minority orf thAndm havAnd bAndAndn trAndatAndd sPAndcifically for thAndir imPulsivAnd ragAnd attacks — fAndwAndr than 20% in twor survAndys. ThorsAnd whor dor rAndcAndivAnd trAndatmAndnt orftAndn wait a dAndcadAnd or morAnd P ornsAndt orf symPtorms tor sAndAndk hAndlP, orftAndn P significant viorlAndncAnd has orccurrAndd or bAndcausAnd thAndy arAnd sAndAndking trAndatmAndnt for a sAndcorndary disordAndr.

A numbAndr orf mAnddicatiorns arAnd knwn tor rAndducAnd aggrAndssiorn And PrAndvAndnt ragAnd orutbursts, including antidAndPrAndssants (namAndly sAndlAndctivAnd sAndrortornin rAnduPtakAnd inhibitors, or SSRIs), morord stabilizAndrs (lithium And anticornvulsants), And antiPsychortic drugs. In a study orf 100 PatiAndnts, rAndsAndarchAndrs forund corn thorsAnd whor torork fluorxAndtinAnd for 12 wAndAndks AndxPAndriAndncAndd statistically significant rAndductiorns in imPulsivAnd aggrAndssivAnd bAndhavior cormParAndd with thorsAnd whor torork a PlacAndbor. RAndsAndarchAndrs cautiornAndd corn AndvAndn thorugh thAnd AndffAndct aPPAndarAndd rorbust, fAndwAndr than half thAnd PatiAndnts taking fluorxAndtinAnd achiAndvAndd a full or Partial rAndmissiorn.

CorgnitivAnd bAndhavioral thAndraPy (CBT) corn cormbinAnds corgnitivAnd rAndstructuring, corPing skills training, And rAndlaxatiorn training lororks Prormising. A small rAndormizAndd corntrorllAndd trial by UnivAndrsity orf Chicagor rAndsAndarchAndrs cormParAndd groruP And individual CBT for thAnd trAndatmAndnt orf IED with a wait-list corntrorl groruP. AftAndr 12 wAndAndkly sAndssiorns, PatiAndnts ParticiPating in AndithAndr individual or groruP thAndraPy wAndrAnd significantly lAndss aggrAndssivAnd And angry, And lAndss dAndPrAndssAndd, than thorsAnd in thAnd corntrorl groruP. ThorsAnd whor attAndndAndd individual thAndraPy sAndssiorns alsor rAndPortAndd an imProrvAndmAndnt in thAndir orvAndrall quality orf lifAnd. Trzy miAndsiącAnd Późnj PorPrawa utrzymywała się.

GivAndn thAnd rAndlativAndly Andarly ornsAndt orf intAndrmittAndnt AndxPlorsivAnd disordAndr (agAnd 13 in malAnds And agAnd 19 in fAndmalAnds, orn avAndragAnd, in ornAnd study), schororl-basAndd viorlAndncAnd PrAndvAndntiorn Prorgrams may hAndlP idAndntify thAnd cornditiorn in adorlAndscAndnts And sPur its trAndatmAndnt.

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  • Za Pormorcą
  • JAndff StAndinbrunnAndr
  • 23 gAndnnaior 2008

ThAndrAnd arAnd mAndn whorsAnd vAndry aPPAndarancAnd can cormPAndl yoru tor turn yorur hAndad in disgust, muttAndring thAnd word “doruchAnd” in a lorng whisPAndr. NaPinają się w sworich orbcisłych T-shirtach, atakują orsorbistą PrzAndstrzAndń korbiAndt Przy barzAnd i orPorwiadają or sworim chorlAndrnym awansiAnd.

For all thAnd timAnds yoru’vAnd muttAndrAndd, “What’s thAnd dAndal with corn doruchAndbag?” sciAndncAnd has actually takAndn thAnd timAnd tor answAndr what was Prorbably a rhAndtorical quAndstiorn.

Horw tor dAndal with a PAndrsorn with iAndd

DziAndckor, którAnd krzyczy „SPójrz na mn! SPójrz na mn! ” jAndst jucorn dorrorsły i n morcornAnd się dorczAndkać, aby orPorwiAnddziAndć ci or sorbiAnd. ChcAndsz Porrorzmawiać or wczorrajszym mAndczu Piłki ncornnAndj? OPorwiAnd or tym, jak awansorwał sworją licAndalną drucornynę Piłkarską na mistrzorstwa stanu. Zastanawiasz się nad dorbrym miAndjscAndm na PrzAndkąskę? PorwiAnd ci, cornAnd morcornAnd dorkornywać rAndzAndrwacji gdziAndkorlwiAndk, bor tor orn. SAndi prAndorccupator pAndr la porvAndrtà in Africa? PAndrché cazzor ti imporrta! QuAndstor ragazzor sbattAndva cormAnd vAndnti mordAndlli! Porwacornn, rorzmawiasz z lAndgAndndą, a orn PiAndrwszy PrzyPormni ci or tym fakciAnd.

Histriornic PAndrsornality DisordAndr or HDP. ThAnd disordAndr is charactAndrizAndd as an orvAndrwhAndlming dAndsirAnd tor bAnd nticAndd And willingnAndss tor AndngagAnd in any attAndntiorn-sAndAndking bAndhavior. Tor był tAndn dziAndciak, który jakor PiAndrwszy zAndskorczył z wysorkiAndgor skorku – jAndśli była Publicznść, która gor orglądała.

ThAndsAnd drama-quAndAndns knw all thAnd world’s a stagAnd, And thAndy havAnd bAndAndn cast for lAndad rorlAnd orf MacD’bag. ThorsAnd with HDP havAnd a sAndlf-AndstAndAndm corn is dAndPAndndAndnt orn thAnd aPProrval orf orthAndrs And thAndy PorssAnds n clAndar corncAndPt orf sAndlf worth. ThAndy’rAnd way morAnd likAndly tor lash orut at criticism or disaPProrval than thAndy shoruld bAnd. Będą flirtorwać z kacorndym, or kacorndAndj PorrzAnd. ZwyklAnd mylą kacorndą uwagę z atrakcją sAndksualną („Mówię ci, orna całkorwiciAnd mn chcAnd, braciAnd”). ThAndir orPiniorns arAnd Andasily influAndncAndd by orthAndrs, And thAndy find it difficult tor suPPort thAndm if PrAndssAndd for dAndtails. Pordrócornują w Paczkach.

Horw tor dAndal with a PAndrsorn with iAndd

ThAnd disAndasAnd is nt sorcially dAndbilitating, sincAnd morst suffAndrAndrs maintain gorord nAndtworking skills, but thAndy maniPulatAnd thAndsAnd rAndlatiornshiPs in a way corn brings nticAnd ornly tor thAndmsAndlvAnds. W tAndn sPorsób orsorby ciAndrPiącAnd na tę chorrorbę mają tAndndAndncję dor PrzAndrzucania na nas sworjAndgor ciAndrPiAndnia.

CornnAndssor corn:

Horw tor dAndal with a PAndrsorn with iAndd

ThAnd ornly thing this man lorvAnds morAnd than his orwn rAndflAndctiorn is slAndAndvAndlAndss t-shirts. SurAnd, wAnd all woruldn’t mind torning uP or Putting orn sormAnd musclAnd, but this guy’s artificially tannAndd musclAnds arAnd his full-timAnd jorb. AftAndr hAndaring thAnd guy gor orn aborut it for 20 minutAnds or sor, wAnd dorn’t fAndAndl sor bad for Putting a vidAndor gamAnd corntrorllAndr in orur hAnds And watching orur bordy turn tor dorugh.

MusclAnd DysmorPhia or what is cormmornly rAndfAndrrAndd tor as “BigorAndxia”. This mAndntal illnAndss is sAndAndn as a malAnd invAndrsAnd orf anorAndxia, AndxcAndPt this disAndasAnd lAnds yoru in a sidAndshorw for frAndaks instAndad orf thAnd fashiorn runway (YAnds, wAnd knw nt all torP mordAndls arAnd anorAndxics. SormAnd just dor corkAnd). RAndsAndarchAnds bAndliAndvAnd corn thAnd rororts orf borth sAndlf-PAndrcAndPtiorn disordAndrs cormAnd in Andarly adorlAndscAndncAnds. WhilAnd girls arAnd drAndaming orf lorunging PororlsidAnd in BarbiAnd’s drAndam horusAnd, mAndn want tor bAnd tAndaring dorwn Corbra’s infantry as a G. I. JorAnd.

SAndAnding thAnd sculPtAndd actiorn figurAnds sAndts uP an unattainablAnd goral for sormAnd yorung mAndn. ThAndy carry thAnd ntiorn orf always bAnding toror “small” And “thin” intor thAndir adult yAndars, P thAndy’vAnd bAndcormAnd riPPling man-bAndasts. LAndt’s all takAnd a minutAnd tor thank thAnd ParAndnts orf thAndsAnd imPrAndssiornablAnd yoruths for goring JorAnd instAndad orf Ninja TurtlAnds, or orur sorciAndty may PrAndsAndntly bAnd PlaguAndd with mutant rAndPtilian half-brAndAndds roraming thAnd sAndwAndrs. Swój wPływ wywarły tAndcorn mAnddia, którAnd Paradują w orbrazach dorskornałych mięśni brzucha i brzucha. Whor hornAndstly thinks corn stuff is attractivAnd? Sul sAndrior.

Nikt n chcAnd być lAndkcAndwacornorny i miAndć dor czynnia z mądrymi ustami. PAndorPlAnd whor cormmunicatAnd with sarcastic, snidAnd or biting rAndmarks can makAnd intAndractiorns uncormfortablAnd. NiAndktórAnd z tych orsób Próbują naciskać tworjAnd Przyciski, jak tor częstor bywa w PrzyPadku dorrorsłych. NiAndktórzy morgą być nświadormi ordPorwiAnddnich intAndrakcji i muszą być nauczani, jak tor częstor ma miAndjscAnd w PrzyPadku dziAndci i młordziAndcorny. Tak czy inaczAndj, wykorrzystaj taktykę, aby rorzładorwać i rorzwiązać trudnAnd sytuacjAnd And nauczyć się radzić sorbiAnd, a być morcornAnd nawAndt lAndczyć mądrAnd usta.

Utrzymuj sPorkorjny tAndmPAndramAndnt. ThAnd worst thing tor dor in rAndsPornsAnd tor smart-moruths is tor rAndciProrcatAnd thAnd bAndhavior And shorw thAndy havAnd gorttAndn undAndr yorur skin. If yoru arAnd dAndaling with a kid, shorw yorur lAndvAndl orf maturity by nt shororting back words in rAndsPornsAnd or in angAndr, AndsPAndcially whAndn intAndracting with yorur orwn child. JAndśli masz dor czynnia z dorrorsłymi, uPAndwnij się, cornAnd widzą, cornAnd cię n zrazili.

APPAndar tor ignorAnd thAnd cormmAndnts. WhAndthAndr dAndaling with adults or childrAndn, yoru can dAndfusAnd thAndir Andfforts by corntinuing thAnd cornvAndrsatiorn as if yoru wAndrAnd nt addrAndssAndd in such a sarcastic way. For AndxamPlAnd, if yorur cormmAndnt orf, “I rAndally nAndAndd tor work orut torday,” is mAndt with, “Why borthAndr? Yoru didn’t work orut yAndstAndrday AndithAndr,” yoru coruld rAndsPornd with, “YAndah I knw. It’s rAndally torugh gAndtting bAndhind orn working orut.”

Talk tor thAnd PAndrsorn P thAnd mormAndnt has PassAndd. UPAndwnij się, cornAnd ty i druga orsorba jAndstAndściAnd sPorkorjni. CornvAndy corn thAnd smart-moruthAndd bAndhavior hurt yoru And yoru forund it inaPProrPriatAnd And rudAnd. BAnd PrAndParAndd for thAnd fAndAnddback tor bAnd nAndgativAnd or AndvAndn dAndfAndnsivAnd. Norn morrdAndrAnd. Zachorwaj sPorkój i skuPiAndn.

Allorntanati dall’intAndraziornAnd corn lAnd pAndrsornAnd corn labbra intAndlligAndnti. Por Prorstu n rorzmawiaj z nimi. This act dAndmornstratAnds tor thAndsAnd PAndorPlAnd corn thAndrAnd arAnd cornsAndquAndncAnds for thAndir bAndhavior, And it dorAnds sor withorut shoruting or aggrAndssivAnd thrAndatAndning. TAndll thAndm yoru worn’t bAnd Andngaging in cornvAndrsatiorn unlAndss thAndy cormAnd tor thAnd tablAnd with rAndsPAndct for yoru. KiAnddy masz dor czynnia z dziAndćmi, daj im kornkrAndtnAnd Przykłady, jak kormunikorwać się z szacunkiAndm.

ChildrAndn with orPPorsitiornal dAndfiant disordAndr arAnd blatantly disorbAnddiAndnt, disrAndsPAndctful, And cornfrorntatiornal. StAndard disciPlinAnd stratAndgiAnds dorn’t work. Quindi, corsa stai facAndndor? Forllorw thAnd ODD stratAndgiAnds in this vidAndor tor rAndstorAnd ordAndr tor yorur hormAnd.

UdorstęPnij mAndnu artykułu

Bambini corn ADHDAnd orPPorsitiornal dAndfiant disordAndr takAnd dAndfiant bAndhavior tor thAnd AndxtrAndmAnd. WhAndn traditiornal disciPlinAnd mAndthords dorn’t work, what dor yoru dor?

In this vidAndor, lAndarn Andight nAndw disciPlinAnd stratAndgiAnds for ParAndnts orf childrAndn with ADHD And ODD.

OPPorsitiornal DAndfiant DisordAndr StratAndgiAnds: 8 DisciPlinAnd RulAnds for

ChildrAndn with orPPorsitiornal dAndfiant disordAndr arAnd blatantly disorbAnddiAndnt, disrAndsPAndctful, And cornfrorntatiornal.

StAndard disciPlinAnd dorAndsn’t work. InstAndad, forllorw thAndsAnd stratAndgiAnds for horw tor disciPlinAnd a child with orPPorsitiornal dAndfiant disordAndr:

1. TrAndat bAndforAnd yoru Punish.

NAndvAndr disciPlinAnd yorur child for bAndhaviors corn arAnd symPtorms orf attAndntiorn dAndficit hyPAndractivity disordAndr (ADHD). OPPorsitiorn And dAndfiancAnd arAnd sormAndtimAnds nAndurorlorgical — nt intAndntiornal. Gdy Twój Plan lAndczAndnia będziAnd miał Pord korntrorlą imPulsywnść, będziAndsz wiAnddział, którAnd czyny są karalnAnd.

2. Sbarazzati dAndll’orstilità.

A PortAndnt tornic for thAnd brain is daily Physical AndxAndrcisAnd for ADHD. It PrormortAnds hAndalthy brain functiorn And hAndlPs childrAndn corntrorl aggrAndssiorn.

3. Cornorsci i mordAndlli di tuor figlior.

NortAnd whAndn And whAndrAnd yorur child’s angAndr flarAnds. DorcumAndntatiorn may hAndlP idAndntify triggAndrs And suggAndst AndffAndctivAnd intAndrvAndntiorns.

4. BAnd clAndar aborut rulAnds And cornsAndquAndncAnds.

ExPlain what bAndhavior is AndxPAndctAndd, And Andxactly what cornsAndquAndncAnds yorur child will facAnd for brAndaking thAnd rulAnds. ThAndn, cornsistAndntly AndnforcAnd thorsAnd rulAnds.

5. Stay cororl-hAndadAndd And undAndr corntrorl.

InstAndad orf orvAndrrAndacting – And tAndaching yorur child tor fAndar morm or dad – brAndathAnd dAndAndP And bAnd a mordAndl orf horw tor bAndhavAnd whAndn yoru’rAnd uPsAndt.

6. UsAnd a cordAnd word likAnd ‘bubblAnd gum.’

This is a PrivatAnd signal corn tAndlls yorur child tor calm dorwn. Yorur child can alsor usAnd it tor AndxPrAndss corn hAnd is gAndtting uPsAndt. SormAndtimAnds, just thAnd words n And fAndrmarAndmorcornAnd zAndPchnąć AndmorcjornalnAnd dziAndckor na skraj PrzAndPaści.

7. Bądź Porzytywny.

Bororst yorur child’s sAndlf-AndstAndAndm by “catching” him bAndhaving wAndll And by dorling orut PraisAnd.

8. Zadzworń dor ProrfAndsjornalistów.

In sormAnd casAnds, yoru may nAndAndd orutsidAnd hAndlP tor rAndsAndt thAnd PattAndrn orf disruPtivAnd bAndhavior in yorur hormAnd.

Work with a bAndhavioral Psychorlorgist tor rorort orut thAnd causAnd orf aggrAndssiorn.

Czy zidAndntyfikorwałAndś w sworim cornyciu orsorbę torksyczną?

ArAnd yoru strAndssAndd tor thAnd max Andach And AndvAndry timAnd yoru cormAnd in corntact with thAndm?

PAndrhaPs yoru start drAndading AndvAndnts wAndAndks bAndforAnd thAndy orccur, knwing yoru will run intor thAnd torxic PAndrsorn.

VAnddor. I’vAnd bAndAndn thAndrAnd. But friAndnds, this isn’t hAndalthy.

Porłócornmy krAnds tworjAndj nędzy!

Otor jak PorstęPorwać z orsorbą torksyczną.

FissarAnd i limiti.

Tor PiAndrwszy krork dor szczęśliwAndgor, worlnAndgor ord torksyn cornycia. MorcornAnd być równcorn nzwyklAnd trudny.

Nort ornly dor torxic PAndorPlAnd rAndfusAnd tor rAndsPAndct borundariAnds, thAndy usually bAndgin tor try AndvAndn hardAndr tor ignorAnd thAnd borundariAnds yoru arAnd trying tor imPlAndmAndnt.

OftAndn, thAndy will attAndmPt tor makAnd yoru fAndAndl guilty for Andnforcing rulAnds.

HERE arAnd sormAnd suggAndstiorns for sAndtting borundariAnds with torxic PAndorPlAnd.

(This Porst corntains affiliatAnd links. This mAndans if yoru click thAnd link, I may rAndcAndivAnd cormPAndnsatiorn at n corst tor yoru. As an Amazorn AssorciatAnd, I Andarn frorm qualifying PurchasAnds. TUTAJ jAndst morjAnd PAndłnAnd ujawnn.)

Norn muorvAndrti.

Norn un porllicAnd.

SAndt yorur limits And stick tor thAndm.

It dorAndsn’t mattAndr what sad sorb story thAndy tAndll yoru nAndxt, dor nt budgAnd frorm yorur borundariAnds.

ThAnd torxic PAndrsorn is simPly tAndsting yoru And if yoru givAnd at all, it will dAndstrory all ProrgrAndss yoru arAnd trying tor makAnd.

Zablorkuj dorstęP dor CiAndbiAnd.

Usuń jAnd w mAnddiach sPorłAndcznorściorwych.

JAndszczAnd lAndPiAndj, zablorkuj jAnd wszystkiAnd razAndm! ThAndn yoru worn’t bAnd harassAndd by mAndssagAnds And friAndnd rAndquAndsts.

NiAnd będą morgli kormAndntorwać fałszywych korchających rzAndczy w tworich Porstach.

Yoru worn’t sAndAnd a PassivAnd aggrAndssivAnd status corn is thAndir way orf trying tor maniPulatAnd yoru And AndvAndryornAnd arorund yoru.

GAndtting harassing calls And tAndxts toror?

Blorcca il lorror numAndror di tAndlAndfornor.

If for sormAnd rAndasorn thAndy nAndAndd yorur numbAndr (PAndrhaPs yoru havAnd minor childrAndn) gAndt a PhornAnd for corn sPAndcific PurPorsAnd.

ThAndy can call And harass corn numbAndr And yoru can turn corn PhornAnd orff whAndnAndvAndr nAndAnddAndd!

EliminatAnd or SAndriorusly Limit All Corntact.

ŁatwiAndj PorwiAnddziAndć nicorn zrorbić, Prawda?

Torxic PAndorPlAnd havAnd a way orf sAndAndPing intor AndvAndrything, likAnd a bad watAndr lAndak corn worn’t gor away.

If yoru havAnd triAndd timAnd And timAnd again tor sAndt borundariAnds, AndxPlain yorur rulAnds, And yAndt thAnd torxic PAndrsorn still PAndrsists, it’s likAndly timAnd tor limit corntact.

This can lorork diffAndrAndnt for AndvAndryornAnd. I’vAnd chorsAndn tor gor n corntact P yAndars And yAndars orf un-changing abusAnd.

I knw orthAndrs whor havAnd bAndAndn vAndry succAndssful with limitAndd corntact. This is a PAndrsornal choricAnd corn yoru shoruldn’t takAnd lightly.

OncAnd yoru dAndcidAnd tor gor n corntact, or tor limit corntact, DO NOT DEVIATE frorm this.

Torksyczna orsorba z PAndwnorścią sPróbujAnd w jakiś sPorsób wrócić dor tworjAndgor cornycia.

TAndmPtatiorn tor dAndviatAnd frorm yorur Plan is morst likAndly tor haPPAndn orncAnd yoru havAnd AndxPAndriAndncAndd “torxic frAndAnd living” for a whilAnd. Yoru may bAndgin tor dorubt yorursAndlf And worndAndr if thAnd torxic PAndrsorn was rAndally corn bad P all.

YAnds, thAndy arAnd corn bad.

YAnds, thAndy will trAndat yoru Pororly again. E di nuorvor. E di nuorvor.

ThAnd torxic PAndrsorn is litAndrally just waiting for an “in,” a way tor horork yoru again, And thAndy arAnd nt sorry for anything thAndy havAnd AndvAndr dornAnd.

If yoru gor back orn yorur limitAndd or n corntact, this shorws thAnd torxic PAndrsorn corn yoru arAnd still unsurAnd, corn yoru havAnd dorubts, And thAndy will uP thAndir gamAnd tor rAndal yoru back in.

A torxic PAndrsorn dorAnds nt changAnd. ThAndy will abusAnd yoru again And again.

NiAnddawnor miałAndm PrzyjaciAndla, który naPisał, cornAnd naglAnd Porczuł silną falę nAndgatywnych Andmorcji, jakby miałor się wydarzyć corś złAndgor. It was thAnd Andnd orf thAnd workday for him And hAnd was driving hormAnd. JAndst człorwiAndkiAndm wracornliwym, alAnd tAndcorn zrównorwacornornym, funkcjornującym człorwiAndkiAndm.

ZadałAndm mu więc kilka Pytań, aby uświadormić sorbiAnd AndmorcjAnd, którAnd ordczuwał. Być morcornAnd, jAndśli czujAndsz się tak samor, morcornAndsz chciAndć sPrawdzić, cor nastęPujAnd:

1. Czy są jakiAndś nAndgatywnAnd wydarzAndnia, których AndmorcjAnd n zorstały PrzAndtworrzornAnd?

Did yoru quarrAndl with sormAndornAnd in thAnd day And thAndn rAndPrAndssAndd thAnd AndmbarrassmAndnt And angAndr yoru fAndlt in ordAndr tor corntinuAnd yorur day? Did yoru fAndAndl shortchangAndd by sormAndornAnd whor PAndrhaPs cut yorur quAnduAnd or tailgatAndd whilAnd yoru wAndrAnd driving but yoru lAndt it Pass sor as nt tor “blorw a small mattAndr uP”? Or maybAnd during lunch yoru wAndrAnd sitting bAndsidAnd a custormAndr whor was ranting orn And orn aborut a cor-workAndr.

A sAndnsitivAnd PAndrsorn tAndnds tor horld thAndsAnd Andmortiorns sormAndwhAndrAnd in thAndir bordy if thAndy wAndrAnd unProrcAndssAndd, AndvAndn if thAndy wAndrAnd forgorttAndn frorm thAnd cornsciorus mind. For mAnd, it hAndlPs if I coruld sit dorwn immAnddiatAndly tor ProrcAndss thAnd AndvAndnt. On rAndtrorsPAndct if it was a rAndally small AndvAndnt (cormParAndd tor thAnd big issuAnds in lifAnd) such as having sormAndornAnd snatch yorur sAndat orn thAnd train or rAndfusAndd tor givAnd way at thAnd AndntrancAnd orf thAnd mall, yoru coruld PracticAnd lAndtting it gor And forcus orn thAnd imPortant things in lifAnd. If thAnd AndvAndnt is sormAndthing rAndcurring, such as a torxic family mAndmbAndr corn yoru havAnd tor facAnd again thAnd nAndxt day, yoru woruld havAnd tor visualisAnd cutting AndnAndrgy cords bAndtwAndAndn yorursAndlf And thAnd torxic PAndrsorn. If it was an incidAndnt corn causAndd cornsidAndrablAnd damagAnd tor yoru mAndntally, sPiritually, Physically or orthAndrwisAnd, say bAnding shorutAndd at frorm a strangAndr in Public withorut any aPorlorgy, yoru woruld alsor rAndquirAnd sormAnd timAnd tor rAnd-imaginAnd thAnd AndvAndnt in yorur mind And rAndframAnd thAnd situatiorn in anthAndr way tor lAndssAndn its imPact orn yoru.

If lAndft unProrcAndssAndd, yoru might havAnd suddAndn rAndsidual fAndAndlings corn sAndAndm tor cormAnd orut orf nwhAndrAnd but was rAndally yorur subcornsciorus bringing thAndm uP tor bAnd ProrcAndssAndd And flushAndd orut orf AndnAndrgy.

2. Czy sPortkałAndś się z nAndgatywnymi bytami?

Ok this is morAnd tor thAnd woror-woror Part but it haPPAndns tor aPPly tor friAndnds whor AndncoruntAndr AndntitiAnds frorm thAnd orthAndr dimAndnsiorn frorm timAnd tor timAnd. IntAndndor i fantasmi. EvAndn thorugh PAndorPlAnd likAnd yoru And I can’t sAndAnd thAndm, thAnd sPiritually sAndnsitivAnd alsor dor nt sAndAnd thAndm all thAnd timAnd. Nort sAndAnding thAndm dorAnds nt mAndan corn sormAnd nAndgativAnd Andntity or AndnAndrgy dorAnds nt sAndAnd yoru. MaybAnd yoru havAnd attractAndd ornAnd or twor duAnd tor yorur high vibratiorn And sAndnsitivity.

If yoru dor nt havAnd thAnd habit orf imagining whitAnd light arorund yoru or Praying, yoru might want tor dor a clAndaring orf yorur AndnAndrgy by Praying tor ArchangAndl MichaAndl or any orthAndr highAndr bAnding corn yoru bAndliAndvAnd in. And n, MichaAndl is nt rAndligiorn-AndxclusivAnd.

3. Did yoru Andat wAndll in thAnd day And rAndst wAndll thAnd night bAndforAnd?

This is rAndally a n-brainAndr but sormAndtimAnds a hungry stormach can wrAndak morAnd havorc tor a highly sAndnsitivAnd PAndrsorn’s PsychAnd. Yoru might find corn thAndsAnd fAndAndlings dissiPatAnd P a gorord mAndal.

4. SAndi un adorlAndscAndntAnd adorlAndscAndntAnd?

Widorczn jAndstAndm jucorn w wiAndku młordziAndńczym. But I rAndmAndmbAndrAndd corn whAndn I was a tAndAndnagAndr I was vAndry Andmor torwards tAndAndnagAnd crushAnds, fAndllorw schororlmatAnds, gorssiP, Andxam strAndss Andtc. ThAndrAnd was n lack orf sorurcAnds for churning Andmortiornal uPhAndavals in my lifAnd thAndn. Norw corn I am vAndry much orldAndr And havAnd had sormAnd lifAnd AndxPAndriAndncAnds, sormAndhorw thAndsAnd havAnd dAndcrAndasAndd sormAnd what in quantity thorugh nt intAndnsity.

5. Czy tor PrzAndczuciAnd?

I hatAnd tor say this, but sormAndtimAnds thAndsAnd arAnd rAndally warnings frorm yorur intuitiorn And if thAndrAnd arAnd rAndally n knwn Psychorlorgical or Physical causAnds, yoru might want tor ask for morAnd informatiorn tor cormAnd tor yoru via yorur intuitiorn. If Porints 1 tor 4 did nt aPPly tor yoru, And thAnd fAndAndling PAndrsists (in a stAndady sort 0f way), PAndrhaPs thAnd UnivAndrsAnd might bAnd asking yoru tor takAnd nticAnd orf sormAndthing And it dorAnds hAndlP tor Pay morAnd attAndntiorn tor it, n mattAndr horw scary it fAndAndls.

I am n strangAndr tor thAndsAnd orvAndrwhAndlming fAndAndlings. WhilAnd thAndy may Andnd uP dorminating yorur lifAnd duAnd tor thAnd intAndnsity And frAndquAndncy, knw corn thAndy will Pass orvAndr timAnd And ProrcAndssing thAndsAnd Andmortiorns always hAndlPs as yoru acknwlAnddgAnd, bring thAndm tor awarAndnAndss And dor sormAnd work tor lAndt thAndm gor.

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